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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled This Program Is Captioned Live. health expert named Australian of the Year. An inquest has shown the fatal asylum-seeker boat explosion. The trickle-down effect brings to the Lachlan. And Monday-itis. Half people take a sicky.Good Monday-itis. Half a million

evening, welcome to ABC Celebrity is out and helping I'm Virginia Haussegger.

society is in. of the Year has just been announced and it's not someone from the world of entertainment or sport. Professor Patrick McGorry, a renowned leader the field of youth mental McGorry, a renowned leader in

health has won the The Victorian was health has won the top award.

evening in Australian of the Year this

Prime Minister. A as Australian of the Year, Prime Minister. A psychiatrist

well, that's what I call climate change. The young Australian of the Year who received a Victoria cross WA-based Trooper Mark Donaldson

for gallantry in action in Afghanistan. The Australian of the Year Maggie Beer, the South Australian of the Year is

restauranteur. The Prime Minister prediction that health will sky-rocket to outstrip the total tax revenue of within 40 total tax revenue of the states

major shake-up this year to within 40 years. He's pledged a prepare for the costs of an aging population Opposition says he hasn't aging population but the

already made. Diving into election year. For one already made. Diving into an

political leader, Australia Day eve means traditional summer fun he covets the outlook is fun but for the man whose job

decidedly more bleak. Kevin Rudd's used his Day address to paint a doomsday Rudd's used his final Australia

picture of the care future. Over the next 40 years, real health spending on expected to increase 7-fold. 85 and over is expected to increase 12-fold. Mr Rudd says new drugs and technology says an aging population and

public health system. State Governments run the risk of their Budgets being by rising health their Budgets being overwhelmed

obligations. He's pledged 2010 by rising health spending

will be a year of major health reform but Tony he's heard it all before. A Rudd Labor Government will to take financial control of Rudd Labor Government will seek

Australia's 750 public hospitals. He is all talk and no action. He's always about 2050, well, we want to no action. He's always talking

know precisely what he intends to do this year. Mr Rudd's speech was short on answers other than to say increased productivity is vital. Health Minister dismisses accusation that the Health Minister dismisses the

Government's Nicola Roxon says she's in Government's procrastinating.

final stages of negotiation with a public deal with the states. leaving open the option of an deal with the states. She's

election day referendum or takeover. Even that placate tab. I don't trust takeover. Even that won't

Kevin Rudd to run hospital. The vote-changing politics of health is no laughing matter. Dramatic navy footage of an explosion that killed five Afghan asylum seekers off Ashmore been shown to the Northern seekers off Ashmore Reef has

Territory Coroner. An inquest into the deaths opened today with navy officers describing the 'Siev bomb. The court heard the blaze was probably deliberate but that the prevent ed if that the death might have been

had acted differently. A warning, this story images that may distress viewers. Danielle Parry reports. This is the when the 'Siev 36' throwing asylum seekers, when the 'Siev 36' exploded,

and Defence personnel throwing asylum seekers, crew

sea. Defence footage from camera on HMAS 'Childers' the blast ripped through the camera on HMAS 'Childers' shows

wooden boat, sending people flying. of the 49 passengers and crew struggling in the water, many unable to swim and having to grip debris to keep afloat. The photos also show the scale of followed, with many patients flown to an oil rig for urgent treatment. Five Afghan asylum seekers killed, three drowned, two inquest today, the bodies were never founds. In

petrol was poured or leaked and the fire was deliberately lit. One of navy personnel who boarded the deliberately lit. One of the

boat, Chief Petty Officer Dean Faunt, told the court, "Once I smelt the Newell I knew I was on a floating - I knew I was on a floating bomb." The court heard the explosion may have been if boarding parties had explosion may have been avoided

properly searched the boat for fuel, had confiscated lighters and not issued a warning notice urging the crew to Indonesia. Footage of urging the crew to return to

incident revealed rescue crews picking Defence personnel out of the water but minutes passed saved. The court heard while before the asylum seekers were

this was in line with defence policy, some people may have lost their lives because delay and it was also told lost their lives because of the

prevented if life jackets deaths might have been

hadn't been stored in inaccessible bags, seen here floating unopened in The inquest is expected to floating unopened in the water.

