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(generated from captions) have a great day. We will see you here. Can't wait. In the meantime,

Clarkson, live, two songs right

bright and early at 6:00. Here is

Very big show tomorrow. Kelly

Larry and Sam. We got a huge show. and welcome to the show. Good morning very important Morning Show mission. Now Kylie's away today on a Big news. in just a moment. We'll tell you what that is at a secret location. She's in lockdown But in the meantime,

is joining me today. Samantha Armytage Hi, Sam.

I feel sorry for you today. When you

go away Kylie gets the hunky

celebrities. Kylie's in lockdown,

you get me. They said do you want

Oprah or Sam? I thought you said

Pamela Anderson, Giselle? You look

the me when you want a coffee, off I

go. About five minutes before the

end of the show, I bring your car

up, wash the windscreen. We've got a big show ahead for you. it comes to our favourite stars? How much is too much when Plus, the French Spider-Man. the bravest man alive Is Alain Robert or just plain crazy? breaking out of a sex drought - Then, into your relationship. how to put the fire back

Clean Don't Start laughing yet. And, is the truth really out there? NASA has tried to keep under wraps. The secret alien tapes

We are starting with a major

announcement this morning. in Morning Show history. It's the biggest news Kylie is in a secret location. And to reveal it all, Let's go to her now. Kylie, what's going on?

You sound serious. You know that

You sound serious. You know that the Morning Show is my most favourite

show in the world? But, you know,

long before Morning Show came

there was a Channel 7 show I loved long before Morning Show came along

and adored. The producers rang me up

and said "Would you like a job?". and said "Would you like a job?" and said "Would you like a job?

Very soon I will be up off the

coach, slipping into sequins,

twirling around the dance floor as a contestant on 'Dancing with the

Stars'. She has already got the

moves. You are in lockdown today.

Where are you and what are you

doing? It's like a 'Dancing with the

Stars' boot camp, Sam. What they are

going to do is show us how to get a

spray tan and walk in high heels. I

have got that - that's a lock

already. You didn't have to go to

boot camp. I could show you how to

walk in high heels and get a spray

tan. What about your partner?

are you replacing me with? You are tan. What about your partner? Who

the nicest guy in television. Now

I'm with the second-nighes guy,

Carmelo. He danced with Noeline

Brown. He has also danced with

Arianne. He is cute, isn't he? He

can dance, too. He is the British

champion in Latin, the international

Latin champion, Australian champion.

He has been touring the world with

Burn the Floor and now he's back to

dance with me. Poor guy. Have you already dance with me. Poor guy. Have you

already started training? We are a

week into it. It's terrifying and

excited. I'm feeling both. It's

really hard. What I love about the

show, when you watch it, they look so beautiful doing

so beautiful doing and al all so

calm and smooth. There is a million

things going off underneath. It's

heels and toes and boobs and

shoulders and all that stuff. I'm on

a steep learning curve. I'm having

such a great time. Did she say

boobs? There is nothing wrong with

that. Apart from the boob thing,

what are you scared about? You know

what I'm scared about? Todd

McKenney? I think he is hilarious

but now he is going to be saying

things about me. I'm scared about

Sonia who is also really funny.

Remember she said that stuff

Tamsyn Lewis when Tamsyn wore that Remember she said that stuff about

short skirt and about the map. If

she talks maps and geography to me,

I will be really scared. You have to

keep your map of Tamsyn covered up.

Can you tell us who else is going to

be on the show with you? No, it's

top secret. It's going to be

revealed on Today Tonight. There is

a fantastic guy, Jarrad Gossins. A

blind athlete is going to be taking

part. We had a big get together last

night. He has a dance partner. Isn't

she beautiful. It has to be all by

touch. She just can't tell him " touch. She just can't tell him "Put your arm high your arm

your arm up here"

your arm up here", he has to show

her and feel his way through. It

will be fabulous. He has climbed Mt

Everest. I think a few Cha Cha

steps, he will find that easy.

Partner, how are you going to manage

this? You have got this show, the

boys at home, you have got Tony at

home. You have got me and now you

are going to be a dancing Queen. How are going to be a dancing Queen.

are you going to juggle these things

And now Carmelo. I couldn't have

done this without the support of

Tony. I said yes in two seconds.

Tony said go for it, this is

in a lifetime chance. He knows how Tony said go for it, this is a once

much I love this show. We have

watched this as a family show. We

have stood in the roung loom with

the kids on the hips and done a few

twirls. The mums at school have been

helping with soccer pick up

practice. We have sat on the helping with soccer pick up and

sidelines at soccer training and

talked about the show and costumes talked about the show and cost

and how hot the boys were on the

show. Everyone is coming along for

the ride. That is what I want to

share with you because you guys at

are so much a part of our show, I

are so much a part of our show, I want to take you on this ride with

me. There will be lots of bumps and

wrong turns. It is so exciting. What

about me? What about you, Laz? I

want my share. You know, I

about me? What about you, Laz? I want my share. You know, I know it's

not about me. Do I need to - does

Sam need to make way for Monday to

Friday 9 to 11.

Friday 9 to 11.30? You will be

flootsin around with Carmelo?

flootsin around with Carmelo? You will be my rock, I will need you

there to massage my blistered

there to massage my blistered toes in the commercial breaks. You will

rock in a spongy way.

Congratulations, partner, that is so

exciting. I'm looking forward to

showing it with you all. Just boobs.

You will be excellent. We can't wait

to see it. Good luck. We will see

you some day soon, I suppose. I'm

off to Cha Cha Cha and Rumba and

waltz and spray tan. Tomorrow, I'm

going to have a camera with me

today, tomorrow you will have the behind the

behind the scenes glimpse of what we

get up today and the sequins. Sam,

I've spied sequins. That would be

the best bit. The costumes will be I've spied sequins. That would be

fantastic. You will have so much

fun. Finally, I spoke to the guys in

occupational health and safety. They

are saying 40cm from Carmelo is the

tightes you can get. We will see you

tomorrow. Big stuff, big stuff.

