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Tonight - turns to tragedy, a birthday boat trip off the South Coast. with the deaths of two men for a fatal shooting Gangland violence blamed at a Sydney Christmas party. Fans flock to Olympic Park the roar of the V8s. for more than just at the World Cup. And the Socceroos' tough draw

Good Evening. has ended in tragedy, A birthday fishing trip off the South Coast. with two elderly men drowning A man and woman were rescued, the others in time, but police divers couldn't reach Tuross Head, south of Moruya. after their boat capsized off this morning, Off the coast of Tuross Head were in a desperate search. helicopters and boats

with three friends, Bert Ippoliti had gone out fishing 5km offshore. when the boat overturned and Bert The man who owned the boat

are both experienced fishermen. what went wrong. It's hard to work out were rescued, The boat's owner and a woman in the water. after around two hours couldn't be saved. But Bert and his mate so everyone will be coming in. The search has been called off

as you'd imagine. We're devastated, this was meant to be a celebration. Bert's son says yesterday, so its pretty tragic. It was his 76th birthday after knee surgery. his favourite hobby, He'd just resumed

He loved his fishing. he died doing what he loved. In some way its good to know And Tuross Head loved him. for the whole town. It's a sad day

with binoculars A lot of people went up to the Head

just looking for them. Just want to take this opportunity in the town to thank all the people who are supporting mum, that were involved. and all the rescue people treated at Moruya Hospital. The rescued man and woman were is now the mystery. What caused the tragedy this morning, conditions were good. Local fishermen have told us that So why did the boat overturn?

are investigating. The police and the coroner between two Asian gangs A long running feud in Sydney's south west last night, erupted at a Christmas party and three others in hospital. leaving one man dead before police arrived, Dozens of gang members disappeared of terrified bystanders. leaving behind hundreds

function centre Fairfield's Monte Carlo for the local Vietnamese community. is a family-friendly venue for a special Christmas concert. Last night it was packed that were at the party, Two of the tables between the two tables there was increased tension and shortly after midnight, came together. the groups of males from each table by three gunshots. And the music was silenced and died in the street, A 19-year-old was hit in the chest

where the fighting continued. machete wounds Three others suffered to Fairfield Hospital. and were taken at least 200 potential witnesses There were only a handful were left. but by the time police arrived, no-one saw what happened. It's hard to believe seen this incident to come forward, We would appeal to anyone that's or ring Crime Stoppers, talk to the Fairfield Police

which you can do anonymously. just a month ago The same feuding gangs brawled at this Cabramatta restaurant. Then, they only broke bottles. they claimed a young man's life. Last night, It's crazy. having Christmas spirit It's supposed to be and having a good time. Fairfield. This used to be a wonderful place, the shooting began to come forward. This afternoon, witnesses to

the State's new Premier, Two days after becoming from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Kristina Keneally still hasn't heard

with her family at the V8s Today she enjoyed some quality time on her new ministry. but she's keeping mum For two young motor-racing fans when mum's the Premier. there are benefits At the V8's today champion driver Jamie Whincup's car. Kristina Keneally got her sons into

all the wins he's had this year. You can see along the door there And every one loves a winner. Who you going for today? I'm going for Whincup. that's what I always say. Back the winner, But Kristina Keneally's victory from some, is still waiting for backing response from the Prime Minster. after a less-than-enthusiastic received any endorsement Are you disappointed you haven't from Kevin Rudd?

Look, not at all. They haven't even spoken. Our offices have been in contact. as the new Premier. Yesterday was a very busy day of her new Cabinet. Considering the make-up It's tipped and Ian Macdonald will return, dumped ministers John Della Bosca but not as favours. of New South Wales I'm the Premier my own Cabinet. and I'll be forming in the election race, pole position Starting a long way behind

the Premier has confirmed today

tax-payer's money she is prepared to spend to the State. to attract big events like this But first, she's been briefed this summer. on possible bushfire events and telephone warning system. Launching the trial of an SMS an electronic door-knock, really. We see it as for political spot-fires. If it would only work

All indications tells us a difficult season. this is going to be

is facing the first real test New Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of his leadership of by-elections as he awaits the results in two safe Liberal seats. to the polls in Sydney and Melbourne Thousands of voters have gone Brendan Nelson and Peter Costello. to elect replacements for to find support for the Liberals It's not hard on Sydney's leafy North Shore. we really need it. Keep up the good work -

Brendan Nelson's for 13 years. The seat of Bradfield has been Higgins in Melbourne belonged to Peter Costello for almost 20.

