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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. blacked out Australia's largest city right on rush hour. It was a simple fault. But it caused chaos. could it happen again? This morning on Sunrise, from filling up. claims of health risks Are petrol fumes that dangerous? be able to adopt again? Plus, will Madonna who'll save the world. And the furry superheroes on the Tuesday edition of Sunrise. Take a look at 'G Force' # Reach up for the sunrise... # Kochie and Mel. VOICEOVER: Live from Brekky Central,

# You can touch the sunrise # Feel the new day enter your life # Reach up for the sunrise Thanks for joining us. Good morning. Also on the show, for rugby league. why there's even more embarrassment have been caught out Another round of players in the crackdown on alcohol. one of the game's legends. Shortly, the verdict from here's Nat. But now it is news time, Good morning.

Authorities are still in the dark a major power failure over what caused yesterday afternoon. across parts of Sydney in the CBD and eastern suburbs 70,000 homes and businesses were affected. went out More than 140 traffic lights during the afternoon peak, causing widespread chaos. to close the Harbour tunnel Police were also forced in case ventilation systems failed. It's the safety of the community is paramount that I have to make sure the tunnel was shut down and, as such, the decision was made, road diversions in place. and we started putting Power was cut for around two hours. it was an extremely rare event Energy Australia says supplies two major substations. caused by a fault in a cable which the structural damage Experts are assessing to a Sydney unit block massive gas explosion. after yesterday's of the Bondi Junction apartments Residents back into their homes are yet to be allowed

of the 29th floor. after the blast blew out the windows

A 20-year-old man critically injured a specialist burns unit overnight. has been transferred to in a stable condition in hospital. A 23-year-old man remains a hot-water system in the penthouse Workmen had been installing at the time of the explosion. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Gordon Brown say and his British counterpart will help rescue the world economy. they're confident the G20 Summit to discuss the summit, The two have met at Downing Street and closer security ties. as well as the war in Afghanistan

Mr Brown also praised our PM the global financial crisis. for his work to tackle

Kevin and I discussed the challenges

that the world economy is facing and

let me say he has been doing an

amazing job in the run-up to the G20

summit in chairing and the consensus

with the number of difficult issues

we have to deal with. on Thursday. The G20 Summit will take place have regained control Pakistani police of a police training academy taken over by armed militants and wounded dozens more. who killed at least 11 officers armed with rifles and grenades. Masked gunmen ambushed the building of the building in Lahore Police celebrated on the roof following the 8-hour long siege. and 3 arrested. 4 militants were killed

The attack comes less than a month Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore. after the attack on the overnight, World markets have been hammered finance news in five minutes. with Beretts. But now let's check sport Penrith has edged out premiers Manly

overnight in Sydney. to wrap up Round 3 of the NRL any great heights The match failed to reach for the Sea Eagles but did bring a new problem to light with a knee injury. with Jamie Lyon now in doubt firmly on the premiers The spotlight was focused

dismal start to the season around who set out to turn their against the 'mountain men'. and got away from Jennings. COMMENTATOR: One on one and smart attacking play paid off, 20 minutes in

the video ref okayed the grounding. across. Bailey will monster his way and Penrith turned up the heat. Up 6-0 on Michael Roberts. And that was a good hit

It spelled the end to Manly's flare to hold out the Panthers and instead forced them for seven straight sets. they keep coming at the Manly line. Tackle after tackle, little structure A lack of organisation, and poor ball handling headed to the break trailing 6-0. ensured the Panthers thanks to some easy field position They hit back in the second from Frank Pritchard. and a sensational cut-out pass A ball out the back. by sticking to the basics. Penrith continued their assault He dives from dummy half. Chris Bailey set up a tight finish, crossing with seven minutes to go.

Chris Bailey to the line! Matty Orford failed to equalise, of the season. handing Penrith their first win AFL boss Andrew Demetriou a few announcements this week is expected to make of a 17th licence but the official granting to the Gold Coast consortium won't be among them. Stadium ownership has been resolved to transfer the managment of Carrara with the local council agreeing to the Queensland Government. for the $40 million But the league is waiting from the Federal Governemnt for redeveloping the site. Ricky Ponting says not to hit the panic button. it's vital for his side opening one-day international Australia heads into Friday's against South Africa in Durban of three straight losses. on the back

there's enough time to regroup Ponting says been a big believer in momentum. and stressed he's never says Socceroos striker Scott McDonald doesn't take Uzbekistan lightly it's important his side heading into tomorrow night's World Cup qualifier in Sydney. smashing Qatar 4-0 at the weekend The visitors are fresh from they can salvage and need every point for a berth in South Africa. to remain in hunt

We are quite confident and they will

try to get it three points to make

it seven and they are back in the

race and it is a big game. It's the first time Harry Kewell and Tim Cahill will start together in front of their home crowd. A win almost guarantees Australia's spot at next year's World Cup finals.

We need to win just a 1-0 will do it

on Wednesday night and then a couple

days later we need bah Hayne and

Qatar to draw. What if we get 4-0?

Any Wayne will do it. Bahrain and

Qatar to draw. We still have three

games to go. This could be the

clincher with three games up our

sleeves. That is why all the big

guns are here. This is big stuff. I

love the figures of it. The science

behind it all. Who knew? You are

interested in their guns. Fifi is in

Melbourne, good morning to you. You

are at the museum. I am. Who is the

pony? Not any old pony, I am

standing with Phar Lap and I will

tell you more about Phar Lap. I am

at the Melbourne Museum.

at the Melbourne Museum. But right now let's look at today's forecast.

Onshore winds will help bring some rain and south-east Queensland. Thunderstorms are forecast across southern Western Australia. An easterly breeze will create a warm night for South Australia and northern Victoria. Showers in Brisbane.

Keep the brolly handy in Sydney too. Fog clearing in Melbourne. A fine day ahead for Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. A bit of drizzle around in Hobart. Canberra should be mostly dry.

