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There is the flag flying

Parliament House in Canberra this There is the flag flying attop

morning as everybody is waiting to

see what happens this morning. No

irony lost, with ee nid saying it's

one of the coldest morning, sunny

and 21. The fires works will be

flying in the Liberal Party room. to go ahead with a leadership spill MPs will first vote on whether and then on a new leader. Kochie is standing by in Canberra

in a special edition of Sunrise and we'll be staying on-air until there's a result.

As we look at the pictures outside

the partyroom. Everyone is start to

go gather. We will keep an eye on

the partyroom door and take you

there in a moment to get the word

when there is a result. It's

expected sometime around 9.

expected sometime around 9.15, 9.

expected sometime around 9.15, 9.20,

maybe a little later. It shouldn't

take much longer than that. In the

meantime we want too bring you some

insight from the Liberal party. Why

all this has happened. Michael

Johnson spoke to'Sunrise' earlier.

This is what he had to say. of the Liberal Party Who will be the leader at roughly 9:45 this morning? My hunch is it will be Tony Abbott but let me first of all say are substantial figures. that all three figures

and the respect of the party They all have the affection we got to have a position. but we got to move on, is to support Tony My injunction to my colleagues he's very clear. because he's very strong, He's made a very firm position after the leadership ballot. and we should move on that Joe Hockey was going to run We heard earlier this morning a 3-way split. so it's definitely going to be who wants the ETS bill passed, We got Malcolm Turnbull we've got Tony Abbott to a Senate committee who wants the ETS bill sent and then we had Joe Hockey saying, should have a conscience vote." "Well, all Liberal Senators Isn't Joe's the fairest? Look on the surface, yes. to be credible But I think a political party has got to have a formal position. But they do. moment, which is approve the ETS. You do have a formal position at the has come back to the ETS. The issue with that The problem we have at the moment don't support that is that half the party resign, And when Senior Shadow Ministers that is pretty serious. that is a point of something such as yourself - But the climate change sceptics, Let me correct you there. or denier, I'm not. I'm not a climate change sceptic be considered with due diligence. What I call for is that this ETS of amendments - When you have $7 billion it's like buying a house. If you buy a house, before you sign off on it. surely you want to see the documents has made it policy just last week But the majority of your party including yourself, and now a splinter group, our bat and ball and going home, has said, "We're taking the party decision. "we're not going to accept tear the party apart." "We're going to That seems crazy. at all. Look, that's not the position is a tax Our position is that the ETS for our respective electorates and this is not good not only but for the country. has said it is a good thing. But the majority of your party You are in the minority. No, David, we can contest that the recommendation of the party room because the Shadow Cabinet sits at room, the Liberal Party room. or in the case of the Liberal party members said no The majority of the Liberal Party and that is the case. put forward. I know there's been another view votes with the Liberal Party votes If you combine the Shadow Cabinet it operates that shouldn't be the way came to the party room but Malcolm Turnbull will go on the recommendation and said the Shadow Cabinet of the Liberal party room the two numbers together. and not adding has been. That's where the controversy We've asked from the very beginning ballot of Liberal Party members that there should have been a secret there will be no dispute about that so that we can go forward and but that was not allowed. is not going to unite the party? Whoever gets up today I'm not sure about that. whether it's Tony, Because whether it's Joe, and give them our full support we have to get behind the leader because this is unedifying. them your full support? So whoever wins today, you will give I will, yeah. No backstabbing, no nothing and the rest of your colleagues, that all started this, the other 11, 12 whoever wins today - you guarantee that they will give I certainly speak for myself and I'm almost certain will do the same thing. that all those other colleagues a matter of months away We've got an election for the country and I think it's important a democratic dictatorship. that we don't have We've got to have strong opposition. country if the opposition party It's not in the interest of the of the day is a weak one. And you'll be voting Tony Abbott? I'll be supporting Tony to consider that very favourably and I encourage all my colleagues a formal position. because we've got to have a formal position The Liberal Party has got to have and for me it's lower taxes. OK, thanks for your time.

My can jol Johnson a little earlier

on. The partyroom is meeting now.

All three candidates will stand for

election in the first round. If one

of those candidates gets more than 50% of those candidates gets more than

50%, they are immediately declared

leader. If none of the 3 get over

50% in the first ballot, then the

lowest performing in the first round

of those candidates drops out and

then it becomes a two horse race. Of

course, we are live here from

Canberra until that decision comes

through. It is expected in roughly

20 minutes time or so local time. Up

next, behind closed doors, our panel

explains what is now happening

inside the Liberal Party room.

we will also get some reaction to inside the Liberal Party room. Plus

the spill from you. This is a

special edition of sun veeuz, we are

continuing live from Canberra right after this.

I think Hockey will get it. I

Malcolm Turnbull is great and I I think Hockey will get it. I think

don't see can t should change. Malcolm Turnbull is great and I

Obviously there will also be a

divide. Joick, I think he should

take over, that's my feeling.

