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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Young Kaleb is allergic to food.

all food. Not just peanuts or dairy - This morning on Sunrise - with this rare condition. how he and his family cope Plus, a developing story - of Michael Jackson's doctor police search the house medical records. to get the late singer's Matchbox 20 hooked up with INXS. Also, how Rob Thomas from He chats to us live. has an imitator. And this Beyonce song (SINGS 'HALO') with the same sound? How did Kelly Clarkson come up of Sunrise. Find out on the Wednesday edition # Reach up for the sunrise... # Matt and Mel. VOICEOVER: Live from Brekky Central, Hello and thanks for joining us. welcome to the busiest man in TV - Kochie is off to climb Kili so Matt White.

Good to have you with us. Do you

want to shimmy or cartwheel? All of

the above. There you go. You didn't

think for a minute that we weren't

going to play it over and over

throughout the morning. And I

thought the alarm clock was bad this

morning. You were very good. Let me

just say when Kochie said he was

going to Kili, who do you want

sitting next to you? Rob Thomas.

That is embarrassing watching it.

Did you find that? Yes. I don't mind

doing it but watching it is weirder. One of Australia's big banks

most complained about fees. is axeing one of its is getting rid The National Australia Bank $30 dishonour fee of the controversial and savings accounts. on overdrawn cheque customers and improve its image. The bank hopes to attract new around $100 million a year. The move is likely to cost the NAB economy isn't out of the woods yet The Federal Government says the from the Reserve Bank. despite a more positive message Governor Glenn Stevens says as bad as expected Australia's downturn may not be since the Depression. and probably won't be the worst Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner says declaring victory yet. the Government is not We're by no means certain

in the second half of this year, where things will head to increase unemployment will continue in front of us to deal with. and we've got a lot of big problems a double whammy The Government could be facing of rising interest rates into the next election. and rising unemployment heading Government have been branded a waste Cash hand-outs from the Rudd with the Opposition saying reforming hospitals. the money should have been spent has been warned Prime Minister Kevin Rudd could cost taxpayers radical health reform up to $1,000 extra per year.

spent on stimulus packages The Opposition says the money the reform process. could have started money to throw it out the door This is a government that borrowed all of those cash payments out, and by doing that, by giving in a position they now find themselves used that money where maybe we should have to fix our health system. six months consulting hospitals The Prime Minister wants to spend on reform. before making any decision of a Sydney schoolgirl Police hold fears for the safety who disappeared yesterday afternoon. last seen leaving a high school 12-year-old Heather Brooke was at about 3:30pm. on Fifth Avenue in Blacktown and a fleecy top. She was wearing maroon school pants is out of character Police say her disappearance for public help. and they're appealing for a devastating house fire A clothes dryer is being blamed Blue Mountains. in the New South Wales just before midnight, The blaze erupted at Winmalee gutting the family home. and was treated at the scene. One person suffered smoke inhalation by a massive fire yesterday A Melbourne taxi company crippled by this afternoon. could be back in business A fierce blaze ripped through of Silver Top Taxis the Collingwood headquarters worth of damage. causing millions of dollars floors have come in Ceilings have come in, the mezzanine spot fires late last night. Fire crews were still putting out

spot fires late last night. Fire crews were still putting out floors have come in Ceilings have come in, the mezzanine firefighters to go to all areas. so it's dangerous for the

A Sydney taxi company, new hardware in its call centre, which was about to install to Silver Top instead. has sent it down home of Michael Jackson's doctor Police have raided the Las Vegas the singer with a powerful drug after he admitted injecting shortly before his heart stopped. Police hope to find enough evidence on Dr Conrad Murray. to lay criminal charges

What they will do is talk to

everybody in the office and look for

the items outlined in the search

warrant. If those items are meeting

to standard in the search warrant

themselves they will be seized as evidence. released by the end of the week. Jackson's toxicology results will be at the weather this Sunrise. Fifi has your first look this morning. Fifi's in Tully, Queensland,

Hello, Nat. One of Australia's

wettest towns but the rain eased so

we all came out here to enjoy the

morning. A very slow moving high

which is bringing unsettled weather.

Mild days but chilly nights. Sunrise weather for Whereis mobile. on the Telstra Next G network. Get free maps and directions and Mackay. Fine and warm in Townsville Sunny and 24 at Mount Isa. Fine in Rockhampton and Bundaberg.

Brisbane, sunny and 21. Sunny and mild at Coffs Harbour. Cool at Dubbo. Sydney, fine and 19. Wollongong, 18. Canberra, partly cloudy and 13. Afternoon showers for Mildura. with isolated showers. Melbourne, cloudy And showers for Bairnsdale. Launceston, fine and 14. Hobart, mainly fine and 13. Showers and 15 for Mount Gambier. Showers and 16 degrees for Adelaide. Fine and 17 in the Alice. A fire ban for Katherine and Darwin. And in WA - Albany, partly cloudy and 16. Fine in Bunbury.

Sunny and 19 in Perth. And sunny and 27 for Karratha.

Right now here in Tully19 degrees

and everyone has come down this

morning. We are very honoured. We

have the Tully Turtles. Good luck

Clare and Malcolm. Extraordinary

place here in Tully. We got some

footage here yesterday when we came

in town. How gorgeous, sitting just

below Mount Tyson. Averages 4. below Mount Tyson. Averages 4.4

metres a year in rainfall. Just

extraordinary to think we couldn't

get some of that down south. It is

an amazing place. I look forward to

bring you more across the morning.

Is that where the giant gumboot is?

Yes, the giant gumboot is right

behind me. You will see that

shortly. Can't wait. I might climb

to the top. 7.

to the top. 7.9 metres. Wow. Thanks,

Fifi. What about the Tully Turtles

wearing their swimming caps for brekky.

Ahead on the show - the Bangkok tourist trap costing people big money.

And the new row over America's octuplets. But up next, swimming superstar Michael Phelps beaten by a better suit at the World Championships. You're watching Sunrise on Seven. Just like soil supports trees, healthy gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. Only Colgate Total is proven to give gums and teeth protection against plaque for a full 12 hours. Colgate Total. (RHYTHMIC DRUM MUSIC) Vaka Moana exhibition, now showing at the National Museum of Australia. Free admission.

