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(generated from captions) Oh, my God. add another $500 to this. You could still $200,000 or $75,000? What do you think's in 1? You reckon he's got the $200,000? I reckon he's got the $200,000. He got the $75,000? I think I've got the $75,000. Alright, John. Alright. OK. and see what you got, fella. Let's pop those locks Come on, John Burgess! Ohhh! (LAUGHS)

Well done, the two of you. 75 grand. But $43,000... That's a tremendous outcome. I'm very happy, Andrew. That's half an hour's work, Trish.

I know! I know! It's real money! For a retiree that ain't bad. It's lovely! Let's see the money! Casey, with your cheque Here comes our Chief Stewardess, as well as Captain John. and see how far it gets you! Pop that in the Cessna, old boy, by the look of things! All the way to Venice

Great playing with you, John. Great playing with you, Trish! ladies and gentlemen And we'll see you all next time, here in the Deal-a-Drome. 'Bye, now. This program is captioned live. Tonight - crowd around Sydney Harbour More than a million people to welcome in 2010. The race begins early on land and water to secure the best vantage points for tonight's fireworks. that's left Sydney bank customers Also the ATM scam with nothing. as Lara Bingle asks And Michael's back in the Merc "Where the hell's my Aston Martin?" with Mark Ferguson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good Evening. of the Sydney Harbour foreshore You're looking at live pictures since early this morning which has been filling up try to get the best position as hundreds of thousands of people fireworks. to watch tonight's New Year's Eve

from right around the harbour Seven News has coverage weather forecast for tonight. as well as the all important are expected to be harbourside More than one million people by the time midnight rolls around. the Seven News chopper. Chris Reason is in is left down there? Chris, how much space their way to the harbour Mark, people are still making

As you would expect it's looking

pretty crowded down there. We have

just taken a quick sweep around

of the foreshore areas, most of the just taken a quick sweep around most

good vantage points are taken.

there are still some spaces good vantage points are taken. But

available. Let us quickly take you

around some of the places we have been seeing.. been seeing.

the most popular areas, Let me show you starting with the Opera House.

Not at xat it yet but looking very

good there. Around the corner, Mrs

Mack's chair, hardly room to move.

They have been lining up in there

for the last 24 hours. We have also

got shots of Kirrabilli, just across

the harbour on the north side. It's

not looking as full, Mark as I have

seen it in previous years. There

could be some capacity down there if

you still want to try and head out

and make that injury knee. Let's

take a live shot now. You can see

beneath us, in the harbour, boats

are at capacity, all position there

is have been taken. We have also got

some of the islands have been

selling tickets. We know shark

island, goat island, Clark, some of

about $ those have been selling tickets for

about $160 per head. They are

expected to be at capacity. It

be one of the busiest nights we have expected to be at capacity. It will

seen on the harbour for the last

neeum. How is traffic looking? On

the roads all the way in and out of

the harbour, I can tell you it's

fantastic. You wish it was like this

all the time. It seems as though

people have paid attention to the

RTA notices and have left their cars

at home and have taken public

transport do to get down here, the

glaze ville bridge, the freeway, all

absolutely clear. A reminder though

to anyone who did come in by car,

the harbour bridge and Anzac bridge

will be both closed for both

sessions of fireworks. Avoid the

area completely. Mark.

area completely. Mark.. Other than

enjoy the night. Now to Sean Berry at Kirribilli. on the ground there? Sean, what's it like Mark, crowded! New Year's Eve turnouts on record This is set to be one of the biggest despite the weather. their claim People have been staking since yesterday. to a piece of the harbour foreshore

are expected to be down here. By midnight, 1.5 million people Happy New Year! is a prime harbourside spot. Mrs Macquarie's Point and thousands want to be here. It's family friendly, free Many camped since yesterday. To get the best spot. But no pushing in. And strictly no B.Y.O. today. No alcohol allowed inside the event for searching. Please have you bags ready At 10am, the gates opened. 4, 3, 2, 1! Yay! First, a bag check. Then a race for the best spots and the Opera House. overlooking Farm Cove

