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(generated from captions) Live. Tonight deepens. The whole country in despair. It's the humanitarian community. More aid arrives distribution is still a problem. Five young in a high speed crash in Melbourne. Melbourne. I've been a paramedic for 30 years, this the worst I've ever seen. Australia in control as Pakistan struggle to Good evening. devastation in Haiti is becoming all too apparent with the United Nations calling the United Nations calling the crisis the worst it's ever confronted. Tens of thousands of people have been living on the streets since Tuesday's earthquake which earthquake which caused untold loss of life. With food medical aid yet to reach all but a lucky few law and but a lucky few law and order is on the brink of collapse. Tonight, the ABC's correspondents report correspondents report from around the around the region. Lisa Millar is with the US Navy on the aircraft carrier Vinson. Which is at anchor the Haitian coast it's flying in supplies. Kim Landers reports from Washington on American efforts to alleviate the crisis. We start our coverage in the Port-au-Prince where Craig McMurtrie and Philip Williams are following the quake's aftermath. A warning - their reports contain images some viewers may find distressing. This is what life has come to clothes in the in Port-au-Prince. Washing

clothes in the gutter. Fighting over front loader scooping front loader scooping up another body, half another body, half buried in the rubble. The remains of the rubble. The remains of a little girl unceremony yisiously dumped. (clanking) soccer field is now a refugee camp, in the middle is a second year medical student, Gilbert Wilkins is trying to massive gash together massive gash together on this man's leg without man's leg without anaesthetic. No food, no antibiotics, we are trying to clean wounds without anything, we can't do no more. Up at the Prime Minister's office, there are Minister's office, there are no answers. He has bunkered in a government in a government compound but his sister is here. hundreds of people with nowhere else to says there aren't enough trucks to carry to carry the supplyings being flown flown in. Because we need the transport which is transport which is not very high here. And gas petrol is also an issue, of course. The UN says the scale of disaster is overwhelming. It's worse than the Indonesian earthquake, where at earthquake, where at least we could get the support of local authorities. The whole country is in despair, and overwhelming the humanitarian community. There was just a few moments ago an aftershock, it terrified the terrified the people around here for a moment as the whole place shook. There's a building to the left to the left here that's cracked, people worried it's going to down. The one behind down. The one behind me, people are saying they've building, even though building, even though it's been days since the first big quake here, and there has praying from inside praying from inside the building. There are some search and rescue guys from Virginia in the United States combing it now seeing if they can find anything. The locals who are here are worried because here are worried because now the praying and the noises that they were hearing the structure, A US rescue team sends in A US rescue team sends in a dog, dog, even now, they say, it's not too late. Are people are still being people are still being saved. At At a collapsed children's hospital, a pregnant nurse is found after being buried for nearly 4 days. The nearly 4 days. The relief effort is moving. effort is moving. But painfully slowly. If Looters are on the prowl. without anyone to protect them the homeless are on their own. It's a living It's a living nightmare. Bodies are being used barricades. On this crowd took its crowd took its revenge on a man accused of robbing a accused of robbing a woman. They killeded gun. And watched him correspondent Philip correspondent Philip Williams is is at Port-au-Prince airport where supplies where supplies are flooding in and people are desperate to and people are desperate to get out. Here is frantic planes are lined up, look at the lines get out of this desperate to get out of desperate to get out of this country. Many more of country. Many more of course are trapped, they can't out, at least if you look at the planes stretching way down the tarmac there and beyond at least there is the aid order. This didn't exist a few days ago, at least there days ago, at least there is some chance that at least some of the pain and suffering people are going through will be aleaveiated. be aleaveiated. After days of frustration among frustration among survivors of the quake, there are now more definite signs definite signs of aid starting to reach those who need most. Desperately most. Desperately needed food and water is now distributed and a US hospital ship is on its way to ship is on its way to help treat international aid effort could last years. As last years. As North America correspondent Kim Landers reports. At a hill side overlooking Port-au-Prince, people wait help. The US Army's 82nd Airborne Division has turned it into a base for handing ot food and water. It's an end to and water. It's an end to some of the logistical logjams have kept aid from reaching the earthquake's survivors. They came up here wanting to get help and more important they waned to help us out. The of aid delivery is picking up. Food Food stored in this UN warehouse warehouse in case of a hurricane is now being handed out. It was take tonne a out. It was take tonne a local church and

