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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Student stabbed -

that played out in a schoolyard. the shocking tragedy What does it mean for security? In the genes - by a leading health insurer. cheap genetic tests are now on offer if you take one? But what are you risking And Zac's back. comes Down Under to hang ten. The 'High School Musical' star as he prepares to strip down We're live to the beach this Tuesday, February 16, 2010.

VOICE OVER: Right across Australia,

this is Sunrise on Seven.

Brekky Central, here's Kochie and this is Sunrise on Seven. From

Mel. Prrn Are you guaranteeing that?

Are you? There are thousands of

young ladies out there saying Mel is

guaranteeing that Zac is going to

strip down. Klhe is going surfing,

he is not going to do it in a tux.

Might have a rashy on. But lockup up

your daughters, he is in town for

something special. We have sent

to be on Zac watch. something special. We have sent Fifi swapping homework for comic books. We'll also bring you the school is better for the children. The principal reckons reading Email or SMS us. Do our kids get too much homework?

it's news time with Nat. Right now, though, Good morning. have emerged Disturbing internet postings in a schoolyard fight in Brisbane. attacking the 12-year-old killed Other websites urge revenge

who was last night charged against the 13-year-old with Elliott Fletcher's murder. was a straight-A student - The 13-year-old the Brisbane police watch-house now he's being held at an accused murderer, 12-year-old Elliott Fletcher. charged with killing and grief stricken Classmates were left stunned stabbed in the chest after Elliott was allegedly with an 18 centimetre fishing knife St Patrick's College yesterday. before class even began at of young life. This has been a tragic loss of the families affected My immediate concern is the welfare at the college. and all the students and staff to pick up their children. Parents too, who rushed and think they're going to be safe You send them to school playground, get stabbed by somebody. and they can, you know, in the straight to the closest room. The alarm went and I just ran yeah. I just feel really sick about it, but not surprised. Even hardened police were shocked We seem to be seeing more prevalence involved in offences of violence. of younger children becoming reported at Queensland schools There were 798 assaults last financial year the classroom is safe. but the Premier insists we're very lucky here in Australia I think by and large to have very safe schools. tribute sites for Elliott 5,000 people have joined set up on Facebook. the boy accused of killing him But other internet postings attack and one disturbing site claims "probably got what's coming to him". the victim Elliott's classmates have been told

today they don't have to come to school available if they do. but there will be counselling is fighting to keep playing AFL star Andrew Lovett after being charged with rape. is reportedly seeking advice Already suspended, St Kilda the former Bomber over whether it can sack million-dollar contract. who was signed to a 3-year, to $7,000 a week The 27-year-old is earning up even while suspended a woman while she slept after being accused of raping on Christmas Eve. Lovett will face court on Friday his suspension but plans to challenge

next week. at an AFL grievance tribunal hearing Kevin Rudd's lead with voters Tony Abbott is clawing back has rejected claims but Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner as his rival. the Prime Minister isn't as 'real' A new opinion poll has found on primary votes the Coalition barely ahead lowest since he became Labor leader. with the PM's approval rating at its aren't from privileged backgrounds. But Mr Tanner says Labor ministers North Shore corporate lawyer Having Joe Hockey, a well-heeled and who's not real run around saying who's real is pretty entertaining frankly. is only sparking interest Mr Tanner says Tony Abbott because he's a new leader

in an election year. and says it is early days has become a freeway Sydney's M4 motorway

lifted at midnight. with the $2.75 toll full hour before they were meant to Drivers were given a free ride a positive photo opportunity. as the local MP seized on a rare from now on. G'day. It's OK. It's free Dave Borger, nice to meet you. But some drivers fear onto the already congested M4, the saving will encourage more cars to travel times adding an estimated six minutes from Lapstone to the city. head-on near Brussels, Two passenger trains have collided killing at least 18 people. tracks during morning peak hour The engines collided on snow-covered trapping dozens of passengers. through the wreckage for survivors. Rescue crews are still searching carriages Basically, we hit one of the they came on to our train. and the cables from up above Around 125 people have been injured the death toll will rise. and authorities fear what caused the crash. It's not known in Canada for the Winter Olympics. Time for sport and Beretts is

Nat, how do you like the office

today? The very roof top of Canada.

It is as good as it gets, two

kilometres up on the Whistler

mountain face. has risen to new heights overnight Shane Watson's remarkable summer awarded the Allan Border Medal with the reborn all-rounder after accepting the coveted award. The 28-year-old choked back tears in Melbourne.

and it's very overwhelming actually It's been an awesome ride to receive this award. One-Day Player of the Year Watson also took out winning Test Player of the Year. with opening partner Simon Katich have questioned the judging Australian ski officials finish second that saw Dale Begg-Smith moguls final. in yesterday's Winter Olympics a near-flawless run Begg-Smith produced but was relegated to silver to jump into the gold medal position produced the run of his life. when local hope Alexander Bilodeau The feeling in the Australian camp was that the judges were swayed by the parochial home crowd. The moguls medal ceremony is on later today. Melbourne midfielder Carlos Hernandez

has been judged the A-League's best player taking out the Johnny Warren Medal in Sydney overnight. Victory mentor Ernie Merrick was named Coach of the Year while prolific Gold Coast striker Shane Smeltz picked up the Golden Boot for leading scorer. Archie Thompson won Goal of the Year for a Round 16 cracker against Gold Coast.

Port Adelaide's Daniel Motlop has borne the brunt

of the AFL's tough stance on dangerous tackles. The midfielder has been banned for one match for dumping Adelaide's Michael Doughty in Saturday's NAB Cup clash. If Motlop contests the ban, he risks a 2-game penalty.

A quick lock at the medal table from Vancouver.