It's good. Just catching my breath. He looks a little white. The wrong shade. this year. Apparently blue's the colour At Observatory Hill, Down Under. backpackers claimed the rotunda We actually slept on the grass. until it rained in the morning, It was quite cool which wasn't quite cool. So they moved under cover. And if it rains, we're sorted. They had a long wait. Some played cards. Others plan to. Drink, get drunk. About 16 hours left. Let's hope he's awake at midnight. Hello, the world. Woo. the world's already here. From the harbour, it feels like they look fantastic every year, so. Well, I always see them on TV and Happy new year. Not everyone will have one. The owner of this car won't. At Kirribilli, rain was threatening. I came all the way from the UK and New Year's Eve. to have a hot summer Christmas Day back home. And it's just the same as it is Competition for front row seats is brutal. on the older fellow Yesterday, we snuck up who usually comes to the same spot two hours before he got here. and so we took his spot Camping out brings its own perils. 'cause our tent was really small It was very squashy

Dad kept farting in the tent. and, um,

Not quite the spirit being encouraged by organisers. We're gonna waken that spirit, that sensual, soulful, spirited city of Sydney.

They'll have to do it without alcoholic spirits - banned in many locations. Of course, the alcohol bans ends at the water's edge. Out here on the harbour, only skippers can't drink. Everyone else is allowed to have a really... Happy new year! Happy new year, soon.

Happy new year. Woo! Now to Robert Ovadia at The Rocks. Rob, what's security like this evening? Mark, police are out in force on land and on the water.

Om a few minutes ago a young man

clearly drunk tripped

clearly drunk tripped over himself and through up in the gutter and

it's not even 6 o'clock yet.

Paramedics treated him and police

are preparing for the worst ild. There will be 2,500 additional police across Sydney. 1,500 extra in the CBD alone. They view New Year's Eve differently to most of us because they confront this. What thousands of police can't see on the ground, it's likely officers will see at the Police Operations Centre. Pictures relayed from hundreds of security cameras, or live from Polair. The aim of the operation is to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve. Mounted police are preparing themselves and their horses for a long night. So are paramedics and hospitals. For St Vincent's, on a night of celebration, this is the worst night of the year. It's a war zone - blood, guts, beer and vomit. It's just awful. Police won't be just out in force on land. New Year's Eve is, of a course, a harbour event and with all the boats out on the harbour this evening there will be 14 water police craft with them conducting random breath tests and enforcing the laws. They're already doing RBT right across the harbour. Obviously they've got other taskings as well, crowd control and that sort of thing, exclusion zone patrol, but they'll be trying to get as many done as they can. Police say they're encouraging a fun night, just not at the expense of others. Anyone who wants to misbehave - they will be spending the new year in a police cell. Of course, the real test of crowd control will come after midnight when more than a million people try to get out of here. Mark. Thanks, Rob. To other news now

and a man wanted over the murder of his wife at Westmead has been arrested in Melbourne. Chaman Jot Singh was apprehended by Victorian officers as he got off a bus from Sydney last night.

Police were hunting for the 23-year-old

after his wife was found with her throat cut at their Westmead home.

Singh is expected to be charged with murder.

Sydney police will apply for his extradition next week. Some Sydney bank customers have been fleeced of their entire savings

by a gang of ATM skimmers. One victim has been told it'll be weeks before she gets her money back leaving her cashless over the holidays. Shan Williamson knew her bank balance would take a hit over the festive season. But she didn't expect her savings to be stolen

by international fraudsters. I didn't have the funds leading up to Christmas, in that week leading up to Christmas for Christmas presents and for shopping in general. A gang of skimming thieves targeted her ATM

at Mona Vale's St. George bank. Shan's details were wired to the UK, where the crooks emptied her account. She wasn't alone. After complaining, she was told to join the fraud queue. To be told my funds had been taken out of my account and it would be three or four weeks before they could return the funds. Australian banks are a prime target

