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tragedy just hours before the dream to participate in the opening ceremony. He had a

Olympic Games, he trained hard, and he had this fatal accident. I have no words to say what feel. No let-up Garrett feel. No let-up for Peter on the pressure. A dream to the Brumbies Super 14 campaign. But for the Caps as they go Bulleen. Good for the Caps as they go down to Allen with ABC Bulleen. Good evening. Craig by the tragic death of a celebrations have been marred

Goorjian athlete on by the tragic death of a young track. Goorjian athlete on the luge into a metal girder at more than devastating than 140 kimpl his death family. Nodar Kumaritashvili has been down the track times already, on has been down the track five

final run he flew off speed over the outside wall slamming into a metal He was air lifted slamming into a metal girder.

immediately but died He was air lifted out

hospital from massive injuries. and it's not clear if the event There'll be an investigation

baby effect affected. The Games President was clearly devastated. Sorry , it's a bit difficult to remain composed. This is a very sad athletes had already raised concerns about the speed of the track, considered one of the fastest in accident came just hours before the opening ceremony. there was both And mourning. The Goorjian's there was both celebration...

team-mate wore black arm bands. So did the Australians. Who entered crowd. But the entered two big cheers from the

Canadians who hosted the twice before and missed out on Canadians who hosted the games

gold both times. This Olympics, they're determined to own podium. I declare open Games of Vancouver. . There was a CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

and the mast. And then hydraulic hiccup to the lighting of the cauldron, only three of the four on queue leaving embarrassing pause. We see three prongs, there should have been four, one is malfunctioned oobviously. Finally the flame was lit. It will light these Olympics for the next weeks, but it won't be these Olympics for the next two

erase the shadow that has marked the Games. The Environment marked the first hours of the Peter Garrett is under renewed Government's insulation scheme. attack over his handling of the

There are fresh claims that Minister was warned that imported insulation by some toxic chemicals. The allegations made public today young labourer, one of four to die installing insulation in as was 22 years old. He died last week. Electrocuted installing insulation on week. Electrocuted while

house near Cairnsment mother blames the for her there were more Government's there were more claims that the dollar program could the health of Australians at risk. Several Australian to Mr Garrett's department in insulation manufactures wrote

November warning that - one of their concerns cheap imports had unacceptably high levels of the chemical could release toxic fumes in heated. There's a lot of imported product coming in by people wanting to make a quick buck. The manufactures buck. The legitimate are being placed manufactures in the industry

pressure because of this. But he's still waiting for the Environment Minister says

about from the insulation industry

claims. They about the Formaldehyde forward any examples to forward any examples to me or materials and I to do that We don't is to do that We don't think it circumstances, if you is our responsibility. In norm

crime, circumstances, if you see a report it to an authority and you expect them to Garrett has under of his trouble-plagued insulation program all week. Every day, Mr Rudd protects Minister, his own prime protects this incompetent

ministership is Garrett says he won't resign into question. But Peter

and says he's not to blame for Mitchell Sweeney's death. Guilt absolute make sure absolute not. A desire to make right thing under this program, make sure that people do the

absolutely yes. The insulation to be slowed down and the Government to put tougher across Canberra with more than 50mmm falls in some suburbs. Tuggeranong has seen the best of it, though all received good falls and just as for tomorrow. The ACT SES has responded to 47 call for help since 6 o'clock last night, Though a flash flooding warning major damage has been reported.

has been issued for bir the Weather Bureau. Meanwhile, Sydney is weekend cleaning up arch more Sydney is spengd another

wild weather. Storms caused flash flooding overnight with the city's north receiving the biggest falls. Emergency service took more than #,000 calls for help mainly from people trapped on flooded afternoon that Power was roadings. It wasn't until this

restored in the CBD, a flooded power station blacked hundreds of businesses and Forecasters say it was one of the last the highest rainfall events of

more of it on the way. The US military says NATO forces Afghan troops have begun the biggest offensive since Taliban was overthrown in 2001. biggest offensive since the