Australia do have a good chance

today in the snow board cross, Alex

Pullin, a

Pullin, a top 8 competitor, very

good chance for him and a very good

morning for prinz Frederik

morning for prinz Frederik and Princess Mary, having breakfast in

the building behind us. They are

hanging out for the weather. I like

to see that! A beautiful day where I

am. Remember yesterday I said I

would love to come and find a small

business to broadcast from and

business to broadcast from and what would be better is an entire street

that signed up to the small business

family. Well we have gone one

better. We found an entire town that

signed on to Sunrise small business

program, it is Murrarundi, a magical

little town, in the upper Hunter, on

the New England highway, between

Scone and Tamworth, the town is

built on small business. Not a

single skyscraper, all Coles and

woollies, all famz. So we will meet

the intown and find out how

important small business is to the

town. A beautiful day here, not a

cloud in the sky, now let's look around the country.

Now, guys, throughout the morning I

am going to be introducing you to

the residents of Murrurundi. A real

leaf change kind of town. A lot of

people from the city have moved to

the country. A very artistic town, a

few galleries, plenty of small

businesses and just a magical place

to come and visit. I will introduce

you to Murrurundi today. Sounds

gorgeous. See Coming up - the first three winners in the Cash Cow. Your name could be drawn at 6:30. Then, we have a major winner at 7:10. But straight ahead, Kochie's early morning finance report. And did Tiger Woods make one of his lovers pregnant?

The bombshell claim is next.

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In finance news - Wall Street is closed today for the President's Day holiday.

London fell, still on issues over

Greece's debt levels. The Greeks

have come out and admilted they have come out and admilted they lied in the

in the accounting figures when they

applied to be a member of

applied to be a member of the European Union. Every

Every time the consumer price index

comes outside, we look at the

quarter per cent increase, and go,

quarter per cent increase, and go,s

might fly, my inflation rate is

higher but the Bureau of Statistics

hahas broken inflation rates down

for different types of people and

different types of circumstances. For more we're joined by Craig James from CommSec joins us now. Good morning.

Craig, how does inflation impact on different people?

The big winners in the December

quarter are people without a

mortgage. Young people without a

mortgage. Those people who have paid

off their homes. People in their 50.

They were paying a lower rate of

inflation than what we were

generally paying. But those people

paying higher, those people who had

a mortgage because interest rates

are going up and

are going up and interest rate

charges are reflected in the CPI.

The actual rate of inflation was

half of 1 per cent but for

half of 1 per cent but for employees it was 7 10ths of one per cent, a

fair bit higher. What we have got to

do with the things is look at them

over time. If you look at somebody

with a mortgage, the employee

households, the inflation rat for the last the last year was 0.

the last year was 0.Fore 4 per cent.

For self funded retirees and

pensioners, it was a lot higher 3. pensioners, it was a lot higher

per cent compared to everyone, 2. pensioners, it was a lot higher 3.2 per cent compared to everyone,

per cent compared to everyone, 2.1 per cent. Is it shows the things

work out over time. Do they work

themselves out over time? A lot of

pensioners say to me our pension is

tied to CPI but we suffer a much

greatnerflation rate because we

don't get the benefit of the big

fall in car prices and television

sets because we stick with the ones

we have got? Well the thing is over

time prices go up and down, and we

know that with mortgages, they go up

and down over time as interest

ratess change but the Bureau of

Statistics looked back since 1988

when it started compling the indices

and it shows the different groups

have had the same rate of inflation

over time. So swings and round

abouts over time, thank you. Thank you. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Tiger Woods is back in the bad books. In a new interview a former lover claims she fell pregnant with the golfer's baby - twice. For more let's cross to showbiz editor Nelson Aspen. Morning.

Tell us about this? You don't think

it could get more sworded or sulaces

and we get this -- salacious. The

interview will go to air later

tonight, her name, Jocelyn James,

porn star, claims she had a three.

Year affair with Tiger, some of her

works I have never seen include 'Big

Breasted Nurses' and my Sex Breasted Nurses' and my Sex Teacher No. Breasted Nurses' and my Sex Teacher

No.12." She claims she fell pregnant

twice, both times when Elin was also

expecting their children. She claims

the first child she miscarried and

the second she terminated that

pregnancy. More details to come,

pregnancy. More details to come, I am sure Tiger just wants to crawl

into a hole. CephalOh... Yeah. Maybe

not. Depends. Thank you for that.

Thank you. I am with you, Nelson,

nothing to say. Coming up - we'll start handing out the cash.

Good, why not! Three winners at 6:30. Also this morning - should penalty rates be scrapped for weekend work? But next, prepare to be bowled over. The fashion from last night's Allan Border Medal. VOICEOVER: If you think your mouth is healthy, think again. Listerine Total Care is the only mouthwash that helps you achieve six key signs of a healthy mouth - tartar-free teeth, no plaque build-up, naturally white teeth, healthy gums, no tooth decay... (BOOM!) ..and fresh breath. Go beyond helping to kills germs with Listerine Total Care. One mouthwash: for young singles. Hospital cover, ambulance cover, extras you'll actually use. From $9.95 a week. is quite an art. To see it, surprises. To experience it, excites. VOICE: (WHISPERS) Zoom, zoom! Different look, different feel.

Thousands of small businesses are

now offering Sunrise family members

a 10 per cent discount. To find out

which ones or to become a free

member, just head to the web site, site.

1700 businesses have signed up and

they are

they are list said by location and

type of business so it makes it easy

for you. They

for you. To everyone taking part. More to come. Now to the most viewed stories on the internet news sites. A 13-year-old boy has been charged with murder over the Brisbane schoolyard stabbing of Elliott Fletcher. The incident happened at St Patrick's College. The 13-year-old will appear in the Children's Court today.

