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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled Live. Tonight a - home-made injures 15 in Darwin. It was annic. Tony hysteria. Everybody was just in his climate change sales pitch. Taking steps Canberra's growing shortage. And forget it. Why Canberra's growing skills

baby brain may all be in the mind. Good News. Good evening. Welcome to ABC Central Darwin has been News. I'm Virginia Haussegger.

by a series of explosions Central Darwin has been rocked

causing panic and mass evacuations A 44-year-old man armed with a home-made walked into a local insurance armed with a home-made bomb office and set it people were five are still in hospital people were injured and tonight

serious burns. handed himself in to police. They say he was an unhappy customer who'd previously made threats against the company. At 11 o'clock this threats against the insurance

morning, a man Territory Insurance Office with a shopping trolley filled with three jerry cans of fuel fireworks and set them three jerry cans of fuel and

alight. The smoke was billowing out the window. The fire sprinklers came sprinklers came on. There was was water coming everywhere. There was was water coming out Witnesses saw thick black smoke the nearby Woolworths building.

billow ing from the TIO and billow ing from the TIO office exit. One man was waiting inside to direct them to the inside to direct them

outside for his son-in-law when he heard the blasts. At the skinny guy walk in with skinny guy walk in with a stood there for a watching it catch fire. The man police station where ran down to the street to the

himself in. Police say he was a police station where he turned

disgruntled customer of the terrorist incident. Definitely insurer. This is not a

a dissatisfied claimant. We have that mern in custody we're currently carrying have that mern in custody and

investigations we're currently carrying out commence speaking with him investigations before we

about the incident. Roadblocks were set up around the 15 people were taken to hospital with varying of burns. Five their the hospital with varying degrees

dependency unit and the serious burns victims are dependency unit and the most

undergoing surgery. The largest area of burns has been 13% one of the victims but in area of burns has been 13% on

general the burns range from very superficial to a couple more serious. Police and fire crews spent the day scouring the area for evidence speaking the area for evidence and found a shopping trolley that speaking with witnesses. We

had been overturned. It had jerry cans and fireworks explained out on the floor. The man is in custody but is yet to be His climate barely a day old and Tony His climate change policy is

Abbott is already pulling the full force of a government assault. It wants him to spell out how he would find more than Abbott isn't saying, but $3 billion to fund it. Mr $3 billion to fund it.

promises to election. promises to tell all before the spokesman has broken ranks, suggesting he could cut aid and slash public service suggesting he could cut foreign

jobs to fund the policy. Politics can be a balancing act. One gone. Especially if you're off the ground selling climate change policy. Our off the ground selling your

policy is a much smart er and better response than Mr policy. In a sign the better response than Mr Rudd's

government might be some heat, the Prime time to commemorate wanted to postpone question

anniversary of his time to commemorate the first

stimulus. He is showing signs anniversary of his economic

of rattled, no doubt about that. But sadly government backed down and bounced back. There it is in the little bottle, it's little bit of dirt a few trees, the little bottle, it's just a

a few solar panels, mix them all in together you have Dr Abbott's miracle cure for climate change. It is ridiculous. It's not just job, it is ridiculous. It's not just a con

that you put job, it is a farce! The policy

ways you can go with that you put out. There are two

unfunded policy. One is you ways you can go with an

jack up tax and pass it on working families. The second is jack up tax and pass it on to

Abbott's confident he can fund you cut services. Tony

his plan by raigd the government's stimulus spending. And the shadow finance spokesman wants to target foreign aid in the service. The only way you can save jobs in the future in the public service is to control costs public service is to control government's policy than more confident attacking the

selling its own. We've got $1.4 billion worth Government - sorry, billion worth of Labor

million dollars. So we have 1,400 from which we find 3.2. Senator 1,400 from which we need to

or find 3.2. Senator Barnaby Goose away from the cameras, Tony Abbott met the world's most

