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The Taliban's top campaigning for road safety.

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covergirl's years on, a Canberra This Program Is Captioned

Live. Good evening. Welcome News. I'm Virginia Canberra Hospital's training program could be at Canberra Hospital's obstetric

risk unless more doctors with That's the view of a doctors' group that says private obstetricians don't want work at the hospital a toxic workplace culture. ACT of Obstetricians report last night, we revealed overreacting. In a special of Obstetricians is

that nine doctors have left hospital in the past 13 months. And obstetricians outside the hospital have And obstetricians working

written to the heal saying there are problems with the today, the minister said she the workplace culture. But

can't investigate of bullying because no formal complaints have been yes Gallagher says the doctors complaints have been made. Kate need to substantiate their allegations. Here's part 2 of Joanne Dodgson's special from the key parties on ABC report. There was strong debate

Radio this morning following last night's story. In between this call from the husband of a Hospital, registrar at the Canberra claim that they're not aware of workplace exodus that they could think is not due just beggar the belief. At a issues within the department

press conference, the Health had been raised before, and Minister said the same issues Minister said the same

investigated. Politics go back potentially 15 years. And every five years or I don't want to dis count anyone coming saying they they do or raising their allegations and pursuing But at this point in time, what allegations and pursuing those.

I've seen is a lot of mud being slung around. A Health Commissioner's inquiry found there were no safety Commissioner's inquiry in 2005

concerns within the unit. But that investigation excluded any examination of management of the unit or the resignations of seven registrars. As many as registrars or trainee specialists could to the unit at one time. But specialists could be attached

College of Obstetricians and the ACT branch of the Royal

Gynaecologists or RANZCOG says the loss of five obstetricians equivalent to two the loss of five consultant

full-timers in just over year is a concern because full-timers in just over one

do mostly surgery while staff year is a concern because they

objects and research. In order to objects oxes do more teaching

surgery, you need and research. In order to do

doctors who are seeing cases and putting the cases on to operating lists and fallen to a quite significant level. A confidential by the national arm of RANZCOG level. A confidential report

says TCH had the potential to be a leader in and New Zealand. However n its program throughout Australia

recommendations, between O & G dysfunctional relationships

sense-in-house issue between TCH had an impact on conflict between senior staff sense-in-house issue T said

things have improved. There has trainees. ACT Health says trainees. ACT

been some change in them. I'm advised that the relationships in the unit are very collegiate. Is the system under stress due to a lack of doctors? There's always stress and pressures in medical work force. Yes there and pressures in managing

is a degree of moment but again we have is a degree of pressure at the pressures in a areas. We manage those, pressures in a whole range of

unit is Doctor Foote says more local objects oxes would work at the hospital if the conditions were better. He says doctors, better. He says many of the registrars who've left the hospital in recent years, complained of a hospital in recent years, have

and complained of a toxic workplace with some midwives. The ABC's and uncooperative relationships

been told by five staff who worked at TCH the past five years they were staff who worked at TCH over concerned some midwives raised the alarm too late in situations with potentially are many, many good midwives in the system. A good midwife will stay to an obstetrician, worried you better come in. stay to an obstetrician, I'm

concern is that doesn't happen as often as it should at the Birth Centre. this badge of honour that Birth Centre. That it's almost

kept the doctor away. What you got? A 39-year-old prima, I doctor worked in can fwra in think she might be breech. This

2005. He says he found a lot tension between midwifery and tension between sections of the

obstetricians. There were patients who should've been em vaited to medical care but were maintained care. When the medical people tried to become involved they were specifically and obstructed were specifically and literally room. He says there is wider push to take clinical room. He says there is a ground from ox concept has been built ground from ox oxes. This

perhaps sold to the public that it is possible to have unencumbered by any staff but even the unencumbered by any medical

pregnancy can have things go staff but even the best

wrong. Certainly there are times when a woman is asking for people that are outside room not to come in. There's always a best way to approach room. So as a clinician, always a best way to approach a

whether it's the doctor or the hide wife you're trying to respect that woman's choice. The midwives says most The Australian college of

