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lip-sync fmgt Have a lovely day.

lip-sync fmgt Have a lovely day. We

will see you bright and early at 6:00. and welcome to the show. Good morning We're with you every day 11:30. St Patrick's Day. This morning we're celebrating a traditional Irish stew. We'll be learning how to cook of Ireland's hottest exports. Plus we'll check out some at Melbourne Fashion Week. Also today, behind the scenes before the models hit the runway. Find out what really goes on afraid of a public debacle. Also the celebrities who aren't that played out in the media. We investigate the star meltdowns

of man grooming. And later, the alarming new trend makeup? Will men really start wearing Find out soon on the show. Ellen DeGeneres is a household name, of her TV talk show. thanks to the success famous gay couple in the world. She's also one half of the most

Portia de Rossi, Together with Australian actress Ellen's found love and success. hasn't always been a smooth ride. But her career and love life powerful figures Today, she's one of the most on American television.

I am convinced I am a better dancer

than John McCain. And the winner of 11 Emmy Awards... the queen of daytime TV, But before she became headlines for other reasons. Ellen DeGeneres was making self-titled sitcom in the '90s, When Ellen 'came out' on her all hell broke loose. brought an end to the show. And the backlash from fans

I am sorry you think this is yuck.

This is heaven to me. kept her in the spotlight Her romance with actress Anne Heche during her career downturn. and Anne went on to marry a man. But that relationship ended in 2000

Thank you. Thank you. It is a tough

excited. decision to change jobs but I am

a name for herself in Hollywood Aussie actress Portia de Rossi made playing Nell Porter on 'Ally McBeal' on 'Arrested Development' while her role gave her a cult following. in 2004, But when she fell in love with Ellen for the media circus that ensued. nothing could prepare her The pair finally married last year was lifted in California. after a ban on gay marriages

I would like to say right now for

the first time I am announcing I am getting married. baby news Gossip mags are now eagerly awaiting of gay Hollywood. from this poster couple

has hit the talk-show circuit Now Portia DeRossi 'Better Off Ted' to promote her new show appeared as a guest and for the first time she's on wife Ellen's show. were playing up to the cameras The Hollywood power couple any special treatment. but Ellen didn't give Portia by our US correspondent Mike Amor. For more, we're joined

Good morning, Mike. can either be very relaxed Couples interviewing each other or an awkward affair. How did this one go?

Look, it can be difficult, can it,

interviewing your own partner on air

and I think they came off very

sweet. They appeared very much in

love. As you mentioned, Portia has

made kal yo appearances on her show.

Today marks seven months since they

were married. They are the highest

profile gay marriage when California

lifted the ban. Portia said it was

the happiest pay of - day of her

life. How is married life for you? I

think it is going pretty good. Are

you enjoying being married to me?

Yes, yes, I am. Awe, look at that.

Remember that? Yes, I do. I got to

say that was the happiest day of my

life. Me too. They seem very much in

love. Although Ellen didn't really

yes. Portia any other option than to say

groundbreaking Did they reveal anything about their relationship?

A couple of things. Portia is messy,

Ellen is not. Portia is shorter than

Ellen and Portia looks taller

because she wears high heels. Portia

is overwhelmed by how famous her

wife is. But the big story is are

they expecting. I hear we are having

a baby. I probably should have told

you. Are we having a baby? I don't

think so. There you go. No baby for

Portia and Ellen. Are they usually a

private couple? They shared their

wedding and honeymoon and are more

open than most couples and that is

because they became the poster

couple for gay marriage. One of the

problems in California is the big

backlash for gay backlash for gay marriage and gay

marriage was outlawed. They have

been more open than Hollywood

couples and that would be the reason

why. As you said at the top, it was

a sweet interview. How was it

received in the States? I can tell

you it hasn't even aired here in Los

Angeles yet so viewers in Australia

have seen it first. Ellen remains a

popular figure. Just under that

level of Oprah Winfrey so I think it

will be well received across

America. Thank you for bringing us

Hollywood news before Hollywood sees

Josef Fritzl has begun in Austria. To other news now and the trial of the courtroom overnight The 73-year old entered by a blue folder. with his face covered from the media. He refused to answer questions Fritzl did plead guilty But once the cameras left, against him. to some of the horrific allegations Elisabeth in the dungeon He's admitted raping his daughter of the family home. to slavery and murder charges. But Fritzl has pleaded not guilty the trial and joins us now. Nuala Hafner has been following Good morning. on day one? Nuala, what did the jurors hear


State prosecutor Christian

Berkheiser asked what it was like to

be in that tiny damp prison. No

heating, no hot water, no fresh air,

just a door and four walls to look

at. Fritzl said he didn't talk to

his daughter for the first few

years. He may look like a nice man

from next door but he showed no

remorse for treating his daughter

like awe toy. His lawyer said he is

a human being and not a monster.

