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(generated from captions) Tonight - hunger and fear. Haiti's fight for survival. opposition's mixed message on refugees. Australia's top life savers put their skills to the test. And a win for Sam Stosur but Casey Dellacqua bows out. Good evening. Craig hall Len with ABC News. The government says with ABC News. The Haitian have died in the earthquake 10 days ago. It says the death toll is likely to go up. disaster is already the deadliest on record Americas. The focus is shifting from operations to help survivors. Many of still in desperate need of food survivors. Many of whom are

and water. With more than half a million people living on the streets, fears are about the spread streets, fears are growing

Philip Williams reports from about the spread of disease.

Port-au-Prince. A sea of desperate humanity, hours for aid. Then attack, trying to force their way to the food. fear. It's a struggle where the strongest dominate. Yet in same city, this. It's not much but a fragments of normality. But you need money. No money?

Alright. Just me, my God. The banks hope to open are heavily guarded. banks hope to open soon. Some

tempting target for looters. In are heavily guarded. A

the city visible and shaken by what the city centre, US troops are

amount of destruction. I wasn't prepared for it. But the are great here. They're just prepared for it. But the people

hungry and, you know, they need water. So we're here to help them out. But the needs remain overwhelming. Here at Cuban-run field hospital, lives are saved, infected limbs are not. After are saved, but too many

surgery, patients are taken the park. surgery, patients are taken to

others, they fend for supplies. These people have no themselves. No food or water

resources. They feel they're very much on their own. They know there is aid but like so many parts of city, it simply hasn't arrived. The Haitian staff here their the same situation. Here this hospital, they just water and food. And all this in the heart of the city. Aid will come, when? resilience here. And if you have family and friends to care for you, your chances better. But while for you, your chances are

fortress cue, others wait better. But while some wait

fortress cue, others wait to die. Australia will Force air traffic controllers specialist team of Defence

to help the disaster effort in Haiti. The to help the disaster recovery

after the United States for assistance to run the after the United States asked

country's main airport. Overcoming logistical obstacles is one of the keys that is being provided actually making sure that assistance making sure obstacles is one of the keys to

gets to the people of And making sure that airport and airports And making sure that their

operating effectively is key to that again. The Australian Government has already committed $10 million for emergency assistance and $5 million for reconstruction. million for long-term Leader Tony Abbott has triggered a new immigration debate, suggesting the country should throw up its doors more migrants. At the same arguing for more compassion for boat arrivals while also

refugees. Critics say he is seconding out a mixed The Greens say it's cheap politics and fear mongering. The Opposition Melbourne to tackle Australia Day speech in

policy and flag his support for a larger migrant intake. My instinct is to extend to as many people as possible the freedom and benefits of life Australia. Mr Abbott says a freedom and benefits of life in large and inclusive program is perfectly large and inclusive immigration

with a stronger border protection policy. He even evoked John Howard's 2001 decide re-election mantra. We will country and the circumstances decide who comes to this

in which they about Australians controlling who comes to this country resonated because it struck and robustly true. The most people as self-evidently

Opposition Leader warned that Australia has an obligation not to be a soft touch, but he also acknowledged it's hard strike the said he understood why some strike the right balance and

asylum lives to get to Australia boat. At worst, boat people lives to get to Australia by

guilty of choosing hope over boat. At worst, boat people are

fear. Hardly according to the fear. Hardly compassionate

Abbott can't have it both ways. He either needs to rethink the coalition's policy on asylum seekers and refugees and multiculturalism, or he will continue to push for us to go down a dark wouldn't comment, but refugee politics. The Prime Minister

groups say it's ludicrous to have such a debate when such a small number have such a divisive political of asylum seekers arrive by boat each year. We're really disappointed to see that coalition is going to to be going to make every of people attempt to make the situation

election issue Australia, and doing through misinforming the Australia, and doing that

Australian population about what the current situation genuinely is. Paul Power says Tony Abbott has to decide if he's on the side of persecutors he's on the side of the escape persecution. Police are hours away from reconstruct ing fatal stabbing on a 21-year-old Indian graduate in Melbourne three weeks ago. But the Federation of Indian Students has questioned the delay. It says it should've out within 48 hours of crime. out within 48 hours of the attacks on Indian nationals in crime. Meanwhile, two separate

