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Have a great weekend. Can someone

please tell me why my show smells like banana? to your Friday Morning Show. Good morning, and welcome Today, 12 days lost in the Blue Mountains the British backpacker who spent from hospital today. is expected to be released most amazing stories of survival. So we take a look at some of the for Australia's ultimate man. Plus, the search

Keep it up. Keep it up! to become number one. We meet the blokes battling it out as Agent Scully in 'The X-Files'? And can you imagine Pamela Anderson as 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'? Or Katie Holmes

casting could-have-beens. We look at some of the craziest Then, toys galore. kid-approved toys on the market. The latest, greatest, But first up this morning, dishing up some scintillating stuff. reality TV is often responsible for behind-the-scenes look Giving us an almost into the lives of everyday Joes, living life just like us. and trends are set. In the process, stars are born popular 'MasterChef Australia' More recently, we've seen the hugely for a cooking craze. become responsible you've needed to sing... To date,

# Look up to the skies

# And see #'ve needed to dance....

# We will fly # on a treasure hunt... ..race around the globe

Travel by high-speed rail. and have a screaming match... ..make a scene

It's not OK.

I asked him to meet me over there.

be upset. Please don't. Stop telling me not to

and go crazy in the jungle. ..or even call yourself a star

television has uncovered all sorts. Over the years reality can be famous, at times, It's seemed as though anyone for doing nothing. had been exhausted, But just when you thought every idea and audiences were switching off, think again. From left field, a simple idea. a cooking craze MasterChef Australia has whizzed up

You have have four minutes to go, guys, four minutes. a cooking craze MasterChef Australia has whizzed up reality TV ingredients. with a recipe full of the usual

Sighs) I have finished. leaving many wondering The success of the show and spices" just what are the "secret herbs that make it so easy to digest. Breathe! For more, we're joined on the couch Richard Clune, by 'Sunday Telegraph' TV critic Dr Marc Brennan, pop culture expert chef Jared Ingersoll, chef Gabriel Gate. and in Melbourne, Good morning to you all.

Good morning. reality TV isn't dead? Richard, does this prove

You were writing did you

You were writing about it, that

reality TV is dead but it ain't? I

think it had gone

think it had gone off the boil a bit

but it is back. What the success of

'MasterChef' proves it has changed

the form at a bit. It tweaked it, it

is it is affirmative, we don't have

the bitchy budges and the bitchier

side. It is coming to a point where

clearly Australian audiences want

it. How big a success is it?

Phenomenal. They talk about the J

curve where something starts off,

falls away and comes back, this has

launched. kept going from the moment it

kept going from the moment it

launched. In the final week it is

doing two million a night. That is

unprecedented. Now we have finished

talking about shows on other

channels, as a chef in general terms

it must be great to see cooking on

the menu I a man of cooking. But the

whole sort of hype and the way the

celebrity chef and all the

celebrity chef and all the cooking

programs, it has blown me away. It

Wasn't that long ago, cooks were

servants, not seen. And behind the

scenes and now it is great to see

the focus coming on to what we do.

You work in a restaurant, what has

it done for your audiences, diners

coming in, has it raised their

expectations of people coming in for

the whole restaurant experience? Hz

a hard thing to quantify but

anything that educates people about

good food and what goes into it is

good for any restaurant. It

raiseathize bar and adds

appreciation and a bit of

understanding and knowledge of

it is we are doing. It is great. Am understanding and knowledge of what

loving Richard's point it is the

nasty judges, the ugly stuff

nasty judges, the ugly stuff has

gone? I think it is right what

Richard said. There are two things:

1, we love cooking and we aspire to

be great chefs and like eating good

food. But like 'MasterChef', it is

about the journey. We are seeing a

supportive environment. We are used

to seeing bitchy catty sorts of

reality shows so it is a change. In

today's national newspapers we see

the finalist are making front-page

news, why are they turn nothing to

we are seeing rock stars? One of the great things

we are seeing is the amateur versus

the expert. Everyone loves a

battler. There is the Aussie battler

trying to overcome the odds and win

and people identify with that. They

make it look easy. Is it? Are they?

Those meals? Yes, well, many of

those meals youed could cook at

home, there is no doubt. Perhaps

nots during the week but certainly

otthe weekend when you have a bit

more time and when you can spend a

couple of hours, because some of

these those dishes, the nature of

the game is that they have got to do

something a bit more special. It

takes a bit more time than the 20

minutes or half an hour you want to

spend at home. Larry said it looked

easy, I think the opposite, I think

it looks hard and Jarred touched on

it that it gives you a new

appreciation. Do you

appreciation. It changes the way we

appreciate our food? Sorry, well, I

think it does inspire people to have

a go andefeen if it is just a mashed

potato that you are doing, even potato that you are doing, even potato that you are doing, even if it potato that you are doing, even if

it is one of the

it is one of the garnishes on the

vegetables, if you have learned to

cook the meat a bit better, then it

is very good. We need to be inspired

to start somewhere. So I think this

in terms of home cooking. Sorry, show has been exextremely positive

that technical delay to Paris is

actually quite bad. So this is the,

as you said, the exclusive domain,

the servants in the kitchen where is

I still don't like our servants to

go out and mix with the rest of the

family. Did you notice this family. Did you notice this segregation

segregation Now with idol, the

singers coming out, a whole new

bunch of celebrity chefs? It is

creating a different type of chef. Cooking, you start your

apprenticeship. I have spent

probably 22 years doing between 50

and 65 hours a week, just come off

the back of three weeks without a

day off. It is not a glamorous job but now it is so, the celebrity

status, it is changing people's

perceptions what the job is about.

The number of kids I have had come

through that freak out because you

have to work hard. Daong the

recession has got something to do it

it? People are prepared to stay home

and try rather than and try rather than $ and try rather than $300 for a

restaurant meal. There is are

examples but there is a lot of

cookingen the show that is the

budget of most people. There is

something cooking and comforting at

being at home and with food and family and people are responding to

it. The stories when the chefs or

singers make their way from the TV

column to the front page, it is a

turning point? Yes, I was saying to

Kylie before we came on air, they

are on the front cover of nearly

every newspaper in the country

today. Phenomenal. Gabrielle, in

Paris, thank you. Mersey rr.

