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Live. Tonight - the struggle for meagre aid grows more desperate in Haiti. A holiday Three children watch parents drown. Winning hearts, but prince charming is at home on the range. And a flare-up two at the Australian Open. Good evening. Welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia The agonising wait Haiti may finally be The agonising wait for help in

Waves of American soldiers have flown spread out through hospitals and other key sites across city. Their mission is to secure the capital and desperately needed aid to get there. coming, troops from the there. The Americans are

Airborne land in Haiti's ruined presidential palace. The US plans a five-fold increase in its numbers. There will be force grows to 10,000. deployments like this as the

their biggest challenges will force grows to 10,000. One of

distribution of aid. This drop by American planes seemed distribution of aid. This air

to go smoothly. But the US wants to avoid scenes handed out supplies in one of Port-au-Prince's poorest neighbourhoods. No noise all. The focus of this operation is shifting to delivery, but rescuers operation is shifting to aid

still clinging to the hope that found. If we can hope that survivors will be

survivors now, it will be a miracle. That right here in the rubble of remarkably, a national cathedral, where

alive a week after being remarkably, a woman was found

entombed in rescuers were elated. Viva Africa! But desperate people of Haiti, who celebration amongst the

wait fortress cue from the fear of starvation in the many places aid has not This man lost his places aid has not reached.

earthquake. Now he fears he and his family will perish right here in the park that become home. He tells me he has here in the park that has

received no aid and his money is all gone. If help doesn't come soon, we'll all day here, he Limited supplies are getting through, but it's sporadic distribution is has to change, and quickly. distribution is chaotic. That

many lives depend on it. This is a measure of the of these people. They're is a measure of the desperation

fighting over clothes, water, anything that's been given There is no end in sight. anything that's been given out.

enough aid gets through, these There is no end in sight. Until

scenes will continue. Much of the relief effort has so far focused on the capital, but communities closer to quake's epicentre wills have but communities closer to the

desperate for food and medical supplies. North America

reports from a seaside correspondent Craig McMurtrie

kilometres to the south, and a reports from a seaside town 30

warning, his report contains graphic images. There are bodies on the highway to Haiti's carnival town. south to Jacmel has been torn Haiti's carnival town. The road

apart. The top of passes down to an uneven dirt apart. The top of the mountain

track. With unstable landslides and massive boulders in the way. The town has devastated. It's estimated either been destroyed either half the buildings have

damaged. Including a new hotel. A 35-year-old American woman went pack for her laptop the earthquake and didn't went pack for her laptop during

out. Now her best friend the earthquake and didn't get

looking up and the whole for her body. I just remember

building looked like just looked like rippling building looked like water,

water. Jacmel's neighbourhoods have been water. Jacmel's poorest

decimated. But French Canadians, Americans and Colombians have arrived. And with Colin Hendrick who came in with a team of doctors from rather than been good if we had a lot of search and rescue here a few days earlier but it didn't happen. some respects. seaside down is quieter than some respects. This popular

sign of looting, but it Port-au-Prince, there is no

significant problems. There's no water, no food, no petrol. So these people can only so long and the supply line, the supply line they rely on, is that tiny mountain pass we've just crossed to To make matters worse, its main hospital is already of supplies. It's also hospital is already running out

structurally unsafe. Army medics and local doctors have moved everyone have no surgical capacity machine, the two are broken. They have very limited supply at the pharmacy. It's They have very limited medical going down very fast. were dropped by US today. The Canadians expect to be here for months. Three orphaned when their Three distraught children

drowned last night are in orphaned when their parents

care of relatives. The family drowned last night are in the

was holidaying at Ballina in northern New South the mother got caught in a rip northern New South Wales when

just after sundown. husband's rescue attempt ended just after sundown. Her in a double tragedy. Last night at this unpatroled northern New South Wales beach, 44-year-old Carol Sherry decided to go a women. The Carol Sherry decided to go for