Here at the Melbourne Museum, Mel

and Kochie, this is the Melbourne

story. If you want to know anything

about Melbourne, this is the place

to be. It doesn't come more

Melbourne than Phar Lap. This

Melbourne than Phar Lap. This is Phar Lap's body. His heart is in

Canberra and his bones in New

Zealand. I am not sure how

peacefully Phar Lap is resting at

the moment. There are pieces of him

everywhere. He would be stuffed. I knew his

knew his heart was elsewhere but I

didn't know his bones as well. Yes,

in New Zealand. He is here. Kids

don't need to know that

don't need to know that bit. Is Phar

Lap that we claimed as our own? Yes. Later this morning - the internet virus that's set to strike tomorrow. And we'll find out why Madonna has to wait for word on her latest adoption. Next up, though - we'll check the finance figures. Sunrise is back soon. To help toddlers learn wet from dry... ..Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants have a unique Wetness Liner that lets them feel when they're wet

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After a 23% increase, it is time for

a pullback. Volume pretty low as

well. Why? Because the Obama

registration has rejected the

restructuring plans for GM and

Chrysler. Saying "

Chrysler. Saying "Go away and come

back with a better deal. back with a better deal."

A lot of financials down. Resource

stocks wondering about the

negotiations of iron prices and ore prices. So what will our markets do today following Wall Street's tumble? Craig James joins us now from CommSec.

Craig, Obama being tough on the car

manufacturers. Talk they may have to

go into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

go into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. How does it affect the

economy? This the last thing they

want. We had a nice rally last week

but this creates fresh doubts about

the US economy. If GM goes into

bankruptcy it is how many jobs will

be lost and then the flow-on effect,

car part makers and it has 30 days

to link up. It is more uncertainty.

Pushing share markets down.

Interesting in terms of the future.

Our market down 70 or 80 points and

it is only down about 2%

it is only down about 2%. When you

consider the US down 4%

consider the US down 4%, we may hold

up alright. Bad news in the US and

good news here in Australia with

reasonable home sales in February?

Yes, US and Australia are chalk and

cheese. We have mini booms happening

in some areas. We are hearing

wonderful stories about first

homebuyers. Good for buyers but not

good for first hole buyers paying $ good for first hole buyers paying $20,000 or $

$20,000 or $30,000 more. The one

sticking point is we are not

building enough units and

apartments. This may be the area

that the Government has to look at

in the future. The rental market is

getting tighter and tighter. How

will Glenn Stevens and

will Glenn Stevens and the Reserve

Bank Board look at those figures? I

think the Reserve Bank is more

focused on what is happening

overseas than domestically. See you

overseas than domestically. See you tomorrow. Craig James from CommSec,

always talks sense. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has met British counterpart Gordon Brown in London. The talks have been held just days before the start of the G20 summit. But our PM just can't escape the controversy surrounding his links with China. Our chief political correspondent Mark Riley has more.

All smiles as Kevin Rudd is greeted

at 10 Downing Street but once inside

it is first shock and then amusement

as he explains why he asked to shift

seats at a BBC interview. He said it

wasn't to get away from the

ambassador but near his friend David Miliband. We are

Miliband. We are both on the set

together and it is not unusual to

park yourself. People should put

that in context. Mr Rudd says

that in context. Mr Rudd says he

wants to get close to China. The

more jobs created. I am in the hunt

for Australian jobs. His opponents

are hunting him for keeping two

meetings with Chinese ministers a

secret. Mark Riley. Notice the wide

shot and the floor crew are in suits

and ties. Boys? Boys, I think we

need to pick up our game here. I

want to show you a quick shot of our

floor manager. Nick. Dressed nicely.

There you go. More on that later. Coming up - Nathan Buckley and Robbie Kearns put the focus on footy. Plus, is there really a health risk from filling up the car? But in a moment - has the cane toad finally met its match?

Sunrise continues after the break. With a maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating, you could be forgiven for feeling.... (GROWLS) ..overly safe in the new i30. (DOGS WHIMPER) Hyundai i30. Full of unexpected surprises. The Hyundai i30 has reached new heights, winning Australia's best mid-size car. i30. Full of unexpected surprises. (BARKS) Tomorrow on Sunrise - Socceroos skipper Lucas Neill on the team's date with destiny at ANZ Stadium. Are they about to qualify for next year's World Cup? Plus, 'Heroes' star Hayden Panettiere. She'll join us live to talk about her careers in showbiz and conservation. That's Wednesday on Sunrise. What's making the papers, Nat?

Braving the windy weather kbs

outside. Don't worry, I used a lot of hair

of hairspray this morning. The Chinese businesswoman at the centre of an alleged spy scandal has spoken out. Helen Liu says she was astounded by claims she was a threat to national security. Speaking from China, she has told the 'Herald Sun' she's a good Australian businesswoman and it's unfair what people have said about her. In Sydney, the 'Daily Telegraph's front page

is dedicated to the chaos caused by yesterday's blackout. Terrified office workers were trapped in lifts and traffic banked up as major roads were shut down.

I got a call from my husband I got a call from my husband saying " I got a call from my husband saying

"There is a bit of traffic out here.

Do you know what is happening?

Do you know what is happening?" R

oscoe said the tunnel is shut and Andrew said "

Andrew said "I am in it.

Andrew said "I am in it." Do you

know what came to the fore is

twitter. Twitter is cool. Mel is a

Tweety bird. There was a message

every half a second. If only he had

been on twitter in the car. The only

problem is some of them thought they

saw zombies. If you get cranky about

the traffic. That was his excuse for

being home late last night.

Also, could the cane toad have met its match? Millions of dollars has been spent trying to find a solution to the pest but now experts believe the tiny meat ant could be the answer. Researchers say the native ants have been seen killing baby toads in the Northern Territory. And is it cruel or kind? Nurses are now telling parents to let babies cry themselves to sleep for up to 20 minutes. It works best with children over 6 months of age. But critics say it could be dangerous.

