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(generated from captions) That was beautiful. (sniffs)

That was beautiful. (sniffs). They

tears? Stop! Stop! Good morning, edition of the Morning Show. and welcome to your hump-day Ahead... I'll be back. ..the Terminator is back. of 'Terminator Salvation', We catch up with the sexy new cast

Sam Worthington. including Aussie actor

We need a song, Kylie. even the most solid relationships. Plus, it's enough to strike fear in for the first time. How to survive meeting the parents And reality TV couples - in the real world? do they last once they're back

Then, princesses of pop -

# I'm spinning around

feel me # # Move out of my way # I know you

The definitive list shortly. Which divas rule the charts?

to the US But first this morning,

is about to go to air where a documentary

a behind-the-scenes look giving people

at life inside the White House. President Obama and the First Family It's a rare glimpse of how in the iconic residence. are adjusting to life Here's a sneak peek.

Certain rhythm of life. Sure. It is

a view of presidential life the

public rarely sees. A

behind-the-scenes look from inside

the White House. An NBC news tradition the White House. An NBC news

tradition that has offered a glimpse

of how the President work and play

and with each administration it can

be dramatic. The change in mood and

attitude between Admin

attitude between Adminstrationsise

palpable. It knocks us over when we

visit here. I want to see how much

is translated on the television

screen. Brian Williams followed the

President and key members of the

abinates. Learning about the tough

decisions of wars, and adjusting to

life in the White

life in the White House. There are

no sestrictions, we have free reign

to move around the West Wing and the East

East Ing Wing, the mansions. The

producer says in all, 150 hours of

video edited down to two hours. From

the inner workings of the Oval

Office, to the President's

lunch-time burger run at Five Guys.

One cheese burger and fries for me.

And Americans will hear from First

Lady Michelle Obama. How is Lady Michelle Obama. How is work/

work/life shaping up for you? For

me, it is shaping up quite well. A

lot of it has to do with the fact

that I have an amazing staff. And

they are as committed to my goals

and values, in terms of respecting

my family space as I am. A closeup

look at life in the White House as

the Obamas know it. Fascinating

stuff. inside. 150 hours. Yes. Access. Good

stuff inside. 150 hours. Yes. Access. Good

NBC's Michelle Franzen there. Changing focus now 'house of horrors' case continues. and the aftermath of Austria's Now, incest victim Elisabeth Fritzl fallen in love with her bodyguard. has reportedly has been guarding her The man, known only as Thomas W, in which she was held captive since her release from the dungeon for 24 years in April last year. from her horrific experience So is this proof she's moved on of her psychological scars? or further proof For more, affairs editor, Dr Keith Suter. we're joined by our foreign Good morning, Keith. is this relationship? Keith, how serious

A relationship with her body guard.

How serious is it? The media reports

are sublging it is a very serious

relationship. Obviously, at long

last she has come across a man who

is not going to try to exploit her.

Look at her, previously she would

have had a few flings, if you like,

as a teenager, as a waitress and

then got kidnapped by the father for

a quarter of a century and now she

looks like she is in a serious

relationship with a sensible male.

She is 42? Yes. What do we know

about Thomas W? He is not 42. He is

younger than that. He is employed by

the security firm embloued to look

after her and the family. Because of

the amount of protection she has got

on a regular basis, the two have just on a regular basis, the two have

just bonded. What do we know just bonded. What do we know how

just bonded. What do we know bout

how she is rerecover b coverering?

It is the interesting thing,

recorded in the medical text books.

She has been underground for quart

oraffcentury, when she came to the

surface, her skin was grey from lack

of sunlight. No medical attention

for quarter of a century. The teeth

are black, you can imagine the lousy

state of the teeth, raped 3,000

times, gave birth to seven children

without medical assistance.

Physically, she was in a really bad

state. So the medical authorities

have had to go to work on her. She

has now got fresh teeth, died the

hair and making a quite a good

recovery. By the looks of it, she

beginning to get her life in order recovery. By the looks of it, she is

and is insome sort of

witness-protection program we would

call it in Australia. In a secret

location, but the media have found

the district in which she is based.

She is now reinventing her life. He

is in a safe place. It sound

there are positive things going on. is in a safe place. It sound like

What have the Austrian people

reading. The media are doing their

job. But you can imagine if you are

the Austrian government concerned

about public relations it is not

story you want out there. You want about public relations it is not the

to see Austria as a nice, safe,

former superpower,

former superpower, nothing happens,

it is the land of Mozart, etc.. The it is the land of Mozart, etc.

only reason we talk about Austria is

because of Elizabeth Fritzl. So it

is a night mare from a PR point of

view. They would like it to die down

but because there is a huge amount

of media attention, the poor woman

has suffered so much, there is still

a lot of ongoing attention. Of

course, from an academic point of

view, she will be the subject of a

lot of medical journal articles as

to how a person can recover. Kevin

Costner says he is okay to play the role of the body guard in

role of the body guard in the movie. To the UK now, of the Royal Family and you'd think being a member on most guest lists. would guarantee you a place But it seems that's not the case. out of joint There are a few royal noses on an invitation after the Queen missed out D-Day commemorations in France. to this weekend's it's over to For the latest, Buckingham Palace spokesperson royal commentator and former Good morning, Dickie. Dickie Arbiter.