Brisbane have prompted further pleas from India's Foreign Ministry for action to taken. There has been taken. There has been another ... Yet again, details of attacks on Indian attacks on Indian men in Australia Australia are relayed throughout the subcontinent. Two Indians including a taxi driver have been attacked in Brisbane. Charges have been laid over two separate attacks in Brisbane on Thursday night. One victim, One victim, 20-year-old Sandeep, was attacked in his taxi. The cases have placed renewed pressure on Australian authorities to stop the violence. We are disappointed at the attacks, which continue to be happening. Towards Indians. In Victoria, Indians. In Victoria, where attacks have been most prominent, police have prominent, police have set up an information van in Melbourne's inner west, hoping to solve the Garg three weeks ago. Newly released CCTV footage shows 21-year-old accounting graduate catching the train before he was fatally stabbed in a park while walking to work at a fast food restaurant. At food restaurant. At 9.30 tonight, a police officer dressed as Nitin Garg recreate the final leading up to the stabbing, following the time line of events on January 2. But the Federation of Indian Students is questioning why that wasn't done in the days immediately after the crime. I sincerely hope they know what they're doing. Because of all the publicity and the media, whole world is watching this case very closely. It's case very closely. It's always an operational decision as to when you decide to do it. may jog something in their mind and they'd then contact the police in relation to Police maintain Police maintain it's still too early to tell early to tell if the attack was racially motivated. Sri Lanka's elections chief says says he is confident next week's presidential vote can be peaceful. But the contest between President Mahinda Rajapakse and the former army former army chief General Sarath Fonseca has already the most violent campaign the country has seen in decades. In the latest attack the house of a senior opposition activist was bombed. The government denies responsibility. This is what a political warning looks like bomb was thrown into the front yard of senior opposition activist Tiran al Les. accuses the President Mahinda Rajapakse of ordering Rajapakse of ordering the violence. Nothing without his approval. So there's no point in pointing fingers at these people or fingers at these people or the party members. It is President Mahinda Rajapakse who Mahinda Rajapakse who is behind haul these election campaign is the most violent in more than 20 years. Observers say the bloodshed Observers say the bloodshed is far from over, and they fear more attacks in the lead-up to voting on January 26. They are experiencing one of elections when it comes to the election violence. Over election violence. Over 775 cases have been reported until now on the election violence and election law violations. It's been a violations. It's been a bitter campaign campaign between President Rajapakse and retired army chief General Sarath chief General Sarath Fonseca. Both claim credit for ending Sri Lanka's civil war the Tamil Tigers last both believe lead the country. The lead-up to extremely tense and security remains cover the campaign but we've just been stoped from a rally for the President which is is starting a few hundred metres away. While voters are welcome foreign journalists have to apply for permission to get in. The President's supporters say supporters say his opponent General Fonseca General Fonseca doesn't have enough enough experience to get into office. His experience zero. Campaigning will tonight local time, and the polls will open Scientists at the Royal Melbourne Hospital say they've made a significant breakthrough in cancer research. They've identified cells common type of childhood leukaemia. And they say leukaemia. And they say this could mean more less toxic treatments. 26-year-old civil engineering student Fanuja was student Fanuja was diagnosed with leukaemia 10 years ago. Despite ongoing treatment, he has relambsed three has relambsed three times. -- relapsed three times. Each time I went back down again and relambs ed. He suffers type of leukaemia that is resistant to traditional chemotherapy. Chemo was harsh. I had to go through replacement and I nearly replacement and I nearly lost my eyesight Now scientists the Royal Melbourne Hospital have discovered that cells in the patients like this man to relapse. There are a very rare number of cells just like weed in a garden. When weed in a garden. When you kill the rest of the grass, those weeds persist and grow back. Around 50 people in Australia are diagnosed with it. Cell acute limb foe plastic leukaemia every year. leukaemia every year. The majority are children. The is now trying to develop is now trying to develop a treatment that resistant cells. Thi. Will