Overseas now, and it was only a matter of time. After months of controversy, Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy 'Bruno' has been given the axe. The film has been banned in the Ukraine amid claims its themes are morally dangerous to viewers.

How did you find your son? I swapped

him. Swapped! Swapped the baby for

what? For an iPod. What! 'Bruno' was due for release in that country next week. It's already in cinemas here.

It was like a good iPod, it is important to know.

For more we're joined by Sunrise entertainment editor Nuala Hafner.

Good morning. Nuala, tell us about the ban?

Well, basically, the Ukraine's

minister of culture has decided in

is -a vote 9 to 14 that they are

going to ban it because it is

unjustified and also could have a

bad effect on the Ukraine's moral

health. In a letter to film's

distributors this is what they distributors this is what they said, " distributors this is what they said,

"It objected to the showing of

genttle organs, sexual acts and

pershrepgzs in a realistic manner

and contains manifestations that

could damage the citizens. could damage the citizens.."

Sadistic manifestations, apparently

not just a publicity stunt. You

wouldn't put it past Sacha Baron

Cohen to do it. But now, a Ukraine

web site came out and said it is

genuine. To be honest, the film

doesn't need the extra publicity. It

is No.1 here and around the world. I

am sure Sacha Baron Cohen is crying

all the way to the bank in his

designer boots. Sacha Baron Cohen

and the u yainians have had a dodgy

relationship? Funnily enough, the

Kazakhstan Government didn't like

Borat. In a show of solidarity,

Russia and also the Ukraine banned

the movie as well. Again, didn't

really harm the revenue from the box

office, $

office, $261 million from Borat in

2006. Banned in those kup uzbut they

have had to tone it down for other

countries as well? Yes, looking to

the United Kingdom, the rating there

is 18. So cinemas have been turning

back droves of teejaners. They have

seen the hype and want to she the

movie. So what they have done is cut

1 minute 50 from the movie including

the ghost scene. If you have seen

the ghost scene. If you have seen p it is you know what what I am

talking about. So the age has gone

back to 15. I believe they are calling it calling it "

calling it "Bruno Snipped." Even then they can't resist. Moving on, three Australian actors are up for television's highest honour. Toni Collette, Simon Baker and first-timer Rose Byrne all received Emmy Award nominations overnight along with some top-rating Channel 7 shows. Mark Barger has the details.

Watching. Rfrjts After winning its

second straight Emmy as best comedy

last year, NBC's 30 Rock dominated

the nominations this morning in LA,

leading the way with 22. It is

to be hard to beat

leading the way with 22. It is going to be hard to beat anybody from 30

Rock, it is a show about the

industry ask has so many

nominations. The Office is also in

the hunt and two other shows,

Entourage and

Entourage and Flight of the

Concords. And also Family Guy, the

first animated comedy to be

nominated since the Flinstones. Mad

Men's best drama competition

including 'Breaking Bad', and Big

Love and Legal Damages also Dexter,

'House' and the ABC adsrefrper

series, 'Lost'. Glenn close took

honours as best actress last fall,

this time she will have to beat

this time she will have to beat out Sally Field rr, the Closer, Law and

Order SVU and Saving Grace. Rch For more we're joined by Bridget Daly from Good morning. Bridget, run us through the three Aussies who are up for a gong?

Yes, Australian actors were really

representing today. Toni Collette

United States of Tara and Rose

Byrne. Toni Collette is nominated in

the lead actress category if a

comedy series. If you haven't seen

the show yet you must watch it. It

is amazing. She pulls off a

character who has multiple

pertinality disorder. You know what

I am talking about if you have seen

the show,

the show, she is incredible. Now

moving on to Simon baker, he

in the CBS show 'The Mentalist', it moving on to Simon baker, he stars

didn't come as a big surprise.

Everybody assumed he would be

nominated for the role. The New York

Daily News said it perfectly." He

delivers an endearing sexy lovable

character and needs to be here." So

pretty good. Lastly, Rose Byrne, she

starred in 'Damages'. You can

imagine how hard that must going to

work every day and working with the

amazing Glenn Close but Rose Byrne,

she is saforce to be reckoned with

for sure. This is her first time

nominated but let's not forget she

won the Golden Globe if the role. I

would call her the definite dark

horse in the category. Who are the

main competition? For Toni Collette,

the competition is Tina Fey. She won

the Emmy two times in a row. 30 Rock

is a popular show but Toni Collette

is amazing in the role. It will be

between Toni and Tina. The only dark

horse is Christina Applegate. Of

course, her show Samantha Who got

cancelled but she might get the

sympathy vote. Moving on to Simon

baker, his biggest competition is probably Brian

probably Bryan Cranston who won last

year or John Hamm, nominated for mad

Mann. That show is more and more

popular, a great, great show. It is

the competition. We can't say now

but Simon could be the dark horse.

Moving on to Rose Byrne, up against

pretty fierce comp tigsz. We have

Chandra Wilson from 'Grey's

Anatomy', of course, almost a shoe

in and then of course, Dianne Wiest

who won the Emmy last year. So Rose

has tough competition but you never

know. Any notable snubs? Absolutely.

There is always snubs but this year,

first I will talk about 'Grey's

Anatomy'. This is an ensemble cast so everybody can't be nominated.

Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh both

god nods but Patrick Dempsey and

Katherine Heigl got snubbed. The big

one was True Blood, HBO's biggest

show, the most popular show, not to

forget the vampire craze is carrying

over and getting bigger and bigger

so we are surprised

so we are surprised they didn't get

any nominations in acting, directing

or writing. Thank you for your time,

nice to see you. Any time. Have a great weekend. Ahead on the show,

a sign of the supernatural or a trick of the light? Our Morning Mystic will read one viewer's amazing ghost photos. Plus, how to deal with meddling parents. But next, the hunt for Australia's Ultimate Man. We meet the finalists... in just a moment. Good morning, Sydney. A partly cloudy Friday with a bit of rain around, mainly near the coast. A top temperature of 16 degrees. Right now it's 10. Ladies, are you looking for the ultimate man? Stop your search, because we've got the best of the best. Aussie guys from all over the country competed in the 'Men's Health' challenge to find Australia's ultimate man. Not only physically fit, they had to have confidence a can-do attitude, and a sense of adventure. Our entertainment reporter James Tobin made sure he didn't miss out on the action. He joins us now.

We thought you were a starter?

Couldn't make it yesterday. I just

had something else on. But I have

got a mate and I thought he would be

perfect for the job. This guy is

incredible. He has climbed Everest

seven times, swum from Australia

seven times, swum from Australia to New Zealand back stroke. He doesn't

have a name, he is simply known as

Awesome. Today we find the ultimate

man. Men's Health magazine has 64ed the nation

the nation to -- scoured the nation

to find the ultimate man. Welcome,

today you will compete for points in

four categories, trail bike, 4-wheel

driveing, and Texas poker. My name

is Paul Beard, I am 22 and I am a

personal trainer. I am Ashley

Pealer, 31. I am fwaigt. I am Mike

Gaynor, 30 plus, plus and a

firefighter. I a 34 and a bank

manager on holidays at the moment. Two, three, go.

# Wooh

# It is going to be a long day. We

are going to need a montage.

How you actually got through today?

I am a personal trainer. Had one of

my PT clients tell me about the

challenge. How many stages have

there been until the final? We have

done three. Run down, bikes next.

What is the strategy? Not to fall off. Very good luck.

# I'm going away # # Coming

# Keep it up. Keep it up! Come on, faster!

# I don't know where am I going but

can you guide me. Have you done much

trainer up to this point, for

thevent. I have thought about it. (sighs) thevent. I have thought about it.

(sighs). How are you tealing about

your chances today? I was feeling

alright until I saw the course. And

lastly, who is your main competition

today? Probably me.

# This heart attack

# I have got to get away

# Not coming back

# I want

# To call me when you can

# And I will be fine #

# I am a survivor

# I am not a giver yirex I am going

to work harder

# I am a survivor # Alright, boys,

really dig deep now, go the extra yard!

# Poker face

# Been some great men in history and

greatness doesn't come easy. So

today, it comes down to a tie

breaker. Paul and Greg. Who are tied

on 170. We have a tie break.

# Run as fast as you can # Through

this field of dreams # Brand new

car, congratulations. Good stuff.

That is it from me, tanks very much,

I am out of here. You are like the

Solo Man. Yes. Do you think he is

like Solo Man. I think he is like

the construction worker out of the

Village People. Fully loaded man,

they base him on, it is Awesome. Who

is the ultimate winner. Paul Baird.

Won the last series of gladiator rr,

his boyfriend was also a contestant

on the show. Serious competition

there but five guys did well. The

course was gruelling. Was it

gruelling? It looks like a

gruelling? It looks like a lot of

fun? Before I got there and read

about the challenges, I thought I

could walk it in it doesn't look

hard. You get there and the property

is gianormous. It is Victoria, Mount

Cottrell, a huge property where they

do a lot of 4 wheel drive testing. There do a lot of 4 wheel drive testing.

There was serious amount of blood,

sweat and tears lost that day. The ultimate guy

ultimate guy. A bit of poker and,

fantastic. And a stick-on Mo. A

great moustache.

Still to come, can you imagine 'Seinfeld' without Elaine? We find out who was originally cast for the role. Also, the new Visa cards letting 13-year-olds shop online. But next, one of the world's most elaborate wedding proposals. Find out why this guy needed to strip down to his undies

to get his girlfriend to say yes.

The Morning Show brought to you by Jetstar, Australia's low fares airline. Now flying to 20 holiday destinations across the country.

To book go to: A British man has pulled off a unique wedding proposal by dropping his dacks on the big screen. His girlfriend thought she was being treated to an arty French film but the lights went down to expose a whole lot more than she'd bargained for. Sally Biddulph has the story. # And I hope you are the one I share my life with... # It's not exactly the French arthouse film they were expecting. A man crooning in his pants. But Pete Simpson's film is all about love # I don't wanna run away # If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am # Is there anyway that I could stay in your life? # When he decide to propose to his girlfriend Hannah he shot a music video and planned an evening to remember

at his local cinema.

I wanted to do something special because asking someone to marry you is a quite a big deal. And I always had an idea in my head of making a video or a personalised message or something. But it wasn't until I actually decided to do it at a cinema

and show a film that the idea of doing a music video came into my head. # I don't wanna run away but I can't take it... # The video ballad was filmed over three days around Bristol with nothing more than a selection of pants as props. And, on the big night, also Hannah's birthday,

Pete took his girlfriend to the cinema, and even arranged a fake audience so Hannah wouldn't suspect a thing. I was half expecting to just flash a happy-birthday message and then move into the actual film that I thought we were watching. But then the lights came on and he dropped down to one knee with a ring so at that point I knew what he had planned. And her answer? It was a yes. How could you say no to that? As the couple plan for many more cinema nights as mister and missus, the question is - would you have said yes?

Yes. Kylie let me ask you that

question: how could you say no to

that? There is someone for everyone.

How devoted is he. How much in love

with her must he be to go to all

that trouble. How much in love with

him must she be to say yes? True.