What's he trying to do? has now stepped in. US President Barack Obama

Well, what he was trying to do, good

morning, Larry and Kylie, he was

trying to make sure that there was

royal representation at the D-Day

commemorations. Because after all,

he has read his history books and

knows D-Day was launched from the

shoreoffs the United Kingdom rr,

from the five beaches, British and

Commonwealth servicemen and women

stormed three of them. He sees it as

a great error of judgment

a great error of judgment by the

British and French government to not

have a royal there. He has tuck his

five pents in. What happened five pents in. What happened the

Prince of Wales by-passed Downing

Street, contacted the palace and

spoke to Nicolas Sarkozy and said I

want an invitation to come. I should

be there. You must remember at the

back end of last year the British

government made it clear it wasn't a

major commemoration. It is 65 years.

major commemoration. It is 65 yearsn major commemoration. It is 65 years. The guys that are going to be there,

the Normanby veterans will be in their the Normanby veterans will be in

their 80s. The guys won't be there

much longer. With the Queen being

the only head of state who served

the only head of state who served in World War II, why would the French

President leave her off the guest

list? I don't think all the

list? I don't think all the blame can be pointed at him. He must take

par of it. He was a guest of the

par of it. He was a guest of the Queen last year in a state visit to

Windsor Castle. A lot of the blame

Windsor Castle. A lot of the blame must be with Brown and Downing

Street, realising, it is 65 years

and a major occasion. A lot of the

veterans won't be around much

longer, they are into their mid80s

and beyond. It is the British

government who weren't up beat

enough. They lost the plot and

didn't see it coming. They must take

the bulk of the blame. It has been

salvaged now because the Prince of

Wales is going to be there. Had an

invitation been extended in the

first place he would be have been

the first choice by the Queen to

represent her, because she will go

to the celebration in five years

time. Thank you.

Ahead on the show, reality TV couples -

Thank you. Thank you, Dicky! can they ever survive life after the spotlight? And why imaginary friends might actually be good for kids. But next, the stars of 'Terminator Salvation'.

There is a lot of brits and a lot of

Aussies who are taking a lot of jobs

Aussies who are taking a lot of jobs away from American actors, but yes,

let's keep that quiet.

Including the Aussie actor being hailed as Hollywood's next big thing. You're watching the Morning Show right around Australia.

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# I'm your biggest fan # I'll follow you until you love me # paparazzi. # She may already have a royal title but where does Lady Gaga stack up against the world's biggest pop princesses?

We'll find out shortly. Arnold Schwarzenegger made the movies famous. But now, a new league of action heroes are taking on the Terminator franchise. Christian Bale and Aussie Sam Worthington star in sci-fi blockbuster 'Terminator Salvation'. US Correspondent Rahni Sadler sat down with them for a chat. Rahni joins us now from Hollywood. Good morning to you. Rahni, it's great to see another Aussie making it big in Hollywood, isn't it?

It sure it. Sam Worthington might

not be a household name now but it

is about to change. The 32-year-old

from Perth was best known for movies

like Somersault rr, Dirty Deeds and

the TV show Live My Way. The

producers of Bond looked at him

before Daniel Craig. And then the

producer said he would take him on.

He is featuring in the movie,

'Terminator Salvation'. I think

'Terminator Salvation'. I think he steals the show from Christian Bale. They had a lot to live up to. I'll be back. But director McG took the challenge head on.

I thought I would know. Suddenly it

has changed. 'Terminator: Salvation' is the fourth instalment of the sci-fi series. I want to respect the fans that have been with this franchise for so long

Because they are so passionate. I

wanted to do it properly and

correctly and give them something

worthwhile in the interests of doing another 'Terminator another worthwhile in the interests of doing

another Tirlinateer film. 'Salvation' is set in 2018 and focuses on the war between humans and machines.

? Some with me if you want to live. Christian Bale steps into the role made famous by the young Edward Furlong.

You just can't go around killing people. John Connor has grown up and wants vengeance.

You tried killing my mother, Sarah

Connor, you killed my father, Kyle

Rhys, you will not kill me. Is it more fun for you to do a big blockbuster like this?

Than to to do a straight dramatic

piece? No, it is not. It is more fun

if I haven't done it for a while.

But c like to mix it up. You worked

is with sewn e so many Aussies,

Heath and Russell, something in the

water? I think it is something we

should keep quiet but there are a

lot of Brits and a lot of Aussies

who are taking a lot of jobs away

from American actors but yes, let's keep it quiet. What wasn't kept quiet was the infamous Bale blow-up on set. Can you laugh at it now?