Monckton. Can we hear you say famous climate sceptic, lord

that? ETS, no. ETS, no. ETS no. The government debate's acknowledges the climate change

tougher. But argues the saving votes than saving the Liberals don't dispute. environment. A charge some

purchase Australia's biggest Defence

purchase the Fighter is facing more purchase the F35 Joint Strike

disruption with the the US general in program. The Federal Government plans to spend $3.2 14 of the planes. And says it has built-in puffers to any delays in the has built-in puffers to cover

fighters Australia will buy 14 of the

eventually add the only country waiting the new aircraft but the F35 has been troubled by cost overruns and delays. This program started in the mid 90s. It occurs to me we went to the moon quicker than we've produced this plane. Capitol Hill the Defense Secretary Robert Gates feeling the heat. He sacked the general in charge and holding out on payments to

main contractor. To what do you you trat tribute the fact you were not appraised all were not appraised all the major the program last summer when it seems to be? As a result of the independent cost his own investigation, came to the conclusions that the program ing. Defence analysts deny it's a sign

it's a sign of bigger problems ahead. It doesn't mean the gram is in deep trouble. By American standards it's doing standards it's doing fairly well. There needed to be some first time a senior head first time a senior head has rolled. The federal Defence Minister says there will always be risk

no alternative to no alternative to the F35 so the program has the program has to sceend a the Pentagon is committed to making sure that happens. Robert is now putting a three-star general in charge to put the Joint Strike Fighters back on track. A former British A former British Cabinet member has accused Tony government of secrecy and deceptiveness to go to war in to go to war in Iraq. Clare Short, a vocal critic of the invasion, says Mr Blair debate in Cabinet. And she she was jeered by colleagues when she legality of the war. No legality of the war. No friend of Tony Blair's, Secretary Clare Short was Secretary Clare Short was never going to offer support going to offer support for her former leader but from the outset it was clear outset it was clear this payback time. Both for his conduct over the war and style of executive government. Cabinet doesn't work in the way and didn't under the whole of the time I was in government in the that according to constitutional theory it's supposed to work. There little chats about things but it wasn't a body in any serious way. don't remember

don't remember at all Iraq coming to the Cabinet in any way whatsoever at way whatsoever at that time. It wasn't just Tony Blair sikts, the former Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith was blasted for his last-minute change of legal opinion that gave the green light for war. I think he misled the Cabinet. It certainly misled me. And well that's extraordinary. Why is it so late? Did you change your mind? And they all said Clare! Everything was very fraught by then. They didn't want me arguing. I she continued to former Prime Minister's justification for war that he gave during his appearance at the inquiry last the inquiry last Friday. Tony Blair's account of the act urgently somehow because act urgently somehow because of September to any scrutiny whatsoever. We've made Iraq more We've made Iraq more dangerous as well as causing enormous conclusion was he conclusion was he had nothing to apologise for, Iraq and world were was a dangerous was a dangerous an unnecessary rush to war to please Americans and that truth long before a shot had been fired. The Murray-Darling basin has largely missed out on the big rains carried to the by the remnants of by the remnants of tropical cyclone ol ga. The rain bearing depression has brought depression has brought soaking falls to many drought areas in south-west and is now heading for and is now heading for the South Australian outback. little was delivered for the waterways that feed Murray-Darling basin. It really

run the rivers well they

number of rivers together or very, very heavy rain which can occur. There are developing over the next few days could deliver heavy falls for the Murray-Darling basin. Meanwhile Meanwhile flows from last month's rain are month's rain are still filtering in near Bourke. And Toorale Station is one of Toorale Station is one of those reapth the benefits. The former irrigation property is now owned by owned by the Federal Government. It says the

controversial $23 million purchase has paid off, with the water that was once stored on the property being the property being returned to the Murray-Darling basin. Warrego River is runningage the storage dams are topping up. The recent rain upstream has given Toorale Station a new lease

lease on life. We've had quite a good run of water through the Warrego and some of it is going out onto the western floodplains. There has been a nice lot of water through the system. 16 months ago these flows would've been stored flows would've been stored for irrigation irrigation but the Federal Government's purchase of Toorale Station means being returned to the