So we came at it with angles. to remove up to 99% of hard-to-reach plaque. This one certainly wasn't, despite being the only reminder of Labor

on a day when they didn't contest either poll. Both Liberal candidates are campaigning on local issues, hoping to be protected from what's been happening in Canberra. But one issue hanging over both electorates is climate change. Today's poll is being seen as a litmus test on an emissions trading scheme which was blocked by the Liberals this week. We set out to turn this into a climate-change referendum.

They want action on climate change, Mr Abbott. And they'll get that. The Socceroos face a tough task to advance past the group stage at next year's World Cup in South Africa.

Australia will open its cup campaign against former champions, Germany. Seven's Jim Wilson is in Cape Town for the official draw. Jim, it won't be easy for the Socceroos. Mark, probably the second-toughest group and it will be a blockbuster opener against the Germans

on June 13 in Durban.

They will also take on Serbia, who have qualified well, and African contender, Ghana. The Socceroos must finish in the top two in the group to progress in the tournament. Cape Town was brought to a standstill for the official Cup draw. And fans gave us a taste of things to come for the main event in six months. Inside the city's convention centre,

former South African president Nelson Mandela welcomed the world. We feel privileged and humbled. Hollywood star Charlize Theron shared centre stage

as the Socceroos drew Germany first up. Serbia and Ghana will also be formidable, prompting this ominous warning from Australia's best player. The start of the 'Group of Death'

is obviously one of the most aggressive and disciplined teams

in the World Cup. Cahill and veteran goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer watched the draw from their English base. Whatever team we were drawn against, it was going to be tough. It could have been a lot worse. The coach was in Cape Town and was upbeat about our chances against Germany. Three points, yeah? I should say that's the best result, I think. Every game you go, you try to win the game. Reigning champion Italy will open its title defence

against New Zealand. Paraguay and Slovakia make up Group F.

South American heavyweights Brazil head the toughest Group G, that includes Portugal and the Ivory Coast. Host nation South Africa will open the Cup against Mexico in Johannesburg on June 11. At the official handover of the match ball for the Cup,

superstar David Beckham showed off his new mohawk-like do and heaped praise on the Socceroos.

I think they've got a very good chance. They qualified very well,

um, they've got some very talented players in the squad.

The London a Sun newspaper say it is the best

the best English group has since the Beatles. Police say fans have been well-behaved on the first day of racing at the Inaugural Sydney 500. Good weather and a near sell-out crowd has got the event off to a perfect start. Angela Cox is at ANZ Stadium, and Angela, they're not just there for the cars? That's right Mark. Some Cold Chisel fans have been lining up outside the stadium all day to get front row for the comeback concert. But most of the crowd has been getting revved up watching all the action on the track.

Fans arrived early. Most heeded advice and caught the train. Unlike Bathurst, alcohol can't be brought into the precinct.

Organisers want a family-friendly event. Hazem El Masri's kids were happy to play on toy cars but he was keen to get closer to the real V8 action. I come from the streets of Bankstown so I'm used to all of this so its good to see it all here, legally. Driver Hayden Pullen got to Homebush thanks to donations from his hometown of Wagga Wagga.

He didn't count on such a bumpy ride. It's actually not very comfortable. I'd rather be on the lounge chair at home. It was easier watching from the sidelines. But not all eyes were on the cars. The XXXX Angels were almost upstaged. ALL: Cheers! These guys call themselves the XXXX Bogans, complete with mandatory mullets.

Party at the back, business at the front. But they had nothing on Clark Lawson. His hair and Holden tattoo are real. Holdens rock, Triple M rocks, bogans rock. Everyone will be rocking when Cold Chisel hits the stage in ANZ Stadium tonight. (ALL CHANT) Chisel! Chisel! Chisel! These fans flew in from around Australia and the world to see the comeback concert.

Jimmy Barnes and Ian Moss watched support act, Living End rehearse. They say they'll go off. We really just want to get out in front of some people now and tear the place apart, you know. (LAUGHS) Cold Chisel is expected on stage at 8:15.

If you want to catch the show, there are still some seats available. You can buy tickets at the door, Mark.