Only because it is all resolved.

Before it came out, it was long

resolved with everybody involved. I

was able to laugh with the people

making fun at me about it and I

deserved it. I have no problem with

that. It was over the top and

unacceptable. And I take full responsibility for it. Casting an actor that can stand up to Christian Bale was not easy but Aussie Sam Worthington showed them he had what it takes.

They know what you are, even if you done. They know what you are, even if you

done.. Enough! Wrrn I can say without reservation that Sam Worthington is the most exciting thing about this film

Which whole world is talking about

this young man and he has done

Australia, very, very proud. Sam scored the role on director James Cameron's recommendation. How much of the fun stuff did you get to do?

We do at much as we can before the

insurance company steps in. We live

in a world of Born Identity movies

where audiences demand an actor to

try to do as much as he possibly

can. Plus it is the fun stuff, being

ratched it back and cables. The

stuntman pulls you

stuntman pulls you out of the movie. If you see the guy doing it, you

keep being invested in the story. Hey!

Did you get hurt at all You are

doing Terminator, you are not doing

Pride and Prejudice. There are

butches and bruises. I think people

turn them severals up quite a bit. I

got as many bumps and scrapes as my

nephew when he wrestles. He won't

let his fame go to his head. My

girlfriend keeps me grounded. I do

an extraordinary job, I like to live

an ordinary life. I come home from

battling T 600s and she busts my

balls to take the gargage out. No

crap me making big movies. Making

big movies he does. If we don't stay

the cort, we are all dead. I am only hope you have.

Yb love it, pull your head in Robot

Boy and do the dishes. Is the movie

as good as the other three? There

are a lot of people who will be

watching closely? I would say on one

hand yes and on the other hand no.

Good on especially effects and

explosions. The whole first hour is explosions. The whole first hour

special effects and explosions and

looks good. But for the first 45

minutes I had no idea what was going

on but it seemed like the good guys

were being chased by bad guys but

you couldn't work out why. By the

enof the film I worked it out and it

tied in the plots from the first

three films very well. I don't like

action films but I left liking itch

Rent the other VDs first. You had no

other trouble picking the Aussie. He

spent a lot of time in the movie

with the 10-year-old girl, and they

said they couldn't stop Sam

Worthington from swearing, it was

his biggest problem on his biggest problem on the set. When

will we

will we the chance to see it? Opens

this Thursday, well worth seeing.

Thank you for that very honest

Thank you for that very honest look at the movie where you think the

good guys were chasing the bad guys

or something like that. Something...

Robots, explosions! Robots, explosions!! Robots, explosions!!! Still to come, the world's ultimate pop princesses. Does material girl Madonna win the crown? And debt versus debt. How to prioritise your repayments and get out of the red. But next, you've heard of tennis elbow. Now there's mobile-phone elbow. Have you got it? The symptoms, after the break. But next, Order for table six. WOMAN: We've got broadband plans to suit every appetite. USB modem, compliments of the chef.

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The Morning Show brought to you by Jetstar, Australia's low fares airline. Now flying to 20 holiday destinations across the country. To book go to: Non-stop talking on your mobile phone can leave you with a hefty bill. But it could also be causing you nerve damage. The condition is being called cell-phone elbow. New medical research in the US has found a nerve in the elbow is squeezed when a person holds the phone to their ear. It can cause tingling in the middle and ring fingers

and a sharp pain in the elbow. Some patients have even required surgery to repair the side effects. In most cases, the condition can be treated by switching hands while talking or using a hands-free device.

I am sorry,

I am sorry, is that your considered

medical opinion rb Larry, Dr Emdur

says switch hands. My recommendation

is to just switch hand. That will solve everything. Coming up later on the Morning Show - meeting the parents without losing your mind. The essential guide to surviving this relationship milestone. But first, are you looking for a way to feel a whole lot better? Glenn's got more.

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To make this exercise a little harder, you simply engage your arms as Rachel is doing now. Well done. I'm glad it's Rachel and not me. Moving from one to the next, it doesn't really, in all seriousness, look that hard? Moving on to the lower body, you need to put your feet in the loops. The straps support you and the machine helps to lift your legs into the air easily, keeping you in perfect alignment while you strengthen, tighten and firm your calves, thighs and buns.

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Your very own AeroPilates XP Performa. Hop to it. Thanks for coming in, girls. Well done. You keep going. I might have a crack at that in a minute, I'm dressed for it. If you want to visit the segment again - or check it out in 'New Idea'. Guys, back to you. Ahead this morning, the research proving what women have known for years - that men barely lift a finger in the kitchen.

Not my opinion, it is the research.

Yes, but you didn't have to say it

three times, "

three times, "The research, the

research, the rurp." Because it is

not my opinion. You have definitely

taken ownership of that research.

