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(generated from captions) be prepared to wear the consequences. When you say no to $10,000, Oh. I'm sorry, Erin. to turn this into 500 bucks. Jess, it's all up to you $20? I'm feeling $20. $20. 'cause that way it'll be $650 all up. Alright. I hope you're right, Let's go. Pop those locks. It's $20! And there's um, oh... Oh, dear. $150. Some salvation there, I suppose. The game was worth more than that. I'm terribly sorry, Erin. $50,000 worth of fun today. I had at least, you know, Let's see the money. She's our dental assistant. I'm sure you'll agree. She scrubs up pretty well, Jen with your cheque for $150. I'm sorry, Erin. Sorry, Jess. Thanks for being with us, everyone. forget to you-know-what. See ya! Hey, kids, almost bedtime. Don't This program is captioned live. as the Bondi caveman jailed Tonight - the hermit known accused of sexual assault. The new car safety law and under. affecting all children aged seven for Shocking The millions now on offer get to hold his Melbourne Cup. as Corey Brown's children action to keep car hoons out. And the Sydney suburb taking drastic with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Sydney's famous Bondi caveman, 'Jimmy Two Hats', who goes by the name accused of raping a young woman. has been refused bail to his cliff-side home, He admits luring her but denies the attack. of a multimillion-dollar view. He's the homeless man who boasted with a better view than this? Where could you buy a place But according to police by Peter Millhouse, this cave was used also known as 'Jimmy Two Hats', to rape a young woman last night. As you could imagine is suffering from shock and anguish. any victim of sexual assault a conversation with the woman It's alleged Millhouse struck up at the Sculptures by the Sea. while she was looking to his cave to feed the birds, Police say he invited her back then attacked her. of assaulting the officers Millhouse is also accused who later arrested him. One suffered a bite sustained an injury to his groin. and the other officer Millhouse's lawyer says the woman's version of events. his client will dispute He became well known in the area Waverley Council's push for successfully challenging to clear his cave. And quietly acquired some things... to remove him, Despite the council's attempts

for 10 years. this cave has been Millhouse's home he offered to stay here. As part of his bail application, he should've been moved on long ago. But the magistrate said He'll be back in court next month. Waverley Council won't reveal and its decorations will remain. how much longer his cave No, I have no comment. Sorry. police begin a massive blitz In six hours on 100,000 drivers, too much to drink. checking for those who've had Robert Ovadia is with an RBT unit North Curl Curl. already operating at what are they hoping to achieve? Rob, is Sydney's worst area Ian, here on the Northern Beaches for drink driving, as well as other hot spots. so police are targeting it heavily Sydney family found out last night. The dangers are very real, as one This is the Recking family - surname an unfortunately coincidental Kingsford home. given the state of their The house came down where it was coming from. but we didn't really know Stephanie and Caroline's bedroom. It came from crashed through it in his work van. An allegedly drunk driver had so I was about to go to bed, Just finished brushing my teeth so pretty scary. The man has been charged. Just stupid. I just think it's so dumb. I just can't believe people do that. on our roads overnight. He wasn't the only alleged idiot At Edensor Park, drugs or alcohol police say a man also affected by drove his Jaguar into two houses. has been quite substantial The force of the impact

of the structure collapse. and we've had a major section Police are sick of it. a State-wide blitz... From midnight, they're launching Good morning sir. Random breath test -

your drivers licence, please. could you produce ..testing more than 100,000 drivers.