Next week on Sunrise. Kochie does

Kili. He's beaten it once and vowed

never to return. But this time every

step means more money for Australian

children's hospital. Kochie does

Kili. Daily reports direct from the

mountain. Next week on Sunrise. That

is a sight for sore eyes. Live is a sight for sore eyes. Live to New York. Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens says Australia is in danger of creating a property bubble. What's behind his warning? Let's go to Savanth Sebastian at CommSec.

Savanth, how big is this risk?

Certainly some concerns on the

property side by the governor. You could take his speech as an economic

health check. He was being very

prudent trying to highlight risks

going forward and property is a

risk. We have seen what happened to

property prices. We have seen supply

of houses is really underpinning

when you look at demand. He has been

prudent and really putting out there

for public debate so authorities are

well aware of it and ensure we

well aware of it and ensure we don't come across the problem

come across the problem in a couple months time. He also said interest

rates could rise while unemployment

is still rising which is a surprise?

Yes, he did focus on the Yes, he did focus on the fact that

there are surprises on the economy

and the concern for the Reserve Bank

is to really support economic growth

but curtail inflation going forward.

We have seen the Reserve Bank has

been at the front end of the game.

There is a good chance when you look

at the market they are not looking

at rate cuts. We have reached a low

point and rate

point and rate hikes could happen a

lot earlier than people are

anticipating. It is looking like

rates will rise. There has been a

lot of stimulus thrown into the

market and it could come back to

bite us as Kochie said. Nathan Hauritz is now a strong chance of retaining his place for the third Ashes Test with the Edgbaston pitch expected to be spin-friendly. Australian selectors have been toying with the idea of picking four frontline pacemen for the match starting on Thursday but that now appears unlikely.

I think we could use a driver and I

think spin will play a part in this game. Misfiring paceman Mitchell Johnson looks likely to hold onto his place but faces a strong challenge from the in-form Stuart Clark. The men at the centre of Collingwood's ambitious new coaching setup, Nathan Buckley and Mick Malthouse, have dismissed talk the plan will strain relations between the pair. They'll work alongside each other for the next five years with Malthouse to coach the next two before handing over the senior role to Buckley and assuming a position as director of coaching. I've worked with Mick before, we know each other intimately and we know that it can work. I won't have to look over my shoulder. Those that know me realise I don't have to do that. Buckley admits he's taking a risk by taking on the revolutionary role. Roosters forward Willie Mason believes he has nothing to prove to incoming coach Brian Smith when his side takes on Newcastle on Saturday. The Knights coach will take over at Bondi Junction next season

and has already said Mason's free to leave if he wants to. But the former Origin star has more immediate concerns. I'm not really worried about who the opposition coach is this week.

We're just worried about just getting a win Outgoing coach Brad Fittler admits a win over the man who's taking his job would be extra sweet. Four more world records have tumbled at the World Swimming Championships in Rome but none belonged to superfish Michael Phelps. German Paul Biedermann relegated Phelps to second place in the 200m freestyle final. It's the American's individual first defeat at world or Olympic level since 2005. Aussie Emily Seebohm claimed bronze in the final of the 100m backstroke.

There is more on that. Michael

Phelps says he may not race again

until FINA changes the rules on the

suits. He says that is enough for

me. We should get a suit and race

against him. Sponsorship deals. He

has to deal with another company. I

reckon they should. Do the world

championships. Ban the suits and do

the world championships again.

Scratch the results. Next to the world

world record you put SE, suit-enhanced.

Imagine being allergic to ALL food not just one or two things. That's the reality for a 5-year-old boy and we'll get his story, next hour. But next - police searched the Las Vegas home of Michael Jackson's doctor as speculation grows about criminal charges over the singer's death. We'll go live to Nelson Aspen when Sunrise continues. I know that toddlers can be fussy eaters. So it's important to provide them and pre- and probiotics for a healthy digestive system. a unique scientific combination of essential nutrients The heat is on for Michael Jackson's personal doctor Conrad Murray. Police have searched his Las Vegas home. Nelson Aspen is following all these developments closely. Nelson, what are they looking for?

Some of the agents have left the

gated community and some are still there going through the house. They

are looking for any evidence that

might tie him to the drugs

administered to Michael Jackson that

may have killed him. Any evidence

that would fit that pattern would

make it a manslaughter case. It is

believed that Dr Murray was home

during the execution of this search

warrant. Why have they waited so

long to search his home. Why would

you wait so long to go to Conrad

Murray's house? You are right. They

looked in his Houston Texas office

last week. They are at the Las Vegas

home today. When the toxicology

report comes out and if we find that

there are drugs administered by

Murray tied to the toxicology

report, we may find a manslaughter

charge and we may see him arrested.

He has been cooperative. The news

reports are saying that Dr Murray

admitted to administering that

propofol which is an anaesthesia

drug which should only be

administered in hospitals. There are

reports that he fell asleep and when

he woke up he found Michael he woke up he found Michael Jackson

dead. It is getting more

controversial. And if someone is

under anaesthetic that you have to

be monitored by a machine and they

didn't have those? You would monitor

heart tack, IV drips

heart tack, IV drips and that is why

it administered in a hospital and

not a private home. In other entertainment news, who has George Clooney been spotted with?

You have Rob Thomas today. George

Clooney is known to like TV

presenter. He is now linked to an

Italian television presenter known

as Elisabetta Canalis. They have

been having a grand old time. He is

an international guy. He has tried

British, Italy, maybe Australia is

next on his list. It is not your

usual TV presenter bio. We prefer

head shots. There you go. Do

head shots. There you go. Do you have a fan club like that? Thanks,

Nelson. Talk to you soon. We've got a warning for travellers this morning - don't fall victim to a scam operating in Bangkok. We'll get the details, a little later. Next up, though, catch up on Fifi's adventures in Far North Queensland.