living in a nearby tent city. sdp there is more American help on the way. The US on the way. The US military's largest hospital ship with more than 500 medical personnel is for as long as it's it will soon be joined by a ship ship carrying more than 2,000 marines, and much more needed supplies. Meanwhile the President has enlisted two of his predecessors to launch a major fund relief efforts. Our longer term effort will not be measured in days and weeks. days and weeks. It will be measured in months and even years. I know a lot of want to send blankets or water. Just send your cash. It is still one of the remarkable unique places I have ever been. And they can escape their history and build a better future if we better future if we do our part. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has flown in to Haiti for a first hand the devastation. She's met the nation's President to nation's President to orve assurances of continued US help. While aid is starting to trickle through, trickle through, aircraft trying to being rushed by desperate survivors, further disrupting relief efforts. North America aboard a US navy helicopter forced to abandon its Cameraman Louie Eroglu and I were on the US navy helicopter when it picked up water at the Port-au-Prince airport. We Port-au-Prince airport. We were heading north to one of the six landing zones that strike landing zones that strike group commander has decided are but as the chopper got closer to the ground crowds rushing towards us, the was urge ing them to stay away, they were clinging they were clinging on. There were a few Ang, were a few Ang, moments. The pilot aborted the mission.? This isn't an isolated situation, in fact we've reports of this and I understand there are pictures of this happening elsewhere around Port-au-Prince. It highlights the worry the highlights the worry the navy has had about security at theeft drop-off points. An Australian water expert has left assist with the relief effort. Care Australia's Paul Shanahan says the lack of safe drinking water as made Haiti vulnerable to an outbreak of disease. to an outbreak of disease. The key to that is to have hygiene, disposal of human waste, disposal of garbage, disposeful of the a big issue. He says it's the most difficult humanitarian task international rescuers have ever faced. There was news today for a Brisbane man his family in Haiti since the earthquake struck. A phone from his sister confirmed from his sister confirmed that the family has survived in a village outside Aid has not yet reached them and they have no and they have no food or water. Joan Joan as ra moan was adopted by Australians when he was 6 Australians when he was 6 years old and raised in Ballarat with his younger brother. For the last 4 days he desperately waiting for news his family in Haiti had survived. Today he was delighted to see the country coid displayed on his mobile phone. This was mobile phone. This was the first confirmation we had, it had been a long, long few somehow borrowed a US mobile fob to call out fob to call out because communications infrastructure has and the Haitian phone towers are down. It gave us hope are down. It gave us hope and to hear viola, to hear viola, you could here her smiling I guess over the phone. Joan as's mother surrendered her for adoption 22 years ago they could have a better reunited 2 years ago by the ABC program 'Can we Help?' Now program 'Can we Help?' Now he works in the building trade and knows how insecure most Haitian houses very basic mud block homes, so they've got no timber structure or anything. Joan as or anything. Joan as says his mother's mother's house has been damaged about not destroyed. More so the aftermath now we're worried about. I know they've got very limited food and no clean water. Mr Ramone brother Tim are organises a Ben nift concert to raise funds for rebuilding Haiti. To other now - five now - five young men have been killed in a car crash in Melbourne. There was only one survivors of the high accident in Mill Park, a teenage girl who teenage girl who is seriously injured. The crash has shocked even the most hardened police officers and paramedics. Senior officers say they're at a loss to explain why the car was travelling at speeds of travelling at speeds of more than 140km/h. torn apart in one unforgive lg moment. Five young men all moment. Five young men all aged under their car slammed side on no tree on Plenty Road. Among them were two brothers and three friends. Matthew Lister would've turned 18 in 2 time. We love you so very much, Matty, you're