But first, Ann Sanders joins us with the latest news and weather. Hello, Ann.

Good morning, Kylie and Larry. Hello, everyone. The search for Air France flight 447 is over. Brazil's military has confirmed it's found 5km trail of wreckage floating in the Atlantic Ocean. All 228 people on board the A330 that left Rio De Janeiro for Paris are presumed dead. A Sydney woman has died after two P-platers crashed head-on in Mt Pritchard last night. Another crash in the wet, this time in Melbourne, left four teens in hospital. An L-plate driver will be questioned. And the winter sales have had a subdued start in Sydney and Melbourne as the big department stores hope for proof of an economic recovery. Checking the weather: And US President Barack Obama has appeared with Nancy Reagan for the first time since making a joke about her interest in the afterlife. The olive branch was extended as they planned an event to mark what will be the 100th birthday of her late husband, Ronald.

What Nancy was saying when she wakes

up in the of the night, she can talk

to him. She feels he is with her,

they had a close loving wip and she

misses him. She feel whz she is

alone at night she can talk to him. I alone at night she can talk to him.

I sure a lot of people feel that

way. I think Barack Obama should

have let Nancy sit down in the

chair. Was she standing up? Yes, she

had to stand up. Maybe because he

was the President he had to sign had to stand up. Maybe because he

something important. Coming up, presidential protocol. Still to come, they say it's the most important meal of the day. So what should you be eating for breakfast, and what food should you stay away from? Plus, how to survive the first meeting with your partner's parents. But straight after the break, deciphering the debt cycle. How to prioritise your repayments once and for all. We'll be back with more of the Morning Show, in just a moment. We made the creamy honey oats on Tuesday. Yeah. Baked apple on Wednesday. Mmm. Love that one. Yesterday, we made original. Correct?

Correct. Correct. And today is... Berry. So if we have four flavours in the variety pack, what's tomorrow? Tomorrow's Saturday! WOMAN: Uncle Tobys oats -

delicious flavours the whole family will love.

The government is closely monitoring the recent outbreak of human swine influenza in Australia and is taking steps to help limit its spread. You can minimise the spread of flu by covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, disposing of used tissues in the bin, washing your hands often and thoroughly. If you are unwell, seek medical advice and try to avoid close contact with others. For further information, visit the website or call 180 2007.

# When the morning comes

# Wake up

# Get up and show the world what you got

# It is amazing how you feel #

Good morning, Perth. We can hardly see you.

We think you are in there. A bit of

rain and fog around today and a top

temperature of 20 degrees is

expected. Keep your brolly handy.

Just a bit of fog. Just a touch. For once, there's some good news in the financial world this morning. New figures suggest Australia has narrowly avoided falling into recession,

which means now could be a good time for people to work their way out of the red. But how do you know which debt to pay off first?

Or should we be saving an emergency stash just in case? Take for example fashionista Carrie Bradshaw

Only on this show can we go from

narrowly avoiding bankruptcy

narrowly avoiding bankruptcy to Carrie Bradshaw. She found that emergency savings could have come in handy when she was on the verge of eviction if only her shoes hadn't gotten in the way.

The lady at the bank said I was an

unattractive candidate for a loan.

Where did my money go. At $

Where did my money go. At $400 a

pop, how many do you have? 50? Come

on. 100. Would it be wrong. 100

times 400, that is your down

payment. That is only 4,000. No, it

is 40,000. I spent $

payment. That is only 4,000. No, it is 40,000. I spent $40,000 on shoes

and I have no place to live. I will

literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes. So which bills should you pay first and what can be set aside for later? Let's ask our money man Anthony Bell. Good morning. Given the current job climate, people may be torn between paying of their credit card bills and saving some emergency funds. Which do you think comes first?

Yes, the most important thing Yes, the most important thing is to

pay off debt when you can. Try and

think, if you pay your credit card

off you can get the money back later

but save the interest. It makes no

sense to have high debt and a term

deposit. Pay the debt off. The key

trick on credit cards is not forget

how expensive the interest is. They

are very, very expensive, are very, very expensive, 13, 14,

are very, very expensive, 13, 14, 15 per cent. They never come down. No,

because people don't pay their

credit cards off. The dad pwebts

factored in, the security, not like

a house mortgage at all. Most of us

have car loans, home loans and

credit card debt? Suggest the credit

card. Pick the loans that cost you

the most. Likely the credit card then coming down to

the most. Likely the credit card then coming down to personal loans,

car loans and then to the housing

loams. But bear in mind too, some of

the loans like a car loan are fixed

anyway. To pay them off in a rush

will cost you penalties and

interest. Take into account it might

cost. But keep in mind, the good old

fashioned home loan is cheapest of

all. What about kids' school fees. Even

Even public schools you get hit with

school fees. It is a weird one. Pay

the rent, so you got a roof and pay

the food bills so your kids survive

to get to school and the school fees

become important. A lot of schools

are doing it huff and a lot are

offering payment programs to those

who are financially disadvantaged.