shorten the duration of treatment, make it less toxic and also help to prevent disease relapses. Scientists now help to develop a tablet sized drug that will target the bad cells. If all goes to plan, clinical trials could take hoping that will that gets me a cure. Hopefully this is it for me. He says he will sign up for clinical trials as soon as they kk available. A 14-month-old girl is recovering in a Perth hospital after being bitten by a poisonous snake as poisonous snake as she played at a daycare centre. at a daycare centre. The 36 centimetre long dugite slither under the door of the centre in WA's wheatbelt. toddler Anais Nicholls picked up the snake and it bit her on the wrist. Staff captured the reptile flown 250 kilometres to Perth, where she was anti-venom. I was freaking. I know how bad it can be. I have dealt with snik bites as nurse in the country. I have seen them flake. I have seen them lose their airway. Go blue. It's really dangerous and in a child - that was child. This is a baby and is 9 kg. She is little. aggressive and not as venomous as its cousin the eastern brown snake. of venom even in a small snake has the potential to kill a child. They're the the angels you would want nearby if you were ever in trouble in the water. The nation's best life savers are showcasing skills at the Australian and New Zealand Pool Lifesaving Championships in nearly 50 drownings so far this season, those skills are more vital than ever. Life savers are calling it a horror year and it's only just begun. Around the country, 30 people have drowned in 2010 with another 18 another 18 deaths since Christmas the figure for the same period last year. It's disappointing. You wonder what else we can do to put the warnings the question about have we lost the cause and not putting the cause and not putting in the same commitment and effort to drowning prevention in country. There are thousands of professional and volunteer life savers around the life savers around the country, and one could be forgiven for thinking the nation's pools are a little less safe this with the cream of the crop competing at the Institute of Sport in Canberra. Sport in Canberra. Competitors are judged are judged on criteria from prioritising swimmers in trouble to rescue techniques and treatment. Core skills and treatment. Core skills like CPR are tested using electronic mannequins which record air flow and pressure rates. For some, lifesaving is a sport. Others work at public pools and volunteer at local surf clubs on weekends. Doing these skills in the pool, you actually go back into your back into your patrol, saving one in real life. While small because they need constant supervision one fifth of the drownings since Christmas have been of people in their 40s. When you enter the water you take a risk. And I think we've got to try to keep reinforcing that message. society warns anybody -- any body of water poses a risk. A house in Canberra's south was destroyed by destroyed by fire overnight. The house at Falkiner Place The house at Falkiner Place in Macarthur was well Macarthur was well alight by the time fire crews arrived residents were residents were alerted by smoke alarms and managed to alarms and managed to get out of the house before the roof collapsed. The estimated at three quarters of a million dollars. Fire brigade establish the cause of establish the cause of the blaze. A chocolate in China has provided some of its mouth watering creations. You could for a test drive. It took four tonnes of German engineering to this life-size this life-size BMW. The Great Wall of China is also on display. Although this slightly smaller than the original. If that wasn't enough, there's another cultural icon - cultural icon - the Terracotta Army. Theme Park officially opens next week. next week. To the Australian Open. Lleyton Hewitt has just started his third-round In the women's single, Australia's Samantha Stosur has set up a fourth-round clash with Serena Williams brushing aside her third-round Open. Her Casey Dellacqua, wasn't so lucky, going out to Venus Williams after a Williams after a plucky effort. Melbourne's Melbourne's unpredictable weather was the first weather was the first hurdle Samantha Stosur faced. opponent with desire and foot speed was the second. Australian No. Australian No. 1 recovered from an early break in an early break in the first set. She eventually took it 6-4. Oh! Perfect! What 6-4. Oh! Perfect! What a smash! With a set in the bag, Stosur's confidence outgunned, and out of the tournament, as Stosur booked a fourth-round Serena Williams. I Serena Williams. I got the last one, so I will ride and go into the match feeling pretty confident. Casey Dellacqua faced the Dellacqua faced the biggest challenge of her injury against Slam winner Venus Williams. Despite some early flourishes, the Australian found herself on the run against the who took the first set 