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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson Tonight - Kevin Rudd at Number 10, and climate change. tackling the credit crisis More bikie bloodshed - in Sydney another gang member gunned down is farewelled in Canberra. as another victim accidents, people trapped, Blackout chaos - in Sydney's power shutdown. even a former PM caught up

this year's Logies line-up. And the nominations are in - In Sports Tonight - Hi, I'm Brad McEwan. Grand Final rematch the fallout from a spiteful between Hawthorn and Geelong. Simon Taylor. It's not good news for Hawks ruckman

for breaking a club booze ban. Two very big Roosters suspended for Australia South Africa again too good in the Twenty20 game in Centurion. wins again And the wonderful Tiger Woods after a stunning finale in Florida.

The world is facing its biggest

challenge. Live from London is our

political correspondent. There is

no doubt that Kevin Read and Gordon

Brown are soulmates. They are both

Labor prime ministers. At Downing

Street for 90 minutes. They have

been talking to Barack Obama. Our

Prime Minister was their last week

and in his discussions with the US

President the three of them have

come to an agreement that they will

push the same line, the need for

stimulus, at the need for

regulatory reform. So this group

will try to bring the others 17

countries behind them. There seems

to be some resistance from Brazil

and Argentina. They are big

emerging economies. But the talking

and the phoning apparent it will

continue right up until Thursday

when the summit is held.

when the summit is held. We are hearing reports that an agreement

might not be reached at the G20?

There will be an agreement on a

number of things but will there be

substantial agreement. The sticking

point seems to be is there any need

for stimulus next year. I think

both the British and Australian

prime ministers are taking out some

political insurance. They are

political insurance. They are

stressing that 2.5 trillion dollars

off stimulus has been spent across

the G20 saving 2 million jobs so we

have already achieved something,

let's see how we go going forward. let's see how we go going forward.

They are trying to expectations in

the hope they can deliver more than

they are putting out there at the

and his moment. Let's talk about Kevin Rudd

and his China connection. He has

been very coy. I am mystified. The

criticism coming from the

opposition in Australia has made

him too cautious. Yesterday for example

example he was on the set of a BBC

TV show and his staff asked that he

be able to sit next to David

Miliband, the British Foreign Secretary and Miliband, the British Foreign

Secretary and not sit next to the

Chinese ambassador. It looked a bit

schoolboyish. Today, Kevin Rudd

said he was unapologetic for his

means jobs in Australia. relationship with China because it

Kevin Rudd's popularity has surged to 74%. with his approval rating rising to the Government's cash handouts The Opposition puts it down the PM's appeal. while some voters can't quite explain There's something about Kevin - to new heights. and it's propelling his popularity what that something is. But the voters aren't quite sure Oh, I think he's young and sort of with it a bit. doing the job, I guess I got no idea, he just seems to be the Prime Minister's approval rating The latest Nielsen Poll puts

at a near-record 74%. he never seems to be in Australia. I'm a bit surprised because still rankles with some, The PM's latest overseas trip with his jet-setting ways. but others don't have a problem He seems to be a world leader nearly on the world stage. with the comments he's making for the Opposition Leader, Back home, where the polls are dire of simply buying votes. the PM has been accused of Australians may be very popular Handing out $900 to millions

but it is also bad policy. at the moment, Maybe the bonus he's giving out maybe some people might like that. the economic stimulus strategy. But not all Australians agree with for the government for Australia? Do you think he's done a lot Not yet, no. is this package The main thing he has done, I think, that's the wrong way to go. and I think going out next week. The $900 tax bonuses are due to start in the High Court But a challenge to the payments

on constitutional grounds of uncertainty in Canberra. has created a great deal resolved within the next few days The Tax Office wants the matter into bank accounts and mail boxes. so it can get the money There are other ways of doing it. to the court today In fact, I think I said has approached it is the hard way. the way in which the Commonwealth Murray McCloskey, Ten News. in Sydney tonight. A massive blackout has caused mayhem

It trapped people in buildings brought to a standstill and saw major roads for two hours. has the latest. Ten Reporter James Boyce at the opera house Kath, the performers

That happened right on the edge of

peak hour at 4:45pm. The lights

first went out causing mayhem

across those street including the

harbour tunnel and eastern

distributor which had to be shut

down because of the Power failure.