Our Brisbane correspondent Michelle Tapper is at the school,

we'll check in with her after 7:00. Also being clicked online is Tony Abbott's plans to scrap penalty rates. The Opposition Leader says penalties should go to protect the Australian weekend. He believes shops will shut on Saturday and Sunday because the Rudd Government's new employment laws will push wages higher and make it too expensive for businesses to open. But how many Aussie families rely on penalty rates to make ends meet?

How many families one parent might

work Monday to Friday and one on the

weekend because of childcare

arrangements. There are a lot of

situations. It Allows you to do the

juggle. Penalty rates, some of my

kids work Sunday, they are getting $

kids work Sunday, they are getting

$30 an hour. Really? I know. Gosh,

that is fantastic. Get on it. We

will sign up. Extra cash. Email or SMS us. And public servants at the Department of Primary Industries have lost 77 laptops in four years. Might not sound like much but that's one computer every 2.5 weeks at a cost of $220,000.

Where do they go? Got us thinking,

what are you always losing. Head to

the web site, if you still have the

laptop. Also, what are the

guidelines, the etiquette for

pinching stuff add work. I would

have thought a laptop. Not in the

pen category. But is a men acceptb.

Box of tissues here and there, you

hear rumours. Rumours... Do you Do

you take tissues. Why would I do

that? They are the industrial

scratchy ones. If they were soft

scratchy ones. If they were soft it would be a different matter. With

alovera in them. The Allan Border Medal presentation is also a popular story on the web.

Shane Watson won the main award. But the photo galleries of the WAGS are pretty popular. Lara Bingle wore an all-white number from Michelle Jank. Jessica Bratich looked stunning in black. She's the girlfriend of Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson who was a favourite for the Allan Border Medal. But most commentary is about Hayley Bracken, the wife of Nathan Bracken. One website says "WAG's nude dress steals the night".

Another headlines says "Bracken does a Brynne" referring to the dress Brynne Gordon wore to the Brownlow Medal. We'll get reaction from Melbourne, when we check in with our correspondent Nuala Hafner. But tell us what you think.

Is that dress do it for you, Boys?

Yep. I could have guessed that. Is

that a statement dress? Something I

think you wear when you want to

ensure your photo is taken maybe. A

look at me dress? Yes. Maybe. It is

a bit Tarzan and Jane. It is

revealing. Some people moulgt think

I am jealous but I think it is on

the rude side. For an occasion like

that, let us know what you think.

Coming up - the website that gets young people to promote junk food. And the risks of having a genetic test through your health insurer. Next up, though, Tuesday's news and weather. And it's Cash Cow time. We'll name the first three winners right after this.

Enough cash to buy a dress to cover

you all up. Right after this.

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you'll experience a drive unlike any other.

(LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. We're giving away $135,000 this week. We have winners every 30 minutes. Congratulations to the first three half-hourly winners. Kaali Huddleston from Victoria. You've each won $1,000. Much more cash to give away throughout the morning. And at 7:10, we'll call today's major winner. He or she will win $15,000. To enter the draw for the cash, you need today's codeword: Now call 1902 55 77 07 or SMS your name, State and the codeword The competition is open to people in all States. Now here's Nat with the news. Good morning. Facebook groups paying tribute to murdered Brisbane schoolboy Elliott Fletcher have been pulled from the website after attacking the 13-year-old alleged killer. Some sites have already been re-listed, illegally naming the classmate charged with stabbing the 12-year-old to death,

leaving students grief stricken. The alarm went and I just ran straight to the closest room. I just feel really sick about it, yeah. Other disturbing websites blame Elliot for the fight at St Patrick's College and others threaten the boy arrested over the attack.

He's been charged with murder overnight and will face Brisbane Children's Court this morning.

And a woman has been charged over a stabbing outside a Sydney primary school.

Police have only now revealed the incident. A 39-year-old woman was allegedly stabbed in the stomach

outside a Sefton primary school about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. A 29-year-old will face court today

charged with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. An 18-year-old man is expected to be charged over a high-speed pursuit through Melbourne after allegedly being caught street racing. Two Holden Commodores were spotted speeding along Old Geelong Road at Hoppers Crossing. Police gave chase with one of the cars reaching speeds of 180km/h on the Princes Freeway. The chase ended on Koroit Creek Road

and the unlicensed driver fled but was arrested nearby. Forensic police are examining the car, which was reported stolen. Police are still searching for the second car. An anti-whaling protester is being held by Japanese hunters after boarding one of their ships in the Southern Ocean. Shaky video released by the Sea Shepherd protest group apparently shows Kiwi activist Pete Bethune climbing aboard the 'Shonan Maru 2'. He hid on board then presented himself to the captain claiming he was there to make a citizens arrest and presented the whalers with a bill for $3 million to replace the 'Ady Gil' which sank after a high seas collision. The Japanese say he boarded illegally. A powerful cyclone is battering the Pacific Island nation of Tonga. Cyclone Renae has lashed the nation with winds of up to 160km/h, bringing down trees and powerlines. Homes are inundated with water and roads are flooded. Residents and tourists have been warned to stay inside

until the cyclone passes. So far, no reports of injuries. It's been revealed Austrian incest father Josef Fritzl has been writing letters to the daughter he locked up and raped for 24 years. Elisabeth Fritzl receives a letter every two weeks from her father begging for money so he can study to be a lawyer. The 43-year-old was locked in a dungeon when she was 18. Fritzl is serving a life sentence for rape, incest and imprisonment. Astronauts are one step closer to completing their mission at the International Space Station. The crew has successfully moved the new observation deck to its final position. Astronauts spent more than three hours trying to get the deck in position after several bolts kept falling out. And I know it was very exciting for everybody although it was a hard-fought victory, to be sure. The new $400 million room Tranquillity will provide unprecedented views of earth. In finance news - Wall Street is closed today for the President's Day holiday. Time for sport and Beretts is in Canada for the Winter Olympics.