Try, if you have got something at

the school with the teachers say you

can extend to time to pay it off, it

will be interest free. Don't pay it

on your credit card, use the

interest freedom. Don't be afraid to ask the

ask the question. What about the

guywise the students loan and credit

cards? I can remember getting a

student loan at university. One in

my name and one in a couple of my

mate's names. They only gave out $ mate's names. They only gave out

$500. The same concept. They are

auchen interest free. So you are not

in a rush to pay them off. Whenever

charges the highest amount of

interest. A repetitive theme, pay it

off. Any spare money, the Visa card

but don't take down the cash in case you but don't take down the cash in case you need it later.

you need it later.. If you are

earning reasonable money, what

should you do? I am not big for

young people putting their mun young people putting their

young people putting their money

into super. 20s, 30 and mid30s, save

up and put your money if to a home

or investment that is going to be

useful to you before you get to to

the retirement age of 65. When you put the retirement age of 65. When you

put money into superannuation, you

cannot get it back out until you

retire. It is stuck there, going to

churn away. It is very important to

make sure we cover ourselves for our

current life and not our future

life. They keep changing the rules

on super, just when you think you

have got is sused out. I feel sorry

for the 65 years olds, they were

ready to retire and now told they

have to work for a couple have to work for a couple more year.

It is meant to be there for the part

of your life after it is done and

said. It makes no sense to be

struggling week to week but have

massive amounts in super that you

can't get to for 25 or 30 year. A

lot of viewers would ask you this if

they could today, talking about

narrowly avoiding recession. Time to

lock in? We are starting to get

close. We are around 3 per cent,

close. We are around 3 per cent, the Reserve Bank fixed interest rates

but we have got good news. We have

been saying we might be at the

bottom of the market for the last

couple of months and the trading

figures and housing figures

indicates it might be true.

indicates it might be true. They have been saying what we have been

saying all the way along, Australia

is in good Nick compared to the rest

of the world. The fixing of home

rates might be the qua to go. We

will ask you a lot. Feel free to

call us, even if it is your day off

from us, call it through. Thank you. Thank you, Anthony.

Ahead on the show -

should we bring back the biff to politics? The fights making Parliament almost bearable.

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# Since U Been Gone

# I can breathe for the first time # the big bucks. That's why they pay her Kelly Clarkson there. So where does she rate in our list of the most successful pop princesses?

She seems really nice, out here in Australia recently. And men in the kitchen - do they really deserve movie-star attention for one night of cooking? Yes. But straight ahead,

the one thing that's worse than a first date. It's the first time you meet the parents. How to survive after this short break. to be able to, you know, really get into that project and finish off what you want to do. And it's rewarding and you have a bit of fun. 4-litre Nippon paint, $55.90. Outdoor blinds, $94.16 per blind. Floodlight, $9.98. Great opportunity for you to add value to your home. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! #

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# I am beautiful

# No matter what they say # Words can't

# Words can't bring me down # Christina Aguilera there. She's one of the highest selling performers in pop history. See where she rates on our list next hour. There comes a time in most relationships when couples have to face that dreaded moment - meeting the parents. Sometimes it goes smoothly but as the movie 'Meet the Parents' showed, sometimes it can be a disaster.

Mum, dad, this is Greg. Hello, I am

Pam's father Jack Burns, I am Dina,

welcome to Oyster Bay. Oh... What welcome to Oyster Bay. Oh... What

you driving? A Ford. Yes, a Taurus.

Interesting colour you pick

Interesting colour you pick it? No,

the guy at the counter, They say

geniuses pick green but you didn't

pick it. Jack! The inevitable moment doesn't have to be quite as excruciating as that. So psychologist Jo Lamble is here to tell us how you can make a good impression on the potential parents in law. Welcome, Jo. Firstly, what are some of the biggest mistakes people make

when meeting their partner's parents?

Probably the biggest one is Probably the biggest one is trying

Probably the biggest one is trying to make it perfect. They put so much

pressure on themselves and might not

be themselves. It is Hard. If you

build yourself up to be someone you

are not, the second meeting will be

disappointing. And as our friend

Greg Focker did, not too relaxed and

you don't pick up the vibe of your future

future parents in law and remember

your manners. Greg from Victoria, " your manners. Greg from Victoria,

"The first time she met the

boyfriend's family she was so

nervous she through up in the

kitchen sink -- threw up in the

kitchen sink. Is shows how much

pressure there is. Get it in

perspective. The moral of the story perspective. The moral of the story is the boyfriend

is the boyfriend is now her husband

of 17 years. A lovely story for for

grand kids. Apart from grand kids. Apart

grand kids. Apart from the air-sick

bag, what advice Keep it in

perspective. It is not make or break

time. Keep it light perspective. It is not make or break

time. Keep it light . Keep the

time. Keep it light . Keep the first

meeting short. Pop in on your way

meeting short. Pop in on your way

somewhere. This is my parents. Get

to know them slowly. If you put

everything on the first meeting and everything on the first meeting and

throw up in the kitchen sink it

won't be good. Take your time.

