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Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Tonight - a court steps in to protect an accused arsonist

from vigilante attacks over Victoria's bushfire disaster. The new megafire threat - experts warn of blazes too furious to fight.

A shock decision from a Liberal Party heavyweight. And brace yourself for some nasty news from your bank. Hi, I'm Brad McEwan. In Sports Tonight - Australia's bid to retain Test cricket's number-one ranking. to South Africa this morning. The new look squad flew out After a witnessing a brilliant catch against the Kiwis. An exhausted Stephanie Rice determined to win World Championship gold. And the madness and mayhem that is the Daytona 500. First, some breaking news from Canberra tonight, and for the details we cross to Late News Reporter Daniela Ritorto at Parliament House.

What a day it has been. Just What a day it has been. Just

minutes ago that we have learnt

that former opposition they if Brendan

Brendan Nelson will quit politics

at the next election. He has been

in the back bench after being

beaten by it now can Turnbull but

he has now done Malcolm Turnbull a

favour by not contesting a by-

election. This has been quite a day

after it Julie Bishop quit the

shadow Treasury. Stepping aside as

shadow treasurer, Julie Bishop

insisted she did is -- at her way.

Did he jump before he will push? It

was my call. The jury has heard --

my complete support, this has been

her decision. She may have had

little choice, internal rumblings

suggested she was not up to the job.

Malcolm Turnbull pills but Joe or hockey ears. He is a formidable

communicator and performer. However,

he is not be first choice. Malcolm

Turnbull offered the job to Peter

Costello. He has made it very clear

he is not interested in a

frontbench position. He has now the

third shadow treasurer in three

months. No matter who it is, is

their policies that are wrong in

this instance. It is not about

personalities. Mr Hogg Keith

released a statement that it is the

opposition's responsibility to

steer a straight through these

difficult times. His other job difficult times. His other job

responsibilities will be to turn

around at the opinion polls that

suggests that the opposition will

not be good at handling the economy. I a man accused A man accused of lighting the deadly Churchill fires fears vigilante attacks both in and out of prison. But a Melbourne magistrate has partially lifted a court ban, allowing his name to be revealed. There was a strong presence of security and media at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court, but there was no sign of angry mobs or the accused arsonist, Brendan James Sokaluk. His lawyer telling the magistrate he wanted to remain in his cell. I've got no comment. WOMAN: How do we pronounce his last name? Can you tell us? I've got no comment on that. The 39-year-old has been in protective custody since his arrest on Friday. And that's where he remains after allegedly starting the deadly blaze that killed at least 21 people and razed 200 homes in his own community of Churchill. He's charged with arson causing death, intentionally causing a fire, and possessing child pornography. His arrest prompting anger in a grieving community. His lawyer pleaded for his identity to remain secret, fearing vigilante attacks on his family and inside prison. The magistrate lifted the ban on naming Mr Sokaluk, accepting that it was highly likely most people affected by the Churchill fires already knew who he was anyway, given it is such a small community. A court order still bans his image from being shown in Victoria, sparking angry website comments. On his own MySpace page, Mr Sokaluk says he's "lonely and looking for love". He describes his hero as Mother Earth, saying that without her we'd all be dead. Police will interview 200 witnesses in the case and Mr Sokaluk is due back in court in May.

Kelly Morgan, Ten News.

The death toll from the bushfires continues to rise and authorities are warning it may take weeks before there's a final figure. The Prime Minister has announced that Sunday will be a national day of mourning with an hour-long service in Melbourne to remember the victims. The official death toll this afternoon reached 189 and it continues to rise, the majority of the bodies recovered in the Kinglake and Marysville areas. Fire causes extreme damage and it is a very difficult process in some cases to actually be able to determine are human remains or not. whether the remains It's slow, grisly work, sifting through powder-fine ash searching for remains. We may find parts of individuals we didn't, sadly, know were there before. These are very, very difficult sites to deal with. So difficult, compiling an up to date tally has taken days and as the fires generated temperatures over 1,000 degrees, in many cases there's little or no trace of its victims. Sometimes you don't find very much of that person, so it's very complicated. I don't want to go into detail, I don't think we want to go into the details of what we're actually dealing with, just put it that way. Identification will be impossible in many cases, authorities to try to account for the missing by other means.