Murali, I would like to see him nang

there and guts it out. Possibly Tony

Abbott could be a bit of a chance. I

think he has shown some good leadership skills. leadership skills.. I

leadership skills.. I don't see

Turnbull lasting. I hope Malcolm Turnbull comes through.

Turnbull comes through.. Why is

that? Just I think he is good for

Australian politics and I don't

know, I would like to see him Prime Minister.

know, I would like to see him as Prime Minister.. It just goes to

show the mix of public opinion out

there. Well the men are now

there. Well the men are now locked in the party room. A result of the

showdown is expected shortly and we

will bring it straight to you. I am

now joined by our chief political

correspondent, Mark Riley is

obviously keeping a very close eye

on things just outside the party

room so we have got him on standby.

With me here on the lawn outside

With me here on the lawn outside of Parliament House, News Limited Steve

Louis and tori McGuire from the Take us through Take us through what would be going on in the party

would be going on in the party room at the moment. Well, they will have

a initial ballot, Alex Somlyay, the

Chief Opposition whip will be

handing out the bits of paper. We

will have 3 people running

initially. It will Turnbull versus

Abbott versus Hockey and the 100 odd

members of the Liberal Party room

will be putting their vots down. So

it's a secret bat ol? Yeah, it will

be a secret ballot. Then those votes

are counted. At some point they are

counted, assuming none of those

three get a 50 plus 1 in the first

round, then the person with the

lowest vote would be turfed out

basically. It will come down to

basically. It will come down to a two-horse race. Who do you expect to

be the two horses left? Look, that

is hard to know. I would expect

is hard to know. I would expect Joe

Hockey, will emerge, probably

against Tony Abbott but the

difficulty in saying that with great

confidence, is Malcolm Turnbull will

have some support. He has gained

some support over the past 24 hours

because people are saying he is

standing on his principles. He is

the incumbent leader. Joe Hockey was

reaching out to the

reaching out to the right of the

party and we expected he would win

easily. The fact that Tony Abbott

has thrown his hat into the ring,

means a lot of that support will

shift from Joe Hockey to Tony

Abbott. So you will have 3 blocks of

support. You would expect Joe Hockey

would probably go up against Tony

Abbott in a two-horse race, Malcolm

Turnbull excluded but there are no

guarantees. It is amazing

guarantees. It is amazing that Malcolm Turnbull has been painted as

a reasonably weak leader in the

past, but the last week has come

into his own and sort of the

Thursday night press conference was

showed a man so committed to what he

believed. You had to have respect

tore him. It was one of the best

performances he has given as

Opposition leader. I think that is

frustrating for some of his MPs

because they want a strong leader

who is going to appeal to voters.

Look, on our website, the people who

have been commenting on this story,

even people who think that the Labor even people who think that the even people who think that

even people who think that the Liberal Party is a mess, created in

some sense by Malcolm Turnbull are

giving him credit for the fact that

he is standing up for what he

believes in. At least you know that

he is doing it for a reason. It's

possibly too little too late for him

but at least, if he does go out, he

will go out with his principles in

tact and his head held high. He was

still standing strong earlier this

morning when he popped buy to have a

chat to us on the way to the party

room. Take a look. That Bill should

be passed. I have been completely consistent be passed. I have been completely

consistent about that and the

Australian people and the Liberal

Party know that I stand for

effective credible action on climate

change. OK. Well, it's certainly he

is a man who is sticking by his

principles. Tori, what is your view.

Steve reckons Joe Hockey will get up

this morning, what about you I think

even the people in the

even the people in the party who are

opposed to the ETS, the people think

Joe is the most electable. He has a

bigger chance than anyone else.

While those are who are voting with

their hearts and principles might be

tempted to go with Tony, those who

are voting with their heads are more

likely to support Joe. Why is he

more attractive to the community,

Steve, than say, Tony

Steve, than say, Tony Abbott? I

think Joe Hockey is more attractive

because he hasn't - unlike Tony

Abbott, he hasn't articulated a

whole lot of hard right views if you

like. He is not a social

conservative. I think he is somebody

who is in touch with the mainstream.

He is a good bloke. John Howard

called him a big bear of a man.

Let's face

Let's face it, he has built up a

pretty big profile including when he was on Sun

was on Sunrise, up against Kevin

Rudd over those five years or so.

When you go out on the streets where

him, people say G'day Joe, people

like him. They warm to him. I think

he would reach out to people quite

well. The down side is of course,

that he ha is going to be betrayed

as flip flop leader. A bloke who has no ticker.

no ticker. A bloke he wasn't

prepared to take on critics in

prepared to take on critics in the party room. I think he will have to

forge a new person why if he does

win the leadership. The voting is

going on at the moment. We will be

with you until that result comes

through and the panel will will stay

with me. We will have more of their

insight very shortly. On The Morning

Show, Larry and Kylie take a look at

the best new gadgets for Christmas

but we will be back in Canberra with

more after this. more after this..