midwives work well together. There is a lot of people in people in both professions who are working very hard to change the culture. The Health Government changes to Medicare private objects oxes could be partly behind doctors raising the allegations. I think the allegations. I think the building of a new women es's and Children's Hospital with increased capacity is causing turbulence. These changing the way things happen. was causing turbulence. The college of objects oxes has asked for an says doctors need to their complaints. Meanwhile, the Catholic owner of Canberra's other Calvary, met today and both parties today and both parties agreed that that Calvary's current situation can't continue. It was the first time the parties had met since parties had met since the deal for the government to buy the Company of Mary collapsed. The Health Minister says the first priority working relationship between Calvary and Canberra How do we get we can under operators, streamlined and efficient and as much can, working together? The minister says the Little Company of Mary also Company of Mary also confirmed it would fight any moves for a compulsory government takeover of Calvary. They is a dangerous game. And today, Tony Abbott found out just how dangerous, when he nearly hit by a truck. Ironically, Mr Abbott was on his way to reports. Even for a reports. Even for a politician who likes to take risks, this was way too close for comfort. Tony Abbott's car stopped, semitrailer didn't. The near-miss occurred on a notorious single lane of the Princes Highway. Ironically the Opposition Leader travelled there to campaign for a just saw a moment ago perilous this road could be. In slow motion, In slow motion, the Opposition Leader's car stops to make a right-hand turn, the mini-van pulls out, the truck dwerfs, skids and nearly topples. The driver did a great job keeping his vehicle upright. I'm just very I'm just very pleased and relieved that no-one was because it could've been a very nasty situation. Shaken but not stirred, the hardman later revealed side. I don't believe I have ever made scones before. ever made scones before. I have made made quiches before. Tony Abbott kept pounding the government's insulation program. Mr Rudd and Mr Garrett are still in denial about this. They're in denial. Dodgy insulation has been linked to scores of house fires including this one the afternoon. The owner of the house got new batts as part of the government's stimulus program. It's program. It's disturbed this product, which has then fallen over all the down lights. A Senate inquiry has been told many roofs have been with substandard imported materials. Conservatively, 30 to 40% in my life are homes that are under or non-complaint product that doesn't the R thousands of homes aren't properly insulated. No-one is suggesting there haven't been sig problems with the implementation of ABC has been told the government was warned about program 12 monthses ago. The foil foil insulation association says it wrote to the Prime Minister's Minister's office demanding checks on imported insulation products. It says it didn't Coalition forces Coalition forces in Afghanistan appear to have pulled off one of the biggest coups since the war begun. coups since the war begun. The Taliban's Taliban's top military commander has reportedly been captured in Karachi. The White House House hasn't confirmed the reports publicly but it's also not denying not denying them. Little is known about the known about the 4 #-year-old said to be the chief strategist for the Taliban. The 'New York Times' said taken in a morning raid Karachi. It's taken a week for news of the capture to leak. The White House isn't denying it but also isn't more willing to may more publicly yet. This yet. This involves the collection of sgel necessarily talk about it. He is one of the founders of the Taliban and is thought to have had control of military operations. It's a operations. It's a big propaganda win and that really matters, that co heegz of enemy is going to be hurt by this. Barada is believed have been second in command have been second in command to the elusive mullah the elusive mullah Omar who analysts say was once Osama bin Laden. He has also been linked to the been linked to the Pakistani military spy service, the agency now involved in his capture. The White House has welcomed what is welcomed what is describes as greater intelligence cooperation between and the United States. But the real hope here is that real hope here is that this represents signaling that now Pakistan authorities are prepared to target leadership. We've seen an increase in Pakistani on extremists in their in southern Afghanistan, a spokesman for the Taliban is denying the capture. Barada is being interrogated and are unconfirmed reports are unconfirmed reports he is talking though cooperating. Ting if Federal Government says it's closely monitoring the security of Australian Australian athletes traveling to three events in India this year. An al-Qaeda linked err terrorist group has warned international athletes not to compete in hockey World Cup, the Premier League cricket League cricket or the Commonwealth Games. The Prime Minister says Australian security agencies closely with Indian authorities but there are no immediate plans to change plans to change the current travel advice. We, however, will be following this very, very closely. has happened in has happened in India in recent times. times. The Commonwealth Games Association and Australian hockey coach say their teams are still planning to are still planning to compete. It sound like an thriller. Assassins using fake passports disguises tech equipment to militant Hamas commander in militant Hamas commander in his hotel room. But police in Dubai police say Mahmoud al-Mabhuh's killers tracked him from the moment he arrived in the country, and fake beards as disguises. This footage shows the This footage shows the victim going to his hotel going to his hotel room. Police say say the people in tennis gear were following him to get his room number. When Mahmoud al-Mabhuh left to go into al-Mabhuh left to go into town an alleged execution team into his room. next 20 minutes he is murdered. Police say that within all 11 members of the an assassination team had left Dubai, apparently on European passports. Warrants are now being issued for arrest. Dubai's police arrest. Dubai's police chief says the question of who sent the alleged killers open. If the leaders of their intelligence and security agents to kill then that's agents to kill then that's a deplorable and unacceptable method of operation. Mahmoud al-Mabhuh was a Hamas commander, accused among other things of helping to smuggle rockets into Gaza. At rockets into Gaza. At his funeral, Hamas blamed his on the Israeli overseas intelligence agency, the Mossad. The release of Mossad. The release of the suspect's names was front-page news in Israel, where many Israelis were asking similar questions. Do I know him? Is he the next door? Do we go to the same the Hamas the Hamas leader survived an assassination assassination attempt by a group travelling on Canadian passports but blamed on the Mossad. The Israeli government has declined to make any official The Mossad simply The Mossad simply never comments The US The US has ended an almost 30 year freeze on year freeze on new nuclear power plants. Barack Obama has underwritten a massive reactor with billions of with billions of dollars in loan guarantees. It's likely to be the first of many in the be the first of many in the US