because our anti-skimming technology is out of date. Cards overseas have a security chip. Most of ours don't. So, we are the weak point. A spokesman for St. George initially tried to deny the scale of the scam claiming just a handful of customers were affected. But we've learned that in the week before Christmas

the queue of victims from this ATM alone stretched through these doors and right onto the pavement. A St. George ATM in Penrith was also targeted. But the bank refuses to reveal how many others have been hit. Most victims just want their money back. I think four weeks is a little bit too long to wait for it to be investigated and for my money to be put back into my account. Model Lara Bingle is using Twitter to appeal for the return of her Aston Martin sports car stolen from her Bondi home. The $300,000 Vantage V8 was a gift from cricket star Michael Clarke, but the Vantage has vanished. Home from the Melbourne Test, Michael Clarke had to borrow this Mercedes

after fiancee Lara Bingle's Aston Martin was stolen. A car synonymous with the world's most famous secret agent, usually with optional extras - 007's ride. Gone like a shot from Clarke and Bingle's car park on Tuesday night. On Twitter, Lara wrote: Neighbours believe crooks were looking for Lara's car. They say three other garages were tampered with, but Lara forgot to lock hers. So, where the bloody hell are you? This car is probably inside a container somewhere ready to be shipped off. Experts say it'd be difficult to offload here. Exotic cars are quite unusual for cars of that nature to be stolen because they are highly visible, very hard to dispose of. This is a very similar Aston Martin.

Obviously they don't usually come with 007's machine guns, ejector seats and pistols in the glove box. But every model has top-class security which should make stealing one very difficult. Shaun Baker sold 'Pup' the V8 Vantage. Cars like this are sold on the world market so you're dealing with some pretty sophisticated criminals so if they need to get the car, they'll get it. Back to Sydney Harbour now and Sarah Cumming has the all important weather forecast. Sarah, is there any more rain on the way? Mark, the weather bureau says it can't rule out a brief shower, but this evening should be mostly fine. The grey clouds have looked threatening all day delivering a few light showers to keep the foreshore crowds cool. But it's not enough to dampen the party spirit. In fact, light rain and humidity can make the fireworks look even better. Light winds are forecast, which will help clear the smoke. I'll be back with the forecast for the first week of 2010 Still to come - what the new year holds for Sydney property prices. Also, families return to inspect the devastation following the bushfires near Perth. And no sign of Tiger as one of his mistresses makes a rare public appearance. That's next. I mean, I've been around and shopped around and it's just fantastic. We're very competitive and we have a great range. Pack of 10 solar pathlight kit - $20. Makita 710W hammer drill - $99. 4-burner flat-top barbecue - $109. 4L Dulux Wash & Wear Advanced - $63.90. 50L storage container - $9.98. We've got the widest range and the lowest prices. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. (CHEERY JUG BAND MUSIC PLAYS) (CHOIR WHISTLES 'THIS OLD MAN') You're watching Seven News on this New Year's Eve and these are live pictures of the hundreds of thousands of people lining Sydney Harbour for tonight's fireworks shows. More than a million are expected. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is standing by his pledge to turn back asylum boats if he wins the election. The Liberal Leader says he's prepared to take the drastic action despite concerns it could breach international law. It's something that's been done by comparable countries and if we are to fully protect our borders, we can't rule it out. Overnight, the navy intercepted a suspected asylum vessel near Ashmore Island - the 61st to reach Australian waters this year. A fallen powerline is the likely cause of the bushfire which destroyed 38 homes in Western Australia. This afternoon, some locals were allowed back into the town of Toodyay,

north-east of Perth, to see if their homes are still standing. After the worst fires in WA in 50 years, residents feared there would be nothing left... God.

..and they were right.

Tom Carter owns Toodyay's fruit shop. He's lost his home and his orchard. It wasn't much but... was his home. This morning, he was determined to open his store. His customers are all he has left. Absolutely. This is the only thing that's keeping me going. The massive fire front destroyed 38 homes. Residents are now being offered thousands of dollars in financial aid. And they'll need it - tonight they're saying goodbye to a lot more than just 2009. We are lucky that we're all still alive and we're all still here. Anguish turned to anger when residents heard the fire started when a power pole collapsed. Sparks fell on dry grass with catastrophic effect. If it's determined that it's caused by our negligence we will be paying compensation. Almost three years ago, powerlines started another blaze at Toodyay that killed a young schoolteacher. They just have to do something about the lines, you know - they can't just keep them as they are and continue to have these things happening. An Australian pilot has life-threatening injuries after his light plane crashed in Papua New Guinea killing all six passengers. Two children are among the dead

after the Cessna caught fire and came down in mountains in the country's north-west. 68-year-old Australian pilot Richard Lay was flown to Royal Brisbane Hospital last night. He's being treated for severe burns to half his body. The first woman linked with Tiger Woods in his recent marriage woes has denied partying with him in Florida last weekend. Rachel Uchitel says she hasn't been in contact with Woods for some time. I don't have any comment. I'm not going to have any comment and so I have to live my life and I appreciate you guys not being on my property and not bothering while I'm trying to be here. While Tiger continues to work on repairing his marriage, actor Charlie Sheen is making progress. He's trying to reconcile with his wife, Brooke Mueller, after being charged with domestic violence. The experts are unanimous - 2010 is set to be a good year on the share market. But they're not so certain about Sydney's property market with increasing interest rates threatening to put the brakes on rising house prices. After a year of living nervously, it's time to let our hair down. No global recession here. Nobody would have expected that we would have finished on such a high. Our share market finished up 33% from 12 months ago. Back in March, it was all despair and panic. It's not going to put a smile on everyone's face, but it will certainly put a bit of a grin on their faces. More volatility but steady growth is expected in 2010 with resources tipped as the standout. The big banks are seen as a safe bet, but retail may have to do without training wheels as the Government's stimulus money dries up. And good news for superannuants. We expect a positive return next year. Probably high single digits, low double digits. It's got some advising shares against bricks and mortar. I think the significant recovery that we've seen in the property market during 2009 is going to start to tail off. While Sydney's inner-city apartments may stay hard to shift, some predict the lead will come from the suburbs. The western suburbs are going to recover first.

We're going to see those prices increase in probably double figure amounts in 2010 and 2011.

But before we party too hard, there's a big hangover expected from these happier economic times - more interest rate rises. Maybe three or four next year. And interest rates will probably settle around the 8% for consumers.

Sport now with Mark Beretta and Nathan Hauritz says he's here to stay. Mark, the First Test hero won't give up his spot without a fight. Details next. Plus Dave Warner's record big bash. That's into orbit that one. And Lleyton Hewitt predicts a big 2010. This time of year, deals come in all shapes and sizes. At Dick Smith, get the right deal, like this Sanyo 32" HD TV, only $578, at the massive Dick Smith Sale. Hurry in today. Dick Smith - talk to the techxperts. Spinner Nathan Hauritz says Blues young gun Steven Smith will have a long wait because he's not about to hand over his Test spot to anyone. The hero of the First Test, Hauritz is planning a repeat in Sydney and he has some unlikely backing. Pakistan hit town hopeful injured spinner Danish Kaneria will be right for Sunday's second Test at the SCG after they were destroyed by Nathan Hauritz in Melbourne. The tourists can't believe the Aussie off spinner's future could be in any doubt. Shane Warne is the best ever. I think he's the moment he's the best choice I've seen. Take five wickets there, I think is very good bowling. And Hauritz has a message for the doubters. You know, I've earnt this spot and I'm here for the long term. Hauritz knows the big push is on for Steve Smith. And he's a leg spinner, so you know, that's already got 'Australia' written all over it you know, virtually, in the eyes of the public. Smith was one of the heroes of the Blues Twenty20 win against Tasmania last night. COMMENTATOR: That's a spectacular catch. A cracking catch and four wickets with the ball. Steve Smith - he's got the knack. But it was batsmen Dave Warner who'd earlier set up the big win with the fastest 50 in Big Bash history

off just 18 balls. He finished with 67 off 24. And he goes again. That's massive. That's into orbit, that one. The handicap winner of the Sydney-Hobart has finally been decided with Adelaide yacht 'Two True' claiming victory. The crew had to survive a protest to win after being involved in a collision with another yacht on Sydney Harbour. All but one of the 100 that set sail on Boxing Day have finished with 'Polaris of Belmont' racing to finish before next year. Lleyton Hewitt is primed for a big 2010 claiming he's in the best shape of his career. The 28-year-old will team up with Sam Stosur in this weekend's Hopman Cup in Perth before beginning his Australian Open assault. Far from looking at the backend of his career, Lleyton Hewitt is looking to kick-start his comeback to the top with the Hopman Cup. I've been waiting the last, you know, three months to get out on the court and play these tournaments and get into it.

And his fitness couldn't be better. As I said, I feel as fit as I've ever been and I feel as strong as I've ever been and hitting the ball well at the moment. Across the country and Kim Clijsters showed why she'll always be Aussie Kim.

After practice for the Brisbane International, a visit to a kids hospital lifted spirits of special little fans. Jump. Aw! (LAUGHS) It's really nice to be back. It's nice to see some familiar faces again and just nice to be back in this atmosphere. He arrived in Brisbane with just the shirt on his back yesterday. Today, world number seven Andy Roddick was reunited with his missing luggage. We're good now. I'm fully clothed. (LAUGHTER) The big-serving American hasn't played since the US Open because of a knee injury - a bonus, he claims, heading into the Australian summer of tennis. On the flip-side, I'm probably a little bit more mentally rested then a lot of these guys, maybe a little bit more eager to get out here.

Have a great night tonight

Have a great night tonight and a happy new year everyone. Too,

Beretts, good on you mate. the clouds and drizzle haven't kept partygoers away. It's packed here at Kirribilli of 25 degrees at 4pm Sydney today reached a top over the north and west. Today's light rain mainly fell It was warmer than usual last night its warmest December nights with Sydney this month recording in nine years. conditions over much of NSW. The satellite picture shows cloudy over the Hunter. There's a line of showers If they reach Sydney around 10pm. we could have a brief shower are in for a fine start to 2010. Perth, Adelaide and Hobart a shower or two But Brisbane can expect in Melbourne and Canberra. possible storms On Sydney's waterways - it's 22 degrees in the water. If you're heading to the beach,

around tomorrow, The clouds will stick and a possible storm with a shower or two in the afternoon. 27 in the city. in Parramatta, Temperatures will rise to 29 Richmond and Campbelltown. 30 at Liverpool, 31 in Penrith.

with the chance of a late storm, It'll be unsettled again on Saturday and mostly fine. but Sunday will be cooler heading into next week, Temperatures will climb a little on Tuesday or Wednesday. with the chance of a shower most probably won't mind from the year's biggest party. as Sydney recovers for this Thursday and for 2009. That's Seven News hope you have a great night From the entire team, and a very happy new year.

of famous Australians Eve confessions

from their mistakes. and how we can all benefit who aren't even old enough to drive. And seasoned criminals all under 15 years old. Theft, armed robbery, and murder, and the sinners, Plus, the winners, the grinners as voted by you. We hand out the awards for 2009 with Samantha Armytage. VOICEOVER: Now, Today Tonight Good evening. It wouldn't be New Year's Eve making a resolution without millions of us to get off to a good start. you plan on making, To help you with whatever promise David Eccleston asked several Australians well known and successful they could give. what's the best advice I wanted to in the pool this year. Not performing as well as as a regret I wouldn't really see it that I've really like learned from because it's something and I don't want that to happen again so it's definitely disappointing

in 2010. but hopefully I can turn that around

were $7.50. Well, Harvey Norman shares They dropped down under $2 you know what, I bought none. and I was going to buy a heap - at the time, and I'm saying, And I'm talking to people to go lower, They're waiting for them