Over the next three days, the police will catch you. it's almost a certainty that every day. Police catch 8 drink drivers caught on the Northern Beaches. Last year, nearly 600 were people killed on our roads. The road toll in 1982 was 1,400 killed on our roads, Today, we stand around 400 people which is a huge reduction on drink driving. because we have made major impacts has been significant, And while that impact 92 more than at this time last year, this year's road toll is currently all the more timely, Ian. which makes this blitz Isabelle has prompted new rules The death of a little girl named and booster seats. on child car restraints Starting next March, up to the age of seven children must use approved seats if they don't. and there are big fines the devastating results Crash tests show or inadequately restrained. of children being unprotected was sitting in a booster 3-year-old Isabelle Broadhead when her family car hit a tree. with an adult seatbelt crushed her liver, which bled out The force of accident and she died within 90 minutes. That was three years ago. has campaigned for change. Ever since, her family For me, the greatest gift is that than she was actually here. she lives on longer requiring children up to seven With new rules, or restraints. to travel in special seats We'll call it Isabelle's Regulation. It will be a regulation. children will need to be: From March, "I don't want to sit in that seat" If they say law. You have to. Tough luck." then Mum can say "Oh, it's Belle's to comply before it's policed. After March, there are four months and a 3-demerit point loss. A $253 fine soon be shopping for booster seats, Meaning many parents now will usually around $100. One family is sure that's a small price to pay - there's nothing the Broadheads wouldn't give to have Isabelle back.

A minute in time and then she was gone and I'd like parents to know how quickly that happened. Melbourne Cup winner Shocking could earn millions more in prize money after being invited to race in Dubai in March and at Royal Ascot. But, for now, the focus is on celebrating yesterday's remarkable victory. Shocking had an early start, but seemed satisfied. He wasn't interested in the silverware. But, as a kid hanging around Bart Cummings' stables, trainer Mark Kavanagh dreamed of winning a Melbourne Cup. Maddy, Charli and Holli, I've got the Cup! And this was the moment jockey Corey Brown could finally play show-and-tell with his proud daughters. Like, I was shaking and it was so amazing. I was thinking that he's going to come second again. Corey's greatest fear was a replay of last year's narrow defeat. It's basically a dream come true. I just knew it was all over. We were sort of yelling before the post, I think. (CHUCKLES) Good thing his mum ignored his teacher's advice. She said "Oh, he wants to be like his dad, be a jockey" and the teacher said "That's no ambition in life."

(CROWD CHEER) Shocking's connections celebrated hard. You have got no idea how that tastes out of gold! Whoa! The cup was filled and passed around. This morning, they downed coffee. Did you shout the bar? Yeah, we shouted a few bars across Australia yesterday. Corey doesn't have long to bask in his Melbourne Cup victory - he's racing tomorrow in the Crown Oaks and he plans to win. And he wants to ride Shocking overseas. They definitely won't be getting me off his back, let me tell you. Corey may not be the last Brown to win the Cup. Daughter, Charlie's eye is on the prize. Fiji's high commissioner has been ordered to leave Australia a day after the Pacific nation kicked out our top diplomat. But the Rudd Government is, so far, refusing to slap any trade sanctions on the military regime. A walk of shame for the Fijian High Commissioner, hauled in by Foreign Affairs for a dressing down.

have you been asked to leave? High Commissioner, before you get thrown out? Will you be leaving The answer came swiftly.

persona non grata, He had been declared and, as a consequence, within 24 hours. was required to leave Australia A tit-for-tat expulsion after Fiji announced would be thrown out, our High Commissioner along with New Zealand's - with the Fijian judiciary. accused of interfering

governments have been dishonest The Australian and New Zealand and untruthful. in a military coup in 2006. Commodore Bainimarama seized power Australia slapped travel bans on the regime and officials when the military leader tossed out the constitution this year. Their military coup is unacceptable to every country in the region. That's why they're unhappy with us.