Don't miss Today Tonight, 6.

Don't miss Today Tonight, 6.30

tonight when the own tire cast will

be revealed, including our own Kylie Gillies. To the US now where there's been yet another bizarre chapter added to the Michael Jackson story with claims he's on a hunger strike. 'Wacko Jacko' announced he was making a comeback earlier this year, with the King of Pop set to play 50 shows in London for the This is it Tour.

These will be my final show

performances in London. This will be

it. This is it. When I say this is

it, it really means this is it. There were concerns the frail pop star wouldn't be able to handle the marathon schedule. And it got worse when the 50-year-old was diagnosed with skin cancer. But now there are reports he's only eating one meal a day. To take a closer look at his current condition,

we're joined by Chelsea Cannell from Welcome, Chelsea. Now what can you tell us about this latest development in the Michael Jackson saga?

Basically, what he has done, he put

himself on a really serious diet. He

is limiting himself to about one

meal a day. As a result, he is

losing weight drastically and

rapidly. As you know, he is already

a very thin man at this point. A

source really close to him says the

reason he is doing this, he truly

believes if he gains any weight at

all, it's going to hamper his

ability to overcome the cancer that

his body is bat lipping right now.

He truly beliefs this hunger strike

is the answer to beating the cancer.

What makes this news more worrying,

he is in a very frail condition

already, isn't he? He really is. He

is under a lot of physical stress.

He is undergoing a lost different

treatments, including biopsies to

get rid of some of the potential

cancerous growths he is dealing

with. That will put him under a lot

of physical stress. Not only that,

of physical stress. Not only that, he is under a lot of mental stress

as well. He has a pretty serious

phobia, where he is concerned his

nose is going to fall off as a

result of the cancer. He has an

increasing phobia of death and he is

really fearful of it. He is putting

himself under a lot of physical and

mental stress at this point. It

sounds very concerning. This

concert, the come back concert was

due to kick off on July 8. Do you

think that is likely to go ahead in

Like you mentioned, it was supposed

to kick off on July 8. They have now

moved it to July 13. There were a

couple of dates in between that got

lost in translation. They have bone

tacked on to the end of the tour

which is almost a year later. It's a

50-date tour. As of right now, I

don't think anybody feels he will be

able to get through 50 of those

dates. I don't know. I think it's

anyone's game right now. He has come

out and said he is unhappy with the

schedule, hasn't he? He actually

spoke to some fans outside of an LA

dance studio. He said he

dance studio. He said he was really

concerned he wasn't going to be able

to get through all 50 of the tour

dates. He also mentioned he knew he

was frail and needed to put on

weight. He expressed some anger

towards the promoters saying he

never really intended to do 50

never really intended to do 50 dates

in the first place. He was only

hoping to do about 10 dates in

London and then sort of call it

quits. He was sup set they booked

him for much more than he felt he

could get through. Let's hope he's

OK. It sounds worrying, poor old

Michael. We have to leave it there

but thank you for talking to us this morning. Britney Spears is a regular in the tabloid mags

with many of us wondering "What now, Britney?" But it seems her turbulent past and showdowns with the media were all in a battle for control of herself. She seemed destined for stardom. At just eight years old, Britney Spears was already making her mark on the Mickey Mouse Club. Then, at 16, Brit went on to launch one of the biggest female pop careers of the past decade.

# Oops I did it again

# I've played with your heart

# Got lost in the game

# Oh baby baby... # Now she's a first-name phenomenon,

up there with the Madonnas and Chers of the entertainment industry. But it wasn't long until the pop princess started to come unstuck.

And Britney quickly hurtled towards a full-blown meltdown with the world's cameras catching it all.

I've been through a lot in the past

two or three years. There's a lot people don't know. At the time her outbursts were blamed on drugs, a bad crowd and the family dramas that continued to unfold around her.

But as for Britney herself, she still can't quite believe it could really happen to her.

I sit there and look back and I sit there and look back and think " I sit there and look back and think

"I'm a smart person, what the hell

was I thinking"

was I thinking". A new book has hit shelves this week - 'Britney: Inside the Dream' and it claims to know the real reason for Britney's breakdown. X17online's Tomm Taylor joins us for more. Good morning, Tomm. What can you tell us about this new book?

The book is written by Steve Dennis,

right. He has worked on

autobiographies before but this is

his first biography. It's titled

Britney: Inside the dream. You can

see it as Britney: The Life. It's a

collection of interviews. His style,

his writing really is a great story

teller. So he is bringing this

American drama to us by looping all

the stories, you know the dramatic

head shavings and the dramas with

the career and all the personal

aspects interest twined here. It's

the most up to date biography of the

entertainer. It's coming out at a

time when Britney is moving back on

top. Let's talk about one incident

in particular. Britney was meant to

have a come back performance at the

MTV Music Video Awards in 2007. She

could barely stand up straight. What

could barely stand up straight. What does this book offer about that

night? Britney Spears had extreme

anxiety. According to what is

written in this book, she took to

the bottle, drinking tequila, I'm

not sure if she drank from the flask

but it didn't work to soothe her

anxiety. About 90 minute before the

performance, they hired the best

hair person in Los Angeles to

hair person in Los Angeles to work on the singer's we have, to formulate

formulate the move-in of synthetic

hair Sowa she could look

appropriate. She fired Ken and

appropriate. She fired Ken and ask

that the assistant work on her hair.

The assistant stayed loyal with Ken.

This left the singer intoxicated

without any hair. At the last minute

Britney decided to change her

wardrobe, revealing more of her

mid-section which wasn't tight and

she goes out with choreographing

that she practiced for five weeks,

lip-syncing the initial portion of

the song. We have all seen what she

did at MTV in 2007. I didn't know this, but apparently the singer exited the theatre immediately wrapped in a hoodie, found some place to hide for 45 minutes and

cried and somebodied. It's a dangerous combination, closing up the shop. Britney said " a hair salon where the woman was closing up the shop. Britney said "I want to shave my hair" want to shave my hair". Originally I heard she did the clipping to get become at Kevin Federline but the book outlines that Britney Spears wanted to send a message to her mother, commenting after the hair hit the floor that her mother was going to be angry with her, getting teary going to be angry with her, getting teary-eyed. She was aware the media were watching. She did look ld as

the hair cascaded down. She left the salon leaving a Red Bull empty can, a lighter and went to get tattoos.