Fritzl had the chance to take the

stand. He entered his pleas, three

of guilty and not guilty for murder

and enslavement. He answered

questions from the

questions from the judge about his

childhood and he said he was abused

by his mother when he was 12 and he

bail like satan to her. Fritzl's

sister-in-law was there. It is not

the first time she has given an

interview. She has always been a

staunch defender of her sister

Rosemarie. She said her sister was

just as much a victim of the tyrant

Fritzl. Speaking of Rosemarie

Fritzl, she has changed her name and

moved. The Sub newspaper tracked her

down and says she has no life and

just has her pride and family and

rarely leaves the house and get his

her groceries delivered. We saw

quite a media crowd around the

sister-in-law. We expect had media

from around the world but we didn't

expect - it was like a bizarre per

form answer artist. One had babies

and reenacted the Fritzl scene with

Varga playing. There were signs Varga playing. There were signs with " Varga playing. There were signs with

"Stop the cover up. Shame on you Austria. "Stop the cover up. Shame on you

Austria." Very bizarre scenes.

Austria." Very bizarre scenes. What can we expect from day two? Today we

weren't expecting Elisabeth's video

testimony to start today but it did.

That will continue tomorrow. It is

so harrowing that it will be shown

only in short segments and Fritzl

will be asked to comment and make a

statement on the video evidence but

the public won't hear any of that.

That will take place behind closed

kaors - doors to protect the victims

and her children. Thank you for

and her children. Thank you for that. We will talk to you more about

it soon. Back home now,

Melbourne's Fashion Festival is now in full swing. The A-list were all out in full swing on the red carpet and definitely looking the part, showing just how stylish Australia's fashion capital really is. For more we're joined by Sunrise entertainment reporter James Tobin. Good morning to you. James, Melbourne was clearly the place to be last night. Who were some of the big names out?

With the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion

Festival under way, Myer had the autumn/ Festival under way, Myer had the

autumn/winter range. They

autumn/winter range. They have a big

stable of talent. Rebecca Twigley

was on the red carpet with Chris

Judd. Jen Hawkins was solo but snuck

her sister in. Dannii Minogue was

there with her boyfriend Kris Smith

who is the face of the Myer Blaq

range and Kate Cerbra

range and Kate Cerbrano was there. James, you were lucky enough to spend some time with Jen Hawkins behind the scenes.

It must be amazing. You are right.

It is weeks and months of

preparation. It is two full days of

rehearsals, learning the

choreography. It took exactly 2.

choreography. It took exactly 2.9

seconds to get her from the door to

the catwalk. Did she pass on any

fashion tips? I knew you were going

to ask me that. I am hopeless with

fashion tips. Did ask for a tip.

Bicep rats so you can mix and match

and make your wardrobe versatile.

Buy one piece, bring black Buy one piece, bring black back from

your old wardrobe and bring a new

jacket in or a new pair of shoes and

you will feel it is a new wardrobe.

I am just hearing new pair of shoes. Were there any signs of the purse strings being tightened or is it going to be another lavish affair?

Obviously people are feeling the

pinch at the moment. If Myer did

pull back you certainly didn't

notice it last night. It was a

really nice event. Myer really go

all out. I don't know whether they

pulled back but it was certainly a

very nice night. What is in store

for the rest of the week? Last night

was a bit of a who's who and fashion

is ta. It is not just for those

people. Throughout the week they are

expecting 200,000 people to be part

of the festival. There are iconic

Melbourne locations where catwalks

Melbourne locations where catwalks pop up and people can go along and

check out the fashion and get the

latest trends because you want to be

looking good for autumn/

looking good for autumn/winter. Next

looking good for autumn/winter. Next time we speak to you get to one of

those iconic places because that

location is

location is not working for me. I

will tell you what - wear a jacket

because it is freezing. Farb boy

dressed in his best T-shirt

dressed in his best T-shirt for the 'Morning Show'. Ahead on the show - is British football in danger of extinction? Plus how do you stop your kids from dating someone you don't like and is it even your right? But next - Ireland's most famous exports. You're watching the all new extended Morning Show on St Patrick's Day.

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About five minutes ago, we heard

from James Tobin, who is all over

Melbourne's fashion week. I think

we sent the right man for the job.

Look at this! James Tobin, covering

Melbourne fashion week just last

night. And that's Ellen on her show

this morning! What does that say

about Ellen and/or James? Well, I've never seen them

I've never seen them in the same

room together... So maybe they're

the same person. (LAUGHS)... I

thought that was funny. You are

like the fashion observer from

hell! I know everything. Good stuff.

Can't wait to see what elen and Can't wait to see what elen and

James wear tomorrow. Ahead for you

on the show - are we ready for

another farpbzy comeback? --

Farnsie comeback? John Farnham's

return to the big time a little

later in the show.

Right now, though, Ann Sanders

joins us with the latest news

headlines. Good morning, everyone.

An Australian soldier has been

killed in Afghanistan during a

gunfight with the Taliban. The

soldier was on patrol 12km from soldier was on patrol 12km from

Tarin Kowt base, when insurgents

began firing with guns and rocket- propelled grenades.

This brave young man is the ninth

Australian soldier we have lost in Afghanistan.

Searchers near Darwin will today

thupt crocodile believed to have

killed an 11-year-old girl. Human

remains were found last night. The

man who took nude photos which

Pauline Hanson denies are of her

says he thinks it is her, but he is

sorry if it's not. Should punters be able to place

bets on Good Friday? They might be

able to this southeaster. We'll get

the Catholic Church's view on that

in the Morning News. As you can

imagine, they're saying that Good

Friday is a public holiday and,

because of its religious

significance, that's what we should

be observing. What odds are they

giving that we will be able to make giving that we will be able to make

a bet? (LAUGHS)... St Patrick's Day

today - everyone will be out

betting - but not necessarily on

Good Friday.