But Australia has not imposed trade bans. We don't want to do things which adversely impact on the Fijian people themselves. Fiji's top diplomat left the High Commission this afternoon. But Seven News has learned our High Commissioner, James Batley, is already in Sydney on holidays. He'll have to fly back to Fiji so he can pick up his belongings and be officially thrown out. The diplomatic blow-up hasn't stopped Jake Leinhert's Fijian honeymoon. Should be a good trip. Ah, not too worried at all. tropical holiday. Nor Hannah Bradshaw's I think that we should be fine. murder conspirator, Fadi Ibrahim The brother of accused for allegedly breaching bail. has been arrested at Merrylands Police Station Sam Ibrahim is being questioned of a TV camera yesterday over the malicious damage outside Long Bay jail. to collect Fadi, Sam had been at the jail who was freed on bail. against Sam Ibrahim, Charges are expected to be laid an alleged kidnapping offence. beaching conditions set over Residents at Rockdale in the Sydney's south are becoming increasingly desperate to stop hoons taking over their beachside suburb. The council's tried some unusual deterrents in the past, now locals want more roads to become no-go zones. These boom gates have become Rockdale Council's Berlin Wall. It looks like one war zone or something like this. Jesus Christ, this is unbelievable. The mayor agrees. What do you say to those residents up and down this stretch of coastline that want more of these gates put in? it's not the solution. We say to them look, life hell for residents. For years, the hoons have made

to the hoon's musical dislikes. The council even tried appealing we almost won. # # The ballroom prize the pink light solutions, The Barry Manilow solution, but obviously they don't work. will decide Tonight's council meeting the anti-hoon measures they want. whether residents will get

anti-social behaviour down here. We need to stop the hoon their request for gates and spikes Vanston Road locals have abandoned wanting instead a simple chain. that's the council's responsibility. We're saying, the car park - In Ida Street, it looks like the council will approve a boom gate to stop the burnouts and the aggression. You get yelled at as they drive in and out of the street. It's just crazy down here of a night time. Some young Sydney footballers could be up for bravery awards for saving a girl from drowning. The 16-year-old went under halfway across Bents Basin waterhole on the Nepean last night. Luckily, the Warragamba Wombats footy team was there and six dived to the rescue. It was just like a rush sort of thing. Just need to get her out of the water or she'd drown. it's just luck that we were there. It's not heroes, if they could. Anyone would have done it they saved the girl's life But the ambulance service says and the boys deserve commendation. Still to come - at risk for Olympic glory. the Australians putting their lives Also, Britney Spears in Sydney Australian concert tour. arriving for her first that's going to charge And the council Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks. to watch briefly came to Sydney this morning The Britney Spears 'circus' ahead of her first Australian tour. when the pop star arrived from the waiting media, She was kept away the first photos of Britney but Seven News can show you to Perth. as she boarded a private jet was disappointed A small group of devoted fans

to miss out on meeting their idol. both had about one hour's sleep. We came from Wollongong and we've begins in Perth on Friday. Britney's Circus tour is defending a $25 fee A Sydney council to watch New Years Eve fireworks from one of its harbour-side parks. Woollahra says it needs the money for security and denies it's trying to price out riff-raff from other suburbs. Sydney's spectacular fireworks are supposed to be free. from Darling Point, But if you want to watch

you'll have to pay. and so families enjoy themselves. This is done on safety issues $25 for an adult, $15 for a child. ..for a price - for to be here. I wouldn't fork out $25 for everyone. It should be a free park four times into $12,000 is $3,000 $50 per couple, so it's about right. On the mayor's calculations, $300,000. Woollahra Council could collect their alcohol and water on site. And families have to buy to make a dollar They shouldn't be seeking out of what is a community event Woollahra may be the latest