This is Sunrise on Seven. (SMASH!) (SQUAWKS) With a range of healthier options, you'll love the new you'l love the new Happy Meal choices. Our Goulburn Valley Fruit Fizz with sparkling water, or added sugar. Come in and enjoy some family time at McDonald's. People sell all kinds of stuff on eBay - even their jobs. Tomorrow we'll meet the guys willing to work for the highest bidder. Plus she's the Aussie who made it big in Hollywood with 'Transformers'. Rachel Taylor joins us to talk about coming home to make movies. That's Thursday on Sunrise. Coming up on Sunrise - can you believe anything you read in the tabloids? We'll get an inside view of the priorities in the press. But now Nat's here with the news. Good morning. Interest rates could rise by up to 1% next year even before unemployment reaches its peak. The head of the Reserve Bank has hinted an interest rate rise isn't out of the question as the Australian economy shows strong signs of recovery. Hopefully we're in a suitably timely way of returning to normal when the right time for that comes, whenever that is about which I don't want to speculate today. The Government says there are still many economic challenges ahead. The National Australia Bank is dumping some of its fees in a bid to improve its image and attract new customers. From October 1, there'll be no dishonour fees charged on overdrawn cheque and savings accounts. The move is likely to cost the bank $100 million a year with no new fees planned to replace it. The NAB says dishonour fees are the most complained about. It's hoped other banks will follow suit. The widow of a truck driver killed by a stray bullet has urged witnesses to come forward to help police solve the crime. Two teenagers have been charged in connection with Bob Knight's murder last month. A 16-year-old is accused of concealing knowledge of the crime. A 17-year-old was charged over a fight possibly linked to the shoot-out. But I still feel for their parents. I really do. Sounds stupid, doesn't it? Police want to speak with the driver and passengers of a white van seen near the shooting and later set alight. A decision is expected today

on whether Queensland teachers will be allowed to strike next Wednesday. The Government took the teachers' union to the Industrial Relations Commission yesterday in a last-bid attempt to avoid the strike. Half a million students and a million parents will not only be inconvenienced but robbed of a day's education. The union says the action's necessary to force the Government to negotiate a fair pay deal. Now to sport, here's Mark Beretta. Out of form paceman Mitchell Johnson looks set to retain his spot for the third Ashes Test after receiving a ringing endorsement from vice-captain Michael Clarke. Johnson had the unflattering figures of 0/107 in the recent tour match against Northamptonshire but Clarke believes the pace spearhead rediscovered his best form late in the game. He's on the way back. I think he's feeling more positive about how things are going. He's continuing to try to improve, as we all are.

With the Edgbaston pitch now expected to take spin, Nathan Hauritz is likely to retain his place. Brisbane welcomes back star trio Darren Lockyer, Karmichael Hunt and Sam Thaiday for Saturday's vital NRL clash with the Raiders. He's still missing some players but coach Ivan Henjak isn't complaining. It'd be nice to have the others as well but three is enough, I'll take anyone at the moment. The Broncos have lost six of their last seven games. Newly appointed Collingwood assistant Nathan Buckley admits he wasn't quite ready to take on a senior coaching role at this stage of his career. Buckley will serve a 2-year apprenticeship under Mick Malthouse before taking the reins. There's more that I can learn as an assistant coach, to dot the I's and cross the T's and have myself more prepared when I go into a senior role. Malthouse will become director of coaching when Buckley takes control of the senior side.

Phone switching to Holden. It means

Craig Lowndes is back on Holden. The

first time since 2001. Big, big

news. Yes, what they said. Rocks my

world. I knew it would. We will chat

over here. You guys chat over there.

Fifi, can you help us? You are in

Tully this morning. You did

Tully this morning. You did some whitewater rafting? Yes, I took to the white

the white water. I will show you

footage in a footage i. a

Tully is famous for being the

wettest town and sugar cane and

bananas and famous for whitewater

rafting. Yesterday I headed off with

R and R. I donned the pink helmet

and jacket. I have to say I don't

know what I was expecting. A leisure

Sunday stroll in a row boat but it

wasn't that. It was quite scary. You

could feel those rocks as you go

over them. Rubber is not as thick.

It was quite an adventure. Great

fun. I am glad I did it. It is one

of the things you can do in Tully.

Sunday we can go whitewater rafting.

I got some dancing to do instead. It

would be lots of fun. I will join

you, Fif. I will bring you more from

this great town in half an hour. See

you then. Thought of the Day is from

Vanessa in New South Wales. No

person can be a great leader unless

he takes genuine joy in the

successes of those under him. That

is a good one. Joke of the Day comes

from Tracy via Mark Beretta. A vampire bat comes into its cave

covered in fresh blood. All the other bats smell the blood and come

around wanting to know what is going

on. The vampire bat says " on. The vampire bat says "OK, follow me. on. The vampire bat says "OK, follow

me." Because he said bats speak like

the Count. "

the Count. "Follow me. I will show

you where the blood is.

you where the blood is." They go

down this valley and through the

forest and all the bats come around

him and stops and see this tree over

there? Yes, yes. Good, because I

didn't. Good one, Matty. You two

boys did well. Bats don't talk like

that. The bat is from Transylvania.

The Count is not a bat. I liked it.

He wears a cape. Next hour - the Beyonce song that sounds a lot like Kelly Clarkson. It's a huge scandal rocking the music world. After the break, though, Nathan Buckley talks about signing on with the Pies. This is Sunrise across Australia. And they were only $35, and guess where I got them from. Huh? Guess. Guess where I got them. Um... Ah. With two rashers of bacon, you can't walk past a delicious Double Bacon McMuffin for just $2.45. McDonald's new Value Picks menu - Macca's makes it easy. Talking footy, brought to you by BigPond sport. Collingwood has confirmed AFL's worst-kept secret - Nathan Buckley will return to the club that made him a star as assistant coach. He'll take over from Mick Malthouse in the main coaching role from 2012. Until then, they'll work together and they're confident there won't be any problems. I won't have to look over my shoulder. Those that know me realise

Those who know Nathan well enough know that I don't have to do that. Let's cross to the man himself, Nathan Buckley. Good morning. Congratulations. You've had a night to soak it all in. How do Tania and the two boys feel about your new job?