for three The inquest is expected to run

150,000 people have died in the Government says at least

earthquake in teams remain in the city on stand-by in xas there's another extraordinary sign of Wismond Exantus who was extraordinary sign of life like

from the rubble Rescuers found him in the ruins from the rubble after 11 days.

of a food store. Doctors the 25-year-old is remarkably well. the 25-year-old is doing

TRANSLATION: They can find people like me. I could people like me. I could have survived longer. Maybe there are more people alive and they them. But the them. But the official rescue phase of the relief phase of the relief operation is over. The distribution of aid continues to improve, although law and order capital is still a problem. capital is still a problem. An estimated 3 still urgently need food, water and medical assistance. Britain's most prominent climate change sceptic arrived in Australia to often controversial mun mun says the climate change scare - Lord Lord Monckton, says the climate change scare, as he calls it, is over. In the world of climate science, Lord Monckton is in the minority, is in the minority, the former adviser to Margaret adviser to Margaret Thatcher says it's cooling and the majority of scientists have got wrong. There has been statistically significant global warming on any measure for 15 years. That's despite last year being the second warmest in Australia 1910, ending the hottest decade on record. Instead, Lord Monckton says the likes of Al Gore and the United Nations have have hijacked the real debate. They have been deliberately exaggerating the evidence, over-stating the case, frightening frightening even This case has gained momentum but the UN's chief but the UN's chief science body conceding it conceding it published a mistake in its 2007 projection that glaciers in the Himalayas would melt by 20 35 was wrong but the majority of climate scientists say one error in a huge body of work and the real science shouldn't result. We have hundreds result. We have hundreds of climate scientists working day in day out on this problem. Do you think we would want to lie to the world, and have some sort of consmearacy convention to really lie to the world? Science doesn't work like that. As for Lord scientists are manipulating research to chase research dollars... That is like cancer in society because cancer in society because it improves their funds. While improves their funds. While Dr McNeil says science up for debate, he says the only real discussion now is by real discussion now is by how much the planet will warm. much the planet will warm. A Sydney man has drowned on the NSW south coast while trying to save his two sons from a save his two sons from a rip. The tragedy happened at Lake Conjola Beach. but their 40-year-old father couldn't be revived. The area's not patrolled. It's a particular area where there's lot of gutters and rips probably if you weren't familiar with the beach you'd need to probably be quite it's quite a dangerous beach as far as I'm concerned. Authorities urging people to only swim at patrolled beaches. officials are investigating the death of a Jindabyne pilot in an accident yesterday. 67-year-old was killed when air strip. Police found air strip. Police found the wreckage last night after pilot's family reported he hadn't returned from a Investigators are looking at contributed to the crash. They've found his car booned in central Victoria this afternoon. Mr Rockefeller disappeared four days ago returning from a business trip. Today was his 52nd birthday his family has not heard from him. Lisa Maksimovic reports. Dumped on the Ballan Dumped on the Ballan to Daylesford Rockefeller's car was spotted this afternoon but there's still no sign of still no sign of the 52-year-old. As you can imagine, in the last three days your mine you know, we've just thought of everything. The father everything. The father of two boarded a flight home on Thursday night after a business trip to Newcastle with his brother. It's probably one of the most enjoyable trips I've ever had with ever had with my brother over a 4-day period. Business is fantastic. His daughter just got into Monash medical school. Until this afternoon's discovery, discovery, police had no clue where he'd gone after leaving the Tullamarine carpark. Now they'll be able to track his journey and test the car for DNA. Since Mr Rockefeller's flight landed Rockefeller's flight landed his phone hasn't been switched on and his bank account hasn't been touched. Investigators been touched. Investigators say it's one of the most missing persons cases missing persons cases they've covered in years. They're just baffled. We really - I can't tell you how much the public's help. Parents Jenny and Sean Evans also had a distressing night when their two sons went Lachlan and 12-year-old Jake were dropped off at the Epping Plaza but when their mother returned to collect gone. I thought someone might have picked them up, someone's dragged them into a