I don't think that is new. When my

I don't think that is new. When my 7 about the 5-year-old was six months

they let hill cry and it didn't do

much. We all tried that on the

desperate nights. Why don't we let

them cry? Why don't we pat them? Why

don't we drive them around the

block? Right, Mel? Everything comes

around in a circle. You get these

fancy books with a new idea and then

come back to the normal again. If it works, great. And Bec and Lleyton have been forced to defend their relationship yet again.

They've hit back at claims about "a new man" in Bec's life. The mystery male at the centre of the magazine reports is actually her brother. The couple says their marriage is as strong as ever and they're sick of being the target of rumours.

It is her brother. It is all fine.

You have been very vocal during the

commercial breaks about them. I feel

sorry for them. Every week it is

their marriage is over, there is a

new man, they are doing this. If you

put yourself out there, which they

did in the early days, and take a

lot of money, you are a target. To

make up stories about you? No, I

don't condone making up stories. I

just think it puts you in another

threshold. If put put yourself out

there and take lots of money for it.

The bloke with her is an American

fitness instructor and look how

chummy they are. Well it is her

brother. Of course they are chummy.

No, I don't believe in making up

stories. Let them do their thing.

She is nice lady in real life. I

like her. She is gorgeous. Come in

before you get blown away. Tlfrng

cyclone area. you - thank you, Fifi, up in the

On the way - from Malawi? will Madonna be able to adopt again Bruce Springsteen's new music clip. And we've got your first look at Next up, though - Tuesday's news. from the Melbourne Museum And Fifi with the weather on Sunrise. can be hard. Keeping up with technology talking technology for 40 years, But when you've been it's easy. to keep you up to speed? So who can you trust Dick Smith! with the latest technology, We can help you stay in touch like this 8-megapixel Olympus digital camera. Capture priceless moments with 5x optical zoom and Dual Shakeproof technology for crisp images. Now only: So talk to the people who've been talking technology for 40 years:

WOMAN: I get a big rate calculated daily, so I can watch my savings rise every day. MAN: Go to and open a Savings Maximiser now. At Dick Smith, we've been: And we're celebrating by giving away 40 prizes to the total value of 20 grand, plasmas to PlayStations. with everything from and you could win. Make any purchase to enter Ahead this morning - from filling up the car? is there a health risk how to protect your computer And we'll find out internet worm. against the April Fool's Day But now it's time for a news update. Nat's got the details. Good morning. The people of Sydney from the New South Wales Government have received an apology for a major black-out. a main power cable failed, During yesterday's afternoon peak, into darkness. plunging 70,000 homes and businesses went out in the city, 140 sets of traffic lights and Eastern Distributor were closed, while the Harbour Tunnel creating traffic chaos. had to be rescued from lifts Dozens of people a couple of hours later. before power was restored in a 2-car collision A man has been killed west of Melbourne. through Rockbank at 8:30 last night The 24-year-old was driving when another car slammed into his head-on. He died at the scene, while a 63-year-old man in the other car was trapped for 30 minutes. is in a serious but stable condition That gentleman Royal Melbourne Hospital. and has been airlifted to the on Victoria's roads 76 people have been killed in the last three months. to the global financial crisis The Prime Minister's approach by his British counterpart. has been described as "amazing" ahead of Thursday's G20 summit, Gordon Brown has praised Kevin Rudd

saying will rise to the challenge he's confident the world and beat the recession. at Number 10 Downing Street, The pair met the war in Afghanistan also discussing and tighter security pacts. US President Barack Obama says the only option left bankruptcy could be General Motors and Chrysler. for troubled auto-makers on Government loans to stay afloat. Both companies are relying has unveiled tough new conditions But President Obama to keep that money flowing, they need to make more sacrifices. warning must ultimately stand on their own, These companies and this industry not as wards of the state. The President says if GM and Chrysler can't come up with viable plans to get back on their feet, they'll have to declare bankruptcy. In finance news: and across world markets. a sea of red on Wall Street

The Dow has been down over 300

points. Volume is very low, as you

noticed. You didn't mention that.

Only 30 minutes to go. Keeping an

eye on that this morning.

$54? Yes, more savings coming.

Should show up on the pump. Hint, hint! Time for sport now with Beretts and what's going on with Manly? have been outplayed by Penrith The Sea Eagles in the NRL overnight and remain winless this season. at Brookvale Fans witnessed a scrappy encounter produced anything special. where neither side scored two tries, Manly five-eighth Chris Bailey the chance to equalise. his second giving his side failed with the boot, But Matt Orford their first win of the year. handing the Panthers

It wasn't the greatest advertisement

for how we want to play and what we

are capable of doing. If you can't

see the courage and commitment and

spirit that these guys have for each

other, someone will notice it soon. another injury concern - Manly also has unable to finish the match Jamie Lyon because of a knee injury. AFL, and Hawthorn is yet to decide Simon Taylor's kneeing charge whether to fight at the tribunal tonight. The ruckman can take a 2-match ban

involving Geelong's Joel Selwood. after an incident Port Adelaide's side. Luck could be on of a quarter-time collision There's no conclusive video evidence and Andrew Lovett. between Dean Brogan with rough conduct. Brogan's been charged could be left paralysed ACT Brumbies forward Shawn Mackay in Durban at the weekend. after being struck down by a car was with team-mates The Sydney junior

after making his Super 14 debut - he was hit just after 4am. a broken neck Mackay has facial fractures, and a badly broken leg. The former Australian 7s captain but stable condition. is in a critical to be with him in Durban. Mackay's parents have flown

We wish him and his family all the

very best. Tough time. My dad is

just crying over Manly, just

shattered. What a turnaround,

premiers to champs, three losses

straight. What is the secret to the

turnaround. Can you call him? Fifi

Box is in the Melbourne Museum this

morning. I am feeling very studious.