We have known about it since

probably Saturday, Saturday

lunchtime that that was the path

that we were going to go down. It

was an easy decision in the end but

it needed, you know, a heart to

heart with Mick to get to that

point. Look, I think from that

moment on it was a fairly easy

decision for me. Clearly it is the

best pathway for me to get into

coaching. Look, I am looking forward

to the beginning of 2010 and getting

stuck into it. You were the most

wanted man where you had senior jobs

thrown in front of you. Why Did you

decide to take the path you are and

not a senior role straight up? I got

a lot of ties to Collingwood. When I

first retired you sort of think

about what you are going to do next

and first step away from footy and

the passion to come back not as a

player but in another capacity. The lure to Collingwood was something

that was very strong and ultimately

the path was laid clear and as I

said it was quite an easy decision

once I got to that point, despite

all the speculation leading up to

it. Bucks, the dream job for you? No

doubt. I got a lot of strong

relationships in the footy club. I

know a lot about it already. Now I

get to spend time as a coach in a

coaching environment. I had exactly

zero days experience as a coach in

an AFL team. By the time 2012 comes

around, I will be two years better off. One of the points people keep talking about is how two strong minds like yours and Mick Malthouse's might co-exist.

Will there be times when it'll be like two rams butting heads and are you prepared to bite your tongue for a couple of years?

No, I won't bite my tongue. This is

how strong teams work. As a captain

I used to throw things to Mick

often. But once I walked out the

door once we decided where we were

going, I was 100% behind where he

wanted to go and that is exactly

what I will do as a coach. All that

speculation about two bulls comes

from ego, does one have a massive

ego and need to be heard. Look, I am

very much a team man and I am about

results and I will do everything I

can to help the Collingwood get the results. You're good mates with a lot of the Pies players. Can you still make the tough calls?

That is something that I work out.

Probably Voss is the best person to

answer that question. He has been

able to go back to the club that

able to go back to the club that he spent so much time just two years

after playing. By the time I make

the calls it will be four years.

That is a different dynamic. If I

didn't want to take the

responsibility, I wouldn't take the

role. What all Pies fans want to

know - when is the next premiership

coming? I think everyone wants to

know. We have played it low-key as possible and the club is in the

middle of a premiership campaign and

it is a massive game this Saturday

night with the Lions and that

night with the Lions and that is where the focus is and should be.

This information has gonna cross to

the general public and now they get

back to business and I look forward

to doing the same. From all your

mates here, a big congratulations.

We know how much it means to you and congratulations to the Collingwood

club in the way they handled it and

good to have the favourite son back.

Look forward to stay in touch. Yes,

that sounded sincere. Just don't

beat Geelong too much. Hear, hear,

we mean it. And you saw straight

through Beretts. Now he doesn't have

Beretts nagging him every week " Beretts nagging him every week "What are you going to do?

are you going to do?" Is that what I

sound like? Now you got the answer. Still to come - the legal row over America's octuplets. Can a court order stop them from being exploited? But next - the bank actually cutting fees. And Australia's favourite meal revealed. It might surprise you. I love living on the coast. I still surf every day. I've always lived life to the full. And I've never let anything stop me. But I'm always careful with the choices I make. So when it comes to finding pain relief I can trust to do its job while still being gentle on the stomach, well, there's only ever been one choice - Panadol. There's a change in the air at McCafe. Now we're freshly baking a new range of delicious pastries

in store throughout the day. So come and try a new freshly baked pastry at McCafe today. When we need a car, we call Thrifty - Australia's best-valued car and truck rental. What's got people talking, Nat? A bank actually cutting a fee is getting plenty of attention. The NAB will dump penalty fees charged on overdrawn savings accounts. The bank hopes to win new customers and improve its image.

The controversial fees will go from 1 October and cost the bank $100 million a year in revenue. Some hope other banks will be forced to match the NAB. So, will it improve the NAB's image? And will it make you swap banks? There's nothing like daylight saving to start a good argument. WA has seen the most recent debate but New South Wales farmers have reignited the whole discussion on the east coast.

They want daylight saving shortened by two months every year. It's not because it fades the curtains or stops the cows milking. Farmers say daylight saving is an inconvenience with many country kids leaving for school in the dark. Are you pro-daylight saving or anti-daylight saving? Email or SMS us.

Can you hear the arguments raging? " Can you hear the arguments raging?

"I have to come home and eat my breakfast in the dark.

breakfast in the dark." And others say "

say "You got to be kidding. How can

1% of the population dictate the rest of us?

rest of us?" Don't take the farmers

on. All the country kids who have to

start in the dark. You are either

really for it or against it. If you

are in the country, you are against

it and if you are in the city you

are for it. WA had three years of it

and they comprehensively voted it

out, country and city. Now last night's episode of 'Packed to the Rafters' is bound to prompt some discussion today. I don't want my child not to fit in. I don't ever want them to feel unloved or looked down upon or rejected. And they won't. We'll protect them from that. We can't protect them from everything.

That's Julie and Dave on 'Packed to the Rafters' last night, facing a real dilemma with their unborn baby. There's a one in four chance of Down syndrome and Dave's not sure he can cope.

It's a situation faced by many couples. Have you been through it? How did you cope? Let us know.

Did you have the tests? Did you make

a big decision? It is a very

personal decision. A lot of people

don't have tests, don't want to

know. I thought you had to have the

test. You

test. You don't have to do it. It is

one of those things that confronted

me when he first had Taylor. It is a

bit confronting to know. I know

people who haven't had any tests

because they think they are

invasive. Some don't have scans.

That is a choice too.

That is a choice too. If you have

the test, why are you having the

test? To make the decision. Tell us

if you have been there. Finally, have you planned dinner tonight? Chances are it's meat and three veg. New research on Aussie eating habits says the humble dish is still our favourite meal. Despite the success of 'MasterChef' one in five households serve chops or steak with salad or vegetables every night.

Next in order were a roast, spaghetti bolognaise and stir-fries.