Alex Cullen will have all the action on the track later in sport. Still to come - the plan to fine owners who don't walk their dogs. Also, the Newcastle ballerina dancing her way to the top. And Sydney celebrates the best in home-grown rock. That's next.

makes it easy for plaque to hide. So we came at it with angles. The Oral B Crossaction Pro-Health with angled bristles

SONG: # Well, hello, is this thing on?

# Is anybody listening? # A brand-new day has begun # Come on and lift me up, it's a brand-new day # Open up a little happiness today # So I can be someone new # Open up, open up some happiness # Open up, open up some... #

Dog owners could face hefty fines and even jail time if they refuse to walk their pets. The RSPCA is pushing for new laws to ensure dogs aren't chained up and are fed and exercised regularly. If not, owners could be slugged with a $12,000 fine

and jail in extreme cases. This is the time of year when people make stupid decisions to take on animals that they, personally, really have not thought about. The RSPCA states dogs must be walked at least once a day. An explosion has torn through a Russian nightclub - killing at least 90 people.

Officials first feared a terrorist attack but later said firecrackers sparked the massive blast. More than 200 revellers were inside Perm's Lame Horse nightclub, celebrating its eighth anniversary when the fire erupted. Police say the fireworks used were illegal and a criminal investigation is under way. An American student has been jailed for 26 years over a drug-fuelled sex murder that's created headlines across Europe and the US. Amanda Knox broke down as the guilty verdict was read out her conscience is clean. after she told the Italian jury Her family has vowed to fight on. What happens now? When do you think you'll appeal? The second we get a chance. was found dead with her throat slit British woman Meredith Kercher in Perugia, two years ago. after being tortured Police say she was stabbed to death during an extreme sex game. A Newcastle ballerina has won dance prize. the nation's most prestigious She's been honoured tough judging panel by the Australian Ballet's a serious health condition after overcoming before it began. that nearly ended her career ballet is her world. For Stephanie Williams,

You sort of get to go to that little land when you used to when you were a small child and go along with the fairies down the river. The 22-year-old is performing

in the Australian Ballet's 'The Sleeping Beauty'. And was last night crowned the winner of the company's most prestigious award -

Dancer of the Year. It hasn't always been a fairytale.

Stephanie had to quit ballet when she was a child because of a serious kidney condition to the stage. and nearly didn't return I only started again to open her little dance school because Mum's friend was trying 'cause I'm from Newcastle

so she asked mum and she needed students

here I am. and, yeah, and all of a sudden, of blood, sweat and tears. After a lot and emotionally as well It's just hard, physically because we put so much into it. that has now been recognised. Hard work the People's Choice Award. She also won really very much obvious This year, the winner was and of course, winning both awards, an audience favourite as well. it seems she's really her $25,000 prize Stephanie plans to put towards a house and a holiday. because my grandfather's Italian. I'd love to explore Italy the V8s were loud today, If you thought you should have been at Homebake. converged on The Domain Thousands of music lovers for the annual festival. the best in Aussie music Homebake showcases there's something for everyone. and it appears

Powderfinger, Jet This year's line-up includes take to the stage later tonight. and Sarah Blasko will with Alex Cullen at Olympic Park Sport now has been decided. and, Alex, the V8 championship back-to-back titles here today. Mark, Jamie Whincup sealed Coming up - from the Sydney 500. Thrills and spills for Whincup and Ford. a day to celebrate And Mum flies the flag the Windies run feast. as a former Aussie joins

V8 Supercar championships Jamie Whincup has won back-to-back in the opening Sydney 500 race. after finishing fifth won the honours on the day Bathurst champ Garth Tander who claimed the overall glory. but it was Whincup

is a winner with fans The V8's brand new street circuit but savage on the cars. in qualifying Side mirrors littered the track amongst other debris. that's it. COMMENTATOR: Just push it out, to do was finish the race All Jamie Whincup needed and the championship was his. for V8 Supercars under way! A brand new era 29 cars squeezed through turn one carnage was guaranteed. but over 74 laps, for a series of incidents The safety car rolling out

that saw the lead shared all day. Cam McConville found the wall in his wake. then left a trail of smoke

Amid the chaos, a safety-first finish Whincup ignored by going for the win.

behind race-winner Garth Tander. Fifth was more than enough Jamie Whincup wins the championship! we've all got here. It's just a massive team effort and in the next week We'll all get together somewhere what we've achieved. to really work out exactly have led an Aussie fightback Shane Watson and Simon Katich in the second test, by the West Indies. chasing a big first innings as the Windies posted 451. Former Aussie Brendan Nash made 92 as Australia reached 0/174 in reply. Watson's unbeaten on 96