It was a crazy night for Britney

Spears. I think she

Spears. I think she was sending a message

message like: Who is going to

control the pop star now. It's a

crazy time in Britney world now. Thanks crazy time in Britney world now.

Thanks very much for that. It's

mouse like a must-read. I'm going to

buy two copies. We can buy it or

call Tom.

Ahead on the show -

he stops traffic with his death-defying stunts. Now we'll meet the real-life French Spider-Man. And how to break out of a sex drought.

Maybe go on 'Dancing with the

Stars'. We will have to talk to Kylie about that. But next, at home with the Obamas. We're taking a behind-the-scenes look at life in the White House. You're watching the Morning Show right around Australia.

Go you good thing. That's our Kylie showing off some fancy footwork. And she's certainly going to need those moves. As she announced earlier, she's the latest contestant on this year's 'Dancing with the Stars'!

We are so excited for her. It's

going to be amazing. She is going to

stay with us the whole way. You will

get incredible glimpses behind the

scenes and get a real insight into

this show. Yesterday we told you about a new NBC documentary taking viewers behind the scenes of the White House. It's a rare chance to see how President Obama and the First Family are adjusting to life inside the iconic residence. Here's an extended look at part one of the documentary.

In the portion of your day we were

not able to see, what have you done

so far? I got my work out in, saw

the gaols off to school. Did you eat

a har ty breakfast? I get a briefing

every morning on national security.

After a phone call to the German

Chancellor, I will be sitting down

with my national security team

with my national security team and they will answer any detailed

questions I may have about some of

the issues that come up. OK. Thank

you for having us today. you for having us today.. We

you for having us today.. We will be

back in an hour as the day goes on.

Hi guys.

What are you doing here so early? You weren't supposed to film that. Hi.

Some days are good and some days

aren't so good. We are going to have

a lot of fun today. It's five guys.

A cheese burger with let us, tomato.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.

The TV version of the west wing on

NBC has only been

NBC has only been off the air for

three years and yet already it's a

dated de

dated depiction of what life is like

here. It is young, it is loose. Eric

is 24. He was in

is 24. He was in charge of baggage

and logistics. Now he is the

right-hand man to David Axe he will rod.

rod. Do we have a

rod. Do we have a meeting today.

This is Darion. She was an army SGT

in Iraq. She is now the West Wing

receptionist, the first to greet

every guest who arrives here.

Stationed closes to the power centre,

centre, right outside the oval

office is Reggie Love who holds the job

job known as body man, personal

job known as body man, personal aid to the President. He is a former

basketball and football player at

Duke and for a big man, his job

Duke and for a big man, his job is to be invisible, to shadow Obama, a

job that started during the

campaign. He carries the

breathmints, the spending money, the

black brings, the briefing books and remembers all the

remembers all the details.

black brings, the briefing books and remembers all the details. Office of

the President. Katy Johnson is 28.

She is the President's secretary.

These are two boxes. I give them out

to people who come into the oval

office. When children come in here

or friends of the President. There

is big and small. These are

chocolates from Seattle, the

chocolates from Seattle, the President's favourite from the

campaign trail. The meetings and pace campaign trail. The meetings and

pace aren't unusual in terms of

administrations we have seen but

this current President is... I

this current President is... I did not know that. This President has

been called a rock star by his fans

and his critics. Hello everyone. More

More than most, the staff members

feel they are part of that history.

They consistently remind themselves,

like all who have worked in the West

Wing that the long hours are an

investment towards a goal. Yes, sir.

What's up? You weren't supposed to

film that. I'm watching Reggie.

Somebody has to watch him. He is

doing online ordering, like flowers.

He is seeing if

He is seeing if he can line up

tickets for the NBL finals. There is

no way from getting out of the technology. The

technology. The mood is kept light,

when possible. Beginning with the

sound track from office to office.

Any calls?

And the musical taste of the

national security adviser, a retired

four-star marine General could

surprise you. I like the U2CD on

your desk. I like Bono. The record

will show the national security

adviser has U2. There are apples

everywhere, orchards of them in

bowls. They are meant to promote

healthy eating but what we saw more

often is is this, the west wing may

lead the western world in candy

consumption. Official M&Ms.

How cool is Obama? I learnt two cool

things. The President chucks a

basketball and his main guy is Reggie

Reggie Love. Got to change my name.

'Inside the Obama White House' will air in its entirety on 7HD.

It goes for an hour. Check your local guides for details. We'll bring you part two of the documentary tomorrow. Now you've seen a day in the life of President Obama. But what about a day in the life of the First Dog? Bo's view of the White House after the break.

Still to come, hope Kylie's watching because we've got some inspiration for her -

we're looking at the world's biggest dance crazes!

The Morning Show brought to you by Jetstar, Australia's low fares airline. Now flying to 20 holiday destinations across the country. To book go to:

How are you going? It's fun. We've just seen what life is like for the humans inside the White House but now for a dog's eye view. Bo the Portuguese water dog joined the First Family in April. The dog was a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy. It was also a promise President Obama made to his two daughters during the election campaign. Bo now has free reign through the corridors of power.

I guess that makes him the most powerful dog in the world. The commander-in-leash.

He is very cute, isn't he, Bo.

Sniffing that microphone. He thinks

it's a puppy. Super cute. Coming up later on The Morning Show - the new way to earn a quick buck,

offering your body for research. But first, here's Glenn with some tips on getting your waistline just the way you want it. With obesity on the rise, are you concerned about your weight,

are you struggling to lose those love handles or embarrassed about the beer belly? Say farewell to the muffin top hanging over the jeans because Katie is here with fun and extremely easy way to lose that weight, right?