throw up in the kitchen sink it won't be good. Take your time. As a

couple, how do you

couple, how do you decide when it is

the right time. I disagree with most

people, do it quickly. If you put it

off, it builds up to a momentous

occasion. Tell you parents, hey, it

is early days, no Spanish

inquisition. Help your partner by

keeping the conversation rolling. A

word of warning, if you have been going

going out for six months and the

parents live close by and the person

is not introducing you to the

parents, it is a sign of something.

They might not get on with the

parents. You would know if it is the

case. Or they think you won't like

the parents or it could be a sign

they have doubts about the future.

It doesn't have to be a three-course

dinner, it could be a quick call in.

The other fun night, the scary,

stressful one, when both sets of

parents have to get together. That

is much worse. That is the really

scary one. You got to ask both sets

of parents to be on of parents to be on their best

behaviour. Have it in a neutral

place. One set of parents will have

them over first and they have the

power. Power play. Yes, the grown up

kids have to take responsibility for

the conversation flow. It is very

common for two sets of parents to be

so opposite. Like in the movie. It

is common. The kids need to help.

is common. The kids need to help. We have been looking at it from the

young person's perspective, but as

you get older you are not meeting

the parents, you are the parents. It

is scary for everyone. Be on your

best behaviour, but help

best behaviour, but help each other,

conversation flow is important. When

I met Silvi's parents they are

polish and I wanted to say something

polish and I said, "

polish and I said, "I think my hump

is hairier." I was really nervous

and had a glass of wine and threw

and had a glass of wine and threw up in the kitchen sink and said to her mum, "

mum, "My hump is slightly hairier."

Moo when Andie rocked up to meet my

parents, a fly by, pick me up and we

will go out. He asked the guardnen outside, "

outside, "I am looking for Jo."

outside, "I am looking for Jo." And he said she is inside. He came

inside, met Andie. And then the

gardener came in and started cooking

the lunch and came in washed his

hands, and I said, "

hands, and I said, "Have you met dad." A little later on this morning - should our MPs bring back the biff? And why imaginary friends aren't necessarily a bad thing for kids. Up next, though - how to get paid for being good with people. Karen has more. Ever dreamt of having faith start-up success without having the start-up risks of owning your own business? Wayne Ormond, founder and executive chairman from Refund Home Loans is here to tell us how you can be a part of the fastest-growing franchise organisation in Australia. Good morning, Wayne. Good morning, Karen. You have bought some special guests, as well. Good morning, guys. Good morning. More from them a little bit later on. So what do you say to people who are looking for a career change? Well, Karen, if some of your viewers are watching today are looking for a career change, and have always wanted to work for themselves, earning great money, then their next career move could be owning a Refund Home Loans franchise. So what sort of skills would you need to be a Refund Home Loan franchisee? Well, all you need is to be a great people person. What makes Refund Home Loans so unique is that you are getting paid for helping people and that makes everyone feel good. As part of their franchise package, we supply all of the ongoing training and support

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Good morning, guys. Good morning. How long have you been with Refund Home Loans? Coming up to six months. What made you decide to buy your own Refund Home Loan franchise? What I found with my UK teaching qualification was not accepted here so I thought I would try something completely different and be my own boss, have job satisfaction and a better lifestyle. So what made you choose Refund over, perhaps, another franchise? I actually looked at quite a few but I like the Refund model and the added bonus of owning my own territory. It is one of the big pluses. Right from day one you can operate your own franchise like an independent business and benefit from a high-profile brand and have full support. Is it a successful business for you, Max? Sure. We are doing quite well. That is a bit of an understatement, Max. Max and Kelly are doing very well, without embarrassing them. It is sufficient to say that as Refund franchisees,

they have within six months been able to double their income. Of course, how much you earn depends on how hard you work,

doesn't it, Kelly? It does. That is another thing I like about it, you get to work your own hours to suit yourself and your family. It is up to me. That is really good, isn't it? So tell me, Max, as a teacher,

surely wouldn't have much experience with mortgages, would you? Apart from my own, none at all. But the training was really first class and very easy to pick up. Karen, our franchisees come from all walks of life - from tradespeople to teachers, doctors, lawyers, policemen, we provide ongoing comprehensive training programmes.

What would you say would be the best part of being a Refund franchisee? Buying a house is an exciting thing to be a part of but also even with refinances, what we like best is watching the amazed looks on customers' faces when I get them the best possible deal and then the smile when we tell them what the cash refund is going to be. I bet. Wayne, recently Refund Home Loans has been listed by BRW as the number one fastest growing franchise for the second year in a row. Yes, that is right and it is thanks to franchisees like Max and Kelly. We have over 240 nationally now and BRW is also listed as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia. Thank you for coming in, guys.

