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(generated from captions) Coming up - and her cruel weight taunts. Jessica Simpson who's come to the singer's defence. We'll tell you the old ally In the meantime, it's 7:30. from Sharyn Ghidella. Let's get the latest news in Victoria's Gippsland region Crews battling bushfires of today's cooler conditions. are hoping to take advantage

the night battling the blazes. As many as 500 firefighters spent region later this morning Showers are forecast for the the bushfire threat isn't over. but residents are being warned started for us now The summer has well and truly and to be 100% safe So the advice is to remain vigilant in bush, forest, grassland areas. if you're dealing with fire deliberately lit on Thursday The fires, which were at least 30 homes and 50 sheds. have destroyed Across the border, for South Australians there's little relief on the way their brutal heatwave. suffering through is again forecast for today A top of 40 degrees are set to remain and similar temperatures for the rest of the week. It's thought the heat so far of more than 30 people across SA. has claimed the lives has launched an inquiry The State Government on Thursday and Friday, into rolling blackouts without power. which left 170,000 homes remain on full pay Two New South Wales detectives been involved in major crimes. despite accusations they've Seven News revealed last night are under investigation the detectives from Liverpool and extortion. for armed robbery, drug dealing robbed drug dealers of their stash It's alleged the pair before selling it back to them as well as other drug offences to a senior Rebels bikie. and providing information Those, and other allegations, Police Integrity Commission will go before the next month.

are currently suspended. The two junior detectives Three men are in hospital

in Sydney overnight. after two separate shootings In the first, to his arm a man was found with a gunshot wound in the city's south-west at a home in Condell Park just after 10:30pm. on his head. He also suffered a bullet graze Not long afterwards, in Glendenning in Sydney's west. two men were shot at a house after being hit in the chest. One is in a serious condition The other was shot in his arm. Parents are being warned alcohol consumption level there is no safe for children under the age of 18. tough new guidelines have ruled Fairfax papers report for teenagers 15 years and under. alcohol is particularly dangerous of serious injury Teenagers are also more at risk

four drinks on any one occasion. if they consume more than

a 2007 draft The new guidelines contradict could consume some alcohol that found 15- to 17-year-olds under parental supervision.

of trying to boost falling profits The major banks have been accused by putting unfair pressure on staff. The Financial Services Union claims are being constantly forced bank workers onto customers. to push home loans and credit cards up to 170 complaints a month The Union says it's receiving from fed-up staff. the Commonwealth Bank, The worst has been accounting for 44% of complaints, while Westpac had around 15%.

have lodged their votes Overseas, millions of Iraqis during a major round of elections. as a positive sign of stability The provincial ballot is being seen later on this year. ahead of a general election

They may not be voting fi President,

Prime Minister or Parliament but

these elections are historic. After a slow start, turnout is improving. This voter said "

This voter said "We came here

willingly to choose the people we

trusted. Good willing they will

offer good things to this city.

offer good things to this city." If

elections pass peacefully it may be

showing signs of ill proximity.

Troops watch on the ground and from

the air. International borders like

this with Iran have been closed and

there is a ban on cars in all major

cities. Many Women have been

recruited to get other women voters.

Despite the security there has been

a mortar attack but no one was

injured and at least eight

candidates have been shot dead but

that is an improvement on elections

past. There are tight measures to

stop fraud. Each voter must dip

their finger into indelible ink to

keep them from going to another

voting selection. If peaceful, that

life after withdrawal from US forces

whenever President Obama decides

that should be. Nicole Kidman can't kick the habit It seems caught sneaking a quick cigarette with the Aussie actor on the set of her new movie. a smoke during a break in filming She was photographed having of the movie 'Nine' which is being shot in Rome.

a press conference in Cannes, In 2003, Nic famously lit up during less-than-flattering reviews earning herself from anti-smoking groups.

Let's drag our way over to the

sports desk. has destroyed Dinara Safina Serena Williams her fourth Australian Open title. to claim off the court in less than an hour Williams blew the Russian third seed the women's number one ranking. to reclaim was one of her most comprehensive, Serena's 10th Grand Slam final win of her demolition of Maria Sharapova bringing back memories in 2007.

COMMENTATOR: That ends a complete

of the Chappell-Hadlee series heading into the first match with a crisis of confidence the Australian side is struggling Mike Hussey admits as the best ever. a match labelled by some was in the 2008 Wimbledon final - last Grand Slam match-up Federer and Nadal's than me for the final. Roger will be in better physical think it will affect Rafa that much. You could think that way but I don't at Melbourne Park. the longest ever match win over Fernando Verdasco - to surpass Nadal's 5-set semifinal But it will have to be an epic Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. a dream match-up between to tonight's men's decider - The focus now shifts to more than $35 million. takes Williams's career earnings The victory number one. box and they were saying you are box and they were saying you are the end when I was saying hi to my display from Serena. Jaou forgot at in Perth this afternoon. Hussey was one of the few shining lights for the home side in Friday's thumping at the hands of South Africa but the star batsman admits morale has taken a hit.

I wouldn't say it is completely

shot. I would say confidence is

definitely down from where we are

from winning World Cups and things like that Black Caps skipper Daniel Vettori has fired a shot at the Aussies in the lead-up, claiming they've lost their aura. Andrew Symonds's hopes of making the tour of South Africa hang in the balance after the all-rounder failed again for Queensland in their Sheffield Shield match against Western Australia at the WACA. Symonds was caught behind for just three yesterday, then smashed his bat against a concrete wall in frustration. Aussie Richard Green is in the hunt at the Dubai Desert Classic. Green sits two shots behind Irish teenager Rory McIllroy but neither got to finish their third rounds after six hours were lost due to fog on the opening two days. Green was in hot form with the putter,

coming up with three birdies and no bogeys through 11 holes in the third round before play was suspended. But McIllroy is the man they all have to catch. The Irish prodigy opened up a 2-shot lead with an eagle on the 10th, his last hole of the day. is in the mix with play under way in the third round of the FBR Open in Arizona. Nitties trails leader Scott Piercy by a stroke

with Geoff Ogilvy two shots further back. And in this morning's English Premier League action, Manchester United has extended its lead with a win over Tim Cahill's Everton. like that P

Well done to

Well done to Cheryl, stepping down

Well done to Cheryl, stepping down from the Matildas after a stellar

career. Wasn't Serena lovely last

night in accepting her championship?