I tell you what, you know you are

live up here, minus 6 degree alt the

moment but one of the world's great

views, the Canadian Rockies. Looking

at the ceiling of Canada. Shane Watson has capped a golden summer by taking out the Allan Border Medal in Melbourne overnight. Watson upstaged Mitchell Johnson and Michael Clarke despite playing less Test matches during the voting period. The 28-year-old struggled to contain his emotions while accepting the award and was also named One-Day Player of the Year. Simon Katich was named Test Player of the Year. Melbourne midfielder Carlos Hernandez has taken out the A-League's highest honour - the Johnny Warren Medal. The Costa Rican international took the award ahead of last year's winner, Shane Smeltz. But the Gold Coast striker didn't go home empty-handed. Smeltz picked up the Golden Boot as leading goal scorer

for the second straight year. Victory mentor Ernie Merrick took out Coach of the Year. Anthony Mundine has attacked Danny Green for what he claims is an attempt to goad him into a rematch. Green challenged 'The Man' to an Anzac Day showdown last week with 10% of the fight purse to go to an Indigenous youth program. It looks like he's desperate. As far as using my Aboriginal people, that is the lowest of the low, you know what I mean?

This is the big news in Canada, the

national paper, the Globe and Mail

and this is Alex billedaux, the

first Canadian to win a gold medal

on home soil. They party last night.

So grant is off, getting married

play aglow key so James has the

weather. I was hoping to find one

business that signed up, I didn't

find one business, I didn't find one

street, I found an entire town rb

Murrurundi, in the Huper Hunter, the

entire town, all the major

businesses, they are all major,

small businessvise signed up for the

small business family registry. This

is one of the families,

is one of the families they own

Bacco's Bakeries. The Paccanya

family. This started off as a small

business? Yes, started from a home

kitchen, and we saw there was a

market for us and moved into bakery

and now we have a wholesale bakery

here in Murrurundi. I have seen these products in these products in Sydney, Melbourne,

I know they go as far as New

Zealand. Yes, and even Perth and

Brisbane, all over Australia. How

did the business start? A fantastic

story about oil from Italy? We

started nine years ago, a venture

with my wife, Kristy, whom I met

travelling in Australia. We came in

with extra virgin olive oil and

selling to the restaurants in

Sydney, oil being a major product of

Savary product, we got our hands

dirty and got it. Love the story,

some come with a suit case, and some

come with a tonne of olive oil. Showers and widespread storms are generating over Queensland and New South Wales. Heavy rain with gale force winds are pushing over southern NSW.

Anyone who is a Sunrise family

member gets 10 per cent off any of

the businesses on the registry. I

think we are around 1700 businesses

so far. I tell you what a good

business to hang out with is Bac

co's bakery, I am going to gorge on

bread and biscuits and hang out

here. See you in half an hour. Good

choice for the morning. What a great

business. It is what I love about

small business, start from

small business, start from nothing

and build it up. Joke of the day, of

course, judged by Natalie Anne Barr,

you send the jokes in, she gives a

score, if you get over 3 you get a

TiVo, under 3, you get a Sunrise

Snuggie. There is the cash coy, warm

and Snuggie. This is from Mandy Seat

in Centennial. Three men were

greeted by Saint Peter at the Pearly

Gates. Another religious one. He

said up here you will need transport

and it will depend on how

and it will depend on how faithful you were to your partner. To which

the guys sort of almost choked. The

first guy said, "

first guy said, "Well, I cheated on

my wife and and I am incredibly

sorry if it five time

sorry if it five timeen my life."

And saint Peter said, "

And saint Peter said, "You will

drive around in a second-hand BMW."

The second guy said I cheated once,

and saint Peter said, "

and saint Peter said, "Second hand

Commodore." And the 3rd guy never

cheated so he got a brand new Lexus.

A couplef hours, the first twof see

the third guy in a Lexus the third guy in a Lexus crying

the third guy in a Lexus crying and they said why are you crying, you

got the Lexus, "

got the Lexus, "I saw my wife on

roller skates. Okay. You have a tevo

coming your way. Sorry cow, one more

day with the Snuggie. Coming up - we talk to Rihanna about life in the spotlight. And can Fifi track down Zac Efron? But next, the winners at the Allan Border Medal on and off the red carpet. And Beretts meets some famous faces live from Whistler. for you to have a choice on prepaid. Like with the new Optus prepaid mobile Turbo text offer. Recharge $30 and get unlimited SMS to five friends on any network. Get it with the Nokia 2730 with 2 Megapixel camera for just $99 or this Dual Band Sony Ericsson C903 with 5 Megapixel camera, just $179. You can find these great deals at your local Optus 'yes' shop, because better value is now in reach for everyone.

Brisbane is buzzing this morning,

the view through the Jetstar sky

cam. A possible storm and a warm 30 today. Immigrants hoping to settle in Britain already have a long wait for the privilege.

But it seems the UK Government wants to make sure they've learned the lesson. The art of queuing could soon be included on the citizenship test. UK correspondent Richard Arnold joins us. Good morning. Why is the Government considering teaching immigrants to queue?

Well, it is an integral part of our

culture, Kochie. But it is new to

me, I don't think the British have

learned how to deal with queueing .

