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(generated from captions) What is the update on Charlotte? We

actually - it as a false alarm.

Someone thought they might have been

Charlotte. You are a teaser. I think

she said she was Charlotte but was

not. It is your 13th wedding

anniversary and you got a special

message for Drew. He is at school

pick-up. I will tell him later. message for Drew. He is at school

Practice. No. Not very romantic, are

you? No, not in public, not on

national TV. It is 9:00 and that means 'The Morning Show'.

After Yes. Thank you, Nat. It is

your birthday. Happy birthday,

Larry. Excited? Yes, always great

being another year older. Very, very

exciting. I came in this morning, I

turned 44, but after an hour in

makeup, I feel 33. Thanks,

makeup, I feel 33. Thanks, Chris.

Organised a cake, I was up late last

night baking it. I get to break from

my Guy Leech fitness regime to enjoy

it. Half for you and half for me.

No, half for me and half for me. life as TV royalty. Also ahead on the show, with Joy Chambers, Stay tuned for our exclusive chat

Plus, the hottest stars of the pool the wife of TV icon Reg Grundy.

for a sexy new ad campaign. strip off the behind-the-scenes action. Our cameras were there to get all on TV? And which women make the most money cash queens We're revealing TV's prime-time and how much they really earn. hits New Zealand. And the pop princess of her Australian arrival tomorrow. We'll get all the goss ahead spectacular pictures out of the US But first this morning,

into a San Diego neighbourhood. where a fighter jet has crashed our US correspondent, Mike Amor. For more, let's go to Morning, Mike. Do we know how this happened?

Well, when you see that video from

overhead, it is remarkable to hear

authorities do not believe that

anyone was killed or even seriously

injured in this crash. They say this

FA18 crashed into the residential

area and has possibly destroyed FA18 crashed into the residential

between two and four homes. About

two hours ago, we believe the plane

was coming in to land at Miramar air

field, which was made famous in

'Top Gun' movie of course, field, which was made famous in the

Tom Cruise. One witness said the 'Top Gun' movie of course, starring

plane was travelling very low and

suddenly spiraled out of control,

just like the 'Top Gun' movie. His

word, not mine. Another witness saw

smoke coming from the tail. The

pilot appeared to hang on, trying to

reach the air field, which was about

three kilometres away, trying to

avoid hitting a populate area. He

obviously failed to do that. We

believe the plane's fuse lush is in

the middle of the street. Another

witness saw the pilot eject and land

safely by parachute. He was able to

walk away and has been taken to

hospital, obviously very shaken up.

We have new video just in of that

crash scene and also an eye witness

telling us what he saw. Let's listen

to what an eye witness saw of this

crash. We heard two loud booms and

then just a few moments later, a

huge black plume of smoke. Thought

it might have been a it might have been a gas tanker, and

since we live so close to Miramar,

we thought it was a plan crash and we thought it was a plan crash we thought it was a plan crash and

it is what it was. The two booms

were either the ejector seats or as the

the pilot said, he got a report from

my son, a school in luhoia, the

plane was coming in over the ocean, smoke coming from the tail. What

incredible, when the pilot landed, smoke coming from the tail. What is

and ejected was in the high school

baseball field of the university

high school. The pilot held on to

the very end. Just repeating,

has been killed or seriously the very end. Just repeating, no-one

injured, we believe at this stage.

there. Obviously a full It is remarkable. We will leave it

investigation will be under way.

Thank you for your time, Mike.

Thanks, Mike. Some good news this morning - a new generation of non-smokers. Australia is breeding now smoke Just one in five Australians compared to one in three in 1980. people are leading the resistance. And the good news is that young among 18- to 24-year-olds Smoking rates have halved in the last 20 years. finally getting through? Is the message the executive director of QUIT Fiona Sharkie is and she joins us now from Melbourne. Good morning, Fiona. finally getting through? Is the message

This is great news. Yes, I think it This is great news. Yes, I think

has been getting through for some

time. It is as you say, terrific

that we see a new generation, or

this next generation of adults

coming through that are heeding the

warnings about the deadly

consequences of smoking. It is taken

a long time, it has been a long,

hard fight? It has been a long

fight, but it has been a very

productive one and a very successful

one. And I have to say, our work at

Quit is not yet done, unfortunately.

Am we still have one in five

Australian adults still smoking. But

as we have seen in this information,

the difference has been really been

that young people, this generation,

the 18-to 24-year-olds have grown up

in an environment where smoking is

not the norm. They have seen their

parents give up smoking and

antismoking messages and it is

bleezing to see they are not

bleezing to see they are not going

to be the the one in two who die of

smoking-caused illnesses in the

years to follow. What

years to follow. What do you think

is behind the decline? We are seeing

pictures of an intense advertising

campaigns. Is it the smoking bans or

a combination of factors? You are

exactly right. We know over 30 years

of experience what has to happen and

of experience what has to happen and

what works successfully. There are

three main ingredients. One is to

keep the price of cigarettes high.

We have slipped in

We have slipped in terms of a pack

of cigarettes should be costing $20, of cigarettes should be costing $

instead of the $

instead of the $11 or $

instead of the $11 or $12 that it

does. Price plays a very big part.

The antismoking messages. Of course,

the bans and restrictions on where

people can smoke, all those three

together. It is the combination of

the three together, not one more

than another that brings smoking

rates down. Talking about the bans

and restrictions, and they are

spreading every time we look around.