Peter Siddle's first ball strike on Day 2. had the Aussies eyeing a quick kill their LBW dismissals Sammy and Benn both challenged but were unsuccessful, Kemar Roach to ask for a review. leaving no chance for an unlucky I'm not sure he's hit that. COMMENTATOR: yesterday, After returning from injury was back in the firing line. Brendan Nash had plenty to cheer today. But team Nash Oh, that's a ripper! Sheffield Shield reject The Queensland with Ravi Rampaul, put on 68 for the last wicket

who launched the Windies to 451. Absolutely slayed that. Nash fell 8 short of a deserved ton, Mitchell Johnson. denied by former flatmate His family didn't mind. There's Mum. to the run chase for Shane Watson It was a painful start but he recovered quickly, at the top of the order. trying to prove he deserves to stay right into the slot. That's a nice cover drive, Australia 0/66 by tea. Watson raced to 42,

Oh, he smashed it! What a shot! He continued in the final session.

for the first time in Australia. Watson passed 50 Katich joined the run feast, first century stand. posting the new opening pair's And clips a 6. Sulieman Benn had seen enough. As Watson approached a maiden ton, The umpires weren't concerned, neither were the Aussie openers. That has crunched to the boundary. Nicely hit.

after a horror year, Adam Scott's finally found form moving day at the Australian Open. taking the outright lead on from overnight leader Stuart Appleby Scott moved clear during the third round. star John Daly found trouble. After a promising start, American With the wind down this morning, to complete their second round early the lucky side of the draw were able and they made the most of it. from a hole in one. Michael Sim just millimetres were atop the leaderboard All of the big names and inside the top 10. with John Daly striking form While Adam Scott was second, just two behind the man - of the tournament. unlucky not to have complete control

really, when you think about it. You His two rounds look a phenomenal

have to take advantage of that. of the third round - It was a bizarre start Baddeley took in some wildlife impersonation of a kangaroo. while O'Hern did his best John Daly then lost his short game. But it wasn't just the course the players had to deal with. ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,

we've just heard a mobile phone go off. Then leader Appleby quickly blew his 2-shot lead. No, no! Scott, though, was rock solid

and soon alone on top. His putter backed up a stunning all-around game.

But there's still plenty of golf to play as Appleby began to again find his range.

An excellent shot - he nearly holed bit of.

John Aloisi returns to the starting line-up as Sydney FC try to end a 3-match losing streak against North Queensland tonight. last week's victory over Sydney Last night, Newcastle backed up

with a 2-0 away win over Adelaide United. Australia will play Germany in tomorrow's Champions Trophy final after a 10-3 win over Spain today. Level at 3-3, the Kookaburras scored 7 goals in the final 20 minutes to knock out the Spaniards. It's the most goals scored in a single match in Trophy history.

what a great day we have had here today. It has been such a success. I

am a little bit sad though because

tomorrow is the last rays of the season.

It should be a sunny day in Sydney tomorrow. I'll have all the weather details after the break.

It was burning-hot trackside but a perfectly cool day for V8 fans and the rest of us who couldn't get there. Cloud hung around for most of the day which saw temperatures dip lower than usual. It reached a top of 23 degrees in town, making it the fifth consecutive day below average. Much warmer in the outer suburbs though. 30 in Campbelltown, 27 in Parramatta, 23 for Cronulla.

Mostly fine across the country tomorrow. Hot in Brisbane and 32 degrees, 30 for Canberra and a top of 39 in The Alice. On the waters: Tonight will be mostly fine with moderate winds. Tomorrow we can expect a mostly sunny day with a top of 23 in town. Mostly fine for the next couple of days but we can expect a cool change to roll in on Tuesday, bringing possible showers by Wednesday. That's Seven News for this Saturday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia Do you know that Australians have earned a combined total of 123 million days - that's over 331,000 years - of holiday.

(LAUGHS) You want to work too hard and don't take enough annual leave. Now, my job is to find these hard workers - and there's plenty of you out there - and in one week, take you away and show you how to have a holiday.

I'm Ernie Dingo and this is No Leave, No Life. I'm coming to get you.

Lauren Allen is a young woman who should be partying away her holidays on a regular basis. But this 24-year-old nurse is so dedicated to her job, she hardly ever takes a holiday.