That's right.

It is called the AbCircle Pro. It is the easiest way I know to blast that fat off forever. Blast away, baby because it sound like a lot of fun from what I'm hearing. What does the AbCircle Pro do that the others don't?

The AbCircle Pro is an abdominal machine that targets your entire core, upper, middle and lower abs, even your obliques, all in one circular motion. Even the obliques? And the fat, Katie - tell us about the fat. That is the best part.

The AbCircle Pro aerobically burns the fat in just minutes. In fact, we guarantee with the AbCircle Pro system you will lose 5 kilos in the first 2 weeks or your money back. How about that? Our viewers can lose 5 kilos in the first fortnight or their money back. The system works. I don't doubt that there but what makes it better than any of its competitors? The secret is that the AbCircle Pro combines cardio and abs to burn fat

while its unique friction-free track uses the momentum of gravity,

to target your entire mid-section in one circular motion, firing your core like no other machine has ever done. Fantastic. Rachael, would you mind showing us how it all works? All you do is kneel in the comfortable memory foam pads and swing from side to side on the friction-free track.

It's that easy.

It's like having a treadmill for your abs. You are doing your cardio training and ab exercises at the same time to burn flat and flatten your stomach. I tell you what, it looks like fun - and it makes for a faster workout? It sure does. And this thermal imaging shows AbCircle Pro targets your entire core. A complete 360 degrees.

And it fires up faster than working on a treadmill so you burn fat quicker. Got to love you for that. So like a treadmill for your abs. Cardio and abs on the one machine? Exactly. You simply remove the centre-locking pin

and turn the AbCircle Pro into a fat-burning bun and thigh machine. Trimming your buns, hips and thighs in no time at all. And no straining your back or neck.

Trims those buns, girls - how about that? So it gets you off the floor? Absolutely. And it has three levels of resistance

so it is perfect for any fitness level. Great. Imagine losing weight while you are watching the Morning Show, for example. Best of all, it folds for easy storage, under the bed or even in a closet. Aren't you a clever girl? Let's hear from some people who know and love the AbCircle Pro.

I recommend the AbCircle Pro to my patients. If they use it properly in the first two weeks they will see great results. On the AbCircle Pro I lost almost three dress sizes in a few short weeks. I was a size 10 and now fit into a size 4 thanks to the AbCircle Pro system. So why spend thousands of dollars on a cumbersome piece of equipment or gym membership? This could be the last fitness machine you'll possibly ever need.

It is made from professional quality steel and built to last, too. How much are we paying for it, Katie? The AbCircle Pro can be yours to try in your own home for 30 days, risk-free,

for just $29.90. If you call within the next 15 minutes we will send you the exclusive Lose Your Love Handle System which includes a 3-minute express workout DVD and nutritional guide, absolutely free. Everything you need to transform your body from flab to ab,

you've got to love that. Call the number below now and I will even pay your shipping and handling. God love you, Katie. Free postage and handling, that's great. Call right now, take the ride of your life and get the body of dreams, and you check it all out on at 'New Idea' magazine. or of course, take a look Ladies, thank you for coming in this morning. and doing all that for us Guys, back to you.

Ahead this morning - to complain about bad service? what's the best way one very disgruntled customer. We'll hear from with the latest But first, Ann Sanders joins us Hello, Ann. from the Seven Newsroom.

Good morning, Larry. Hello, Sam.

Good morning everyone. will face a Sydney court today, A 19-year-old in a stolen taxi, accused of running a red light killing 20-year-old Wissam Ahmad. charged over the deadly crash A 15-year-old girl has also been

for a third suspect. and police are still searching swine flu capital. Melbourne has become Australia's Students returning interstate, for seven days. told to stay away from school Victoria's been black-listed with the virus. with 521 people diagnosed And Samantha Stosur the first Aussie since Pat Rafter will tonight become to play a French Open semifinal. She's up against Svetlana Kuznetsova.

Checking today's weather: in Brisbane. Rain easing

and Melbourne. in Sydney or two A shower

in Canberra. Also wet Rain easing and Perth. in Hobart Mostly fine

and Darwin. in Adelaide

but it's his women who are on top, Brad Pitt does alright ranking of powerful celebrities. according to 'Forbes' magazine's Angelina Jolie topped the list, was eighth his ex-wife Jennifer Anistan with Brad himself coming in ninth.

Amazing, Angelina knocked off Oprah

Winfrey, which is extraordinary. She

has been on the top for a couple of

boys. Tiger Woods tops the boys. I

couldn't find your name, Laz. Next

last little while. page. I've taken a big hit in the

Still to come - such death-defying stunts the man behind on Tuesday. as this show-stopper in Sydney the real-life Spider-Man. We're meeting But straight after the break -

back into your relationship. putting the va-va-voom We're getting the expert advice on breaking a sex drought.

You're watching the Morning Show live on the Seven Network.

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Yes, she's definitely got the moves. Our very own Kylie Gillies there on the dancefloor. strutting her stuff You'll be seeing plenty more of that 'Dancing with the Stars'. when she competes in this year's

That is going to be super.

to the Morning Show. I like the That is going to be super. Welcome

shoes at the end of the bed.

Morning... We are on television. We

can't sit here and look silly. encounter various bedroom battles. Most couples

Usually in my bedroom the camera is

up further. You have your hands

under the doona. I'm cold. an unspoken household problem. But sex, or lack of it, is often found 24% of couples reported In fact, a recent study in the past three months. having a sexual drought in 'Sex and the City' Even Miranda and Steve in their relationship. encountered this problem

Every couple is different. We make

love two or three times a week. I

feel worse. When was the last time

for you? Six months ago. Oh my.

Sounds long. But Sounds long. But that's a dry spell. I bet it is.

I bet it is. I'm not looking at you.

Oh God, Larry. There are people -

it's true. Oh. Let's do the segment.