I love when she said "

I love when she said "I could just

talk for hours.

talk for hours." It is her warmth.

This is an absolute star. On and off

the court. Incredible confidence. There

There is a certain kind of humility,

in touch with the crowd. 6-0, 6-3.

Probably overwhelmed but we will see

an entirely different match tonight. It will be extraordinary. Now for Sunday's weather.

Showers in Cairns. Fine in Sydney. Showers in Melbourne.

Sunny in Hobart. 40 degrees in Adelaide. Storms in Perth. Hot and wet in Darwin. And the chance of showers in Alice Springs. It was the crash that shocked the world because the outcome was so good. But barely two weeks after a US Airways jet successfully ditched in New York, a video game has been released. It offers you the chance to be the hero of the Hudson.

But if you get it wrong, the jet sinks. So is this in poor taste? Both sides, later this morning. Next, though, our big story this Sunday - live to Victoria's bushfire emergency after the break.

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to book it. More now on the Victorian bushfire emergency. Hundreds of firefighters have another busy day ahead

as flames continue to threaten people and properties. At least 28 homes have so far been destroyed and more than 6,000 hectares of bushland burnt out in the State's Gippsland region. But cooler conditions are forecast today bringing some relief. Let's get an update from our reporter in the field and from the Victorian Country Fire Authority. First to reporter Ben McNair in Churchill. Ben, good morning. How are things looking there this morning?

Good morning. Certainly relief is in

sight for firefighters here.

sight for firefighters here. There is a light drizzle falling over the

whole fire area at the moment and

much lighter winds than what we have

seen in the last few days. There are

were lightning strikes last night

and firefighters rushed to get on

that and the town has been through

enough. How widespread is the damage

so far? Well, Andrew, a bit more

than 6,000 hectares. As Bec said a

moment ago, 28 homes have been

burnt. Firefighters are still going

into the worst affected area and

they say the 28 homes could be

significantly higher. They lost 50

sheds. A 49-year-old farmer was

burnt on the arm and has been taken

to hospital but he is certainly OK. Pete Baker, good

Pete Baker, good morning to you. How

are the fire crews coping, because

we have to remember they are

volunteers? Yes, about 500

volunteers. They are coping quite

well and of course the cooler

conditions will hope. During the hot

days, heat stress and fatigue was an

issue so there was a lot of water

drunk. Can you expect these cooler

temperatures to bring much relief

today? Yes, the cooler today? Yes, the cooler temperatures

will allow us to consolidate the

controlled lines and that will be a

good thing for this fire. Ben McNair and Peter Baker, thanks for joining us. We'll check in with you again soon. Later this morning, see this year's Super Bowl commercials first. One 30 second slot is costing a record $4 million.

It goes up every year. It is

It goes up every year. It is extraordinary. But after the break, out of rehab and all cleaned up. So what's going wrong for Amy Winehouse now? Find out next.

Here is a live look at Brisbane.

Shower or two forecast. A top of 29

degrees. It does look glum and

gloomy there this morning. Britney Spears is enjoying a monumental comeback with a chart-topping albums and two hit singles. But her past is coming back to haunt her.

The pop singer has obtained new restraining orders against her former manager Sam Lutfi and ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. Britney's father Jamie Spears has backed up his daughter's claims of harassment. Showbiz correspondent Nelson Aspen joins us now. Good morning, Nelson. What has Britney's father said?

All those names we managed to forget

All those names we managed to forget and now they are back. Her father,

Jamie, has gotten new restraining

orders to keep them away from his

little girl and he claims because

they are working in concert to

disrupt the conservatorship for her

wealth - health and wellbeing. Britney would call them Britney would call them and

innocently say where she is going to

be and then they show up and tell

the paparazzi. Note to Britney,

maybe don't call them. If they are

calling you, change your number or

calling you, change your number or

get caller ID. It is a sword that

cuts both ways. It is good to know

that it is not Britney not working

in concert. What are the terms of the restraining

the restraining order? Not only the

the restraining order? Not only the two of them but their lawyer are

restricted to coming within 250

yards of her, her property or her

family. When she comes Down Under,

you better stay 250 feet away. Moving on, Aussie actress Naomi Watts has opened up about her love life. Nelson, what's she revealed?

I always said she is one of the most

down to earth of all the

celebrities. There is not a lot of

stuff to say about her. She talked a

little bit about her ex Heath Ledger and "

and "Having

and "Having a wonderful

and "Having a wonderful mixture of

power and fragility" and she went on

about the father of her two sons,

Liev Schreiber that they are both

Liev Schreiber that they are both from broken homes and don't feel

compelled to get a marriage

certificate. Fr now she has a ring

and babies. She does not need a

paper from the city. You talk to

Goldie Hawn about that, talk to

Susan Sarandon about that.

Nelson, it seems things just keep going from bad to worse for Amy Winehouse.

What's happened?

Just when she looks like she is

getting things back together on her

extended Caribbean holiday and we

have seen the paparazzi photos of extended Caribbean holiday and we

her on the beach and playing

Scrabble with friends. Meanwhile she

has left her flat in London

unattended and it has gone from

being the safe street to being

strangely deserted. Neighbours herd

somebodyic canning in the door and

they made off with guitars and

flat-screen TVs. Invest in the alarm

system, Amy. She has a lot to kwon

tend with. Did they make off with

any smoking stuff? I like your refer to

to one-kin . Solo-kini. Finally,

to one-kin . Solo-kini. Finally,

another big-name celebrity who

another big-name celebrity who has come to Jessica Simpson's defence

amid weight gain allegations. The

allegations are extraordinary. Who

is it? There are a few celebrities

like her own sister,

like her own sister, Ashlee Simpson

and Heidi Klum. Even her ex Nick

Lachey has had to weigh in on

Jessica's new curvier shape. " Jessica's new curvier shape. "I hope

she is happy whatever size she comes

in. I wish her the best. in. I wish her the best." in. I wish her the best." And he

went on to say I'm never seized to

amazed by people's reactions. She is

hardly morbidly obese. She is a

reasonably healthy person. She is

sexy She looks different to when she

had the

had the car and the sponge and the

froth all over her. You can't be

Sponge Bob Simpson pants forever.