Murray-Darling basin. It's been a purchase that's returned water to environmental sites in three States, New South three States, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The gates and the storage dams are open and up to 20,000 megalitres or 20,000 Olympic swimming pools are released. While not released. While not every drop will reach the thirsty Lower Lakes, every bit basically wetting up basically wetting up the system and helpth

and helpth the other flows and helpth the other flows get further down the further down the system. The next challenge is what next challenge is what to do with the levees. Some now want them removed to restore the flows back into the system. Others want what was once one of the most most productive stations in the area put to great to still keep as a grazing grazing property. It's a big area, area, it's not productive at the moment. As dustbowls become wetlands the new owners are content with the Canberra's business community has delivered warning that the face will face a desperate shortage of workers over the next decade. over the next decade. Today, the government and business to tackle the Meanwhile the Liberals have turned their attention to one of of those areas facing a work force shortage. Canberra's health system. health system. Finding a tradesman in Canberra is are predictions it's get a lot worse. We don't have enough of anything and the shortage will get greater over the next 5 to 10 years. The Chamber of Commerce says the skills shortage is widespread across all professions except one, community It's agreed to set up a new organisation to look at organisation to look at ways to attract and want to be able to respond detail across all the future as well as dealing with issues like the with issues like the ageing population. It's difficult to atrablth skilled workers if they simply can't afford to buy afford to buy a house here or rent a house or unit in Canberra. an IT business and needs struggling to recruit employees. There's no silver bullets there is no easy way to solve that problem with the current number of people in the region. One of the areas facing a work force shortage health. The opposition has released a discussion

looking at ways to improve looking at ways to improve the system, including more preventive care to talking about talking about reducing the number of hospital beds. What we're talking about is the hospital system and our entire health system more efficient. They've today they intend to actually cut admissions to hospital by 30%. You do that by cutting beds. Canberra doctors

beds. Canberra doctors are more positive about the opposition's plan. We don't perform as with the amount of resources that we have as other States and Territories seem to. So I think there is a think there is a good reason for looking at other doing the things we're doing. Patients will have doing. Patients will have their chance to comment at a sear reefs reefs public forums starting next Still to come on ABC the research that women and new women and new mums may find hard to swallow. The Federal Court has rejected Court has rejected a bid by the sugar and building giant CSR sugar and building giant CSR to split into two Claiming it could Claiming it could affect its ability to compensate asbestos sufferers. CSR mined manufactured asbestos until the late 70s, and pays around $35 million

million a year in claims. It operated the Blue Asbestos in Western Australia, which thought to be responsible one of the world's asbestos death tolls. CSR applied to set up a new company, but the court that could disadvantage claims. We will make response once we've reviewed the

the judgment in detail. The court found the demerger was inconsistent with public policy and commercial policy and commercial morality. The share market The share market jumped another 1% after yesterday's decision to leave interest rates on hold. This makes it nearly This makes it nearly 3% in two days as stocks come

of being friendless. But don't get too excited, the share market is really just flat. Has been for nearly five months which is the longest period of no it breaks out of this by going no change for a decade. Whether

up or down remains to be News Corporation posted a 44% up or down remains to be seen.

lift in second quarter profit and that included only a or two of the blockbuster movie 'Avatar'. The more than 5% today as investors 'Avatar'. The shares jumped

anticipating the DVD sales. BHP Billiton led the resources sector highered Group shares jumped 5%. sector highered and Macquarie

main banks all fell because Group shares jumped 5%. The

with no rate rise yesterday, they're not getting the chance to sneak in a little widening to improve their to sneak in a little margin

Wall Street led the overnight with a rise of more Wall Street led the way than 1%. Asian stocks followed suit today. Tedz's economic news is the trade deficit which has blown out because of rise in a dollar. A year ago police by 2.5 billion. Now it's the trade account was in Sur

in deficit by nearly that much because the dollar from 64 US to around detail of the numbers confirms from 64 US to around 906789 the

China's place as our most important export market. Exports to China have $400 million to $4,000 Exports to China have gone from

in 10 years, overtake Japan and here comes India. Although education on the skids. Tonight the education exports to India are

Aussie dollar is trading slightly higher but still 89 US cents. That's finance. The town of Young a hefty blow with the The town of Young has suffered

of the town's a hefty blow with the closure

Burrangong Meat of the town's biggest employer. gone into receivership, leaving Burrangong Meat Processors has