but the interest will Australia to reconsider its ban on nuclear power. He is among the clean is among the clean energy technologies of technologies of the future. If we fail to invest in the technologies of tomorrow will be importing technologies. President Obama's making 8 billion dollars available in dollars available in loan guarantees to back America's first in almost 30 years. It's in almost 30 years. It's a hole in the ground in Georgia awaiting final approval, but promises 800 permanent jobs, electricity for more than a million homes and an estimated 16 million tonnes year in reduced carbon emissions compared emissions compared to coal fired plants. We can't keep on being mired in the same old stale debates between the and right, between entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs. The President's rejoining a nuclear power race, 56 reactors are under construction globally, 12 construction globally, 12 more are being considered are being considered by US regulators. The rallying has struck a chord with nuclear advocates here. It makes sense to investigate all to investigate all the options and opportunities that are available to us in an available to us in an energy constrained low-carbon future. But the Prime Minister ruled out nuclear two years out nuclear two years ago. I will of nuclear reactors in this country. And although shares Barack Obama's frustration over emissions trading, he will not his atomic adventure. We his atomic adventure. We will not be heading in the abundance and price of comb means Australia wants to means Australia wants to make its heavy investment in carbon capture and storage pay off much as the opposition wants a debate it accepts nuclear happen without happen without bipartisan support. Australia support. Australia will be drawn in to America's return to nuclear power. It nuclear power. It already exports around 4,000 towns exports around 4,000 towns a year of uranium oxide and it's gearing up to sell more once new and expanded mines on-line. Analysts say on-line. Analysts say the winding of up of one of Australia's biggest mortgage funds shows the industry faces serious structural problems. The $800 million Colonial First State Mortgage Income be terminated because unable to meet unable to meet withdrawal requests. It says it can't interest for 18 interest for 18 months because of potential bad debts. Analysts say Colonial and similar funds are being hampered I by the Federal Government's Government's bank guarantee. If you're an investor why would you want your money locked up in a mortgage fund when can you go down the road to a major bank and to a major bank and have your deposits government guarantee? Colonial xmts the wind-up of its fund to take at least four years. To finance now. The local share market surged higher today after big gains markets. And as Alan Kohler reports the Australian dollar's back above 90 Investors seem to have decided either that the Greek tragedy is over, or it tragedy is over, or it doesn't matter any more. It's matter any more. It's only a small country after all. small country after all. A third the Also boosting share prices today was a lower US dollar which lifted oil and other commodity prices, so the local market jumped 2.1%. Wall market jumped 2.1%. Wall Street stocks went up a bit less stocks went up a bit less than ours last night. The S & P 500 went up 1.8% and Asian stocks today were a bit today were a bit mixed. Japan was up 2.6%. China 1.1%. was up 2.6%. China 1.1%. And the highlights in the highlights in Australia today were the banks again, with CBA and NAB with CBA and NAB rising about 3%. Rio Tinto was also up 3%, and apart from that it was all about profit results. about profit results. CSL jumped 5% after increasing profit 23%. Brambles' profit fell 7% but that was better than expected and the shares jumped 6%. And Westfield 6% profit increase. Westpac and Melbourne Institute put their monthly leading today which tries to the economic future Australia and it Australia and it continued its impression impression of an elastic band. The fall in this index The fall in this index last year was during the 1991 recession. But the recovery now is sharper. It's now back to where it usually is in