6-1. Dellacqua fought recovering from a break recovering from a break down to force was too strong, reaching the fourth round here for the second time in her career. There it is. There it is. With an ace. Roger Federer ace. Roger Federer rarely lacks confidence. But at times against against 31st seed Albert Montanes the world No. 1 lacked his usual pre-sings. The tournament tournament favourite lifted when he needed to. He finished the match in straight sets for his 50th career win at Open. Last night, Kim Clijsters became the Open's biggest casualty winning just one casualty winning just one game against You just really try to stay positive and you know, at some points I was just happy I was hitting a ball in. That's how bad it was. Rafael Nadal was made to work for his place in the fourth round. He to four sets by Germany's Phillip Kohlschreiber. Australia has beaten Pakistan in the first in the first game of the one-day series in Brisbane. Set 275 for reached the target with nine balls to spare thanks largely to Cameron White's batting. A blistering century from blistering century from Cameron White White set up the Australian victory. White's second one-day international ton, including three consecutive 6s from three consecutive 6s from the one Shahid Afridi over. I'm just happy that we won and contributed well to the team. It's a good feeling. Enjoyed it. By the time the Victorian fell for 105, the job fell for 105, the job was almost done. Australia home by five wickets. Beautifully timed. That's a good timed. That's a good victory for Australia. Captain Ricky contest is proof the contest is proof the 50-over game is alive and well. The last few series we played in, we played some day games. Tonight it another of those. another of those. Despite copping copping a nasty blow from speedster Mohammad Aamer Michael Clarke has clean bill of health. He is fine. He is a tough character. Fine last night Fine last night after the game. He will be right to go tomorrow. Not so healthy tomorrow. Not so healthy are the the future captaincy prospects of Pakistan skipper Mohammad Yousuf with reports the chairman of chairman of selectors is looking to replace him at the end of this series but for now the captain's focus the captain's focus is rallying his troops. We need to play as a team, play for a team, play for country and need unity. They may be able to play for their country Pakistan was snubbed at Indian Premier League earlier this week. It's nothing tournament chief. You're only bringing a Pakistan, you're not saying that why the owner did not pick up somebody from Netherlands or Zimbabwe, why did you not pick up the players from up the players from Australia? The IPL starts in March, Game 2 of the series Game 2 of the series against Pakistan Victoria has won the inaugural inaugural women's Twenty20 competition with a competition with a resounding victory over New South victory over New South Wales at Adelaide Oval. The Spirit won the curtain raiser to the men's final by 52 runs, with three final by 52 runs, with three of its bowlers taking two wickets each. The niece each. The niece of former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy, Alyssa Healy, involved in including a sharp catch. Elise Vilani top scored for Victoria with 29. New South Wales made a dreadful start to its Breakers were all out for 75 in the 16th over. The meet again in the one-day final at the MCG next weekend. Greipel will take an 11 second lead into tomorrow's Under. Another former winner Luis Leon Sanchez is second overall after winning today's highly charged race around Adelaide's southern Adelaide's southern wine region. region. Many thought Greipel's 20 second lead mightn't 20 second lead mightn't be enough. I'm not a climber. So yeah, I think I have to suffer a bit today. With the climbs looming there were plenty looming there were plenty of early breakaways, as rival teams tried to unsettle Greipel's HTC Columbia Team but it still led the peloton. The seven rider seven rider breakaway led by almost a minute almost a minute and a half approaching the first sprint. Astana's Valeriy Dimitriyev won it and Katusha's Eduard Vorganova won second time around. Thomas Rohregger breached the to Dimytriyev in king of to Dimytriyev in king of the mountain honours. Evans with the leaders on the second climb and eventually went climb and eventually went to the front but Valverde held on for second king of the mountain team-mate Sanchez, Evans team-mate Sanchez, Evans and Pete Sagen were locked in a titanic battle for the titanic battle for the stage win. It was Sanchez from Luke Roberts with Valverde third and Evans fourth. Put third and Evans fourth. Put me in a bit of a difficult situation. Last thing I wanted to do was lead Sanchez out for the stage. So I thought better to play for something than to play for something than lose everything. Greipel is now well placed to win