I dressed a little bit school

mummish. It is very educational here

at the Melbourne Museum but there

are fun things for the kids. More on

are fun things for the kids. More on look at today's forecast. that in a moment but right now let's that in a moment

by Berocca Performance. Sunrise weather brought to you and bring out your natural fizz. Dive into every day A shower or two and 29 in Brisbane.

for the rest of the week. They'll stick around for Sydney as well and 23. Showers are forecast They'll increase to rain tomorrow. 27 degrees in Melbourne to a fine day. with the morning fog clearing on Thursday. Isolated showers could develop with a sticky 33. Adelaide will be fine and sunny to bring some relief on Friday. Showers are expected and tops in the mid-20s for Perth. Partly cloudy right through to the weekend. The weather should stay fine Dry and 23 for Canberra. A cool 18 with a bit of drizzle around in Hobart. Darwin's looking fine and hot.

Speaking of fun here at

Speaking of fun here at the Melbourne Museum, I am standing next

to a carriage from the original Big

Dipper made in the 1920s. I am not

very big on rollercoasters, even in

a museum. I will a museum. I will stand next to it

and not get in it. The safety chains

look like safety pins pinned

together. They did it tough back in

the 1920s obviously. That is when a

rollercoaster was really a

rollercoaster. No safety bars! You

are looking very studious today.

Librarianish. I got the knit and the

teacher's bun. If you would like Fif

to come to your school to come to your school and teach the

class for an hour or two. Good

morning, Fifi. See you soon. You are selling it. Next hour - should there be more fact in science fiction movies? And we'll check out the new romantic comedy starring America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock. It's called 'The Proposal'.

I thought it was called science

fiction. That's what I would have thought.

But after the break, we'll tally the footy tips. Plus, Nathan Buckley and Robbie Kearns will join us live. Sunrise is back in a tick. As you know, financial markets generally remain under pressure, But markets will recover and superannuation will again be seen to be the good long-term investment it is. In the meantime, members of Industry Super Funds Industry Super Funds are run only to benefit members. WOMAN: Oh, wow. MAN: Fantastic. We've got our house back. It's perfect. (KIDS SQUEAL) You see, kids? Just like it was before. BIRDS CHIRP OU IDE) RDS CHIRP OU IDE) Except for your room. Don't settle for less. Switch to GIO Home Insurance and get a safety net of up to 25% extra home cover if the cost to rebuild exceeds your sum insured. GIO - we don't just listen, we do.

When we need a car, we call Thrifty - Australia's best-valued car and truck rental. Round 3 of the rugby league is over so let's have a look at the tipping. Both of you backed the Sea Eagles to win. Both of you were wrong. Let's check that leaderboard. The scoring system has changed. Why, Beretts?

You get a win you get a point. No

points for a draw and when you get a

win, you get a point. Well done.

Congratulations. I am going to choke

on my humble pie. I know it is early

but Nat and I - well done. This

could be your year. You are messing

with me, getting in my head. I am

congratulating you. You are under

the pump now, girls. Choking in the

background so early in the season. There's more embarrassment for rugby league. In just the latest incident, Roosters stars Willie Mason and Nate Myles

have been caught out in the crackdown on alcohol. Both have been dropped for Friday's game against the Eels after admitting they hit the drink on Sunday. So, is that punishment enough? Let's ask league legend Robbie Kearns. Good morning. They were drinking the day before training. Has the club handled this right?

Yes, it is. Rules are rules and they

are put in place for a reason. It

got to a stage that ruggy league

players as with any professional

sports player in this day and age,

are looking at banning drink all

together. It is a little over the

top. They had a drink the day before

training which is the day of the

game. If you can't have a drink

after a good win or a good loss,

when can you have a drink? It is a

little over the top. I agree with

the club policy and rules are rules.

Let's talk footy. Manly, a real

shocker for them. Third straight

loss for them. Pen ridge scored

12-10 at Brookvale. Do you think

12-10 at Brookvale. Do you think the Sea Eagles can recapture what they

had last year? They are coming in at

the end of a bad hackover, we are

only three games in. I am thinking

the whole Brent Stewart thing has

had a bigger effect on the team, on

the club, than what people were

actually thinking. They are a class

team and Des Hasler is a class

coach. I am sure they will come

back. I am not sure who they are

playing but they will come

playing but they will come back with a vengance so look out. No Beefer on

Manly. Yes, he would be over there

in England crying poor. They got

some big-name players and I was

talking to Matty Orford and he said

he is disappointed with it but they

are OK. Beretts call it's a trap.

Come back, Beefer, you are never too old. Now to what's happening in AFL and Eddie McGuire's been told to butt out of Richmond's business. President Gary March says they don't need Eddie's opinions on whether Richmond will replace coach Terry Wallace with Kevin Sheedy. For more, we're joined by former Collingwood captain Nathan Buckley. Good morning, Bucks. Do you think there is any truth to Eddie's claim?

Or should he jut butt out? He says

in his role as a commentator on

radio making those comments. Gary is

well within his role to say butt

out. Presidents talking about other

clubs is an interesting topic in the

AFL. I think all of the presidents

would prefer that they look after

their own. In the end, Eddie was

making some comments about the

coaching tenancy at Richmond and it

was always going to make news. Is he

going to make any comments about

umpiring. There was talk about the

free kick. Is it likely that they

will put in a complaint? The inner

sanctum of the club haven't sought

clarification. In their plus and

minus record, 66 and 166 in the NAB

Cup and the first round. There were

rumours of unrest in the umpiring

and there were no direct quotes

attributed to Collingwood. It sounds

like it is attributed to the Collingwood faithful. Congratulations on being given your first coaching role overseeing the Victorian under-16s. When do you start?

I already started. The big country

boys, it is in mid-April. I will do

my best to get to as many games as I

can they have the development

structure it's well and truly in

place. I will spend as much of my

time possible through the AFL to

send some specialist time with the

kids and taking them to the carnival

in Sydney. Great stepping stone.

Good to talk to you. I love Beretts

putting in great stepping stone.

