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Live. Tonight - Tony Abbott taking the heat over his spokesman. Has he become a opposition? That's it. Thanks liability to the so loss to so much. Men At Work's legal cricket loss to the kookaburra. A West Indies. And the irreverent portraits vying for the Bald Archy Good evening. Welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Barnaby Joyce's search budget cuts to pay for Barnaby Joyce's search for

policy is off to a troubled start. Tony Abbott has slapped down his finance spokesman's idea to cut foreign aid and axe public service jobs. That was the signal for the to target the signal for the government

parliamentary senator, ending a week-long climate change policy. Vote for Tony! Oh a catch to that. In a case of retail politics, Tony Abbott tried to sell his climate change policy at is there than lamb loin commops He says an ETS will drive up grocery prices. Oh dear. Not everyone's Barnaby Joyce's performance at the Press Club, especially suggestion the cut foreign aid in the suggestion the coalition might

service to fund its climate change policy. I was enraged by his flippancy. The man is menace. OK. OK. Tony Abbott overruled his finance spokesman, pledging support for overseas aid in the bureaucracy, but not for his frontbencher. Has Barnaby opposition? That's become a liability to the

so much. The government opposition? That's it. Thanks

blood. This isn't the shadow so much. The government smells

Finance Minister, it's a freak show. The shadow Finance Minister who's living in the Stone Age. Barnaby Rubble. Across town gave a toss. He coalition's been caught out. A gave a toss. He thinks the

climate change department analysis suggests the more than an ETS and will policy will cost three times

grow by 13%. Their scheme been judged by the independent analysts as not representing a decrease in carbon but an pollution. The bureaucrats but an increase in carbon

devised the ETS and the analysis T wants to focus on opposition rejects their

those who will be worse under an ETS. His great big new those who will be worse off

tax is a massive slug on the Prime Minister to Australian families and I call Australian families

explain himself. Parliament is legislation for a third now debating the ETS

And will almost certainly reject it for a third Some ALP insiders are starting reject it for a third time.

to bet on and prepare for double dissolution Another asylum seeker boat has been enormous pressures on the been intercepted adding to

Christmas Island detention centre. 89 people were on the boat off Ashmore Reef, the centre. 89 people were on board

10th picked up this year. It's been revealed the surge in arrivals has forced 132 million blow-out in the government's offshore processing budget. They could potentially be short here including this year half a billion Half a billion dollars. They're underbudgeting for at the moment over the next three to four years. The government says Government should've realised predicted and says the Howard

the high cost of the island before it built the centre there. It was an Australian pop the world we were a nation Australian pop anthem that told

Vegemite eaters. But Men At the world we were a nation of

Work's international hit 'Down Under' apparently owed something to an Tree'. Now the Federal infringed copyright reproduceing a substantial more than 70 years ago. It's of that song, which was penned of that song, which was

likely to cost Men At Work and their record company millions in royalties earned hit. It started with the ABC in royalties earned from the

Gum Tree'. That's exactly right. The kookaburra song was penned by Marion Sinclair. when the penned by Marion Sinclair. And

copyright saw the episode, it Men At Work. We say that in the song there's at least half of kookaburra distributed throughout various parts of the song and repeated various times. It's now been supported by this judge. It was flute riff that the judge infringes the copyright of flute riff that the judge found

kookaburra because it reproduces a substantial part of Ms Sinclair's Now the iconic Australian song and No. 1 hit could cost the band millions. It has some pretty serious, possibly some pretty serious repercussions. The fact of the pretty serious financial matter is that it unrecognised for 27 matter is that it went

because it was unconscious, it was naive. EMI executives who the action was also left reeling. With we'll have to review this have to review this complex judgment. Men At Work will have to pay yet to be decided with seeking up to 60% of the royalties. Whatever the royalties. Whatever the amount the money won't go to Marion Sinclair, who wrote the song for a Girl Guides competition. After she passed away the rights to the song were Copyright law lasts for life plus 70 years. I think that's an excessive period of time in which to exploit a copyright work. A decision on costs will The Internet celebrating a landmark court victory over the issue of piracy. The world's major studios sued the Australian Internet service iinet, claiming it copyright by failing to stop illegal downloading. But today, the Federal Court Internet company can't be blamed for what its customers