his tour. He is 11 seconds ahead of his nearest rival. Lake Burley Griffin has been taken over by dozens of single handed yachts for the Australian Spiral Championships. Championships. Competitors set sail this afternoon from the Canberra Yacht Club. The first of a series of races taking place over four days. With 65 yachts taking part, it's yachts taking part, it's the largest spiral field in the history history of the regatta. Current Australian Australian champion Murray Gordon will be out to his title alongside Canberra's Chris Eddes, who is the favourite. Each day favourite. Each day we'll have a session of racing with a maximum of three races a maximum of three races a day. We'll go out and I guess it's more of a consistency more of a consistency thing and whoever keeps up the the most of our times will Australia Day are hoping the blustery are hoping the blustery weather continues until continues until then. Kangaroos and sport are quintessentially struggling to co-exist in North Queensland. The Ingham Football Club is planning to build Club is planning to build a fence around its fields to keep out unwanted droppings off the pitch. They're aspiring Socceroos They're aspiring Socceroos but it's the roos at soccer that are making players at Ingham FC hopping mad. We have had or four incidents where kids have been knocked over with them coming through the fields. So that is a big issue for us. The The freshly mowed Mitch in the middle of wetlands is middle of wetlands is an ideal spot spot for kangaroos and wallabies to feed at dusk what goes in must come out. When you have 200 wallabies visiting every night, it sort of leaves a fair bit of mess on the fields and as mess on the fields and as you can see, we've mown these to try to spread it a fair try to spread it a fair bit. Younger players to taken to calling the wallaby kangaroo droppings black pearls. It's yucky, because if you have bare feet at of the game and then - eww. The only way to keep only way to keep the marsupials on the sidelines is to build a six-foot fence. The club has applied for a grant from the Queensland Government, referee's decision is due within the next month. The neighbouring cricket and rugby union grounds are hoping the soccer club the soccer club jumps through all all the government hoops so they too may be some funding to turn their fields of wallaby poo back fields of dreams . The toe tapping The toe tapping could probably go stages at the Tamworth Country Music Festival will soon fall silent for another silent for another year. The event culminates event culminates with the Country Music Awards, which are just about to get under way. Some of the nominees already have a Golden Guitar under their belt. While others are yet to receive The title track The title track from Paul Costa's album Costa's album has earned the performer plenty of attention. SONG: # In 1932 # The Victorian is in bits. 2009 was great. Paul Costa's about Gerald Stone's book 1932 when the song idea popped his head. Even though querp in the height of the height of the Great Depression we still managed Depression we still managed to achieve so much. He might be a regular at Tamworth, but Paul Costa is Golden Guitar and this is the first year he has been invited to perform at the to perform at the awards. Someone who has laid her hands on a on a coveted Golden Guitar is fill lessee erk heart. - but she shared those spoils with others and is now angling for a gong in her own right. It would be really, I was lucky enough I was lucky enough this year round to pick up one, but just to be in there is always a wonderful thing. wonderful thing. Her song of the year nomination is especially close to her heart. The song is about busking and starting out here in Tamworth, which is my home town, where I grew town, where I grew up, and fell in in love with this music. Despite these successes there are those who there are those who believe the festival is losing its way by going after a younger going after a younger crowd, so organisers memories and a reason to come back next To the weather now. If you had trouble sleeping last night, here's why. It was the second hottest January night record. It was still 30 degrees at 1 this morning at 1 this morning and didn't get below 26.5 degrees get below 26.5 degrees all night.

There is cloud from cyclone Olga over northern Queensland. And an active monsoonal And an active monsoonal trough over northern W A and Territory. A trough of low pressure will cross the local region tonight, tomorrow's weather will be cooler, thankfully. But conditions will heat up again soon after. Unsettled weather mid-week could bring a few mid-week could bring a few late showers or thunderstorms, but most of the coming week will be fine and sunny. That's the news for can find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC on-line. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.