Thousands of US marines and Afghan army soldiers have begun a nigt time attack on the southern town of Marjah. It's the biggest district still in insurgent control and a hub for the commanders say it's which fun the Taliban. NATO

major commanders say it's the first troops have played troops have played a key role. We together, we will see together, we will see it through allies, soldiers with civilians, Government with its people. It's also test of the obrama Administration's Administration's decision to send an the upper hand over the Taliban. There's been a mixed response to the ACT Government's $100 million to turn civic into a mornd sustainable city centre. draft includes plans draft includes plans for a much bigger and an increased krit contributions say krit contributions say they want more detail and there are calls for a much more rigorous city plan. A city for a national capital by That's the aim of the ACT's draft plan for draft plan for the civic area. The plan sustainable city centre buildings with high energy ratings and far fewer cars. The residential population is forecast to double and the number of people working number of people working in the city is also expected to dramatically increase. Something the Government and some city traders hope will breathe new life into areas away from the away from the Canberra centre. It's hard to find anyone against the plan. The idea of having thousands more people live in civic is a good one. What we need to see now one. What we need to see now is some detail. It's some detail. It's a frustration shared by others. Seems about every two years the Government or someone issues a plan civic and we would like some commitment by some commitment by the Government. It planning studies and planning studies and a range of other investigations other investigations that we still at a master plan for a central business district in the nation's capital Property owners owners have warned the residential increase will require big require big changes, including the conversion of some office space. The other factor will land release, specifically for residential development. And that will require changes to planning rules, something that will need cooperation from the Commonwealth and the national capital authority. The Greens are also are also concerned about the transport plan, which promises sustainability but has increased car parks Government really look at the transport solutions and say, "Yes we do want to prioritise sustainable transport more than priertising parking." The sector will poor $1.5 million into the area in the next five years but it's not saying how much it will contribute to its own plan to update civic. The public will have until March 16 to comment on the plan. The ACT has second road fatality for the year with the year with the death of a cyclist accident last accident last month. The 60-year-old suffered serious injured suffered serious injured in a collision at Wanniassa on January 2 t. The 34-year-old driver of the car involved in the collision the collision is assisting ACT police. Haiti has begun a six day period of murning after the earthquake which killed an estimated people. Memorial service were held across the country. biggest was near Presidential palace with where a huge crowd GATT ed erred amid the tents and shelters of those made disaster. The time the quake struck, 4:50pm was marked exuberance. The Haitian President made his first major speech since the disaster. He praised the praised the courage and strength of strength of the quake survivors. survivors. Many of the problems which plagued the have now been overcome but some areas are still not getting enough help and many survivors have mad - had to fend for themselves. Deaf and blind Australians have Australians have staged protests across the cinemas. The major cinema chains say they're increasing the availability of captions and audio description but have asked to be exempt from Disability Discrimination Act while they do it. while they do it. But Australia's deaf and community wants more. Deaf and blind Australians turned out across the country with a simple message. We want 100%

accessible cinema - Protest group action on cinema access says 1% of moves screened in Australia have captions or audio descriptions. 16-year-old Miranda Reardon loves horror films but finds it difficult films but finds it difficult to understand what's happening without captioning. I always feel left out when my friends talk about the movies we've seen because I have no idea. Rino Spadea just wants to enjoy a movie with his 7-year-old daughter. I want to be involved so that we can share what's going share what's going on in the movie and what's being said so I miss out to see a lot more description, surely when they make a movie they should be able to put the audio description on it. Today's demonstrations come asked for exemption from asked for exemption from the Disability Discrimination Act for 2.5 years, while for 2.5 years, while they extend captioning and audio description services. In a joint submission to Rights Commission, Hoyts, Greater Union, Village and Reading Cinemas said proposed to - ?? Protesters say those proposals are enough. Only - N? The enough. Only - N? The four cinema chains were for comment. With an election looming the British PM Gordon Brown is trying to shed his stern image which giving an unusually revealing revealing interview for a TV chat show. He spoke about the frustration he felt while reign to end and spoke emotionally for the first about the death of his about the death of his baby daughter. This is the daughter. This is the more familiar face serious, policy focussed, dour and sometimes a little cranky. Any complaints are dealt with in the usual manner. But perhaps with manner. But perhaps with the upcoming election British PM agreed to a show appearance where questions about the personal and the political might show a political might show a more appealing personality. Starting with to his wife Sarah. Are you standing face-to-face, holding hands We're holding hands yes. What were the want to know. I I want to get married soon and we should get married soon. Please? Not often a chance to... Gordon Brown admitted there'd been a deal with Tony Blair about sharing the prime ministership, and that Tony Blair would Blair would go first, at type he conceded the he conceded the relationship was fraught. moment came not discussing politics but the tragic loss of his first child Jennifer. died just ten days died just ten days old in 2002. We 2002. We had a weekend where we just knew that she was not going to survive and she baptised and we were baptised and we were with her and I held was - you know, Sarah and I just - we find it very difficult because, you difficult because, you know, it was our first child and she was such a beautiful baby. The Browns have since Fraser and John. In ravaged town ravaged town of Marysville, it's the small things that count and today's soaping of bank branch is just that. It's shown local it's normality shown local it's normality is slowly returning to their community and sparked hope community and sparked hope that business will feel more confident about moving back into the area. A cut of the ribbon and Marysville has bank. But the simple set-up its significance in a its significance in a town rebuilding after Black Saturday. I feel no now have worth, so Jenny still or is again valuable member of the community because of what I can do for them It's part of just allowing people to see that this is a town got a heard and will being can back stronger and better back stronger and better than it was before and it's it was before and it's really important for us to be today. Plans were for the second stage of the community centre, the million addition will million addition will include an indoor sports stadium and space for a doctor. There's still a long way to go of course and the important aspect which is going to take the most time was reestablished. And from next Friday, petrol will once again be available in the town. Training some of the older residents in Marysville, they already want to use it, they don't have a card so once we train them, it pumps will be open all Day will be all good to go The