Look where the barbecue comes in. I

You can't eat a barbecue. It is

easy. You can grill a chop and boil

up some vegies and up some vegies and Bob's your uncle.

It looks like a pretty good menu.

And the scary thing is you would eat

it all. You are not a good

indication because you would eat

anything. And spag bol. That is the de anything. And spag bol. That is the

default factor. And do double so I

can freeze some for the other night.

It gets better on the second day. It

gets better. Do you ever get to the

second day with your meals? In

relation to Mark Beretta, one notices your

notices your fondness for Nathan

Buckley P He is a champion. I am a

big fan of Bucks. Well done. That is

not exactly the sentiment they used. News and weather details are coming up soon. Plus, the tourist trap in Bangkok that could leave you in court.

Also ahead - the boy who can't eat any food at all. How does he cope? And the new film from the man behind 'The Sixth Sense'.

Plus please search the house of

Michael Jackson's doctors. We get

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EERIE VOICE: So, you want to quit smoking? That's nice.

I'm serious. Yes.

Just like last time. I saw my doctor... (VOICE ECHOES) Gee. Should I be nervous? Yeah. You should.

We're giving away home appliance packs from Sunbeam worth five grand. And a big congratulations to yesterday's winner: But now Barry, you have to claim your prize.

And remember that number is only for Barry to collect his prize. We'll have today's code word, later this hour.

It has been an hour and It has been an hour and you haven't

given your 'Dancing with the Stars'

number. Do you want to do it? No. Also still to come this Sunrise - young Kaleb is allergic to food - not just peanuts or dairy - ALL food. In 10 minutes, how he and his family cope with this rare condition.

Plus, a developing story - police search the house of Michael Jackson's doctor to get the late singer's medical records. Also, we'll take you inside the tabloids. Are they all built on lies? And this Beyonce song has an imitator. (SINGS 'HALO')

How did Kelly Clarkson come up with the same sound? Find out as the Wednesday edition of Sunrise continues. If you've just tuned in, Kochie is off climbing Kili. So the busiest man in TV, Matt White, is filling in.

Kochie is being Indiana Jones and I

am pretending to be Fred Astaire. Now we have a busy hour ahead so let's start with our extended news bulletin. NAB customers will no longer be slugged up to $30 for overdrawn bank accounts from October. But the decision to axe controversial dishonour fees could cost the bank around $100 million a year. Joining me now from Melbourne is NAB Group executive for personal banking Lisa Gray. Good morning, Lisa. what's prompted this decision?

Your complaints must have been huge

for you to do this. It is the

biggest complaint and our customers

don't like it and they will be happy

we made this decision. The move will cost $

cost $100 million a year. You won't

increase fees or charges. Can you

guarantee that? We can guarantee

that. We are not looking to recoup

the fee anywhere else. Is it

publicity or to try to publicity or to try to get more customers? This is a business

decision. Our customers don't like

it. Our people don't like to deal

with customers who are frustrated.

It makes us more competitive. How

many are charged a dishonour fee?

Over 7,000 customers pay this fee.

That will have a big impact. indications that official interest That will have a big impact. Strong

rates could rise up to 1% by the

middle of next year. Is that what

you are seeing? I haven't had a

chance to see the governor's speech

but we review rates and we will

continue to do that.

has indicated The head of the Reserve Bank interest rates could start to rise

is also increasing. while unemployment jump by up to 1% by mid next year Analysts are predicting rates will to turn a corner. as Australia's economy starts

Things are finally looking up. more common It's becoming more apparent, as half full for Australians to see the glass rather than half empty. the Reserve Bank governor signalled In a speech laced with optimism for Australia could be over the worst of the downturn

the interest rate honeymoon and hinted strongly that is also coming to an end. I've never seen written down in the institution or heard in discussion we wait until unemployment's peaked some rule of thumb that says before we lift the cash rate.

of up to 1% by mid next year. Analysts predict an increase and unemployment could rise Meaning interest rates going into the next election.

where things will head We're by no means certain

in the second half of this year, to increase unemployment will still continue in front of us to deal with. and we've got a lot of big problems is to wean Australian banks One of them guarantee schemes. off government-backed Do we really want to keep moving is government issued to a world in which the bulk of debt or government guaranteed. an exit strategy is built in. The Government says to access that guarantee The banks have to pay a fee

from that. and already they are retreating But he says banks out of using the scheme. the Government won't be rushing of Michael Jackson's doctor Police have raided the home to the pop star's death. looking for evidence to link him giving the singer a powerful drug Dr Conrad Murray admitted to before he died.


as investigators gathered at his Las

Vegas office they met ate his Vegas

home. We are looking for documents.

Today's search similar to the

storage facility in Houston. This

DA's office in Los Angeles doesn't

want another O.J. Moment and they

are working very hard behind the

scenes that before they bring the

charges they have all the evidence

because they got burnt before.

Charges could include manslaughter.

Police sources Murray did administer propofol the morning that Jackson

died. It would indicate that

propofol is a primary drug here involved in the death. It doesn't

say that the drug by and of

say that the drug by and of itself

caused the death. Dr Murray's lawyer

continues to insist that his client

has done nothing wrong and issued a

statement that said we will not

comment on rumour or unnamed

sources. There is a video revealing

Michael Jackson's life before death.