60% of non-smokers say they support

a total ban on smoking. We are away from a total ban on smoking. We are away a total ban on smoking. We are

from a total ban on smoking. We

won't see that. But our view is the

horse has bolted. We still have

millions of Australian whose are

still mokeing and our job at Quit

and more broadly is to support those and more broadly is to support

smokers to quit. The key message is

it is never too late to quit. Try

and try again. That is the old adage

is very, very pertinent when it

comes to smoking. Quitting a very is very, very pertinent when it

hard but each time someone attempts

to quit they learn something more

and will eventually get there. It is

the key message. Whenever we discuss

the key message. Whenever we discuss this issue, smokers e-mail in and

tell us they feel victimised for

doing something that is quite legal

here in Australia. Can you

understand their frustration? Yes,

we can. I think you know, wree do,

as I say, our role is not to punish

smokers or, but we do have a

responsibility to protect others

responsibility to protect others from second-hand smoke. Just as

there is no safe level of smoking,

there is no safe level of

second-hand smoke as well. The

restrictions are very important in

protecting others who don't smoke, as well

as well as trying to encourage those

who do smoke to give it up. There

is, possibly, no worse thing you can

do to your body when you consider,

again, one in two long-term smokers

will die from smoking. We have to be

really, really insistent, I guess,

and keep uro message going through.

Keep telling people about the

dangers. But on the other side,

support them to quit. We have seen

far greater increases in calls to

the quit line this year, increases

on people visiting doctors to quit

smoking and it all good. Help is

there. It is good need, there. It is good need, indeed.

Thank you for joining us this morning. It's the news red wine lovers have been waiting for - a Harvard University study has found it's not only good for the heart, but a daily tipple could actually be the secret to keeping us young. So have scientists really discovered the fountain of youth? Dr Ginni Mansberg joins us now with more. Good morning, Ginni.

Larry and I don't know mouch about

science, how does it work? Some

people hear anti ageing and they

think anti wrinkle but we are

talking about preserving each cell,

with the DNA. Not something you

throw on your face in a mist or can.

They worked out how to stop the DNA

turning old, turning each cell old.

I went out for dinner with friends,

stopped at half a glass of red wine,

and I said no, we stopped at half a glass of red wine, and I said no, we are talking to a

doctor tomorrow and it a good thing?

We have still got to look at safe

levels of drinking. The Harvard

univsty guys worked out it is one or

two glasses a day that has the

effect on the cells. Once you hit

more than two glasses a day for

women and four for men,

women and four for men, you are

outweighing the effects. 4

outweighing the effects. 4 glasses seems a lot. The guidelines are men

have four glasses a day, with one to

two dry days per week. What if you are not a

are not a drinker how do you get the

benefits You can get them from the

sweetened grape juice on the markets

sweetened grape juice on the markets

or muscatels. They found the

ingredient is in the skin of the red

grapes. People go to extreme lengths

to look young, creams and surgery.

But I suppose it is more important

to concentrate on what goes in in

the first place Yes, the 90% rule

works. If you live on three lettuce

leaves every day, and just go out of

the back day, no-one is advakting

that, nine% of the time be sensible,

and -- 90% of the time be sensible

and 10% of the time enjoy yourself. From jewellery to iPods, their valuables this month Aussies are being urged to secure as Christmas crooks gear up for the holidays. How can you keep your place safe this season?

Andrew Tubb from NRMA Insurance joins us now with more. Good morning to you. Andrew, why is Christmas a common time for burglars?

Well, we all know that thieveerize

opportunity stistest istic, --

thieves are opportunistic. We go to

parties, a perfect

parties, a perfect opportunity for

thieves to come and help yourself to

the Christmas presents or birthday

presents. Many people, around 35% of

people admit to leaving home

people admit to leaving home and leaving the doors unlocked, even in

this day and age. Really? The

this day and age. Really? The NRMA has been busy doing research on the

most popular stolen items. Were you

surprised? Thieves focus on

jewellery, watches, bracelets and

those types of items, but with the

teck knowledge boom, thieves are

shifting the focus to smaller,

valuable electronic items. Things

that are portable, profitable and

most importantly, easy to be porned.

No.1 is of course cameras. We have

got them now, -- boned. They are

mobile phone and watches are easily got them now, -- boned. They are --

pawned. Your lap top. You are likely

to lose hundreds of thousands of

dollars of things you bought on

line. Keep the respeets, it makes it

easier. You lose your life if you

lose your mobile phone and lap top.

It is all over. How can we protect

our homes? Take extra precautions?

There are simple things we can do.

There are simple things we can do. It sounds ridiculous, but lock your

home. It doesn't apply to when you

leave your home but you might be

down the back garden. Your down the back garden. Your gifts,

Christmas time, under the tree. If

you have got the big plasma, don't

put the box out with the garbage.

Cut it up. Mark your driver's

licence. It is easy, go to your

hardware store or the police

station, put your details on the

back, the thief can't pawn it. Keep

your spare keys somewhere safe in

the house. If they break in and get

your car

your car keys you will lose that too. Your garage, garden sheds, the

golf items and power tools. I got a

little cot there, it is where I go

when I am in trouble. Go there

often? Heaps. The stuff in the

garden shed adds up. The lawn mower,

the expensive gear. What if you are

going away on holidays? Should you

take extra security? What measures

should you put in place? Simple

things for you go on a longer trip.

Lock the doors and windows. But

would be surprised, people leave Lock the doors and windows. But you

messages on the answering machine

do it. Simple. advertising they are not home. Don't

do it. Simple. Make your home look

like it is lived in, timers on the

lights. Getting to know your

neighboursise really important. If

you have got good relationships with

your neighbours, they know who is

coming and going. But most of us

don't know the neighbour's first

maims. Christmas time, -- first

names. Christmasx time a good time to say hello. beating end-of-year burnout. Ahead on the show, And our sexy swim stars strip off for Speedo. But next, life as Australian television royalty. Reg Grundy's wife, Joy Chambers, joins us for an exclusive interview after the break. Ah, I'll take that. A bit of a surprise for your mum. You know, she's been a bit stressed with work and all that. (SIGHS ANGRILY) It's got natural ingredients like green tea, rice milk and jasmine,

VOICEOVER: Don't wait too long the calming sensation to experience body wash. of Cussons Pure Japanese Spa (BLATHERS) live on Seven. Welcome back to the Morning Show, to all our viewers in Brisbane. And good morning It should be a mostly fine day ahead in the Queensland capital. with a top of 27 degrees

Still waiting for the river to be

flushed out. Still murky after the heavy rains. living legends. He's one of the TV industry's for TV shows like Reg Grundy is responsible 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Neighbours'. 'Sale of the Century', And this year he celebrated his 85th birthday.