into a rip. The father went a women. The mother got sucked

to help and unfortunately both into a rip. The father went out

of them two daughters aged 17 and of them drowned. The couple's

and their 9-year-old son the daughters has used a their best to get help. One of

phone to contact the emergency services. The 9-year-old ran to the caravan park where they were staying and to the scene help. Emergency services rushed

nothing they could do. to the scene but there was

helicopter was brought in to nothing they could do. A

search for the third sweep we found female in a rip, still in the third sweep we found a

female in a rip, still in the waves just off the beach. Those who'd done to help did their best to best to comfort the children. There children there, obviously quite distraught, look very happy at all. It's look very happy at all. It's a huge tragedy especially huge tragedy especially for the children. Police say children were brought here to Ballina Hospital, where they were treated for shock. They're now in the care of relatives, trying to come to terms with life without their mother life without their mother and father. The Sherry family shock, but south Ballina beach is very and Joseph Sherry's bodies will be flown home for burial after a a post-mortem examination in conducted. In conducted. In the meantime the local police have the Sherry family memorial for the children. It appears Victoria's Premier and his police chief longer see eye to eye longer see eye to eye on the question of violence Simon Overland says Simon Overland says police have known it's a problem for two years, and concedes racism may be a motive for some of Defence Force Chief Peter Cosgrove called on to confront what he pockets of racism. But premier John Brumby says they've got it wrong, that wrong, that Melbourne's a tolerant, multicultural society. Weeks after publicity erupted about a attacks on Indians the police chief Indians the police chief has said it's said it's never been news to him. We've known for over two years that there's been issue. We've been working issue. We've been working away at it. Police have released pictures of a suspect they want to to speak to about the latest assault. Early on Saturday, a man punched an Indian taxi driver Simon Overland says police figures show 50% of assaults figures show 50% of assaults on Indians happen in Indians happen in their workplace. is the only is the only type of offence where Indian victims are overrepresented, and he admitted in some cases, police may have been too quick to rule out racism. I think in individual cases individual cases sometimes we simply simply have to say we don't know and I think know and I think that's some of the learning for us. Last night former Defence Chief Peter the poor old police are stuck in the middle. Working Looking to Looking to be objective. And reluctant to jump to reluctant to jump to chon cluss. An Australia Day address titled 'Sunshine Shade' he Shade' he suggested the violence against Indians violence against Indians may well have racist elements. Is there a strand of racism there a strand of racism or perhaps pockets of racism everyone agrees. Many of the ... um ... so-called statements that form that form part of Peter's speech just factually are not correct. He says Melbourne has one of the lowest crime rates in the world for a capital city. US President Barack Obama has suffered a political setback. political setback. A Republican has won the Senate seat held for 46 years by the for 46 years by the late Democrat stalwart Ted Republican canned date Scott Brown pulled off the surprise victory in Massachusetts, a campaign focused on recession and a bloated government. President Obama rushed in a the the weekened campaign for the Democrats candidate Martha Coakley, who says she's heart broken at the outcome. The Republican outcome. The Republican win deals a potentially fatal blow to Barack Obama's health care reforms. The new senator says people do people do not want a trillion dollar health plan. It was another big day for royal watchers. Hundreds watchers. Hundreds of Sydneysiders turned Sydneysiders turned out to catch a glimpse catch a glimpse of Prince William on his whirlwind tour off his visit with a high-speed spin on the spin on the harbour after visiting homeless young visiting homeless young people. A welcome fit for A welcome fit for a 27-year-old, only this time, he's royalty. Prince William Prince William joined the Prime Minister a drug and rehabilitation centre. They know that everyone is human, all make mistakes. He may be the prince of England, the prince of England, he may be heir to the throne, but he's certainly made mistakes certainly made mistakes in his life as mistaking the prince's afin fee for Australian troops at the Holsworthy army base. More motivation to know that guys higher up do care about the job was down to some live fire. prince's preference, prince's preference, 100 rounds with an F-89 scored 103 mm which is well and truly a pass mark. This truly a pass mark. This is a meeting Prince William especially requested, to meet with Australian soldiers who've recently returned from Afghanistan. He was clearly enjoying himself with the troops. From army to navy and a boat tour at the Garden Island naval vat. - naval base. naval vat. - naval base. For hundreds of Sydneysiders Prince William had celebrity status and for the first time and for the first time the prince addressed the Australian people. I people. I have had the most warm welcome ever, not just with the weather, but with all Sydney people. Thank you Sydney people. Thank you so, so much. But if his host in Sydney had her way, prince Sydney had her way, prince Will qualm would never be Australia's King. I am a republican, and over time I would like to see Australia