He wanted the room hot and the

heating system set to the highest

levels. The living quarters were

said to be a mess and dozens of

handwritten messages on post-it

notes stuck to the walls. All

polices - all pieces of a puzzle

that investigators are working on. a number of shootings Police are investigating

last night. in Melbourne's western suburbs to a shooting Officers were on their way around midnight at Broadmeadows town shopping centre by another man when they were flagged down fired on during a chase. who said his car had also been the gunman continued to shoot He crashed the car and claims as he ran to a nearby house. in a Blair Street home Police found bullet holes and are interviewing witnesses. A young man is in hospital and assaulted on a Sydney roadway. after being dragged from his car

to the Hume Highway at Enfield Police were called just after 10:00 last night fighting on the road. after reports of three men

At this stage we believe it to be an

assault. Our inquiries are still

continuing. There are some language barriers with the victim. cheek bone, eye socket and nose. The victim suffered a broken jaw,

Two offenders fled to have been a silver Skyline. in what's believed Lotto fever is gripping Italy lining up to get a ticket with thousands of people $184 million jackpot. in the record-breaking combinations since January, No-one has picked the winning the largest in the world. making this jackpot are crossing the border Residents in neighbouring Spain for their chance to win.

later today. The lucky numbers will be announced

have destroyed hundreds of homes Heavy rains and flash floods in Turkey. the Black Sea have been evacuated Residents in northern towns near and many houses are under water.

to take shelter in refuge centres Dozens of people have been forced to wait out the storms.

its highest rainfall in 60 years. The area is experiencing

results on Wall Street overnight. In finance news - there were mixed

here's Beretts. Time for a sports update, Nathan Buckley is adamant to the Collingwood playing group his strong connection won't cloud his judgement to Mick Malthouse. in his new role as an assistant for two years Buckley will work under Malthouse

role at the end of 2011. before taking on the senior coaching to make the tough calls. He maintains he'll be able

the responsibility, Look, if I didn't want to take I wouldn't take the role. director of coaching Malthouse will become the senior position. when Buckley assumes of lining up in the third Ashes Test Nathan Hauritz is a strong chance expected to be spin-friendly. with the Edgbaston pitch

toying with the idea Australian selectors have been for the match starting on Thursday of picking four frontline pacemen but that now appears unlikely. He's on the way back. likely to hold onto his place Paceman Mitchell Johnson looks from the in-form Stuart Clark. but faces a strong challenge US superfish Michael Phelps, The brightest star in swimming,

to boycott international competition has been told by his coach is resolved by FINA. until the swimsuit fiasco The American suffered his first individual defeat at world or Olympic level since 2005 beaten by German Paul Biedermann in the 200m freestyle final.


COMMENTATOR: Super size versus super

human and it is a win for

technology. Aussie teenager Emily Seebohm picked up a bronze medal in the final of the 100m backstroke. The hottest team in the V8 Supercar series, Triple Eight Racing, is about to complete a stunning switch to Holden. Team Vodafone, which races Fords, will confirm the backflip in Melbourne later today. Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes recently signed new, long-term deals with Triple Eight Race engineering and Vodafone.

And the 'Herald Sun' Seven News footy fans survey has thrown up a surprise

with the sexiest man in footy rated as none other than Geelong's Cameron Ling. Ling thumped well-known heart throbs Ben Cousins, Lance Franklin

and Jimmy Bartel. But there is a catch - about 98% of his votes were cast by men.

Blokes think you are red-hot. Soon on Sunrise - the boy allergic to all food. Find out how he copes. But first let's check in with Fifi who's in Tully, Queensland, this morning.

Bananas for breakfast Tully known for the wettest town in

Australia. 7.

Australia. 7.9 metres of rain and

that is why the 7.

that is why the 7.9 metres gumboot.

Sunrise weather for Whereis mobile. Get free maps and directions on the Telstra Next G network. Fine and warm in Townsville and Mackay. Sunny and 24 at Mount Isa. Fine in Rockhampton and Bundaberg. Brisbane, sunny and 21. Sunny and mild at Coffs Harbour. Cool at Dubbo. Sydney, fine and 19. Wollongong, 18.

Canberra, partly cloudy and 13.

Afternoon showers for Mildura. with isolated showers. And showers for Bairnsdale. Launceston, fine and 14. Hobart, mainly fine and 13.

Showers and 15 for Mount Gambier. Showers and 16 degrees for Adelaide. Fine and 17 in the Alice. A fire ban for Katherine and Darwin. And in WA - Albany, partly cloudy and 16. Fine in Bunbury. Sunny and 19 in Perth. And sunny and 27 for Karratha. We will have more weather for you

from Tully in half an hour. Thank you, Fifi. See you in half an hour. Getting your kids to eat their greens can be a big task which often ends in tears. But what if your child was unable to eat a single mouthful of anything for fear it would make him or her extremely sick? This is what 5-year-old Kaleb Bussenschutt lives with every day and doctors don't know why. Let's meet Kaleb, his parents, Melissa and Scott, and his older sister, Madelen. A big welcome to you all. Melissa, let's start with you.

We can see Kaleb and Madelen, they

both look gorgeous. Tell us what

happens when he eats food? There is

a process that he goes through.

Let's say for example he eats

breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Throughout the day he will be incredibly restless, aggressive,

very, very cranky, continually

complains of a sore stomach and then

probably around 6:00 we go to the

toilet so we have chronic diarrhoea

with horrible stomach pain. And then

from there normally between 3:00 and

3:30 in the morning projectile

vomiting starts which lasts about an

hour. The last thing you want is to

see your child in distress. Does

that mean you don't feed him

anything at all? You feed him

through a tube via a drip always?

Yes, he has a mickey button on his

stomach and from there it gets

connected to a machine and the

machine feeds him 20 hours of 24

hours a day now. The logistics of

that I can only begin to imagine.

Scott, he is a lively little fellow.

He is giving you a run for your

money. Is there anything he can eat?

No, not a thing. If we call it

eating, the only thing that he eats

is ice. That is the only thing that

goes through his mouth. If you go

out for dinner to a restaurant, that

is all he can have. Yes, we limit

our trips to restaurants. Ce, of

course. It is not fair that he has

to sit there and watch us eat and he

has a glass of ice. Not only that,

he gets irritatable, he gets bored.

We limit trips to restaurants. The

story that broke my heart the most,

his 5th birthday recently, tell me

what happened. He what happened. He wanted a cake?

Yes, we organised a birthday party

for him that was not focused on food

and we gave him the option of

whether he wanted a birthday cake.

He said "

He said "Yes, I want one but my sister can eat my cake for me. sister can eat my cake for me." He

was able to have a birthday cake but

he wasn't able to touch it or eat

it. What are his mates like around

him? What sort of reaction does he

get? Hopefully they are all

understanding. Do your friends

understand that you can't eat? No.

They don't understand? The school

has been really, really supportive.