Ahead for you on our extended

Morning Show - the one-man band

from Australia's gall at it talent,

JP, is joining us for a special

Saint Patrick's day performance.

And what to do when you don't like

who your kids are dating - that's next. getting together with people, having barbecues, getting out in the garden, 30-litre moisture mulch, just $6.78. paint, $55.90. Bosch 500-watt impact drill, $88. $15.98 per metre. Check out our latest catalogue online. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! #

This program is captioned live. As

parents, we've all shared jokes

about locking the doors when

prospective partners turn up to

date our children - scary times.

Thankfully, it's usually all fun

and games. But what happens when

your child gets involved in a

relationship you really do

disapprove of? Take a look at this

scene from 'Desperate Housewives'.

I want you to call that woman and

tell her you are never seeing her

again. Her name is Anne. Her name

is Mrs Shilling. She was your

teeball coach when you were six. By

the way, does your best friend know

you're sleeping with his mother?!

Hello, Mrs Robinson. It sparks the

age-old debate on what to do or not

to do when you don't like your child's prospective partner.

Michael Carr-Gregg joins us now.

Good morning to you. Morning.

Should parents have a say in who

their kids date? You bet they

should! Look, when we look at risk

factors for naughty behaviour,

friends - particularly in the

adolescent years - are a major risk

factor. We've got research from

Deakin University that shows the

greatest predictor of your kids

binge-drinking and using illicit

drugs is if they hang out with

friends who do exactly those things.

OK. And it would stand to reason

older people. What do parents do if

they don't like their child's

partner? What do you do? Look, I

think it really depends how old

they are. If they're living with

you and you really do object to

them - you don't like the tattoos

or the fact that they're a heroin

dealer or whatever, I think you can

basically say "I'm sorry, while you

live in our house, we determine

what you do. If you don't like it,

bad luck - you can leave." If,

however, they've left home and

they're living independently, all

you can do is dawhat I call the

broken record - say "Look, we love

you very, very much, but we're not

crash-hot keen on your partner."

Many arguments, as we know, stem

from large age gaps. In your

opinion, when is that gap just too

big? It's fairly arbitrary, but

around 4-5 years, I think. There

are significant problems that stem

from that. Significantly, a

disruption in the education of the

young person. Basically, the

alienation from their own mates...

They're not little things - they're

important, and they can really significantly disrupt the

psychological development of young

people. OK, let's take that one step further, Michael. What if

we're talking teacher-student

relationships - what does that say

about the psychology of a teacher

who would fall for a younger student? Well, sadly, we've had a few of those cases both in NSW and in when you've got that as your attitude, you're hesitant to set limits and boundaries and use moral language. My advice toparence parents out there is, particularly if they're living at home with you, you do have a say. If they're hanging out with bad kids, I think you should say something. I know in

the past you've advocating to

invite the boyfriend or girlfriend

to dinner a lot so you can see them

in the home environment - sometimes

they make up their own opinion. Do

you still stand by that? I do.

That's a really good technique.

Basically, they can't hide their

psychopathology forever! We hope

you can't! Thank you, Michael.

Pleasure, guys. See you soon. Pleasure, guys. See you soon.

Coming up here on the extended Morning

Morning Show - quickie marriages

the stars would rather forget. And

the new trend of man-grooming but

how much is too much? Example

number one, maybe? You are looking

rather well-groomed this morning.

Here's flen with some advice on

keeping your family financially secure.

All joking aside, have you ever

thought what would happen to your

family if you couldn't provide for

them, because of a serious them, because of a serious illness

or accident? Could they make ends

meet? It's a scary thought, isn't

it? No-one wants financial problems,

do they? Joining me is Tom and Mel,

a couple who have recently done

that. As a parent, one of our greatest responsibilities is to

make sure the stpamally is safe and

financially secure. Mel and I have

talked about how important it is to

secure the future for our kids for

a long time. I'm embarrassed to say,

it took us a while to do something

about it. We we're so caught up in

our everyday lives, but you don't

know what tomorrow will bring. It

was beginning to worry me - we've

got a young family, the mortgage,

the lot. We wanted to make sure

that they'd be OK, at least

financially, if neither of us were

longer around to take care of them.

That's why we finally took action.

There's a lot of commitments there,

if you stop and think about it. We

realised it wouldn't take us long

to use up our life savings if one

of us were out of the picture. Just

because one of you isn't around,

the bills will stop. We wanted

basic life insurance for a lump sum

of cash to help if either of us

passed away. Clearly, it's

especially important too for those

of us that have kids or family that depend on them. That's right. depend on them. That's right. And

you know, Glenn, I thought it would

be a real hassle getting life

insurance. Then a friend told us

about Real Insurance. Do yourself a

favour and write down this number

right now. We couldn't believe how

simptle was to apply for family

life cover from Real Insurance. Are

you saying you can apply for this

over the phene phone with Real?