OK, that's the corridor outside OK, that's the corridor outside the Labor OK, that's the corridor outside the OK, that's the corridor outside

Liberal Party room. That's

Liberal Party room. That's where they are voting at the moment. Some

stern faced guards there. They got a

bit upset yesterday as the media

chased mall couple and lus ci

Turnbull out of Parliament House

Turnbull out of Parliament House so they are making sure the media is

kept well aware today. Alex Hart is

part of the media scrum. He is on

the phone now. Tell us what the

atmosphere is like out there at the

moment. Kochie, you said stern faced

guards yesterday, they're equally

stern faced today. They cordoned all

the journalists out. We can't get

anywhere near this party room

entrance. As you said, there are

guards right there. Thr dozens of

camera men and snappers, all ready

to pounce as soon as the MPs start

to come out. Before I got cordoned

off. I managed to get a few

questions in. I spoke to Tony

Abbott. He was smile frg ear to ear.

He just said "

He just said "we will just see how

we go" Peter Dutton, Joe Hockey's

running mate entered with Malcolm

Turnbull supporters and a few

numbers men thinks Joe has got it

but it will be very close. OK.

Alright. Keep us up to date there.

We were expecting some sort of

result around this time. So,

result around this time. So, maybe they are going into a second round

as expected. So, so keep us posted

there. I'm with Steve Louis

there. I'm with Steve Louis from News Limited and also Tori Maguire

from the I suppose,

all of this, the really hasn't

settled down since the last election

and John Howard's refusal to leave

early and allow a smooth transition

in leadership. How much has that got

to do with where the party is today?

Well, I think if you - I think it

has a fair bit to do with the

problems that the Labor problems that the problems that the Liberal Party

have. John Howard clearly stay odd

to too long. If he had handed over

to Peter Costello, it probably would

have given the Liberal Party a

better shot at the last election. better shot at the last election. If Peter better shot at the last election. If better shot at the last election.

Peter Costello had been prepared to

step up to the leadership, I think

he would have made a for midible

leader and I think he would have

been able to take a much firmer

stand on this issue. I think Peter

Costello - the Liberal Party had

suffered because you had

they will then you had suffered because you had Brendan they will then you had Malcolm

Turnbull who was certainly weakened

by Utegate. They have had 2 leaders

who didn't have the authority they

should have. Peter Costello would

have forged a very strong leadership

and taken a very firm position on

this ETS. He would have run a very

tough economic argument I would

think as to yt Liberal Party should

not support the ETS at this stage,

certainly not before world leaders

gathering in Copenhagen in a few

weeks time. Tori, I suppose one of

the reasons Joe is running, he was

the reasons Joe is running, he was a Peter Costello man for so many

years. Saw the fact that it was a mistake that Peter Costello didn't

take his chance when he should have.

He believes his opportunities has

come up, he doesn't want to make the

same mistake twice. He is thinking

that someone needs to do something

to try and at least unite

to try and at least unite the Liberal Party. The problem is that

know has sort of looked a little bit

wishy washy, not just on his

position, he has consulted every man

and his dog, including all his

Facebook friends, what do you think

I should do, how about you tell us

what you think should be done. So I

think that it's not necessarily just

ambitous for him. I think he has recognised that there's a big

problem and he is the best

problem and he is the best person to

step in and fix it but he looksed

agonised about doing it. He is a new

dad. He has got 2 other yeelly young

children a wife that probably is

saying to him, couldn't you just

wait a year or two or see a few of

the kids but that's public life,

isn't it. The Opposition leader is

the toughest gig in politics. No

doubt about it. If you look at those

who have been as Opposition Leader,

people like Simon Crean, Kevin Rudd

for 12 months or some so, they

wanted the job and clawed and

scratched to make thur she got their

way. Joe Hockey doesn't look like he

wants the job. That for him is a

negative before assuming he wins and

that's an assumption, before he even

takes it over. So he is basically

saying to Melissa and his 3 kids, I

won't see you for the next 12 months

or so because I will be travelling

every corner of this country as I

try and win back every last Liberal

vote. It. Realistically, it has to

be a two election strategy. He is

looking at the next four years. He

might be doing that but will the

party be doing that They have to.

That's the problem. If they allow

him to be slaughtered after the next

election because they can't control

themselves, it's going to be such a waist themselves, it's going to be such a

waist waste for them. You have to

wonder who else would be able to

step in. But if they can be

disciplined and go look, a good

result for them in the next election

would be not oooh go too far

backwards. Then of course, allow him

the next 3 years after that to build

a profile, then it might be a

successful strategy. It is a

terrible job. It is a terrible

position. Who would want a job as a

politics because they would have

been saying, exactly that same thing

to Brendan Nelson and then to mubl?