The taofers, the principal, the

pastor, they have been fantastic.

Kids, let's face it, kids can be

cruel. He is an easy target to be

picked on but the school are very

diligent in making sure that Kaleb

is safe and Kaleb understands that

he is special. We get a lot of

support from the school. What

happens now - sorry, I was going to

say. You have seen a myriad of

doctors and they have consulted colleague upon colleague. What does

the future hold? Do they have any

idea? Do you have any idea? We don't

know. Essentially they say that

Kaleb is a very complicated case. We

don't know what the future will hold

for him. We don't know if we will

find a couple foods he can eat some

day. The future is unknown. We

really don't know. The problem is

that from the age of 18 months until

the age of 5 he has become worse and

worse. We don't know what is going

to happen with him. I know you are

out to raise money for research. All

the best. Melissa and Scott, we

appreciate your time and getting the

family up this morning. Madelen and

Kaleb, gorgeous to meet you. They

are divine. He is a gorgeous little

boy. I hope everything works out.

Mel, we are doing the charity bike

ride from Melbourne to Adelaide. Are

you interested? I can ride to the

end of my driveway and that's it. If

it can't be me, we will

it can't be me, we will offer you

support somehow. Thank you. Aussies heading to Thailand are being warned about a scam said to be targeting foreign tourists at Bangkok Airport. The so-called "zigzag" scam is apparently trapping travellers by accusing them of shoplifting. Our reporter Aela Callan is in Bangkok. Aela, how does the scam work?

It is called the zigzag because they

are zigzagged between various

officials after being caught out

doing something wrong and have to

pay money for their freedom out of a

Thai jail. Tell us about the latest

victims. Lin was in Bangkok's main

airport when she was allegedly

caught on camera stealing a wallet

in a duty-free shop. She was taken

by security guards and they didn't

find a wallet. They were taking to -

taken to holding cells and split up

and they were interrogated and still

doesn't find the wallet and they

didn't know anything about it. They

were held overnight. The next

morning they were given access to an

interpreter which would cost them

8,000 pounds or close to $

8,000 pounds or close to $10,000 and

then they were told to withdraw

money from their ATMs and they were

be taken to a hotel where they were

watched and contacted by the embassy

without their passports. They

managed to get to a taxi and

arranged a Thai lawyer and the

lawyer said it would take a long

time to fight this. They were told

to pay the money and they did. Mr

Ingham missed his mother's funeral

and are seeking compensation. It

sounds well organised. Any other

public - any other cases made

public? Since their case came to

light there is a danish and Sri

Lankan reported something similar.

Judging by the number of letters to

payers in Bangkok it looks like

others have been caught up. No other

Australians have been caught up yet.

Given that dozens of Australians

come up here there may be a scam

that others may have been caught up

in. It is worthwhile to note to keep

your eyes open when travelling

through Bangkok airport. It is a

very, very scary prospect Seven

being stitched up in Bangkok. Or any

other place. Let us know your experiences. Police investigating the death of Michael Jackson are closing in on the singer's personal doctor. They have executed another search warrant on the Las Vegas home of Conrad Murray. Nelson Aspen is following the latest developments closely. Nelson, do we know what they were looking for?

They are looking for any and all

evidence that could tie Dr Murray to

a mabs charge if that actually ends

up happening. This is in a great way

a preemptive strike. The LAPD

doesn't want to leave any gaps in

the investigation. They want to have

all their Ts crossed and Is dotted.

At 9:00 local time they surprised him with

him with a visit to his gated

community at his Las Vegas home. The

last we heard they are still there

and looking for anything drug-wise

with the anaesthetic that killed

Michael Jackson. We hear they are

going to back to the doctor's office. Is there a general

office. Is there a general feeling

that they are not so much in a hurry

but they are trying to nail somebody

on Michael Jackson's death here.

Yes, it is a criminal investigation.

Will it become a mabs investigation?

That is what we will wait to find

out once the toxicology reports are

released, probably later this week.

Thank you very much. We will keep

you updated on

you updated on that story. There

could be an arrest sometime today

with the way it is going. Carla in

Queensland is the mother of twins.

Her twins are just like Kaleb and

they are allergic to call food.

Because our twins are young we hope they tolerate some foods in the

future. The best-case scenario is

three to four foods and maybe up to

10 for life. Just like Kaleb's

doctors none of the specialists

know. Toddlers react strongly to

traces of food on toys or playground

quilt. What I got the most out that

interview was for a kid who is

facing so much he looks so well. He

does. He is basically on an IV20

hours 24 hours. Adults that come in

contact say surely he could have something.

something. In his case,

unfortunately not. The other issue raising debate, farmers want it cut

by a couple months. Daylight saving

not necessary in this country. She

agrees with the farmers. Goes to

home dark and leaves for work in the

dark. Comes home in the dark. That

is a very long day. Let us know what

you think about daylight saving

whether in the city or country. "Too

long now. It didn't used to be. Why

are people complaining?

are people complaining?" I know they

made it longer for the Sydney Olympics. A lot coming in on

pregnancy tests. The dilemma of

Julie and David on 'Packed to the

Rafters'. We will get to those in a minute. Next up on Sunrise - Wednesday's news and weather details. But soon, are America's octuplets being exploited? And can a court stop it? Plus the Beyonce song with a familiar sound. (SINGS 'HALO') Is it the same as a Kelly Clarkson single? You can have a closer listen at 7:50 on Sunrise.

Good morning. Debate over what is a murder in the capital. The Government wants to change the Crimes Act.. to bring us in line with other states. The ACT's the ONLY jurisdiction where intent to seriously hurt someone.. doesn't fall under murder. But Barrister Shane Gill's against the changes.. he says it'll make the law too complicated.

Police will take a smashed car on a display tour of colleges around Canberra.. to highlight the dangers of speeding and drink-driving. The wrecked car comes from a crash.. which killed a teenager in June.. and sent a man to jail. ACT Health will today donate used medical equipment to hospitals in Fiji. The Wallaroos train at the AIS .. ahead of their must win World Cup qualifier match.. against Samoa next week. And the Raiders gear up for Saturday's match against the Broncos. Halfback Mark Herbert's out with a broken hand. More at 11. With a range of healthier options, you'll love the new you'l love the new Happy Meal choices.

