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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Kathryn Robinson These are dreadful days.

unemployment surge in 20 years. Jobs crisis - the worst Water rage sentence - a grandfather to death. 18 months for bashing It's just not good enough. have made any difference. But whatever it was it wouldn't stripped of bibles and crosses Unholy row - the chapel so it doesn't offend non-Christians. Why can't we have our symbols? Rove's special Steve Irwin award. plus - wildlife warrior - to the women's magazines! Don't you sell that Hi. I'm Brad McEwen. In Sports Tonight - between Collingwood and Geelong - the Round 3 AFL blockbuster a big crowd and a host of big names. there can only be one winner. As is always the case, and Daniel Pratt Plus - Kangaroos pair Adam Simpson the degrading YouTube video. fined over in the Champions League. Chelsea thumps Liverpool Age shall not weary Greg Norman. with a hole-in-one. The Shark warms up for the Masters Australia's employment crisis. But first - The global recession has hit home lost last month. with almost 40,000 full time jobs beyond all expectations. The March unemployment rate surging Not since the 1991 recession

sharper monthly rise in unemployment. has Australia experienced a

These numbers are sobering news that these numbers represent, and for the real-life Australians these are dreadful days. 0.5% to 5.7%. Last month the jobless rate soared 38,900 full-time jobs lost. a small increase in part-time jobs The overall figure was offset by as employers slash hours. New South Wales Dragging the nation down, where unemployment soared 1%. Western Australia had a shock too. Outside of Sydney pretty good in terms of jobs. the rest of the country is looking the financial and the mining sectors Really it's only at the moment. that are really hurting

its forecast The Government's already thrown out next year. that unemployment will reach 7% is an appropriate sort of forecast. Around about 9% by mid-2010

As the global recession wears on, the Government faces the prospect unemployment figures every month, of delivering more sobering the political debate further intensifying

over the effectiveness stimulus spending. of its multi-billion dollar These figures would be worse to stimulate the Australian economy if we hadn't acted decisively nation-building packages. through our It was said employment and create jobs, that it was going to promote except enormous debt. well, it's created nothing

some see signs of recovery. Despite the gloom, entering a recovery phase I see the US and I'm very optimistic and India and the developing world in what's happening in China so on the balance, I'm an optimist. Daniela Ritorto, Ten News. Italian earthquake has risen to 278. The death toll from the of more bodies It follows the discovery at this university dorm. more survivors are now all but gone. Authorities say hopes of finding any worried about Italian relatives, For Australians free calls to Italy Telstra is offering from Good Friday to next Thursday. And in another generous move, $700,000 to earthquake survivors. Madonna has donated more than

in a fight over water restrictions A man who killed a grandfather has been sentenced to 18 months jail in a hospital ward. and will spend much of it was a time bomb waiting to go off. The judge says Todd Munter The victim's family is devastated. in a senseless attack After losing her husband would provide little cold comfort. Lyn Proctor knew today's sentencing It's just not good enough. have made any difference. But whatever it was it wouldn't

We've still lost Ken, that's it. Ken Proctor for hosing the garden - Todd Munter punched and kicked water restrictions were in force. wrongly thinking suffered a heart attack and died. The 66-year-old grandfather he was simply going about his life The judge said to disturb any other person, without wishing let alone a complete stranger in an irritable state of mind. who happened to come upon him chronic back pain 37-year-old Munter was suffering and admits he was having a bad day, the judge noting he was off on this particular day." "primed as a time bomb waiting to go to manslaughter. Munter pleaded guilty but we'll accept it We're not happy with the result

for a very long time. because we know he'll suffer

A post-mortem found and could have died at any time. Mr Proctor had severe heart disease he doesn't believe The judge was very clear nor a bully, Todd Munter is a a ruffian deterrent for this level of violence but he had to send him to jail as a Because of his back pain, sentence in the jail hospital Munter will serve much of his next April. and will be eligible for parole Evan Batten, Ten News. of crosses and bibles A decision to strip a hospital chapel as political correctness gone mad. has been described Chapel officials say welcoming for all faiths, they were trying to make the space their most faithful. but have ended up infuriating

an unholy row has erupted. In the shadow of a hospital of its religious icons The chapel has been stripped of offending non-Christian visitors, for fear

but ended up insulting followers. as far as I'm concerned. It might be a shed in the backyard it's all been taken away - But there's just nothing here - is either a chapel or it isn't. and a chapel change during a recent hospital stay. The Mayor of Mosman discovered the How does it make you feel? I can't see a cross in sight. I can't believe it happened. I feel dreadful. crucifixes and candles are gone. Now the altar is bare and the and why can't we have our symbols? It is a place of worship process over three years. The hospital says it's been a gradual

by the chaplain's own department, It was initiated

but they didn't consult their flock. No doubt they now wish they had. they may well want to talk about It's something

of people's interest today. after the evidence system advice about that The best people to give the hospital

are chaplains. There's never been a complaint about the chapel's Christian origins.