At this stage energy Australia says

that what happened was that the

simple Power cut to one of its

simple Power cut to one of its

major lines caused another three

cables to shut down. This was a

highly unusual disruption because

it affected not just our normal

supply but also our back-up so our

priority was to identify where the

fault was so we could restore

supply. Many people were trying to

leave the office blocks and head of

homes are some people did get

trapped in the lifts of the office

blocks in the CBD.

blocks in the CBD. It took a good

couple of hours for them to be able

to get out. For the State

Government in NSW, they say that

this was a fantastic show case of

how well their emergency responses

have worked. Very unusual Power

fault but something that was dealt

with well by the emergency plans in

place. Energy Australia are still

investigating how all of this

investigating how all of this

happened that they say there will

been no more Power blackouts overnight or tomorrow. an apartment tower, A gas explosion has ripped open leaving two men badly hurt onto a major shopping centre. and showering debris was destroyed, The penthouse on the 29th floor forcing more than 1,000 shoppers to be evacuated.

Two plumbers suffered serious burns in the blast. Residents have been forced to sleep elsewhere tonight

as there are concerns about the building's structural safety.

Sydney's bikie war has exploded again, with the shooting of a Hells Angel member outside his home. The victim is the brother of the man bashed to death at Sydney airport last week. Already coping with the loss of one son, a mother learns another has been gunned down.

Hell's Angel Peter Zervas was shot repeatedly in his car as he pulled into his Sydney driveway late last night. Bang, bang, bang, bang, six times. Six shots. Still conscious, Zervas was heard groaning in the ambulance

as paramedics radioed ahead. Coming to you from the Lakemba area with gunshot wounds to his chest, abdomen and arm

Amid fears of more violence, police surrounded the hospital,

where Zervas remains in a serious but stable condition. It is an extraordinary level of violence for someone to be shot in their driveway, in their car, yes. Just last week he was at Sydney airport where his brother Anthony Zervas was bashed to death. Meantime in Canberra, hundreds of Rebels bikies have turned out to farewell Richard Roberts, who was shot dead last week.

Amid fears of gang violence spreading, the Queensland government has announced they'll follow New South Wales's and South Australia's lead in adopting harsh anti-bikie laws. At this stage there is nothing to indicate that what we're seeing in NSW is about to spill over our border but these laws are about getting ahead of the problem. Summer Burke, Ten News. Commonwealth gold medalist Simon Cowley

has denied provoking fellow swimmer Nick D'arcy into a vicious assault but admits he can't remember the attack. Cowley, who has been left with titanium plates

holding his face together, also doubts D'Arcy's apology. I definitely did nothing to deserve what Nick D'Arcy did to me. D'arcy, who admits he has a problem with binge drinking, was thrown out of the Olympic swimming team

and got a 14-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to the attack. Today's apology was the best that I could do to rectify the situation. Cowley is considering civil action.

After the break, a dramatic change to the death toll from Victoria's firestorm. And Madonna hits back over her latest adoption mission. Can you understand people's reservations about it, seriously? No, it's none of their business.

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This program is captioned live. Two childcare workers have pleaded guilty to assaulting a 4-year-old boy. The mother and daughter admitted they threatened to cut off the boy's genitals while holding a knife in front of his face because he was misbehaving. The pair said they wanted to scare or shock the boy but accepted their actions were inappropriate.

The women each received a 9-month suspended sentence in a court in Perth. Identification difficulties have led to a reduction in the death toll from Victoria's Black Saturday blazes, revised from 210 to 173. It comes as the decimated town of Marysville was finally reopened to the public. Seven weeks after the deadly blazes, finally some good news of sorts.

The death toll from the bushfires on Black Saturday has reduced from 210 to 173. The revised figure comes after extensive scientific testing

of the remains gathered from the various fire zones. We knew at some stage remains would be identified as not being human and there's always the opportunity to say when you've got a number of pieces of remains,

potentially that could be of one person.