night. These bowsers may seem like a people and Marysville, it's another way they can show visitors they'll be looked after got a bank and we've got fuel and things coming back now, maybe it's the time to make the decision to come and set our businesses up again. That's the kind kind of progress locals are counting on. The 2003 Canberra bushfires caused a lot ofator ache with many people losing every thing including the art on their walls. Those losses were remember whd ten the Black Saturday fire struck Victoria a year ago. year ago. It inspired two Canberra gallery owners to launch an art appeal and this weekend hundreds of donated works are being handed works are being handed over to the the town of Flowerdale. One year on from the darkness of Black Saturday, colour and light pr from an unexpected source.. That was a painting so painting so but she felt sheed a a commitment, she wanted to do it and I think it's fantastic. The paintings stored in this wool shed are Flowerdale. Residents who have been rebuilding their will have the chance to choose whichever work catches their eye. We eye. We want to do something different, uniquely to the art industry, and we fought this is one way that we could get more people involved. people involved. And the response was amazing. Robert Stephens began the appeal with the help of another Canberra gallery owner Joy gallery owner Joy Warren. It became pretty seriously became pretty seriously heavy, hundreds of paintings turned up Artists and art vors donated more than 400 them, Murrumbateman artist Amanda Mclean. It's not something that people would race out and buy, it's race out and buy, it's probably very low very low on their list of priorities but it is have something to hang oon walls when you've final got them to hang them on. Of the many Victorian towns by the fires, the art drive organisers because of the residents' determination to rebuild their homes without waiting homes without waiting for outside assistance. The outside assistance. The view out the out the window probably if you have a window to look out isn't all that great and I don't think, maybe it would just make them feel that there is a better place and better place and things will improve. Another step towards recovery for a town determined to blossom again. It's new usher in the Year of the Tiger with with food, fun and plenty fof fire fire works but some conservationists are worried that the coming year could be a bad one for the tiger. They fear there could be an increased use in tiger body parts in traditional medicine. A illegal but black market. So a new campaign has been launched to try to protect Tigersers instead of further endangering them. Tonight will say out with the year of the Ox and in with year, that bares the Tigers' name there'll be hardly any of them left in the wild here. In the north-east, 15 or 20, the main reason 15 or 20, the main reason for their demise is habitat TRANSLATION: A tiger needs a big territory. A female tighter with a family has her fixed territory of around 4 to 500 square logging has led to the forests disappearing disappearing where thousands of tigers once roamed. Chedz authorities have tried to help illegal to hunt the deers and boar that they eat, but there are few prosecutions. For the tiger conservation actually tiger conservation actually the law is quite enough, the problem is the law enforcement is very weak. Animal welfare groups, scientists Government officials are stepping up stepping up public education and also research work tigers. But there are tigers. But there are major challenges. tiger body parts have been used in traditional medicine. was outlawed in superstition in the tiger special year could see an increase increase in black market demand. Tights have played major role in China's of the Tiger to protect the animal rather than endanger it. The goal is to see The goal is to see many more animal s animal s in the wilds by the next tiger year in just next tiger year in just over a decade, rather than them disappearing all together. The Brumbies have won their opening game of the Super 14 game of the Super 14 season beating beating the workforce 24-15. The brumedz scored three tries to nil as the home side failed to win another oot season opener despite the advantage of a new home ground. The Brumbies were without stars signing Rocky Elson and Matt Giteau, but that didn't seem to cause them any trouble as Ben Alexander opened their There's a first try of the match opening up for the Brumbies. Valentine Brumbies. Valentine in for the try. As try. As the Brumbies continued to build momentum, Stephen Moore added another for the visitors. Away we go again. Veteran Stirling Mortlock's conversion created history, making him the player to score 1 ,000 super Rugby points. A lack discipline cost the Brumbies as James O'Connor kicked the force back into the game with four consecutive penalty goals. Both teams lacked direction in teams lacked direction in the second half, second half, the Force's woes