After that. It was great. Coming up later: from Stuart Diver to Brant Webb, we look back at some of the most amazing survival stories. Up next though, Glenn has some advice for mums about feeding their toddlers. You've finally done it. Now that you've gotten through the first 12 months

you want to ensure that everything your toddler consumes is of the highest nutritional quality. Good thing I've got Shannon here on The Morning Show today to tell us about a milk drink that delivers the perfect mix of science and love, especially when it comes to nutrition. Hi, Shannon. Good morning, Glenn. I remember when our own kids were quite young. As a parent you find yourself constantly fretting about what to give them, especially when their eating habits can be so unpredictable. You know, you're a mum and at the end of the day, I guess you want them to have the best, don't you? Glenn, I think every parent feels the same. It's not that easy being a parent because you can't be expected to know everything about food and nutrition, especially when it comes to knowing what to give your toddler. True enough. But you reckon you've got something here to put every parent's mind at ease. I certainly do because not only is this a very tasty milk drink, it's also packed with essential nutrients that every growing toddler needs. So we're talking S-26 Gold Toddler, and, Shannon, I believe this is Australia's number one.

That's exactly right. S-26 Gold Toddler is a nutritional supplement, especially formulated with age-appropriate nutrients your toddler needs to help support growth and development.

It's designed to provide optimum nutrition for children aged between one and three years. What is so special about S-26 Gold Toddler? As we touched on earlier, S-26 Gold Toddler provides advanced nutrition which toddlers need to help support growth and development. Plus, kids just love the taste. Which is very important. Let's see what we have got here because I'm always being told I'm a big kid at heart. What's in here? Did you know that S-26 Gold Toddler contains Omega-3 which is one of the nutrients in this drink. What exactly does Omega-3 do? Omega-3 helps support brain and eye development. Then you've got added nutrients like iron which helps support growth

and vitamin D which is vital in helping build strong bones and teeth.

I believe S-26 Gold Toddler is sucrose-free too, that's important. Another plus. S-26 Gold Toddler contains no artificial colours or preservatives. Terrific. You're on a roll, keep going. What else have they packed into S-26 Gold Toddler? All the ingredients found in S-26 Gold Toddler are specially formulated with the age appropriate nutrients designed to help support your child at each stage of your child's growth and development, essential vitamins, like vitamins A, D, B6, B12, C and E. It's all there. And I bet a question a lot of viewers at home are asking right now is what is the difference between S-26 Gold Toddler and regular cows' milk. Today it is a well-known fact that cows' milk is actually a poor source of iron and other essential nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin D. In fact, vitamin C helps to make the absorption of iron more efficient. So the major difference is that S-26 Gold Toddler contains vitamins and nutrients to help support your child's growth and development. I believe S-26 Gold Toddler also available is in two forms at your local supermarket and pharmacy? That's right. It's available in a powder form and a ready-to-drink handy pack. Great, how good's that, hey. So you could keep the powder in the cupboard at home or buy the ready-to-drink milk pack, conveniently pre-mixed I see there sucrose-free goodness, you can take it anywhere, you've got to love that. Now, we love choice here on The Morning Show too. so well done with all of that but I've heard too you've got some freebies to give away to some very lightning quick callers. Glenn, we have a fantastic give away. For the first 1,000 mums who call... ..or dads. We will send you out this very special offer that you can see right now absolutely free. But you must be of the first 1,000 viewers to call the toll free number. That's it. Mums or dads, it doesn't matter who you are. S-26 Gold Toddler, you heard it for yourself, the perfect mix of science and love,

not only will your toddler love it, but you'll get that peace of mind knowing that your child is getting essential nutrients to help support their growth and development, very important. If you want to get your hands on that very special give away, wonderful, Shannon. Call: Or if you want to know anything else, just visit the website: You're a star, well done. Thanks, Glenn. Guys, back to you. Ahead this morning, we reveal the surprising things Aussies would sacrifice

to keep their mobile phone. But first, Simon Reeve joins us with the latest news and weather. Hello, Simon. Good morning, Kylie and Larry. Hello, everyone. Lucrative alcohol sponsorships of Australian sporting teams

could be banned under a health plan being considered by the Federal Government. Kevin Rudd's Preventative Health Task Force wants to strip cricket and football teams of their booze ads. Former Queensland government minister Gordon Nuttall is expected to be sentenced this morning after being found guilty on 36 corruption charges.

His crimes attract a maximum jail sentence of seven years. The family home will be sold to recover the $360,000 in secret commissions he was convicted of taking. Today marks exactly 40 years since the world watched in awe as 'Apollo 11' lifted off to the moon. Stunning new images of the launch and its preparations have been released to mark the anniversary. Checking the weather now - An American boy has broken the record for the youngest person to sail around the world alone. Zac Sunderland arrived home to Marina Del Ray this morning, after 13 months at sea. The record was previously held by Australian Jesse Martin, who journeyed around the world at the age of 18.

Quite an achievement for a young

fellow. Fantastic. You would have

time to read all the Harry Potter books. Twice. Ahead, from riches, to rags, and back again. We look at some of the most amazing celebrity comebacks. Plus, the new Visa card letting 13-year-olds shop online. But straight after the break, Revealed - the man responsible for Jessica Simpson's break-up. You're watching the Morning Show, right around Australia. (GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS) SONG: # I... # I'm just passing by # You are passing me by too

# World

# Far from perfect world # I see a lot of life in you # Even though there are leaves on the ground # The smell of your hair makes me feel like summer's around # Yeah, snap # Snap, little dragon, snap # Sprinkler making rainbow Tiny little rainbows for you. # (ENCHANTING MUSIC, SCRAPING NOISE) Instant Scratchie! With the new $3 Wizard Bingo Instant Scratchie, you can win up to $75,000 instantly. (LAUGHS) Wouldn't that be magic? (FROG CROAKS) # Scratch me happy. # We often hear about or complain about problems with the in-laws but what about our own controlling parents? Jessica Simpson's father, Joe, has been labelled a meddling parent after rumours emerged he was the cause of Jessica's split from boyfriend Tony Romo. It's also believed Joe's controlling ways were at the heart of her marriage break-up from singer Nick Lachey in 2005. So how do you cope with someone who continues to parent long after their child has grown up? Morning Show psychologist Jo Lamble joins us now. Good morning, Jo. How common is a meddling parent and why do they do it?