The toll reprieve comes as the last Victorian town destroyed in last month's blazes reopened to the public,

visitors allowed to return to Marysville. I just came up here to patronise the town and perhaps have something to eat at the Bakehouse. As soon as we can we'll be open for business and hopefully bring in people to see what we've been through. The presence of tourists, though, a touchy subject with some locals.

There'll be looters and gawkers and people who couldn't care less, people who just want to gawk. Most people have been generous and kind but you'll always get an element in a disaster like this. In the meantime, those devastated by the disaster continue to sift through what's left of their lives. We've got 12 out of 13 medals because we had people up with metal detectors,

but that's it, there's nothing else. Allan Raskall, Ten News. Given last week's gains on the stock market, this week was always going to be a challenge. For the details, Tom Piotrowski at CommSec.

The market ran into head winds from the outset after Wall Street

the outset after Wall Street fell

by more than 2% on Friday night. We

also saw some falls on regional

trade. In Tokyo, the Nikkei fell.

Factory output in February it fell

by 9.5 %. It is now down by more

than the 38 %. Probably the main

than the 38 %. Probably the main

problem for the local market has

been its recent strength because

since 10th March, be a SX 200 has

risen by 20 % so there has been

little incentive for buyers to be

aggressive today. The main reason

the markets fell was because of

energy stocks. Mining stocks were

not much better because metals

prices fell quite steeply over the course of the

course of the last couple of days.

There was a conspicuous stand out

which was Rio Tinto. Elsewhere

there was a decent improvement from

the buildings materials makers. Let's check the market numbers in detail now.

The ANZ was worst of the big banks and gold and oil stocks were among the losers. It's taken 20 years, but 'Neighbours' star Ian Smith has finally scored a Logie nomination - and a big one at that. The veteran is up against the best in the business

in the race for this year's gold. There were some pretty predictable faces among this year's Gold Logie nominees. Then there was this face - Ian Smith, the man behind 'Neighbours' favourite dag, Harold Bishop. It's at the end of the career, it's a wonderful sort of final pat on the back, go any further than this - and it doesn't matter if it doesn't

it's great. Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Fellow Gold nominee knows where her vote will be going. I really want Ian to win it as well! vote for me, vote for me! I shouldn't say that - vote for me,

industry veteran - Rebecca Gibney. But he's up against another It used to be then "My Dad likes you," "My boyfriend likes you," and now it's "My Nanna loves you." 'Packed to the Rafters' and 'Rush' 'Underbelly', were among the top drama nominations, who passed away last year, while 'All Saints' Mark Priestly,

was nominated for a Silver Logie. and 'Before the Game' 'Sports Tonight' for Most Popular Sports Programme. will fight the Footy Shows will see a battle The Most Popular Reality category between the 'Biggest Loser', 'Australian Idol' and 'So You Think You Can Dance', judge Matt Lee a Best New Talent nominee. Being dancers at the Logies, you enter through the kitchen, you get changed in the kitchen, you go back to the kitchen, you eat some leftovers, and you go home. But now they walk the red carpet, and now I've been nominated,

it's crazy. There's been lots of talk about cutting costs at this year's Logies of one thing being cut - but today confirmation the show's length, for an acceptance speech unless they have to make room

Most Popular Lifestyle Show nominee. from this Congratulations to everybody! My God! Congratulations to us! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! at Melbourne's Crown Casino on May 3. Gretel Killeen will host the Logies

Angela Bishop, Ten News.

into another adoption controversy. Madonna has flown back to Africa and A few hours ago, after lodging adoption papers. the 50-year-old left court Earlier, with daughter Lourdes, from reporters. she fended off questions Malawi, Madonna? How does it feel to be back in Amazing. again, Madonna? Can you tell us why you're adopting No. Can you understand people's reservations about it, seriously? No. It's none of their business.

The child, known as Mercy, is four years old. A court will make its ruling on Friday. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. Bad news for a big Hawk? Ruckman Simon Taylor has been suspended for kneeing.

He's not the only ruckman who's been rubbed out.