do on-line. There was ending this time for the ending this time for the big movie studios, which lost their epic copyright battle epic copyright battle with iinet. How can I be un iinet. How can I be un happy with a win? with a win? No, we're very happy with this. It's great. We are We are very disappointed in the outcome in the court today. And we launched this litigation to try to support and protect the 50,000 Australians working in the Australian film industry. The makers of movies such as the Dark nooit and 'Happy Feet' said their films were being illegally shared illegally shared on-line by iinet's customers and iinet's customers and the Internet provider did said at issue is who the copyright infringement. The judge legal sharing on the Internet -- illegal sharing on illegal sharing on the Internet on the large scale, iinet can't be seen be seen as sanctioning on improving copyright ing improving copyright ing fringe mint. The judge said the mint. The judge said the blame lies with the software used for the illegal sharing. I don't think anyone should think this is a licence to continue breach cop bow right. It's made a decision that iinet is not responsible for stopping it. It certainly doesn't mean that customers are off the hook either. either. We are confident president government won't be supportive of a policy outcome which allows for the and unabated infringement that's currently occurring. This is a landmark case that could implications. Movie companies and Internet and Internet providers around the world have been the world have been waiting for this judgment, while it only applies in Australia t does say to the world Internet providers can't be blamed for how can't be blamed for how their customers It's supposed to in Iraq's journey towards stability and democracy. But with a national elections, the appears to be ever deepening chaos. More than 20 people were killed in 20 people were killed in the latest of a series of attacks targeting Shi'ite pilgrims targeting Shi'ite pilgrims on a religious trek. The road Iraq's holy city of Karbala is a deadly one. Yesterday, another bomb attack hit Shi'ite pilgrims. Dozens have died this week. But still they march. The bombings will not affect us, but it will but it will increase our determination. We will not determination. We will not be intimidated by the enemy. The enemy is within. More than six years declared an end to combat operations, Iraq is still crippled by religious this was the sixth major in just over a week linked Sunni insurgents. And Sunni insurgents. And each blast undermines the claim Iraq's Shi'ite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that is under control. Last month, there was the embarrassing revelation that hundreds of bomb detection devices bought for millions of dollars for millions of dollars from a British firm are little more than empty plastic boxes. Britain has now banned their export, and arrested the manufacturer. Nouri al-Maliki has also been decision which overturned a ban on more than of Saddam of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party from standing in this election. They needed to that enemy which is really in reality not there. Jalal Quaood is a senior figure in the secular Huqooq Party. one of around half a million Iraqis living in Jordan who Iraqis living in Jordan who are waiting for their country to stabilise. 18 of his party's 300 candidates were banned. To remove that level of the population and put it outside the election is really deeming Iraq to failure. Even if they're voted in, Iraq they're voted in, Iraq will need more than their alone to rebuild. In Pakistan the Taliban has claimed responsibility for a bombing that killed seven people, including three American soldiers. The blast hit a convoy near a girls' school in the country's north west. Three children and a Pakistani soldier were also among the dead. Scores school girls were injured school girls were injured in the blast. The convoy was carrying American and soldiers as well as local journalists. And was travelling to the opening of a new school. The United States military is in the area providing training to the Pakistani army. A man accused of fire accused of fire bombing an insurance office in Darwin had threatened the company threatened the company just days before. The insurer took action and put extra security into its main office, but not the branch that was attacked. The man turned himself in, but still hasn't been charged. 19 people were injured in t people were injured in t blast, five people five people remain in hospital. L forensic analysis of the charred remains of the Territory insurance office is now complete and today Police Commissioner and chief executive of the company inspected the damage. Blackened walls and ceilings she intense the fire was. It's a scene of shock and horror. scene of shock and horror. The first that comes to mind first that comes to mind is that we are that we are really lucky here in the Northern Territory that someone was not killed someone was not killed in there yesterday. Police say at yesterday. Police say at about 11 o'clock yesterday morning a with jerry cans full of fuel and fireworks into before setting them alight. 