It is pretty common. It is normally

done out of the goodness of their

heart. It is done a lot in other

cultures but now days when children

stay home longer and longer and the

parents are still involved in their

lives into their 20s and 30s it will

be more of a problem. It may not

always be obvious but how can you

tell if a parent is interfering too

much in your life You might not know

it because it is always the case but

definitely friends or a partner will

tell you your parents are too

involved. Another sign, if you are

reluctant to tell your parents

something that is going on because

you don't want to hear their

opinions and comments it might be a

sign. What are some of the problems

the behaviour can cause?

sign. What are some of the problems the behaviour can cause? It can

cause problems in the relationship

because a partner can often not

cope. Indecision and a dependentance

on the parents to help make

decisions, both of those cause a

lack of confidence. The happiest and

most successful people in life can

make decisions easily. If the

parents are meddling too much and

you can no longer make decisions for

yourself, you will not be happy and

successful and not as confident as

you could be. What if you are in the

situation? What do you do some tell

your parents to back off? Don't

ignore it. Speak up and being

assertive. Know they do care but say something like, " something like, "I know you care but

I have to stand on my own two feet

and make my own decisions so please

be there in the background and let

me get on with it." The

should be able to take that. As me get on with it." The parents

parents we all care about our

child's well being, all of us, how

can we make sure we are there

without going over the top. I don't

know how I am going to do it myself,

actually mutt we actually mutt

actually mutt we need to take a step

back. If they just tell you what is

goug on, you listen and be empthetic

but ask if they want your advice. Say, "

Say, "What are you going to do about

that? It sounds like a tricky

situation do you want to know what I

think." If they say, "

think." If they say, "No thanks, think." If they say, "No thanks,."

Then you need to respect it and back

of auch am if they do, give your

advice but don't push it, say, "

advice but don't push it, say, "That

is your life but I will leave it to

you." Some parents feel

you." Some parents feel they have a

right. Especially if the child is

living at home or the child is

ringing all the time. It is lovely

to have a close relationship with

your parents but sometimes I find

people are speaking to their parents

or mother every single day and

telling them every detail of the

life. It is hard to give the parent that and say, "

that and say, "I don't want to know

what you think." If you think the

parents are meddling too much, take

the step and help them to create a

bit of a buffer. Thank you for bit of a buffer. Thank you for your

time. Have a good weekend. You

time. Have a good weekend. You too.

Stick around, we don't need your

input but you will love this story. Ahead, the bride-to-be who discovered her fiance was a porn star while looking online for a hen's night stripper.

Why would Jo bee interested in that. Why would Jo bee interested in that?

Because it is the Morning Show and a

fun place to be. The fiance will

need counselling after this. I would

call the wedding off. You would have

a bit of a discussion. Something we

need to talk about, honey. Or

discussion would be taking place.

You would talk to your parents about

it. No, they would call the wedding off! First though, it's Glenn with an easy and fast way to get your floors clean.

Everything morning when you come on

the show, you have something to show

us but I must ask, why is it when

you do the cleaning you make it look

easy? It is the steam mop. It is

Light and easy and you can do things

you can't do with a mop and bucket. Light and easy and you can do things

It comes with a personal carpet

glider which lets you clean and

refresh your carp wants, unlike a

regular mop and bucket. Watch the

black carpet here, I am going to put

honey over the top. How would you

feel I would prefer it on toast with

a cup of tea. I am going to take it off the

off the carpet glide were, for heavy

stains going over the top with the

steam mop and it picks up quickly

and ease. Nat is impressive. If you

have got a big mess, the quids have

left paint on the floor, scuff

marks. Murd, dirt, go straight from

the carpets to the hardwood floors.

Beat root on teracotta tiles. The

mop picks it up quickly and easily.

It is amazing. I like the fact it

takes 30 seconds to heat up and

gives you 20 minutes or continuous

steam when you use ordinary tap

water. Combine with the microfibre

cover you can clean all floors with

one hand. It is fantastic, call this number M.

It uses

It uses 1500 Watts of team. The

pressure loseens and cleans while

the microfibre pad scrubs it away.

Your floors are dried at the same

time. It works with your favourite

deteenagerant too. With a regular

mop, even if it looks clean it is

nat. With the steam mop, it is like

cleaning with a new mop every time.

The steam works on The steam works on every surface

from line oleum to laminate, even

tough-to-clean grout lines. We had a

big party at home and cleaned the

tiles the next morning beautifully

with the steam mop. But it also

converts to your own carpet steamer.

That is impressive. So you can erase

stains and mats and rugs all the

with one machine. It comes with two

renewsable microfibre pads. It is

thicker, superabsorbent. They trap the dirt and grime for the cleanest

floors ever. You were telling me it

does sell out so here we go, what special does sell out so here we go, what

special offer have you got? Grab

your pen and paper and call. We are

back in stock. Hallaljuah! For

infirst 200 customers you will

receive 10 disposable mop pads for

four payments of $

four payments of $49.

four payments of $49.95.

My favourite part, turn down the

lights, look at this. Look at the

floor first. You will notice the

floor looks clean but when you turn these lights down these lights down you will see when

you think it is clean, it is not.

You see, the H 2 0 steam mop removes

hidden dirt and grime not seen in

novlal light. The steam is moveen to

remove germs such as e coal anot

seen by the human eye. It could be

your bathroom floor? Call this

number: Put It to the test with the

30-day money back guarantee. A great

deal. 10 free disposable mop pads

plus the two reusable microfibre

pads. Thank you, James. See you again. Back to you. Next hour - toy crazy. We're checking out the hottest new toys on the market. And our Morning Mystic helps a viewer who thinks her house might be haunted. But straight ahead, scary, sensational and definitely inspiring. We look back at some of the most incredible stories of survival. Don't go away. This Sunday on 'Weekend Sunrise', the 63-year-old cougar. She's a grandmother, and she's dating men in their 20s.

Plus - That guy from IT resurrects your PC.

'Beauty and the Geek', the world phenomenon descending on Australia. And on set with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale

this Sunday on 'Weekend Sunrise' live at 7am. It's hard not to be been blown away by the incredible survival story of Jamie Neale. For almost two weeks search-and-rescue crews scoured rugged bushland around the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, looking for the British backpacker. It seems some simple sight-seeing almost turned to tragedy. For Jamie, he's one of the lucky ones who's lived to tell his story.