We do it in an orderly line but if

they want to do it in a British way,

do like 91 per cent of Brits who

reject to it is react something like

this and do nothing about it. It is

all the Brits do when we see someone

jumping a queue. We are lousy at

complaining. We make a decent brew

and be an expert at the world stage

in sport. You are great queueers and

I would be waiting on the train

station, minding my business and ten

people all p behind you in a

straight single line, amazing. It

has changed completely. But I

imagine the younger generation have

learned to form an orderly queue on

talent shows like 'X Factor'. I

think generally the government has

said, whilst queueing is a small

part of our culture, the

responsibility for our society

breaking down is the fact there is a

distinct lack of manners, so mind

our Ps and Qs, mind the pun. Another

story overnight, a web site pays

young people to promote junk food,

is it allowed to do that? It is

promoting certain brands and fizzy

drinks but it is the brain child of

young entrepreneur, who started at

14 with a gem of an idea, he is now 16 14 with a gem of an idea, he is now

16 12 million pounds from it. It

gives children incentives, vouchers

and money off certain goods to

promote brands with friends

promote brands with friends. It

depends on the brands being pushed

and the amount of personal

information being stored by the web

site because kids don't have the

filters we adltsd do and it is a

worry when kids use the Internet.

has been lujzimateed by the point

worry when kids use the Internet. It has been lujzimateed by the --

legitimised by the fact the

government has used it to promote healthy foods. Australia's cricket stars and their partners hit the red carpet overnight, for this year's Allan Border Medal presentation. Opening batsman Shane Watson took out the presitious award. He was also named One-Day Player of the Year as our cricketers finally got a chance to celebrate another successful summer. Melbourne correspondent Nuala Hafner has all the details. Good morning.

Who were the other big winners on the night?

It must have been a night for the

openers, Simon Katich took out Test

Player of the Year and former player

and commentators Bill Lawry was

induct under to the hall of fame,

along with his '60s And Shelley

Nitchke won female player of the

year. We want to talk about what the

girls wore on the red carpet? I

thought you would never ask, now I

can get into it. Lara Bingle was

always going to grab a lot of

attention and did just that, in a

very contemporary Michelle Jank

white dress, she went for Chanel

fake bling. Her feains ai said she

was trying to copy him with fake

tattooed. Simple but gorgeous.

Mitchell Johnson's partner Jessica

Bratich looked stunning. Last year

there was the wardrobe malfunction

ruling in most of the country saying

she was wearing canary yellow

underwear but she showed cleavage.

And Hayley bracken? Every awards

ceremony, entertainment or sport,

there is the one dress, Elizabeth

hurly in the sequin number, this

year it was hailly and an inspired

mermaid dress she designed with

truteejically placed lace, her mum

put on. On behalf of the cameramen,

I say thank you. Yes, they gathered

around the monitor here. They didn't

do it when they saw Shane Watson.

Nice mum helped with the dress.

Nice mum helped with the dress. What do you think, now you have seen it

again? Well, no, it was good. What

would I know though? Our Aussie Olympians have received a massive morale boost. 25-year-old Dale Begg-Smith performed beautifully to take out a silver medal in the moguls. Beretts is in Canada and is across all the Olympic action. Beretts, what a special moment for our team.

Yes, it really was. I spoke to team

management this morning. Everyone is

on high. Such an important thing for

team at a games to get the first

medal tonne. To have Dale Begg-Smith

go that early in the aump condition.

He was that close to gold. Just a

few weeks go, he had knee

reconstruction, the defending gold

medallist from tureneoy and he has

picked up silver. A remarkable

effort that should be applauded.

Incredible and great

Incredible and great to see a gold

and silver. Not inbest event for

dodgy knee. Extraordinary, you

dodgy knee. Extraordinary, you watch

what they do. How on earth do you

get your knees to work like that.

Congratulations to the Canadian gold

medallist, a huge event for them,

Alex Billedueax who took it for

Canada, the first who took it for

their home country. Have you

their home country. Have you caught up with coffee with Fred and Mary.

Sitting a bit thin, they were p they

were all all morning, they were

sitting at the table next to me,

using the laptop. Mary said we are

having a day off and play it low

key. A couple of Australians had

their photo taken, both Brett and

Blakey Boys rr, what was she like?

Kpwres. Nice. She was happy to have

her photo taken. For private yes.

She told us about her day and

She told us about her day and what they were down to. They are going to

watch the race in the public viewing

section. She is keeping it low key

today and happy to mingle with the crowd and

crowd and locals. Pretty special

molt, you get a lot of big stars.

Seen a few. Our official Sunrise

royal reporters. Deputised. Thank

you, they will keep an eye on all

the royalty that comes to the Round

House and report in. Princess Maryed

have your photo but they are

personal photos, please keep them to

yourselves. I notice they are in

shirt sleeves and you are in a Parker? shirt sleeves and you are in a

Parker and glove. They said told

Parker and glove. They said told me it is not cold, how do you do it. We

had a spoon full of concrete this

morning. Warm up, see you soon. Three people have already won this morning but shortly, the Cash Cow gives away $15,000 in one hit. Stay watching - you could be today's major winner. Also coming up - the plan to scrap weekend penalty rates. And should you get a cheap genetic test? But straight ahead - the 7am news and weather.

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The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. He's one of the world's greatest sportsman but it seems Rafael Nadal is keeping his eye on more than the ball. The tennis star was recently spotted getting close with Shakira. Showbiz Editor Nelson Aspen has all the details. Morning, again. Is this a love match, Nelson?

Well, her hips don't lie. They were

spotted dining together in

Barcelona. Eye witnesses at the

restaurant said they looked

restaurant said they looked like they were more than friend, very

intense in their interacs. His

representatives say they were having

a business meeting, just finished

shoot agvideo in Barcelona the

previous week. Her reps declineed to

comment. I think it is a tempest in

a tea pot. She

a tea pot. She has had a fiancee for

some time and he has had a

sweetheart for four years. I

sweetheart for four years. I think it is a Student stabbed - the shocking tragedy that played out in a schoolyard.

What does it mean for security?