Well, that's right. Malcolm Turnbull

I don't think - he wanted it. He

wanted it. He wanted to be Prime

Minister. Joe Hockey tells us he

wants to be Prime Minister but I

think if he does win darks he will

be seen as the reluctant leader. No

doubt about that. Certainly it's

front page headlines right around

the country today. Every newspaper

is forgetting about Kevin Rudd

meeting Barack Obama. They are

covering this leadership battle that

is going on right now. Mel, there is

some interesting takes on it on the

front pages, aren't there Let me

show you some of them. I've got

show you some of them. I've got the Sydney Morning Herald, MPs have a

choice of Malcolm Turnbull the

martyr, Joe Hockey the chancer,

martyr, Joe Hockey the chancer, and Tony Abbott the opportunityist,

which reflects a bit about what you

guys were saying. The Australian

says the Lib's transition is in

tattsers as the 3 way contest looms.

The paper's headline is Hockey

blinction, Abbott stands. Joe Hockey

has proposed giving Liberal Senate

ors a conscious vote on the ETS as

we know but that's annoyed Tony

Abbott so he is going to run against

Joe and Malcolm Turnbull. Lucky

there was no-one else who was so

annoyed. Kochie, you spoke to Dr

John Hewson, he described moves to

dethrown Malcolm Turnbull as gross

disloyalty, he was rolled as party

leader back in 1994. He also warned that leader back in 1994. He also warned

that Joe Hockey will terminate his

political career if he runs for the leadership today. This is what he

said earlier. Good morning, to you.

Can the Labor Can the

Can the Liberal Party recover from

the state it's in this morning?

Well, you can never say never in

politics. But the odds are not very

high. I mean, this is about - this

vote today is about the relevance of

the party. It's about whether in

fact they can actually pull

themselves together and be an

effective Opposition on what is the

most important issue that

governments and Oppositions will

face this generation if not this

century. I think it's a tragedy that

it has come to the farce that it is

today. Malcolm Turnbull Publically rid

today. Malcolm Turnbull Publically

ridiculed colleagues like Nick

Minchin. Why should they give him

loyalty? He could say the same. I

think he did handle that badly. But

I can't believe that we have ended

up with a 3 way contest. I

up with a 3 way contest. I guess this is the vote that the party

this is the vote that the party has to have. In that sense, make it a

two way contest. I think Joe Hockey

automatic to with draw both in his

own interests and in the party's

interests and leave it as a clear

twice choice between the deniers and

the Abbotts of the world and those

who support a ETS, Malcolm Turnbull.

Make it a

Make it a choice and make it a

condition of that choice, whatever

the outcome, they unite behind the

leader. I mean, they will go into

political oblivion if they don't

handle this well from now on. On OK,

what is the best

what is the best possible result

this morning in your Ryes? Obviously

Jo pulling out but between Malcolm

Turnbull and Tony Abbott, who would

be the best leader? Well, I've

taken'The View' on all leaders that

they deserve a chance. They deserves

their free year. Malcolm deserves to

run his course on this. As

run his course on this. As far as

the climate change issue is

concerned, I have been more

concerned, I have been more strongly of the view that we should take a

hard line on this. We should be

talking about substantial reductions

in emissions by Twenty20, like 40%

in emissions by Twenty20, like 40%,

rather than the government's 5%

rather than the government's 5%. I

mean, the signs segs that,

mean, the signs segs that, the Liberal Party didn't take a very

hard line position and push Rudd

into taking a more substantial

response. The world is moving away.

This is an issue Australia should

have led and we have wasted the

opportunity and unfortunately,

unless we get a sensible outcome

today and I think one that is in the

game and says that we are - that

Australia has a lot to do in terms

of an effective response on climate

change, then, I think this party

will become irrelevant. John Hewson,

there are some people almost

predicting that the party may

splinter and another party could be

formed. Do you reckon that's a

possibility? Well, I mean, there are

always those sorts of possibilities.

I guess if you looked at it

objectively. There has never been

for a better time for a third force

to emerge. Rudd is not handling this

issue well but he has been able to

skate by because the Opposition has

been so ineffective and divided on

the issue. It is a big issue. It's

the single biggest issues that we

will face in this generation. It's

also a moral issue. It's about the

future of the planet. I just can not

understand how the Liberal Party can

so easily have made itself so

irrelevant on this issue and ended

up with the farce that we have

unfolding before us today. Yeah.