Nelson, it is lovely to see you S

see you next hour for Movie of the Week. Coming up on Weekend Sunrise,

why Madonna doesn't really hate Australia after all and why we care. Plus, your survival guide for the end of the world. Apparently, it's coming.

But next - news, sport and weather together. You're watching Weekend Sunrise on the Seven Network.

What goes through your mind when a bushfire is about to destroy your home? Wonder how much time I've got. How much am I really going to save? Is my piddly little hose gonna do anything and where's my cat? This morning, live coverage

as Victoria wages war against an inferno. Plus, fugitive found - the investigator who's tracked down Olivia Newton-John's ex.

And then... I'm good!

..the new Super Bowl commercials

this Sunday 1 February 2009. # Reach up for the sunrise # Put your hands in to the big sky... #

VOICEOVER: Live from Brekky Central Andrew O'Keefe and Rebecca Maddern.

Also this morning, the young casanova. He's dishing out relationship advice at just nine years old. So what would he know? You'll be surprised. Plus, why the Material Girl is finally headed back to Australia after a 15-year absence. And meet Anne Hathaway. She's been nominated for an Oscar for her role in 'Rachel Getting Married'.

That's our Movie of the Week. Right now, though, it's time for the latest news with Sharyn Ghidella. Cooler conditions across Victoria's Gippsland region

are expected to help firefighters control a massive bushfire. Hundreds of emergency workers have battled through the night to try to get on top of the 6,000 hectare blaze. At one stage, the flames also threatened major powerlines. Firefighters hope this morning's forecast showers will bring some relief.

The cooler conditions will certainly allow us to consolidate the lines and that will be a great thing for this fire. The deliberately-lit fire has aleady destroyed almost 30 homes and more than 40 sheds. Just across the border, South Australians are waking up to yet another 40-degree day. There's little relief in sight with soaring temperatures forecast to hit the State

for the rest of this week. Yeah, getting a bit sick of it. The house is so hot even though we got aircon, it's just struggling. Nah, gotta love the heat you know. Winter time is kinda boring. The South Australian Government has also demanded an inquiry into how the national power regulator is handling the heatwave. The regulator allowed rolling power cuts on Thursday and Friday, blacking out 170,000 homes.

The heat is being blamed for more than 30 deaths. Three men have been shot during two separate incidents in Sydney overnight. Around 10:30pm, a man was shot in the arm at a home in Condell Park in Sydney's south-west. He also suffered a bullet graze on his head and was taken to hospital. About half an hour later,

two men were found with bullet wounds at a home in Glendenning in the city's west. One is in a serious condition after being shot in the chest. The other was hit in his arm. Police are speaking to a number of witnesses. An 11-year-old girl has been killed in a quad-bike accident on the New South Wales mid-north coast. She was a passenger on the bike as it went up a steep hill at Tipperary, west of Foster yesterday afternoon. Police say the bike flipped and rolled. The girl was airlifted to hospital but died a short time later. The driver, another young girl, was uninjured. The Rudd Government is expected to finalise its second multibillion-dollar stimilus package as early as this week. Pressure is building after the International Monetary Fund predicted Australia will slip into recession this year. The IMF says Australia will likely have a negative growth rate of -0.2%. Falls in economic growth employment and revenues right across the world,

including for Australia. The Government is set to drive the budget into the red as a buffer to the worldwide downturn. Four alcoholic drinks in one sitting could put you at risk of serious harm. That's according to the Federal Government's latest alcohol guidelines. They've been softened since a controversial draft back in 2007, which stated two drinks a day posed a serious health risk.

Fairfax says the National Health and Medical Research Council has also expressed concerns about youth binge drinking, saying

there is no safe level of drinking for under 18s. In overseas news, five newborn babies have been killed after fire tore through a maternity ward in northern India.

The babies were inside incubators being treated for jaundice when the blaze broke out. It's believed the fire was started by an electrical short circuit. Five other babies all less than a week old were rescued, one suffering serious burns. An investigation is under way. Protests against the World Economic Forum meeting in the Swiss Alps have turned violent with riot police firing tear gas at bottle-throwing demonstrators. It had been a peaceful march of around 1,000 people until some threw projectiles at security officers. (SIRENS WAIL) Authorities had denied the anti-capitalist crowd a permit to hold the demonstration. Rumours are swirling that US President Barack Obama is set to become a father for the third time. Just over a week after dazzling at her husband's inauguration, there are unconfirmed reports Michelle Obama is pregnant.

America's First Lady has previously stated she didn't intend having any more children. Barack and Michelle Obama are already parents to 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha. Music-lovers were have enjoyed a night of free opera under the stars. Up to 100,000 people packed a picnic in Sydney's Domain and found themselves in the passionate heart of Southern Italy.

(SINGS OPERA) 'Opera in the Domain' is one of Sydney's most popular summer events. And now with sport, here's Simon Reeve. And

I am throwing to Andrew and Bec. We asked before there were children

born in the White House. The first

born was the granddaughter of Thomas

Jefferson. The only child born to a

President in the White House was the

daughter of Grover Cleveland. Esther Cleveland. There you go.

Cleveland. There you go. In 1893.

Although somebody has emailed saying

that Jackie owe Na sis gave birth to

Patrick who survived only a couple

days just a couple months before JFK

was assassinated. We will check that

up. Thanks,

up. Thanks, Nelson. You let us down

on that one.

on that One. Time for sport. Serena Williams has humbled Dinara Safina

to claim her fourth Australian Open title. Williams blew the Russian third seed off the court in a stunning display of power hitting to collect her 10th Grand Slam title. Serena was red-hot against the world number three, racing through the first set in just 22 minutes. The American wrapped up the title in less than an hour, reclaiming the world number one ranking in the process.

COMMENTATOR: That ends a complete

display from Serena The victory takes Williams's career earnings to more that $35 million. Mike and Bob, the Bryan brothers

have collected their third Australian Open doubles title. The brothers downed Mahesh Bhupati and Mark Knowles in a tight 3-set contest. Attention now turns to the men's final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Full coverage right here on Seven. Check your local guides. New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori says the Australian side is more vulnerable than ever ahead of today's Chappell-Hadlee series opener in Perth. The Black Caps leader believes Australia's intimidating aura has been washed away by a string of recent retirements.