always with us, pretty boy. The family of seriously injured 15-year-old Elissa Iannetta say her last memory before the smashself her brother Anthony and threw her between and bent over her to and bent over her to protect her. Major collision investigators say the sedan was travelling at 140km/h. This is the worst 140km/h. This is the worst I've ever seen in my ever seen in my whole 30 years of being a paramedic. of being a paramedic. It's very traumatising for the crews. Residents heard the crash from as far as a kilometre away. We ran rowd, there was smoke there was smoke every where and dust. It looked like a bomb went off. People living around here say this here say this stretch of road is notorious for high speed crashes. Some say lobbied the lobbied the local government for safety barriers, others say they're planning to move they're planning to move away. The crash The crash comes as a new survey on road behaviour shows the conduct of drivers leaves a lot to be desired. There is only There is only so much That Governments can need to take some

responsibility for their actions when they get behind the wheel. In suburban Melbourne tonight, that impact is fully and Police have arrested a driver whose car hit a whose car hit a motorcycle on the South coast yesterday killing the rider and his passenger. The 34-year-old Spanish Man has been Spanish Man has been charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing death. He will face court in Bateman's Bay later this month. The accident happened on the the Princes Highway where people were killed people were killed in a crash less than 3 weeks ago. The first major poll since Kristina Keneally became the Premier of New South Wales has found most voters consider voters consider her 'likeable' and the preferred Premier over Oppositioin Leader Barry O'Farrell. It's the lining to a survey lining to a survey which confirms Labor confirms Labor remains deeply unpopular in the State. It was a family trip to the circus but the by minders Ms Keneally and family wandered Darling Harbour for a very public meet greet. Is this the Premier? The first major poll since Nathan since Nathan Rees was rolled, found 73% of voters found 73% of voters consider Ms Keneally 'likeable'. two also saw her as a puppet to Labor power brokers. My own person, I make my own decisions, all I ask of the public is to judge public is to judge me according to the decisions I to the decisions I make. The poll poll suggests Kristina Keneally's problem is not her popularity, it's her government. Obviously government. Obviously the election's not too far away and this's a lot to do to catch this's a lot to do to catch up. I really think they're going to get done. But she might be detailed plans for the detailed plans for the gar van Institute's new cancer research centre in Darling Hurst morning but the challenge is building a new brand for Labor. The galaxy poll found on The galaxy poll found on a two-party preferred basis the Coalition by a considerable 12 clearly preferred Premier, by 8 points. Kristina Keneally returned from work a day early to bask in the glory of to bask in the glory of her were evered Premier were evered Premier poll result. The Oppositioin Leader Barry O'Farrell is still on holidays. He left it to holidays. He left it to his deputy to respond. There's need to race back like Kristina Keneally to do a good news Keneally to do a good news walk around Darling Harbour, it's frivolous. Ms Skinner says Barry O'Farrell's job as party leader is safe. The wreck of the hospital ship Sen tower off south-east cycled will be protected by a 2km protected by a 2km exclusion zone. zone. The State and Federal Governments Governments have shielded the war grave from damage or disturbance. Anyone who wants to enter the protection zone will need a permit. The was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine during World War II. Plans are being finalised for Plans are being finalised for a public remembrance rer moany. I hope it allow hope it allow s people to reflect on the great job our doctors, nurses, orderlys, do in time of peril. As well as the rest of the time. The the rest of the time. The team that found the a memorial plastic to the - plaque to the wreck - plaque to the wreck this week. Some sectors of tourism industry are thriving. In the past a marked increase in the of people choosing to swap to house swapping to house swapping they now say it's the only There are so many British tourists in might say might say it'sigist like home. - it's just like home. The Coogee to Bondi walk is one of the delights for us. For Ian and practically true. The couple have temporarily London apartment for a flat in the sea side suburb and they're part of a grow trend. Aussie House Swap has been 18 members. House exchangeses are becoming a popular option for holiday makers on a budget. We believe rt increase over the last year's last year's directly related to the global financial crisis. arrange to stay in own in return. Cutting the hidden bonus. You get to see the culture from the eyes of the people who bliv of