Well, certainly it's only a couple

of hours away until we get a

decision, Dr Hewson, thank you for

your time this morning mplts Thank

you, David. That was Kochie talking

to Dr John Hewson, of course Liberal

leader back in 1994. Now, we are

watching live pictures of

Liberal Party room where the - every watching live pictures of the

one is inside and we are waiting to hear word on

hear word on the vote. Who will

emerge as leader. 3 have thrown

their hat into the rung, we have

their hat into the rung, we have got Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott, Joe

Hockey. We will stick live. We have

had a lot of emails, Rawlings I've

got to point out, Nat, what do you

reckon, running 10 to 1, ten people

comment goesing on dodgy Christmas

gifts to every one talking about

gifts to every one talking about the Liberal Party lead Sher ip. Let me

share, Marco in Canberra says does

saying do whatever you want, that is

a conscious vote really unite a

party? As for Joe Hockey's

principles, how about him saying

just a few weeks ago that he was

standing by mall couple and wanted

mall couple to be the nextpm. Mike has an interesting take. Today's

vote is more about styles of

leadership. Democracy ick executive

leader which says this is the way it

is, I'm the leader and it's my call.

So that's his view. It's interesting

a lot of people chipping in and

saying they think about of they

think Joe Hockey is sitting on the

fence over this. A lot of people

saying had they are disgusted,

saying had they are disgusted I

voted for think

voted for think the Libs all my

life. This tantrums have dust gissed

me. He they are interested in the

ETS, as far as the niggling within

the Liberal Party, they are board

with it. If Joe Hockey gets up and

the ETS Bill passes through the

Senate with the help of a secret

ballot, it indicates the Liberal

Party works better without a leader.

I certainly would not buy a

secondhand car from them, dear Tony

is not worth a mention at all. It's

interesting how people have divide

and how they feel about the three.

Most people on our Soapbox are

saying, you go away, get it

together, come back with a plan, and

let us know whether we can go with

you or not. What about Parliament

there? Press gally And I think the

issue is that - the issue

issue is that - the issue that Malcolm Turnbull was making earlier,

this is the third time that they are

discussing this under a week. They

have got to be careful that they

don't leave the Australian public

way behind thinking guys, you are

just a rabble, sort it out intern

naturally, they are meeting down

that corridor where those 3 security

guards are. That is the Liberal

Party room. That's where the voting

is taking place. We thought it would

be all over about by 9.

be all over about by 9.20. It's

taking a little longer than we

thought. Alex Hart is there in the

media scrum. They have been put to

one side. Alex, what is going on?

Are you hearing anything. Politicss

are famous for sending their

are famous for sending their sms

within the party room? Its s it

looks like they have all

looks like they have all had their

phones confiscated. A lot of

journalists are getting absolutely nothing journalists are getting absolutely

nothing. Just had one of Malcolm

Turnbull's media advisors come down

and speak to the security guards to

ho are guarding the journalists up

here outside the House of Reps

chambers so it looks like there

could be a decision very Just a minute

could be a decision very very soon. Just a minute ago, I also spoke to

one of the advisors to the power

brokers. The move is moving towards

Joe. There will be a meeting with

Joe after the result, if he wins, no

doubt whether they can still delay

this ETS going through and then

possibly have a conscious vote going

on. We are expecting something very

very soon. So, if Joe wins the right

wingers will have

wingers will have another go at

wingers will have another go at him as soon as it's other than. Mark

Riley is also on the phone in the

vicinity of the party room there.

What are you hearing? David, it

looks as if there's a little bit of

activity there. This might take a

little while because the little while because the candidates in little while because the candidates in these bat

in these bat ballots do get the

opportunity to address the party

room. They may speak for 7 or 8

minutes apiece. After the vote is

declared, the winner then speaks to

the party room. So there will be a

flurry of activity just a moment

ago, there were several of Malcolm

Turnbull's advisors walking into to

his. I have been trying to con took

them but there has been no word.

Keep us up to date with that if you

hear anything. We will get back you

shortly. Staying with me is Steve

Louis from News Limited newspapers

and Tori McGuire from the punch.

Mark Riley saying that each of the candidates is given about five

minutes to address the

minutes to address the party each.

Surely they would know how they were

going to vote before they went in.

The numbers would have been added up

last night, would they? I think

probably. I think - well, talking to

people this morning, they were

saying that it was still a bit

fluid. No doubt that Turnbull,

Hockey and Abbott would have been

working the phones first thing to

morning, trying to ensure that they

bols terred their numbers surely.

Joe Hockey thought he had the

numbers locked up fairly securely

until Tony Abbott was

until Tony Abbott decided that he

was going to step into the ring.

That made it uncertain as to how it

would play out. I think their

speeches to the party room, might be

quite important in terms of if they

are waivering MPs, Senators, MPs,

let's wait and hear the arguments

face-to-face. You might win a few

votes and that might be the

difference between winning and lose.

Tori, this ETS, has really

galvanised the different factions

within the party. Do you think they

have been prepared to put it behind

them, whoever gets voted? They

haven't indicate add willingness to

do that yet. But, obviously there is

a reason that Nick Minchin spent half of

half of yesterday in Joe Hockey's

office trying to convince him to

run. They must be of the view that

they need to get this sorted no

matter what the result and get a

leader and get on with things. Look,

the government - every one is

saying, if Joe wins, the government

is going to go hard after him

straight away for back flipping on

this. But the government needs to be

a bit careful. What he is

potentially going to do is deliver

them the legislation they say will

save the planet. So they need to be

careful about what they say about

this result. What is lost in all of

this, the emissions trading scheme

will have an enormous impact on

every single person in this country.