19 people from burns and smoke inhalation. Five people are still in hospital, two are in a serious but stable condition in the high dependency unit. A 4 5-year-old former security guard who goes by the name of Verd is in police custody. understood he was it. IO over a workers' compensation claim. Both police and the insurer are alleging he'd he'd threatened a TIO office just a few days some disturbance with him earlier in the week. We called the police and followed our procedures in that respect. We increased security and followed what we believed was an appropriate step at that time. But the threat was against a different branch office and there was no extra security at the office was attacked. Security attacked. Security was increased at the city office in Mitchell enough was done. We will assess the available to determine available to determine what the response was and indeed whether This morning, police raided This morning, police raided a property owned by the man called Bird about 80 kilometres south-east of Darwin. Police say he turned himself in shortly after the blast but he's now refusing to speak. We're getting closer to charging him with a number charging him with a number of serious crimes. Police haven't ruled out terrorism charges it's understood he may face multiple counts of a attempted murder. The manly NRL player Brett Stewart has faced a committal hearing into allegations he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl. Stewart has pleaded not guilty to charges of assault with assault with indecency. The alleged incident March last year after Manly's 2009 season launch. Evidence given psychiatrist has suppressed by the court. Stewart was supported today his girlfriend, family Manly coach Des Hasler. The hearing will resume next when the girl's father give evidence. Information from the Australian Crime Commission's tax fraud investigation into actor Paul Hogan should be kept confidential, the High confidential, the High Court has been told. The case relates to a court file which has details about Operation Wickenby, Wickenby, including references to Hogan's personal taxation and financial affairs. and financial affairs. The movie star's lawyers told movie star's lawyers told the court the media shouldn't assume it has a right to assume it has a right to access the file, but counsel Nationwide News and Fairfax argue the public should know where the commission pursued the Crocodile Dundee star. the Crocodile Dundee star. The court has reserved court has reserved its judgment. Still to come - judgment. Still to come - the sometimes surprising performers bring a taste of Scotland to Australia. Australia. Victoria's Police Commissioner has rejected claims that authorities denial over the extent denial over the extent of racist attacks against racist attacks against Indian nationals. It follows a reported reported complaint by India's High Commissioner to Australia's Governor-General. Australia's with India appear to be sinking further. Now further. Now the Premier of Victoria Mr John Brumby is milking this incident for all it's worth. Commissioner to Australia, Sujatha Singh, has reportedly singled out authorities for criticism Governor-General Quentin Bryce. I think being in dename. Undoubtedly some of these issues, some these attacks are racist. these attacks are racist. The majority are committed to reducing violence regardless of where the regardless of where the victims come from. But he can't stop attacks altogether. To suggest situation where there is no violence and regrettably that Indians aren't caught up in ridiculous. Victoria's Premier John Brumby has asked for John Brumby has asked for a meeting with Commissioner but he's questioned reports of complaint. I've not seen those comments expressed There's always a lot of speculation But if you look at the facts of the matter, Victoria is the safest State in Australia. India, Australia's High Commissioner is reassure officials. We've over 50 arrests in Australia now in relation now in relation to crimes against Indian it's a tough message to sell to some in the Indian Government. We don't from the United States. Why is it only in Australia there should be such attacks? That's just not correct. The says he might create a task force to help improve Australia's battered image. Iran says it has launched a new rocket designed to carry satellites into orbit. Iranian scientists say the rocket was carrying a rocket was carrying a capsule housing live animals, including a mouse, turtles and worms. The President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the proves Iran will dominate proves Iran will dominate the west when scientific pursuits. The scientific pursuits. The west is worried about Iran's nuclear ambitions and isn't impressed but the White House says the door to talks launch like that is obviously launch like that is obviously a provocative act but the President believes it's not too late for Iran to dot late for Iran to dot right thing, come to the table with the international live up to its live up to its international obligations. Iran maintains its nuclear program is intended nuclear program is intended for peaceful purposes. peaceful purposes. There is new evidence the may still have some way to go. Figures out today show a surprising fall in surprising fall in Christmas spending last year. Economists say the latest information vindicates the Reserve Bank's decision to keep interest rates on hold. Three on hold. Three consecutive interest rate rises interest rate rises and the fading impact of government hand-outs have taken a big toll on Christmas spending. While Boxing Day was quite strong the Christmas period families have been spending too much for too long. They're now more worried about their debt than they have been for a while. New figures show at department stores and supermarkets took an unexpected fall in December, down .7 of 1%. It came after 1%. It came after a healthy rise stay patchy at least for stay patchy at least for the next few months. The patchiness was exemplified today by department store department store Myer reporting week December sales amid heavy discounting. Consumers are now looking for discounts all the time. That will apply even greater pressure to them. Analysts sate them. Analysts sate sector's sluggish performance helps explain this week's surprise interest rates unchanged but most still believe rates the way up. You have to remember that Australia are still As we recover they simply can't stay at those stay at those current low levels. The Reserve Bank will also factor in other new data showing a strong showing a strong rise in building approvals up 2.2% building approvals up 2.2% in December. Economists December. Economists say it points to a boom in points to a boom in home construction later year. Today's figures show again why Australians should again why Australians should be confident though prospects will be revealed monetary policy due tomorrow. And those poor Christmas retail figures caused the share market to fall

