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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - the Rockefeller search ends charges. No regrets, Tony Blair says he'd do it all again. It isn't isn't about a lie or a conspiracy or a deceit or a deception, it's a decision. Beating the graffiti artists at their own game. And into Africa - the AFL's frontier. Good evening. Craig Allen with ABC News. Nine days after Melbourne businessman Herman Rockefeller Rockefeller disappeared, police have charged a couple with his murder. Aye it's alleged the man and woman have admitted they got into a fight with the millionaire that ended in his death. Police have uncovered human remains from a close to where arrested on Thursday. The search for Herman Rockefeller is over. Nine days after the businessman went police have found what they believe to be human remains believe to be human remains in the backyard cluttered with car wrecks at discovery was made last night. We just saw all the police cars turn up and we just went "oh something bad must have happened." The homicide guy came over and asked us whether or not we saw any burning Australia Day From early today at Herman Rockefeller's respects. Our family is devastated by Herman's loss and deeply shocked by the circumstances surrounding his death . Over night 57-year-old Mario Schembri and 41-year-old Bernadette Denny were charged with murder. An out of session court was told the pair had jalt mitted to getting into fight with Herman Rockefeller that ended in his alleged the murder happened at a house arrested on Thursday, a few kilometres away from where the remains were found. It's tund police are looking into whether the businessman met his alleged killers through a swingers website. Before website. Before a body was found police were scouring bushland in central Victoria. But that now appears to been a there'll be ongoing interest this matter the family will try to come to terms with what to come to terms with what has happened and grieve private. Robert Rockefeller thanked the public for the response to his family's appeal for help. Schembri and Denny and Deni will be in and Deni will be in court on Monday. No, regrets and Monday. No, regrets and no apology. Tony Blair has finally fronted the inquiry into the Iraq war, for six hours Mr Blair was sunged to an unprecedented for a former PM. Outside Outside the inquiry, protesters called him a war criminal but he insisted he did the right thing. He arrived the dark, hopes were he'd shed light on a war that has long divided this and many other nations. From were no apologies. The were no apologies. The primary consideration for me was to send an absolutely powerful, clear, and unremitting message that after that after September 11th if you were a weapons of mass destruction you had to stop. He deal to go struck in 2002 at a meeting with George Bush, but he did offter US President offter US President unequivocal support if support if all else failed. What he took from that was exactly what was exactly what he should have taken, which is that if it to military action because there was no way of dealing with this would be with dossier in which Tony wrote the weapons of mass destruction were beyond doubt? I did believe it. That was - and I did believe Lord Goldsmith to legal opinion to green the war, underhand deals. He simply made up his mind on the risk as he saw it. This isn't about or a conspiracy owe or a deceit or a decryption, it's a decision. A decision many on this side of the fence believe make him a war criminal. Anybody committed crime should committed crime should have to face face Justice. And while the families of British soldiers killed in Iraq want killed in Iraq want this inquiry, many like Maxine Gentle who lost her brother Gordon their suffering. It depression and things you know that could that could almost broke a family enough but the pain never goes away. The pain stays with you for life It may for life It may not be the last inquiry sees of Tony even after even after six hours there are many more questions and he may be recalled. While Tony Blair's evidence today is unlikely to shift public opinion one way or the other, what the process does is imlullate how he got to those decisions and there is at least a little accountability. The independent Senator Nick Xenophon wants Senator Nick Xenophon wants to see new laws introduced see new laws introduced to protect predators. He wants to make it illegal online to children age. It follows in the wake of a South where a man used a where a man used a false Internet identity teenage girl to her death. 15-year-old Carly Ryan was murdered in 2007 by 50-year-old man she 50-year-old man she met on the net who said he was a 'Brandon'. The man travelled to Adelaide to became angry when she regrekted his sexual advances. Hef found guilty of her murder During the revealed he used 200 different personas to trawl the personas to trawl the Internet including sleights including sleights like The case has prommed Senator Nick Xenophon to pronose new laws making it age.. We know from that that is the that that is the way that paedophiles operate, they groom children by gaining their children by gaining their trust and they do it by lying and they do it by lying about their age often online The offence would carry a maximum penalty of three years jail increasing to five years if the adult tries to meet the child and eight if they intend to do says the move is noble but naive because it's impossible to criminalise lying. They say the focus should be sure young people know that not everyone online is who everyone online is who they say they are. Miss Ryan's mother Sonia reportedly plans to start her own foundation to protect young girls from young girls from online predators and is believed to support the idea. I think will carry a lot of weight with every Senator in this Australian member of the Australian parliament. The major parties have offered support for any initiative that protebilitys children online. He should