But behind every successful man there's always a great woman.

In this case, it's Reg's wife of 37 years Joy Chambers-Grundy. Joy is one of Australia's best war history authors. She's also starred in TV shows like 'The Young Doctors' and 'Neighbours'. She joins us now.

What a treat to have you on the

couch. Thank you so much, good

morning to both of you, Larry and

Rebecca. Lovely to see you. I feel

Rebecca. Lovely to see you. I feel tired when you say 37 years but it

doesn't seem a day over five! You

been married for 13 yeevs, how been married for 13 yeevs, You and Reg have been married for 37 years. How did you meet? been married for 13 yeevs, -- doesn't seem a day over five! You

I get tired of telling the story but

I am happy to tell it is again. It

is magical. I was a teenager still.

Of course, I was called Of course, I was called to this

audition, I won't say where, at a


channel in Brisbane! I went up and

my dad drove me up because I was a

teenager. We got lost, and Larry and

Rebecca, we were late. There were

hundreds of girls milling around

outside and in the foyer and they

had it is over, you are too late. It

is ten o'clock at night. I just

waited and out came this gentleman

who, to me, at that time, looked

like a lovely sort of older man in

like a lovely sort of older man in a Prince of Wales suit and I Prince of Wales suit and I thought, " Prince of Wales suit and I thought,

"He looks like a nice old man." He

was probably your age, Larry. Thank

you. No, probably a little younger.

Remember, I was a teenager. He

wasn't this old, was he! He said

thank you all ladies for coming, I

have seen you all, you have been

marvellous. And I put up my hand at the back anded, "

the back anded, "But you haven't

seen me." He was like, what a

bother, I got the audition and

finally got the man. I got the job

too. Great, of course you did. He

never had any sort of relationship

with people in his shows before that

either. I don't know, there

have been something about either. I don't know, there must

worked. Like it, got the job and the have been something about me and it

man. You have been married fives

time. Yes, to the same man. Toll us

about, I want to hear the first

time? The first time we were

The night The night we supposed to be married in London.

supposed to be married in London. The

the we happen to leave Australia, Reg said, " Reg said, "I think our

Reg said, "I think our mothers

should be here." I said okay, that

is a little later, No.

is a little later, No.4, that is

number 4. We are counting down. Going back

Going backwards, that is great. He

got in touch with a gentleman called

Reverend Roger Bush, when you were

small you would remember him but I

don't think Rebecca would. Sorry,

Larry. I am copping a hiding. No, it

is a birthday and by the way, Reg

is a birthday and by the way, Reg wants to congratulate you on the

show. All is No.1! So many? This is

number 4, I am mixed up. Sorry Reg,

if you are watching you will have to

marry her again. We got married by

Roger Bush and then wen to London.

Is there a secret or get married

every other year? You don't stay

with someone you don't like. I guess

love is the first ingredient,

affection, certainly you got to be a

good friend and all sorts of things.

Marriages are not made in heaven. We

don't agree on everything but, by

golly, we agree on a lot and you

to be good mates. You had a golly, we agree on a lot and you got

spectacular party for Reg, and I was

thrilled to be there. I was star

struck by Reg Grundy, I got up four

times from my table to introduce

myself and I got squared and went to

-- scared. We knew every there but

you and Ray Hadley and we didn't get

to meet either of you. We thought it

was funny. You have been in so many

marvellous shows if

marvellous shows if him. He started

out with Channel 7 shows, the class

of '74, the first cereal teenage

show in the world was on the

network. Sons and daughterers rr,

all of those. There have been great

ones. Are there any that didn't kick

in. Ed the have been holding the

handle. That

in. Ed the have been holding the handle. That the shows that didn't

get traction? Larry and Rebecca,

when you have made 260 different

television series, and 10s of

thousands of hours of television

there are not too many failures. He

has a drawfull of ideas and he is an

amazing person. But I can remember

one dog, if you like, it was

Channel 7 in

one dog, if you like, it was on

Channel 7 in Brisbane, it was called

lucky 7 rr. Had had this, an amazing

prize of $

prize of $75,000 when most prizes

were $5,000. It was an enormous

amount of money. It proveed to Reg,

amount of money. It proveed to Reg,

by the way, it didn't work. It

proved to Reg the money is not what

people are coming on for, it has

to be a good form at and it has got people are coming on for, it has got

to work. It was a learning lesson

for him. The It is the one we don't

talk about it. Why are we talking

about it now? I can talk about 260

that worked really well! Someone

told me story that Gordon Ramsay was

actually the chef on your boat. Yes,

for 21 month of ourb lives and I 93rd for 21 month of ourb lives and I

for 21 month of ourb lives and I -

daour lives and I I never heard him say dam

say damn? He was our chef on Idle

Wood II. It is amazing you can

become a star on the F word but

there you go. That is how it is in

2008. But not in 41 of me. As he

says to me, "

says to me, "You and my

don't says to me, "You and my my mother

says to me, "You and my my mother

approve." And I said, "

approve." And I said, "No we don't."

