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(generated from captions) welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Deborah Knight Tonight, heatwave misery - the bushfires, the transport chaos killed in 55 degree heat. and 10,000 birds independants ramp up their price war. Petrol for less than 50c a litre - at a better time, I tell ya. Couldn't 'a happened The biggest loser's big win - for welfare fraud. Ajay Rochestor's sentence this is all over. I'm extremely relieved

America's highest award - his man of steel. George W Bush honours the player hit with a fan's laser. And, it's just not cricket - Hi I'm Adam Hawse, in Sports Tonight Hayden's Test replacement begins. Australia's search for Matthew Chris Rogers puts his hand up.

got a few years left. I think I've still Phillip Hughes? or will it be 20-year-old I think it's an ideal time for picking.

Roger Federer backs a Lleyton Hewitt revival

He's definitely the type of guy it right up in the rankings again. who's got the best chance of making

with ink work at the Tour Down Under. And the cyclist mixing road work Australia's punishing heatwave - But first, bushfires in two states, searing temperatures have fanned destroying homes, factories and cars. The blazes are under control tonight,

are on high alert. but hundreds of fire crews are forecast tomorrow, More hot weather and strong winds prompting urgent back-burning. in South Australia in eight years The third major bushfire of Port Lincoln and shaken residents. has ruined areas just outside

of psychological shock There will be a certain amount in the community. homes, cars, sheds and equipment Two tuna processing plants, three were lost. The blaze started in coastal bushland

to power lines, but moved dangerously close electricity to the entire city. at one point threatening to cut caused major distress to our city There's no doubt the fire would have no doubt what so ever. the cause, Investigators are trying to determine

arson hasn't been ruled out. although, may have also been deliberately lit. The fire in Sydney

were put at risk, Lives and several homes in the city's north. as it raged in heatwave conditions

control this morning Firefighters finally brought it under the Eye in the Sky using a new weapon called to the base of a helicopter an infa-red camera that attaches

back to fire centres. and sends live vision

It can see through smoke the hot-spots. and immediately identify remote-area fire teams And allow us to insert and roots to black out burning stumps weather conditions heat up again, that have the potential, when to re-emerge as new fires. Other States are keeping a close eye

the American defence force device. on how NSW benefits from Mark Suleau, Ten News. has caused rail chaos in Melbourne. The sudden hot spell Thousands of commuters were stranded, and tracks buckled in the heat. after more than 40 trains failed

and air conditioning failures Broken down carriages leaving irate passengers frustrated. it's delayed today. It was delayed Monday, South Yarra, another at Richmond, Two people fainted - one in face to face, it's disgusting. because we are standing The heatwave came on record last night after Melbourne's third hottest night with the city sweltering through a sleepless 28 degrees.

to the heat in WA. And 10,000 birds have succumbed roadhouse They'd descended on an outback on the state's mid-west coast, when temperatures soared to 55 degrees.

and finches - Most of the birds were budgerigars and the immediate outlook isn't good. Death will continue are as hot as they are, while the weather conditions But all we need is a cyclone

of rain in the Pilbara to dump reasonable amounts and they'll be dispersing northward. the birds and local water supplies Heat aside, scientists are testing for any signs of poisoning. for its handling of the Fiji floods, The Government is being criticised the disaster with its mercy flight. despite rescuing many from

while they're grateful to be home, Tourists say to get out. many more Australians are desperate

It's chaos. Hundreds, the airport's just a mess. they describe as inaccurate advice. Some blame foreign affairs for what Most of Fiji is underwater have been confirmed dead. and eight people

to worsen tonight. The flooding is expected

on its threats A hire car company has backed down killed by falling ice in New Zealand. to bill the family of two Australians of the boys' parents, The demands only added to the grief the harrowing journey home. who today made their harrowing journey Winnie and Ronnie Miranda begin back to Melbourne without their sons. of 24-year-old Ashish They take with them the body remains trapped under ice. and the knowledge 22-year-old Akshay

a horrible time, They've gone through and incomprehensible proportions. this is a tragedy of unimaginable The brothers were crushed to death on New Zeland's South Island. I think any mother, their entire family, if they can imaigine losing so unimaginable. that's what they've done,

as a wedding anniversary gift The men had bought the trip for their parents. to the glacier together The family had been travelling in a rental car - remain buried under ice. the keys of which for the family to pay $1,600 Demands from the rental car company

and keys replaced to have the car towed of the Tasman. drew anger from both sides bad business practice at worst. Crass at best, The owner even received threats.

in hell" and that type of thing. "You burn in hell", "we see you offered to help cover the costs, Good samaritans, some from Australia, but it wasn't needed - to wipe its fees. the towing company agreed say they may have to wait Meanwhile, new Zealand authorities or flood for a second major ice collapse to retrieve Akshay's body. before they can attempt on a petrol price war rivers have cashed in

could soar, The cost of using independent ATMs up to $10 a transaction. with fears some operators will charge Under new rules, cash machine owners will be allowed to set whatever fees they like.