move to a That's not likely any time soon, according to royal watcher. There's a lot of talk that maybe Australia, when the Queen dies, will become the Queen dies, will become a republic. Well, don't bet your life on it, because you've got this lad coming along. It been a terrific couple of days in Sydney. And because of in Sydney. And because of that, I've joked that I will try I've joked that I will try to buy a house in today's prices for today's prices for a harbour view, you'd have to pay view, you'd have to pay a king's ransom. It seems unlikely that any ACT Labor politicians will seek preselection in Bob McMullan's seat of Fraser. His decision not to contest the next federal election has fueled speculation about who will take his place in the safe Labor seat. Labor Party sources have Party sources have confirmed Deputy Chief Minister Katy Gallagher was wants to stay in her current position. It's understood the Education Minister Andrew Barr isn't interested in the job, and the Chief Minister and the Chief Minister says he's going nowhere. I have a really good job as Chief Minister. I can't think of a better job or a job that I prefer to be doing today. That's my preference. It's a fantastic job. I job's far member for Fraser and I stick with what I have. The ALP's National Executive will have a major role in have a major role in choosing Mr McMullan's replacement. Mr McMullan's replacement. But it could be it could be several months before preselection completed. There are more strong signs the track. A heeding track. A heeding consumer survey shows shoopers are loosening their purse strings. And ready to take on more After a tough year Liquid Group is back on is back on the boil as the economy recovers. People want to enjoy themselves. They want their staff and their friends. To meet demand the company with 40 staff 3 workers over the next 12 months. And I would say that over the next 24 be looking to add another three or four positions to as we grow. They're not alone A new survey of more than 4,000 Australian businesses Australian businesses shows hiring intentions have surged to their highest level in 16 months. I think employers months. I think employers have now exited that wait and see phase and are now actively the market looking to build skills and capabilities. Almost a third of employers plan to over the next quarter. Western Australia and Queensland are the stand-out the stand-out performers, thanks to the Employers seem confident too are consumers, according to new data. The Westpac-Melbourne Institute consumer sentiment survey for January shows more strong growth in strong growth in optimism among Australian Australian shoppers. The index showed a 5.6% increase around the country. Overall, was expecting a jump in confidence. But not as big as the one we've seen today and it is sending a fairly signal that the Australian economy is in good shape at moment. But for every moment. But for every good story there's often a bad one. Economists say Economists say the recovery signs suggest an interest rate rise is likely when rise is likely when the Reserve Bank meets next The Lower Lakes in the Murray-Darling basin Murray-Darling basin will receive a much needed drink with the release of almost 170 approximately litres approximately litres of water. The recent floods replenished some of replenished some of the bigger storage dams in the top end of the basin. As a result New South Wales has agreed release almost 150 litres from Menindee litres from Menindee Lakes in the State's north west and the Commonwealth Commonwealth has agreed to top that out. I'm that out. I'm pleased to announce today an additional 20 billion on top of that will be made available to the Lower Lakes as a result of Lakes as a result of the decision by the Commonwealth holder. We're able to increase an allocation to our own irrigators and irrigators and to provide water, much flows should keep water in the above critical levels, avoid further damage to the already parched wetlands. to come, rock'n'soul, intruders at Tamworth put some country noses out of joint. It's a sweet deal that's leaving British public a bit queez Cadbury has accepted takeover offer from the US deal will create the world's biggest chocolate maker but it also spells the end of an era for one for one of England's favourite brands. The fruit and nut bar, Flake and the glass and full cream dairy milk. All beloved become American. The people Birmingham are finding the a little hard to swallow. company has been part of company has been part of this community community since Quaker John Cadbury started making drinking chocolate here nearly 200 ago. Sad to see it go. I worked here for 30 years. I just here for 30 years. I just hope people jobs. Very sad. There are not many British things left at moment. Just seem to be the great in Great really. Kraft most around the world for its cheeses has been courting Cadbury's for five months. The chairman chairman was finally won over with a $20 billion think providing our shareholders receive value, it's been a five months out from an election, a threat to British jobs is Prime Minister needs. We are determined that determined that the levels of investment that take place in the UK are maintained and we're determined at a determined at a time when people are worried jobs, jobs in secure. So for the English, it's the end of an era. analysts say nothing change at Cadbury's. After change at Cadbury's. After all, America's Kraft Foods may America's Kraft Foods may well own Vegemite but as far as most people are people are concerned, it's still Australian. To the finance markets. China's attempts to slow its economy overshadowed a positive overnight lead from Wall Street. But an announcement that mining giant BHP shipped a record amount of iron