In fact, Islamic groups say they're puzzled. We think it's quite absurd to strip down the fundamental aspects of any religious building, whether it be a mosque or a synagogue or a church. These are one of the few remaining signs of religion in the chapel, a palm from Palm Sunday, a significant date on the Christian calendar. But the Mayor's determined to change all of that, even if it means bringing his own crucifix. First he'll pray for common sense to prevail. Amber Muir, Ten News. Channel Ten's Rove McManus has become a wildlife warrior.

He's ventured to Queensland's Australia Zoo, where Steve Irwin's family has recognised the TV host for his conservation efforts. It's a side of Rove McManus the public doesn't often see. COMMERCIAL: Help Fauna and Flora International make the world a better place for animals like this. The Irwins have been on his show plenty of times. This morning Rove was on theirs, receiving a Wildlife Warrior award.

Terri's stronger than me. The Gold Logie-nominated funnyman has taken on the serious issue of conservation,

recently appointed vice-president of Flora and Fauna International. Myself and David Attenborough are the two vice-presidents. How awesome is that?

The annual VIP breakfast at Australia Zoo was attended by Bindi and Robert. She's nearly taller than me. The Irwins were again rallying support in their fight against bauxite mining on Cape York. Can you help me protect this gorgeous reserve? But the focus was awarding wildlife warriors Rove and zoo conservation manager Giles Clark. Between his television commitments Rove has spent the past 12 months travelling around the world visiting FFI's projects in many countries. They do some amazing things with regards conservation, not just with local wildlife and areas but with the local people. He'll be hoping to carry some of that winning fortune

on to the Logies next month. Don't sell that to the women's magazines! Emma Dallimore, Ten News. It's almost that time of year again when the ludicrous costumes and questionable tunes come out for the Eurovision Song Contest. But this time it'll have an Australian touch. To some it is the daggiest competition in the world, but to the hundreds of millions of devoted followers, the Eurovision Song Contest is one of the great events of the air. (SINGS) # You're my lover, undercover, # You're my secret passion in life # There is no other. # Australia can't enter as a country, but this year we have somebody to barrack for -

Greece. Because the Greek entry - 'This Is Our Night' - was written by two local lads - Craig Porteils and Cameron Giles-Webb. We take ourselves so seriously sometimes with music that it's really good just to do something fun. # This is our night. # Flying to the top, baby. # Yes we can do it Just wait and see. # Power Eurovision pop is very uplifting, positive - it's all about going forward. Cameron is a top advertising composer while Craig has worked as a producer for everyone from Cher to Guns N' Roses.

The switch from writing lyrics for a Greek singer they are yet to meet is quite a leap. I was going to say a bit more tamer, but I don't know - maybe those Greeks will go off. Probably drink a bit more ouzo on this trip than that Jack Daniels. The Eurovision Song contest semifinals start on May 15. Angela Bishop, Ten News. After the break - pirates of the Indian Ocean - WOMAN: Can we stop and ask someone? No, we don't need to stop and ask someone. Just keep going straight. I think we should've gone back there. Back there? Have you even got the map up on there? I'm trying. To my right or my left? Left. I'm telling you where to go. Tell you where to go. Is your phone working? Yeah. It's working? No. It's not working. Use my phone. RECORDED VOICE: (ON PHONE) You're going in the wrong direction. Please turn around. Oh! It was back there. How come your phone does that? If your mobile can't get info quickly enough, try the network that works better in more places, Telstra Next G. This program is captioned live. Arsonists are believed to be responsible for an inferno that destroyed a church hall in Melbourne. Fierce flames engulfed the hall at St Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church last night. Locals shocked the fire may have been deliberately lit. I don't know why anyone would want to burn the church down. Valuable antiques and a 100-year-old painting were destroyed. Fire fighters managed to spare adjoining properties damaged by the radiant heat. The damage bill is estimated at more than $1 million. The US navy has been called in to end a pirate hostage stand-off in Africa. An American skipper has been kidnapped and is being held in a lifeboat by gunmen. Loaded with food, the 'Maersk Alabama' was on its way to Kenya when heavily-armed Somali pirates scrambled on board and seized the ship, taking 21 Americans hostage. The crew - armed only with fire hoses - managed to fight back, but they couldn't stop the bandits kidnapping their captain. Captain James Phillips was spotted in the lifeboat with his captors a short time later by a US surveillance plane, but it took the closest US navy warship several hours to reach the area. I will feel actually a lot better when I actually hear my husband's voice on the phone and that he tells me he's OK. The 'Alabama' was 480km off the east coast of Somalia when it became the latest victim of the escalating danger facing all vessels in the region.