speak Minister about it and I'm sure he'll get a very good hearing. Obviously I'd have to look at the detail s of the bill but certainly I'm happy to support the Xenophon says the laws give police extra power to stop paedophiles before paedophiles before they strike and are dine designed to be used with current Internet refugee activists to Australia after women were in West Java to support a group of aslyum seekers who has been on seekers who has been on a boat at at Merak for more than three months. The activists have been accuse of violating their visas but say they were kicked out because of tension between Indonesia and Australia. Sara Nathan from Sydney and Pamela Curr from Curr from Melbourne arrived in Australia this morning. Vowing never to return to nern. There was little little time to console anxious family family and friends. Sorry to put you guys through all this. They say they were in Indonesia for meetings with senior immigration about the plight of 240 Sri Lankan aslyum seekers on a days. They were deported by Indonesian authorities who claim they entered claim they entered a restricted area around the boat. We not disobeying instructions. There's a lot of misunderstandings but that there's a lot more it to. It's the same boat load that prompted a personal appeal from the from the PM Kevin Rudd to the Indonesian the vessel to be intercepted before it reached Australian waters. The activists believe their deportation is the result of deepening frustration the Indonesian senior Department of Foreign Affairs officials Affairs officials quoted as saying this is the last time we will do this for Australia. They've told they do not want to - Australian Afghanistan refugees in their country frustrated that Australia hasn't taken responsibility over this. That's something the Immigration Minister wouldn't comment on. He said only the Government continues to encourage the aslyum leave the boat and be processed in Indonesia. The Opposition Leader wasn't buying into the matter either. Generally speaking, what happens in Indonesia is a matter for Indonesian Government. News of the deportations has reached the aslyum seekers. We the aslyum seekers. We don't know what will happen next and we're fearing deportation for source ourselves But it source ourselves But it appears no-one is ground. Israel has its official response to a United Nations report United Nations report which accuses its and crimes during last year's Gaza war. The UN human right council said Israel has used portionate force and targeted civilians. The Israeli Defence Minister said the report Minister said the report was distorted and Barak says the Israeli acted responsibly and acted responsibly and ethically even under impossible conditions. Hamas has own inquiry show rocket attacks into Israel were not intended to harm civilians. Tropical Cyclone Olga came back to haunt far far north Queensland communities this communities this morning. Karumba in Karumba in the gulf country bore the brunt of the it was whipped by strong winds and more than 200mm of and more than 200mm of rain. Tonight, nearby Normanton are isolated by floodwaters and forecasters predict more heavy rain for most of Queensland most of Queensland tonight. It was only a carry one but the reformed Cyclone Olga left its mark on Karumba with wind gusts of more than 100km/h. The system made land fall just west of the fishing town morning. Now a rain depression ex-Cyclone Olga is bearing down on most of Queensland. Big winds and heavy Cairns coastline for most of the day. In Townsville, a king tide coupled with monsoonal rain brought flooding to suburbia. The region has received nearly 100mm received nearly 100mm since last year but still pretty high last night. It's not as bad as

and still looks as though coming in The core of the low pressure system the tipped pressure system the tipped to pass through north-west Queensland later tonight. At this relatively quickly so while they get a heavy burst quickly In the small rural town of Richmond the wet stuff has been welcome. It only comes every now and then so handle it. 200mm is a fair of rain but if we get it over two or three days, that's okampl the stock around this area are all in now Northern Queensland has dealt with flee delivered little more than heavy heavy rain but emergency management Queensland sayles there's no room complacency. There's a bit of a wake-up call that wake-up call that the wet season season the well and truly here now and use this time to see whether they did have some problems at home, where had some possible leaks or clean their clean their drains. While the rain is forecast to start easing easing around the North Queensland tomorrow afternoon, the low pressure system is predicted stay strong over inland stay strong over inland areas and reach as far south as northern NSW by the middle northern NSW by the middle of next next week. A central Australia has been transformed by recent rain with once par mped desert clay pans turned into wetlands teeming with thriving environment has led to renewed calls for further measures to area. For much of the Ilparpa clay pans 15 kilometre south-west of Alice Springs are a dust bowl. But after summer rains the series of lakes have come to life. Prehistoric shrimp now populate the area. The eggs the lie dormant for dormant for years before hatching in the water. specialists say new species are still being still being found. There's lots of discovered a because it's such a remote area, people are very likely to come out here and do the studies but there's certainly a lot to learned. The clay pans are once a play ground for motorbike. That's now prohibited but there's still there's still plenty of evidence evidence of damage. Environmentalists say Environmentalists say the Northern Territory Government is failing to preserve despite more than a lobbying. We'd like to Government support protecting the area. We'd like to see some sort of fencing to see some sort of fencing or bollards put into to reduce unfetterred access