ore helped keep the local market afloat A1% street saw the market off to street saw the market off to a good start about China set in. Chinese authorities have asked some banks to cut banks to cut lending and we know they will rein know they will rein in the stimulus. here yet. BHP Billiton's December quarter production report was good. These are report was good. These are the company's top 3 earners. Iron ore production hit record levels, petroleum output also up but BHP's cautiously optimistic outlook comments about broad price increases encouraging. It resource stocks, though. The oil and gas Banks were mixed. The competition regulator, the ACCC, is reviewing NAB's ACCC, is reviewing NAB's $13 billion bid for AXA Asia Pacific. Japan Airlines going into bankruptcy didn't hurt Australian airline stocks or Flight Centre. The latest super fund numbers confirmed December was quite a good month that amazing share market recovery during the second half of 2009 delivered a near 13% return the year. $10,000 invested in 1999 would 16,000 now. The good funds their money when things pear-shaped. The top line represents the returns represents the returns for the top 25% of funds. During the good times the lines are closer, but the line closer, but the line widens when things turn performers fall away much more. On commodities markets gold On commodities markets gold and oil prices were slightly and so was the and so was the Australian dollar dollar against the major currencies, except the which is at a near decade which is at a near decade low. They're worried about Greece's debt. More crowd trouble distracted attention to centre court at the Australian There were mixed results for Australia last night Lleyton Hewitt winning Lleyton Hewitt winning easily, before Alicia Molik snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Today the favourites enjoyed an easy run, but security was kept busy with 45 unruly fans ejected. Chilean Fernando Gonzales has enjoyed strong support from his fans but today it went over top. At the end of his sets win over Turkey's Marsel Ilhan, 35 supporters ejected after ejected after lighting a flare. There was court, too, with a disputed line call on match point prompting an outburst from Andy Roddick. It's not your job Roddick. It's not your job to predict. (Bleep). predict. (Bleep). The American won in straight sets. Much has been made of Rafael Nadal's poor run since winning last year but he looked to be back to his best. back to his best. Wow. That backhand was so was a clinical performance, summed up by Lacko's desperate call for Hawk-Eye's help on match point. The computer said no. Last night Lleyton Hewitt busy offseason busy offseason cruising through his opening round in three easy sets. I built it up this year. I put myself to hopefully have a crack. Hewitt will meet young Hewitt will meet young American qualifier Donald Young in the second round. Alicia Molik was also looking at a place in second round, when she was a set and 5-2 up against French woman Julie Coin. But it was premature as the Australian lost focus and fell in three sets. I just about a lot of other things, getting off the court, cooling down. What I'd say at the end of the match. It's very mistake, really. Of 15 Australians, just four through the first round. German cyclist Andre Greipel has strengthened his has strengthened his grip on the tour down wund a sprint finish in today's second stage. The race favourite has now increased his overall to more than 10 Cycling fans could be for thinking they had a dose of deja vu as stage 2 of the Tour Down Under followed a strikingly similar to the opening stage. broke from the peloton soon after the start. This time, it was 25-year-old Queenslander David Kemp, riding with a Omega Pharma Lotto pair Mickal

