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(generated from captions) Live. Tonight, chaos and delight as Canberra's soaking continues.. It's a really sign for our catchment areas. And political The big push into battlefield switches to health.

territory and new safety measures at the Vancouver Games. Good with ABC News. After weeks of frustration hearing about rain elsewhere in frustration hearing about the

Canberra finally had its turn this weekend. While it brought much joy it also caused plenty of headaches. The SES responded to hundreds of calls for with rain to hundreds of calls for help

flooding some homes and with rain blocking roads and

gardens. The capital hasn't seen a deluge like it since 2002. It was across Canberra today drains stretched to capacity. For some not even a roof was enough to stop the rain. That's the light the water coming through there. Emergency That's the light the water was

services workers were on the job early with well over 300 call-outs and some delays. I was on the phone for about 40 minutes, I eventually gave up and ran back a little later and after another 15 or 20 minutes I finally got I finally got through. Canberra Connect Canberra Connect have increased their staffing as direct result of these storms. They've doubled their staff handle storm calls. handle storm calls. Most calls from help came from western and Canbar there was havoc on the roads. The airport has recorded 94mm since Friday and with more to come it's set to become to come it's set to become one of the wettest weekends on record. If we go back to record. If we go back to 2002 in February where we had 3-day totes in excess of 100. The site of the river in a crowd and the water will be welcomed in Canberra's dams which are expected to We've received 50mm in the and up to 90mm at and up to 90mm at Cotter. That doesn't mean water doesn't mean water restrictions will be lifted, can with dam levels still hovering levels still hovering around the 50% mark. The Opposition Leader has unveiled had first plank of the health policy election. Tony Abbott is promising to local boards to run public hospitals. The Government's dismiss ed his plan as featherweight, saying it only applies doesn't do anything funding and funding and staff shortages. Today's announcement also appearance together of Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull since their since their spectacular leadership leadership brawl. On Valentine's Day, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull were feeling the love. Local member, great to see you. Welcome to Wentworth. Hair hostilities were put aside in the name of campaign the name of campaign politics. When did your On Valentine's Day? What On Valentine's Day? What can you him, Tony Abbott's promising to shake up the public hospital system if he wins Government but rather than a national takeover, he's going local, promising to install boards promising to install boards and CEOs to run major hospitals NSW and Queensland. It create perfection. Public hospitals are always going to be under pressure but at least It's not national, it doesn't eliminate waste or fund eliminate waste or fund a single extra doctor or hospital bed. The Government's mocking the plan. The doctors are are giving it qualified support. This support. This announcement doesn't solve the doesn't solve the funding problem but it problem but it is something which we will support in terms of management of the admits his own prupozal to breathe life into public hospitals is taking longer hospitals is taking longer than promised. We make no promised. We make no apology that we've taken longer than planned to finalise the strategy for the future. Prime Minister has made clear our announcements will be made soon soon and indeed they will be. Kevin Rudd's delay in announcing hospital promise ed by middle year is playing into the Opposition's strategy of portraying him as all talk portraying him as all talk and no action and Mr Rudd no action and Mr Rudd doesn't deny it's not his promise. Obviously some changes had to be made because of the impact on Government finances. I accept that finances. I accept that and take full responsibility for it. A convenient excuse, says the Opposition. a busy restaurant in western India has killed at least eight people and injured another people and injured another 60. Police say the bomb was in a bag left behind at a popular German bakery in city of Pune. All information which is available to which is available to us at the moment points moment points to a deliberate plot to explode a device in a place frequented by foreigners as well as Indians. Police say one foreigner may be among dead but there's been no of responsibility. It's the first major attack since the 2008 Mumbai massacre which was blamed It comes just a day after India and Pakistan agreed to hold high-level talks later this month. The largest Coalition offensive of the Afghanistan campaign has gone more smoothly than expected according military officials. military officials. US, British and Afghan troops have met little or no little or no resistance from the Taliban in their bid take control of the southern province. Two southern province. Two NATO troops died while elsewhere in the country two