by off road vehicles. We think that that's one of clay pans are on vacant land managed by the Northern Territory department of lands and plans. Any changes to management of the land also need the support of need the support of traditional owners. These lakes will evaporate in environment groups are hoping the debate to protect the area doesn't dry up as well. Hong Kong is set for a showdown with Beijing on the question of how its Government is group of local politicians has resigned forcing a series of by-elections which have become a defacto referendum on democracy. The rebel politicians have been criticised by criticised by pro-Beijing parties for wasting taxpayers' money but their resignations have effectively guaranteed four months of public over Chinese rule in over Chinese rule in this special administrative region. The stage is set for a battle between Hong Kong's pro-Beijing forces and the city's pan Democrat groups. The two sideses are already facing off in the street. Five members of the Legislative Council resigned in a deliberate to trigger by-elections right by-elections right across the city. We hope that Hong Kong people people will appreciate what they are now having they are now having and hope that they will pursue the real the genuine universal suffer radge Though Hong Kong legal provision for referendum the resignations have effectively have effectively created a defacto one. When the by-elections are held candidates will campaign on only one issue - the demand for universal suffrage by Hong Kong people really want democracy, the peaceful easy way to do is to vote on it. At the moment half of Hong Kong's Legislative Council is Council is elected. The other half is appointed by a body stacked with pro-Beijing members. members. The conservative bloc has attacked the defacto referendum was a waste of money which will have no which will have no legally binding result. Whatever the outcome will not change will not change the constitutional procedures for effecting electoral change. While Hong Kong remains a prosperous place Chinese rule, there are Chinese rule, there are those who are frustrated with the pace of democratic pace of democratic reform here. And they're prepared to orchestrate a public battle in order to further their cause. The rallies pro-democracy supporters in attendance. For the next four months, abolish the abolish the unelected members of Government and bring forward one person, one this campaign doesn't gain momentum. They've attracted criticism in the past criticism in the past for their dinghy dinghy appearance but one of civic's laneways is getting a much needed makeover. Riverside Lane is being rans tomorrowed with the installation of this mural. The $50,000 art work has been funded through a levy on civic property owners. The aim is to give the area a spruce up while also deterring graffiti vandals. We can clean it off and we can paint it white but what happens when you put what happens when you put an artistic graffiti taggers stay away and plus your this fabulous work. The ACT Government is also working with artists to reduce artists to reduce graffiti vandalism and is trying a similar approach in other parts trialed painting some of the traffic light proved very successful, so we've now expanded that to whole range of infrastructure sites and you can travel around most suburbs of some of these forecasty murals going Lane project Lane project will take two months months to complete. To the Australian Open and in just a few moments Serena Williams and Justine Henin court for the women's final. It's a hotly anticipated match featuring two of featuring two of the greatest female tennis players of the past decade. Last night, the second men's finalist was decided, Roger decided, Roger Federer cruised to victory Tsonga tong of France and tomorrow night. Serena Williams has the American beats Justine Henin she'll tie the achievement of the legendary Billie Jean King. I #23450u when I met her have a lot more grand slam victories than I ever would The world number one will world number one will also share country woman on the all time women's women's winnest last I last night Roger Federer who was won more more grand slams than any other man took just 88 minutes to book his spot book his spot in Sunday's final. Tsonga tong couldn't produce his trade his trade mark athleticism. Instead, the Swiss ace pulled out all the tricks. That's an artist at work. The world number one straight sets victory sounded an ominous warning. He'll play Scot Andy Murray. He'd Murray. He'd like to win the first for British tennis in what is what is it, 150,000 years. It's 74 years to be precise. I have a game that can cause Roger problems and I need to play my best tennis for five sets to beat him Murray won't get any favours from the world one. He really needs it more than I do so I think the pressure is big on him, but we'll see how we'll see how he's going to handle. be easy Lleyton be easy Lleyton Hewitt will watch the final sporting a set of crutches. He's had surgery this time on his right hip. His left hip was operated on left hip was operated on in 2008. He suffered the 2008. He suffered the latest injury injury during the Hopman Cup. You know right at that time I time I wasn't 100% sure whether I was going to be able to I was going to be able to play any of the Australian summer. gave 100% Australia's number one player has refused to give up on his grand slam dream and hopes to return in time for May's French Open. Australia's on target for a the one-day cricket the one-day cricket series against Pakistan in Perth last night. Australia won by 135 runs, Harris claimed another five wicket haul. The the series is in Perth tomorrow. For the second time in in as many games Ryan Harris claimed man of the match honours with honours with a classy five wicket haul. Set 278 for victory, Pakistan stumbled for 3956 ten overs. The tourists tourists never recovered although Shahid Afridi did his best to lift team morale and his team's modest total. That is