Police say they've finished searching open areas and will now concentrate on buildings, they say it's inevitable that more bodies will be found. Sunday has been declared a national day of mourning with the main memorial service planned for Melbourne. It's going to be a very solemn and dignified service. It will honour the victims of the bushfires. It will pay tribute to the emergency services and community groups who have so tirelessly worked in the field and focus on rebuilding the communities that have been hurt by this tragedy. The Prime Minister and State leaders are expected to attend, the service will be broadcast nationally. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. Experts say we're entering the age of the mega-fire - blazes so intense they can't be fought using traditional methods. The warning comes as a new report reveals climate change is happening even faster than worst-case scenarios previously thought. Too fast and furious to even fight, megafires are becoming a frightening reality here and abroad. The speed and the ferocity of these fires is just getting out of control. they're getting hotter, They're getting faster, and doing more and more damage. Two years ago

wildfires in parts of the US were already too intense to take on. We have identified numerous fires this summer that we know we can't put out with the resources we have available. The outbreaks are 10 times bigger than a decade ago. 7 of the 10 busiest fire seasons have been since 1999. Now the behaviour of these fires is off the scale. Australian firefighters say Black Saturday turned their fears into a reality. We believe it's going to get far worse. What we are seeing out of these fires now is an exponential increase in heat that no human being and no plant can survive. Many say that global warming is fuelling the change,

extending the fire season. The fire season in the last 15 years or so more than two months. Tree rings dating back 9,000 years And a new report warns scientists have underestimated the impact. It's the environment that bothers me. It's the one that keeps me awake at night. with a period of climate in terms of temperature and humidity and drought that is different than anything people have seen in our lifetimes. One of the biggest tolls of the Black Saturday fires will never be known - just how many native animals were killed. Those lucky enough to survive have been treated by small bands of volunteers.

Bearing bad burns to her face, tail and limbs, this brushtail possum is among the lucky ones. We'll turn you over. It's OK, I know you're frightened. After fending for herself and in agony for days, she was found by Help for Wildlife volunteers. At the moment she's not well enough to have an anaesthetic so we need to delay the deep cleaning of burns until a bit later and I'm at the moment giving her fluid therapy to rehydrate her because she's very dry. This koala and her joey were saved just outside Alexandra. Mum suffered badly burnt paws and dehydration, her baby was enduring the effects of severe smoke inhalation. As we've learnt from the bushfire crisis, recovery is thirsty work for a koala. Countless marsupials, lizards and birds were lost to the fires. Others are still losing their habitats if not their lives to ongoing back-burning operations. I'm quite sure there are hundreds of thousands of creatures out there that just didn't survive the terrible fires. Wildlife volunteers

are only able to rescue animals from private property by the property owner. for many weeks. They expect rescuers to be required Those animals strong enough to survive the flames will take months to recover. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Inundated communities in the Gulf of Carpentaria are facing another month of isolation, as Queensland's flood damage bill climbs to $210 million. The town of Bedourie, has been cut off for weeks. causing the main rivers near the town to overflow. The roads in and out are blocked and huge pools of brown water cover the cattle country. Despite the fact all supplies need to be brought in by air, local farmers couldn't be happier.

Very used to this sort of weather and hope for a flood. It's what keeps the country going, so it's a good year.

The flood levels are expected to rise even further next week. near Brisbane A dolphin severely mauled by a shark is finally being treated. Nari has been captured by marine experts on Moreton Island tonight. Ten Reporter Amanda Fitzgerald is there. Well it has been a long 3-day wait for Nari the dolphin to come into Tangalooma. He normally comes in every night for a feed, for the past two nights hasn't been here since he was seen injured by a shark on Friday night. Good news, though - rescuers have just spotted him and they're just about to see how his injuries are and what they can do to help. It's a nasty wound but at least the animal is in and it's feeding, so that's very positive. We've just had a chat with the vet and we feel that he does need to come back. The biggest issue is secondary infections, so if we can get him back, get him on some antibiotics, get rid of some of that skin that's hanging off and allow it to heal a lot faster, and then hopefully in a couple of weeks, three or four weeks, he can come back. So it seems things are looking as good as possible for Nari now. He will go back to Sea World tonight, he'll be transported back there and undergo treatment. Weak company earnings and a poor lead from Wall Street saw local stocks kick off the week on a negative note. For the details, I'm joined by CommSec's Tom Piotrowski.