I can't lie in bed and pretend. It's

how I sleep. Thank good necessary I

have stockings on this morning. I

did leave my socks on. the bedroom blues? So how can we beat Here to tell us is GP and Sexual Health Advocate Dr Sally Cockburn. Good morning to you.

I wish you were here? I love safe

television. I'm sweating, this doona

is quite hot. Something is hot. Sally, how common is it for couples to stop having sex?

That segment from 'Sex and the City'

gave it to us. We don't know. People

talk about all sorts of things. But

often you will say that obviously

everyone is going to a verdict where

they don't have sex. The trouble

whether you want that or not. You they don't have sex. The trouble is

have never believe what I have

found, a microphone. How can we

determine whether it's a phase -

don't look at me like that - or a

real problem like I'm sensing now.

Looking at the two of you, if you

are wearing your flanalette pyjamas

to bed, if you are wearing the nanna

knickers and into the the sexy

lingerie, and you think ew shall ww,

there is something wrong I'm feeling ewww now. OK, Rachel has written in. are in a sexless marriage She and her hubby and she wants to know what to do. Sally, take us through your tips.

Don't write to us, talk to your

husband. Acknowledge the problems

exist. If you don't acknowledge the

problem exists, you will not know. exist. If you don't acknowledge the problem exists, you will not know.

To find a no

To find a no-blame situation. One of

the reasons people don't bring it

up, they are worried they will be

blaming one another and feel guilty.

blaming one another and feel guilty. It's no-one's fault. Talk openly to

each other about it. Be up front.

Also, make time for intimacy. This

is the big thing. We often are so

busy. Remember, it's fun.

what I reckon. busy. Remember, it's fun. That's

I wasn't thinking fun as I was

trying to rip the tape off my chest. Jennifer has also emailed us. with her long-term boyfriend She's having less sex to spice things up? and wants to know how

Talk to him. Spicing things up is

about feeling good about yourself,

making time to have fun together. I

think invite each other out on a

date. Often what happens in

long-term relationships, we take

each other for granted. Buy a French

made outfit or answer the door in

the fur coat with nothing on, except

make sure it's not the debt

collector. What about a partner

leaving his Jones all over the floor

only joking. and you ask him to clean it up -

Finally, Rita has written in. to have sex with her husband. She's either too busy or too tired

And wants to know how to make time for intimacy?

This is just T you have to Pasha

Bulker make the time.

Bulker make the time. Often it's

difficult when you have got young

kids. This is where grandparents

come in or babysitter. Vaseline on

the door nobody does help to keep

them out. Maybe the other thing is

to say to each other, we will have a

drought and then we can have the

spring rains. I have to ask you

something. At the even of that bed I

want you to show me your socks. I

bet you have socks on. You see, this

is - never, ever wear socks to bed.

The biggest turn-off. I couldn't

agree more. What about a microphone

and a head set? Sally, thank you for

your time. It's been a wonderful,

wonderful segment. Thank you, Larry.

Talk soon. A big thank you to Ikea

for helping us.

I felt the Allen key in the most

uncomfortable position. I was

wondering what that was.

Ahead on the show -

why a young wife could be the secret to a long life. But it's time now for Glenn - he's found a quicker way to cook.

When I found out that James was showing us the Flavorwave, I skipped brekky because the food that comes out of this machine not only tastes superb but it is so fast and easy. Sure is, Glenn. This is amazing. There are only 150 available for today. Write down the number on the screen or put it in your mobile. The Flavorwave is so easy even you and I can use it. You're exactly right. It does it everything for you, even the cleaning. It's making me hungry. It sure does. Look at this. When you get home from work, you can put a large chicken or a dozen sausages and chops,

you can put an entire dinner in your Flavorwave and then you can just simply turn it on and in 40 minutes your dinner is cooked. While it is cooking, you can have a sit down, you can have a rest, read a book, do the gardening, have a bath. When you come back, it will all be cooked to perfection. It's fast and it's easy. The Flavorwave oven lets you take frozen-solid foods right out of the freezer and cook them in just minutes without defrosting. How easy is that? That is easy. You were saying earlier three times faster with less fat. I've got to say, I like the fact there is virtually no clean-up with this. Exactly. Quick, easy, low-fat and self-cleaning. Forget about the oven, grill, stovetop. Forget about the microwave, toaster oven. And cook with no extra fat or grease and in a third of the time. You just set it to "cook" and you're off the hook. Love it. Cook frozen food in the third of the time of an ordinary oven. Cook a turkey in just minutes. Bake lasagne in 15 minutes instead of an hour. You can even bake cinnamon buns or make pizzas in a couple of minutes. You name the style of cooking, Glenn, and the Flavorwave can do it, even barbecuing outdoors over summer. You gotta love that. It sounds like it can do just about anything. What is the secret? Look, I could tell you about the halogen heat, the infrared waves the convection cooking, or I could just tell you it's fast and easy.

Fats and oils are removed better than ever. Ordinary methods leave food soaking in fat and grease.

But the Flavorwave uses gravity, plus the powerful tornado-like air, to eliminate 75% of the fat but it also seals in the juices. Seals in the juices - people like that. We're very conscious of the way we eat these days.

So you can lose weight without losing flavour. All of your favourite foods will taste amazing using your Flavorwave oven. It cooks to perfection, plus you even save money

by using up to 77% less energy than an ordinary oven.

Best of all, the Flavorwave oven cleans up after itself. Or you could just simply pop it in the dishwasher and your job is done. Done. Easy. I'm going to use it instead of the barbecue outside this summer because the fat just drips off. Look how fast it is. It seals in the flavour but lets the fat out free. Now, this is important. Write this number down or put it in your mobile phone. Call 1800 808 938,

order at right now, because that are only 150 available and only for today. They are all available for 4 payments of just $49.95. Plus, if the Flavorwave isn't the easiest, tastiest healthiest way to cook, we'll give you your money back, guaranteed. You can't complain about that. Sounds great. But I think you've got more? You get all the accessories, you get the high and low rack, the tongs and the recipe guide and handy cooking chart with cooking times and settings. Have a listen to this. Be one of the first 150 and ask how you can upgrade to the platinum model. It has an extension arm and a host of other features including digital controls. They are amazing. Order now and we will give you a free slicer. Don't pay $50 or $80 for a slicer. You know what they do and you know how they work.