Kohler has the details. sales arm bit under $20 billion in December, down .7%. But as you can see from the graph, a more positive way to view this if you're looking for one if you're looking for one is that Australians are spending about as much as they they were last June when the two stimulus cheques burning a hole in pockets. Keeping up what was an artificially artificially inflated level of shop something shop something pretty good effort I reckon. Myer said its second half sales only 1.2% the December last year. As a result of that, investors took the the long handle to all detailers but they continued detailers but they continued to buy News Corp after its strong result yesterday and the expectation that expectation that DVD sales of Avatar will be as valuable unobtanium, although you will be able to obtain everywhere. The net result was a .6% fall by the All Ordinaries. markets and Japan this afternoon. India and Singapore were down a bit more and Chinese stocks were flat. The Australian dlas was down a bit today but the today but the most interesting action on action on foreign exchange markets at the moment is in euro. It's fallen 5% against the US dollar because it looks like Greece is going broke. And could going broke. And could bring down the monetary union. But that seems drastic. Its government debt to government debt to GDP ratio as about the same as Iceland's was just look at Italy and By the way By the way pause's government debt as a percentage of GDP is the lowest in the world although our household debt is more than GDP. And that's finance. The West Indies has delivered a masterclass to delivered a masterclass to the Prime Minister's XI beating them while them while 90 runs. Chris Gayle gave an early indication of the upcoming one-day international all doom and gloom all doom and gloom for Kevin Rudd's Rudd's cricketers. Opener Tom Cooper produced a Gayle-like innings belting a innings belting a brilliant unbeaten 160. Good luck. It was a day for records at Canberra's annual taste of international cricket. As rain loomed the West Indies captain West Indies captain went to town on town on the Prime Minister's XI, scoreing a half century XI, scoreing a half century off 23 balls. 23 balls. Canberra's Ben Oakley slowed Gayle's attack slowed Gayle's attack but he produced the flair he is renowned Canberra fans with 14 8 sixes. Gayle has awesome, hitting so many sixes so far. Been great to watch.