COMMENTATOR: That ends a complete display from Serena P

You look at them differently. Guys

who played against these guys there

is an appeal like feel man the guy

who played three or four hundred one day games. John Kosmina has been axed as coach of Sydney FC. Kosmina still had a year to run on his contract but new owners are about to take control of the club.

Reports this morning suggest Sydney have already sounded out several European-based coaches about taking on the role. It's believed the club has knocked back an approach from former Sunderland manager Roy Keane. Newcastle rookie James Nitties has suffered a setback in the third round of the FBR Open in Arizona. Nitties trails leader Scott Piercy by five strokes after a double bogey on the 11th. is five off the pace shots. Geoff Ogilvy The Novocastrian held the lead briefly after three early birdies

but has been overtaken by a stunning surge from Piercy. The American's been on a birdie blitz, moving to 8 under for the day through 13 holes.

One of the great nights of sport in

Australia. Having a little beer or

Australia. Having a little beer or your little glass of chardy. No more

than four in one sitting. Everyone

will be tired tomorrow. Let's hope

so because that will mean it will be

a 4-setter or 5-setter Not like last

night. Thought that was cute

night. Thought that was cute of Dinara Safina

Dinara Safina apologising for giving

them an hour of entertainment. She

said I sorry for being ball ball.

She wasn't the boy T no wonder - no

wonder she didn't win if she thought

she was the boy boy. Let's do the

weather. Now for Sunday's weather. Showers in Cairns.

Fine in Sydney. Showers in Melbourne. Sunny in Hobart.

Storms in Perth. Hot and wet in Darwin. And the chance of showers in Alice Springs. Just ahead - the news in focus, including live to Melbourne Park ahead of tonight's men's final showdown at the Australian Open.

But the story of the morning is the Victorian bushfire emergency. Our live coverage begins in earnest next.

As we go to air this morning, Victoria remains a state in the grip of a bushfire emergency.

Almost 30 homes have now been lost in the Gippsland region around Boolarra. Authorities are working around the clock to bring the blazes under control. Many residents have been forced to flee their homes, and the extreme heat has been blamed for an increase in elderly deaths and power failures. But forecast cooler conditions today are expected to bring some relief. We have complete coverage this Sunday

with reporters in the field, Victoria's Country Fire Authority and one of our nation's best weather forecasters. First to reporter Ben McNair in the Gippsland region. Ben, good morning. You've been in the thick of this crisis all weekend. How bad has it been?

Hello again, Andrew. It has been an intense

intense bushfire over the past few

days. Particularly on Thursday it

tore through Boolarra and certainly

Boolarra's the worst-affected town.

Very intense flames. As I said, it

has burnt more than 6,000 hectares

and destroyed a number of homes.

Very intense fire indeed. We know the

the physical damage is enormous. How

are the residents reacting to this?

They are tough communities and

residents are pulling together for

those who lost stock sand property.

The overwhelming thing that we are

hearing is not so much the stock

that they lost but that this fire

that they lost but that this fire was deliberately lit. That is a very

was deliberately lit. That is a very nasty aspect to the whole thing.

People must feel put upon in

Gippsland. Floods not so long ago -

fires now. Are people talking about

leaving the area or get to the task

leaving the area or get to the task

of rebuilding? Most people I spoke

to are determined to rebuild their

homes and rebuild their communities.

As I said, they are a pretty tough lot

lot down here and they are

determined they will go on in the

towns. Cheers, Ben. Thanks for the update. The Victorian Country Fire Authorities has deployed every available resource to fight these fires. Peter Baker is an operations manager with the CFA. Peter, good morning. How important are today's cooler conditions?

Today's cooler conditions are very important for us.

important for us. With the last few

days we have had extreme heat and it

has been hard yakka for those

firefighters down there. Today we

will consolidate the control lines.

A busy day ahead. How many do you

actually have on the

actually have on the ground? Approximately 500 firefighters and

crew down in the Boolarra

crew down in the Boolarra area with

tankers. How are the crews coping

with this mammoth operation because

I know in past years they do

extremely long hours? Yes, they do.

There is a whole strategy of plan in

operation. What we are finding, operation. What we are finding, particularly with the hot weather,

we are making sure the crews are

taking regular breaks and taking regular breaks and hydrating

and electrolyte drinks as well.

Thank you for joining us and good

luck fighting those fires. What got Victoria into this mess? The simple answer is a record-breaking heat wave that has only intensified. But relief may finally be in sight. Dick Whitaker is a senior meteorologist from the Weather Channel. Dick, good morning.

There has been light drizzle in the

Gippsland region. Will the cooler

temperatures last into the week?

Yes, it is an encouraging start.

There is cooler weather. Mind you,

the temperatures are expected to

stay above normal. Until we get some

good substantial rain, the threat

remains even though the weather is good substantial rain, the threat

slightly cooler. What caused this

once in a century heatwave? The

three big heatwaves over

south-eastern Australia were 1908

and 1938 and what we are seeing now

stacks up pretty well with that. We

had a stationary high-pressure cell that is not

that is not moving anywhere and

deflecting changes to the south of

the bushfire area. So the changes

aren't getting through and getting

day after day of high temperature.

How about South Australia? The State

has struggled for days with 40-plus

temperatures. Mildly cooler but we

are seeing

are seeing temperatures in the high

30s. Not the extreme 45 but still

hot. At the Weather Channel do you

offer advice for people struggling

with the heat? Common sense, avoid

any heavy activity outside,

particularly in bright sunlight and

keep yourself hydrated with lots keep yourself hydrated with lots of

water, not beer. Thank you. Shifting focus now, it's the final day of the Australian Open and there's no question this has been one of the most exciting tournaments ever. Last night, Serena Williams beat Dinara Safina in two sets in the women's final.

Williams now claims the world number one ranking, previously held by Jelena Jankovic.

COMMENTATOR: That ends COMMENTATOR: That ends a complete

display from serene.