But he is a great chef. It is a

treat to meet you. I am sorry I was

two tables away from Reg Grundy and

I didn't get to meet him. We can

Alter that. It is my understanding

the beautiful boat is for sale. I

can't readily get my hands on $

can't readily get my hands on $120

million to buy it but I would

million to buy it but I would be prepared to work for free for the

new series of The Price is Right for free. After the show, free. After the show, we can talk

about it, seeing it is your

birthday. Thank you, it has been a

pleasure. Reg sends his

congratulations to you. Thank you,

lovely sootee you. Enjoy Christmas

here. I will. how to beat an end-of-year rut. Still to come, And TV's biggest cash queens. which stars of the small screen We'll see

If I thought Reg was watching I

would have worn a suit and sat up

straight. Oh! Yes? I didn't know I was supposed to

was supposed to still be here. I am!

Were you just going to comment,

that. cohost. Two cohosts, I can deal with

literally on cloud nine. But next, the newlyweds You're watching the Morning Show live on Seven. Back soon. The Morning Show brought to you by Jetstar, the world's best low-cost airline. Now flying to more than 25 holiday destinations at home and overseas. Visit now.

One thing we didn't get to talk to

Joy about, we ran out of time, but

she is one of Australia's best war

history otters. There are five books

and they are remarkable, and she is

recognised as one of the best author

in that field. She is working on

another one. I think what happens

they sit on the yacht, Reg comes up

with the great shows and she comes

up with the writing. How's this for a truly unique wedding? "I do's" on cloud nine - literally. This couple are taking their Here they are getting married sky-high restaurant. at a South Florida casino 58m in the air. The contraption is rigged up And it's guests arrive by crane. the restaurant seats 22 people. All up,

You don't want the southerly buster

coming through now. embracing the dining experience. But it's not just newlyweds Thrillseekers and trendsetters the restaurant's clientele. are also among

No thanks! No thank you. What about

the wedding dance? What about the

wedding dance? What about going to

the toilet? Problems. If the toilet? Problems.

the toilet? Problems. If you know

how it works, please let us

how it works, please let us knowuric would be curious to find out. Coming up later on The Morning Show,

up close and personal with our hottest swim stars. But first, Glenn's asking the hard questions.

Every morning when you come on The Morning Show,

you show us something that's fast and easy and the H2O Mop is no exception. But I must ask this question on behalf of the many thousands of Morning Show viewers and myself - why is it when you do the cleaning you make it look so easy?

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How would you feel if you had honey on the floor? I'd prefer it on toast in the morning with a cup of tea. Have a look at this. I'm going to take it off the carpet glider. For heavy stains on the floor, you just go over the top with your H2O Steam Mop and it picks them up that quick and that easily. Are you impressed so far? That is impressive. That's fantastic. Look at the hardwood floors.

If you've got a big mess, the kids have left paint on the floor, you've got scuff marks. School holidays. Mud, dirt. But you can go straight from your carpets straight onto your hardwood floors.

I've got beetroot here on terra-cotta tiles here. Have a look how the H20 Steam Mop just picks it up that quickly and that easily. Try doing that with your mop and bucket. That is amazing. I'll tell you what I do like. I like the fact it only takes 30 seconds to heat up and then gives you 20 minutes or so of continuous steam with ordinary tap water. If you combine that with the microfibre cover, you can clean all the floors, remove scuff marks using one hand, it's so light. You just demonstrated beautifully. It's fantastic. and forget the mop and bucket. Call right now The H20 Mop uses 1,500 watts of steam penetrating the dirt in the pores of the floor. The pressure loosens and cleans, while the microfibre pad sweeps it away, and being super absorbent, your floors are dried at the same time. Which is very important. It also works with your favourite detergent.

Remember, with a regular mop even if it looks clean, it's not. With the H2O Steam Mop's microfibre pad, it's like cleaning with a new mop, every single time. The H2O Steam works on every surface from linoleum to laminate, marble, vinyl, slate, ceramic, even tough-to-clean grout lines and it's safe enough to use on hardwood floor. We recently had a big party at home and we cleaned the tiles next morning, mmmmm, beautifully with H2O Steam Mop just like that. But there's more. The H2O Steam Mop even converts to your own carpet steamer. Now, that's impressive.

You can erase stains and spills, and deodorise and freshen all your carpets, rugs, mats

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Here we go, my favourite part. We'll turn the lights down. Have a look at this. Have a look at the floor here first. You'll notice on the floor it looks clean. When you turn the lights down, you'll see that when you think it's clean, it's not. The H2O Steam Mop removes hidden dirt and grime not seen in normal light. It's proven to remove bacteria and germs such as E.coli not seen by the human eye.

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James, thank you very much. James from Danoz, see you again. Guys, back to you. Thanks, Glenn. Ahead this morning, why two mates are facing the odds to paddle over 700km in a kayak. But first, Ann Sanders joins us with the latest news and weather. Hello, Ann. Good morning, Bec and Larry. Hello, everyone. A supersonic fighter jet has crashed into a densely populated suburb in the United States. The pilot ejected before the F/A-18 came down in the San Diego neighbourhood a few hours ago. Witnesses have described it like a scene out of the movie 'Top Gun'. Friends of Kerryn McCann are urging Australian women to undergo regular breast checks. It's been revealed the champion runner and mother-of-3 felt a lump in her breast three months before being diagnosed with cancer. She died on Sunday.

And Kylie Minogue has wowed New Zealanders

with the first of two sold-out shows in Auckland. The pop princess brings her 'X' spectacular to Australia next week.

Taking a look at weather New research has found texting is taking a toll on teenagers' social skills.

A study out of the US shows they're spending more time typing and less time on the phone chatting with their friends and family members.

Social skills? What social skills? I

didn't think they had any social

skills? Don't they

skills? Don't they just grunt and skills? Don't they just grunt and go " skills? Don't they just grunt and go

"hu." I got a house hold of boys and

I get, "

I get, "Don't ask me so many

questions, mum." You get more

interaction on texting. And you can

see what they spell and can't spell. Still to come, the hottest stars of the swimming pool strip off. We're going behind the scenes of their sexy new ad campaign. But straight after the break, Jo Lamble's advice for beating the end-of-year burnout. You're watching the Morning Show live on Seven. This Friday,

# We're soaring # it's the global phenomenon that keeps getting bigger. The characters, the songs, the dancing - now with an all-Aussie cast. That is 'High School Musical' live, only on the Morning Show.