the country two Australians were injured by roadside bombs. Under the cover of darkness, 15,000 troops descended towns in the province towns in the province of Helmand. It was the largest air born movement of the vision, recorded from an vision, recorded from an RAAF Tornado, shows troops left their helicopters. Of booby traps amounted to zero. Up until last week towns in the southern province were under Taliban control. When troops arrived, There were pockets ance and while no-one was injured in this elsewhere two NATO soldiers died and died and 20 Taliban were killed. The strategy has to use Afghan troops on the front line. While roadside bombs made progress slow, they did not have to fight. did not have to fight. We've started searching houses the Taliban won't fight the Taliban won't fight us directly. With the fighting less intense than less intense than anticipated, the task of winning the hearts and mind of locals began in earnest. Today is the first meeting of many because we will be here to stay. The few civilians who ventured out to talk to Coalition forces said the Taliban fighters were falling back. They feared counterattacks on counterattacks on supply lines. NATO forces concede it's way too early to claim victory. We've We've certainly dislocated the Taliban in those areas but no-one's suggesting they've been defeated, that they weapons. It's confirmed Australian forces are conducting operations in support of the mission. Meantime, in a different Meantime, in a different part of of the country two Australian soldiers have been roadside bombs. air-lifted to a US facility but the soldier's injuries are not life threatening. Conscription has a long in Australia going back to the early days of nationhood but today those servicemen women better known women better known as Nashos who were called up War II were remembered in services across the For many it was a chance to catch up and relive the catch up and relive the good old days. 54 years and we still meet up here and exchange and tell lies and all sorts of things. But some things never change. The training was good, the food was very those days. 300,000 were conscript under to were conscript under to the Defence forces after World War II. As national service recruits they came to be recruits they came to be known as Nashos. Most were called up during the Korean War in the 1950s but it was conscription lottery during the Vietnam war in the 1960s Vietnam war in the 1960s and '70s that caught the conscience of the nation. How does it feel to be in the army? Not so good. Today they were remembered. It's a story honour, courage, Nashos represent a unique but often often forgotten part of Australia's military Australia's military history. They may be getting on in years but their camaraderie is strong. A mob of bloody galahs half the time. Got of humour. Look at the they're lovely. Marching to the tune of these men still see the benefits of compulsory service. Without a doubt. We were taught discipline. Obey orders, look after your mates. National service should introduced. You'd have a lot of these youngsters off the street and they would learn a little bit of self-respect. A permanent memorial for the Nashos will unveiled in Canberra later this year. year. A 60-year-old Sydney woman has spoken of her fight for survival after being bit bine a shark in the when the few hundred metres from shore. Paddy Trumbull says she knew she had to fight. I then thought, thought, "This shark's not gonna get the better of and I started punching it on the nose. Punching, punching, punching. And then it got me under the water. staggered when we saw the size of the wound that she here in such good here in such good condition. Doctors credit the Doctors credit the fast thinking of those at the scene with Mrs Trumbull's survival. She's recovering in Mackay hospital and will need further surgery to repair the tissue to herbotics and tissue to herbotics and thigh. Two giant waves have into spectators at a surf ing competition in California. The swell, is a is a challenge even for the best surfers at this competition in Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco. south of San Francisco. The spectators certainly weren't expecting to cop so much of the action. They were taken action. They were taken by surprise when a rogue wave slammed into them. They're standing out on the the big wave came in the big wave came in and knocked probably 50, 60 people over. A lot of people got hurt. It was like a tsunami came Most of the injuries and bruises but three people were taken to hospital with broken bones. He's award-winning cinematographer e who's spent seven compiling the extensive video collection coral reefs. Now David Hannan is using one of his films in a desperate attempt to desperate attempt to save the undersea world from undersea world from what he describes as collapse. describes as collapse. The former fisherman former fisherman turned marine crusader says unless It's a story of David Hannan's love affair with love affair with the ocean. Coral Sea dreaming is meant to be a celebration of tropical marine biodiversity and tribute to tribute to the vanishing world of coral reefs. As an underwater cameraman he wants to share the beauty of to share the beauty