Details next. Also tonight, the hot angry Pies cool down. The Sea Eagles take on the Panthers. And the Hornets sting the Spurs.


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Good evening and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

It's getting harder and harder for Manly to argue it's not suffering from an NRL Premiership hangover. The Sea Eagles still without a win this season

after losing to Penrith tonight. Adding to their woes,

a knee injury. centre Jamie Lyon has suffered to repeat itself. Manly was looking for history came in Round 3. Its first win last year against the Panthers. And early signs looked good but the Eagles drew first blood. It took 20 minutes and their defense was rock solid Manly continued to play it cool

in the second half, As the heavens opened Penrith thought they'd crossed early. found an obstruction. But the video referee of their own, Manly suffered a setback

with a medial ligament strain. Jamie Lyon leaving the field didn't let the rain slow him down. Adam Cuthbutson

But with 56 minutes gone, finally got on the board. the Panthers

Manly tired and Penrith took full advantage.

But it wasn't over - Manly found the energy for one more try.

But Orford couldn't convert, leaving Des Hasler to ponder the Eagles' third straight loss of the season. Matt Suleau for Sports Tonight.

We'll get out of it. It's just a frustrating tough period. We will get out of it. It wasn't the greatest advertisement for how we want to play and what we're capable of doing

and the commitment and spirit but if you can't see the courage have got for each other that these guys then someone will notice it soon. from more off-field controversies. The NRL is reeling

a fight The Bulldogs are investigating between two of their rising stars, his licence for drink driving a Gold Coast player has lost and alcohol has also played a part

two big names to reserve grade. in the Roosters dropping

on a Sunday afternoon. It was a few beers for the Roosters' liking. But a few too many Players Nate, Myles and Willie Mason for selection this week. have deemed themselves ineligible grade for a week. Both have been dumped to reserve On a bad day for the NRL, young Gold Coast centre Ben Jeffery was fined and had his licence suspended for drink driving.

And the Bulldogs began an investigation into an alleged pub fight between teammates Jamal Idris and Ben Barba. At least Israel Folau was shaping up for all the right reasons. But even he has reason to gripe. A Warriors fan threw a bottle at him after he scored a try on Saturday night.

It just nicked my head. Lucky it didn't hit me clean or otherwise i would have got a few stitches there. Trent Barrett is lucky too. with a neck injury. After being stretchered off and then it was my arm. Well, me neck just cracked really I just lost feeling in my arm. scans of the injury Medical staff looked over at this morning's recovery session. CT scan and MRI were both clear or any bone or ligament injury. which ruled out any disc problems Barrett wants to play this weekend.

won't be. Titans captain Scott Prince so we won't name him this week. It's probably a minumum 2-week injury showed off the wristband he wears And Souths hooker Issac Luke Sonny Fai. in memory of missing Warrior a post-try tribute Yesterday he offered junior Kiwis with him, All us boys that played we're gonna raise it for him. Souths play the Warriors on Sunday. Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight.

Thanks, Brad and good evening. It is always a tough time at a club when the flu does the rounds,

but it does make everyone a little nervous. It first came to light when Chris Judd had to pull out of Ten's new footy show. Brett Ratten jumped in the breach and afterwards hosed down any speculation Judd was going to miss Round 2.

The big thing was he got the flu so

early, he got it on the weekend on

early, he got it on the weekend on

Saturday so bite tomorrow he will

be right to get up and get running

around again so thank goodness we played the nine days. And after such a boom start, At the match review panel, copped a 3-match ban Hawthorn ruckman Simon Taylor for the serious charge of kneeing. You're reported, OK? was charged with rough conduct Port Adelaide ruckman Dean Brogan not captured on camera. against Essendon's Andrew Lovett, with a guilty plea. That will be one game has been cleared of a double punch In other incidents, Andrew Mackie

on Brent Renouf. not deemed forceful enough. Max Rooke's report tossed out,

he's in the clear. And the same for Luke Hodge - for his strike on Hodge. Steve Johnson with a reprimand has copped a reprimand Carlton's Kade Simpson for a front on contact report. His team-mate Cameron Cloke with no case to answer for this Ben Cousins bump. North Melbourne's Drew Petrie also cleared for this whack. Oh! That's way high.