car, have they wandered around in the shopping centre. The pair shopping centre. The pair spent the night at a friend's and were found a Mill Park petrol There's no chance of a repeat They're grounded for life. The flow-on effect of last flow-on effect of last month's rain in northern NSW is finally being felt along River. While there's water, doubt-ravaged communities are hoping enough to get them rest of the summer. Paul Lockyer reports from Lake Cargelligo. Dead fish piled up on the edge of a dry Lake Cargelligo are the southwest of NSW. The lake used to get water from Lachlan River but Lachlan River but it was cut off to preserve the dwindling flows. It could have been even worse but for the worse but for the rain at Christmas time. It put a little extra in the severely depleted Wyalgala Dam at the top of Wyalgala Dam at the top of the Lachlan at 20,000 megalitres, enough water to fill 20,000 Olympic swimming pools will be released over the next meet critical needs all along the river. Both the rain at Christmas time and then Christmas time and then the knowledge that there is a pulse coming down the river, that everyone can get a drink is great thing. Lachlan, where the river running dry, it's the best news in months. It was in months. It was just wonderful. wonderful. It's really positive, down. The Christmas rains were just like a gift from heaven. Patti and Wayne Bartholomew have the expensive an emergency bore, the river will get them to winter. But they, other farmers along other farmers along the Lachlan, will continue Lachlan, will continue to sell off stock because there's not the feed to carry them through. If you through. If you were selling your stock in a massive number, you would be probably contemplating the farm wouldn't be far behind it. The river water has already reached Falls but will take two months to make it 1400km to the most desperate landholders at the ends of the there are big rains in the coming months, coming months, the situation along the Lachlan River dest prt by mid dest prt by mid year for those who have - desperate year for those to survive the searing summer. Still to come turtles turning the tide on the Great Barrier Reef. For the past week, Kevin Rudd has urging the country to up urging the country to up its productivity but the message doesn't seem to have reached thousands of workers taken a sicky today to turn Australia Day holiday into an extra long extra long weekend. And as Simon Palan are not impressed. It known as don't care what the boss will say. I'm not going to be here today. Today was the biggest sick day of the year as workers turn tomorrow's one-day holiday into a 4-day weekend. Athise a bit of that going on. You may as well make it a long weekend because you don't because you don't get much time off when you're average Monday, an extra half a million employees were million employees were not at work today and there are big economic consequences. It's having an enormous impact on the Australian economy, costing $250 million in $250 million in sick leave. Employers say it's hurting our international competitiveness. It is serious issue. It's not old Aussie long weekend t is serious component of trying be competitive. Australia take more sick leave than the UK. We take 9.3 days per annum, in UK employees only take 7 days. If you took the day off work you could be in for a surprise. Some bosses in the finance Some bosses in the finance and manufacturing sectors manufacturing sectors say they'll dock the pay of staff who return to work without medical certificate. medical certificate. If employees are sick they employees are sick they could see a doctor and get immediate treatment E. And a 100,000 Australians are expected to take as well. To finance now and as well. To finance now and the odds have lengthened on odds have lengthened on an interest rate rise next month after new data showed wholesale inflation weakened in the December quarter Kohler reports, the local share market fell again today for the third session in a row. The punters had expected to producer prices to rise but producer prices to rise but in fact they fell a lot. We had wholesale produce deflation wholesale produce deflation in 2009, not inflation. So maybe the Reserve Bank won't put up interest all. Tonight's graph shows underlying producer and consumer price inflation and as you can see, wholesale prices are much more jumpy than the CPI but CPI but the last time producer prices prices fell like this, consumer price inflation did fall, a more gently though so Wednesday's CPI night than expected. Then than expected. Then again the RBA is not just watching inflation at the moment t inflation at the moment t would never admit as much but never admit as much but it's probably worried the unemployment rate is falling which could lead to higher inflation in future that might put up that might put up interest rates next Tuesday. The share market market fell for a third day. It's more about the Chinese Government's attempts the economy I