We saw yesterday, electricity bills

are going to go up 60% over the next

3 years and half of that 60%

other words, 30%

3 years and half of that 60% in other words, 30%, according to the

independent pricing regulator, is

saying that it should due to the

CPRS. Let's just check in with Mark

Riley who has a bit of information

for us. Mark, what

for us. Mark, what are you hearing?

Kochie, I have just heard that the

still r spill motion got up, that is

the that the leadership of

Liberal Party has

the that the leadership of the Liberal Party has been declared

open. The vote will be taken very

short lichlt they expect a result

within about 15 minutes. OK. A

result in 15 minutes. They have only

just got the spill motion through.

Steve, It has taken longer than

usual. I don't know whether there

has been some problem, they couldn't

find the ballot box. Maybe they were

cutting back on paper. But that

takes a lot longer than normal.

takes a lot longer than normal. You would have expected this would have

been well and truly done by now.

Perhaps a bit of confusion within the Labor the Perhaps a bit of confusion within

the Liberal Party about this that

the procedures have to take place.

It's very strange. Absolutely. We

will stick with the coverage, we

will be with you live through until

we hear the result. Mel, maybe we

will be time to take a bit of a

breather from here while they start

to vote and then we will be

to vote and then we will be back with the result. Alright, we will

do. You take a breather there for a

minute. We will just remind viewers

of a

of a interview with Malcolm Turnbull

as he was leader about 3 minutes

ago, he spoke to Kochie earlier

about clinging on to his job and re

contemporaneousing defiant. Thank

you for stopping buy Good to be with

you Feeling confident? Very

confident. Why do you think you

should get up? I have a clear

consistent position on taking action

on climate change. For us to be a

credible political party, one that

is a party of today and tomorrow, we

have to have a credible position

have to have a credible position on climate change. Now, I have been

quite consistent about that. We have

a Bill in the Senate for

a Bill in the Senate for an emissions trading scheme which has

is being amended in response to our

qualifications. We put forward as

you know, with the overwhelming

support of the party room, a set of

amendments to protects tens of

thousands of jobs and make the

scheme better from an environment

point of view. The government agreed

with most of what we asked for. We

went back to our party room and

went back to our party room and our party room said fine, let's do the

deal, let's agree on it. Let's

deal, let's agree on it. Let's work on it and go forward. That Bill

should be passed. I have been

completely consistent about that

completely consistent about that and the Australian people and

the Australian people and the Liberal Party know that I stand for

effective credible action on climate

change. OK. Michael Johnson who we

spoke to just a couple of minutes

ago said you may have taken that

decision but the majority of decision but the majority of the Labor decision but the majority of the

Liberal Party disagree with you? He

is completely wrong. He should know

better than to say that. The numbers

have all been published provided by

his boss, the Chief Opposition whip,

Alex Somlyay. There was a

Alex Somlyay. There was a majority in the joint party room, a slender

one to be fair, but in the Liberal

Party room because the Nationals are

against an ETS on any terms, in

against an ETS on any terms, in the Liberal Party room there was a very

solid majority against it but

remember, a number of people,

Michael presumably didn't like the

decision of the majority on the

Tuesday and so-called for a spill

against my leadership to re litigate

the issue on the Wednesday and that

spill was defeelted by 48-35. So,

the party has dealt with this twice

and it is - it has supported me.

We're now going to deal with it a

third time today . Are you concerned

that you and Joe Hockey will split

the vote. Joe is calling for a

conscious vote on the ETS which

means it will get through the

Senate? We think it will, yeah. But

Joe is basically saying rather than

having a policy on climate change,

we should say we have no policy and

every one can make up their own mind

and vote in accordance to their

conscious. So he is treating it like

the way political parties treat

moral issues like abortion, for

example, where people, Labor and

Liberals will go in different

directions. Malcolm Turnbull, good

luck tau you thank you for dropping

buy. That's

buy. That's Kochie Turk talking

buy. That's Kochie Turk talking to Malcolm Turnbull, the vote has been

cast for a sleed leadership spill.