To find out more about becoming a Refund franchisee call - or visit - Guys, back to you. Still to come - life in the limelight. Do the couples that meet on reality TV shows really stay together?

I am a sucker for all that. There is

Trista. You know their names? A TV

tragic. Trista and Ryan. You know

his name too. And they have had

children. What are the kids? I don't

know the kids' names. After the

break, Kylie will tell us the kids'

names and birthdays. Plus, the breakfast choices to set you up throughout the day. But after the break - do men deserve movie-star attention for getting involved in the kitchen? The big debate in just a moment.

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# So what? # I'm still a rock star # I got my rock moves # And I don't need you # She's not your typical pop diva, but Pink sure knows how to sell albums. We're looking at our favourite princesses of pop, later this hour. Plus, the secret fat and sugar hiding in your breakfast. We'll reveal the worst culprits shortly. And watch out, fashion world - Lindsay Lohan's decided to do everyone a favour and take over a top designer brand. But not everyone's cheering. The full story in just a moment. But first, there was a bit of biff in Canberra yesterday. It wasn't exactly a party in the party room. Liberal backbencher Alby Schultz grabbed frontbencher Chris Pearce by the throat during a meeting in Parliament House. Malcolm Turnbull chased Mr Schultz out of the party room to demand he apologise, which he did. So what do our Wednesday Jury make of this? It's over to commentator Rebecca Le Tourneau and host of the ABC 702 'Breakfast Show', Adam Spencer. Good morning. Bec, should pollies behave better than that?

I was amazed to hear this. The

thought of Malcolm Turnbull as mummy

was an hilarious concept. Get here,

face each other, look at each other

nicely, smack, smack, smack. What

are things reduced to when people

are throwing their hands around

somebody's neck for steeling a

policy or a pencil. I have been at

children's birthday parties where

the politicians could have learned

to behave better. Good on Malcolm

for being mum but he could have

spent his time better. I am very

excited by the idea. Two words, " excited by the idea. Two words, "Joe

Hockey." Show me anyone o on the

front bench who can go the distance.

Wilson Iron Bar, Tucky, Bronwyn, the

Ax Bishop. Not the coalition, the

Demolition 12346789 Moving on, and have you ever had an imaginary friend? The good news is, it's good for you. New research shows children with make-believe buddies are better communicators. They also develop into more driven and creative adults. Adam, did you ever have an imaginary friend?

Mate, I did a

Mate, I did a PHD in pure

mathematics, I had i imagineinary

friends until I was 26. Real friend

were the problem. His name was Mack,

I can remember clear as day I

I can remember clear as day I was having a fight with Mack because he

had not brought me a present for my

birthday. I was having a fight. Mum

is trying to just sort it all out and going, "

and going, "Mack you got to

understand." And I am going, " understand." And I am going, "Mum,

he is not here! You are not

helping." So your mum was talking to

your imaginary friend. He wasn't

there, he hadn't brought a present,

I told him to leave. I had my whole

gang of i najinary friend. Matilda

was my favourite. My brother was so

was my favourite. My brother was so jealous of Matilda, he used to come

jealous of Matilda, he used to come in with his plastic sword and try

and cut her head off but she used to

duck. Very clever of mudilda. He is

not a silly man, he is a nice man.

The battle of the sexes is still

rainling in kitchens around

Australia. A survey found one in

three Aussie men barely put a

three Aussie men barely put a foot in the kitchen and when they do,

they hog the limelight and demand

movie-star like attention. I thought

it said they

it said they went bare in the

kitchen? No, barely put a foot. I have great

kitchen? No, barely put a foot. I have great trouble relating to this.

have great trouble relating to thisn have great trouble relating to this. I am a woman who is lucky enough to

have a husband who spends most of

his time in the kitchen cooking,

cleaning and doing what makes

relationships work these days. I

relationships work these days. I don't understand how an ordinary

relationship wamum and dad who are

working can function if fathers

don't go into the kitchen. It sounds

ridiculous. But if it is the case, I

am willing to hire him out on a

nominal price on weekends, probably

to come and do your cooking and

cleaning for you, if it is the

cleaning for you, if it is the problem you with your bloke. And a

couple of i imagineinary friends

chucked in. Adam, 16,000 women took

part. What do you think? I am

guessing one of them was my wife. I

offered to cook the other night if

the family, and our four-year-old Ellie said, "

Ellie said, "Daddy, mummy's cooking

is really nice. Daddy's cooking is

scary." Is the word. My big one, the

one, I can get by in the kitchen, I

am hopeless handy man tasks. I did

not grow up in a house where we

fixed things. You can't do anything,

cook or fix things. The other day I

screwed a hook on to a door in our

house that holds coats. The guys who

built theifeal tower were no more

excite -- -- eiffle Texasower were

no more excited

no more excited -- Tower. There are

two screws, one in the bottom and

you hang things on it. You are a

mavl. We are so proud to be part of

this chapter in your life. All my

myself. And you

myself. And you can balance the

books. You can go home and put a wet

rain coat on that and rip it out.