the best it usually is in the best of times. The Australian dollar is now sitting back above 90 US cents because risk appetite cents because risk appetite has returned to the currencies. Until the next debt problems graph of total debt for a few countries. Not just debt. And while Australia doesn't have a purple bit signifying government debt, we make up for it with the make up for it with the pink bit which is yours and bit which is yours and mine. And that's finance. One of Australia's internationally recognised wetlands is getting the kiss of life. The key bird breeding site on the parch site on the parch ed Gwydir River in River in northern New South Wales desperately needs water and the federal and State Governments million to make it happen. Four years ago the Gwydir River wetlands wetlands were home to thousands of endangered water birds. system was brimming with system was brimming with water and the ibis and their biggest breeding season in years. But these days the wetlands of a series scattered ponds. It's several years now since they've years now since they've bred. Every year it gets less and legislation. Bruce Angen nee have left on the wetlands for 30 years. They've seen the full cycle of they've decided to put their property up for sale. I just had enough of it. I just don't like like going out there now and seeing no birds before you went out, there was large flocks of bifrds all large flocks of bifrds all the time. Today, the new owners arrived to seal the deal. The Federal Government spent $10 million buying the return to the return to the system. The purchase of this property is not so much about winning water back. It's about the result, the South Wales Government will run the property, and turn it into a National Park. It's a National Park. It's a question of drawing a line in the sand and ig (e) saying, look, a certain proportion our natural environment has to be protected. So this be protected. So this is just another step in redressing the balance. This property about 600 hectares of wetlands, and is a key breeding site for waterbirds. Now it's government hands, the government hands, the hope is that that more environmental water will be released, will be released, to rejuvenate the system. It means that government resources and attention will be much attention will be much bet yearoer focused in this catchment. If the water return, thousands of migratory birds First there was no snow, there's too much. The alpine Olympics have been disrupted again due to heavy snowfalls and poor visibility. But the forecast for the next few days is much better. For knows who a heavyweight to carry. It snowed and it snowed on Whistler which would Whistler which would normally be a time to generally don't like to generally don't like to say no to snow here in program isn't in jeopardy. We cross cross our fingers and hope mother nature will be more on our side. There were concerns on Cypress Mountain except for some in except for some in the women's snowboard cross, snowboard cross, including Australia's competitor. Steph Hickey is down on her second run. And out this was a novel way to qualify for the the next qualify for the the next round but the most telling fall came Jacobellis from from hot favourite Lindsay Jacobellis from America, who crashed with the gold mercy four years ago and bombed in her semifinal. She's out! That opened the door Canada's second gold medal, won by Maelle waltz through in front! Sophie Muir was a creditable timer in the timer in the speed skating though town in the -- down in the standings. The favourite was also beaten, just. Germany's Wolf nudged in the last slide. Germany had better for better for nun in the women's luge. Tatiana Huffner. Hannah Campbell Pegg finished Campbell Pegg finished 23rd overall. It looks like even overall. It looks like even t Australian wait for the footy season to start, but Michael insists the final one-day insists the final one-day game against the West Indies at the MCG on Friday will carry meaning. There's no such meaning. There's no such thing as a token game for Australia. You represent your You represent your country. New South Wales all-rounder Smith has been added to the team with Hussey and Hauritz getting a