harbourside suburb but it won't be the last for New Year's Eve celebrations. to charge Other councils say they'll do the same unless something drastic is done to control crowds. We either ban midnight fireworks or move to more areas being alcohol-free. North Sydney has opted to ban alcohol, for now. Waverley Council already charges for a Bondi reserve. And this year, for the first time since 2000, the Opera House forecourt will be fenced off for a private function. All of us, everyone from Sydney - Castle Hill or Woollahra - whether you're from Granville, on the side of the harbour has a right to sit free of charge. and watch the fireworks The fire's out has been stopped and the oil and gas leak off Australia's north-west coast. at an oil rig have been poured under the Timor Sea 3,000 barrels of mud to stop the oil for 10 weeks. that's been free flowing This is the first step, which is actually plugging the wells there is another step to get on board and install plugs and therefore we need the engineers and that will permanently secure the well. That could take days while they wait for the 'West Atlas' oil rig to cool down. One of Australia's big hopes for a medal at the Winter Olympics has arrived in Canada to test the track. Our 4-man bobsleigh team got there without government money trading in our beaches for a chance at glory in February. It's a skiing village showcasing Canada's spectacular backyard. And in the lead-up to the Olympics Whistler's welcomed the Aussie bobsleigh team. The former surf lifesavers checked out the Olympic Sliding Centre last night and put their sled to the test. It's insane. before It's like nothing that I've slid on that can compare to this. is one of Australia's best hopes Queenslander Chris Spring at the 2010 Games. A daredevil, too. Speeds reach 140km/h. to going on a roller-coaster. Some people liken it a roller-coaster. I don't think it's anything like A roller-coaster's nice and smooth. to build. This track cost about $100 million and is covered in about 5cm ice It's made of concrete and it's maintained by hand. of the brakes Jason Oliveri's in charge and each sled varies greatly. For the Australians, it's like we're driving a Holden Barina. Compared to the Swiss, who are driving a Ferrari. That's because the Aussies survive with no Government funding. Not even a team tracksuit. I work on marine refrigeration mechanic back home so I work on all prawn trailers and pretty much as far away from the snow as you can be. We do things like drag tyres and things down the beach

and run sand dunes. It's all good. Time for sport with Alex Cullen, who's back from Cup duties, and Quade Cooper stars for the Wallabies. in the grand slam opener. Yes, Ian, he was in superb touch We'll have highlights next.

he's coming home, Plus, Mark Gasnier denies exclusively on Seven. turns his attention to Oaks Day. And Bart Cummings on his next big challenge - Bart Cummings has already refocused the Oaks at Flemington. on his 13th Melbourne Cup, After missing out win tomorrow's million-dollar race. the master trainer is favoured to Bart Cummings missed out in the Cup should resume tomorrow in the Oaks but normal programming Faint Perfume. with odds-on favourite pretty arrogantly, I'll just ride her an arrogant race, keep her out of trouble and I think the rest will look after itself. It would be a change of luck for Rodd, who missed the Cup-winning ride on Shocking because he couldn't make the weight. I wasn't quite sure how I'd feel before the race, you know, if went across the line, but, no, I can tell you I was over the moon

Faint Perfume blew her rivals away in the Wakeful Stakes on Derby Day and most feel there's only one way she'll be beaten tomorrow. There is a thing called bad luck and that is probably my biggest opponent on the day, I think. sees it differently. But rival jockey Nick Hall Yeah, I'll be winning the Oaks. She's improved every start to come. and there is more improvement She's hit the line strongly for a track like Flemington and she's been screaming out and this distance. had a lucky escape Meanwhile, jockey Dean Holland at today's Kyneton Cup meeting, walking away unhurt from this nasty fall. Wallabies fans hoping Mark Gasnier will come to the rescue of Australian rugby better not hold their breath. The former Dragons star has told Seven News there's no truth to the rumours he's done a deal to quit French rugby to play Super 14. An ankle injury kept Mark Gasnier from training but he's still tickled pink with his move to Stade Francais.

Yeah, love it. Love for Paris is good. It's very, very different to Australia, I'd definitely admit that. Sometimes very frustrating, but yeah, a beautiful part of the world. The language barrier has made the switch of codes tough. That's probably been the hardest thing. Until you learn a little bit of the language you can't really understand the point they're trying to get across. They don't tolerate losing. President Max Guazzini made that point clear when he sacked coach Ewen McKenzie just weeks into this season. The centre had followed the former Waratahs coach to France but denies reports they'll link again now McKenzie's coach of the Queensland Reds. Gasnier has to play Super 14 to be eligible for selection for the Wallabies but says suggestions his return to Australia is a done deal are simply untrue. No. Definitely not. No decisions been made, no, nothing.