Many from New South

Many from New South Wales says, " Many from New South Wales says, "I

cook every day for my kids and my. I

don't see myself as a superstar, I

just enjoy it. But don't tell my

wife." Who has been in the doghouse? And let us know - have you had imaginary friend? Or do your kids? What's their name? Head to the chatroom and let us know. Do they

Do they help in the kitchen? Later this hour - new rumours about the stars of 'Twilight'. Are they really a couple? The answer, coming up. But first, how to get a movie star body. Here's Glenn.

How many times have we all looked

down and promised to do something

about the love handles? The pouch?

You know what I am talking about.

How do we get rid of them quickly

and get back to the way we used to

look when we were fit, trim and

feeling fantastic? Here is the man

with all the answers, welcome back

to the Morning Show Dennis. This is

one reason why people like to work

the abdominals. Yes, so is taking

control of the wasteline. But a

strong back and core strength is

another benefit. Hat is positive

news all around. I reckon everybody

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whole family, I like that. Is it

possible to see results in 30 days?

Definitely, if you give it a few

minutes, five day as week you will

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People will feel the difference

immediately? Yes, because immediately? Yes, because the Ab King

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not a gimmick. It is about slimming down, losing real weight and firming

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strengthening your core section and

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Ordinary machines only give you a

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it is vitally important to take care

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Run us through the offer again? Call

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All you pay today is delivery,

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Too easy. Now, if for any reason we

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Absolutely correct. But if you call

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So the DVD and slim

So the DVD and slim down plan. You

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The Ab King Pro does that and you

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working on trim, taught, terrific,

sexier abs. It worked for me. Or

simply build up that core strength simply build up that core strength

and back. Thank you, jump online or phone. Back to you. Here's a story of a lucky escape.

The driver of this 18-wheeler blacked out and slammed into a Dairy Queen restaurant in Tennessee. The driver escaped with a couple of cuts and bruises and luckily, no-one was inside at the time. The owner of the restaurant was on her way into work when the big rig hit.

(green Sleeves plays)

(green Sleeves plays). I think

(green Sleeves plays). I think most (green Sleeves plays). I think most

people will dine outside. A hell of

a drive through, that one. Ahead - the truth about Bruno's stunt at the MTV awards.

This was with Eminem's head? No,

that was the after party. Yes. It

was Very funny, we saw it yesterday. Plus, think there's never enough hours in the day? We've got the time-saving tips that'll change your life. But after the break - what's really hiding in your daily bowl of cereal? We've got the best and worst breakfast foods sorted. You're watching the Morning Show right around Australia.

The Morning Show stays at Novotel. With 22 hotels and resorts across Australia and New Zealand. Novotel, wherever you need to be.

We all know that brekkie's the most important meal of the day but it also matters what you eat. Making the right decision at breakfast can have a massive affect on your daily life.

Nutritionist Matt O'Neill is here to tell us why. First off, Matt, what if you're one of those people who just doesn't eat breakfast at all. Should you force yourself?

Yes, serious message today, if you

haven't, start doing it. It is a

really, really good habit. It is

going to feel like wearing a new

pair of shoes, awkward, maybe like

wearing someone else's underwear,

totally awkward but 28 days and you

will be used to it. Start with

something small. You are a bit

weird. People think I don't like

breakfast today and don't try it

again. This is the place to start?

This is the place to start. Even a

little bit of yoghurt, a bit of

apple, fruit salad, a banana,

something small. Your favourite tub

of Jobert, eve an dairy desert to

start. On the go? Yes, breakfast on

the go, you can get the tetrapack

smaougties on the go, you can smagt smaougties on the go, you can

smaougties on the go, you can --

smoothies. If you can make your own

smoothie at home, skim milk,

bananas, strawberry and a couple of

tea spoons of honey, fantastic. I

see the kids with the liquid

tetrapacks, I have got a problem.

What is your advice. I do wish

parents would take the time, I know

they are busy, out

they are busy, out of the door but

take the time to have the healthy

breakfast, automatic it will keep

you busy. Kids shouldn't be that

busy. They shouldn't give in to

conconvenience that early. The

popular doughnut and coffee. Is

there a healthy alternative. Shoo I

don't see a place if doughnuts in

breakfast, they are mutually

exclusive. But raisin toast, just go

light on the butter. Have it with a

skinny cappuccino rather than the

full mocha with cream and sugar. The

omlet is looking pretty good.

omlet is looking pretty good. Look at the size of this omelet! It is

bigger than your head, this omlet