Trying to fuel the flames. A big few Trying to fuel the flames. A big future for Bucks. Still to come - why Sydney's CBD was blacked out right on rush hour. And how to stop an internet worm from taking over your computer. But next - the Hollywood actor who's just become a dad. Nelson's got the details after the break on Sunrise.

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brought to you by 'New Idea', Nelson Aspen's showbiz report Nelson Aspen is in New York. Good morning. Madonna's latest adoption yesterday. You told us about to adopt now. But yet another celebrity wants Who is it? Another day

# Another celebrity baby report.

Leonardo DiCaprio's ex Gisele

Bundchen, she and her new husband Leonardo DiCaprio's ex Gisele

Tom Brady are thinking of adopting a

baby from her native Brazil. She said when she

said when she grew up she saw the

devastation there and would like to

adopt a Brazilian child. She says

she feels connected to toll's

17-month-old son Bridget Moynahan.

She feels like the baby is her own.

We were feeling cynical yesterday

and supermodel adopting a baby and

has a stepson, pain she doesn't have

to lose her figure. Is that why they

do it? Is that too cynical? You

would be a bit unbalanced. It

doesn't all end because you have a

baby. You don't have to be put out

to past you're. Nicole Kidman looks

absolutely beautiful. I think

motherhood brings out the best in a

woman. Just as well really. Which

actor became a dad last night?

55-year-old till Allen and his wife

Kathy gave birth to their first

daughter. I said her name is Kathy.

It is not Kathy. It is Jane. He has

a 19-year-old and now he has a

bouncing baby girl. He is really

funny. He is not just funny on

scaob. You ride in the elevator with

him and he is a naturally funny guy.

He has always been good around the

old workbench. There you go, it puts

a new spin on it. Yeah. Thank you,

Nelson. A regular name for

Hollywood? Elizabeth. That is one of

my favourites. You go back to old

names. We were going through a

cemetery the other day and it is

interesting the names that follow.

Grace and Ruby and those

old-fashioned name it's are back in.

Thought of the Day is from Dawn who

has - Don who sends me a lot of

thoughts. I have another one for you. "

you. "Money is like manure is not

worth a thing unless it is sfred

around encouraging things to grow. around encouraging things to grow."

Another one from that same book as

yesterday. It is about Faroh's

daughter and she the best female

financier because she went down to

the Bank of the Nile and withdrew a prophet. On the way this morning - is there a major risk from the petrol fumes we breathe when we're filling up? We'll ask Dr Karl. And later, why Madonna will have to wait to adopt again from Malawi. That's ahead on Sunrise.

Australia's largest city blacked out right on rush hour. It was a simple fault but it caused chaos.

This morning on Sunrise, could it happen again?

Also ahead - claims of health risks from filling up. Are petrol fumes that dangerous? Plus, will Madonna be able to adopt again? The stars of 'All Saints' reveal the future storylines. And the furry superheroes who'll save the world. Take a look at 'G Force' as the Tuesday edition of Sunrise continues. # Reach up for the sunrise... #

VOICEOVER: Sunrise continues with Kochie and Mel. Welcome back. Thanks for being with us.

That looks cute. That looks very

cute. They are highly strung. It

probably make it's funny. Guinea

pigs, they are good pets. Also coming up - warnings of a dangerous computer virus that could hit PCs in less than 24 hours. And why are women in their 30s turning their backs on their careers? But right now, it is news time. Here's Nat. Good morning. Power company Energy Australia is being asked to explain what caused a severe blackout in Sydney. The outage threw peak-hour traffic into chaos and stranded dozens of people in lifts. It was the massive peak-hour power outage the nation's biggest city that could have easily brought to its knees. This was a highly unusual fault and the back-up power supply went down. Just before 5:00 in the afternoon, four power cables in central Sydney supplying two major substations went down, meaning lights out and several inner suburbs. for large parts of the city were affected. Around 70,000 homes and businesses were blacked out More than 140 sets of traffic lights to keep things moving. as police scrambled during the commute home Still, it was chaos out of town - as two of the busiest roads and the Eastern Distributor - the Harbour Tunnel were closed. (SIREN WAILS) were stretched even further, Police and emergency crews making rescues. from people trapped in lifts. They responded to dozens of calls had to be evacuated, Even the Opera House

for the night. cancelling all performances Yeah, we're disappointed, we came from Durango, Colorado to see a show in the Opera House and now we can't. But amid the turmoil, for after-work beers. there was still time but beers are cold. Lights are out within two hours Full power was restored still yet to explain with Energy Australia exactly what went wrong. it wasn't a lot worse. Police are thankful, though, and that's regrettable. The public was inconvenienced However, to my knowledge, as a result of it. nobody was injured

It could be several days into a Sydney high-rise before residents are allowed back after a massive gas explosion. in the penthouse at Bondi Junction The blast tore a gaping hole to units below. and caused major damage Two men in their 20s on the top floor. were installing a hot-water system in the blast. They were both seriously injured was filming nearby at the time. Sunrise presenter Simon Reeve From the size of the explosion, from the noise of the explosion, I would've thought if there was anyone near it, I don't know how they would've survived. Hundreds of residents and businesses were evacuated. A man has been cut free from a car on the Gold Coast last night. that brought down a power pole

crowded the wreck Dozens of Palm Beach residents used the jaws-of-life as firefighters

to free the front passenger. on the passenger-side door He'd taken the impact and crushed him inside the vehicle. and that caused the vehicle crimp with a broken leg. He was taken to hospital returned a positive breath test. The driver is believed to have

cut electricity The fallen powerlines to several homes in the area. until the end of the week Pop icon Madonna will have to wait a second child from Malawi. to find out if she can adopt to adopt 4-year-old Mercy. She's lodged a formal application Critics say her celebrity status Madonna is using to fast-track her family plans.