Absolutely. We were covered in a

single phone call - there were no

medicals required, no blood tests,

and no forms to fill out. We were

able to choose the mount of cover

that suited us at a price that work

under to our budget. Gotta love

that! If you don't mind me asking,

how much did your particular cover

cost? Everyone's circumstances are

different. But we're young and

healthy, and we're able to take out

$250,000 worth of cover each for

impressive. You wouldn't want just $2.17 per day. That's pretty

impressive. You wouldn't want to

miss an opportunity like that,

would you? Exactly. That's what I

call real value - when you think of

what it could mean to the family if

the worst were to happen. It is a

small price to pay for peace of

mind. You can say that again. Do

yourself a favour, and your family,

and call Real today. Nobody wants

to intentionally leave their family

with financial problems for the

sake of, as you put it, a few

dollars a day, wad would they?

Here's a couple of the Real

insurance having their say. You can

choose the cover that works for you,

from $100,000 up to $750,000.

Depending on your age, gender and

whether or not you smock, you can

get $100,000 worth of family life

cover from as little as 21 cents a

day. If you're an Australian

resident aged 18-64, give us a call

right now, and we can help take

your application over the phone and your application over the phone and

you could be covered in a you could be covered in a matter of

minutes. When you call, ask about

our optional benefits, such as children's cover, recovery benefits,

and even cover for accidental death.

Don't forget the real-life bonus -

every three years that you keep

your policy, you will receive 10%.

your children You will have the option to cover

your children at a small additional

cost. Good to know that your

children will be protected as we.

That's for sure. And you also have

30 days to make sure the policy is

exactly what you're looking for.

It's called the cooling-off period.

So there's nothing to lose. Thanks

for coming in today. Pleasure.

It's life It's life insurance that's Real

easy. Guys, back to you.

Thank you, Glenn. In our next hour

- the new divorce expo that

promises to be a one-stop shop for your next marriage breakdown.

That's all a bit sad, isn't it?

Good service, though. Plus, John

Farnham's latest return to showbiz.

But straight ahead - St Patrick's

Day feast - we have the cheat's

version of Irish stew right after


something more comfortable. everyone likes slipping into

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This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live.

Well, you can't do St Patrick's Day

without a pint of Guiness and a

warm Irish stew. And a small flag. warm Irish stew. And a small flag.

To show us how to make a

traditional Irish favourite, we're

joined by 'New Idea's Barbara

Northwood. Hello. Irish stew - I

don't know if it sounds hard or

difficult. Tell us. It's actually

really easy, because we don't brown

into a it off. It all just gets layered

into a pot. Thesis are lamb leg

chops, or lamb neck chops, if you

can get them - they're actually

quite hard to get. They're cheaper

cuts of meat. Traditionally, you

would have used mutton, which is would have used mutton, which is

the older lamb. Quite familiar with

that term, yes.

Is that the mutton dressed asish

rsh stew? Something like that! I

put them into take that excess fat off, then I

put them into a plastic bag like

this. Gee, they're quite large

pieces. They are. It's a whole pieces. They are. It's a whole

piece of leg that they've sawn

through. You have to have a chat

with your butch arcouple of days

ahead? You have to order them, yes.

But this works well with shanks.

Any cheap cup of lamb you like.

I've put in half a cup of gravy

powder. Normally you can put flour.

For a bit more flavour, and to

thickten a bit, it's much better to

put gravy powder. Like Gravox? Yep.

That's a good tip! No browning, no

oil, as I said. Three onions, which

have been sliced, straight to the

bottom. Like that. Three carrots,

sliced, over the top. Mm-hmm.

They're quite

They're quite chunky. They are.

Thickly sliced potatoes - about 1kg.

Put half over it like that. And you

should be drinking Guinness the

whole time. Absolutely And you just

layer these over the top. Don't

tell me that's it! Don't tell me

that's it! Yep. I always cut the

meat up much smaller. That would

nice have been a mistake? Yes. Leave it

nice and big. The potatoes are big, nice and big. The potatoes are big,

the carrots are big,. How much meat

was that? 1.5kg. By the time you

trim it... Any excess goes back in,

not wasted. More potatoes on the

top. Why do we layer, Barb? It sort

of protects the meat, and all the

flavour from the potato and carrots

goes through everything else. goes through everything else.

Otherwise, if it's sitting on the

top, it would dry out. There's not top, it would dry out. There's not

a lot of liquid in this. This helps keep it all moist.

You really need about a 16-cup, 4-

litre bowl. How much will this

feed? At least six. Six to eight,

probably. How much water are we

popping in? About 2.5 cups of water

over the top. No stock. You over the top. No stock. You could

add stock ifio want. Of course,

it's one of those dishs - if you

want some Worcestershire, tomato

paste, jazz it up with your own

bits of pieces. The whole idea was

that it was meant to be a simple,

easy, peasant-type dish. I always

find the less ingredients, the

better. And it's hearty. And put

the lid on, straight into the oven

- moderately slow at 160 for about

away and 2.5 hours and. You can just walk

away and water the garden or do the

knitting or whatever else - pick

the kids up from school - 2.5 hours

is a long time. It's very forgiving.

If you went "I can't get it out in

time," 3 hours or 3.5. I could knit

a lovely scarf in 3.5 hours. The

seekterate is the layered

vegetables. It is. And here's one

you prepared earlier. And always serve it with parsley.

serve it with parsley. Fantastic.

Really hearty and delicious. That'd

fill you up. You wouldn't be able

to have a sip of Guinness after

that. And you can keep it for up to

three days in the fridge and then

reheat it. We're not off air until

11:30 these days. That bumps the

cooking time out perfectly. And

that's great - I need to do some

knitting tonight. Works perfectly. Good stuff,

Good stuff, Barb. Thank you.