reckon President Obama's announcement of new controls on the banks. The Chinese The Chinese President actually does control things in that country, he doesn't announcements. Not fell today. BHP Billiton went down the banks fell between 1 the banks fell between 1 and 2%. Telstra went up 2.4% and two of the biggest falls were Qantas and JB Qantas and JB Hi-Fi. From New Year's Day to Australia Year's Day to Australia Day this year the All Ordinaries index has fallen 2.7%, than last year and the before. The period up Australia Day has often been a guide for guide for how the year will go but not last year. The market rose 33% in 2009 despite falling 10% up to the barbecue so we'll see what happens this year. The Australian Dollar year. The Australian Dollar has stood up today and saluted flag, rising a against most of against most of the other currencies. we heard earlier, a new we heard earlier, a new name has tonight been added to the list of Australians of the year. Past winners year. Past winners are also being honoured in Canberra and an exhibition marking the an exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of the award has been unveiled at the portrait gallery as Julie Doyle reports. These people all one thing in common. It's very much about introducing visitors Award and also to look Australians more deeply. The national portrait gallery has brought together this collection of past Australians of the year to celebrate the awards 50th anniversary. A photograph of last year's winner Mick Dodson was specially commissioned event. Today the subject came face to face with face to face with his portrait for the first time. I'm a from a little town in from a little town in WA. Became Australian of the Became Australian of the Year. I'm sure every other Australian of the Year would hope that that inspires kids to do that inspires kids to do all sorts of wonderful things and great things. The images and stories, the narrative behind it really shows it really shows the individuality individuality of Australia and how we've talon. The images also talon. The images also capture a moment in time, not necessarily the same year the recipient received their award. That was at when he was certainly at his peak as a corporate high flier. We also have a portrait in the collection display, collection display, a self-portrait of Alan Bond, of later years, produced while he was in prison. The runs until April. Australia's Samantha Stosur is out of straight sets to top seed Serena Williams this afternoon. The defending champion was good and joins her sister Venus in the quarterfinals. The winner of tonight's match against Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer will Roger Federer will play Nikolay Davydenko who Verdasco in five sets today. Verdasco in five sets today. On the eve of Australia Day, two locals were taking on the two world world number ones, Samantha Stosur was trying to bandage power of Serena Williams. Stosur soon fans something to cheer about. The Williams strapping looked problematic but the 4-time champion showed no sign of discomfort. Williams broke the Stosur serve and took the first set. Williams smashed more 30 winners in her 30 winners in her straight-sets victory. victory. For Venus Williams, the talk of the tournament had been the splits in her dress. It soon became the flaws broke Williams en route broke Williams en route to the first set. She's done an ace. In the second an ace. In the second set the Williams errors were Williams errors were slowly replaced by Williams winners. And with the natural order restored, Williams restored, Williams breezed through the through the final two sets 6-2, 6-1. She's done it. The 6-1. She's done it. The match between Nikolay Davydenko and Fernando Verdasco promised but delivered little. With Davydenko on the Davydenko on the brink of victory, the mediocrit y proved contagious. That is the worst attempt by a world player. Verdasco seized his opportunity to take it to sets. Couldn't pick sets. Couldn't pick it. We're pulling five sets here. But Verdasco couldn't overcome Verdasco couldn't overcome the 20 double faults unforced errors that handed victory to Davydenko. They may have had a disastrous tour so far but the Pakistani contradictors Pakistani contradictors believe they need just one win to they need just one win to turn the tables against Australia for the rest Australia thrashed the Australia thrashed the visitors by over 100 runs in the second match of the one-day series. They can still smile but the longer the tour goes the tougher it gets. Last night perhaps a new low a140-run thumping at the hands of the Afridi at least thinks confidence can return. It is very difficult to come back you're playing against Australia Australia not Bangladesh. We need one win. The chance comes tomorrow in Adelaide. I think Pakistan are a good one-day side. I think they're a very dangerous dangerous side. Cameron White is one Australian is one Australian possibly heading to the Indian Premier League