300 workers out of a job. It's left locals wondering what the future holds for their community. Hundreds of abattoir workers are looking for new jobs after their employer closed its doors had to terminate the employment of all the employees. Burrangong Meat Processors has been in business for more than 20 years. The company's web site says it offers stable employment. But around 300 the plant is employees were told yesterday

and closing immediately. It could take months receive any entitlements including last week's pays annual

service pays annual leave wages, long however service leave, it does not plant's owner blames a failed sale to a Chinese buyer and high stock prices for the collapse. It's just The Young meatworks came to prominence Afghan refugees eight ago. The town's closure will be felt by many. A closure like this has to have dramatic effect on a town like this, yeah. When you hear you have to think of a big employer that closes down this, yeah. When you hear of

business. The abattoir you have to think of your own

now be advertised for sale and 8,000-strong population the future of Young's

depend on it For pregnant women it's the oldest excuse in the book.

vague and forgettable behaviour associated with pregnancy is usually blamed on baby brain but researchers usually blamed on so-called

University now the Australian National baby brain but researchers at

phenomenon may be all in the University now suggest the

mind. Having is a baby is a time of great joy. But for many, the process can also be something of a

was pregnant I probably had worse memory lapses stupid things like putting the keys in the pregnant women, it's an familiar story. But at familiar story. But researchers University say they've conducted tests which prove there's no such thing as brain. There were no cognitive there's no such thing as baby

deficits during pregnancy for women who became pregnant

And also for mothers. And that comes as no surprise to those with the most think that with the most experience. I

do with the fact I think that probably had more to

sleeping particularly well, had lots on my mind. all the time and distracting really. I think all the time and you know quite I've always believed this was a talked furphy, it was a phenomenon

talked about but really wasn't believe the phenomenon is more to. Instead the researchers

the result of expectations reality. I've had three the result of expectations than

children myself and I do think about what the - literature I read at the time which was kind of portend ing negative things would happen to me. But the researchers

researchers admit research didn't whether there was a change in focus during pregnancy, something after birth. Geelong footballer court charged with Matthew Stokes has appeared in

and possessing cocaine. Police court charged with trafficking

allege he

continues to suffer the stress activities. Australian cricket activities. Australian been banned from all club

of success set for an extended lay-off due to a a lower back injury. He was a notable omission squad for the opening matches was a notable omission from the

against the West will miss that series and tour of New Zealand. And Lee is still uncertain his future after elbow surgery.

The Brett Lee smile hides the discomforts of uncertainty Peter Siddle now faces an equally taxing suffering a stress fracture to the come from it really strongly. the back. Other bowlers have

think Peter is one of those guys right. I'm sure he'll get guys that does everything

right. While happy with his progress after elbow surgery the normally effusive Lee was prospects particularly when lukewarm about his future

quizzed about his hopes for the past approaching ooh series. Maybe. Only maybe? Yeah, as I said, I maybe? Yeah, as I said, I have to work out what I want cricket now. I will cricket now. I will wait and see and see how the arm up and see what's in front up and see what's in front of me. Lee will know more after medical advice tomorrow. The former pace frontman night

former pace frontman night never never experience night Test cricket if it gets offer the ground but there were encouraging signs for encouraging signs for the pink ball in a second XI match in Adelaide last night. It held up quite well. It swung quite well. It swung quite late. A black sight screen with the white ball was with the white ball was one suggestion, and not all fielding was as easy as fielding was as easy as this. I was fielding square of the wicket. I found a couple of pull shots quite tough to pick up. Overall the pink up. Overall the pink was given an early thumbs up. I think pink probably is the right choice hat this stage. youthful appraisal is poignant on the eve of the Prime Minister's XI match in where future stars have a chance to shine. In chance to shine. In 93, Justin Langer, Ricky Ponting Matthew Hayden batted 1, Matthew Hayden batted 1, 2 and 3. On paper it's one of the strongest Fed Cup strongest Fed Cup teams. However the Australian coach is expecting a tough tie against Spain in Adelaide this weekend. They've got better depth than us on ranking. But two of our singles players two of our singles players in Casey and leash leer are Casey and leash leer are an unknown quantity. We know -