In the genes - cheap genetic tests are now on offer by a leading health insurer. But what are you risking if you take one? And Zac's back - the 'High School Musical' star comes Down Under to hang ten. We're live to the beach as he prepares to strip down

this Tuesday, February 16, 2010. ship

Right across Australia, this is

Sunrise on seven. From Brekky

Central, here is Kochie and Mel. And shortly, the Cash Cow gives away $15,000 in one hit. Right now, it's news time. Here's Nat. Good morning. A Brisbane private school will re-open this morning after a knife fight left a 12-year-old dead and a 13-year-old behind bars. Classmates are being offered counselling

after Elliott Fletcher was stabbed in the chest at St Patrick's College yesterday morning. A 13-year-old boy has been charged with murder overnight

and is due to face court later today. And we'll cross to our Brisbane correspondent Michelle Tapper

outside St Patrick's, shortly. Queensland roof insulator Countrywide has now been suspended

after criticism Peter Garrett failed to act after the death of Matthew Fuller. The 26-year-old was killed and his girlfriend seriously burned just weeks after the company was accredited under the Rudd Government's rebate scheme. It's now been reported Countrywide was first denied accreditation

because it had no experience but then approved after a phone call to the Environment Department. Environment Minister Peter Garrett yesterday came under attack for not attending an emergency meeting of electricians in Canberra. AFL footballer Andrew Lovett is preparing to challenge his suspension

despite being charged with raping a woman on Christmas Eve. The recent St Kilda recruit has been suspended indefinitely after police yesterday finalised their 2-month investigation. Lovett is accused of assaulting the woman in her sleep at a Port Melbourne apartment. I understand and appreciate the interest in this. However, the club has made a statement in relation to Andrew Lovett. He'll face court on Friday

but is appealing his suspension from playing with the AFL grievance tribunal. It looks to be slow going on Sydney's M4 motorway after tolls on the busy artery were finally removed overnight after years of promises.

Traffic is crawling through the tolling station even though the boom gates and the money collectors are gone. At midnight the toll on the motorway was done away with and crews moved in to start dismantling the booths and barriers. And there could be a few traffic problems on Victoria Road at Gladesville after a burst water main sent a torrent of water across the road.

At least 18 people are dead and authorities expect the death toll to rise after two passengers trains collided outside the Belgian capital, Brussels. The engines collided on snow-covered tracks during morning peak hour trapping dozens of passengers. Rescue crews are still combing through the wreckage for survivors. Basically, we hit one of the carriages and the cables from up above, they came on to our train. Around 125 people have been injured. An investigation is under way to work out how the two trains ended up on the same stretch of line. The wives and girlfriends of Australia's cricket team have taken centre stage at the Alan Border Medal in Melbourne overnight. Nathan Bracken's wife, Hayley, stole the limelight for her own creation. I wanted it to look like, um, the ocean and, um, the rainforest. Black is back for all-rounder Shane Watson and fiance Lee Furlong. While Michael Clarke and Lara Bingle proved they're still cricket's glamour couple. In finance news -

I could just see the rain forest there. Wall Street is closed today for the President's Day holiday. Time for sport and Beretts is in Canada for the Winter Olympics.

A beautiful day. It is a gorgeous

day. How about this view? Out across

the slope here at Black Comb and Whistler. Shane Watson's remarkable summer has risen to new heights overnight with the reborn all-rounder awarded the Allan Border Medal in Melbourne. The 28-year-old choked back tears after accepting the coveted award. It's been an awesome ride and it's very overwhelming actually to receive this award. Watson also took out One-Day Player of the Year with opening partner Simon Katich winning Test Player of the Year. Melbourne midfielder Carlos Hernandez has been judged the A-League's best player, taking out the Johnny Warren Medal in Sydney overnight. Victory mentor Ernie Merrick was named Coach of the Year while prolific Gold Coast striker Shane Smeltz picked up the Golden Boot for he league's leading scorer.

Archie Thompson won Goal of the Year for a stunning strike in Round 16 against Gold Coast. Alex Pullin is leading the Aussie charge in the snowboarding cross at the Winter Olympics this morning. The 22-year-old currently has the fastest qualifying time putting him in the box seat to progress to the next stage of the competition. Fellow Aussie Damon Hayler is also looking good.

He's holding the eighth fastest time. The blue riband downhill event is also in progress and some competitors are having trouble staying upright. Craig Branch and Jono Brauer are flying the Aussie flag.

Craig bafrn not too far away,

conditions are good here. Newcastle fans are breathing a sigh of relief after Kurt Gidley was cleared of a serious knee injury following the NRL's All Star game. Scans revealed a torn hamstring for the Knights captain. Good news for Brisbane as well with confirmation Darren Lockyer's arm injury is only minor.

Well, beautiful weather here at

Whistler. The valley is electric and

alive this morning. James has all

the weather details at home. I tell

you what, exactly the same here at

Murrurundi, a town in the upper

hunter of New South Wales. Which has

signed up to be part of Sunrise'

fall small-business family register.

Over here we have the Murrurundi chemist. Over here we have the Murrurundi

chemist.Ee have got Dooley's the

grocer, and the cafe and news agency

and right over here, we have got the

art and right over here, we have got the

art gallery, which is having an

exhibition of the four locals. The

owner of the art gallery is the head

of the local chamber of commerce we

will chat to soon but first the weather: Showers with a possible storm in Brisbane. Rain periods in Southport. Early rain in Ballarat. Early shower or two in Melbourne. Partly cloudy in Mount Gambier. 41 in Kalgoorlie, with a possible afternoon storm. Possible late storm in Broome.

If you sign up to be a Sunrise

family small business, you get a

sticker and put it in the window. We

will show you a graphic. Look out

for the sticker because you get

for the sticker because you get 10 per cent off. Peter and Jane run run

the gallery and Peter you have the

chair of the chamber of commerce.

Why did you get involved? Having

escaped and coming up to this lovely

village I looked around and saw the

potential of the place, with the

small businesses, the life blood of

the town, so it was to get

the town, so it was to get together with the other members and see

with the other members and see what we can do. The entire town of

Murrurundi has signed up. The town

is had about small business, these

days it is a tourist industry. Peter

and Jane, there is so much to see.