Our Goulburn Valley Fruit Fizz is 65% fruit juice with sparkling water, and contains no artificial colours or added sugar. Come in and enjoy some family time at McDonald's.

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to see if you're one of the lucky winners. You'll then have 30 minutes to claim your appliance package. Shortly on the show - can the courts protect America's octuplets from exploitation? And the controversy over a Kelly Clarkson song.

Is it exactly the same as Beyonce? We'll compare them soon. But now Nat's got the 7:30 update. NAB says its decision to axe its controversial dishonour fee will make the bank more competitive. From October customers will no longer be charged $30 for an overdrawn cheque or savings account. The bank stands to lose $100 million a year.

We're very clear this is a final decision. We're not looking to recoup this fee anywhere else. Around 700,000 NAB customers are penalised for overdrawn accounts each year. It's responsible for the majority of client complaints. The Federal Government says the economy isn't out of the woods yet despite a more positive message from the Reserve Bank. Governor Glenn Stevens says

Australia's downturn may not be as bad as expected and probably won't be the worst since the Depression. Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner says the Government's not declaring victory yet. We're by no means certain where things will head in the second half of this year. Unemployment will still continue to increase and we've got a lot of big problems in front of us to deal with. The Government could be facing a double whammy

of rising interest rates and rising unemployment heading into the next election. Police hold fears for the safety of a Sydney schoolgirl who disappeared yesterday afternoon. 12-year-old Heather Brooke was last seen leaving a high school on Fifth Avenue in Blacktown at about 3:30pm. She was wearing maroon school pants and a fleecy top. Police say her disappearance is out of character

and they're appealing for public help. A Sydney taxi company has come to the rescue of a Melbourne business destroyed by fire. The fierce blaze ripped through the Collingwood headquarters of Silver Top Taxis yesterday morning. Staff and driving students managed to escape unhurt but millions of dollars worth of communications equipment and a collection of antique taxis was destroyed.

We lost a lot of old museum pieces in the fire and we've lost a lot of other things but the important this is that all the staff are well. Sydney's Premier Cabs, which was about to install new hardware, has sent it down to Silver Top instead. It's hoped the new booking system will be up and running by this afternoon.

In finance news - there were mixed results on Wall Street overnight.

Time for sport, here's Beretts. Paceman Mitchell Johnson looks set to retain his spot for the third Ashes Test after receiving unqualified support from vice-captain Michael Clarke. Johnson had the ordinary figures of 0/107 in the recent tour match against Northamptonshire but Clarke believes he rediscovered his best form late in the game.

He's on the way back. I think he's feeling more positive about how things are going. He's continuing to try to improve, as we all are. With the Edgbaston pitch now expected to take spin Nathan Hauritz is likely to retain his place. Collingwood assistant coach Nathan Buckley admits he's taking a risk by committing to the Pies for the next five years. Buckley will work under Mick Malthouse for two years

before taking on the senior role at the end of 2011. The Queensland rugby league says it's unable to substantiate allegations of drug use by its players in the lead-up to State of Origin 3. Players reportedly used a dangerous homemade party drug during Origin camp.

Aussie teenager Emily Seebohm has claimed a bronze medal in the 100m backstroke

at the World Swimming Championships in Rome this morning. Britain's Gemma Spofforth won the race in world record time.

An announcement in the V8 Supercar

world, Craig Lowndes going back to

Holden. Is that where he was? We can

brief you later. That is where he

won his three championships. brief you later. That is where he won his three championships. He is

going back to Holden. So is Jamie

Whincup. It is big, big news. I can

tell you. Let's get today's weather

with Fifi in Tully. A lot of rain,

although none this morning. Yes, I

worked some magic but no rain here. A

A slow-moving high is bringing

unsettled weather.

Currently 20 degrees here in Tully. Famous for sugar cane and bananas

Famous for sugar cane and bananas and famous for whitewater rafting. R

and R took me out yesterday. I

showed you a little before. What I

am about to show you is more. I

haven't seen this. I do remember a

bit of the terror. A bit bit of the terror. A bit of whitewater

whitewater rafting. I think I got my ora whitewater rafting. I think I got my

ora - I think I got my oar the wrong

way. What are you doing? Hold on! Oh

my goodness. Oh hi! Back paddle,

guys. Back paddle.

guys. Back paddle. We reckon you are

brave on the inside, Fifi. Do you

think? I just heard my scream. I

didn't see it then. You can gauge

how excited I was. I love your

surprise with "

surprise with "There's a big rock! surprise with "There's a big rock!"

Who knew? You survived. Good on you

for giving it a go. Thank you. See you soon.

you soon. She puts her life on the

line, every day for this job. Colour

coordinated too. Bright yellow vest

and pink helmet. So many emails. We

were discussing 'Packed to the

Rafters' Julie and Dave undergoing

tests on their unborn baby to

tests on their unborn baby to find

out its health. You are telling us

your stories. Nicole in Queensland.

I was 19.

I was 19.5 weeks when I found out my

unborn baby had Downs. We ended the

pregnancy. I felt selfish keeping a

child with Downs and it would take

precious time away from my 4-year-old son. It is a personal

choice. Whatever your choice you never forget. I hope one day I can

fill the - fill the gap my heart.

Very personal. Beautiful to share.

This is from

This is from Tracy. My husband and I are

are facing this. We are having the

test to best prepare. We are waiting

a week and have another week or two

before we know. Either way this baby

was planned for and loved by all of us. That is

us. That is a conundrum. Some people

can do it. Some people can accept

that baby and some can't. It is difficult. Coming up - the row between two music stars over similar songs. And later - can you believe what you read in the tabloids? But in a moment - the moves to protect America's octuplets. Is their mum exploiting them? We're back soon.

(SINGS) # Climb every mountain... # Next week on Sunrise - Kochie does Kili. You Kochie.

He's beaten it once and vowed never to return. How about we do Kosciusk