David Banda from Malawi in 2006. The 50-year-old adopted her son In finance news:

Shares future predicts we will be

down about 70. Sport now, here's Beretts. last night in Sydney, After being beaten by Penrith Manly coach Des Hasler says he's still confident his side will bounce back. Manly showed some positive signs in the first half. in both attack and defence and then held firm for repeat sets They opened the scoring to keep the Panthers scoreless. was a different story. But the second half in the final 23 minutes, Penrith found the try line twice handing Penrith a 12-10 win. Matt Orford's failure to convert

We'll get out of it. tough period at the moment. It's just a...frustrating But they're a tough side. they're hardened. They're campaigned, We'll get out it. for the boys It's set to be another tough week with concerns over Jamie Lyon. He limped off with a knee injury. and Port Adelaide's Dean Brogan AFL, and Hawthorn's Simon Taylor are facing time on the sideline. Taylor's been charged with kneeing. The Hawks are yet to decide

to the tribunal tonight. whether to take his case

He can accept a 2-match ban.

Brogan could be in luck of the incident with no conclusive video evidence involving Essendon's Andrew Lovett.

says Socceroos veteran Mark Schwarzer to play pretty football Australia can't afford against Uzbekistan tomorrow night in Sydney. in their World Cup qualifier there's no room for complacency, The star goalkeeper says 4-0 thumping of Qatar especially after Uzbekistan's at the weekend. we're 100% focused, We want to make sure that too much here try not to enjoy our time and determined to win the game. but really try and stay focused almost assures Australia a place A Socceroos win at next year's World Cup Finals.

Die-hard fans will watch that and

Bahrain and Qatar, if they get a

draw, we are in. on Sydney's major power blackout. Up soon, more details this Sunrise from Melbourne. But now Fifi has the weather

I am here with a life-sized coat of

arms. I have a quick fact about that

today's forecast. after right now let's look at and I will tell you about that just

by Berocca Performance. Sunrise weather brought to you and bring out your natural fizz. Dive into every day will help bring some rain Onshore winds

and south-east Queensland. to north-east New South Wales across southern Western Australia. Thunderstorms are forecast An easterly breeze will create a warm night and northern Victoria. for South Australia in Brisbane. Showers handy in Sydney too. Keep the brolly in Melbourne. Fog clearing A fine day ahead Perth and Darwin. for Adelaide, around in Hobart. A bit of drizzle should be mostly dry. Canberra

I am here with a life-sized coat of

arms which was granted royal warrant

in 1912 when - and get this, I was

born in Melbourne. In 1912 Melbourne

was the capital of Australia. Did

you know that? Yes! Come on, Fif!

Why is there a kangaroo and an emu?

Because neither of them go

backwards. I canvassed the room full

of Melburnians here and no one knew

that. I thought I was in on some

unknown knowledge. I will see you in

half an hour. I was around then. Thank you, Fif. Authorities are still trying to determine why Sydney's CBD and inner suburbs were blacked out late yesterday. The power loss occurred just on peak hour.

Imagine going home in a crowded lift

in a big office block. It threw the roads and 70,000 homes and businesses into chaos. For more, we're joined by Simon Reeve. Good morning.

The city came to a stand still and

it wonders how many back-up gin

rators there are. A lot of people in

the city thought there were fire

problems as well. This was ground

zero in Martin Place. The Opera

zero in Martin Place. The Opera House and the Eastern Distributor

had to be shut down as well. Joining

me now is Anthony from Energy

Australia. Can you tell us what

happened? There is a major firepower

that powers the CBD. That power

cable tripped at around 4:

cable tripped at around 4:45pm. When

it tripped, it caused three other

back-up cables to trip and that

caused interruptions to the

caused interruptions to the CBD an

surrounding suburbs. Is that an

unusual event? Yes, the back-up has

unusual event? Yes, the back-up has

enough to cover up supplies. We have

to trip the cables and restore

power. When everyone comes to work,

is there a pow-wow so that it

doesn't happen again? They have been

testing and retesting to make sure

the network is working as

efficiently as possible. Reroute of

efficiently as possible. Reroute of

power has been done. A lot of people

say that is not good enough for a

large city. No city can be foolproof

from outages. All we can do is

respond and make sure we are at full

capacity. Over the next few days we will launch a

will launch a thorough investigation

to get to the bottom of why that

fault occurred. Thank you. At 6:30

everything was back to normal. I

came in in the last half hour or so

and it is all smooth. Simon, just a few kilometres away from where you are now, there was more chaos yesterday. There was a massive gas explosion at an apartment tower in Bondi Junction. You were filming nearby at the time. What did you see?

We were in the Bondi Junction mall

which is just one street from Spring

street and across from this very

large building, apartment building,

which has retail on the bottom

floor, including a Coles and lots of

shops. I think all the peel there

and the residents were evacuated. As

I said yesterday, it was the loudest

smouz I heard. Everybody stood

inside and all this dust and glass

and your reaction was to run toward

it's and we saw those two poor young

men who were - They were two or

three floors from it. A lot more

information will come out but as I

said, I don't know how no one was

killed the noise was so great. We

will keep an eye on it to find out what caused it. Now to reports of a health risk from filling up at the petrol pump. There's concern the petrol vapours could give you leukaemia. This is based on the levels of benzene given off as you fill your car. Benzene is a known cancer-causing compound. But is the risk really that high?

Let's ask Dr Karl.

Good morning. How dangerous do you think it is to fill up at the petrol station?

With the levels that we have here in

Australia it will cause probably 18

cases of that specific sort of

leukaemia. In the US before they

brought in the recovery system they

found a specific benzene called AML

within a quarter of a mile to the

petrol station. Very few get cancer.

It is not microskopic but it is not

very large. It is something we

should avoid. I know they have the

vapour recovery system in America

and Mexico. We are not putting them

in. They are $

in. They are $8,000 to $

and Mexico. We are not putting them in. They are $8,000 to $12 thousand

per p per pump. They say they will

not see a advantage on. I was in

Moreton bay was promised a rail

system in 1915 and they haven't got

it. How much benzene do we take in

when we are filling up our car?