Tonight, world number one Rafael Nadal takes on world number two Roger Federer

in the men's final. So who will win? John Alexander is a chief commentator for Seven Sport. Good morning. Nadal's following up the longest match in the tournament's history. He beat Fernando Verdasco in a 5-hour semifinal. What are his chances like tonight?

Do you think that match has taken

anything out of him? It would have

taken an edge off him. What we don't

know is how Rafa went to sleep and

how did he feel when he got up. Rafa

was here practising at the time you

are going to play. But he has had

two days to recover and he is very fit.

fit. He is possibly the fittest

tennis player on the tour. He is

very strong and determined. His

record against Federer is

outstanding of the sl matches he has won 12. Federer is hoping to equal Pete Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slam titles tonight. How much pressure will he be under?

Do you think that will be in the

back of his mind?

back of his mind? No, I think he is

obviously aware of it. He talked

about it. Earlier in the week he

didn't talk about winning didn't talk about winning the 14th

but winning the 15th and beating

Sampras's record but even he can't

do that this week. It goes into the

mix but Roger will be concentrating

on the task at hand and preparing to

play his best. He is

play his best. He is well aware that

Rafa had the 5-hour match, this goes

to his vac, he is aware of his

record. He has a slight advantage on

this surface. This surface suits

him. It gives a little less

him. It gives a little less bounce to the fore hand of Nadal. That

won't cause such as problem as Wimbledon. Last night's women's final was a whitewash. How impressive was Serena Williams on court?

She looked awesome. She hardly

raised a sweat. Not as impressive

two years ago when she met Maria

Sharapova. I thought she played the

best match that any woman has

played. Last night she did what she needed to

needed to do. She assessed the

situation and noticed that Dinara

Safina was a little intense and took

advantage of her status and advantage of her status and allowed Dinara advantage of her status and allowed

Dinara Safina to implode and

Dinara Safina to implode and as Dinara Safina settled down, too

little, too late. Serena did what

she needed, it was very professional and

and measured. There is a couple

milestones. She won the most money

that any woman has won. Something like $

like $35 million.

Dinara Safina was visibly upset at championship point?

Yes, she was. I don't think Yes, she was. I don't think anybody

has worked harder than Dinara in the

past 12 months she was a finalist at

the European and semifinalist in US.

She would be terribly disappointed

in putting in such a poor performance

performance largely because of

nerves. This will serve for

experience and it is only a matter

of time until she breaks through.

What will the crowd atmosphere be

like at Rod Laver Arena tonight?

Also your tip before you go. This is

like a Super Bowl. There is

incredible hype. Before the event

incredible hype. Before the event there was not many tipping that it

would be Nadal and Federer final

because of those challenging them.

They have come through in their

spectacular ways. No body knows who

will win. Everyone has a preference.

Everybody has an opinion and

everybody has a nose. All things

taken, I favour Roger.

taken, I favour Roger. I favour

Roger. Thanks for joining us. Enjoy

the match P Hasn't Fernando Verdasco

been a revelation? He has been a

revelation. I asked myself this

question. Why haven't I been

watching his other matches? He is

quite good looking. They call him

quite good looking. They call him Tabasco Verdasco. That hair was

perfectly styled and it did not move

and it was hot. The people at

Garnier kept an eye on him. He is my

favourite player. Still to come - the website that lets you dob in your boss. Plus, how to survive the end of the world. Apparently it's coming in 2012.

But after the break - the news headlines. And the hunt for Patrick McDermott? Closing in on Olivia Newton-John's fugitive ex next. Hello. In news this week. Monaro MP .. Steve Whan was elected into cabinet... given emergency services and small business portfolios. Serial killer Ivan Milat cut his pinky finger off... to send to the high court. It couldn't be re- attached. Two inmates climbed the roof of Belconnen Remand Centre.. . in protest of overcrowded conditions. New Australian of the year and local indigenous leader Mick Dodson sparked debate... over when we

celebrate Australia Day. He says the date isolates aboriginal people. A Canberra teen biten by a shark at Bateman's Bay .. said it's lucky he was attacked rather than nearby kids. A new report found we face the longest wait times for elective surgery in the country. Fresh worries over ABC playgroups... after kids were turned away at Garran because of a lack of staff. And revelations Floriade's NightFest blew its budget by a quarter of a million dollars. More tomorrow.

(CHILDREN GIGGLE) Yes! Mum, you're next! Yes! I win! Deep in your carpet, dirt sticks to the fibres.

to remove the dirt that vacuuming alone can't remove. Look at the difference Don't just vacuum clean. Preen clean.

In this half hour, dead or alive? Olivia Newton-John's ex disappeared 3.5 years ago. He was presumed drowned.

In a moment, meet the man who says Patrick McDermott is very much alive and about to be caught.

Plus, the young casanova dishing out relationship advice at nine years old. But right now, let's check the headlines with Sharyn. Good morning again, everyone. Hundreds of firefighters battling a huge blaze in Victoria

hope to take advantage of better weather conditions today.

Almost 30 homes have been lost in the Gippsland fire. Showers are forecast for the region later this morning but residents are being warned the threat isn't over. In South Australia, it's another day of 40-degree temperatures. It's thought the record heatwave has claimed more than 30 lives and there's no let-up in sight with more hot weather predicted this week. Three men are in hospital

after two shooting incidents in Sydney overnight.

A man was found at a house at Condell Park in the city's south-west with a bullet wound to his arm. While two men were shot outside a house in Glendenning in the city's west. One of them was hit in the chest. And making sports headlines this morning, Serena Williams is on top of the tennis world this morning following a devastating win over Dinara Safina in the Australian Open women's final.

Williams dominated the Russian from start to finish to collect her 10th Grand Slam title. It's Williams's fourth Australian Open triumph. New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori has labelled the Australian side 'vulnerable' ahead of today's Chappell-Hadlee series opener in Perth. The Black Caps leader believes Australia are more vulnerable than ever and that their intimidating aura has been washed away by recent retirements.

And John Kosmina has been axed as coach of Sydney FC. Kosmina still had a year to run on his contract but new owners are about to take control of the club. It's understood Sydney are set to appoint a European-based coach in the coming days. And the weather this Sunday - A shower or two in Brisbane. Fine in Sydney.