If they push us out of the market, then they could charge the public anything for petrol. The independents vow they'll drop the price every week unless things change. The cost of using independent ATMs could soar, with fears some operators will charge up to $10 a transaction. Under new rules, cash machine owners will be allowed to set whatever fees they like. A quick visit to the ATM in a convenience store or pub can cost up to $2 a go.

While it's been capped until now, from March, that fee could skyrocket. As part of a Reserve Bank overhaul of banking charges, operators of Australia's 13,000 independent cash machines will be free to set their own transaction fees.

Banks have been charging roughly $2 to use an ATM and we get less than half of that, yet we provide all the services.

So as from March 3 we receive the full $2. Operators insist they won't charge more than that but consumer groups are concerned the lack of price controls will push fees up. they could really be over the barrel and charged significantly more. To give customers a choice, the transaction cost will have to be clearly displayed on the screen. I just wouldn't use it, no. I always go to my own bank anyway.

And that's the only way to avoid the fee. may not have the luxury. But those in areas with fewer ATMs Sometimes it's better to pay $1.50 or $2 at a convenient ATM than travel 15km-20km. Under the changes, operators will have the power to change transaction fees depending on the time of day, and it's feared they'll use that power to target people in pubs and clubs late at night.

Experts advise - be prepared - carry cash or know where your nearest bank's ATM is. Amelia Adams, Ten News. The Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester turned out to be a big winner She escaped a conviction for welfare fraud, on a 12-month good behaviour bond. a magistrate placing her Her trademark smile said it all.

I'm very happy with the result. Walking from court, the 39-year-old was clearly happy with the court's decision not to record a conviction, instead ordering a $1,500 good behaviour bond. I'm just so happy to put it behind me and move on with my life and go home and be with my boy and be happy and just get on with my future.

The TV host, author and weight-loss advocate pleaded guilty to 23 charges of A tip-off led Centrelink to investigate

she had been claiming single parent payments for her autistic son while also being paid for other work.

Rochester repaid the more than $14,000 owing

and today the magistrate made note of her good character, charity work and efforts to rehabilitate herself.

She will continue to host the weight-loss program in 2009. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Tough new measures will be brought in to stop spectators using laser beams at cricket games. It follows an apology by the sport's governing body

to a South African player, targeted in last night's Twenty20 match. With Mike Hussey on his way to a half-century, it was a ball Wayne Parnell tried desperately to catch. COMMENTATOR: The man's coming around. Is he going to get there? Yes! Not!

Slow-motion replays show a green laser flashing across the South African's eyes before the ball hits the ground. for a split second Parnell doesn't blame the laser light for missing the catch, and his coach is playing a straight bat.

It didn't make any difference in terms of the catch, it didn't make any difference in terms of the result, and we are confident Cricket Australia will be sorting that type of stuff out. From our point of view, it's just not cricket, it's completely unacceptable, and if we find people doing this sort of thing, we will react to the maximum extent that we can. Experts say brief exposure to pocket lasers won't cause permanent damage to the eyes,

but can affect your balance.

I think it would be really off-putting. You could imagine shining across your eyes when you're concentrating, and it could make a big difference, I think, to their performance. It's ridiculous to think you can go to a game of cricket someone's vision, the key asset of any athlete. Ground security will be on the lookout for lasers at future matches. Cricket Australia and police will also be cracking down

on under-age drinking at games, introducing tough new restrictions for Friday's first one-day international. 18- to 25-year-olds will have to wear wristbands if they want to buy a drink. in the crowd that misbehave. They're the ones spoiling it for everyone else, and they're the ones we're actually targeting. Ben Lewis, Ten News.

After the break, the greatest gift - a dead mother delivers her baby daughter. And flying in a car from England to Africa.