The beauty of the Australian bush is captivating. Much of it untouched by civilisation. But for all of its appeal, it's tough, unforgiving terrain. Not the sort of place you want to get lost in. But for British backpacker Jamie Neale that's exactly what happened. Emergency services started searching for the 19-year-old after he set off for a stroll, minus his mobile phone. It turned into a 12-day struggle to survive.

To be honest, it is a long time for

someone to be missing and unaccounted for.

Battling hunger and freezing conditions he was well and truly exposed to the elements. For search crews, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Look, there is gullies, rocks, it is

steep bushland, ipa remote area. Amazingly - he got out alive. But his parents weren't surprised.

I been telling people that boy could

walk to the South Pole in his

underpants. I always knew he would be fine. Also spending two weeks in a living nightmare were Tassie miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell. The pair managed to survive

a fortnight trapped in a Beaconsfield goldmine following a cave-in. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE When they finally surfaced, all of Australia celebrated along with their tiny town. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The small ski village of Thredbo in New South Wales was the centre of attention in 1997 after a landslide claimed 18 lives. Rescuers dug through rubble for days before declaring it was unlikely they'd find anyone alive. But that was before the world had met Stuart Diver. A ski instructor, who, after 65 hours, was pulled from the ruins of his ski lodge. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE He's gone on to write a book about the experience

and make sure those who didn't make it out alive aren't forgotten. From the snowfields - to the sea.

Something written down on pape taor

carry on the legacy of all those people's lives. From the snowfields - to the sea. Rescuers in waters off Australia's north coast

were amazed to find two Burmese fishermen alive after drifting for close to a month. Their lives saved by a giant esky.

They would not have been able to

survive for that period of time

without any form of flotation device. The pair told search crews their boat sank in Indonesian waters killing 18 while they survived the hot sun by eating fish and drinking rainwater. Brit Tony Bullimore is another- with an amazing story of survival from the high seas.

While competing in a round-the-world

yacht race his boat capsized in the yacht race his boat capsized in

theSouthern Assocaition, until they

found him hiding in an up turned

pocket of his boat after surviving

five days on a few bits of chocolate

and some determination. Stepping on

to the shores of Australia is the

most exotic thing

most exotic thing that has happened

to me in my life. But it is not just

the humans. Take Sophie Tucker, a

cattle dog which debecame a cast

away. After falling overboard during

a family yachting trip, she swam

five miles through shark. five miles through five miles through shark-infested waters

five miles through shark-infested

watt to a quiet island near Mackay.

There she survive said for four

month eating goats and koalas before

being found and being returned to

her owners. She was all over us like

a rash and never looked back.

a rash and never looked back. She has been Sophie and back home loving

it. A happy ending for Sophie and

all truly amazing survivors. We only

ask one thing: if you get lost at

sea or the mouptens, when you get

rescued it works really well for us

if you wrair a Channel 7 hat. Tony Bullimore...

A little later on this morning, would you sacrifice time with your partner to keep your mobile phone? But next, Glenn's got a cardio workout that will make you get your groove on. If you want to have fun, get fit and lose weight, then let's get ready to Zumba! Woo-hoo!

Now, Yvonne, you come over here. That looks like too much fun. What are we looking at? This incredible dance fitness routine has taken the world and Australia by storm. It's called Zumba! So ditch the boring workout and join the party.

Fantastic! Killing calories whilst actually enjoying yourself - I like it! I'm sure we could all enjoy it.

Zumba was created by Colombian-born Beto Perez. He produced an exercise routine that blends Latin, hip-hop and world dance styles to get the body shaking and the blood pumping for a calorie-burning workout that you actually look forward to doing. Love it! Certainly very impressive. So, we know what'll keep you motivated but there must be a secret? Zumba makes you move in ways that burn those calories while giving you tone and definition. It's what Beto calls 'rhythm progression'.

You start with your feet, then add your hips, then the arms. You get a fun cardio workout that works almost every muscle in your body. Each Zumba beat brings on a new dance move that speeds you up and slows you down. It's called interval training and it's guaranteed to burn calories. I can feel it happening already! But tell me the truth -

because as a championship title-holder yourself in Latin dance, Yvonne, is Zumba only for people who are trained in dance and, obviously, very fit? Absolutely not.

It doesn't matter whether you're a professional dancer or if you have two left feet, Glenn. Zumba is for everybody. The key to Zumba is that it makes you feel good.

There are no rules or expectations.

You just feel the music. I'm feeling the music, baby! I can see why Zumba's so popular. In fact, I can't wait to try it. You won't be disappointed, Glenn. The Latin rhythms and African beats make every workout feel like a party!

No pills, no potions, fad diets, all that sort of thing no gym memberships either - and, of course, I like that. Zumba, as I understand it, has 6 dance-infused workout routines, yeah, on 4 DVDs? They obviously help to get you lean and in shape? That's right. Get started with Zumba Basics DVD. This teaches you all the Zumba steps in a really easy-to-follow way using a 3-step easy-beat system. You'll never get bored with the Zumba 20-minute express, which is great for when you're tight on time and want to burn calories fast. Great idea.

You also get a tour of Red-hot Zumba Rhythms with Beto's Zumba Cardio Party. This will make those kilos just melt away. Beto makes target toning fun with Sculpt and Tone Workouts so you can accelerate fat burning in those problem areas. That's not all - you also get the Zumba Live and Zumba Flat Abs Workout so you can strengthen your core for a sleek and sexy flat stomach that you've always wanted without those dreadful sit-ups. Love it! I tell you what, Yvonne, you've really got me excited already about Zumba. I can feel it happening!

Yes, we're also going to give you Beto's new Zumba Toning sticks. They rattle to get you in the mood and they'll supercharge your Zumba workout so you burn more calories. Great. I wanna give it a go - quite seriously, I want to get involved here. Oh, hold on, Glenn.