Later - is Becs about to be out of

a job? Why soccer is in danger of

extinction. First, here's Glenn.

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Jowatt, Dr Vicky Helliar, and some

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Well, you've got all that. Well,

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Bodytrim has taught me everything I

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I'm a mother of three, I'm 40, and

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Seriously, people, folks - Bodytrim

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we're offering 200 viewers a 30-day

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If you're not completely satisfied, If you're not completely satisfied,

just return the program within 30

days. You deserve good health.

Don't we all? To lose weight, try Bodytrim today. Don't we all? To lose weight, try

Bodytrim today. Guys, thank you for

coming in. Rob, thank you for your

fabulous story. That is

inspirational stuff. Well done,

mate. Guys, back to you.

Thank you. We love to show you the

weird and wonderful inventions here

on The Morning Show. And this is

just one of the best ones. This the Cheesy Rider

Cheesy Rider burger motorbike.

Sperl has had his 1987 Harley

Davidson made to look like a burger,

complete with cheese, pickles,

onions, lettuce - even it Amato as

well. The 53-year-old's love affair

with the iconic fast-food snack is

also evident in his home, where he

has 500 replica burgers. Mr Sperl

also intends to build a hamburger also intends to build a hamburger

golf cart and drag car. First, he

wants to open a hamburger museum to

house his growing collection of

memorabilia. I wonder if how many

people have asked him if he'd like

fries. You can go to the hamburger

museum and ask him how his

cholesterol is. I want that bike though! You want one.

We see it on plenty of celebs, but

do real men - like Larry

do real men - like Larry - wear

make-up? We're dissecting the new

man-grooming trend, shortly. Never.

Don't wipe my face! What happened?

Brown. I spray like a Laka on there

so you can't do that!

After the break - the divorce expo

promising to be a one-stop shop for

unhappy couples.

The Morning Show continues - we're

here till 11:30 today. Stay with us.

This program is captioned live.

Welcome back to the brand-new,

extended Morning Show. We are with

you every day until 11:30. Don't go

away - a heap ahead for you on the

show today - the one-man-band

sensation, Australia's gall talents

JP joins with us a special U2 performance.

Plus, Farnsie's Coldplay experience

sparks a return to showbiz.

Will we see another album from 'Whispering Jack'?

Also ahead - the star marriages

over faster than they began.

The most memorable quickie weddings

coming up for you on our extended The Morning Show. Speaking

Speaking of weddings, forget the

bridal fare - now there's the

divorce expo - the so-called

'Starting Over Show' is promoted as

a one-stop service for those

getting unhitched.

There's even a "How to heal your

broken heart" workshop. What does

our jury make of this? Good morning

to Sami Lukis and Joe Hildebrand.

Good morning. Critics say the

divorce expo is cashing in on

people's misery. No, I think it's a

great idea. Not everything is about

cashing in these days, unless

you're Max Markson. Divorce is a

massive life change, a massive

turning point. After you've cut off

his genitals, where do you go from

there? I don't know, this is a

great place to start, is tpt? I

love the idea that there's financial experts, financial experts, divorce lawyers,

astrologers and taro-card readers.

I don't understand the inclusion of

the designer-shoe company at the

expo. I know buying a new pair of

shoes can make you feel like a new

woman, but how does that fit to

into your divorce? She goes to the

Lorrainea Bobbit stand and moves on.

Lorrainea Bobbit stand and moves on.

J Joe, is this giving people

choice? You know, you've got your

mystic leaders, your astrologers,

your healers, your holistic holiday.

That doesn't sound shonky at all,

does it? You've just lost the last

20 years of your life, you're

fighting over who kids gets the

kids. And you're thinking "Maybe if

I get a crystal..." look, I

I get a crystal..." look, I think,

well, it'd be a great place to pick

up! Moving on! There are fears

amateur football in the UK could be

under threat, as refs quit the game

in record numbers. Apparently

they're sick and tired of being

abused by fans and players. Is

being abused just part of being a

referee? Look, I think sure, if you referee? Look, I think sure, if you

want to introduce that element to

the game, that's fine. But the game, that's fine. But make it

fair. Arm the refs. Give them

something to fight back with. I

know that you always think that,

you know, I think the Tasers are

the solution to everything. But if

people on the sidelines get a bit

of white-line fever and want to get

in the ref's face - bzzz - knock

'em out. Finally, it will make

soccer interesting! Something will

actually happening. Fans being

zapped all over

zapped all over the joint. Sami,

should fans behave better or should

refs toughen up? Fans should have

more respect. It's sad that referee

abuse is now a sport in itself.

It's one thing to be sitting at home

home yelling abuse at the

television, put but maybe restrain

yourself in pub, absolutely.

There's a fine line between passion

and abuse. Too many and abuse. Too many people cross

that line. Train spotters are being

banned from railway stations

because they are a security risk.

People have been train-spotting for

years. Is this really a problem?

Well, I've still got my rock

collecting to fall back on. I don't

think it's taking the fun out of it,

I think it's more of a security

issue. It's quite sad that anyone

that's ever seen lingering anywhere

is seen as a potential terrorist

threat now. The serious issue we

need to ask ourselves is what's

missing in people's lives in the

first place that they think train-

spotting is a fun day out? And what

will they replace that void with?