the people who bliv within it. Canberra couple Rod and Jenny have swapped their house Scotland and France. All people they've never met. Some they've never met. Some people have asked us that - Oh, I couldn't have strangers in couldn't have strangers in our house. But I guess you've got to remember it's a to remember it's a reciprocal relationship, we're in home as well. Perhaps understandably, the industry is less enthusiastic. Citing security as one potential problem. Someone still has to do the cooking make the beds and take make the beds and take the rubbish out. That's a lot rubbish out. That's a lot like being at home. If you want being at home. If you want to have a real holiday stay in a hotel. Nonsense. For the advantage of having a wonderful experience overseas, what heck?! A whole heck?! A whole new meaning for a home away from home. weather appears to be Pakistan's best hope of avoiding a three-nil avoiding a three-nil series defeat after Australia pushed towards victory on the fourth day of the third Test in

Hobart. Simon Katich and Ricky Ponting added close to 200 the second wicket before declaration gave Pakistan declaration gave Pakistan a target of 438. Rain stopped play about one close to 300 ahead, Simon Katich and Ricky Ponting had one aim on day four - score briskly to head mid-afternoon declaration. Rain was in the forecast, the Australians Australians needed careful judgment time to clean sweep the series. The Pakistan i attack gave the pair plenty to hit. They past a century stand. past a century stand. Ponting had a chance to become only the 7th player in Test history to score a double tonne and a century in the one Test. Katich wanted to convert another summer venture into summer venture into the 90s into three figures. He did into three figures. He did it in style - 13 fours, just 136 balls. As soon as he did, it was as if the even hundred was enough. Out (soon after lunch a successful Pakistan brought an end to a brought an end to a displayed Australian skipper's century technology pick that.? And collapse as pinch hitters Haddin misjudged a... Against Haddin misjudged a... Against a Mohammad Aamer's throw. And Mitchell Johnson failed to score. Pont hg had enough. A mixup between Haddin mixup between Haddin and first slip Marcus North when Salman Butt edged between them Butt edged between them didn't prevent Australia making inroads before inroads before tea. The first innings' centurymaker went for 8. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Bollinger. Imran Fahat followed for 14. After a flourish of good timing, Mohammad Youssuf fell lbw to Watson for only 23. He's giving him out. Watson's ability him out. Watson's ability to reverse swing was damaging. Umar Akmal gone for 15. The rain set in at about 4.30. The World's top tennis given up precious preparation time ahead of the Australian Open in the name of Open in the name of charity. More than 17,000 squeezed into Rod Laver for an event to raise money for the victims of this week's earthquake. The was the brain child of was the brain child of World No. 1 Roger Federer. You'd usually only see lines like this at Wimbledon and the year's first grand slam hasn't even started yet. But Roger Federer speaks the tennis world listens, and digs deep. As a tennis deep. As a tennis family, very rarely we rarely we do get together and have an for a great cause to come together at together at once. A packed Rod Laver Arena witnessed something contenders ditched serious practice for practice for hit and giggle. Did you really - you foot-faulted me in a charity match? You realise serene ''s over there, right? LAUGHTER The event wasn't lost amidst the fun. Relaxing slam is not usually the Lleyton Hewitt way, but the Hewitt way, but the Australian No. 1 says he is at the top of his game on the even of the Open. I hit the ball Open. I hit the ball extremely well yesterday in practice. It's a matter of all the hard work, it's a matter of going on the court. Australia's big hope in the women's event Samantha Stosur admitted about her first but that's not affecting her all that kind of thing. At moment I'm on court. Things are court. Things are feeling pretty good pretty good for Marcos Baghdatis too. he will be one to watch at Melbourne to watch at Melbourne Park. The British cycling team, Sky has had a season pushing Greg season pushing Greg Henderson this to victory in Down Under Classic event Adelaide this afternoon. While today's race doesn't count for the Tour itself there was plenty of action from the sport's biggest stars to keep the fans entertained. The prologue's flat and fast doesn't suit everyone, doesn't suit everyone, meaning different riders went in with different goals. Get the ready for this week ready for this week coming up. It's not really if I see an ap tunt I'll take it. I think it's a good race find the condition and find the condition and to know where you really are where you really are with your condition. The tuneup should've happened bf here. Little warm-up. It was a star start line. Australian Cameron Meyer Meyer and Team Footon's David