We're also going to give you a Zumba Party Nation CD with unique rhythms from all over the world

and this incredible sports heart-rate watch, usually worth $79 but absolutely free for all Morning Show viewers that call now.

Great offer.

You're going to have so much fun getting fit, quite frankly. Don't wait any longer to get fit and fabulous body that you deserve. Zumba will keep you healthy and fit so you look and feel great. It's all yours for the special low price of only 3 payments of $49.95, plus $14.95 postage and handling. That's great value. That is great value. I like that. So call now, folks, for your exciting fat-burning Zumba routines and you'll only pay 3 payments of $49.95, plus $14.95 postage and handling. And don't forget - Guthy-Renker offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Indeed. To start the Zumba, call now or visit the website. To see this segment again, just log on to or, of course, you can check it out in 'New Idea' magazine.

Yvonne, thanks for that. Are you ready? I'm ready, baby. Let's go! We're gonna Zumba! By George, I think I've got this! We're away! Guys...back to you! Still to come, Is it a trick of the light, or has this photo captured the image of a ghost? Our Morning Mystic puts it to the test.

Can you see what they are talking about? Can you see what they are talking

about?? No, I think he is about?? No, I think he is watching the Morning Show. And the unlikely A-lister who narrowly missed out on a role on 'Baywatch'. But after the break, the Visa card letting 13-year-olds shop online. So is it a brilliant idea or a recipe for danger? Find out next.

Still to come for you this morning, ghost busters - our Morning Mystic has some advice for a viewer who says she has a haunted house. Plus, a health scare for Hollywood starlet Mischa Barton. And amazing celebrity career transformations. The established stars who changed into totally different artists before our eyes.

But first, can you live without your mobile phone? New research has found Aussies would give up food to keep their mobile phone.

So what do our Friday Jury make of this? It's over to commentator Melissa Hoyer and comedian Tom Gleeson from Mix 101.1. Good morning. Melissa, the research found we'd prefer to sacrifice exercise and breakfast than live without our mobiles or favourite bag.

Would you sacrifice food for your phone?

No. I mean, let's face it. You need

energy to start sending the SMSs. We

are getting RS

are getting RSI of the thumb anyway.

There is sapoint where we are so

available, we are 24/

available, we are 24/7 contactable.

There is nearly a backlash where we are going, "

are going, "No I want to turn my

phone off for a day,

You have to be so desperate if crow are giving up the most important

thing in life, food, that keeps ayou

alive just to keep your phone on.

Could you go a whole day without

checking your messages? No, but there has

there has to be a couple of hours

where you do turn it off and you

don't want to hear it because you

need to work, if you are writing or

do what you do. You do need do what you do. You do Travis

Nederpelt to have moments or

elements of the day with no phone. 61 per cent couldn't go without

credit cards. What could you not go

without? I couldn't go without my

sun block. It is true. I can't live

without my Aqua Sun SPF 30, water

resistant. I wear it in winter, I

been sun burned in the shade and a

full moon. If I want to snack and

open up the fridge, Put it on. I get

burned. He is an English rose.

Speaking of credit cards, a British

bank is offering debt cards to kids

as young as 13. Parents can load

cash to the card for kids to shop in

stores. What do you think about

13-year-olds putting things on

plastic? It is particularly useful

for the girls because girls should

learn at a young age how to get a

card, spend a lot of money and get

someone else to pay for it because

it gets them ready for being a wife.

It is what I never learned. I

learned to be so self susufficient

at a young age, I haven't got that

down pat, Tom. You can try harder.

The banks have a positive spin, they

say it will help young people

organise finances. No, it will help

young people spend mum and dad'

money. It is a ridiculous idea. We

are in enough crisis financially

with our own credit cards,

with our own credit cards, imagine giving it ooa child? Even an

unlimited amount of credit, they

need to learn about finances and

learn about making money in order to

spend money. I think it is a very,

very stupid idea. Save the pocket

money in a piggy bank. What about 10

quid of pocket money in the United

Kingdom. 10 quid? Oo A United

Kingdom survey. 10 quid, love! Finally, an unwelcome surprise for a bride-to-be. Haylie Hocking discovered her fiance was a porn star when her maid of honour searched the internet looking for a hen's night stripper. Not surprisingly, Haylie called the wedding off. Melissa, did she do the right thing?

Not at all. I mean, you are getting

someone who has experience. An added

bonus? You can show some of his

movies at the reception. I think it

is a fantastic thing because you

actually already getting someone who

has proven their expertise in a

certain element in a relationship.

In the bedroom. So silly Hayley. A win/ In the bedroom. So silly Hayley. A

win/win for Melissa. Do you think he

should have come clean earlier? Yes

and she should are lightened up. I

agree with Melissa, it is a great

idea. After that the they got

married, they would have handed out

the wedding DVD and everyone would

have wanted to watch it.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, have wanted to watch it. Forget

Hayley and Harry, yeah! Have a good weekend. Thank you. Later this hour, the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star who had his real-life treasure chest raided. But first, Glenn's here with some information about planning ahead.

My dad always used to say, " My dad always used to say, "Age

doesn't matter unless you are a

cheese." Age dozen matter or does

it? We can't avoid the fact we are

getting older and we are not

getting older and we are not going to be around for forever. Thank you

for joining us, Daryl. You are a

bloke who has planned ahead and

still lead a pretty active lifestyle

with it? Yes, my wife and I like to

stay active. We believe you are only

as old as you feel. All the same, I

can't escape the fact the years are

marching on, with that e we have to

plan ahead. Tell us about the plans?

What do they involve? We took a

practical approach and an important

thing was not to leave the kids

footing the funeral bill. It is when

we decided to give Real a call, to

take out

take out funeral expenses cover. As

kids grow up

kids grow up they have their own issues and

issues and budgets and expenses to

worry about? Yes, especially when

you consider a funicle RL can cost

up of $

up of $4,000. When somebody passes

away, the costs are unavoidable. Often things need to

Often things need to be paid up

front. How can it help your family? front. How can it help your family?. front. How can it help your family?