Canberra will be sunny and 34. Showers in Melbourne. In Adelaide, a hot 40 degrees. 36 in Perth. And in Darwin,

afternoon showers and storms with a top of 33 degrees.

We are just over half way through Our next story is so extraordinary, it seems almost unbelievable. A well-known public figure stages his disappearance and spends years on the run. But this isn't a Hollywood blockbuster - it's real. And the wanted man is Olivia Newton-John's former flame. FILE FOOTAGE: Was it an accident, foul play, or is he on the run? June 30, 2005. Light technician Patrick McDermott disappears after a fishing trip. The incident made world headlines - after all, McDermott was the ex-lover of Olivia Newton-John. (SINGS) # And my heart is set on you... # The US Coast Guard concluded he probably drowned but others say he faked his death to escape his financial troubles. He's alive, there's no doubt about that. This guy's alive. Philip Klein is a private investigator from Texas,

hired by NBC's 'Dateline' program. He's on a mission to find McDermott. We bought the name ''.

We need you to build a website. OK.

The whole purpose is when you log in, I trap your arse. When you're running, you always are looking over your shoulder and we're gonna catch him looking at us. Klein has reason to believe his suspect is travelling along the Mexican coastline. The most interesting hits have come directly from Cabo San Lucas. The green one is the last place anybody saw Patrick McDermott. This PI is confident the case will be closed.

He's gonna make a mistake, they all make mistakes. He's gonna do something and I'll be right on his tail. And Philip Klein joins me now from Houston in the United States. Good morning to you.

Just how close are you to catching Patrick McDermott?

Well, I don't ever like to put time limits on it but I can tell you that we are right on his trail. I would say, if I had to put some time limits on it, I would say we were within probably the next month, maybe six weeks - whenever he raises his head again. Right now, he is doing like any other runner does now that he has got national exposure - he has kind of gone underground so we are waiting for his head to pop back up and we will get him. Just on the point, I mean, publicising the fact that you are so close - doesn't that actually hinder the investigation? Absolutely not. What it does is help the investigation. You know, rather than having 10 eyes looking for him, we have 1 million eyes looking for him and that is will we need right now and that is what we want. Like I say, you know, to a lot of people, a million eyes are better than 10 eyes and that is what we are looking for right now. Everyone is looking for him and we will get a hot tip and we will get him here very soon. Good point. Just how much planning does it take to stage a disappearance of this magnitude? Well, in Patrick's case, we believe that he had been attempting to stage his disappearance and planning it for least six months. In fact, the funny part about it was

he was out on the boat of 'Freedom' six times before he actually disappeared. And at $200 a pop, for a guy that cannot pay his own rent and was fixing to be foreclosed on, for a guy that doesn't pay his child support and goes around and tries to borrow money from people, you know, we kind of figured at that point he had been casing the boat and riding out on that boat trying to figure out how it works so I think he probably tried about six months beforehand and he began the plan. Philip, there were more than 20 people on board that boat that night. I find it difficult to believe that nobody actually saw him flee. Yes, well, we do have one witness that said they saw him step off the boat and what we did in the beginning of the investigation was we went back and we interviewed, out of the 20 people who were on the boat, we interviewed 16 of them and we got him. What we did was restaged his last 24 hours of his life and we started at the point where he said goodbye to Olivia Newton-John, all the way to the point where he was reported missing.

So, the 16 people were able to help us on the boat. The crew was a better help for us because they gave us the procedural aspects of it,

and we were able to piece together his leaving the ship, the 'Freedom'. Olivia Newton-John did not report him missing straightaway - why do you think that is? You know, I will tell you why it is.

It is not commonly known but we will tell the story now. Approximately 24 hours before he got on the boat, he showed up at Olivia Newton-John's house

at about 10:00 in the morning with flowers and a funny card. When he showed up at the front door, he went in. He asked that they be left alone. They had a brief meeting for about 5 or 10 minutes where he gave her the flowers and the funny card and then Olivia told her assistant, after he left, that they had broken up. So I think this was Patrick's final farewell to Olivia.

Who actually reported him missing was his ex-wife, Yvette Nipar. Do you think that she has any idea of his whereabouts now? Olivia? Yes. No, I do not think that Olivia has any knowledge of his whereabouts. I believe - and I have said this all along and our investigation proves - Olivia knew nothing of his disappearance. This was an affair of the heart for her

and she did not say anything to the media. She did not say anything to the original investigators and she really didn't say anything to us.

She did not co-operate with us in this investigation because we believe it was an affair of the heart for her. You know, I believe this woman really loved Patrick McDermott. He broke her heart by A, breaking up with her

and B, disappearing and I think it is just too hard for her to grasp. Which, you know, you've got to admit for a woman that is beloved both here in the United States, and especially in Australia, you have got to have some compassion for her. So where do you think he is now then? We believe that he is somewhere either in the Mexican Riviera or towards South America, working as either a deckhand or a sailmate on a vessel,

either a private yacht or maybe a rather larger ship. We believe that he has been coming into ports, spending two or three days in port and then going back out to sea. We believe that he probably works for a private family or a private organisation and that is how he makes his money. And just one last question briefly before I go, what do you do if you do go up to him?

Do you tap him on the shoulder and say "Gotcha!" Well...(LAUGHS) know, that is one of those things that a lot of people are asking. You know, there a lot of questions that need be asked. Number 1, Mr McDermott, did you have any contact with anyone back in the United States and that answer is obviously yes. Number 2, did you attempt to get the insurance money or have the insurance money paid?

Was it a fraudulent situation? - and that could be a crime. And number 3, are you in the country where you are, legally? We do know that he's travelling on a passport. We do know that it is easy to come in and out of those ports down there and I guess, to answer your question simply, you know, I would say "Mr McDermott, come with me, "I need to ask you a couple of questions." Alright, well, I hope for your sake that happens. Philip Klein, thank you very much for joining us this morning. Thank you so much for having me. Coming up - Anne Hathaway on her Oscar nominated role in 'Rachel Getting Married'. Then later, the dog that can count - that's one mathematical mutt. But next, the young casanova. Relationship advice from a 9-year-old when we return.