It's on. All 3 candidates are

standing. We have got Kochie live in

Canberra. We will bring you more

very shortly. You are watching

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Not much change in the corridors

outside the Liberal Party this

morning. We are waiting for them to

emerge. A reminder the spill motion

has happened. The Liberal leadership

is open. We have got Tony Abbott,

Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbull all

raising their hands, Kochie, we will

wait and see. It's kind of taking a

little longer than expected? That's

right. Mel. The spill motion has

taken long her than most people

expected. Then it's believed each of

the candidates, each of the 3

candidates have time to address

candidates have time to address the party room, five, 6 minutes each,

quite important when the voting is

so close and there's a three-way

race. Then the first ballot will be

taken. If somebody has a clear

majority, 50% or more, 50 plus one,

then they are immediately appointed

Opposition leader. If it's split

between the three, no-one has a

majority, then the person who had

the lowest vote in the first round

drops out, then it becomes

drops out, then it becomes a two-horse race. Mark Riley, it is

taking a little longer than

expected. Do you think they are tl

has been a lot more in terms of

presentations from each of the

candidates going through? Each of

the candidates would have spoken to

the party room, put their positions to them

to them so they knew not only who

they were voting for but what they

were voting for. I know because it

has taken this long, they have

probably gone to a second ballot.

There was no winner, no 50 plus

There was no winner, no 50 plus one on the first ballot and we are now

into a second ballot. I have noticed

that Malcolm Turnbull's advisors

have stuck their heads out. I have

also just been told that all of the

members as they went into the party room. I don't know room. I don't know if they were

Fridays beinged, you can see the

security guards there, they were

asked to dispose of their mobile

phones as they walked through the

door, to put them on a table. That's

why we are not getting the messages

through from the party room as we

would. Riles, can I ask you a

question, a quick question, do I

assume this is a silent vote, like

it's anonymous is what I'm after

it's anonymous is what I'm after That's right, Mel. As we understand

it, it is a secret bat ol that you

done through ballot papers. Each of

the members write down their

preferences on a piece of paper,

that goes into the box and Alex

Somlyay is the chief whip, tallies

the votes. It's Riles, it's Natalie,

is there a puff of smokes at the

end. There is certainly some Papal

indulgence in this, what we will see

is Alex Somlyay will walk out of

that party room there on the left

and he will walk down the corridor

and make the declaration. That's the

political version of the puff of

smoke. Something is happening. A

couple of people walking out now.

Keep talking Riles. Here is Alex

Somlyay, the man in the yellow tie,

Steve Parry there to the right of

frame who is a Senate whip. Who is

the advisor to Malcolm Turnbull

there talking to Alex there, the

there talking to Alex there, the man in the white shirt without the tie

and a certainly a number of Mr

Turnbull's advisors. A number of the

advisors there behind him. So, They

are walking to you now. He will come

down to to the bottom of the

corridor, Brian lock nain in front

of him. He is Brian

of him. He is of him. He

of him. He Brian Loughnane he is the

director of the Liberal Party. The

traditional thing is that he walks

down into the corridor outside the

chamber of the house of

representatives, where the media

pack is gathered. He announces the

vote and then tells us what the

vote and then tells us what the new Leader of the Opposition has told

the party that the direct,

the party that the direct direction,

where they will go. I think he will

get a couple of questions. OK, hey,

Riles, Alex Hart, just The burning

issue here and the issue that has

brought the leadership to a head.

There is the waiting press pack.

Elegant as always on the phones.

Riles, hang on one secretary. Alex

Hart is there. Alex Somlyay with

helps red book. To make the declaration.

Tony Abbott by one vote I am eel

told. The party has had its meeting.

They have voted in favour of the

spill motion. The vote for the spill

motion was 48-34. The position of

leader was declared vacant. Julie

Bishop took the chair and called for

nominations. Three nominations, Mr

Turnbull, Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey.

Two ballots were held, Mr Hockey

what's eliminated in the first ballot and

ballot and the final ballot was won

by Tony Abbott, 42-31. What was the

response in the party room. Tony

will have a preference conference.

There is no ballot for the deputy,

the deputy remains the same. Is that

42-41. The only person 42-41. The only person missing was

Fran Bailey. Did she CASA vote? No.

Was there around of applause? Dwre,

there was. Was Stuart Robert

missing? No, he was helping me count

the votes. What was the first round?

The first round figures? I didn't

say those. But I will.

say those. But I will. On the first

ballot, it was turnl 26, Abbott 35

and Hockey 23. Was there a position

on how the ETS vote will now happen

Tony Abbott will talk about that. No

talk of deputy Tony Abbott said he

would be pleased to serve with Julie

Bishop. She has served very Bishop. She has served very well

under two leaders previously. He

wanted her to continue and there was

no motion to spill the positions of

deputy, Julie Bishop remains Deputy

Leader of the Liberal Party. Was

there any rang our in the room? He

said some very gracious words and

wished Tony all the best. I think I

will leave the rest to Tony Abbott.

will leave the rest to Tony Abbott. Will he be staying on? You better

ask Malcolm that. Did Joe Hockey say

anything? No, there's no day dooe

bait. Was there any surprise

bait. Was there any surprise when Joe Hockey what's eliminated in the

first round? No How long did each of

the candidates get to speak? They

didn't speak. What was the vote

numbers in the first round? In the

first round, it was 26 to turn, 35

to Abbott and 23 to Hockey. What

else did Mr Abbott say? I will leave

that until Tony appears before you

at 10.

at 10.45 in the party room, there

will be a press conference. Thank you. will be a press conference. Thank

you.. Alex,

you.. Alex Somlyay, there announcing

the result, Tony Abbott is now the

new Opposition leader of the Federal

Parliament and I think a surprise

for everyone involved, Steve Louis

from News Limited is still with us.