There was no shortage of

inspiration for sellers today. We

have seen some very weak economic

readings out of China and India and

today was the turn of another one

of Australia Bosman major trading

partners. Figures released in Japan

say that Japan's economy has shrunk

by 3.3 per cent. These numbers will

much weaker than what the market

was expecting it was the worst

outcome since 1974. It was

interesting that the market took

these numbers on board but held its

nerve - that is because there are

more than 40 companies reporting

numbers over the coming days and it

today there was a mixed bag of

results. Industrials were the

weakest sector, owing to a 12 per

cent fall in brambles. On the other

side of the coin, was stereos

achieved a better result than

expected, the stock was up eight

per cent. There are still a lot of

fiery discussion of Rio Tinto's

Chinese merger deal. To the numbers in detail now. And the All Ordinaries was down 1% at the closing bell. has tonight brought a little French flair to Sydney. The screen siren graced the red carpet tonight for the launch of her new book, 'Portraits In Eyes'. Binoche is also set to star in a new contemporary dance show at the Sydney Opera House.

. For me, at the journey are doing

the dance was not that new but to

expose it, that was new. That was a

little risky and the poetry was new as well. Fans were also treated to a preview of her new movie, 'The Summer Hours', which will be showcased during the French Film Festival next month. After the break, an 'Australian Idol' mugged at knifepoint. Also - banks under fire for double dipping on fees. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. MAN: Hi, I'm calling about something I saw the other day that seemed a bit strange. WOMAN: I overheard them planning something. I felt like I had to let you know... MAN 2: ..downloaded documents from suspicious websites. Your detailed information could help keep Australia safe,

so if you see or hear something that just doesn't feel right, call the National Security Hotline on: You can remain anonymous. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. Around a third of the water we use inside our homes is in the shower, so if we all used water-saving shower heads and limited our showers to 4 minutes or less, think how much water we'd save! Shorter showers: Two young robbers have taken off with $150 in cash, after mugging singer Guy Sebastian at knifepoint

outside a fast food restaurant in L.A. Sebastian wasn't hurt and fronted up to a bushfire fundraiser less than 24 hours later. It's really hard being away when something so tragic happens back home, but we're all thinking of you - all the Aussies and everyone around the world, actually, is thinking of everybody that has lost their lives and also lost their homes. Other 'Australian Idol' alumni Dean Geyer and Ricki-Lee Coulter also entertained expats who turned out to support the bushfire victims. Controversial boxer Jeff Fenech is in hot water again - currently assisting police over assault claims. The investigation is centring around an an alleged altercation between Fenech and an associate who was king hit. It is unclear whether the victim was injured. Drastic changes are planned Banks are again under fire for double-dipping on fees. if you use a rival bank's ATM, From March, they'll charge you directly and your own bank is likely to hit you with a disloyalty fee as well. It's evidence that, for the banks, charging fees is a hard habit to break, even when Reserve Bank reforms were meant to make ATM fees simpler and clearer to understand. When this opportunity arises to be really fair around these fees should be good for customers, and back a reform that in fact they've done the opposite to gouge yet another fee. if you used a rival bank's ATM, Until now, your bank would act as a middle man, an arranged fee, paying the other bank and then passing the total on to you. adding a little to the top wanted to cut out the middle man, The Reserve Bank to charge you directly. allowing the rival ATM owner But all banks, bar the Commonwealth, their customers a disloyalty fee. have indicated they'll charge At the NAB, it's 50 cents. Extremely rude. I'm not impressed. I don't like being charged on top of what I'm already charging. The rules have changed. The same costs are associated with running the ATM network but the way it's charged is now different and these fees can be charged to recover costs. Even the Reserve Bank says it's simply not justified. If every bank in Australia charges a 50-cent fee for these transactions, consumers are going to be out of pocket $200 million a year. The only saving grace under the new rules is that if you do decide to use a rival bank's ATM on the screen how much its fee is going to be before you make the transaction. your own bank is going to charge you Trouble is, you may not know what a month or so later. until you receive a statement customers could also be charged And there's more -