Delage and Olivier Kaisen. Delage took the first honours then had to deal with a blood nose before helping the breakaway build an 11.5 inside 4 minutes group approached the group approached the king of the mountain climb. Kemp the mountain climb. Kemp left the other two in his wake the other two in his wake up the short but sheer Checkers Hill. When Delage crossed the lead was under a minute. The race came down to another bunch sprint as riders battled the wind and each other in the dash to Adelaide Hills town of Hahndorf. We want to do good here. To perform good. nice to be in a German The German beat home The German beat home Sunday's criterium winner Greg Overall Greipel is 14 seconds ahead of Henderson and Gert Steegmans. The Tamworth Country Music Festival is Music Festival is being rocked to the bill as promoters chase younger crowd. Some of the country country faithful that flocked to Tamworth say the has been hijacked. But headline artists say the 38-year-old event is just evolving. Country and western, and western, it's the traditional heart of Tamworth. From the buskers of Peel From the buskers of Peel Street to the campers who set up an annual community of country music Dev tease. Country music has always been part what have I have always loved. But it's not all country any more. Pop stars Guy Sebastian and Matthews are here to Matthews are here to perform country rhythm and country rhythm and soul with James Blundell and Gina Jeffreys. Some not country. Country we are. The old Slim Dusty style of singing, that's my idea of country music. But one of country's one of country's biggest stars says the new says the new talent is more than welcome. I can't wait. I'm so excited. Very thrilled with the sales and we certainly proved a few people wrong. By no means have I come here trying to infiltrate the country music scene. While Prince William may not found to make it to Tamworth, few here seem disappointed with the surprise the surprise visitor who did show up. Quentin Bryce mingled with the crowds. I love it! I love it! can see why there's can see why there's some visitors who come here, feel part of it. With hundreds of acts on show, it's for some fans, but there's still plenty more to come. Doesn't look Doesn't look too interested, does he? Now with a look at today's weather here's Mark Carmody. Good evening. It was fine and sunny again across the ACT. And there was ACT. And there was a top temperature airport and in Queanbeyan. That's 2 degrees above That's 2 degrees above the January average. The minimum for January minimum for January is 13. Today at the Today at the airport it went down to 11, Tuggeranong 9 and the winds again were from the north kilometres per hour but we did get a 50 kilometre gust. For those who were observant, today's clouds today's clouds were interesting as they had the shape of as they had the shape of a convex lens. They're alto cumulus lenticularas, alto cumulus lenticularas, and they looked impressive. Currently those Currently those clouds have gone but it's still Cloud off the north west is a may result in a cyclone. The high turning more northerly remaining hot. So temperatures will temperatures will stay high and the air dry. And rainfall be scarce around here, too. The January average is mm. We've had barely 2 so far this year. One. More showy summer plants, that, like you, thrives in a hot spot, is the old crepe myrtle with its pastel or red or white flowers. You're right, I do thrive in a hot spot. Don't know about showy bit. Don't know if I'm supposed to be offended supposed to be offended or not! You're showy, no doubt! Thank you, Mark! Before we go brief recap of our top brief recap of our top stories tonight. More US troops arriving in Haiti to try secure an orderly distribution of aid following outbreaks of violence at distribution points. A Republican victory in the contest for the late Senator Ted Kennedy's threatens to derail Obama's health care plan. Report is coming up next. And I will be back with a news update at 8.30. Until then, enjoy evening. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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