one two levels is one two levels up Pakistan lost its last five wickets for just 17 runs to be all out for catches while catches while Harris ended with a today leer rear best 19.. Cocome out and take ten wickets in two games is a dream come true. I didn't call up so soon but I'm going to say no. Earlier Nathan Hauritz ensured post a decent total. spinner clubbed four sixings on his way to 53 not out as the home side reached 277 off its 50 overs I'd love to be an jauld rounder. Much is in front of me as will. That's and 8 and 9 is going to be for me. Last night's result night's result was Australia's first win over Pakistan in the would international at the WACA ground. The same ven view hosts the fifth and final series tomorrow. And the future of Australian cricket looks in safe hands, Australia defeated Pakistan in the final of the Under-19 world Cup in New Zealand. Australia won by 25 runs. runs. Blues paceman Josh Hazlewood was the man of Hazlewood was the man of the match with four wickets. A a ball 44 a ball 44 from Richard Wayne Phillips rip set Pakistan 208 set Pakistan 208 for victory, inspinner Luke pressive figures of 3 for 32. And Hazlewood finished off the job. Edged and another wicket. This time Australia has Cup The team Kaz Cup The team Kaz tap intakened by the son of Geoff Marsh. It's the third time Australia has won the won the Under-19 World Cup. Queensland Katherine Hull is leading Royal Canberra Ladies Classic heading into the final day of play. She shot a five under round to move two round to move two shots clear of fellow Queenslander Sarah Jane Smith. Canberra's Nikki Campbell is tied 13th. After firing a 7 under par in round one, tournament leader Sarah Jane Smith was out to extend her lead. The 24-year-old struggled on the bag nine and finished the bag nine and finished the round two under par nine over all. But the day belonged to Katherine Hull who fired three eagles during her five par round. Hull finished the with a two shot lead. The three eagles helped definitely Really only one bad hole and overall pretty happy with played well on the front and had a and had a bit of a struggle on the back nine the back nine with some homous need to need to take advantage of and unfortunately I didn't do that today but I'm still playing well After well After a disappointing first Campbell is tied for equal Campbell is tied for equal 30 on Australian Open champion Laura Davies is further down the ladder tied for 30th at two over. I'm enjoying it. I'm not enjoying the gulf much. enjoying the gulf much. I'm struggling in struggling in the tournament. Putting really badly. The Brumbies returned to Canberra today after going down 26-5 today after going down 26-5 to the Hurricanes in their opening trial last Zealand. Never the result when you lose a game of footy but good to have a hit-out. Learn fair bit about our defensive structures. And Alan Tongue has resigned with the club more years. The new contract will take the skipper to tend of the 2012 Kookaburras have won a tight contest against second game of their 3-Test series in Hobart. The visitors 5-1 game but it was a new look team to took to the ground tonight. After a slu start, Korea were first on the scoreboard. The Kookaburras snapped into gear and rerespond. Grant Schubert helped team-mate Glenn Turner to level the scores quickly hit back. Russell Ford again equalised the scores early early in is second before Simon Orchard smashed one through to give the hosts the give the hosts the lead. The final score 3-2. With South Africa hosting the Cup this year, excitement for the the world game is building but that hasn't stopped a that hasn't stopped a team of young young indigenous Australians footballers have showing off their football Boomerangs are Boomerangs are touring South Africa and have been surprised by the popularity of welcome was warm. But for O'Loughlin this was no friendly. We come to friendly. We come to play. We come to the South African Lions may have been much older but what the Boomerangs lacked in maturity they made up for in bravado. It's a to us play against from Australia. For us, it's an experience for this youngsters in South Africa. Australian footballers now played by footballers now played by more than Africans. Iastonished by the enthusiastic.. A and the joy with why this was been adopted here and what's wonderful here and what's wonderful for us is it's become something South African. Footy is slowly taking root here and administrators in Australia believe it won't be too long before before a South African is playing in the AFL. I believe a number of the clubs are now seriously looking at the quality of the players, quality of the players, this physicality of the players and the strength of the growing reputation of AFL in Africa. The Australian coach was impressed. South Africian guys have been guys have been outstanding. They Boomerangs ran out 10 Boomerangs ran out 10 point winners. But the winners. But the scoreline hardly seemed to matter. Turning to our weather and it was sunny and warm some increasing cloud this afternoon. Heavy rain in far foft Queensland but it's been largely On the cloud ex-Cyclone Olga is over the gulf of camptaria gulf of camptaria and moving south. There's also an active monsoonal trough over the north and frontal easiest air stream is pushing some showers to coastal areas for the next few days. Some of the rain might time and then later in the week former Cyclone Olgaing bringing showers to most of NSW. Around the Before we go a our top story tonight - two people have people have been charged with the murder of missing Melbourne millionaire Herman millionaire Herman Rockefeller. It's alleged Mr It's alleged Mr Rockefeller died after a fight with couple at a home in Melbourne's north nine days ago. Police analysing human remains found at the news for now. You can find the latest headlines 24 hours a you tonight in Tasmania where a group of water skiers group of water skiers has again failed to set a world mass skiing record. Thanks for your