You can get one for free, just pay the postage.

A free slicer and a Flavorwave to cook in a third of the time. A slicer is worth 50 bucks by themselves. The Flavorwave and even the slicer, I mean, either/or would make a great gift for Christmas,

a wedding present, whatever. You've gotta love fast, easy cooking. Well done, James.

Thank you, James. Guys, back to you.

I'm very hot. Those Ikea doonas.

Very warm. You wouldn't have been

warm because you had no clothes on. Sorry.

Sorry. It's just television. Next hour, know all the moves to this one? We're looking at the world's biggest dance crazes. Plus, the most over-exposed celebrities. The stars famous for being famous! But straight ahead, the real-life Spider-Man.

His amazing stunts after the break.

Still a bit of fog around. Expect a shower or two today. Right now it's 14 degrees.

He's known as the French Spider-Man - a title he's been living up to for most of his life as he scales the tallest buildings in the world unassisted.

Alain Robert struck in Sydney on Tuesday, climbing the 42-storey Royal Bank of Scotland building.

But that's a walk in the park compared to some of the other buildings he's conquered. Take a look. He looks like a fly climbing up the side of Sydney's Centrepoint Tower. But he doesn't have wings and this Spider-Man isn't protected by any kind of web. Climbing is always nice, you know, since I am professional climber, and this is a big part of my life. I am always having satisfaction whenever I am doing an ascent. Climbing the highest structures on earth, Alain Robert takes death-defying risks, leaving nothing but a banner to indicate why he did it. And if the Government are not taking the wise decision about reducing the greenhouse gas emissions at least from 50%, then we are going to reach a point of no return in 100 months. Breathless onlookers applaud his climbs, although his illegal stunts often put him on the wrong side of the law. I was not putting my life at risk and I was not putting the lives of anybody else at risk. But this daring Frenchman doesn't plan to give up the sky anytime soon.

So what's it like to live life on the edge? And are there ever moments when this French Spider-Man asks himself pourquoi? Alain Robert joins us on the ground now. Good morning.

Good morning Larry and Sam. You started climbing as a boy and have now conquered more than 100 buildings and even climbed the Grand Canyon. Do you still get the same 'high' every time?

Of course. Because, you know, each

assent is different. Two days ago,

first of all I was afraid because

the weather wasn't so, they were

predicting showers. I was in the

knowing exactly whether it was

knowing exactly whether it was going to be slippery or not. Then I didn't

know. I already knew it was going to

be the first time I was going to do

something illegal in Sydney. I

wasn't very sure in terms of

outcome. So, you know, those are the

things, that, you know, I keep on

thinking. It's not so easy in a way.

That's part of it, you think the

police are going to be waiting for

me? It's more like a process. It

means that first of all I do need to

be focused on my target, which is

the ascent because it can be

difficult, so I need to take care

and everything. Then after the

ascent, whether they are going to

put me in jail or ask for a big

fine. Those are the big thing that

each time I'm never sure. Like, for

example, doing a story in Kuala

Lumpur or Malaysia, if for some

reason you, you need to go to jail,

it's going to be tough, tough,

tough. You have been badly

tough. You have been badly injured several times. Does that put you

off. Do you look back and say I've

had enough, I will write my book and

do my documentaries, I have had

enough? For me, this is really my

life, my way of living, my way of

thinking. Climbing has been as

important as eating, breathing and

sleeping. So, for me, after I fell,

I got a very bad accident in 1982. I

fell at first from 15m. I have

landed on my wrist, so they are

completely smashed. Same for my

elbows, my cull, my pelvis, my

ankle, my knee. Then the ankle, my knee. Then the doctors

said that there would be no way for

me to come back. At first, I thought

it was most likely they were right.

After a few months I realised

After a few months I realised still I was going to try again. There is

an environmental message in your

climbing, this is what - part of the

reason you do this. This is

something very meaningful for me

because actually, the planet is in

danger. What I

danger. What I am doing by

campaigning to fight global warming

is meaningful. We are talking about

our generation, but the next

generation. You know, that planet

doesn't belong to us. It belongs to

the next and next and next

generations. So if we are not taking

care and actually this is what the

world is doing, they simply don't

care much that's why delivering a

strong message on global warminging

is important. I invite you to check

on that website and you are going to

find more explanation about

find more explanation about the global warminging and the actual

result. We will have those links on

our website. Thank you for come Ng

today. We appreciate it. I'm going

to climb up to McCafe and get you a

donut. I'm going to eat it. A little later on this morning - why having a toyboy lover could be a danger to your health.

We don't have to get back into that

bed again, do we? I don't think so.

There might be someone. I'm too

There might be someone. I'm too old to be a toy boy, as it turns out. But right now, how to get beautifully clear skin. Glenn has more. Bumps and blackheads on your face are never any fun, let's face it.

And the worst thing about them is they often show up without warning.

But what if I told you my next guest was here with a product that not only treats your current blemishes, it also helps prevent new ones from occurring. I love it.

Kai Aiyub, sylista extraordinaire, welcome back to the Morning Show.

Thanks for having me back, Glen. Now, from the sounds of all this, Kai, I guess you're going to be telling us about the one and only Proactiv Solution, yeah? Of course, Glen.

With my busy lifestyle, it can often take its toll on my skin, so I use Proactiv to help me get the clear skin I love. But to be honest Kai, the thing is, most of us don't have time for an extensive skincare regime.

But you're telling me that even with your busy schedule,

you find time to fit it in. Glen, that's the thing - parents out there watching might have sons or daughters who may think skincare isn't very important but Proactiv is not only easy to use, it hardly takes any time at all. You just cleanse, tone and repair, and that's it. Use three products as a preventative instead of just using a spot treatment

to treat the blemishes you have now. It's simple, no fuss, fast and you're done. Well, sounds simple enough. Bam, and you're out.