Spare a thought for the petrol

tanker drivers years gone by when we

loaded so much benzene. In the city

you get 200 or so micrograms benzene

per day. Filling your your car is

30. If you smoke cigarettes you get

2,000 to 8,000. If you live with

somebody who smokes cigarettes you

get 50 or 60. It is a background

carcinogen at very low levels. You

are telling many the risk is five

times higher from walking around the

city? Correct. Do we need to wear

masks like they do in China? It will

reduce your life expectancy but we

have vaccination and clean drinking

water. Yes, breathing air in the

city is dangerous. Everything is

dangerous. The first journey through

the birth canal has the highest

death rate and injury rate. So if

you survive that and you make it to

21, bless that because life is

dangerous. I don't know if I feel

better or not.

We're being warned a severe computer virus could hit on a global scale tomorrow.

It's the same virus which closed down computers at the UK Houses of Parliament in December. So, can you avoid it? Let's ask our gadget guy Pete Blasina. Good morning.

Are these put out by virus software

manufacturers That is the conspiracy

theory. This one is serious. It has

a history. It happened twice before.

The house of Parliament was shut

down by the end of December. They

discovered it has a trigger date

which is April 1. How come they got

it in December? This is the whole

problem, it is evolving. The one

that could hit tomorrow is different

again. It first got into computers

because of Microsoft's vulnerability

and Microsoft has offered an award

to get the hacker because this virus

is super nasty. How do you know if

you are affected? You will only know

once it starts to hit you. We are

not sure what it starts to do. That

is not very helpful. It will contact

the hacker and information about

what it should do will come down to

it and then it will start to act. It

might do things like take your

contact list or your banking details

or track your key strokes. What you

have to do is ensure you got the

latest internet security software

loaded on your computer. latest internet security software

loaded on your computer. The latest

loaded on your computer. The latest windows patch and that will give you

quite a degree of protection.

Because of the time zones, Australia

will be the first hit if anything happens. will be the first hit if anything happens.

will be the first hit if anything

happens. That is comforting. Is it

just PCs? I use Mac. It is windows.

It is only a Windows-based machine.

At the moment we don't know how many

machines are affected. We assume 15

million but it will be interesting

to see how it fits tomorrow morning

S Cheery couple of segments. If you

survive coming down the birth canal

don't start up your computer.

Blimey! Don't fill up your

Blimey! Don't fill up your car if you are lucky to make it past 21.

Exactly right. Life's - yeah, it is tough.

Madonna will have to wait a little longer to find out whether she'll be allowed to adopt another child from Malawi. She's lodged court papers. But after an hour-long hearing, the case was adjourned. The singer could be given temporary custody of 4-year-old Mercy James before a full adoption. Martin Geissler has this report from Malawi.

They are not the most auspicious

surroundings but Madonna made an

entrance with eight security guards

in tow she swept in to begin the

process of adopting another child.

It was listed as a summons or

insurance hearing. It will make mers

ji naimz from a life of poverty to

unimaginable privilege. The hearing

lasted over an hour. Her legal team

filed papers and answered questions

from a judge and officer. She will

be given a ruling on Friday, the day

before she leaves Malawi. Her day

began with a trip to a school. She

has been criticised on her celebrity

status to adopt. How does it feel to

be back in Malawi? Amazing. Can you

tell us if you are adopting again?

No. Can you understand people's

reservations about it? No, it is no

one's business. Organisations have

accused Madonna to abuse her

celebrity. Madonna is behaving like

a bully because she has the money,

the status, using her profile to try

to manipulate the procedures. Today

Madonna took her son David to

Madonna took her son David to a childcare centre. Many in are

impressed by the upbringing, none

the least the boy's natural father.

Last time I met him, he had

reservations but he spent several

hours with him and he told me later

on the phone that he is delighted

with the progress. Madonna wants to

take Mercy back to her home in the

States. On Friday she will find out

if that will happen. ITN's Martin Geissler reporting there from Malawi. Later this morning -

three of the stars from 'All Saints' give us a sneak peek at what's in store on the show. Virginia Gay, Tammy MacIntosh and Kip Gamblin will be dropping by. Also coming up, how guinea pigs will save the world.

Check out the new movie 'G Force' soon on Sunrise. Good morning.. The assembly will be briefed today .. about the ACT government's plans on tough anti-bikie laws. Police Minister Simon Corbell says there won't be any rush to adopt them but will consider it. The New South Wales cabinet will head to Goulburn today .. to tackle the town's high number of jobless people .. with an economic development summit. The Monaro's and Southern Tablelands bushfire period's been extended for 1 month because of hot and dry conditions. It was meant to end today but now fire permits in Cooma .. Yass and Goulburn will be needed til the end of April. The Air Force will celebrate its 88th birthday in Canberra today. It's the second oldest air force in the world. And doctors hope to assess severe head .. spinal and leg injuries for Brumby lock .. Shawn Mackay this week. His parents and gir lfriend are now at his bedside .. after he was hit by an army car at the weekend. More at 11.

MAN: First day on holiday. How good is this? Hotel RIGHT on the beach. Hi! Hello!


It's alright. It's alright. Oh!

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A quick SMS about the blackout. The

upside is that it was another Earth

Hour. If you were stuck in the lift

on the 24th floor. Panicking because

you don't know what is going on. I

live in the country. All you people

in the city complaining of being in

vebsed. Try living in a rural area

with no power. I think if you were

stuck in a lift or in the tunnel

with no power. Got to talk to Delta.

Our Delta has a bit of explaining to

do. Reportedly she was too sick to

sing the national anthem But the 'Herald Sun' claims she was spotted out partying the same night. Now, Delta might have had a genuine reason for not being able to sing. She says she had a sore throat. But have you ever been caught out taking a sickie? sing the national anthem P

We have had a few visitors to the

plaza and we show them the camera and they say "

and they say "Don't show me. I am

meant to be back home in bed. meant to be back home in bed." We

have a friend who has a lot of

'migraines' and can't do things. I

feel for migraine sufferers. They go

out and they have been caught out

shopping and partying and stuff like

that. Shopping and partying, just to

avoid us. Shopping can be a party.