Any of our 220,000 Sunrise family

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you have got the Barringtno Tops? A

lot to see? Don't call it Timor,

call it Tymore, they know you are

not a local. We have got so much to

see from the horses to the beautiful

mountains. It is a great place to go

down to see the wash pools in

national parks. A lot to

down to see the wash pools in the national parks. A lot to and do.

Tell us about the facilities in the

town, Jane? The facilities?

Brilliant. As for a community,

Brilliant. As for a community

wonderful sporting facilities and

cultural facilities. Schools,

obviously, preschools, schools and

tranlz port today just allows so

many people to come and visit, a

one-hour trip is like a local ride

for someone to and. Would you

believe, the fourth oldest primary

school in Australia. A town with

plenty of history and local artists

capturing what it is to be a local

in Murrurundi. I can highly

recommend getting here and I am

going to show you more of Murrurundi

in half an hour. We have got 1700

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Mel Webber. It is. It is Mel and

Kochie you have won $

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We love doing it. $

We love doing it. $15,000 once a day

and every half hour, 3 lots of $ and every half hour, 3 lots of

$1,000. And a quick note about our Ask the PM segment.

Last Friday the topics we put to Kevin Rudd ended up all over the news. So here's your chance to ask him a question. Just head to our website and contact us. As you heard in the news, a 12-year-old boy has died after being stabbed during a fight in a Brisbane schoolyard. Police allege the knife was wielded by a 13-year-old fellow student. Our Brisbane correspondent Michelle Tapper is outside the school, St Patrick's College at Shorncliffe. Michelle, what's the latest on this tragedy?

Good morning. Well, it is incredibly

sad. The entire community here sad. The entire community here at St Patrick's College is in mourning

today after the tragic death of

12-year-old Elliott Fletcher

yesterday. Now young Elliott was

stabbed in the chest before school

started with what is believed to be

an 18 cm fishing knife. Paramedics

worked on Elliott at the scene and

rushed to the Children's Hospital

but he died add noon yesterday. His

accused attacker is a 13-year-old

student from the same school, found

midmorning in a nearby street with

self inflicted stab wound to the

neck. Police took him to the

hospital and the wound were deemed

superphyllous so they questioned him

all -- deemed superficial and

yesterday he was charged with murder

after questioning. He will face

court this morning after being

behind bars last night. It is sad,

particularly for the other children

who witnessed this. Hot is the

reaction of 24 school? The school

reaction of 24 school? The school is

quick to sppd. They were in lock

down yesterday for three hours until

police deemed it was safe and they

could return to class. Many students

went home to deal with it.

Attendance today isaual and grief

counselling is being offered. Here

is a look what the prince pal

Michael Car areoll said. My

immediately concern is the welfare

of the students and staff. You think

they will be safe but in the

playground they can get stabbed. I

think it is terrible, the fright of

everyone's life. My age, your age, a

knife is just an awful thing. I

don't know why. You send them to

good schools, it is not a reflection

of the school, it is a reflection on

society. I just feel sick about it.

It is such a reflection on society,

the second school stabbing in the

last two weeks, what are authorities

going to do? This is the second

violent stabbing at a Brisbane

school. The other event wads on

February 15 at St Joseph's College.

He was stabbed in the leg

He was stabbed in the leg after refusing to hand over his

possessions to a student from a

nearby school. The premier weighed

into the debate saying she was

shocked and saddened by Elliott's

tragic death and a full

investigation will be launched

investigation will be launched but she said we are lucky here in

Queensland to have relatively lucky

schools but it is little consolation

to the staff and parents and

students here. Now here's Kochie. In an Australian first, private health insurer NIB is offering customers cut-price personalised genetic tests. The tests help assess the customer's genetic risk of getting preventable illnesses such as diabetes, heart attacks and some cancers. However, experts have warned that taking up the company's offer could lead to serious privacy and financial risks. So should people take the test? I'm joined by Sunrise GP Dr Ginni Mansberg and civil libertarian, Stephen Blanks. Good morning. Ginni, what can these tests show?

They are taking a bit of your

saliva, off to the post in America

and they show if row have certain

genes from celiac's disease and

obesity and send you back the

information. It is reliable? Yes,

the tests are pretty good for those

jeans but you need to put it in

perspective what they are testing

for. Finding out jow a gene in the

system doesn't mean you are standing

looking at the barrel of a gun for

it to hit you. There are a number of

things that have to happen to

convert the gene. There are so many

we can't test for. They are

we can't test for. They are saying it is an early warning sign. Is it

It can be once you interplay with

the environmental and lifestyle

factors, when you put them

factors, when you put them together

it increases your risk but not

everybody who was living in

Chernoble get cancer and even with

with the breast cancer gene gets

breast cancer. It is not a target on

your head. The great fear with the

test is once you are told you have a

genetic disposition to some sort of

illness or cancer it could affect

your health insurance coverage or

your life insurance coverage.

Particularly life insurance, there

are legal obligations you have to

inform your insureer ofpler risks

and the insureer,

and the insureer, under Australian

law can refuse you cover or increase

your premiums. People New Zealand to

understand if you saep the offer,

there have been secondary. The

problem is they are not being fully

informed of the legal obligations

and risks to them. The law hasn't

real a caught up yet with all the

consequences of this sort of idea.

Because you are going into intest as

little blind. You think it is a good

idea. Gee, if I get an early warning

that is terrific but if you get

information you don't like, and is

going to affect you in the future

you have to spill the beans and tell

them? Yes, and the Medical Journal

of Australia did a survey last year

involving a number of people

undergoing genetic tests. When the

people were informed of the legal

consequences of receiving the

information, half of the volunteers

with drew from the program. Thank

you, good advice. Back to Mel. If you've just tuned in Beretts has been having breakfast with Princess Mary and Prince Frederik in Whistler. It's such a pretty spot and it looks like it's absolutely buzzing. But apart from the competition, what else is on offer for the spectators?