'The Morning Show' - Mr Australia, but today he'll be known as Kylie's pool boy. Returns tomorrow from 9am. In the quest for love, many these days are turning to self-help books for guidance so it is no wonder they are big sellers. The latest is called 'How to Talk to Girls'. It is relationship advice for young and old

but the twist is the author is just nine years old himself. Girls are everywhere, it is not hard to find a girl -

the trick is how you find the right girl for you? Meet Alec Greven, he is an internationally successful author and he is still in primary school.

Sometimes you get a girl to like you, then she ditches you. About 73% of regular girls ditch boys, 98% of pretty girls ditch boys. Life is hard, move on. Alec is the love guru behind 'How to Talk to Girls'. His advice is based on his own observations in the playground. Most girls don't really like bugs and gross things but...

..and most boys don't like things like Hannah Montana and stuff like that. Alec's school principal Laura Brinkman swears by this pint-sized pick-up artist. It was so entertaining and it was so true and I thought... ..and to come from this little 8-year-old mind, you know,

to say "this is how you really should talk to girls - "even if the girl is 46, "this is how you should talk to a girl" and I just thought this just...

..there was so such innocence in it and just really entertaining. And another avid follower, Ellen DeGeneres. So you don't have a girlfriend, you are still... No. No, are you looking for a girlfriend? Not really, I think I'm a little too young for girls. Not really, I mean...

And I haven't really found the right girl yet. And Alec Greven joins me from Denver in the United States. Morning, Alec. What inspired you to write a book on relationships at such a young age?

I saw all the boys around the playground and they're having a lot of trouble with girls and I wanted to write a book that would help them. You thought you would help out your buddies? And have you had a good response from your buddies. I mean, are they using the book, are they having a bit more success? Yeah. Have any of your buddies managed to pick up a girl

in the time since they have read your book? They said they have. Hey, what are you looking for in a girl, Alec? Well, I just want to see their personality and see what they're like. And how do you talk to them in order to see that personality shine through?

Well, usually you just want to start out like a normal conversation, like, "hi" and then she says "hi" back, you're off to a good start. Then we just have a normal conversation and try to steer the conversation where you can get stuff that you want. Hey, you met Ellen DeGeneres - how did you enjoy your time with Ellen? She was really fun and nice and the show is really awesome.

Yeah, you look like you hit it off, the two of you. Just quickly, Alec... (CLEARS THROAT) case I read your book and I have success with your tips here and I end up kissing a girl, what should I expect? Apart from girl germs. Um, well, it kind of depends if the girl wants to kiss you or not. Oh! (LAUGHS) They generally do. I see, you're being a bit tight-lipped about that, Alec, I will have to check out the sealed section for the answer. Hey, Alec, it has been fun talking and best of luck with the book and the rest of your studies and with the girls. See ya. Thank you. Ahead this morning - the airline passenger who complained about Virgin Atlantic. Now boss Richard Branson has offered him a job.

Also coming up, this year's big Super Bowl commercials. But next, Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway. 'Rachel Getting Married' is our Movie of the Week.

Fed up with dry hair? Herbal Essences brings you Hello Hydration. With exotic ingredients, Hello Hydration hydrates hair like an instant treatment. Hello Hydration - from Herbal Essences.

Good morning, everyone, in Sydney.

Sunny and 28 degrees for you on the

way today. That is Joe Satriani on

the Opera House. A bit of Sat on a

Sunday. That is me doing Joe

Satriani. That is enough. He wrote

most of Coldplay's songs, remember?

Anne Hathaway usually plays the good girl on screen. Her roles in 'The Princess Diaries' and 'The Devil Wears Prada' have made her one of Hollywood's most likeable leading ladies. But now she's showing us a very different side

in 'Rachel Getting Married. Our showbiz correspondent Nelson Aspen joins us now. Nelson, is this a career-changing performance?

Actors always seem to want to shake

up their image. Sometimes it works

and sometimes it doesn't but in this

case it earned her an Oscar nomination. (DING DING!) We are gathered here to celebrate love, pure and simple - Rachel is pure, Sidney is simple. (LAUGHTER) It was supposed to be the perfect wedding until SHE came home. Oh, my God, you look great. Oh, no, I'm so fat. Oh, stop it! No, you. I would swear to God, you were puking again. I can really see rehab has done wonders for you, Kym. Anne Hathaway plays the sister of the bride. Is your sister behaving herself? I'm not exactly sure what that means. I am Shiva the destroyer,

your harbinger of doom for this evening. It's going to be perfect. Oh, God!

It's interesting, it's almost like a documentary-style improvisation and I don't want to insult the screenplay, but it seemed so spontaneous. I know, and it's amazing because, actually, 95% of it is scripted dialogue that we were all sent the script and that's all kind of in the movie. I take it as such a compliment

when I saw the wonderful, wonderful movie 'Before Sunset',

the Richard Linklater film with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, I remember thinking "Oh, my God,

"it's like they're just making the dialogue up as they speak" and they said "No, no. We worked really hard to get it like that." We kind of did the opposite - we never rehearsed and it wound up kind of seeming like we made it up as we went along so that was good. Oh, my God! Why is this so difficult for you to understand? Rehabilitation, crisis - you should really learn the difference. Rosemarie DeWitt plays the title character, Rachel.

Do you like weddings? Are they fun? Do you enjoy them? Some people dread them. I just like to see my friends happy

and when they're marrying a great person, it's a great reason to get on a plane or drive up somewhere, or, you know. Everyone in the house is looking at me like I'm a visiting sociopath. I mean, seriously. I wonder why. What do you expect me to do? Burn the house down? That was a mattress fire. That was not even at home - that was a sleepover. OK, you know what? Fine.

You can't watch it and not think of your own family, and I was like "Oh, my God, I'm the Rachel in my family". Oh, yeah? Yeah. Do you have a role in your family dynamic?

Are you the caregiver or are you the nurturer? What? I think I'm lucky - in my family, it's pretty fluid, I think that's the best way to have it. There are moments where I'm a nurturer and there are other moments where I need to be taken care of. I'm really happy with that,

I think that's a good thing

that in my family the roles aren't so clearly drawn. Dad, she lies to everybody. What are you doing? Get off! You don't get to sit around for the rest of my life deciding what I'm supposed to be like.