Alicia are an Alicia are an unknown quantity. Cheltzie Lee is in a spin after receiving a call-up for the Winter for the Winter Olympics only 10 days before the Opening Ceremony. She was first reserve for the games and gained for the games and gained a start when Israel opted not start when Israel opted not so send its skaters. I wish it was tomorrow. I've been skating 11 years. This is what it's all for. Lee will be part of

for. Lee will be part of a 38-strong Australian team in Vancouver. Canberra could host up to four greater Western Sydney AFL matches team joins the Canberra today for talks with the ACT Government. As part of the looking to including the installation of lights. I wouldn't be if there was three to games of footy in Canberra. And we

we want to make the games special. dependent on local corporate sponsorship. T science fiction film 'Avatar' and film 'Avatar' and the war movie 'The Hurt Locker' will 'The Hurt Locker' will do battle hat this year's Academy Awards. Both films have earned nine Oscar nominations each including best including best picture. Australian films fareded as well as hoped.

fareded as well as hoped. Janet Patterson was nominated Patterson was nominated for best costume de design in movie 'Bright Star'. But the film's female lead Abbie cornier, who has won rave reviews, was overlooked. Australian film-makers Luke Doolan and Drew Bailey

Doolan and Drew Bailey were nominated for the live nominated for the live action film 'Miracle Fish', but 'Samson and Delilah' failed 'Samson and Delilah' failed to make it to the final cut for best foreign film after scoreing a spot on the scoreing a spot on the short list. One of Australia's veterans of stage and screen, John McCallum, has age of 91. He was a pioneer age of 91. He was a pioneer of Australian film and and during the 40s Australian film and television

frequently acted alongside his wife. For decades the pair were one of the couples and worked one of the leading showbiz

the 20th directors and actors in England the 20th century's great

and Australia. McCallum was also a producer, Australian actors and helping also a producer, championing

to create the TV

'Skippy'. Very hard to train. No brains at all. Very but very difficult temperamental, too. So we had but very difficult and

I'm afraid a bit of a but we ended up with 35 I'm afraid a bit of a giveaway

Skippies. John survived by his wife and their Skippies. John McCallum is

take a look at the weather with three children. Now time to

Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia. Good evening. There were a few

light showers about early this Good evening. There were a few

morning. And jobs in the garden, weeding. It doing one of my least favourite

wasn't too bad, as it was in a herb bed and the smells were heady. But next the lavender, thyme and mintd

was a paved area where the ants were heady. But next to the bed

were flat out building Maybe they know something! the time it was overcast with a Maybe they know something! At

strong easterly blowing and the temperature was 23.

Cloud continues to intensify over western New South and cloud associated with a over western New South Wales,

cold front is and cloud associated with a

across the bight. A high in the Tasman moist easterlies over the Tasman continues to direct

region and also inland trough. This trough is expected to deepen and link up that happens, widespread rain with the front on Friday. When

is expected across the south-east. Today, falls received on the central tablelands, the Illawarra, the north coast and the Hunter.

Not only were the making levees, I found the Not only were the pants little blighters had invaded my house when I got home for lunch! And this flower is a Grevillea,

guess what, ants love it too! I wish the ants would stick to your flowers and not my kitchen! Thanks, Mark. ABC News. Stay with us now for kitchen! Thanks, Mark. That's

Kerry O'Brien and the 7.30 Report coming up next. can find the latest headlines Report coming up next. And you

24 hours a day will be back with a 24 hours a day at ABC Online. I

at 8.30. Until then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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Wick to the program. There

was an interesting display of

parallel political universes in

Canberra today. As both

Government and Opposition

Leaders played to what they

believe are their strong suits.

Tony Abbott out and about selling his new climate change package, and Kevin Rudd lauding

the success of last year's

economic stimulus measures. But

Mr Abbott's sales pitch was

over shadowed to a degree by an

over shadowed to a degree by an

appearance by his finance

spokesman at the National Press

Club. Senator Joyce, while

giving the media a good

selection of political one liners seemed on less sure

grund when it came to talk

about his shadow portfolio. It

was also the day when the Government's national broadband

plan ran into a financial

quagmire with a report

revealing an official tender

process cost taxpayers more