We're going well in the Heineken Cup. We're coming good now in the top 14 so yeah, definitely main concern is Stade Francais. And Gasnier's old team-mates in the Australian rugby league side may get the chance to watch him play when they arrive here on Thursday with Stade Francais at home against Albi that night. Australia's grand slam tour of the home nations is off to a promising start. Despite their recent poor form, the Wallabies received a warm welcome for their midweek clash with Gloucester. Flyhalf Quade Cooper played a starring role as the second stringers crushed the English club side, 36-5, scoring 5 tries to 1 Up against former All Black star Carlos Spencer, Cooper collected 16 points, scoring a try and setting up another 4. The Wallabies face England early Sunday morning. Ian, Sydney FC veteran Terry McFlynn has signed a new three-year deal with the club.

Hopefully we have good luck tomorrow on the horses. Checking finance now and continued nervousness among investors saw the sharemarket close slightly higher. Retail sales unexpectedly fell, meaning a December interest rate rise is less likely. Westpac shares were up despite an 11% fall in profit to $3.4 billion. Sara's next with the weather. What a remarkable turnaround from yesterday, Sara. Ian, top temperatures were down almost 20 degrees.

And it looks like the cool weather is here for a while. I'll have the details, next. Over time, skin loses firmness. Wrinkles get deeper. And that's when skin needs its bounce back. VOICEOVER: Garnier UltraLift Pro-X, with the natural beech tree extract Pro-Xylane - plumping the skin from within, restoring elasticity and bounce. So wrinkles appear plumped up and out - like this. deep wrinkles actually reduce So effective, you'll see in just two weeks. bounces right back. Because younger-looking skin UltraLift Pro-X. MAN: Garnier. Take care. to protect against UV rays. Now in SPF 15 to cool down last night. Sydney took a while still sitting on 30 degrees At 9:30pm, the city was of that cool southerly change, and even in the wake well above average. overnight temperatures remained the city gained just 1 degree Today, in fact, on its low of 19 degrees, made it to just 18 degrees. Katoomba, Cronulla, and Terrey Hills Richmond and Penrith climbed a few degrees higher thanks to some late afternoon sunshine. The trough that brought the change has moved to the north-east of the State. With southerly winds behind it keeping the south-east of the country cool. Those onshore winds will generate some showers along the New South Wales coast tomorrow and back in that north-east corner, we could see some potentially heavy falls and thunderstorms with falls up to 40mm. Around the country, and Brisbane. late storms in Darwin for Canberra Early drizzle and Melbourne. in Perth. A shower or two develop this evening, We'll see a light shower or two increasing tomorrow. of about 5mm to 15mm, With rainfall totals heaviest about the northern suburbs. thanks to those southerly winds, Another cool day to hit 20 degrees. with most areas struggling in the mountains. Just 14 Looking ahead, the rain should ease after tomorrow but we're still expecting the odd shower on Friday and Saturday, 22. And possible showers on Sunday. The same goes for our western suburbs, just a touch warmer. Becoming warmer next week as the showers dry up. And that's Seven News to now.

but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Ian Ross, thanks for your company. Goodnight. Smashing your bank. We're paying $6 billion more than we should in bank interest payments. Tonight, how you can change all that with one phone call. Teaching babies to read. The new program, but are parents going too far?

yet hardly know here. He's the world's funniest comedian, So what's his story? and dancing kingpin Adam Brand Country and western star with his young dance partner. tells all about falling in love for every shape and size. This summer's best swimsuits

with Matt White. VOICEOVER: Now, Today Tonight on Flemington While Australians had their eye and the Melbourne Cup yesterday, the official interest rate the Reserve Bank again lifted the only way is up. and the experts predict to beat the system But is there a way and bring your payments down? $6 billion a year We're wasting an estimated in interest and fees. there are ways to save And, as David Richardson reports, even as rates continue to rise. Being old school, I just thought you actually bank with day to day. that you have to go to the bank that