50 ships have been attacked by pirates around the Horn of Africa so far this year, six at least in the past week. They use grappling hooks and they come on board.

They just get on and they're carrying - Sometimes they'll shoot on the vessels as they go, with RPGs or with machine-guns. Last year alone shipping companies handed over more than $100 million in ransom payments. We think the world must come together to end the scourge of piracy. The US has increased surveillance in the area

but pirates remain in control.

The crisis in Zimbabwe has worsened with more white farmers coming under attack, threatening the struggling nation's food supplies. It appears most of the violence is being caused by thugs governing political party. from the country's bring violence? Is this what you're trying to do,

are still weeping. Zimbabwe's old sores not for white. This Zimbabwe's for black people, of scenes, That kind of talk, these kind to history, were meant to be consigned reconciliation, a new government bringing just last week, but this footage was filmed was invaded by a gang when Kevin du Boyle's farm a Zanu PF official, working for this man,

be handed over. who has demanded the property from his workforce, Despite strong support his whole life on the farm, Kevin, who's spent was forced out. He's now living in a safe-house. another guy with a big club, One guy with a pipe, with a home-made mallet - another guy the gate with, a metal mallet. that's what they smashed it was very, very hostile, And, yeah, as you can appreciate, in anybody's eyes. very threatening, very scary,

And it's not an isolated story - on a neighbouring farm, had been called. a family crisis meeting both in their 70s, Ben Frief's in-laws,

last year, were badly beaten on their farm came back last weekend the invaders for an ex-government minister. and claimed the property on the farmhouse. Ben decided to go and check we went with him. Under cover of darkness, to the edge of the premises, We could only take our vehicles we'd have to walk the rest, but we didn't make it. from our car, We were ambushed half a mile could only pick up the sound. in the chaos, our camera but only just. Well, we made it out, a barricade up across the road, The farm invaders had put we crossed that, premises no sooner were we on the farm than a group of them were on it.

at us out of catapults. We ran, they started firing rocks it felled me - One of them hit me, I was going full speed. and my elbow, and my knee as well. I've cut my hands open, But I'll be fine. though, For the people who own the farm,

I think this is just the beginning. we were shown how lucky we'd been. The following morning, Cenos, one of the farmhands,

in a separate incident. had been caught by the gang fracturing his skull. They beat him with an iron bar, the police, The farmers have contacted

any help. but say they've been denied These high up people in Zanu PF, and they destroy. who just come and they take to see lives' works just destroyed, And it's just heartbreaking in the click of a finger. well beyond Zimbabwe's farmyards, This conflict has spilled it's prompted a political fight the new unity government. which could fracture of a few families, This is not just about the future at stake. there's far more than that Martin Geissler, Ten News. on a postiive note - The market ended the week stocks up almost 1.5% to CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. For the details, let's cross has left the door open And Tom, a jump in unemployment for another rate cut in May?

The employment numbers did unsettle

economists today because there is a

sense that we are entering a period

where the employment market could

weaken quickly. The discussion will weaken quickly. The discussion will

now be less about the next rate cut

and more about we're interest rates

will end up. The stock market was

seemingly unfazed, however, and was seemingly unfazed, however, and was

instead more happy to focus on

positive events abroad. The United

States said that insurance

companies could asked for bail out

money. There was also better-than-

expected news including record

career -- car sales in China -

evidence that the stimulus package

is working. Japan also had good

machinery numbers and the

Government announced a bail out

package. We are down by 1.5% for

the week. The big challenge will be

next week because the big United

States financial institutions will

report their proper numbers. We'll

have a better understanding next

week. Thanks, Tom.

more than 1% at the closing bell. The All Ordinaries was up of the big banks, up almost 2%. The ANZ was the best Telstra lost more than 2%.