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The Federal Government's first home buyer grant is paying off,

with a jump in housing sales. Historically low interest rates have also sped things along

and there's talk of more to come. They say every cloud has a silver lining and it seems that even applies to the global financial storm. Housing sales defied the economic downturn and rose by more than 1% in November. Certainly it would seem that first homebuyers are taking advantage of historically low interest rates,

and the first homeowners boost to enter the market. More than 5,000 Australians broke into the housing market in November trebling the first homeowner grant. following the Federal Government There's been a lot of confidence in the grants a lot of confidence in the fact that rates have come down - petrol you can now buy for under $1 per litre - all these factors are contributing to a lot more buyers with a lot more confidence.

The biggest contributor to the spike in sales is the extraordinary drop in the cash interest rate - it's now sitting at 4.25%, but with the global economy continuing to tumble, the Reserve Bank is expected to slash it further next month, and that'll take interest rates to their lowest level in 40 years. says bring it on. And the Master Builders Association We are still about a quarter below levels of home lending

that we experienced a year ago, so we're not out of the woods yet. The Government's now rolling out its $512 million Housing Affordability Fund promised in last year's budget. The money's being given to developers who are expected to pass on the savings to buyers. Hopefully, we should get our approval pretty speedily Natasha Exelby, Ten News.

To finance now with Tom Piotrowski from Commsec

and Tom, the silly season might be over but it's still affecting the markets - not much action today?

Good the underlying caution is what

we're looking at as well which is

not surprising. When markets fall and economic conditions

and economic conditions deteriorate

one of the things investors worry

about most is that companies will

cut their dividends and that has

happened today. The shares owned

the film moderate Leith for that

company, down 2.3%. Energy stocks

were improve today, the Celtic

stops were up by more than

stops were up by more than 5% due

to a profit upgrade. Anything which

is tied to commodities seems to

have been marked down which includes the Australian dollar

which has lost over 10% and the last couple of days. America's highest honour. John Howard has been awarded

heaped praise on our former PM, The outgoing US President in a time of need. describing him as a sturdy friend The Presidential Medal of Freedom

highest civilian honour, is the United States' the privileged few awarded the medal, and now John Howard is among because of his commitment for the most part to America's war on terror

in the coalition of the willing. and Australia's role Pentagon on September 11 This man who saw the burning ..comforted the survivors of Bali, and who confronted... never wavered in his commitment this great danger to civilisation. of John Winston Howard In the character of standing by your mates. we see that fine Australian spirit

by the ex-PM. The sentiments were appreciated

I felt honoured and I felt touched very kind things said about me, and there were some in the broader context but I do nonetheless put it a compliment to my country. of it being

prime minister Tony Blair Also honoured, former British and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. a true friend of the United States. Each one of them As for the controversy while in Washington, over Mr Howard's accommodation

the former leader says at Blair House. he's been very comfortable he'd been the reason He scoffed at media reports and his family President-elect Barack Obama ahead of next week's inauguration. were forced into a hotel an absurd beat-up. Look, I think the whole thing's Mr Howard insists at Blair House there were other events find another place to stay. that meant Mr Obama had to Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States,

is heading to the Middle East UN chief Ban Ki-Moon to end the bloodshed in Gaza. to try to convince both sides

the tunnels into Egypt used by Hamas Israel has been targeting and other supplies. to smuggle weapons

Israel says to flee it told people living near the border

before dropping the massive bombs. into the suburbs of Gaza City, As its troops move further Israel's top army General

has warned his forces still have work

the Palestinian territory. to do inside A baby has been born in Britain from a brain haemorrhage. two days after her mother died heart beating Doctors kept Jayne Solimon's her daughter safely. so they could could deliver Her name, Aya, means miracle, her father knows that. and she is a medical miracle -

with terrible pain. She's helping him deal For Aya arrived in the world her mother was pronounced brain-dead. two days after

a brain haemorrhage. Ice-skater Jayne Soliman suffered

There was no chance of saving her, the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford

but doctors at giving her a large doses of steroids kept her on a life-support machine,

its best chance of survival. to give her unborn child

just 25 weeks pregnant. Jayne had been Aya was delivered by caesarean section,

weighing just 2.5 pounds,

but she appears remarkably resilient. and she's already famous, isn't she? Four days old

WOMAN: She's already famous? Yeah.