You need to analyse that deeper than

their health problems. Maybe back

off. Hint, hint. Have you ever been

caught out taking a sickie? We were

just talking to Dr Karl about the

benzene fuels - the benzene fumes. " benzene fuels - the benzene fumes.

"I used to work at the petrol

station and I am a non-smoker and I

got a smokers cough.

got a smokers cough." He said the

chances of getting crook are higher.

Just walking around the city is 200

points and that is 30. Maybe we

should do a story on how dangerous

it is to walk around the city. How

come we don't have what they have in

come we don't have what they have in the US that prevents it from

escaping. In the overall scheme of

things how far do you go to protect

people if there is a tiny chance of

getting it. It is $

getting it. It is $17,000 a pump. If

there is a tiny chance of this and a

tiny chance of this and all together

there is a big chance. Go it live in

the country and head to the regional

areas. Jason flips it around. All

these scientists wrap us up in

cotton wool and protect us from

everything. How do we fight back. It

is a bit hard to fight back cancer.

Everything causes cancer. Look how

many have cancer these days. Was it

like that 30 years ago? Good point Good morning. Power company Energy Australia admits it could take a few days to find the cause of Sydney's major blackout. 70,000 homes and businesses in the city and inner suburbs were affected by the outage which struck during yesterday's afternoon peak. 140 sets of traffic lights were out, while the Harbour Tunnel and Eastern Distributor had to be shut down. Over the next few days, we'll be launching a thorough investigation and it could well take a few days or a few weeks to get to the bottom of why that fault occurred. Investigations will focus on a main power cable that failed just before 5pm.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been applauded by Britain for his work in the lead-up to the G20 summit. He's met with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London overnight who says Mr Rudd's doing an "amazing job" building a consensus on economic issues. Mr Rudd remains confident world leaders can forge a united front against the global recession. By acting together in fashioning and implementing a global economic strategy, we are dealing with jobs in Birmingham and in Brisbane, in Manchester and in Melbourne and these are jobs which are important to underpin. The world's 20 most powerful leaders meet in London on Thursday. A suspicious package has been found outside a Sydney house believed to be the home of a Bandidos bikie gang member.

The bomb squad was called to deal with it last night at Granville in the city's west after getting an anonymous call. They removed it without incident and no-one was evacuated or arrested. Police are refusing to confirm who lives at the property

or if the incident's related to Sydney's warring bikie gangs.

IRA dissidents are believed to be behind an explosive attack

in Northern Ireland. Masked gunmen hi-jacked at least 20 cars during rush hour in several parts of Belfast and Lurgan. Some were set on fire. A number of cars were left at police stations and in the middle of major roads. Police are treating all abandoned cars as potential bombs and have blocked off roads and evacuated areas

where vehicles have been found. In finance news: Wall Street has suffered heavy losses this morning.

Obama said to the car companies, GM

and Chrysler that you have to go

back and you might have to go in bankruptcy.

Time for sport now, here's Beretts. NRL club Manly has slumped to its third successive loss of the season and could be down another key player. Jamie Lyon suffered a knee injury in Manly's 12-10 loss to the Panthers at Brookvale Oval overnight. The match never really reached any great heights and, in the end, a failed goal kick proved the difference. Still on league and former Storm skipper Robbie Kearns says the punishment handed out to Roosters' duo Willie Mason and Nate Myles for breaching a drinking policy is over the top.

You can't have a drink that night after a game after a good win or a

good loss, when can you have a

drink. I agree with the club policy

and rules are rules. Both forwards will miss Friday night's clash with Parramatta after copping a 1-week ban. Former Collingwood skipper Nathan Buckley says

any suggestions of unrest in the Pies' camp over umpiring are untrue. Magpies' boss Gary Perth was on the phone to AFL House yesterday to confirm no formal complaint would be lodged after his side was beaten by Adelaide at the MCG.

There hasn't been many direct quotes

to Collingwood. It has been

something driven by the Collingwood

supporters or the Collingwood faithful.

Meantime, the Hawk's Simon Taylor and Port's Dean Brogan are facing suspension after Round 1. Taylor's been charged with kneeing and Brogan, rough conduct.

All done. Literally. A bit of house

keeping. When you go to the toilet

you turn your microphone off. You

should. You should. A couple of

times you haven't. I go quietly.

These two have to turn them off. It

is so important to turn them back

on. Note to self, turn on mikes.

Fifi is at the Melbourne Museum. A

lot of things to do with the kids but right now let's look at today's forecast. but right now let's look at today's forecast.. Sunrise weather brought to you by Berocca Performance. Dive into every day and bring out your natural fizz. A shower or two and 29 in Brisbane.

They'll stick around for the rest of the week. Showers are forecast for Sydney as well and 23. They'll increase to rain tomorrow. 27 degrees in Melbourne with the morning fog clearing to a fine day.

Isolated showers could develop on Thursday.

Adelaide will be fine and sunny with a sticky 33. Showers are expected to bring some relief on Friday. Partly cloudy and tops in the mid-20s for Perth.

The weather should stay fine right through to the weekend. Dry and 23 for Canberra. A cool 18 with a bit of drizzle around in Hobart. Darwin's looking fine and hot.

I am standing here with one of the

original coaches that was used in

the Victorian gold rush. Just one of

the fantastic original memorabilia

that have been restored for this great exhibition here at

great exhibition here at the

Melbourne Museum. I will bring you

more on that in half an hour. The

more on that in half an hour. The old coach, those were the days. They

were reliable. Are they comfy? A bit

of spring in them but it was good. On the way - your first look at Bruce Springsteen's new clip for 'My Lucky Day'. And later, the stars of 'All Saints' reveal what's coming up on the show. Next up, though - should Hollywood take the fiction out of science fiction movies? Sunrise is back in a tick.

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