Yeah, sounds simple enough!

But in case me just saying so isn't convincing you, what if I showed you how simple it is? OK, let's do it. That would be great, go for it. Here I am in my bathroom. I have my three bottles of Proactiv and I start off with the Renewing Cleanser.

Now I massage the cleanser into my skin to exfoliate dead skin cells and oil. Then I rinse thoroughly with water to remove all the cleanser and remove all the impurities. The cleanser contains the acne-fighting benzoyl peroxide and you can use it like I'm doing it here. But you can also use it in the shower if you're in a hurry, too. Plus, it's also great for your back, your neck and your shoulders if you suffer from breakouts in those areas. Great. Now Glen, I apply the Revitalising Toner. I just squeeze some onto a cotton pad and wipe over my entire face and I leave this on.

It balances my skin tone as well as soothing and softening my skin, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed.

Then lastly is the Repairing Lotion, which I apply to my entire face. It too also contains the acne-fighting benzoyl peroxide. The lotion penetrates deep into my pores to kill acne-causing bacteria, which helps you get that clear skin I love. And that's it -

three minutes and I'm done, Glen.

Gotta love that. Well, seeing that really shows how quick and easy Proactiv is to use, Kai. Exactly, Glen. And just in a couple of minutes in the morning and a couple of minutes at night to help you get that clear skin

and more beautiful skin you deserve and love. Well listen, now that we know how easy it is to use, tell us how we get it. Just call 1300 664 225 now and Guthy-Renker will send you your Proactiv Solution Value Pack

straight to your door.

It contains the Renewing Cleanser, the Revitalising Toner and the Repairing Lotion, which will help you get the best skin of your life. For something that can help you look your best, literally, is Proactiv pricey?

Not at all, Glen. Proactiv's actually really affordable at only two payments of $34.95, plus $12.95 postage and handling. Gorgeous skin for just $69.90 plus postage, sounds like a bargain to me. Absolutely.

Not only that, but you'll also receive two free gifts, Glen. With the Proactiv Pack, you'll get to Proactiv Refining Mask plus the booklet 'Face the Facts', which is packed full of great advice

to help you take better care of your skin. Viewers will also receive membership to the Proactiv Solution Clear Skin Club, where members will get a fresh, new supply of Proactiv every two months for the club price of $34.95 per month, plus postage and handling. And there's no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

Now Kai, freebies - what have you got for us? Of course there's a freebie, Glen. If viewers order now, with credit card details handy, we'll throw in this awesome unisex toiletry bag.

It's light, it's compact, it's perfect for travelling, valued at $20 - yours absolutely free when you pay by your credit card. Just call 1300 664 225 now to get Proactiv Solution today. And don't forget that great toiletry bag for customers who order with their credit card details handy. Kai, thanks for coming in today. Always a pleasure. To see this segment again, visit or of course, check it out in 'New Idea'. Guys, back to you. Coming up next hour - the most over-exposed celebrities in Tinseltown. Does their reputation really live up to their own hype? Plus, the real-life X-Files. The alien videos the government have kept hidden until now. But straight ahead - is a young wife the key to a long life?

And is a toy boy bad for your health? The answers after the break.

We made the creamy honey oats on Tuesday. Yeah. Baked apple on Wednesday. Mmm. Love that one. Yesterday, we made original. Correct? Correct. Correct. And today is... Berry. So if we have four flavours in the variety pack, what's tomorrow? Tomorrow's Saturday! WOMAN: Uncle Tobys oats - delicious flavours the whole family will love.

Welcome back to the Morning show. Still to come - the 'plane' truth about air travel. Is it really safer to travel in the sky? Plus, the world's most bizarre fashion reporter gets caught up in yet another scandal.

And they just can't help hogging the limelight. We're looking at the most over-exposed celebrities. Are they really worth the headlines? But first, here's Larry at the newsdesk. Good morning. First the developing story that has shocked, rocked and rolled a nation. The dance world has been stunned by the news that Kylie Gillies is to be a contestant

on 'Dancing With the Stars'. Medical authorities say they have genuine concerns for the viewers of the show as Ms Gillies legs are already considered to be a danger to shipping. The world discovered the news during an exclusive interview earlier on the the Morning Show.

Very soon I'm getting up off the

coach, slipping into sequins,

twirling around the dance floor as a

contestant contestant on 'Dancing with the Stars'. Prime minister Kevin Rudd was heard to comment that he expects watching Kylie dance will be quite the stimulus package. To other news now and Gillies' co-host seems annoyed he hasn't been asked to do anything else by the network. He remains under 24-hour psychiatric care.

His manager says he's doing well but He could snap at anytime. Back to you, Sam.

Thank you, Clark Kent.

But first, would you offer yourself as a human guinea pig? The 'Herald Sun' says Aussies are offering their bodies and minds to research in return for cash. Some people are paid up to $3,000 for spending 10 days being studied.

All that had to happen - a Drum

roll, would have been fun. But it's not all bad. Here's an idea of the research - drink a cup of cocoa a day, for a month. Or just sit down for seven hours straight. So what do our Thursday Jury make of this? It's over to the Thursday jury Kate Cox from the 'Sun Herald' who is back from maternity leave

and host of the 2GB afternoon show, Chris Smith. Good morning. Chris, have you ever offered your body for research?

They would pay me not to front up.

What I can't understand is the

people who turn up for these sleep studies people who turn up for these sleep

studies. Like, they turn up to lay

back in bed, in their pyjamas for

back in bed, in their pyjamas for someone to feel them snore and

dribble and all the things you dribble and all the things you do

when you are asleep. They have too

much time on their hands. In terms

of being paid, though, I have a mate

of mine who is a reporter in New

York. You know how we do vox pops,

they go out into Martin Place " they go out into Martin Place "Hey,

what do you think of this"

what do you think of this". People what do you think of this". People

are saying in New York, its 20,

thank you very much

thank you very much. They won't give

their opinion. What about subjecting

yourself for testing? As you would

know, I'm happy to be paid for my

opinion. Your first reaction is it

go why put your pod I on the line.