Brisbane's Josh Drummond cleared for a high bump on Ash Hansen. from lodging an official complaint about the umpiring, after its 4-point loss to Adelaide on Saturday. They were angry immediately post-match, only received four more free kicks, despite the fact the Crows 18 to 14. I heard Geoff Walsh.

I heard him say he was pretty much

am not aware of satisfied with that the game so I satisfied with that the game so I

am not aware of any criticism as such. And Brad, before I go, the Gold Coast is one step closer the speculation continues that to a 17th AFL licence, with a deal being brokered today who controls Carrara Stadium. regarding

It's hoped Brumbies backrower Shawn Mackay will be woken

from a medically induced coma in Durban early tomorrow, after being hit by an armoured car.

His parents and girlfriend are on their way to South Africa to be by his bedside. The team has decided to remain in Durban. They've really appreciated the support, everyone is helping out and we're just hoping for some good news during the week. The 26-year-old suffered multiple injuries including a broken neck and a compound fracture of his leg in the accident, following the side's loss to the Sharks. Socceroos striker Scott McDonald says he'd give his right arm to score the match winner for Australia in Wednesday night's World Cup qualifier against Uzbekistan. The prolific Scottish League goalscorer

is yet to find the back of the net for the Socceroos and he's hoping a starting role will help break his duck. You don't like sitting on the bench

but you have to just wait for your moment if that's the case. McDonald has scored 38 times for his club side, Celtic. Tiger Woods is back winning again. In only his third tournament after an eight month injury lay off, Woods has won the Arnold Palmer Invitational for the sixth time. After starting the day 5 shots behind overnight leader Sean O'Hair Tiger finally caught him at 15. The pressure getting to O'Hair at the very next hole when he found water from the middle of the fairway. Tiger happy to accept the invitation to take the lead on his own. COMMENTATOR: I think he knows what he's doing, guys.

But he didn't have O'Hair licked just yet, finding the bunker at 17 and a terrible lie. O'Hair kept his cool to ensure they walked to 18 locked at 4-under. The scenario at the last, oh so familiar to Tiger - a birdie to win. Get in the hole! A big win on the 72nd hole! The win, Tiger's 66th on the PGA tour

and sounding an ominous warning ahead of next week's US Masters. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Tiger Woods shooting a 3-under 67 on the final day for a memorable one shot win. Aussie John Senden also carded a 67 to finish equal 4th. Just a week out from the first womens major of the year, an emotional Karrie Webb has won her first tournament in the US

since 2006. Young South Korean Jiyai Shin held the overnight lead at the Phoenix International but 34-year-old Webb fired a 5-under closing round to beat her by two shots. A lot of hard work, sweat, a lot of tears

wondering until probably just a month ago whether I could do this again. Feels good. Webb's $327,000 winner's cheque taking her LPGA career prizemoney to over $20 million, second only to Annika Sorenstam. South Africa will take the momentum into this week's one day series after another Twenty20 win against Australia this morning.

Needing 157 to win, the Aussies fell 17 runs short as they struggled against the spin bowling of Proteas skipper, Johan Botha. It started with a blast. South African opener Herschelle Gibbs sending the ball out of the Centurion ground. His innings sweet, but short. His replacement, A.B de Villiers, scoreless. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a catch!

South Africa in trouble at 2/24, but Robin Peterson steadied things. He's got that. Really got it.

And Rooloff Van de Merwe really got the run rate moving.

Oh, he hasn't - yes, he has! Van de Merwe on the way to man of the match honours. Nathan Bracken carted for 23 runs from one over. Six more for him. The boundary and the Australian field given a solid workout as the home side tallied a competitive 156. A promising start in reply. Michael Clarke and David Warner getting Australia to 37 without loss. Has he got it all the way? Yes, he has. Wickets then fell in pairs. First, Warner then Ricky Ponting next over for just one.