And the gold diggers suffered. all but dried up With big banker bonuses are turning to pawn - any former high flyers selling their bling, one London business booming. while keeping two entrepreneurs got going. When the going got tough in the City, the Square Mile's first pawnbrokers, Enter Michael and Nicholas, in bankers' bling. who saw a business opportunity It is all original. This is definitely original. Something like that would retail for I imagine ?18,000. It's platinum, yeah. have gone into their new company, Their life savings clear the business plan is working. and five weeks after launch it is bonus booty as the bonuses run out. Bankers have been pawning their of the High Street pawnbroker. These are not the typical wares either. These are not typical customers big cufflinks, Big City boys, big watches, your finger on them. sharp suits you could cut in the heart of the city, In his small office Michael says he believes when others lack courage. the time to be brave is the time to do, really. It seems like quite a brave thing To open up,

capital of the world, right in the middle of the financial really. I suppose, you could call it, financial services We are offering an alternative to the workers of the banks. Their alternative service means and lending money against them. valuing the pawned items their old-fashioned trading business So far, is turning in old-fashioned profits. that the bonuses are drying up. I think it shows It shows that, I think, have gone the good times they have had that they have gained from that, and the luxury goods to see them through the bad times. they are now using a new winner in the pawnbroker. Luxury items - the Square Mile has This time it is not the bankers who are making a profit from the spoils. Penny Marshall, Ten News, in the City.

Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwen. There were no hot pies at the MCG tonight? Collingwood Magpies have been beaten by Geelong - all the highlights from the MCG are next. Also tonight, racing's first lady hopeul of her first AJC Derby. The Boston Celtics just get over the nets and Houston has a problem. Table for two? Just down here, please, thank you. Table five! Oui. When it's 2x Ultra... ..a little means a lot. Oooh! Like new Cold Power 2x Ultra. Because it's ultra concentrated, you only need half as much for the same great results. New Cold Power 2x Ultra. This program is captioned live. Geelong has continued its unbeaten start to the season with a tough win over Collingwood at the MCG. The Cats trailed early but burst into life with a brilliant second quarter barrage. The Magpies ran out with a very young side. But after a bit of early biffo, they began with a flurry. Didak, open goal. What a start. Gary Ablett dropped a sitter, yet apologised on the way down. The Brownlow favourite making up for it in style. It's a good kick, just as good. Steve Johnson told Harry O'Brien to cut out the cheek,

while up the other end, Collingwood kicked away. The Magpies by 20 points at the first change. But midfielder Ben Johnson's night was already over. It was a sign of things to come, Geelong dominating the second quarter. Wojcinski's a hard man to catch - hurts ya. The Cats were helped when Heath Shaw found trouble. Whistle blows - you touched me and 50 metres. Paul Chapman kicked the goal, and it started an onslaught, Geelong piling on eight goals to none. The Cats racing to a 27-point half-time lead. Chapman who's been superb! What an avalanche.

The Magpies weren't the only ones nose diving in the third quarter. Steve Johnson hitting the deck, but recovering the snap - a team lifting goal. Collingwood stayed in touch,

Leigh Brown keeping the game alive at the last change. Geelong not to be denied in the last term. Cameron Mooney finishing the contest. Lurks behind, it's all over. Adam McNichol for Sports Tonight.

The AFL wanted action to be taken after the rooster-gate scandal and it's got it. North Melbourne has fined alleged ring-leaders Adam Simpson and Daniel Pratt. A $5,000 fine for two of its leaders. But for all the heat, the Kangaroos, and in particular Adam Simpson and Daniel Pratt, have copped, their coach was quick to defend them.

The boys know and certainly

understand what they have done. But

believe me they are good people and

I think that used in the middle of

what we have to understand here. After continued questioning from the media pack

re: the rooster gate scandal, it got too much to handle for the Kangaroos coach, almost putting an end to the press conference. what we have to understand here. We

will continue if we want to talk

about the game on the weekend. We

have got a game on the weekend,

believe it or North Melbourne's dramas have taken glare of the football public away from Adelaide's Nathan Bock. The all-Australian defender was stood down indefinitely for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend last weekend. But he was back on the track today as his side prepares for its Easter Sunday clash with Fremantle.