It is a enormous, keep an eye out

for Frederik and Mary buzz they they

are out skiing. Plenty of happening

on the competition field but

there are so on the competition field but because there are on the competition field but because

there are many people from all over

the world there, is plenty on the

streets to keep everyone in the

vibe. When you bring peep together

from all over the world, they want

to have fun. Among the streets of

Whistler people are out celebrating.

There are street performers, bands,

so much happening. Okay, we are

going to do real fast,

going to do real fast,, some power

hockey. You moron, you cannot hit

the ball before it drops! AC/DC's

concerts in Australia have been so

big the whole world is rocking to

Acca Dacca.

You raise me up

# So I can stand on mountains

# To walk on stormy

# To walk on stormy seas.

# I am strong

# When I on your shoulders

# Thank you. I am exhausted.

# To more than I can be. It is hard

work for some. Now tell us exactly

where you are. We know Whistler,

narrow it down for us? Yep. I sure

can. Some people over embrace the

Olympic spirit, I got carried away.

We are at the Round House, 1850

metres high, 2 kilometre above sea

level but you zip up from the vil

level but you zip up from the

viltage, 30 minutes in a gondola and

arrive here at the main station of

the upper part of Whistler. A

gorgeous spot and you see an hour or

bottom to the do it again. An hour?

Great runs. They are that long you

have to stop and catch your breath a

few times on the way down. The great

thing is the world is here at the

moment, we had Frederik and Mary up

here for breakfast, the who is who

are dropping in to see the Olympic

Games. They are saying the same

about you, don't you worry. See you soon. Coming up - Jermaine Jackson.

His only live interview this morning is on Seven. Speaking of stars, we'll chat to Rihanna at 7:40. But next, three more winners in the Sunrise Cash Cow. And if that's not enough, we have another car to give away. This is prize central this morning right across Australia. Who's most likely to beat a Prius for fuel efficiency? Ford, of course. The new Ford Fiesta ECOnetic - Australia's most fuel-efficient car. Wanna be a top athlete, you gotta have some focus. Fingers along the seam, shiny side out and follow through. How's that?! Boys, breakfast! "Added calcium and magnesium." Calcium. That's what growing cricketers need, hey? Milo Duo has original Milo plus milky vanilla pieces with the added magnesium and calcium they need to grow and be whatever THEY dream of. Hey, nice move! Milo Duo cereal.

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Jetstar - low fares, good times. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. The Cash Cow is giving away $135,000 this week. So let's name three more half hourly winners. And congratulations to Melinda Stephens, You've all won $1,000 each. To enter the draw for the cash you need today's codeword: Three more winners at 8am. And don't forget that at 7:10 each morning a major winner picks up $15,000. Now to the final part of our Fiat Drive Happy competition. Yesterday, someone with one of the worst jobs in the country won a Fiat convertible thanks to Mel picking the right key.

Yep, deodorant tester Alex Cunningham couldn't be here so I tried the key for him. And now we're doing the lucky dip again with our remaining four finalists - dead body embalmer Ann Collis. Exhaust system cleaner Brian Burgess. Meat lumper Zane Martin. And erectile dysfunction specialist Melissa Wilkinson. Good morning. One of these keys unlocks the Fiat 500C. Go ahead and take one each.

Ann. Here we go. Oh! Ann, I'm sorry.

Brian ayou are up. Oh!

We love a happy winner. An exhaust

fan cleaner now you will have a different fan cleaner now you will have a

different exhaust on you. Looks a

pretty flash prize. It does, it is

great. A groovy little number. Have

you got kids Yes, three. It can be a

problem. But they are all grown up.

I want to say hello to everybody and

happy birthday, Marquee. Where you

from? Albury. Happy driving. I can't

believe it. For is one more to give

away. Here is the winner of the

viewer voting competition. From

Annerley in Queensland.

Congratulations. How good is that.

Have a good day. You will now. Just

ahead, isriana dealing with her

personal issues through her music. Just ahead - is Rihanna dealing with her personal issues Good morning. Facebook groups paying tribute to murdered Brisbane schoolboy Elliott Fletcher have been pulled from the website after attacking the 13-year-old alleged killer. Some sites have been re-listed, illegally naming the teen charged with murder. St Patrick's College will re-open today after classmates were left grief-stricken. The alarm went and I just ran straight to the closest room. I just feel really sick about it, yeah. Other disturbing websites blame Elliot for the fight at St Patrick's College and others threaten the boy arrested over the attack. He's been charged with murder overnight and will face Brisbane Children's Court this morning. Police say an unlicensed Melbourne teenager will be charged with a string of offences after a high-speed pursuit overnight. Two Holden Commodores were spotted street racing along Old Geelong Road at Hoppers Crossing. Police gave chase with one of the cars reaching speeds of 180km/h on the Princes Freeway. The chase ended at Laverton and the 18-year-old driver fled but was arrested nearby. Forensic police are examining the car which was reported stolen. Police are still searching for the second car. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says weekend penalty rates should be scrapped to protect weekend trading. He says many businesses won't open on Saturdays and Sundays because of the extra costs, leaving Australia's business laws languishing 40 years in the past. Mr Abbott denies the no-penalties policy is a step towards re-instating WorkChoices, saying the Howard government he was part of went too far. Melbourne's Frankston City Council has voted to spend $250,000 hiring its own pseudo police force. Eight private security guards will roam the council area to clean up the city's image. But police deny they're needed. They are not trained They are not equipped to do the work we do. We are here to respond to those situations as and when required. The Frankston Mayor claims local police have been short 100 officers for 18 months. The father of the Olympics luger who died during a training run has told how his son feared the curve which took his life. The Georgian Olympian phoned his father saying he was a