Vitoria made the break. The gap stretched break. The gap stretched to 20 seconds before the pair was reeled in. reeled in. It wasn't long before there was another before there was another break away, this time featuring away, this time featuring five riders including the man everyone came to see. COMMENTATOR: Lance Armstrong has put his nose has put his nose out front. With the Pell tonne front. With the Pell tonne in hot pursuit five become four, four became 3, with less laps to go they were altogether again. Teams Milram, Sky and Columbia jostled for control as the final lap neared. In a mad dash for dash for the line, New Zealander Greg Henderson gave team Sky a dream debut in team Sky a dream debut in its first first competitive outing. It was unbelievable the team. The it a Team Sky quinella with countryman Robbie McEwen in third. went to Vittoria, Gutierrez,. The Tour Down Under gets The Tour Down Under gets under way in earnest on Robert Allenby has regained Robert Allenby has regained a share of the lead at the US tour event. He fired a 3 under par 67 to finish round 3 on 11 under. The Australian moved one stroke ahead of the overnight leader, Ryan Palmer on the leader, Ryan Palmer on the 12th hole. A birdie on the 18th saw the American rejoin the lead 3 shots ahead of a four-way tie for second. Australia's Green is a fourth shot back in driver Carlo Sainz has won 2010 Dakar Rally. His first victory in the event. victory in the event. The 47-year-old former World Rally

champion 12 seconds ahead 12 seconds ahead of Volkswagen team-mate Nasser Al-Attiyah. the history of the events. Sainz clashed with Al-Attiyah during the penultimate stage of the event, accusing him unsportsman like the pair put that behind them as the rally ended. stage, but it wasn't edge out Sainz. American driver Mark Miller rounded out a Mark Miller rounded out a hat strik for Volkswagen, finishing third. It's one of the rarest instruments and one of the most temperamental. The glass harmonica Benjamin Franklin, pu Benjamin Franklin, pu you play it with your fingers like a wine glass. A Sydney group is taking up this delicate When a group of Sydney musicians were able to borrow Australia's only glass harmonica they were in for few surprises. Having timed a project fractured project fractured again I had no idea it was a bit of a prophecy in the making prophecy in the making because we've smashed various glass instruments. They've collected and commissioned instruments from all over Australia from all over Australia now they're faced with keeping their moody ensemble in tune. We've got to be careful of of what weneath eat because the finest changes in the oils of our fingers is of our fingers is the difference between whether the instrument will night or if it night or if it will stay silent. There's the sheer fact it could break at any which it has. Safety goggles and covered shoes are a must but breakages aren't the only health risk. The glass harmonica has this reputation various German towns ban perform ass music. The noted some strange felt really like I was gonna throw up. I'm sure it's also from the harmonica makes and the resonance through your Now the trick all from cracking up ahead month. I'm not mad yet. month. I'm not mad yet. To the weather - it was a clear sunny day in Canberra. top of 27 after dropping to 13 overnight. Windy in Goulburn, at Batemans Bay, a clearing shower for Bega, much cooler in Wagga Wagga and Griffith. Tops of 27 there. Cloudy and 27 of 27 there. Cloudy and 27 in Sydney, wet Sydney, wet in Melbourne. Suby in Brisbane, showers Adelaide and Hobart. Patchy cloud south-east in cool causing scattered showers. Cloud over the New South Wales ranges could mean severe Storms. A trough contracting Storms. A trough contracting to the east coast will trigger a few showers, a high will keep South Australia easterlies will persist in WA. Thick cloud in the tropics is causing thundery yers over the Top End near a tropical low. In the capitals tomorrow - fine and 34 in Brisbane, Sydney sunny and ta #2r5 #2r5 25. Wet and windy in Melbourne. Hot in Perth. Melbourne. Hot in Perth. A possible shower possible storms and 20 Batemans Bay, quite mild Cooma. A sunny 23 in Wagga Wagga. Canberra's forecast Wagga. Canberra's forecast - we'll get we'll get a cool change tomorrow. Cloudy, top of only 21 after a cool overnight 21 after a cool overnight low of 10. After that, it of 10. After that, it will remain mostly sunny for the week with temperatures climbing into the 30s again peaking at 36 A brief recap of our top stories tonight stories tonight - the United Nations says Haiti is the Nations says Haiti is the worst situation it's ever had to deal with. 5 days on with. 5 days on from the devastating agencies are to get aid to the survivors. Anger and frustration compounding the distribution problems problems with some aircraft having to abandon attempts to deliver supplies as they were mobbed by survivors. That's the news for now. You can latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC online. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI