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(generated from captions) is rounded with a sleep. And our little life Thank you so much. I'm so happy. Well done! What a fantastic outcome! I love it when a dream comes true. Yep. Oh, how delightful. How delightful. what do you think's in 11? Just to put a cherry on it, Lisa, Let's see if you're right. $4,000. Come on, come on, come on. Yeah! Yeah! So there was the $50,000. Your dream wasn't about $50,000. Don't worry about that. a mere prop device, in your play, Think of that as an instrument, and feast your eyes on this! $27,000. What a super game. What a wonderful outcome. having you here, Sal. Been an absolute pleasure You too, Lise. ladies and gentlemen. See you later on the Deal,

in our audience. Great having your company Exeunt, pursued by banker! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. of a Sydney truck driver Tonight - the fiancee that killed two girls. defends him over the tanker blaze He just had a 2-month-old son. to cut his life short? Why would he do anything

destroys 37 homes near Perth. A catastrophic bushfire Caught on camera - costing the Salvation Army millions. the Sydney rubbish dumpers claiming front row seats The fireworks fans New Year's Eve celebrations. for Sydney's to win the Boxing Day Test. And Australia applies the pressure with Mark Ferguson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening.

The fiancee of a tanker driver near Batemans Bay killed in a fiery crash by suggestions it was his fault. says her grief has been made worse also died in the accident Two young sisters have life-threatening injuries. and their parents would never have put lives at risk. The truckie's partner insists he a fortnight ago, This is tanker driver David Carolan of his 2-month-old son. gazing into the eyes wants him to be remembered. It's the way his fiancee Nicole

I've ever met. David was the best person who'd do anything for anyone. A very hard-working family man collided with oncoming vehicles David was killed when his tanker

on the Princes Highway.

sisters Jordan and Makeely Bridge. The crash claimed the lives of massive burns. Their parents suffered of long-distance driving. Nicole says David knew the risks I'd say to him, Every morning before he left "I love you. Be careful." "Yeah, yeah. I will, Nic." He knew how dangerous it was. She says he took safety seriously

the crash was his fault. and is upset by speculation He just had a 2-month-old son.

to cut his life short? Why would he do anything Cootes Transport's Smithfield depot. David Carolan worked here at sometime after midday on Monday. And set off in his tanker When he crashed his destination at Batemans Bay. he was just 15 minutes from reaching is still under investigation. Exactly how the accident happened to pay their respects. Today, friends came I'm so upset for Nicole. Dave, too. Dave was a good bloke, so... will never know his father. Nicole is devastated her son Jaidyn We'd just had a little boy, Jaidyn. Loved him. (CRIES) David and Debbie Bridge, killed in the crash, the parents of the two girls remain in critical conditions and Concord hospitals. in Sydney's Royal North Shore Mrs Bridge is being treated. Robert Ovadia is at Concord where

on how she's doing? Rob, has there been any further word who's 40, was critical but stable. Mark, at last report Mrs Bridge, is said to be worse off. Her 45-year-old husband have burns to 80% of their bodies. Each was initially reported to are tough to survive Such horrific injuries they're getting. despite the expert care are at the hospitals - Family members they issued a statement today concern at this very difficult time, thanking the public for their good or bad, If there's any further news, to release it. Mark. it will be up to the family on Concord Road Traffic has been stopped to land to allow an ambulance helicopter patient at Rhodes. to treat a critically-injured after being hit by a car. A 20-year-man has head injuries in both directions Traffic was brought to a standstill near the Ryde Bridge the south-bound lanes. as the chopper landed on of an Indian woman Police are searching for the husband who was murdered at Westmead. with her throat cut The 29-year-old victim was found at around midnight. inside this house Chamanjot Singh, Her 23-year-old husband, before police arrived. left the home on foot he was dressed in a pair of shorts, The last description we have is that

a white singlet and thongs. is still in the Sydney area Police believe Singh and could be armed. 6 months ago. The couple arrived in Australia to a massive bushfire 37 families have lost their homes north-east of Perth. that's still burning tonight

Catastrophic warnings were issued the community at Toodyay last night. just before the blaze took hold of catastrophic bushfire warning It was Western Australia's second the worst fears came true. and this time was swallowed up by flames House after house as the town of Toodyay burned. Fireballs ripped through properties and crops in their way. destroying sheds were the perfect recipe Strong winds and searing heat for a bushfire disaster. (SIRENS WAIL) whatever they could. People fled with I just brought my youngest child. Throw a few things in the car and Just get the kids out and go. Where to? Didn't really know. They ended up at evacuation centres

were still standing. unsure if their homes is your house still there? So o you know - No idea. I have no idea. were treated Three firefighters and a resident for smoke inhalation and burns. or seriously hurt. But no-one was killed We were very lucky to get out. I'm surprised we did get out, actually. Today, as temperatures dropped, there was collective shock at the devastation. Unfortunately, at this stage, we have 37 homes lost. (PEOPLE GASP) There was relief for some. Yep, it's all there. Yep, it's incredible. And the small town spirit shone through. I suppose we just have to come together and rebuild and help each other as much as we can. Expectant mothers could lose thousands of dollars under Medicare changes starting on Friday. Unless they finalise payments to private obstetricians by tomorrow they'll only be eligible for a $200 rebate. After 1 January, these little bundles of joy will become much more expensive for a private obstetrician to deliver. Federal Government changes to Medicare mean the fee charged to women at 20 weeks pregnant will skyrocket. They're costs which will be transferred to patients and I don't think that obstetricians will be able to make significant discounts to help out those patients given the lack of Government support. Previously, the Medicare Safety Net would pay 80% of the difference between the standard Medicare rebate and the obstetrician's private fee. Now it'll only pay up to $200, which means if pregnant women don't pay their bill by tomorrow they'll be thousands of dollars out of pocket. So on a $6,000 bill, on December 31, you'll get $4,600 from Medicare. On 1 January you'll get just $200. The Federal Government says obstetricians charge too much -

fees rose 267% over five years. Obstetricians say the rebate cut will see patients fleeing to the over-burdened public system. There just aren't enough beds in the system so if that happens, I think it's really going to be a bad outcome. We're confident that we'll be able to meet any increased demand but we will keep the situation under review. The Salvation Army is pleading with people not to use its charity depots as rubbish dumps after what seems to have been a Christmas purge.

They've been left with useless junk, including rotten food and dead animals, which cost the Salvos millions to get rid of. The mountains of useless junk at the Salvos left behind by dumpers too lazy to pay for its disposal. Trashed furniture, dirty bedding, a toilet with seafood scraps...'s a charity turned into a tip. Obviously people know they're not making a donation when they dump that sort of thing. It gets worse - used syringes, even dead animals. That have been left here in bags as well. That is just unforgivable. Donations during the day are usually OK. I got some electrical, some plates. Is it useful? Yes. A different story at night - this dumper used a pole to disable security cameras before offloading. Often, stolen goods are left behind. And dumping by second-hand dealers, who toss truckloads of used items they've rejected, forcing Salvos to pay for the cost of a tip. $6 million this year. That could've run 20 soup kitchens. 17% increase. Last year, it was $5.3 million. Even the Salvos can't sell empty paint tins and what about analogue TVs - plenty of those are headed to the tip as we prepare to turn digital.

Worthwhile donations left at night often get swiped anyway before they reach charities. The Salvos are pleading - make sure you drop off during business hours. All dresses and jackets and stuff like that. But if it's useless junk, don't bother. England is threatening to boycott next year's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. A review of security has uncovered fears for athletes' safety and that's sparked concern for our sports stars.

London's 'Telegraph' newspaper set the ball rolling with the alarming headline, quoting police and the team's security advisers as having serious concerns. And it wasn't long before our athletes were feeling the same way. Worried. Yeah, I'd have to say I'm worried and where there's smoke there's fire

and the English wouldn't be saying any of this unless there's a legitimate reason. After last year's Mumbai terrorist attacks, which saw State cricket teams abort their tour plans, there are real fears among athletes that Delhi could become a prime terrorist target. Raelene Boyle says she's always had reservations about the Games being staged there. Concerned about, one - the standard of facilities for the athletes competing and two - the wellbeing of the athletes in a place like India.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it has no particular security concerns for those heading to Delhi but its current advice is for travellers to exercise a high degree of caution

when heading into India. If England does pull out, there's no doubt the ramifications for the Games will be severe. It will make a bit of a mockery of it. It'll be the first step in the Commonwealth Games ending so let's hope there's no truth in it. But the Australian Commonwealth Games Association says at this time, there are no changes to its plans.

At the end of the day, we'll take the decision in concert with government and with the organising committee and as far as we're concerned, right now, were going. Some revellers, very keen to see out the decade, have already taken up a front row seat for tomorrow night's New Year's Eve fireworks. 1.5 million people are expected harbourside and police are warning they'll be out in force. The big bang is still more than 24 hours away - a long wait for those already on Cockatoo Island. Oh, yeah, but we look at it as a bit of a holiday as well. They all seem very laid back. Don't have to worry about taxis, actually get a decent view, and you can just chill out.

Well, those kids can. He'll be scared, she'll probably love it. The Police Minister and Commissioner are warning us not to have too much fun

sounding a bit like Dad used to. Make yourself a New Year's resolution to grow up and behave yourself and start practising that on New Year's Eve. Go and enjoy it but don't make an idiot of yourself. For those who do get into trouble, this is how paramedics will get through the million-strong crowd. Unlike the car, the fireworks will be bigger than ever and although rain is predicted... The longer we go into the evening, the drier it's going to get and by the time we get around to midnight the chances are there won't be any rainfall around. There are 42 official firework viewing points dotted around the harbour, most with fantastic views of the bridge and many of them will be full by the time the sun goes down. Some of the best views can be had at: Additional trains, buses and ferries have been put on. Still to come - claims that Tiger Woods has had plastic surgery. Also - the weather outlook for the rest of Sydney's summer. And are these airport scanners? The future for air travel.

That's next. Bondi police are investigating the theft of a luxury car belonging to model Lara Bingle. The Aston Martin, worth around $300,000, was stolen from the garage of the apartment she shares with fiance Michael Clarke. It was taken sometime early this morning. Neighbours say a number of garages were broken into as the thieves searched for the car. Despite our soggy Christmas, Sydney will end the year much drier than normal. 2009 will go down as one of our worst years for rain this decade. It hasn't been this dry for four years but a long range forecaster expects January to be wet.

After days of miserable weather clear skies enticed beachgoers to Bondi. Very happy to finally have some sun.

Thank God the sun's here finally. Although Sydney had its wettest Christmas break in 15 years, this month was actually drier than normal. Almost 67mm fell. The average December rainfall is 78mm. Over the year, we received 956mm. That's well below average. 2009 started with a heatwave in Sydney. February brought the Black Saturday bushfires and floods on the Mid North Coast and Far North Queensland. Long range-forecaster Ken Ring predicted the deluge. So what does he expect next year? The summer is going to be wetter than average. He says there'll be gale-force winds and thunderstorms on 15 January and minor flooding on the 18th. Between the 10th and the 21st, there'll be another rain lot and it'll be mostly from Orange eastwards. Not what everyone wants to hear. We're hoping it doesn't rain for the whole of January. There should be more good beach weather coming.

Ken Rings says we may have had the hottest days of the summer, but there'll be more high temperatures in the first week of January and then at the end of the month. After a wet February...

Autumn is going to be drier than average - even though there's going to be significant rainfall in April winter is going to be average to drier. US President Barack Obama has publicly shamed America's intelligence agencies over a would-be terrorist's attempts to blow up a plane. He says it's unacceptable that critical information about the accused man wasn't shared. Investigations into would-be plane bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab have now turned to possible links with the Fort Hood army base killer Nidal Hasan. It's claimed

they were both in contact with a radical Muslim preacher raising new questions about what America's intelligence agencies knew. What already is apparent

is that there was a mix of human and systemic failures that contributed to this potential catastrophic breach of security. The CIA received information about the threat posed by Abdulmuttalab last month, but reportedly didn't spread the word.

And I consider that totally unacceptable. Questions are also being asked about whether intelligence agencies knew

of the accused terrorist's internet postings talking about his loneliness and struggle to remain dedicated to his Muslim faith. His ability to smuggle explosives on board a plane could see more full-body scanners being installed at airports which penetrate clothing and show what's beneath. Privacy campaigners argue the images would be too explicit. Whether X-raying pregnant women, for instance, is something that would be acceptable in the name of security these are considerations and these are issues that our political leaders, TSA leaders, take into consideration on a routine basis. A respected American golf writer claims Tiger Woods has been keeping a low profile following plastic surgery after that domestic dispute. Furman Bisher claims the golf superstar was operated on after his wife, Elin Nordegren, hit him with a nine iron at their home five weeks ago. It's alleged Tiger suffered a broken cheekbone and two damaged teeth in the attack prior to crashing his car outside the family's Florida home. Sport now with Mark Beretta

and a great win for Ricky Ponting and the Aussies. Mark, the win against Pakistan has made the Punter cricket's most successful Test skipper. More next,

as Blues spinner Nathan Hauritz bags five wickets to beat Pakistan. COMMENTATOR: Watson's got it! An appropriate finish to the match. And Andy Roddick arrives Down Under with not much more than the shirt on his back.

Welcome back. Nathan Hauritz has saved his Test career and delivered a killer blow to his critics. Hauritz's first 5-wicket haul saw Pakistan slump to a 170-run defeat today at the MCG.

Today's triumph makes Ricky Ponting the most successful skipper in Test history. Seven wickets in hand, 252 runs to win - Pakistan had good reason to feel optimistic about flying the flag. But moments later, Umar Akmar was heading back to the dressing room. COMMENTATOR: I think that's a brilliant catch.

It was close, but ruled a fair take.

Next ball, Mitchell Johnson struck again. Got him! He's one, a hat-trick. Yes, he is. Johnson too quick to get the edge and therefore the hat-trick. Oh, how close was that? 5/171, still some faint hope for the tourists, Kamran Akmal joining his skipper in a desperate last bid for victory. COMMENTATOR: Out of his crease and slaps a six. They got past lunch and had Nathan Hauritz scratching his head - but not for long. Wow, there you go! Pakistan in a spin. Hauritz all of a sudden, he's on a hat-trick. A ring of fielders pressed for the hat-trick - no luck again. The fans' favourite, Dougy Bollinger, made it 8/221.

Mohammad Yousuf fighting 'til the end

out to Hauritz for 61. Catch! That's in the air and that's out. Ricky Ponting was in the wars again, but the pain faded soon as Hauritz bagged his fifth and the Aussies victory by 170 runs. Watson's got it. Yes. An appropriate finish to this match. It's been a great game for us. It's one of our best Test wins in quite a while, I think. The second Test starts in Sydney on Sunday. Tennis superstar Andy Roddick has arrived in Australia determined to finally end his decade-long title drought Down Under.

But the A-Rod could struggle for firepower in the Brisbane International first up after his racquets went missing. It wasn't the ideal arrival. and his model wife, Brooklyn Decker, The world number seven behind customs lines. spent over an hour

We didn't get our bags wears a size 12 US shoe so if anybody out there feel free to pass 'em on. won't be as easy to solve. His second dilemma New Year's resolution? in Australia sometime. I'd like to win a tournament That'd be nice. though is Queensland's humidity. One thing that won't worry Roddick and those are pretty hot places I grew up in Texas and Florida be less uncomfortable so the only thing, you just have to than the guy you're playing against. career earnings nearing $20 million, With a Grand Slam title and Roddick's among the elite. Roger Federer, He and his Wimbledon conqueror, are the only active players to have won at least once and remained inside the world's top 10

for eight straight years. After a 4-month injury and holiday break, the 'A-Rod' is using Brisbane as a springboard. It's a great field. It's what you want. Obviously we're all here to try and get ready for Melbourne in a couple of weeks. Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin are Certainly Belgian comeback queens and Aussie Alicia Molik. to prove her return is on target. The former top 10 player keen you're ready, Show everyone that you're fit, you're playing some good tennis. or the quality field. The wildcard not fazed by the draw about who I play I'm not particularly fussed the work, I've hit enough balls. because I feel like I've done I just want to play a match, really.

Just Andy Roddick care of Brisbane

interest national, if you have those

shoes you can use for a couple ever

days. He can borrow my old shoes if he wants. Checking finance now, its 4-day rally and the share market finished by investors. with some profit-taking AMP shares added 6 cents. The ASX 200 dropped 12 points. with the New Year's Eve forecast Sara's next and Sara, there'll be some showers around? Yes, Mark, but only during the day. I'll have the full New Year's Eve forecast after the break.

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like summer this afternoon It finally felt a little bit with sunny conditions here in Sydney. We reached a pleasant top of 25 degrees just before 1:00. It's still 22 outside. It was partly cloudy across Sydney. 24 at Manly. Penrith hit 28. Temperatures were 1 or 2 degrees below average. From the satellite you can see cloud being driven across New South Wales. A high over the Tasman and a low off our coast are pushing humid north-easterlies into the State. The trough over northern NSW is producing more showers and storms. So the bizarre weather continues

with fire warnings in the west and flood watches in the north. Around the nation tomorrow - Perth, fine and 28. Another scorcher in Adelaide, 41. New Year's Eve celebrations Late storms may interrupt in Canberra, Melbourne and Darwin. will look - So this is how New Year's Eve during the day there will be a few brief showers

in time for the big celebration. but conditions will clear up by tomorrow night. It will be mostly fine around the suburbs, becoming sunny. Just light early showers at Richmond. Temperatures will hit 27 26 for Liverpool. 25 in Parramatta. A warm night ahead for Sydney tomorrow. before a forecast top of 24 degrees Warming up on Friday.

in the west for the next few days. Isolated showers will persist But the good news is big party tomorrow night, Mark. the weather should be fine for the for this Wednesday. That's Seven News I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Meet Australia's biggest whingers. a day for 30 years. This man has lodged 50 complaints Why is he still cranky? Plus - Who wants to be a millionaire? The simplest and the safest way. And the celebrity scandals of 2009. Good Evening. You are led to believe there is nothing safer than bricks and mortar. But what happens if your house is literally stolen from you? to prove they bought it. And the thief has all the documents As Laura Sparkes shows

if it wasn't for a taped confession, walked away with a million dollars. this fraudster would have overnight like this. You can just lose your house It's impossible to believe. It's hard to believe, isn't it? is something that is new Home theft and it's only just started get nipped in the bud, and if this doesn't it will take off. of a home thief. The secret confessions living in that house? Are you enjoying

stealing a million-dollar house, This woman nearly got away with living in it for nine months