at another bank's ATM. for simply checking their balance Eddy Meyer, Ten News. to erase painful memories. Scientists have developed a technique could spell the end for phobias The controversial treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. and help sufferers of The Spotless Mind', In their 2004 film 'Eternal Sunshine a couple with erased memories. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play like science fiction. But not anymore. is in tatters, Australia's public health system the overcrowded and overworked emergency wards often leading to fatal errors. They told me that he wouldn't make it in the next 24 hours. The Rudd Government's National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission has three options to breathe life back into the ailing system -

keep the existing system but make States more accountable,

give the Commonwealth or, the most radical, a Commonwealth takeover and Medicare replaced by competing private and public health insurance. It's not a matter of guts, it's a matter of getting right what will deliver the best services to the community into the future. The commission proposes primary health care centres. the Commonwealth also fund to make dental procedures cheaper, There's also recommendations in the Medicare levy. funded through an increase with teeth. We need a health system Dr Bennett also wants nurses in rural areas to take on more responsibilities to cut waiting lists. But nurses say taking on the role of a doctor. they're already overworked without stopgap professionals. Nurses are not has very little time The Rudd Government with this radical agenda. to decide just how far it plans to go The Prime Minister committed to making a decision by the middle of this year on whether to hold a referendum on taking control of public hospitals away from the States. If we don't change the health system and we keep operating the way it is now, we're going to be by 2032 spending 12.4% of GDP - we're about 9.8% at the moment. Natasha Exelby, Ten News. There's outrage tonight at the NSW Government's recommendation to give women likely to miscarry a pan or chair so they don't lose their baby into a toilet. The review follows three miscarriages in toilets at Maitland hospital, from the Opposition, sparking an angry response

from the Government's commitment which fears the report backs away maternity departments. to sufficiently fund to erase painful memories. Scientists have developed a technique could spell the end for phobias The controversial treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. and help sufferers of The Spotless Mind', In their 2004 film 'Eternal Sunshine a couple with erased memories. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play like science fiction. Back then, it seemed But not anymore. of post-traumatic stress disorder In a breakthrough for sufferers and a wide range of phobias, Dutch scientists claim to wipe out memories of fear. to have developed a way In a series of tests, when shown pictures of spiders, volunteers were given electric shocks thus developing an associated discomfort.

Then they took beta-blockers - usually taken to treat heart conditions -

to interfere with the way their brain made memories of the event. The patients' anxiety levels fell away. Although they remembered the experience, they'd forgotten the fear. We tried to weaken or attack the fear memory itself because that is the only way to effect a permanent fear reduction. But British experts have warned could have disturbing side effects memory-erasing medication a patient's identity. and could even change We are, in a sense, our memories. depends on remembering Our psychological continuity what we've done and who we know. where we've been, The human mind is still a mystery unanswered questions, and, with so many new treatment can be widely used. it may be some time before this In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. for the Australian cricket team. Brad, a big job ahead Ricky Ponting and co in South Africa. are about to touch down Up next, the captain tells us they can retain their number one Test ranking. Also tonight - the AFL rules on a controversial weekend collision. McCafe's stronger, smoother coffee is now made from Rainforest Alliance certified beans. McCafe Rainforest Alliance coffee - a great deal for workers and a great tasting coffee for you. Brushing your teeth can leave your mouth feeling clean... ..but it doesn't kill all the germs. These germs build up into a thick layer which we know as plaque. But did you know that Listerine's powerful antiseptic formula and kill germs? can break through plaque

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No, this is the person at risk. government buildings Because photographing is illegal in many countries. Photo, no. for stuff your mates don't know, Log on to Smartraveller but we do. Good evening and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

The Australian cricket team is about to touch down in South Africa for a Test series that will decide Ricky Ponting believes the weight of expectation on the Proteas could work against them.

The Cricket Roadshow is off to

South Africa for the game's

heavyweight contest of the world.

There may be added pressure on

South Africa. They have been trying

for some time to be the recognised

Test at number one. Australia will

be ranked at number one in the

world but they will have to win or

draw the series. It is the most

experienced Australian squad of the

modern era, featuring debutante

opener Philip Hughes. I will take

his eye part of him on the plain to his eye part of him on the plain

see what he is listening to. And

uncapped player Marcus north. I am

hoping to play over there, I just

will take it one step at time and

hopefully I will get an

hopefully I will get an opportunity.

In the 2020 last night, these

trickled toes licked up the SCG.