That's going to be amazing. That's

great. Don't miss out. Thank you for

your kind. It is his birthday. He is

holding his own cake. But only to

show you this. Someone has scooped

up the icing! (dramatic music plays)

With their fingers! That is

disgusting. I want to get CSI here

with the blue lights and find out

who did it. It is okay, we will cut

that bit off and there is quite a

bit of cake left. That is horrible.

It took away. Who would do that?

There is only seven people here. It

is one of seven. Let me see. They

are all licking their fingers. No,

don't want a bar of that. People

scurrying. Put his finger in the

groove and see if it fits. With Christmas fast approaching, we're all looking forward to a few days off to rest and recharge the batteries. But for many, even the thought of getting through the next few weeks is enough to fill them with dread. Statistics show the majority of nervous breakdowns, illnesses and depression occur just before Christmas. So how do you beat the end-of-year burnout and start the new year with a bang? Morning Show psychologist Jo Lamble joins us now with more. Good morning to you. Jo, why is the end of the year rife with these problems?

Is it all just pent up? Got so much

to do. You got to finish off work,

shop for Christmas. If you got kids

you are attending speech nights and

awards ceremonies, concerts all that

sort of stuff. Plus Christmas

sort of stuff. Plus Christmas parties. It is easy to feel

overwhelmed. Plus if you're on your

own or grieving, it is a hard time

to get through. How do you to get through. How

to get through. How do you know

to get through. How do you know if you are suffering from burn-out? It

describes the feeling of being

overwhelmed. So stressed. It can be

paralysing, you don't know where to

start. You can lose perspective. You

say, "

say, "If I don't get the Christmas

cards out I'm a bad person." You

lose the plot. Is it blurry between

burnout and depression? Is it a big

jump or not

jump or not? It is a big jump. When

you are burned out we are

overwhelmed with stress. But if we

can stop and have a drink with

friends and watch the concert

friends and watch the concert it is

burnout. It is depression if you

don't enjoy yourself, even when you

stop. Lack of sleep, sex drive,

appetite. It is far more than

burnout, it will go on after

Christmas. Many families are being

forced to tighten the purse strings

this Christmas and can't get the

annual vacation, how can they get

the relaxation they need to stop and

take check and have a break. I am

hearing this a lot. A lot of

holidays being cancelled. Time to

get creative. Go back to the back

yard cricket game with neighbours,

pick Nicks, fishing, reading,

playing ball games with kids. They

are relaxing and cheap. If you just

focus on having to change because of

tight financial constraints, then

you are going to find that change is

not good. But it is time to start

new traditions. Trying to do the new traditions. Trying to do the

holiday with your family you can't

afford would cause an enormous

amount of stress. I tkoepbt think

you should tell kid about too much

trouble with money. But be honest.

We are going to start new

traditions. Got tips for beating

burnout? Yes, be realistic. Tackle

what ayou think you can adjust to. what ayou think you can adjust to.

Make lists. Get it out of your head

or you do stay away at night.

Delegate, don't be the control

freak. Kylie would love to hear

this, exercise, sleep and eat

this, exercise, sleep and eat healthily will be important. If you

are tired and unhealthy you will

feel burnout more. Remind yourself

what Christmas is about, a religious

ceremony or about friends and

family. Get the perspective back family. Get the perspective back again.

family. Get the perspective back again. Thank you, good to see you.

Coming up, Kylie Minogue's first-ever concert in New Zealand. We'll get all the goss ahead of her arrival in Australia tomorrow. But first, Glenn's found a Morning Show favourite to help spread the good news. Whether you are a regular Joe or a big Hollywood superstar, everybody needs a little help now and then with their looks. Luckily, our very own fashion expert Kai Aiyub joins us on the Morning Show to let us in on his secret to looking good. Welcome back, Kai. Hi there, handsome. How are you? Thank you very much, love it when you talk like that. Now, you are the fashion guru. I am the secret weapon, out on day release, yes. We don't need to know about your secret weapon on day release, but, speaking of secrets, and what is the secret to looking sharp these days? Well, I am sharing it with you. The thing is that, Glenn, your skin, your face are often the first things that people notice about you. When acne pops up, it is not really a good look. No, it is not a good look. So you are going to tell us that you have found something that can help people with acne to help keep their skin clear? I sure have, Glenn and it is a product I religiously use everyday. It is Proactiv Solution. So, you actually use Proactiv Solution that, of course, we sell here on the Morning Show. And yet, you don't even look like you need it. I can tell you, it is all 100% true. I found with my busy schedule as a fashion stylist, I was getting stressed out and it was really taking its toll on my skin and when I am constantly meeting industry heavyweights, appearing on the Morning Show and standing next to a devilishly handsome man like you, I could not afford to have bad skin at all. You've got lovely skin, Kai. You can feel lower if you like. Thank you. But, you are right, it is true, though - when you are standing here, telling other people about how they should lock good and you are talking to Larry and Kylie about all that, you are conscious of making sure that your skin is right. Exactly. And, you know what, I was up late one night and I saw the Proactiv infomercial on TV and all these people who were showing the before-and-after shots

and also how passionate they were about this product so I figured, "Hey, I will try it". After all, they do have a 60-day, money-back guarantee. You gotta to love that little bit. So did it work for you? I am assuming it did. Well, as you can see, smooth as a baby's bottom and I no longer have any acne. Feel the other side too if you like. No, no, that'll do for the moment. The thing is that in our society, we want to see results right away