of life beneath the ocean's surface. I love fish and all the you see under there. It's you see under there. It's a fantastic surreal beautiful peaceful place to spend a lot of your life. The film is the culmination of film is the culmination of 2000 dives over seven years. The stars of the film are the wondrous corals and exotic fish, all of which make up fish, all of which make up one of the largest of the largest collections of marine footage on the planet. Most of the world's 500 of coral feature but alongside the beauty is a warning. You can't ignore what's can't ignore what's happening down down there physically when you're in the water all you're in the water all the time, time, visually you're seeing the collapse. The collapse. The former fisherman has come full circle and it's these images of these images of bleached and dead coral that have driven him to ac. You have to do something to that world. It's the a concern shared by many scientists. We've scientists. We've lost 40 to 50% of 50% of the coral in places like the Great Barrier Reef, southeast Asia and the Pacific. This of course is being picked up by people being picked up by people like film-makers who are film-makers who are going back to spots they visited 20 years before and finding that they're very changed places. And the man behind the vision man behind the vision hopes putting the message on the big screen will help protect screen will help protect what he describes as the planet's greatest natural Sarah Clarke, ABC News. One of democracy party has been released after seven years detention. Tin Oo is detention. Tin Oo is the party's deputy leader and away. The 82-year-old helped found the national league for democracy with its leader Aung San Suu Kyi who is still San Suu Kyi who is still under house arrest. He says the military junta her in the near future. her in the near future. China has seen in the new lunar year Beijing to hear the ancient bell tower on the stroke of midnight. The giant bell near the Forbidden bell near the Forbidden City has to be struck 108 bring luck for the coming year. Fireworks lit up the night sky as people set off fire crackers across the city. across the city. They're believed to scare off believed to scare off evil spirits and invite wealth. spirits and invite wealth. The year of the tiger is associated with mythical heroic powers and is seen as a good omen is seen as a good omen for the economy. Safety changes have been made to the luge track the winter the winter Olympics in Vancouver in the wake of the death of a competitor yesterday. 21-year-old Georgian athlete Nodar Kumari-Tashvili died after crashing into a metal pillar coming out of the final turn. The changes should slow down competitors but not everyone is in favour. everyone is in favour. More from Sean Giles. The image from Sean Giles. The image of the Georgian athlete down on competitors at the Whistler sliding centre. The track is regarded fastest and most technically challenging in the world. Officials have responded to yesterday's fatal crash by increasing the height increasing the height of the wall at starting the men's trained from the men's Some of them have been there hundreds of times down hundreds of times down the mountain from that start and going from the women's I think it will take a bit of off the event. changes, luge officials say the accident was caused error. No sports mistake is supposed to lead to a death. No sports mistake is supposed sports mistake is supposed to be fatal. Today's competition went ahead. That's way high. Way higher than you want to be that's frightening stuff. Felix Loch was the fastest, the German reaching 145 km/h. Australian Britteny Cox missed out on a place in the final of the women's mogul. The 15-year-old finished 23rd of 27 in qualifying, only the top 20 advance to the round. I have adrenalin now. I'm happy to have done that. have done that. It's amazing. Tatiana Borodulina's first outing in the Australian colours proved short-lived. finished third in her heat of the 500m short track speed skating. The first gold medal of the Switzerland's Simon Ammann in the men's ski jump event. the men's ski jump event. Is it long enough? Yes, it is. Weather continues to plague the Games. A combination of heavy snow and rain caused the men's downhill and the men's downhill and the women's super combined to be post-poned for later in the week. NSW has snatched victory from Queensland in the opening Queensland in the opening round of the Super 14. In South Sharks and the the Lions. Last night Reds were devastated when the Waratahs scored two tries inside the final 10 minutes Bob Templeton Trophy. The Reds hadn't beaten the Waratahs in five years and incentive with ex-team-mate Berrick Barnes 41ing up in Berrick Barnes 41ing up in a blue jersey. Quade stopped Lachlan Turner in the corner corner before showing Barnes Lang Park is no longer his home. Barnes stirred up crowd with an early crowd with an early drop goal. The Reds scored the opening The Reds scored the opening try through Daniel Braid in the 21st minute. gap to one point before the break but the home side continued to dominate. James Horwill scores. Despite a valiant effort from Ben Mowen, Queensland's advantage. You a penalty try extended