People that I've known for years, and known pretty well, um, of different generations, have come up to me after seeing this movie and said "You know, I've been in recovery for 18 years".

This is something that touches all of our lives and I'm really proud to make a film that so many people can relate to. Can we all do this together? We all want all of us. And this is how it is in heaven - just like this.

'Rachel Getting Married' isn't your typical wedding movie.

It's an honest portrait of a dysfunctional family.

Aside from the terrible lighting

that they had at that interview.

Yes, indeed. Why do you say that,

Nelson? It was an honest portrayal

of a movie reviewer. I got to tell

you though, you

you though, you know who steals the

movie is Deborah

movie is Deborah Winger. Anne

Hathaway, would she be considered

completely A-list? Yes, she would.

She has got it all.

She has got it all. She can walk a

red carpet and when it comes to

delivering, she can deliver it well.

One movie you forgot to mention is

Get Smart. She is quite versatile. And 'Rachel Getting Married' is in cinemas 12 February. And there's more entertainment in our next hour. Coming up -

why the world's biggest stars are heading to Australia.

(SINGS) # You want a piece of me. #

Music's major tours later this morning.

But next - news, sport and weather together. And how to survive the end of the world.

How would you like to win 20,000 readies? Uh... They don't get it in America, but with these Red Rooster Aussie favourites, you could win an ultimate Aussie prize.

Welcome back. Coming up - the end of the world. Meet the man who says he knows the date and the supplies that can help you survive the apocalype.

Plus, dob in a boss - the website that lets you tell them what you really think.

Also ahead, the 'hero of the Hudson' video game. But is it in poor taste? You be the judge.

Then later, the world's most expensive ads. Can you believe

Can you believe we used to be related to these guys? The Super Bowl commercials coming up. Also ahead, the tour fans thought would never happen. (SINGS) # Tired of waitin' on you. # Why Madonna is headed our way later this morning. But right now, it's news time. Here's Sharyn.

Good morning. Cooler conditions are expected to help firefighters

contain a bushfire that's devoured 6,000 hectares of land in Victoria's Gippsland region. As many as 30 homes and 40 sheds have also been destroyed. But there may be some relief in sight For the latest on the situation, we're joined by Peter Baker from Victoria's Country Fire Authority. Good morning, Peter. What's the situation today?

The situation today as you said, we

The situation today as you said, we lost quite a number of holes, 28 and

up to 60 sheds ot this fire in

Gippsland. We are working very hard

in today's conditions which are

somewhat cooler to make sure we can

put control lines on this fire and

wrap it up. The cooler weather is

just along the southern part of

Victoria and the foreign

Victoria and the foreign parts of

Victoria are still experiencing and

will experience hot weather. What

has happened with the forecast rain?

Has it started falling? Isolated

showers. In fact I had a few sports

down Geelong way but nothing that

would hit the ground as rain. Little

bits of pieces here and there but

for the benefits

for the benefits of firefighting,

not yet. Is the risk over for local

residents? Not yet. The cooler

conditions and we are still talking

high 20s, low 30s is such that it is

relatively warm and it is relatively

dry. If the wind gets up it causes concern

concern and draum is not over. We are

are respite and we hope it stays

that this week. Thank you. Disturbingly, the massive blaze still burning in the Gippsland was deliberately lit last week. For more, we're joined by Victorian Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron. Good morning, Bob. Seven reporter Ben McNair joins us now from Churchill in Victoria's Gippsland region. Ben, can you tell us more about how police believe this huge blaze began?

Police say they are closing on the

person who start thg fire. Two

member were arrested and released

without charge. Police say they know

who is responsible for lighting the

fire and pretty close to making

further arrests. That is good news

for the local residents thank you. While Victoria battles bushfires,

South Australia continues to swelter under a record heatwave. And the State Government there is demanding an investigation into major blackouts. The National Electricity Regulator enforced rolling power cuts at the end of last week as demand for power surged off the scale. Up to 170,000 homes lost electricity as soaring temperatures were blamed for claiming more than 30 lives. Premier Mike Rann wants an inquiry into how the regulator and power companies

dealt with the crisis. A top of 40 is again forecast for today with similar temperatures expected for the rest of the week. It's a different story up in Queensland with Cairns and Townsville hammered by torrential rain and flooding. The heavy downpour closed the Bruce Highway near Ingham, trapping truck drivers with full loads. But some have decided to make the most of a bad situation.

Drinking and waiting for the water to recede, mate. More wet weather is on its way. The Bruce Highway could remain closed until tomorrow.

Three men are in hospital

after two separate shootings in Sydney overnight. In the first, a man was found with a gunshot wound to his arm at a home in Condell Park in the city's south-west just after 10:30pm. He also suffered a bullet graze to the head. Not long afterwards, two men were shot at a house

in Glendenning in Sydney's west. One is in a serious condition after being hit in the chest. The other was shot in the arm. Banks have been accused of high-pressure sales tactics to boost their profits in the economic downturn. The Financial Services Union says it's been getting up to 170 complaints a month from bank workers who say they're under intense pressure from management to push home loans and credit cards on customers. The union says almost half of complaints came from employees at the Commonwealth Bank. In world news, a young man has turned himself in to London police after a father was murdered in front of his young daughter. 26-year-old John Abbey was stabbed to death after getting into an argument near a bus stop in Croydon in the city's south. He and his 3-year-old daughter were on their way to visit his wife who had just given birth. A 22-year-old man is being questioned. In Iraq, major elections have gone off largely without a hitch overnight. Security was stepped up as millions took to the polls for the provincial elections with a huge female voter turn-out. In fact, of the 14,000 candidates vying for seats, almost 4,000 are women. The White House says

the elections mark another big step forward in Iraq's new democracy. However, there have been isolated reports of a shooting at one of the polling booths. And Washington is buzzing with rumours that US First Lady Michelle Obama is pregnant. It all began with an unconfirmed posting by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on his website. The White House has made no comment and that silence has done nothing to stop gossip hounds analysing pictures of Mrs Obama for a baby bump. The new US President and his wife have two young girls Sasha and Malia and insist they're not planning any more children.

Maybe Michelle will utter a few

words. Three kids, that is a good

number. Three is a nice number. A

nice round number. A nice round wife

by the