so I was really stoked when, how quickly Proactiv worked for me. So, what would you say then to viewers who are umm-ing and ah-ing about trying Proactiv and especially for guys. You know, blokes who might be watching the Morning Show this morning and they are hesitant to purchase skincare product off the telly. Well, Glenn, it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman or how old you are or what colour your skin it is,

my personal philosophy is that clear skin is the best accessory. It is timeless, it goes with everything and it is something everyone deserves and you can get it too with Proactiv. Gotta love that. So how do viewers get it, how do they get their hands on Proactiv, Kai? If you call: 1300664225 now, Guthy-Renker will send you your Proactiv Solution value pack straight to your door. It contains a renewing cleanser with vitalising toner and the repairing lotion which will help you get the best skin ever. Got to love that. Let us talk folding stuff, how much can viewers expect to pay? We love a bargain, Glenn. That is the best bit because even though clear skin is priceless, we all know that, Proactiv is actually really affordable. Only two payments of $34.95 plus postage and handling. You are priceless,Kai. We love you on the Morning Show. Not only that, Glenn, you will receive two free gifts when you order, not including me. which absorbs oil The proactive Refining Mask on the range 'Face the Facts' and a handy booklet

to help you take care of great skin. which is packed full of great advice to receive a membership So, viewers are also going Clear Skin Club to the Proactiv Solution of Proactiv every two months where members get a fresh new supply per month for the club price of $34.95 plus postage and handling. and you can cancel at any time. And, Glenn, there is no obligation I will not be cancelling, Kai. Please don't. That is awesome, though, here on the Morning Show. but you know how that works with other bits and pieces for us? Did you did you come armed I love a goodie bag, Glenn. with your credit card details handy, And if you order right now Proactiv's Replenishing Eye Serum we will throw in and to help pamper the delicate skin around the eyes, valued at $34.95. It is a great way to combat bags and dark circles and, you know what, it is absolutely yours, for free.

Don't do that again. That is fantastic, Kai. Thanks for coming in this morning. My pleasure, Glenn. Call: 1300664225, now help you get so you can let Proactiv clear glowing skin. the best accessory ever - the Replenishing Eye Serum And don't forget,

their credit card details right now. for customers that order with as a baby's bottom, Kai Aiyub. The men with skin as smooth Guys, back to you. women are considered their sexiest. Next hour, we find out at what age But straight ahead,

You said that like it was a

question, almost? Had a little

soon. question mark. We will find that out

awareness about men's health. the two mates on a mission to raise live across Australia. You're watching the Morning Show, by Hilton - The Morning Show brought to you of what life takes out put a little back in 80 countries to choose from. with over 500 hotels Visit now. are told they have prostate cancer Every day 32 men in Australia and close to 3,000 die each year. Yet surveys show only half of Aussie men feel they are fully informed. Two mates are planning their own unique campaign to get the prostate cancer message across. They're embarking on a 20-day adventure of a lifetime, kayaking 740km in order to raise awareness and money of Australia. for the Prostate Cancer Foundation now to tell us about their trip. Rob Lowe and Scott Timbrell join us

Good morning to you both.

Sorry, Rob Lowe, you are kidding, it

is not your real name? When I came

said, " in this morning I read that and

said, "This is the best day every!

We got Rob Will recollectowe on." We got Rob Will recollectowe on.". a 2-man kayak from Byron to Bondi. Rob, you and Scott are paddling We got Rob Will recollectowe on.". said, "This is the best day every!

Are you crazy? Just adventurous. It

is quite a trip, you done anything

like this before sp Not really. We

haven't done ocean kayaking, I have

done river but that is it. The idea

came up in August.

came up in August. We have had this

kayak, Nelly for six weeks and had

four weekend on the water. We

haven't had a huge time to do the

training. We have had great advice.

So you are very well prepared. We

said 20 days but I think it is 19,

is it a certain distance to achieve

every day? On average, it is every day? On average, it is going to every day? On average, it is going

to be about 45 kilometres a day. The

longest period will be about 63

kilometres from Minnie Waters

kilometres from Minnie Waters to Coffs Harbour, just before

Christmas. We got north-easterly

winds taking us down the coast. If

it changes to southerly, we will get

strong winds and it could be a

problem. We got the current down the

east coast which should help us out.

But it is approximately 45

kilometres a day. Start early in the

morning when it is calm. What are

some of the dangers? Besides the

obvious, your sharks and the actual

boat sinking, whilst there are

sharks around are the main ones. But

the main one is the winds. Just

going into a wind and losing a day

from not being able to paddle. But

yes, besides that, pretty excited.

What inspired you to do it. We are

caused you to get in talking about prostate cancer, what

caused you to get in the boat and

paddle? It came from my dad was

diagnosed with prostate cancer. I

thought instead of sitting around

worrying about it, try and do

something about it. That is & a lot

of beers at a pub one night,

decided to do it. Some of beers at a pub one night, we

decided to do it. Some people thought, " decided to give us money and we

thought, "Oh, we are going to have

to do this." Now we are eight days

out to embarking on this. How is

your dad doing? He is doing really

well. He is good. He is actually

following us the whole way down,

being our road crew. Both him and my

mum. They have been really good

about it. He is doing fine. Okay.

When you go

When you go to the toilet... (laughs) When you go to the toilet...