It's the big fish too. And when Michael Clarke went for 27 his replacement Callum Ferguson found instant trouble. He could be gone first ball. He was. David Hussey offering some hope but the tourists ran out of firepower falling 17 runs short. The 5-day one-day series starts later this week. Leanne West, Ten News. A day after winning their Australian Formula One Grand Prix Brawn G.P has sacked a third of its workforce with 270 workers axed. Teams are on the way to Malaysia with some big repair jobs ahead of next weekend's second round. They moved out of pit lane first thing this morning after another bruising opening race of the year. Many teams will have a battle to be ready for opening practice

in Kuala Lumpur on Friday. It was a busy night of stewards hearings after the race. German Sebastian Vettel was fined $50,000 and hit with a 10-place grid penalty for next Sunday's race for causing the accident that took himself and Robert Kubica out, with three laps to go. And Italian Jarno Trulli was stripped of his third placing for passing under the yellow flag. That promoted defending world champ Lewis Hamilton to third position after starting from the rear of the field. Second-placed Rubens Barrichello escaped penalty

despite running into and ruining Mark Webber's race at the first turn. Aussie Marcos Ambrose managed to avoid plenty of biffo in round 6 of the NASCAR stock car season. After a top ten finish last weekend,

Ambrose, in the yellow number 47 Toyota, posted another top 15 finish. The former two time V8 Supercar champion finished 14th. He now sits 21st in the Nascar standings. Three time series champ Jimmie Johnson took the win. Sharelle McMahon has admitted there were times she thought a knee injury may prematurely end her career. The national Netball captain will make her comeback this weekend when her Melbourne Vixens launch their ANZ Championship campaign. It may look like friendly rivalry... ..but these ten club captains claim looks can be deceiving.

On the eve of the second trans-Tasman season, Sharelle McMahon raring to go. The Vixens co-captain admitting she's done it tough on the sidelines since undergoing knee surgery last year. I don't know if it necessarily threatened me but there were certainly thoughts running through my head how do I recover from this 'cause the nature of it was really unknown. McMahon will play her first competitive game in nine months when the Vixens host the West Coast Fever on Saturday afternoon. Four Victorians joined the Fever camp over summer - including new coach Jane Searle and former Vixen Jo Curran. There's a few of us over there so there could be a bit of argy bargy. It could start a good rivalry. There will definitely be a bit of feeling in this, for sure. Some of our team-mates have gone over to play for Fever and I would imagine they would want to prove a point. Last year's champions start their season against the Tactix next Monday night. The Swifts confident there will be no premiership hangover. There's no fear of it. Big things are expected from the Adelaide Thunderbirds. They open their campaign against the Firebirds in Brisbane on Sunday, desperate to improve on last year's third placing. Oh, two better. We wanna finish first and putting in plans so we have the goods to win. Kelli Underwood for Sports Tonight.

All the netball action can be seen right here on ONE, starting with a double header from 12:00pm Eastern on Saturday. It continues on Sunday with Queensland versus Adelaide. Monday evening, the Magic and Mystics fight it out from 5:00. And later, reigning champions the Swifts play the Tactix from 8:30. Western Conference heavyweights San Antonio have had a slip up on the road to New Orleans. Spurs centre Tim Duncan scored 19 points and Tony Parker had 20 but the man doing most of the damage was Hornets maestro Chris Paul. Kiwi Sean Marks ignited New Orleans in the third quarter and they held on, winning 90 to 86. This program is captioned live.

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and have you ever been told to go out and just throw the bat? We reckon that's what West Indies coach John Dyson said to Dwayne Bravo in this morning's one dayer against England, and Bravo did exactly what he was told. The big all-rounder held onto his bat for the rest of his innings to make 69. It wasn't enough to stop England winning the match to level the series with one game to play. It was however, enough to earn our Play of the Day. The weather - cloud over eastern New South Wales and southeast Queensland in strong easterly winds is bringing showers, some heavy. Cloud building over inland WA in a trough is starting to trigger thunderstorms. High cloud streaming over southern WA and Tasmania in jetstream winds is causing little, if any, rain. A trough will spread rain/showers from southeast Queensland down the NSW coast. A trough will bring cooler winds, showers and storms across southern WA and isolated storms for the interior. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00. I'm Kathryn Robinson, from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.