That's the scary issue. What will

they replace train-spotting with?

Joe? Why not ban birdwatching too?

Why not just ban all nerds? It's

not really fair. What would not really fair. What would you do,

then? I have nothing to do! The

security issue - they're putting up

ticket barriers. "Oh my God, the

terrorists would have to buy a

ticket." The Taliban aren't out

there playing train-spotting. They

don't believe in the wheel. I think

it's silly. Maybe train-spotters it's silly. Maybe train-spotters

can go on and be soccer refs. As

long as they've got Tasers. Thank

you, guys. Good stuff.

you, guys. Good stuff.

Later this hour - John Farnham's comeback plans.

Plus - the odd couple of the animal kingdom.


Later - why Nicklaus Cage's divorce

lasted longer than his marriage.

The most memorable quickie

marriages are coming up.

Glenn's found the fast, easy way to

cook. Thank you. I'm tired.

cook. Thank you. I'm tired. James

is showing us the Flavorwave today

- I skipped brekkie. The food that

comes out of this machine not only

tastes superb, but it's so fast and

easy. Sure is, Glenn. This is

amazing. There are only 150

available for today. The Flavorwave

is so easy, even you and I can use

it, Glenn. Exactly. You don't have

to do anything - it does it all for

you, even the cleaning. And it's

making me hungry. It making me hungry. It sure does.

When you get home from work, you

can put a large chicken or a dozen

sausages and chops, or an entire

dinnEr, Into your Flavorwave. Then

simply turn it on. In 40 minutes,

your dinner is cooked. While it's

cooking, you can sit down, have a

rest, have a bath, read book, do

the gardening. When you come back, the gardening. When you come back,

it will all be cooked to perfection.

It's fast and it's easy. It lets

you take frozen-solid foods right out of

out of the freezer and cook them in

minutes without defrosting. How

easy is that? That is easy. And it

can cook up to three times faster

with less fat. I've got to say,

also, I like the fact that there's

virtually no clean-up with this.

Exactly. Quick, easy, low-fat and

self-cleaning. Forget about

microwave, toaster oven, and cook

with no extra fat or grease, and in

a third of the time. Set it to cook,

and you're off the hook! Cook

frozen food in the third of a time

of an ordinary oven. Bake lasagna of an ordinary oven. Bake lasagna

in 15 minutes instead of an hour,

and make pizzas or sinen bebuns in

a couple of minutes. You name the

style of cooking, and the

Flavorwave can do it - even

barbecuing outdoors in the summer.

What is the secret? I could tell

you about the halogen heat, the infra-red waves or

infra-red waves or the other things,

but the Flavorwave uses gravity,

plus the powerful tornadey-like air

to eliminate up to 75% of the fat.

It also seals in the juices. I love

that. Sealing in the juice. People

like that. We're very conscious of

the way we eat thees days. Lose

weight without the flavour. It

cooks to perfection, plus you even

save money by using up to 97% less

energy than an ordinary oven. Best

of all, the Flavorwave oven

actually cleans up after itself. Or

you could simply pop it in your

dishwasher and your job is done.

Easy. I'm going to use it instead

of the barbecue outside. Fabulous.

The fat just drips off. Look how

fast it all is. It's amazing. The

Flavorwave seals in the flavour,

but lets the fat out, free. Sure is.

This is important - write this

number down or put it in your mobile phone.

Order right now. There are only 150

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They're all available for four

payments of just $49.95. If the

Flavorwave isn't the easiest,

quickest, tastiest and healthiest

way to cook, we'll give you your

money back, guaranteed. Sounds

great, but I think you've got more?

There sure is. Get all the

accessories, the high and low rack,

the tongs, the recipe guide, and

handy cooking chart with cooking

times and setlings, and have a

listen -- settings - and have a

listen to this - be one of the

first 150 and ask how you can

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now, and we'll also give you a free

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slicer - you know what they do, and

you know how they work. Call now

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just pay the postage. Imagine that

- a free slicer, and a Flavorwave

to cook, in a third of the time.

The Flavorwave, and the slicer -

either or would make a great

present. Good idea. Don't miss out. Call now.

There's only 150 available. Four

payments of just - $49.95. Or go to

the website. Thank you, James. Back to you.

Thank you, Glenn. In a second, we

have an unlikely couple story - a

dog and a rucune. But look at this

cake here - Barbara Northwood

cooked frat that for 'Sunrise'.

It's got green cheesecake. I said

"I can't wait to have a taste of

that." And Larry replied by poking

me in the stomach with his finger.

Ladies at home, is that an appropriate response when one

friend says to another that she

wants to hook into some cheesecake?

You poked me in the - I said "I

can't wait to have the cheesecake."

You poked me in the stomach like

this. Did that hurt your finger on

my rock-hard abs? What are you

saying? You've now accused me of

being sensitive. Now I'm not eating

being sensitive. Now I'm not eating

the cake because you've poked me in

the stomach. I'm upset. All right.