rest. South Australian all-rounder Australian all-rounder Dan Christian is the the Australian squad for the two Twenty20 games against West Indies. Bit out of a blue, wasn't looking forward to it. He has a lot of talent and potential. David Beckham's long awaited reunion was over shadowed by the Red Devils' current favourite son. Beckham began with a typical long ball, pounced on another of AC Milan's superstars. But superstars. But in the second half, Wayne Rooney took over. Rooney headed home Rooney headed home again to seal United's seal United's 3-2 Champions League victory. League victory. A late Milan goal gave goal gave the Italian team some home when Beckham returns home when Beckham returns to Old Trafford for the second leg next month. National next month. National Library staff were surprised when an elderly woman turned up last week and asked if they had week and asked if they had a copy of the first issue copy of the first issue of 'People' magazine quickly counted a search when the 83-year-old revealed was the covergirl who graced t magazine's first edition 1950. Australia in 19 50. The baby boom baby boom was in full swing. And a glamorous maternity nurse was the perfect covergirl the birth of a new magazine wanting to capture the essence of a youthful nation. I saw myself everywhere. It was a magazine. And everyone was wanting to see it. 'People' magazine, launched with ravishing eyes, was ravishing eyes, was different. Not of the domestic Not of the domestic sphere, and not yet the lads' morphed into in later decades. It just told ordinary lives. Some of articles for the 1950s articles for the 1950s were slightly it was still a time when the men were men and the dressed for dinner. And I sitting there and the sitting there and the reporters were saying were saying "Now come on, pull your dress up a little bit, please. Let us see leg." And I said "I'm sorry, but I can't do that." (Laughs) Mary was as the glamorous face of Australia's population explosion. She explosion. She was literally delivering hope and joy to the country. The number of babies that were born there, that were born there, if you didn't know how to deliver a baby by the were pretty dumb. She's held onto her copy of the magazine for 60 years. But it recently came to grief at the claws of a family pet. We discovered devastation that her caused with the magazine, caused with the magazine, and we thought what can we do to help? The like Rae made prints from its copy. A more durable memory unforgettable time. There you go. Now with look at today's look at today's weather, here's Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia. Good evening. You could only describe today's weather as stunning. As it was fine, dry and sunny, with a mainly light north-westerly wind. It was a tad warmer overnight than expected with minimums of 12 and 13. What more could you for? Another day like today? Well you're going to get it tomorrow and Right now at our studio, Right now at our studio, where we're all very excited and I will tell you why It's 24, and a tad cloudy, It's 24, and a tad cloudy, due to a recently arrived. Around region today: Cloud associated with a trough still lingers over northern Queensland and generating storms generating storms and heavy showers. Cloud is also crossing Tasmania. That Tasmanian cloud is associated with a which is only producing which is only producing light showers. But it's the high crossing Bass Strait that will keep the stunning coming for a few coming for a few days. And we're excited here because our rain gauge was rain gauge was installed yesterday, and it yesterday, and it doesn't look like it will be christened until early next week.

The flowers in the The flowers in the garden might've been soggy early in the week, but they're the week, but they're really blooming now. Look at blooming now. Look at this magnolia granda flora. That means large flower. As you can well imagine. Thanks, Mark, complete whopper! Thanks complete whopper! Thanks for that. with us now for the 7.30 Report coming up next. You the latest headlines 24 hours a back with a news update at 8.30. Until then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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