by the tragedy of the situation, You can't help but be touched that's lost her life that this is a mum that won't know her mother. and a baby a professional ice-skater and coach. Jayne Soliman was have been paying tribute to her. Friends from her club that Jayne has gone It's just so tragic and she'll never know her daughter. She might appear lost

that are helping her fight for life, beneath the wires and tubes to be transferred but Aya was considered strong enough where she was born from the hospital in Oxford closer to her family's home. to Reading, by crashing his small plane A man who tried to fake his own death has been arrested in Florida. over the weekend Marcus Schrenker disappeared of his light aircraft, but, when rescuers found the wreckage

the pilot was nowhere to be seen. footage at an Alabama hotel. He was later spotted on security He's an experienced pilot. and just let it run off somewhere Ho would never take a plane

and hit somebody's house. was motivated by investigations It's believed the disappearing act the 38-year-old defrauded investors. into allegations with Adam Hawse, Sports Tonight is next batsman Michael Clarke today? and some good news for Australian

since the Test series, Yes Deb, he's had a dodgy thumb Michael Clarke will play but it now looks as though in Friday's first one-dayer against South Africa. and plenty more. We'll have that next for his replacement. Hayden backs experience over youth Queensland Roar face Adelaide United in the A-League from Vanuatu's bizarre journey and a young golfer towards becoming a pro.

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Welcome to Toyota, Sports Tonight. of South Africa Matthew Hayden says the upcoming tour may be too soon for experience over youth He believes selectors should choose for what will be a tough series. Day one of retirement...

I feel great. from the Gabba faithful. ..the day after a rousing farewell It's overwhelming, to be honest. I'm in another tight spot. As per usual, 37,000 fans saying goodbye greatest-ever cricketer, to Queensland's the world has ever seen. perhaps the best opening batsman a highlight of my life, Last night was without any question. The respect that people paid -

you don't ask for anything more than just respect. Now the hunt for Hayden's replacement begins, and it's considered a race in three. Former opener Phil Jaques - a centurion in his last Test just seven months ago, Victoria's Chris Rogers, who debuted against India last summer but hasn't played since, and 20-year-old Phillip Hughes, who got to 1,000 first-class runs at a younger age than Sir Donald Bradman. Rogers spent the afternoon coaching the next generation.

Catch! He's hoping experience counts when the squad for South Africa is named early next month. Look, I think I've still got a good four or five years left, and obviously, with the amount of cricket being played these days, that's a lot of cricket. They're not rookies and I think that the two guys in particular - Rogers and Jaques - have got that in their favour, I think.

But Test great Neil Harvey says

Australia could use an injection of youth. It's a great time to bring in somebody young and new and I think this kid Hughes has done enough. It may just be worth the risk. The last two 20-year-olds to play Test cricket for Australia? Ricky Ponting and Steve Waugh - and things turned out alright for them. Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight.

Michael Clarke is still a chance to play in Friday's one-day international series opener after visit to a specialist today. after training tomorrow. His thumb injury will be assessed Meantime, the South Africans say Australia's now the hot favourite to take out the one-day series after two straight Twenty20 wins over the tourists.

Twenty20 is so unpredictable. It's 20 overs and it's hard to read into what it really means

in terms of momentum going into a 50-over game. David Warner remains on standby for Michael Clarke. Lleyton Hewitt has set up a juicy showdown with arch-rival David Nalbandian after winning through to the quarterfinals of the Sydney International. He defeated Serbia's Janko Tipsarevic In more heatwave conditions.

In stifling conditions Hewitt's opponent turned up the heat early. The Serbian shot-maker racing to a 3-0 lead with some blistering groundstrokes. But Tipsarevic's game quickly unravelled, his injury of little concern to Hewitt.

With his young fans behind him, the 4-time tournament champion fought back to claim the opening set 7-5 and his impressive summer form and war cries continued in the second. HEWITT: C'mon! he has the double break. Lleyton's on fire - The former world number one surviving a late Tipsarevic onslaught to win the match in straight sets and book a quarterfinal

against Argentine fourth seed David Nalbandian. It's going to be a tough one. Obviously every match gets tougher, so it's a good chance for me to go out there and great preparation for the Aussie Open next week. The match is on Ken Rosewall Arena tomorrow. Andrew Brown, Ten News. So a convincing win from Hewitt. Nalbandian moves through after downing Frenchman Michael Lodra. Top seed Novak Djokovic also progressing with ease.