With New Zealand on track for

victory, he caught Brendan the

column. What happened next, column. What happened next, was extraordinary. I have never seen

anything like that in my life. He

was probably like that I Minister

strode up at the right time at the

right height. Astray went on to win

the game by one run. Victoria is all but assured of hosting the Sheffield Shield final after Chris Rogers and Brad Hodge helped the Bushrangers grab first innings points against NSW. Rogers set the tone early with a knock of 61, before dragging a Beau Casson delivery onto his stumps. Then it was Hodge's turn to shine, smashing the Blues' attack with 11 boundaries and a six. Aaron Bird swooped,

of his century. bowling Hodge just two runs short involved with making contact The rookie umpire Robert Eddy and injuring St Kilda midfielder has been cleared by the AFL. In this new behind-the-goal vision, with Eddy after a boundary throw-in. field umpire Ben Ryan made contact St Kilda filed a complaint. and cleared Ryan of any wrongdoing. But the AFL today viewed the incident medial ligament damage to his knee Eddy suffered and is likely to miss a month. And a good record from suspension. has saved Brisbane's Ash McGrath He can escape with a reprimand for his forceful front on contact with Brendon Goddard. Greg Bird's career remains in limbo tonight with the NSW Rugby League still awaiting an application for him to play with the Newtown Jets. Bird has been refused a visa to take up his contract with English Superleague outfit Bradford and his former club, Cronulla, won't allow him to play for any other NRL team. I really feel for Greg because Greg's a footballer and he wants to play football, but unfortunately the club had to take a stance was provided to the club at the time and still to this day the Sharks players today, NRL boss David Gallop addressed

including Reni Maitua, with his former club, the Bulldogs. who's still locked in a legal wrangle has copped a 1-week suspension Hurricanes captain Rodney So'oialo on Saturday. during the Waratahs' Super 14 win his boot came into contact with Waugh So'oialo admitted but it was deemed as unintentional was taken into account. and his largely unblemished record I'm happy that Phil's alright - may not have been caused by me - and obviously that the injury but I'm very disappointed that I won't be playing this weekend. The Tahs today signed former Queensland Reds forward Luke Doherty to their 2009 squad. Stephanie Rice has shown just how committed she is for next month's World Championship trials. Swimming three 200m races within an hour at the NSW titles took a toll on the triple Olympic gold medallist.

A day after Stephanie Rice was in the pull, she looked exhausted. She

just raced at three different races

in three hours. Just how hard she

went it was clear for all to see.

You see it in training quite often.

It was probably a combination of

three different races in a row. In

the last one, she cocked a little

water in her mouth. The selection

trials for the Rome world

championship since and now just four weeks The first day was the 400m medley. She really surprised herself and me with the times she did, with a 4.40. We were expecting about a 4.44 or a 4.45, so to swim 4.40 at this stage of her preparation is really good. Former boyfriend Eamon Sullivan producing the goods as well with a win in the 50m freestyle following hip surgery. Like the rest of the swimming world, Sullivan will be watching closely the outcome of next week's FINA summit on the high-tech swim suits. It would be a shame to go back in technology and see the times and results go backwards and take another five years to get back there. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Aurelio Vidmar's extraordinary spray could see him banished to the stands for Adelaide United's preliminary final against Queensland. The FFA today issued the club with a please explain. Instead of preparing for a preliminary final, the club's been forced into some serious soul searching. We all know we have to live with that and move forward. Owner Nick Bianco met the playing group. Vidmar's outburst as a minor slip-up. He prefers to describe Best he can do is get a bonus or a raise, because he is doing good. He just was frustrated because he's passionate with the team. Discontent's been brewing since popular defender Angelo Costanzo, Diego and Jonas Salley were released before the finals. That decision split the playing group - and the board. to Vidmar's frustration. Financial cutbacks have only added Yet, less than two months ago, the coach praised United as the best football club in Australia. However, Saturday's fifth loss to Melbourne this season was the last straw. There's too many people in this club with hidden agendas. That's the problem. That 4-0 result tonight was politics, nothing else. Because of a pissant town, this club will never win anything until you get rid of that crap.