Tori McGuire, Steve, that's one for

the books. All the bettering was

the books. All the bettering was on Joe Hockey, a clear winner but he

what's eliminated in the first

round? Yes, big surprise. Big

surprise. This is a real shock.

Look, Tony Abbott has galvanised the

anti emissions strayed trading

scheme. This is a blow for Kevin

Rudd because it now likes as though

his ETS will be doomed. That

his ETS will be doomed. That the Liberal Party room will not support

the emissions trading scheme. So you

can assume that Kevin Rudd will go

empty handed to Copenhagen. He has gal van

gal van iced a huge block of support

within the party. Those who were

desperately opposed to desperately opposed to Malcolm

Turnbull but didn't or support Joe

Hockey so a big blow. An election

next year, Tony Abbott will take the

party to that Federal party to that

party to that federal election,

let's put the ETS to one side

because that's been the focus. Tell

us about this new Opposition leader?

This is a huge role of the dice. I

mean, Tony Abbott comes with a lot

of baggage. He is not very appealing

to women voters. Partly because of

his political view, his social views

but also partly because he has a

very unfortunate to

very unfortunate to save his most

vicious political fights for his

female opponents, everyone will

remember his run in with Nicola

Roxon. He made a comment about the

deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard

a couple of months ago in Parliament

and then chose to repeat it in a

press conference later. It was very

- it was a sort of aggressive thing

that he said about her. That reeuls

people especially, women voters

people especially, women voters who would have would have been particularly

attracted to Joe Hockey as a

candidate. So, when you are looking

for you know, it's only sort of 10%

of the population that really get to

decide the election and a large

number of swingers voters are women.

I think this will be a big problem

for the Liberal Party. Steve, he one

won by one vote, not terribly

convincing. Is it enough? Will the

party, the other 45 that didn't vote

for Tony Abbott pledge their

aleeudges and stick by it? You would

like to think it was. The Liberal

Party is now up to their fourth lead

ner 2 years. John Howard,

ner 2 years. John Howard,, - I don't

think this is the end of it. Tony

Abbott will have to under go a bit

of a make-over. He will have some

soften his image but you now have a

completely divided party room. It's

hard to see the destable sailings

ending. Mark Riley has made his way

back to our Canberra Bureau. Riles,

everybody seems to be absolutely

shocked with this result. What

was'The View' of the media scrum

outside? Kochie, yes, it was tl was

shock outside in the media scrum. I

think the biggest shock for Joe

Hockey. He is the big loser out of

this. But there's also to pick up

Steve's point, quite a bit of drama

inside that party room and this is

not resolved in the slightest. Even

though there has been a vote. Fran

Bailey, one member wasn't there for

the votes. There is one vote that do

ko have gone the other way. Somebody

voted informal which is a very

strange thing to be doing. I don't

know how you vote informal but that

was the declaration apparently of

the tally and there will be - it may

be the great Changing Chads

controversial of the leadership

challenge of 20009, the Liberal

Party, we need to get more position

information about how that vote was

cast. Why it was declared informal.

That vote would have

That vote would have deadlocked Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott for

the leadership. I don't think this

is over in the slightest, Koch

Kochie. Riles, also, the government,

Julia Gillard again this morning on

Sunrise say, they weren't even

thinking about a double dissolution.

They seem to be pretty confident

that if either Turnbull or Hockey

got up then their ETS would get

through, now you've got a hard liner

there, no prospect of ETS getting

up. Do you think they will be

canvassing a double dissolution?

Well, it certainly puts

Well, it certainly puts the woods on the government now. They have to

consider that very seriously. The

government doesn't want a double

dissolution for those reasons I

spelled out earlier on. It's not the

first election that the government

is concerned about. It's the second

one that necessitated by bringing

the houses out of zinc, to put them back into

back into and that is fraught with

daing are. It's not the preferred

openings by the government. I think

that's a question that Kevin Rudd

and Julia Gillard and the cabinet

need to consider very seriously. I

would say their advice, from the

hard heads of the Labor Party would

be not to do it. OK. Mark Riley,

thank you for your help this

morning. Also Steve Louis from News

Limited, Tori Mack

Limited, Tori McGuire. Let's head

back to Brekky Central. Mel, a real

shock, Opposition leader d the new

Opposition leader is Tony Abbott by

a solitary vote and it will be a

very interesting couple of weeks.

Certainly well. Julie Bishop his

deputy. Thank you for your coverage

this morning. Sunrise will leave you

there. We will see you from tomorrow, we

tomorrow, we will now take a break.

After this it, it's time

After this it, it's time for The Morning Show ild tr