And after Hewitt's impressive win, Roger Federer has predicted the Australian will once again rejoin the world's elite. The Swiss star breezed past veteran Carlos Moya in his first match at the Kooyong Classic.

While Hewitt was slogging it out in Sydney, Roger Federer opened his Melbourne campaign barely troubled in a 57-minute straight-sets win

over Spaniard Carlos Moya. I was a little rusty in the beginning - missed quite a few forehands, overall. but I thought it was a good match But his focus has already turned to next week's Grand Slam

and the local hope. Hewitt will get back to his best. Federer is convinced I'm always happy when he's playing I love watching Lleyton play - that's never easy and he's come back from an injury - who's got the best chance but he's definitely the type of guy in the rankings again. of making it right up

was in a good mood early, Marcos Baghdatis Stanislas Wawrinka, 6-2, 6-2. crushed by world number 16 to step up their preparations. Across town, others continue showed off some handy footwork World number four Andy Murray a gruelling session before being put through in the early heat.

officially knocked back an invite While Rafael Nadal has

to play at Kooyong - Federer is relieved to bypass the exhibition event. his main contenders have opted you know? Honestly, I'd rather not play them, I don't know how good it really is, sort of in an exhibition. playing main rivals, he's not going anywhere just yet, And the 27-year-old has revealed into his mid-30s. declaring he now plans to play on

Definitely by 2012. is very intriguing for me, London Olympics and then, after that, hopefully, at least. I'd like to play another four years, So Federer looking good, Australian Open finalist, Bagdatis. unlike former the two Fernandos - Other winners today, both straight sets winners. Gonzalez and Verdasco,

in tonight's A-League clash No goals but plenty of biffo and Queensland. between Adelaide United was left dazed but OK, Roar striker Sergio Van Dyk United defender Robbie Cornthwaite. after this head clash with He left himself vulnerable, on the cheekbones like that. It's a dangerous hit was also sore Adelaide's Brazilian defender Alamao

by Andrew Packer. after an ugly challenge in front of goal Both sides had their chances but failed to capitalise. 0-0 the final score, Adelaide leaving the door open to take top spot for Melbourne Victory with a win over the Central Coast Mariners on Friday night.

Lance Armstong's return to cycling, Now we all know about is also making a comeback but another Tour de France winner

in the Tour Down Under. won't be a problem. And beating the pain barrier that could have cost them their life, Most would try to forget a crash but not Oscar Pereiro. The Spaniard narrowly escaped death more than 7m down a cliff after missing a turn and crashing of last year's Tour de France. during the 15th stage

he would never recover. Doctors feared

The peloton go very fast right. no possible stop.... I go very, very fast - Six months on, the 2006 Tour de France winner in a Rundell Street tattoo parlour has covered his large scars with a more friendly reminder - from which he fell, the Mountain of Angels in Italy,

etched onto his shoulder. Pereiro's first major competition The Tour Down Under will be since the fall, and team management hopes he makes it through safely. get him through this Tour Down Under What we need to do is

and get him onto the other races, because I'm sure come June, July, he's going to be one of the men to contend with in the Tour de France. Pereiro doesn't mind a low-key return -

he's more interested in enjoying his stay in Australia.

It's paradise for me, Australia. It's the first time here, but for sure I come back another times - the weather, the mountains, the persons, the beach, the sharks.

Ben Way, Ten News. Ben Cousins is quickly making Richmond home. this morning in front of his parents, He trained with the Tigers

to take a look at his new club. who had flown in from Perth

The summer scorcher presented for the Tigers - the only problem this morning but, after so many lean times, it may only be preseason is at that the tide is set to turn. the feeling in the camp pretty much. Everyone is up and running, in each other's ability. We're all confident

on last year. We're looking to improve

our expectations are. I guess that's where

As is the norm with Richmond, on Ben Cousins. all eyes were fixed firmly

Brian and Stephanie, They included his parents, Tiger dinner for new recruits. in town to attend tonight's and continues to impress. He took part in most drills He's big, isn't he? at the moment He's on a modified program probably for the next four weeks. and he'll be on that with us. You won't see him do everything

with training, From what he's been doing he does set a pretty high standard. for the Tigers - There are so many positives Graham Polak is training strongly, Mark Coughlan is on track to return, Richo has never looked better. and in preseason number 17, doesn't he? I reckon he'll play till he's 40. he's such a weapon. That's a good thing for us - is still Nathan Brown - Seemingly the only worry

again stuck with light duties.