It's been great. The It's been great. The Gayle hundred was excellent. Gayle went on to score 146 balls before being the home side captain the home side captain Matthew Hayden. came and play was stopped for about 45 minutes. The Calypso Kings had Kevin Rudd's side banging to beat of a different drum by lunch, smashing their way to a record 5/399 way to a record 5/399 off 45 overs. Hayden, heading for another season in the another season in the IPL, was disappointing, to catch the eyes of with a defiant 162 not out. Very special. out. Very special. Very special. Hopefully won't be the last day. This is what we wanted, I'm really way we went about it in this done by the guy. Kevin done by the guy. Kevin Rudd now has one win has one win and two losses under his belt on the cricket pitch, a margin he won't want to take into the next election. Wests Tigers have signed former Wallaby Lote Tuqiri for the next three seasons. He the next three seasons. He left the brz Broncos to switch the brz Broncos to switch codes in 2002 but had in 2002 but had his contract terminated last year. He may be busy with the resumption Parliament but Opposition leader Tony Abbott is also taking centre stage in this year's Bald Archy this year's Bald Archy prize. A preview of the entries for preview of the entries for the satirical art prize opens in the public in Canberra tomorrow. It's known for irreverence and this year is no exception. Tony Abbott features in nine portraits but Rudd is hardly seen at all. It would be nice from my point of view just for balance if we a Kevin Rudd in a little sunsuit playing on with a bucket something. The exhibition includes other parliamentary subjects from federal and State politics, as well as entertainers and sports men and women. The winner will announced in Sydney Fools Day. It's a Fools Day. It's a little piece of Scotland transported to Australia. More than 1,500 performers have gathered in Sydney for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. While and kilts dominate, there and kilts dominate, there are some more surprising elements to the tattoo down-under. The pipes The pipes were skirting and the tartan swirling. For a few days the hall lead turf at the Sydney Football Sydney Football Stadium has been converted into a little piece of Scotland. Complete with a replica Castle. It's been Castle. It's been great. I mean it's basically the Edinburgh Tattoo lifted and plonked in the Sydney stadium. But the Sydney stadium. But the event is not all highland have come from far and wide, including from the Caribbean, where the troops strut their stuff in a The Swiss arrived with a bang. And left in a hail of light. But the bagpipes brought the tattoo back to its origins. The pipers and drummers are the pride of the the pride of the the Scottish regiment. And as well as playing, they engage in combat. Their numbers here are Their numbers here are boosted by pipe bands by pipe bands from around Australia. Dragoon Guard is a tough They fight in tanks on the front lines, Iraq, Kosovo, the Balkans, then music. Three tours to Iraq. This is what we love This is what we love doing as well, the pipes and the drums. It's a real contrast being a musician and being a soldier? Definitely. We do this and absolutely love it. 15 Angus Wiley usually just for his for his school band. He found himself in himself in the thick of the 1,500 1,500 strong tat too. It's mind-blowing. I know it's a once in a once in a lifetime experience. It's great as a schoolboy to part of it. And after the fanfare, a lone piper left haunting mark. Here's great in a kilt, great in a kilt, or maybe not! Mark Carmody with the weather. Thanks, Virginia. Good evening. I don't evening. I don't think I will wear a kilt tonight were widespread showers across the ACT today. And the falls varied Belconnen got 10 or more millimetres, officially 7.8. Tuggeranong got #257bd the airport missed out completely getting just .2. Tu to the mostly overcast conditions and fresh north-easterly winds north-easterly winds top temperatures ranged from 33 to our The cloud mass over New South Wales and Victoria Wales and Victoria consists of an inland trough and cloud is being pushed onshore by moist easterly winds. These easterly winds are being generated by a high south of New Zealand. Tomorrow, the inland trough will combine with a cold front and bring more showers and storms to our region. And the rain and storms will be widespread across the south-east. Providing a nice little top-up to the showers we received Can you keep everything crossed so that this crossed so that this rain doesn't pass us by and the flower? It's an Alstimera Peruvian lily. I hope it doesn't rain on you tomorrow when you're down at the multicultural festival. I think we're crossing live to we're crossing live to you during the weather. No rain for that particular we go, a brief recap we go, a brief recap of our top story finance spokesman Joyce' plans to cut foreign aid and axe public service jobs. and axe public service jobs. He has caused embarrassment leader by suggesting the cuts as a way of paying for coalition's climate change policy. That's ABC with us now coming up next. Enjoy your evening, Closed Captions by CSI

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