can shoulder the man. You can shoulder the man. You can't use your hands. The Waratahs weren't finished as the line opened up for Rory Sidey. Dean Mumm was cited for barging. He's been suspended for two weeks. The game looked all over before Wycliff shattered the Reds' hopes. A conversion after conversion after the siren clinched the clinched the Waratahs's win. The captain's face said The captain's face said it all. The boys really dug in but we shot ourself in the foot. I'm shattered, Certainly didn't help Certainly didn't help ourselves with our restarts. In the six nations Wales fought back from a 10-point deficit with four minutes remaining to minutes remaining to upset Scotland 31-24 while Scotland 31-24 while France destroyed Ireland's hopes destroyed Ireland's hopes of consecutive Grand thumping the defending champions 33-10 in Paris. It was written off by many as just an exhibition match but last night's preseason rugby league game between the NRL and Indigenous all stars proved anything but. The game marked two Minister's apology to the Stolen Stolen Generations. The Indigenous team scored try to win 16-12. The teams were selected by the were selected by the fans and nothing was riding on nothing was riding on the result yet the full house signs were up at the Titan's home. A war cry and dance underlined the passions surrounding reconciliation event. There reconciliation event. There was silence for the Stolen Generations. Not a lot Generations. Not a lot to do with the Government with the Government but it's got a lot to do with the heart of the country and that's I'm proud of with this I'm proud of with this eevent. The guys sitting out there, all our elders out there in the communities, it will be it will be going off. Four weeks before the season starts, the players through them selves into a hot defence into a hot defence dominated contest. Corey launched himself at Knight team-mate Kurt Gidley. The resulting leg injury could see the NSW skipper miss early rounds. Wendell Sailor had rounds. Wendell Sailor had the perfect start to his farewell. His finishing gave him the opportunity to complete a rehearsed try celebration. He's got the didgeridoo going. The NRL all stars took longer to click into gear longer to click into gear but by three-quarter time they'd reduced a 10-point deficit them in the them in the lead until Man of the Match Johnathan Thurston delivered the pass to Jamie Soward to seal the win. As as the club support it, concept should be back again next year. The NRL has already indicated there's a space on the calendar. The western Bull in a low oval. Brendan Fevola scored first goal of the game slippery ball problematic for both sides. The Western Bulldogs kicked only one major in one major in the first half. The side lifted when Adam Coony stayed on target in the third term. A late super goal by Ryan Griffin helped push Griffin helped push the Bulldogs to an 8-point Bulldogs to an 8-point victory. Sydney FC has won the minor premiership this afternoon. Last night Perth and North Queensland had wins while today Sydney beat Melbourne 2-0. Melbourne 2-0. With the two teams vying for top spot and retiring Sydney FC captain Steve Corker regular season game, the hosted its biggest crowd of the season. The visitors had the better of the early minute. Nicky Ward went wide. Nicky Ward went wide. The captain limped off in the captain limped off in the 18th