in march. Again, the Sena political group threatened to protest against the Australians due to recent attacks on Indians. practical sense for us the practical sense for us the real issue is for our understand that the situation. All we can do as All we can do as players put our trust in the security and go from there. Down under but on top of the world. The Tour Down Under now on the world cycling map with 762,000 spectators, the winner of yesterday's final stage is making lofty comparisons. It's like racing up Alp Duez in the Tour De France, like it's just incredible. It incredible. It just makes me go from strength to don't see it ever slowing down which is a good thing. It was just a misunderstanding. That's the explanation for the explanation for why Robbie Fowler watched North Fowler watched North Queensland from the stands on Coach Ian Ferguson thought Fowler had refused to play after being named on the bench. Fowler thought he'd been axed altogether. It's not something that we've taken well that we've taken well but the most important thing is the two have the two have got a commitment to see their roles out here the club. The club has apologised to its fans. 76 leading female golfers leading female golfers will take part in this weekend's Royal Canberra Ladies Classic. the Australian LPGA and is the first mage of year. Players taking part include include Canberra's Nikki Campbell, current Australian Open champion Laura Davies Australia's number two female golfer, Lyndsey Wright J. golfer, Lyndsey Wright J. I'm from Albury so to travel up here 3.5, 4 hours, it's great golf course and golf course and first tournament of the year. I did a lot of work over the lot of work over the Christmas holidays. I've had six weeks off so I'm raring to go. $125,000 inaugural event $125,000 inaugural event tee said off Friday at Canberra golf club and Sunday. They prefer being Sunday. They prefer being left in the dark but an endangered turtle species turtle species has captured the spotlight as a record number of females begin nesting females begin nesting along Australia's east Loggerhead turtles are making their biggest appearance in their biggest appearance in 26 years and researchers say the massive beach landing to fishing restrictions. Tiny trekkers are trekkers are leaving a big impression along Australia's coastline. The Mon Repo Conservation Queensland annually turt scplz tourists but this year marine research rrz a close interest. It's landmark nesting season for all along Australia's east coast. We've still got a fair way to go but it's encouraging to see the population just bouncing back so readily. so readily. Nestled comfortably without the threat of daytime predators like birds, the shift workers are having their busiest summer in 26 busiest summer in 26 years but a few decades there were gloomy predictions for the Unfortunately for the 1970s through to 2000, we lost 86% of our nesting result of drowning in prawn trawls throughout northern and eastern Australia. Researchers say changes to trawling industry eight years ago are proving ago are proving effective. It wasn't until 2000 we had the total exclusion of TEDs so the turtles don't drown. A loggerhead will lay on average 127 eggs. The hatchlings will swim nonstop for the next three days to reach the eastern Australian currents up to 100km away. It will be at away. It will be at least another surviving feemails surviving feemails return here to nest just as their did. And now with a look at today's weather, here's Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia good dey. tomorrow and it was a frangipani kind of day today although low Lowe afternoon wouldn't have been afternoon wouldn't have been to its liking but range of 13 to 34 would have been right up its foliage. The bulk of cloud around Australia is up as a result of tropical cyclone Olga crossing the coast. A Olga crossing the coast. A high to our to our south will move tomorrow which will allow a currently over central NSW to move over us and then there a possible of afternoon showers. Rainfall has been pretty ordinary to say the least so far this year and these expected these expected showers from Wednesday onwards aren't much. For Australia Day around the great southern land: Virginia, I've got some sad news - the bush picnic was going to be held at Titinbilla tomorrow has cancelled due to a dinky di Australian reason, a total Australian reason, a total fire ban because of the ban because of the bushfire conditions but the are still on. That's good news, particularly as you'll be there. I'll cross live there. I'll cross live to Mark at Commonwealth park night so if you want to have a chat to him be my guest. That's ABC News. Stay with us for the '7.30 Report' coming up You can find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC online. I'll be back with a news update at 8:30. Until news update at 8:30. Until then goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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