(laughs). What do you do? You get

out, right? Yes, you have to get out

and swim around. You can get out or

stay in? With the sharks. With the

southerly busters. Bec wanted to

ask. Good luck, you want to raise $ ask. Good luck, you want to raise

$10,000. Hoping to eclipse it. We

will put your details on the web $10,000. Hoping to eclipse it. We

site. We talk about this a lot on

the show. We hope our viewers will

help out financially to achieve the

goal. As a gift from the Morning

Show, we will put Bec on a boat in a

bikini in 41 of you to keep you

going. Great. Thank you. So glad I

got to meet Rob Lowe. You will have

to chaiv your name to Kiefer

Sutherland or something. , A little later on this morning, Shortly we'll reveal on prime time. they're the most sought-after stars

for a way to firm up? But first, are you looking TV's hottest women really make. just how much money

Here's Glenn. that over 60% of Australians Did you know

or struggling with weight problems? are either obese A lot of this weight is carried around the stomach area. To tell us more, I'm joined by Carly and Dennis. G'day, guys. BOTH: Morning, Glenn. Stop trying to find clothing to cover it and forget about trying to hold it in and worrying about people noticing your stomach and your waistline - make the choice now. your stomach, improve your shape If you've always wanted to lose faster, and easier than before, and slim right down - the Ab King Pro today. then you must get yourself Are you talking to me, girl? You guys are so confident achieve these results that viewers will be able to

to trial this of their own homes for just 30 days in the comfort and privacy by just paying delivery. That's right. People will feel great that they are slimming down, when their friends start noticing a remarkable difference. and in 30 days you'll see

a few minutes a day, Even if you just give it five days a week, hotter look. you'll be on your way to a leaner, Gotta like that. your own Ab King Pro. what are some the benefits of owning Dennis,

It assists you in losing your weight around the stomach and that hard-to-achieve mid section. Plus, it improves your core strength whilst creating that support for your back and your neck. The Ab King Pro is so easy to use. There are four levels of resistance so it's great for everyone - including beginners. We've got customers ranging from their 20s to senior citizens who are achieving fantastic results. Terrific - something for everybody. on the market, There are a number of machines actually differ? so how does the Ab King Pro results quite like the Ab King Pro. Glenn, nothing delivers You see, ordinary machines - a 90-degree range of motion they only give you is its amazing 200-degree range but the Ab King Pro's secret middle abs and obliques all at once. that targets your upper, lower, in weeks - not months. You'll firm and flatten your stomach work your abs on the way up Most products and exercises only brings you below parallel but the Ab King Pro's amazing design in a 200-degree range of motion all at once - to target the entire middle section and on the way down. that's, of course, on the way up I like the fact that there's no more rolling around on the floor I mean in an exercise sense, of course, but no more straining of your neck or your back. Exactly. The Ab King Pro's travelling back support system, it stabilises your spine - keeping you in perfect form. You can watch your favourite programs on TV at the same time as losing centimetres from your waist.

You don't need to have it sitting around the house - it just folds for easy storage under the bed. We've also got the lovely Helen here who's been using the Ab King Pro for about four months?

Helen, how have you found it? Easy to use? At first I was worried I'd be too old to use it but I found it really easy. That's great. Have you noticed any changes? Yes, my friends have, too. Not only have I lost weight around my waist but it has helped me with my posture and it's given me so much energy and helped back pain too and it's so much fun. Fantastic. You said that with so much conviction too. That is great news, Helen, well done. Let's see what some other people have had to say. The Ab King Pro presents an interesting advantage because you can change the start position. It makes it easy to begin to use the device.

But the nice part is you can actually do the exercise even if you're very out of shape, very overweight. I think a lot people when they start doing sit-ups they use their neck a lot. With the Ab King Pro, you are completely stabilised - the results are instant. I'm down to a size 8. With Global Shop Direct's 30-day home trial you could truly put it to the test and getting started can cost you as little as $19.95 - now, that's not that much, is it? The sooner you start the sooner you can see results. Find out why thousands of happy customers are getting results by calling - Or, of course, order online - And if you see and feel the results within the 30 days just keep the Ab King Pro and the balance will be charged to your credit card in five easy instalments. If there's any reason you are not happy, send it back within the 30 days and pay no more. If you call now and pay with your credit card, you'll also receive a 'Burn It Up' fitness DVD. This will really help accelerate your results.

Plus, you will also get an exclusive Ab King Pro 10-day slim-down plan to super charge your weight loss. Never been a better time to start. Call - or go online -

Thng you, Larry. We are going to go

back to the US where we have just

received some fresh information

about the fighter jet that crashed

into a san Diego neighbourhood

earlier this morning. Mike, fresh

information, what can you tell us

Yes, Bec sad information. The mayor

has just held a press conference and

confirmed that two people on the

ground in that neighbourhood have

died from this plane crash. Of

course, we mentioned earlier an FA18

fighter jet crashed into the

neighbourhood about three hours ago.

It appears two homes have been

destroyed. The pilot of that fighter

jet was able to parachute to safety.

Witnesses say it appeared the pilot

tried to hang on as long as possible

to avoid the residential area. From

the pictures

the pictures, you can see he wasn't

successful. He crash under to the

houses. As we say, two people on the

ground, we don't know whether

ground, we don't know whether they they were on the street orin the

homes have been killed. That is sad

news. One thing authorities will be

looking at there, Bec, this is the

second crash. There was a similar

crash last year, I don't believe

there were fatalities involved there

but this is something authorities

will look at, the FA18, which is

will look at, the FA18, which is otherwise known as a Hornet. Sad

news, there has not been a

miraculous escape. There are two


fatalities. We can see from the

pictures it is a heavily populated

area. Thank you. Ann Sanders will

have the latest in the Morning News. Welcome back to The Morning Show live on Seven.

Good morning to all our viewers in Hobart. A few showers developing for you today with a top of 19.

On the way this hour, the beautiful bodies of Australian swimming. We're going behind the scenes as our swimmers strip off a Speedo photo shoot. Also ahead, all the goss from Kylie's first ever concert in New Zealand. And who's making the most money in prime-time TV? We'll find out just how much the highest female earners make. Here's something for the boss to think about. The amount you earn could be reflected in the number of sick days you take. According to the latest research, higher earners are less likely to take time off.

So what do our Tuesday Jury make of this? It's over to Sami Lukis and Phil O'Neill from Triple M. Good morning. Sami, do you think people who get paid more take fewer sick days?