compounded by the Bartholomeusz and Cameron Shepard through Shepard through injury. While old mates found time for joke, another Brumbies mistake in front. That's the angle, that's the distance and that's the distance and that's the result. But the result. But with ten minute remaining, Huia remaining, Huia Edmonds bumped off win of the is season for the Brumbies. Ulatele bit frustrating but we've points so I'm points so I'm happy with that. So important for this group to especially the guys who didn't have tonight, just for this group to go and win a game footy. We thought we were there big time. We were nah that conit is for a long time The Brumbies now South Africa while the Force head to New Zealand to face the Hurricanes. Bulleen has made a late Canberra Capitals of a home grand final. The Capitals needed a win to finish in outright second position on the ladder but Bulleen's Liz Cambage wasn't intimidated going up against superstar Lauren Jackson. The defending champions led champions led at every break but Bulleen surged ahead with minutes left on the minutes left on the clock to win 88-78. The loss means Capitals have to beat beating beat beating Sydney tonight if they're still a chance to host back-to-back grand finals. The United States 'Oracle' has taken a 1-nil lead in the best of three America's Cup series beating 'Alinghi' of valencia is hosting the cup races and in the steady seabreeze of 8 knots 'Alinghi' led early before orar steamed ahead. The American try boasts a 68m vertical wing span but experts we've could been the key to been the key to a manding win. And now the signal, the BMW 'Oracle' has BMW 'Oracle' has beaten 'Alinghi' by to add insult for to add insult for 'Alinghi's the Swiss catamaran to complete a penalty turn around out the final margin held tomorrow night on the weather. Well be frowned upon in the west but the the north-east men take more than one wife is not only common it's often a common it's often a defacto form of social security for widows or devorsed women. Now a man with nearly man with nearly 20 wives to his name has begun a name has begun a campaign to Vince other men to follow example. You might not look it but Nasri Abu Gallous is a wealthy man. With a successful business selling bathroom fittings. He clearly doesn't spend his spend his money on clothes or characters instead he loves getting married. TRANSLATION: I any man who says that one woman is enough. Because I think he'll always be looking at he'll always be looking at oh women. Under Islamic law a man can take up to four wives as long as he equally. Nasri Abu Gallous has three and they all live in this apartment building in capital Amman. Along with some of his 15 ex-wives. Nasri Abu Gallous Gallous says getting married and divorced so many charity. I give each ex-wife a separate apartment and an income every month. I give them more thunderstorm than more thunderstorm than the wives with me now business tear taking care of my children. Nasri Abu a passionate man. an hourly theing to convince me I needed a second wife. And started a started a movement to spread that message to do of course is talk to one of his wives but he's very reluctant to let any of them appear on camera so we've come up with a compromise. Amar Abu Gallous spoke to me Gallous spoke to me from behind this door. What do you this door. What do you think of your husband taking so many wives? TRANSLATION: Any woman would be angry and jealous when her man takes another wife but when you see how fair he is with every woman you get used it to. TRANSLATION: The more women a man has the stronger he Which makes Which makes him better able to obey god so women obey god so women should not kill off this power by stopping a man from marrying pitch might not have me but to others he's persuasive man. Turning Canberra's weather and it's certainly been a wile since we've seen a day of rain around Canberra and the falls were certainly There's an extensive cloud band stretching Australia across NSW and Victoria. With associated rain and thunderstorms. The pressure system over NSW is deepening and will continue to produce rain and storms produce rain and storms right through the weekend. There's the potential for some very heavy falls but they'll taper off through as as a high moves through to dominate local weather. dominate local weather. Around the tomorrow - Before we go, a brief Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight, the death of a competitor has overshadowed the opening of the Winter Olympics. 21-year-old Georgian died during a high speed practice organisers say the Olympic community is in shock. And the pressure is piling on Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett over the Government's There are fresh There are fresh claim Mr Garrett was warned that imported by some installers contained toxic chemicals. And that's the news for now. You find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at the website. Thank you for your company, enjoy the rain. Good night.