With Real it is straight forward. It

pay as chosen benefit, which can be up to $ up to

up to $15,000 to your family if you

pass away. Hot I like is the payment is made would is made

is made without unnecessary delay.

So we have a peace of mind knowing

the family can have the money when they need it. It is an important

point too because ayop can't always

get your hands on that sort of cash

quickly. No, it is not easy

quickly. No, it is not easy. If you

death is the result of an unexpected

accident it can make it harder for

the family. We like that Real

triples the payout when the death is

result of an accident. It takes up to $

to $45,000. A payment like that

could also help the family to help

cover other outstanding bills,

credit cards and the loans and like?

Yes, we happen offered an option to

add on

add on accidental serious injury

insurance. Are there lots

insurance. Are there lots of hoops

to jump through? No, as long asia

are an Australian resident aged

twaepb 18 and 74 you get it over the

phone. Don't just take my wurtd for

it. We will hear from Kerry, she is

an agent. People are blown away by

the fact it is as easy as picking up

a phone, spending five or six

minutes and you have immediate

coverage. No forms to fill out and covered straight away. Is it

affordable? I thought so. Premiums

depend on your age but cover starts

from as little as 25 cents a day.

You can add your partner and

children from an additional 20 cents

a day plus Real give money back to

customers. Don't forget the Real

Life bonus every three years you

keep your policy we give you back

keep your policy we give you back 10 per cent of the premiums you paid in

that time. Not too often we get

money back. I believe you get a free

will kit? It helped me get my affair

in order. We were given a

in order. We were given a 3 period

to make sure it is what we want.

Triple if your death is the result

of an accident. Premiums from as

little as 25 cents a day and the

free will kit. Don't forget the

cooling off period. Give Real a call

today or visit their web site. It is

funeral expenses cover that is

really easy. To see this segment

again, just visit yahoo!7 or of really easy. To see this segment

course, check it out in knew. Daryl,

thank you for coming in. Thank you.

Back to you. Still to come, she's the busty blonde who made red swimsuits famous. But what other famous role

did Pamela Anderson narrowly miss out on? Plus, we check out the latest toy trends. But straight ahead, we're going ghost busting with our Morning Mystic. We'll be back with more in just a moment.

New Goulburn Valley Fruit Fizz. It's 65% fruit juice and sparkling water, with no added sugar. And for a limited time, get a free cold reveal 'Ice Age 3' tumbler with every Fruit Fizz purchase The Morning Show stays at Novotel. With 22 hotels and resorts across Australia and New Zealand. Novotel, wherever you need to be. When I see the colour green it means that his health is quite golden... There were actually five elemental beings... I saw an incredible ceremony of angels... All dreams have meanings

but some dreams are more meaningful than others. Today we're going ghost busting. Have you ever had a feeling that a sprit could be camping out in your house?

Or a ghost is enjoying too much quality time with you and your family? You're not alone, so to speak. Many people believe they've had a supernatural experience in their home. So, does that mean your house is haunted? Here to explain is ghost whisperer Caterina Ligato and Christine Sczenzy who believes her house is haunted. Good morning to you both. Caterina, is this common for spirits to stay around homes?

Yes. Many souls, at the moment of

dying are actuallya fraid to over. They see the light and for dying are actuallya fraid to cross

some reason or another they may be

afraid to actually make the journey and afraid to actually make the journey

and go through the light. They

remain in an environment where they

feel comfortable, bl it be the home

or someone else's home, they will

remain in an environment where they

feel comfortable until such time as

they are maybe ready to cross over.

We all have a dodgy lamp or squeaky

floor board, how do we know the

difference? I I have endless calls

from people who have haunted homes.

People generally know, an eerie

feeling, a lot of movement going on.

They feel extremely emotional

because they are picking up on the

emotionoffs the lost souls. There is

part of the home that feel quite

cold, people know. There is, I

believe everyone has that intuition

where they know something isn't

right. When did you first believe

your house was haunted or you had a

feeling. We started getting weird

vibes, snapping photoe os and

getting weird things on photos.

Weird vibes, like the lady said. Are

there good and bad? Caspers and

cranky ones? It is not the dying

process that makes a spirit good or

bad. It just means that we take part

of our personalitys with us when we

cross over, when we die. So, for

example, you have somebody who is

very loving and compassionate, they

take it with them when they die. You

may have someone who is very nasty

and horrible and they take that with

them when they die. And they may act

out those emotions and those

feelings whilst they are

earth-bound. Christine, you have

brought some photos in to share with

us. We can have a look and make up

our own mind. Looking at the first

one, tell us about this one.

one, tell us about this one. Looking in the window, there is saface

looking straight in.

looking straight in. And you can

even zoom in more closer and get the

beard, the teeth, the horns. And he

is looking straight in. My daughter

took the photo to finish off the

last of the old, you know, snap it

off, get it up to the chemist and

get it processed. That is what we

found out. Even on the negatives you

get the photo of what you. You

haven't got a tree trunk? We have

got trees but it is not. What are

you thinking? It is definitely a

very negative type of entity that is

around the home. Now, why do people attract this type of thing?

Christina is a lovely lady but I

believe there is lot of negativity

going on around you with family

members and they are projecting

towards you. A lot of very negative

thoughts and emotions which is

creating an environment that is

attracting these darker types

entties into your home. This is

entties into your home. This is why it is manifesting so clearly around

you. And it explains why you are

feeling the way you have been

feeling because you have been feeling very emotional and upset. It

is Amplifying. Let's look at the

next photo of your father? On the

isphoto, there St. An image of a

little hand above my father's head

and above his shoulder. But you

can't see the rest of the fingers.

The top of the photo seem to be cut

out. A little baby' hand imprinted

over the top. It is open to

interpretation. I can't actually

catch that one. When I look at this

photo I believe Christina's father

was quite ill. He was being prepared

to actually cross over and make the

journey into the light. I believe

that there are many chi