They put boat list many into their go why put your pod I on the line.

informed and get their boobs done.

Go for it. If you are a student or

something, you need the money.

Students do this a lot. It's a great

supplementary income. To the UK now and a case of Range Rover rage is making headlines. A furious driver has dumped his luxury car outisde the showroom emblazoned with a list of faults. Large yellow letters along one side of the car read: "If you want trouble-free motoring do not buy one of these." The owner says he was forced to take the action when the dealership failed to deal with his complaints. Chris, the car cost more than $100,000.

He would be dirty? A great

billboard. Remember, it happened

here about 10, 15 years ago when we

had the Ford cap re, I'm sorry to

Ford Australia. It was an absolute

lemon. There was a group of women

who turned around and produced these

billboards, these magnetic boards,

stuck them on the side of the car

that said "

that said "This Cap reis a lemon" that said "This Cap reis a lemon".

That is the difference between men

and women. I will talk into a

mechanics garage and say there is a

mechanics garage and say there is a bit of a rattle, it might not be a

rattle but see

rattle but see how you go. Women

walk in and give them heaps. Say

women go, no it's not, you are

dreaming, it starts rattling. That's

a topic for another day. Kate, do

you stay quiet or complain? I love

this guy. He has inspired me. I

remember when I was at uni, we used

to write letters every time

something went wrong. We got a lot

of money, a lot of small cheques out

of it. What a scam. We used to get

boxes of chocolates sent to school.

I'm thinking this is the way to go.

Good on him. From what I he had

read, the car company is going to

help him out. You know, they need to

take responsibility when they sell

somebody a car and it goes wrong.

You can't go great I have my ? You can't go great I have my

You can't go great I have my ?50,000 in the bank. It's working and a

success. I might start up my letter

writing and complaining again. It

has inspired me. To get a new Range Rover. And finally, some interesting news this morning. Men who marry younger women are more likely to live longer. But the news is not so good for women. Wives with toyboy husbands are more likely to die early.

Happier, though. Kate, does this a little unfair?

It seems so unfair, doesn't it? It

should work both ways. I want to say

to all the 30-something men

out there going "

to all the 30-something men sitting out there going "Great, this is my

green light to data 20-year-old

woman rather than any of my single

30-something friends"

30-something friends", that it could

have been one of those which came

first, chicken or egg in that the

study found the men who were

attracting these much younger women

were fitter and healthier and in

better shape basically. That's

better shape basically. That's why they were living longer. As a couple

of 32-year-old guys, what do we make

of this? I wish. You

of this? I wish. You know why,

because the younger women can't sit

down. They are going to say we are

going away, we are going to dinner,

we are catching up with these

people. It goes on and on. This is

good for blokes. I would rather sit

down, relax, watch a bit of footy...

Really? They get you out there. This

is enjoying life. This is why we

stay alive longer, I think. Good

point. Welcome back. Little Rupert

sounds very cute. We put him on the

other side of the silence door so we

can't hear him scream. Kevin Rudd

thinks watching Kylie dance will be

a stimulus package. Did you only

just get it? It was very good. You

were a stimulus package in the

glasses and tie. You will get

letters about that one. Carry on. Later this hour - the rap star who's lost thousands after falling prey to thieves. Now here's Glenn with a new idea to help you stay motivated while you exercise.

Normally people with fabulous legs,

taught bottoms and toned arms have

spent ages working out and

exercising. But what if you don't

have the time or the motivation?

That's what Marnie is here to help us with this morning.

That's what Marnie is here to help us with this morning. Nobody likes

spenlding hours to lose those extra

kilos which is why the Cardio

Twister was designed. It's been

engineered to help us achieve that

sexy figure at home, faster than you

thought possible. We don't have to

be at the gym doing different

exercises on different machines? be at the gym doing different exercises on different machines?

Finally, us girls can directly

target all the problem areas like

the outer thighs, the inner thighs,

the back side and the upper abs,

faster and easier than before. You

can step on the Cardio Twister for a

few minutes a day and see general

Quinnly fantastic results. You say " Quinnly fantastic results. You say

"Us girls" but us blokes as well.

How does the Cardio Twister get the rut How does the Cardio Twister get the

ruts so quickly? The dual drive

gearbox not only moves your

gearbox not only moves your legs up and down but diagonally in and out.

This is targeting the inner and

outer thighs and hard to target

muscles in your bottom. It will help

you shape those long, toned legs in

much less time. The twisting motion

stretches the arms and engages your

entire core to tighten the hips,

shoulders and muscles. It is a total

body workout? Because you are using

more muscles, you are burning more

calories to help lose weight first.

The upper body twisting motion means

you are melting fat and increasing

fitness at the same time. Imagine

that. By this time next month

that. By this time next month people can be commenting on how fabulous

you look. Let's hear from

you look. Let's hear from happy Cardio Twisters. With the Cardio

Twister system I lost 10 pound, 10

inches in 10 days. It tones all the

muscles that women love to tone.

Thighs, the hips, abdominals, and

it's a lot of fun. I went from a

size 8 to 4 and fitting in my old

shorts again. The twisting motion of the shorts again. The twisting motion of

the cardio twister was effectively

in tong the waistline which where I

lost the most inches. You will see a difference right

difference right away in that area.

Even in a short session, you are

getting a fat blasting cardio

workout. As your fitness increases,

you can increase the settings to go

to a slow and intense muscle and

thigh shaper. This is a 5-function

computer on board. That is great for

motivation as well. And a easy

motivation as well. And a easy to set up. You attach the twist going

arm and you are ready to go. Take us through the deal.

arm and you are ready to go. Take us through the deal. It can be yours on

a 30-day home trial. You have 30

days to put it to the test be amazed

by the results. If you love it, keep

it and we will charge the balance to

your credit, five easy payments of $ your