Here's another unlikely couple - a

St Bernard dog and a rucune have

become friends at a rescue centre

in Poland. Aren't they getting on

just fine... Yes. Yes. The raccoon

was brought to the centre rehab

after being poked in the stomach by

its friend! And eating green

cheesecake! And losing a foot! You

lost your finger when you stuck me

in the stomach. Somehow, the two

animals got along famously. The

only problem is Kubus doesn't like

barking, so Sandi the St Bernard

might have to learn to keep his

mouth shut - there's the perfect mouth shut - there's the perfect

recipe for any relationship! Very

nice. They look like they're

getting on really, really well. They do.

Still to come in the new supersized

Morning Show - If we make it that

far - John Farnham makes yet

another comeback. Plus, the new

man-grooming trend goes on trial.

So how much is too? Cake? After the

break - the one-man band taking

over Australia's gall talent - JP

is performing 'With or Without You'

after this. Fantastic. Some people say, "Are you concerned about the economy?" And I always say, "Try Avon". Even in these tough times my business is growing. And I'm probably making more now than what I would be if I was working full-time. My advice, join Avon.

This program is captioned live.

When it comes to standout

performers, you can't beat a one-

man band. 'Australia's Got Talent'

has unearthed one of the best - JP

plays the drums, bass guitar, and

he sings classics like this one.

# She said

# Do you come from a land down-


# Where women glow and men thunder...

I want to take two seconds to

explain what JP does here. He

starts out with nothing - there's

no music. With his little no music. With his little

technology system there, he technology system there, he

introduces a bass and percsusion,

and these melodic rhythms that keep

going around and around. And he

builds the song as he goes. It's

amazing. Right now, he joins us to

help celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Remember, he's starting with

nothing, putting his own spin on

the U2 classic 'With or Without

You'. Here is JP.

# See the stone set in your eyes

# See the thorn twist in your side

# I wait for you...

# Sleight of hand had a and

# Twist of fate

# On a bed of nails

# She makes me wait

# And I wait without you...

# With or without you...

# I can't live...

# With or without you...

# Through the storm we reach the shore

# You gave it all but I want more

# And I'm waiting for you...

# My hands are tied...

# My body's bruised # She's got

# She's got me with

# Nothing to win

# And nothing left to lose...

# With or without you

# With or without you...

# I can't live...

# With or without you... # Whhoooaaaa # Whhhoooaaa-oo-aa-ooo-aa # Whhhoooaaaa-ooooaaa....

# You give yourself away...

# And you give yourself away...

# And you give

# And you give yourself away...

# Ask you give...

# And you give...

# And you give yourself away...

# With or without you...

# I can't live...

# With or without you... # Ohhhhhh-hhhhhh # Ohhhhhh-hhhhh-ooo-oooo # Whoooooo-ooo-ooo-oo...


thank you. Congratulations. Good

stuff. What started you off as a

musician? I started off - I was a

troubled sort of kid with ADD.

Really?! Yeah. And my parents tried

diets and the ADD Ritalin tablets,

and nothing seemed to work. So one

of the doctors suggested, um, get

him into music, something that will

devote his attention to. Is that

right? And that just worked, that

just clicked. Now you can do

musical ADD, because you've got

like 20 things on at once. So music

is the best medicine. Larry is so

impressed this whole one-man-band

thing. Tell us how you came up with

that? I play in a band normally

with two girls. When the girls

couldn't do the show, I wanted to

have something spontaneous to do

with gigs. I don't have the money

to cancel gigs yet. So I want to

develop this thing I could do

without my band. Girls replacement without my band. Girls replacement

by machines? Who would have

thought? Giddy yup! The global

financial crisis muso's dream. Good

luck with everything coming up - semifinals tomorrow night. Good

luck with it, mate. Thank you.

Ahead on the show - who could

forget the day Britney Spears got

married in in ripped jeans and a midrift.

The best quickie marriages coming a

up shortly.

First, a great idea for Mothers'

Day. Exclusive Photography, particularly

with Mothers' Day just around the

corner - The This is really the corner - The This is really the

last chance for Mothers' Day. Shane

Monopoly - you're like a part of

the furniture here on The Morning

Show. We talked about Mothers' Day

last time, but today is the last

chance. Today, you've got to do it

for Mum. Let's do this for mum

before we do anything hels. Let's before we do anything hels. Let's

roll the tape and hear that

fabulous jingle. Sing along at home!

# Make you look like a movie star

# Doesn't matter who you are

# Put your faith and trust in me...

# Come see Exclusive Photography...

They all love that. I'll give you a

choice this morning. You can either

talk about Exclusive Photography

and the fabulous deal for Mothers'

Day, or you can tell us the joke

about the elephant with the black

ears. (LAUGHS)... Let's keep that

for another time. Can't say that on

telly! Tell us about the offer,

then. Well, we've got a great

special offer today. This is for

people to come in and be photographed and everyone sitting

at home - they've seen this for

years. I run into people all the

time and they say "I've been

meaning to do this." You've got a

reason now - Mothers' Day. If you

don't grab that moment in time, for

all the right and wrong reasons

sometimes, you can't get it back, sometimes, you can't get it back,

let's face it. That's exactly right.

But for people thinking "I haven't

ever looked good in a photograph -"

you haven't been photographed by

the right people! People are

naturally shy for photographs and

think they're not all that good-

looking. I'll have to be honest -

it happens most of the time. The

other day, I had a lady who burst

into tears. I thought "Don't you

like the pictures?" She loved them.