While Vidmar regrets the words he chose to describe Adelaide,

Clubbers are thought to be looking at a multi-million-dollar loss. An emotional Tim Cahill has paid tribute to the Victorian bushfire victims after scoring the final goal in Everton's 3-1 FA Cup win over Aston Villa. Cahill wore a black armband during the match and showed it to the crowd when he found the back of the net. He'd just wrapped up Everton's place in the F.A. Cup quarterfinals, but Tim Cahill wasn't about to forget events in Australia. Earlier, 17-year-old Jack Rodwell

gave the Toffees the lead

in just the fourth minute before each side won a penalty. Aston Villa levelled the scores. at the other end Then an almost exact replay gave Everton a 2-1 advantage. the last eight by Manchester United. The Toffees have been joined in against Derby The Red Devils took an early lead from Portugese winger Nani. thanks to a brilliant goal of a defensive scramble Darren Gibson made the most

to give United a 2-0 lead to head home a third before Ryan Giggs allowed Ronaldo

and put an end to the contest. 4-1 the final score. in Glasgow's old firm derby. And there was a stalemate Aussie striker Scott McDonald to win it for Celtic. wasting a great chance Adam McNicol, Ten News. Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong has hit back at a British journalist who labelled him a "cancer of the sport". Armstrong denied London's 'Sunday Times' reporter Paul Kimmage an interview, Do we make mistakes all of us? Absolutely. As a society, are we supposed to forgive and forget and let people get back to their job? Absolutely. I'm not sure I will ever forgive you for that statement anyone around the world and I'm not sure will forgive you. that's been affected by this disease Armstong's bike was stolen Adding insult to injury, prologue. prior to the Tour of California has made a promising debut Aussie Marcos Ambrose the Daytona 500 - in Nascar's biggest event - finishing 17th. Ambrose avoiding the prangs, with 77 laps to go. including this major incident That ain't gonna work, boys! COMMENTATOR: Vickers hard. The dominant car of the day in the wall.

That was wrong. into the infield. And ten cars sliding and slamming in the crash. All up, nine cars were eliminated Rain washed out the final laps, with American Matt Kenseth declared the winner. Andy Murray has beaten Rafael Nadal in the final of the Rotterdam Open - his third straight win over the world number one. Obviously he hurt his knee and I didn't really know what to do. I stopped playing so well. Happy to win but obviously preferred if he wasn't hurt.

The win is Murray's tenth career title. Now you can feel even better about the taste you love. McCafe's stronger, smoother coffee certified beans. is made from Rainforest Alliance This means the coffee beans are grown in a way and their families that helps workers

earn a better income on the environment. and has minimum impact McCafe Rainforest Alliance blend - and a great tasting coffee for you. a great deal for workers 20 litres of water per minute. Your garden hose can chew through even if it's your turn to water. So think twice, Try to keep it to once a week, don't water at all. and if it rains, Thinking gardeners: (BREATHES SHALLOWLY) I'd quit on my 30th. MAN: I promised Liz (MOWER HUMS)

Made six weeks when we had Jase. But I got stressed. I quit every New Year. I was sure I was gonna stop before it did me any serious damage. I was so sure. VOICEOVER: Face it - there's never going to be a perfect time to quit. You have to beat your habit once and for all - now. Play Of The Day time and it was the Shaquille O'Neal show Proving his classy footwork isn't limited to the court, Shaq pumped up the crowd with some pre-game entertainment. After breaking it down, he pulled out all the moves 37-point victory over the East. to lead the West to a comprehensive also joined the Shaq party. friends and foes. They've been team-mates, and our Play Of The Day. Today they shared the MVP award

He is 147 kilograms. Not that there

is anything wrong with that. But

what was within asks? He was just a bit

bit of fun. A bit weirder I think. The weather. New South Wales and Queensland Thick cloud over western parts of in a trough is generating potentially severe thunderstorms.

of New South Wales in easterlies Cloud over the coast and ranges is causing showers. the heavy rain in the Pilbara Cloud over WA in a trough is causing and the odd inland storm. will fire up Isolated storms and showers in WA and South Australia. along a trough Storms will continue with the monsoon in the tropics.

Cairns mostly sunny, sunny in Sydney, Hobart, Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs.

A possible shower in Brisbane and Adelaide. A frosty start to a sunny day in Canberra. A clearing shower in Melbourne. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00am. I'm Kathryn Robinson. From the Late News team, goodnight.