being looked after a bit more there. I'd say he's probably just Brownie from his leg. He's obviously still coming back begins in the west, The Tiger campaign in 31 days. a NAB Cup opener against Freo from around the world More than 1,000 athletes this year's Youth Olympics in Sydney. will soon compete for gold at

this evening The event officially launched ever seen, on the biggest Youth Olympics 31 different countries represented and Kazakstan for the first time. including Chile, Norway

taking part. Australia has 525 athletes Events will be held at venues across the city, all of which are free to the public.

three from three The Melbourne Tigers have made it

this season, against the Sydney Spirit tonight in Melbourne. with a convincing 20-point win The visitors in the match early from Tony Rampton. thanks to some handy shooting But by the end of the third quarter, the Tigers had built an 11-point lead. and he knocked it down! Good play! Commentator: Gets it to Barlow

leaving Sydney outside the top six The Tigers victory

just around the corner. with the finals from Le Bron James In the NBA, some stunning defence of the season, part of his second triple-double to a 15-point win over Memphis. as he led the Cleveland Cavs and 10 assists. He bagged 30 points, 11 rebounds He goes inside, gonna punish them!

Not to be outdone, Kobe Bryant collecting 33 points as he steered LA home against Houston.

The Lakers are now 31 and 6, the league's best record. If you're a golfer who likes to blame your clubs, next time try using a tree branch. Because that's all Josepo Matawartoo had as a young golfer in Vanuatu. Now he's one of the stars

at this week's 'Masters of the Amateurs' in Melbourne. He's built like a burly centre half forward, and belts the cover off the ball as if he's crashing a pack. But Josepho Matawatu is a man who lets his clubs do most of the talking. Today I hit the ball well, better than yesterday. Yesterday I hit some shots very bad. My putting, today my putting is working.

The 18-year-old was discovered by pro golfer Glenn Joyner who first saw him as a young Vanautu village boy learning to caddy at a nearby ex-pats course. And from humble beginnings, with woods that were literally wood, he is guiding Josepho toward the big time. They actually climb up a tree and break a branch off that looks something like a golf club and start hitting with that. And you see it, every time I'm there

you see the little kids getting up a tree and trying to do that. It's pretty incredible. And their hand-eye coordination, to be hitting a golf ball with a stick out of a tree, it's pretty impressive. 26-year-old Tony Mansali also in awe of his countryman. He's a big hitter, Joe's a big hitter, he can hit the ball about 300m, something like that, when he hits it. The pair soaking up a chance at the real game. Coming over here, it's like a dream come true.

the potential is enourmous. With work still to be done, But Josepho has the stars in his sights. Tiger is...I like Tiger's swing, his game. Yeah, he's a guy I like. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight.

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Let's take a look at the weather around the nation.

Patchy cloud over Queensland near a weakening low Play of the Day time and here's what you do with your Christmas tree after Santa has left town. It's the Christmas Tree World Championships. Competitors with plenty of incentive to take part in a bit of tree-tossing. The people are happy and crazy here, it's a nice day and I think we like to drink a lot because it's very cold outside! For such a 'pine' performance, these guys get Play of the Day.

What to do with your tree? Is

backed up in the box ready to be

Prime out for next year. You are

fake tree person! Yes,

Let's take a look at the weather around the nation. Patchy cloud over Queensland near a weakening low is causing coastal showers, some heavy, between Townsville and Mackay. Thick cloud over north-western Northern Territory with a trough is triggering showers and thunderstorms over the Kimberley. There's a cloudband over southwest Western Australia

but it's not causing any rain. Hot northerly winds will affect western Queensland and NSW before a trough brings a cooler change to southern NSW. Cooler southerly winds will freshen in Victoria and South Australia as gusty westerlies in Tasmania bring showers.

And a monsoon trough will cause patchy rain and storms across the tropics. In the spirit of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a team of eccentric British adventurers is attempting to fly from London to Timbuktu in a car. The home-made dune-buggy converts into an aircraft in minutes, with the help of a propeller and giant parachute.

can travel at speeds of more than 100km/h in the air and twice that on ground.

The journey to Africa is expected to take six weeks.

That is the latest from the Ten News room. Tune in for the Early News along tomorrow morning at 6:00. From the Late News team, goodnight.