She was so emotional because she

didn't think she could look that

good. We have some before-and-

afters. These are your everyday

people. You're getting an

assortment of people here - not

just for young girls. We get a lot

of young, beautiful women coming in.

We get a lot of guys come in. With

Mothers' Day, why not try and bring

the famaryo the kids in, or

whatever? We've been doing this for

25 years, and we'd like to think we

can do something pretty good with

it. If you think this is good now,

I'll telling ya, in 10-20 years'

time, you can't replace it. You can

come up with great ideas, contours,

backgrounds, settings, images, all

happening in your studios, wherever

they are around the country.

Because it's digital, we can do so

much more. A lot of ladies say "I

don't want a picture of me." Say

"Have you got a beautiful portrait

of your mum when she was younger?"

they said "No." I said "Well,

wouldn't you like one?" People that

are thinking about doing it, do it

now. We have a great special offer.

Normally, $175. But today, for

Morning Show viewers - $25. Normally, $175. But today, for

Morning Show viewers - $25. You

can't -- you can't go to the

hairdresser for that. Call now and

have your credit card ready. We'll have your credit card ready. We'll

make a booking for you, and I'm

sure we'll love what we do for you.

And there's still time for Mothers'

Day. We're located pretty much all

around Australia. Including a fire

station, folks. Whereabouts? In

padding stn. The pole is still

there too, but we won't go there.

Up in Brisbane...

You could introduce some dancing,

maybe? We slide down the pole to

get to the door! I'll maybe? We slide down the pole to

get to the door! I'll sure. get to the door! I'll sure. He's a

card, I'm a card. You can't help

but have a good time when you come

in. And have a great time memory to

walk away with. Sluice -- Exclusive

Photography, folks.

Thank you for your help at home,

Glenn. Larry poked me in the

stomach when I said I wanted to eat

some of Barb Northwood's cheesecake.

I asked for your thoughts. "Kylie,

get some gumption. If you want eat

the cheesecake, just do it." the cheesecake, just do it." the cheesecake, just do it." Yeah. "Women

"Women are conscious enough without

men doing that to them." From

Rowena in NSW: "Larry, I love you,

but every woman would agree - a

poke in the stomach when you're

eyeing something off wouldn't be

very good." It was fun. A friendly

poke. I know. I know. I'm sorry.

Clearly, I have - at the end of the

day, Kylie, you can read all that

you like, and this is vision taken

earlier in the commercial break.

(LAUGHS)... Look, it's just -

(Belching sound) Just so you know

how much of a dilemma this is here

that Kylie does all this, and then

in the commercial break, bang! Got

the Irish stew behind the table

there, the Mr Whippy comes past at

11:05... There you go. I take no

notice of it. In Kylie's defence,

it wasn't the biggest bit, it was

the second-biggest bit. Leaving the

biggest bit till 11:05. Lots of

white plate there. I'm glad we

sorted thought out. It was a

friendly poke. Don't put me in the

doghouse for that. Still to come - train-wrecked celebrities

struggling to get their lives back on track. on track.

And the Sevens star star that came

face to face with a crocodile. And

John Farnham back with Coldplay....

Tomorrow on 'Sunrise' - why men and

women lose weight differently, and

what that means for diets.

Plus, your first look at the new

Britney clip, Wednesday on 'Sunrise'. 'Sunrise'.

All righty, time to check in again

with Ann Sanders for all the

headlines. Good morning. Hello, everybody.

Coming up in the news this morning

- a ninth Australian soldier has

been killed in Afghanistan. The

soldier was on patrol near the

Tarin Kowt Tarin Kowt

Tarin Kowt base when he was shot by

Taliban insurgents during a

firefight. His name and age haven't firefight. His name and age haven't

been released at the request of his

family. No other soldiers were wounded.

Austrian man Josef Fritzl has gone

on trial, accused of locking up his

daughter and abusing her for 24


He covered his face at the start of

the hearing, and refused to answer reporters' questions.

And plans to allow punters to place

TAB bets on Good Friday have been

criticised by gambling counsellors.

The Australian swimming

championships are on this morning -

all the results coming up in the

Morning News at 11:30. And the rest

of the day's news too. Thank you,

Ann. See you soon. Ann. See you soon.

Just ahead - Mischa Barton's new

role with Ashton Kutcher. First,

Karen has some exciting home-loan news.

With the world credit crisis upon

us, the Morning Show has called in

a renowned home-loan expert for his

views on what to do. Wayne from

refound Home Loans, good morning.

Good morning, Karen. A lot of

people are confused as to whether

now is actually a good time to buy,

or whether to weight wait. It's a

big commitment. With the economy

the way that it is at the moment,

what advice do you have what advice do you have for

viewers?? It is, Karen. But now is

a perfect time to secure a home

loan, especially if you're a first-

home buyer. Interest rates are at

their lowest in seven years. Most economists predict they'll fall

further still. I have seen amazing

property bargains around,

especially for first-home buyers.

Is there a cut for the first home-

owners' grant? Yes. The first home- owners' grant

owners' grant of $21,000 finishes

in June this year. Wait too long,

and you could miss out altogether.

So you're saying to act right now?

Yes. I know I have a vested

interest in home loans, but even if

you don't go through Refund, you

should act sooner rather than later.

A having said that, you should

definitely look at Refund Home