minute. Sydney fans soon had their spirits lifted. What brilliant strike by the Sydney fans have had a love-hate relationship with John Aloisi. Today he was feeling plenty of feeling plenty of love. Is that ingoal that ingoal that clinches the Premier's Plate for Sydney? The 2-0 victory gives the minor premiership and a berth at next year's Sydney's day and Sydney's season. season. Last night in Townsville Gold Coast needed to beat North Queensland chance of finishing second. They're back in the They're back in the mix for a top two finish. Thur placed Gold Coast will meet Newcastle in a sudden death in a sudden death semifinal next weekend. Perth beat Brisbane 2-0 to finish fifth will take on fourth placed Wellington in the other semifinal. Australia has set the West Indies a mammoth in the fourth one-day international at the century by Ricky Ponting brilliant attacking brilliant attacking batting by the middle order saw Australia reach 7/324. It's the home side's highest ever score at the Gabba in On a Shane Watson attacked the bowling from the outset but with his score on 26, Watson the west Indian of the catches of the summer. Ricky Ponting was also in an

aggressive frame of mind as took 12 runs off Kieron Pollard's first over. A brilliant catch by Pollard saw the end of Tim Payne by replay showed Pollard had replay showed Pollard had had two bites of the two bites of the cherry. Ponting took the attack to the West Indies as he found just enough elevation to athlet ic White joined in the plunder, lifting Nikita Miller for six but in the 29th over he was struck behind the back of under the grill too. under the grill too. Sporting Victorian captain decided to bat bat on but in the pursuit of crick runs threw crick runs threw his wicket away on 63. Ponting chalked up his twoipth one-day international hundred and first at the balls. He was out for Australia lost two wickets Australia lost two wickets with the score on 252 the score on 252 but Michael Hussey and James Hopes kept the runs flowing with a runs flowing with a 50-run partnership off just 28 balls. Australian cricketing greats Bill Lawry and Graham McKenzie will be induct under to the night. They started careers together and nearly years later will receive one of cricket's cricket's highest honours together. Former batsman Bill Lawry has taken his place amongst Australia's cricketing greats and so has former McKenzie as they become permanent fixtures at the sports museum. M honoured to be inducted into but more so with Graham but more so with Graham because we were both selected for the 1961 tour to England. The pair were were housemates on their tour and today had more to say about each other than themselves. I know he had and courage and never great fast balls of that era. I became captain Graham was without doubt Graham was without doubt our number one striker and the number one striker and the best fast bowler in the world in my opinion at that time. Graham has been recognised for leading the Australian attack, playing 60 Test matches and taking 246 wickets. A performance by Graham McKenzie. Bill Lawry is being celebrated as a former opening batsman, captain off field work. Today he's probably better known as a commentator but he says commentator but he says that doesn't faze him. I have been very lucky to be exposed very lucky to be exposed to that type of media and a lot of my team-mates of that era are on an old aged pension now struggling. Both men will struggling. Both men will be formally honoured at Border Medal ceremony night and they've picked Shane Watson as a front runner for the award. He has had a sperktacular year. The sperktacular year. The men are among 32 cricketers to be inducted into the Hall of To the weather and as we've

heard it's been wet, wet, wet. Official figures that airport since Friday were just short since Friday were just short of the 100mm mark, Belconnen about 104mm so many suburbs would have enjoyed 3-day totals Tuggeranong's gauge went on the blink so the figures on your screen are of the real total. There's an extensive cloudband across NSW and Queensland associated with a system that produce led the rain is moving away to the northeast, clearing the showers with it, although we'll see a bit more rain tomorrow. An upper level trough will cross our region some late showers and storms but then it's back to

Rain has continued to Rain has continued to bring joy and chaos to the joy and chaos to the Canberra region today. The SES to hundreds of calls for help while several while several roads were closed. The city has had 100mm so far, making one of capital's wettest weekends capital's wettest weekends on record. And the Opposition Leader tab. Has promised to create local boards to run public hospitals infee wins the next election. The dismissed his dismissed his plan as featherweight saying it only applies to two states and funding or staff shortages. That's ABC News for now. can find the can find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC online. Thankprise your company. Goodnight. Closed Captions by