You can probably imagine the mental

trauma and stress that he has been

through and it last few days. Most

people would say, that is the price

you pay, he accepts that. At Richmond, the honorable loss is out the window - sort of. A winless start to the season but vice-captain Nathan Foley says there are positives in getting so close to the Cats at the weekend.

We were right in it at the last

quarter and let it slip so we have

to look at that but at the same

time there was a few stages during

the third quarter where we played

some really good football. They play the Bulldogs on Monday and among the ins for the Tigers, Mark Coughlan the luckless midfielder in a squad of 25 after blistering form in the VFL. some really good football. He had a

great game on the weekend, over 40 touches. At Carlton, Nick Stevens returns. The vice-captain back after serving two separate suspensions. It further bolsters the top-of-the-table Blues for their clash with arch-rival Essendon. The AFL wanted action to be taken after the rooster-gate scandal and it's got it. North Melbourne has fined alleged ring-leaders Adam Simpson and Daniel Pratt. Well, thats the big question, Brad. His manager will spend the next few weeks trying to find the 27-year-old a new club in the NRL but the mostly likely scenario is a move to England. Meanwhile, Round 5 could just give us an insight into who dons the 7 jersey for both NSW and Queensland in this year's Origin series. This is the most celebrating the Cowboys have done in a while. They've won just 1 from 4 this season and now face an in-form Titans outfit,

complete with halfback Scott Prince. Now they got him back they'll be 10 foot tall and bullet proof so hopefully we can turn things around. Prince's return looms as an early Origin audition with incumbent Queensland half Jonathan Thurston a player not quite at his best. But he has the full backing of his coach, who also doubles as the Maroons assistant. Mals made no secret of the fact he likes to pick players on form, also some of the Queensland selectors have been loyal

to those who've dont the job and JT's done the job for 3 seasons now. It's an Origin face off south of the border too with the Broncos' Peter Wallace up against Roosters half Mitchell Pierce. The home side's skipper though is more concerned the NRL's crackdown on taking out the kicker could lead to penalty milking theatrics. It's a bit of a grey area, that's the thing. Players can stay down and they'll probably get a penalty. You don't want to get to that stage. Willy Mason and Nate Myles are back after serving last weekend's booze ban and the Roosters can do with all the artillery they can get. They've lost their last 6 games against the Broncos at the SFS. come to Suncorp. It's a bit like when the Dragons

We like playing there so the record don't mean too much.

They're there to be broken, hope it's not tomorrow night!

And Brad the West Tigers are on the look out for a new CEO after Scott Longmuir announced his resignation at tonight's board meeting. Brumbies forward Shawn MacKay will be farewelled at a funeral service in Sydney on Wednesday. The team will honour MacKay with a minute's applause before kick off but say victory against the Stormers will be the best way to pay their respects.

At you would have wanted us to win

the game and we are going to go

there and up to that for him. Also Saturday, the Waratahs take on the Bulls in Sydney. At 23, hooker Tatafu Polota-Nau is in line to become the youngest ever player to make 50 Super Rugby appearances.

Greg Norman's in good form heading into tomorrow's US Masters, hitting a hole in one at the traditional par-3 event. And the Shark says it's all due to his good luck charm - His wife Chris Evert was his caddy. The traditional preview event to the Masters was a family affair at Augusta. COMMENTATOR: Oh! Oh, no! Nine par-3 holes, the last green often left to the kids. Watch some of the putting strokes of these kids!

The tee also supplied plenty of entertainment, Greg Norman giving wife Chris Evert his caddy duties for the day, and it paid off on the sixth.

That's only the third hole in one in the history of... Veteran Gary Player was also in the action. He went into the water on his first attempt at the ninth, his second shot much better. Yes! The 73-year-will retire after a record 52nd appearance at Augusta.

He played alongside 6-time Masters winner Jack Nicklaus, the Golden Bear showing he still has it. Yeah!

Nick Faldo showed how to read the greens. A little curling?! Australia's Aaron Baddely is hoping he's picked up enough local knowledge in four Masters attempts. Just knowing the greens - knowing where to put the ball on the greens. That's the biggest thing. You can be on the green 10 feet but which side of the hole do you need to be on? Australian Open winner Tim Clark finished with an ace on the ninth to sit at 5-under 22 and take out the event - albeit reluctantly. No Par 3 Contest winner has ever gone on to claim the Masters in the same year. Finish with a 1! Victoria Murphy for Sports Tonight. And you can catch all the action from the Masters on ONE, the first round live from 6:00am tomorrow morning. Gai Waterhouse is confident her 3-year-old gelding Rock Kingdom can deliver an elusive AJC Australian Derby on Saturday. The leading Sydney trainer has won every other major race at Randwick,

including six Doncasters and four Epsoms. But so far the $1.6 million derby has eluded her. All I can say is Rock Kingdom looks the picture - you can see your face in his coat. He's very happy, he's working and racing very consistently. Waterhouse will also saddle up Gamble Me

in the $350,000 Group 1 Galaxy. In the European Champions League quarterfinals, Fernando Torres fired Liverpool in front after only six minutes, but Chelsea responded in style - Branislav Ivanovic heading goals either side of the interval before Didier Drogba sealed the Blues a 3-1 win. Elsewhere Thierry Henry helped double champions Barcelona to a 4-0 mauling of Bayern Munich to virtually seal them a semifinals spot. A stunning performance from Barclona leaving Bayern Munich all but out of the competition. Liverpool needing a miracle to progress after the thumping from Chelsea. Major League and Chicago made light work of Houston this morning. Back-to-back 4-run innings to start the match setting up a comprehensive 11-6 win. Mike Fontenot the hero with a 3-run homer in the second.

Consecutive home runs looked to have the Oilers back in the game

but the Cubs were too good - it's their first opening series win in six years.

And there's no shortage of Major League action this season on ONE. Catch all the action from the Angels and the Athletics tomorrow

from 3pm eastern. Check your local guides. NBA and the Boston Celtics held off a strong challenge from lowly New Jersey this morning. 33 points and 12 rebounds from Vince Carter ensuring the Nets would challenge right to the end but the Celtics' teamwork proved too much to handle.

Vince Carter had this right at the buzzer to send the game to overtime but it was no good. Final score Boston 106, New Jersey 104. In today's other games, the Cavs held on to their place at the top of the central division.

Big wins for the Pacers, Mavericks and Nuggets,

while the Suns closed out a high scoring day in the NBA.

And there's two games of NBA on Good Friday - firstly the Bulls take on the Sixers in Chicago meet in LA. before the Lakers and the Nuggets All the action on ONE from 10:00am eastern. Australian surfers top the standings in both the men and women's world tours

and the future of the sport is also in good hands. The Aussie juniors have just wrapped up a 5th team gold medal at the world titles in Equador - a victory sealed by new under-18 world champ Dean Bowen. They may be the grommets of Australian surfing, but they still pull a crowd. Yeah, Deano, Yeah, Dean! 17-year-old Dean Bowen soaking up the applause after recording the biggest victory in his blossoming career - being crowned the ISA World Junior champion.

To bring home gold is amazing, see everyone here, all my friends, is so good. Bowen did it the hard way in Equador, an opening heat loss

forcing him to battle through seven elimination rounds, and with Australia sitting in sixth place in the overall standings, only a win in the final would deliver team and individual glory. The Hawaiian kid got fourth, which meant if I won, Australia got gold. I did that so it was an amazing feeling and everyone on the beach was as happy as me. I know my coach shed a tear so it was great. Bowen now heads to Tahiti to contest the trials event for the upcoming Billabong Pro. And he's been busy getting conditioned for the big stuff.

Earlier this month he was nominated for the Wipe Out Of The Year

in the Double XXL Big wave awards. I definitely think it's the biggest wipe out,

biggest one I've had. Just lucky I wasn't in too bad a spot and there wasn't any set after it, but, yeah, it was a pretty big one. And if you're on the nominee's list for surfing's take on the Oscars why not act like a superstar. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. (Sighs) Oh! Excuse me. Play of the Day time now and how can we go past the Shark's ace at Augusta. Sure it was only a par three tournament but we don't care. Norman says having his wife Chris Evert as his caddy was his lucky charm.

Tim Clark also bagged a hole in one to win the tournament but its the Shark who gets our Play of the Day. The weather - A parrot has appeared in court in Florida in one of the world's most bizarre custody battles. Tequila the grey parrot disappeared three years ago. who named him Lucky. He was found by a woman The original owner sued for custody. Now Lucky is Tequila again! I can't tell you, it's beyond... Birthday - it's my birthday! Unlike some parrots, Tequila doesn't talk so it's unclear what he thinks of the judge's ruling. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00. I'm Kathryn Robinson. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.