I don't think it matters how much

you earn. I think it is just the

Aussie way. If you don't feel

appreciated by the boss, that he

understand stand and appreciates the

amount of were you are doing or she,

you are more likely to say, " you are more likely to say, "I'm not

putting up with this." And take a sicky. Phil, the so-called experts suggest this is because people who earn more feel more rewarded for the work they do. Does that surprise you?

It is a

It is a hypothetical for me. But the

more money you have got, you can

have a better sicky. Larry, on your

yacht the other day, when you had

the flu, it was terrific. What a great the flu, it was terrific. What a

great afternoon. It was hard landing

the chopper on the yacht with the

wind. The limo ride was nice. I

think people should take more

sickies, I take garlic every day and

water. She does, you can smell St.

It is? When someone comes in and

coughing and spitting and spreading the love germs

the love germ, you should be home at

bed. Head to the MMM web site if you

need to get in contact with Sami.

Moving on, and an in-store Santa in the UK has been sacked for taking a call on his mobile in front of visiting children.

Women are their most sexy at 34. Why

look at me Because you planted the

story in the news. It is all about

confidence. I know as a woman in her midto late 30s, I feel confident. confidence. I know as a woman in her

For some men it is a turn off, for

some it is a turnoff. We realise

confidence is more associated with

behaviour than appearance. That is

why we probably feel sexier. You

know in your 30s, you are probably

earning enough money to afford botox

if you need it. Everyone is a

winner. When are blokes in their

most sexy. Midto late 40s, about

now. I think we are in our prime

now. You might have seen us before.

Men say that at every age, " Men say that at every age, "In their

20s, prime. She

20s, prime. She is known as Mrs

Robinson to her next-door

neighbours. Really quite, finally,

an instore Santa in the United

Kingdom has been sacked for taking a

call on his mobile phone in front of

visiting children. Santa said he had

visiting children. Santa said he had to take the call from his local job?

Because he had to sort out of

benefit payments. Who is going to

give a phone toSanta, what is his

surname? It is wrong. Santa is

getting his own back. How many are

using Santa as a prospect, for

punishment, he is getting his own

back. You are right? Yes, let him

use it. He said the phone call was

to the elives to deliver it toys. He was saying it

was saying to Lapland, make of that

what you will. It could be an

expensive call. Later this hour, Eamon Sullivan gets his gear off for our cameras. We're going behind the scenes of his latest photo shoot. That's coming up in just a moment. But first, Glenn's here with some simple ways to trim the household budget. Who thinks we're being taken for a ride by those oil companies? You're telling me! It's bad enough that we have to pay exorbitant prices for fuel, so why would we want to spend any more on our car insurance? Thank goodness Faye's back. Welcome back to the Morning Show, Faye. Good morning, Glenn. You're right - it is a growing problem. So big, in fact, that some families are taking the risk and not insuring their car at all. Ooh, bit of a worry, Faye, that's dangerous stuff. Yeah, it is. It may sound boring, but being insured is so important because you just know the moment you don't insure your car something's going to happen to it.

Bingo, absolutely right. Murphy's Law, I think we call it. But why is it so expensive? It costs us so much money. The thing about it is - and look, this is not very fair - you could be paying higher premiums to subsidise all the bad drivers out there. It's not very fair, you're right. That's a bit of a worry but your mates at Budget Direct are doing something about it. What are they actually up to? They have designed a plan to reward good drivers.

I like the sound of that. If they're insuring the good drivers or let's call them safe drivers then they're obviously not having to pay out as many claims for the bad drivers. You got it. There's less risk and less cost and they pass those savings on to their customers. Good, we like that. That sounds fairer. How much can we save, what are we looking at? Safe drivers could save hundreds, up to $400 a year, in some cases, even more. Great, I like the sound of that.

Take a look at these examples. she called around a number of other major insurers with Budget Direct's low prices. So that's 50% back in her pocket. she was paying $603 for her Barina, now she's just paying $336. That's incredible stuff, Faye. But it's this one. But have a look at this, this really blows my mind away. This is Mrs Anderson from NSW - She's managed to save herself almost $500 in the process. That's almost $500 a year. Pretty impressive stuff, I've got to say. Let's look at it from another angle -

it's a free holiday every year. I know. I wouldn't say no to that. Me either. Get this - to prove what they're saying, they're even prepared to put their money where their mouth is. How do they do that? They offer a Price Beat guarantee. That means if you're over 25 and you find a lower comparable quote within 21 days of buying a Budget Direct policy, and you meet the guarantee terms, they'll not only match it, they'll beat it - guaranteed! I'm actually glad I'm over 25 now. That's a big claim and always good to know too, but here's the thing - I believe Budget Direct has just been awarded the coveted Cannex 5-star rating for best value. Look at that - what a cracker. Pretty reassuring stuff. It is. It's the highest rating possible, so you can be assured there's no corner-cutting on your policy. It's quality insurance with the competitive features you'd expect. I like that. The big insurers must hate Budget Direct, though. Budget Direct are pretty big themselves, aren't they? Yeah, they are.

Over 5,000 Australian drivers are insuring each week. I think a good point for people to remember too about all of this is that car insurance isn't like a mobile phone contract - you can cancel an existing overpriced policy pretty much immediately, can't you? Even if there are some small cancellation fees involved, it's worth doing because you can still make some incredible savings. That is exactly right - it's so easy to switch. One phone call could save you hundreds of bucks a year. That's the holiday we were talking about. Just recapping then, Faye - with Budget Direct, we can be making big, big savings and it's quality insurance, backed by that Cannex 5-star rating. It seems that we better call right now. Or you can jump online. Another important point, Budget Direct also offers home and contents insurance, doesn't it, Faye? They sure do. So for car insurance or even home and contents, call right now or get a 2-minute fast quote online. It'll only take a few minutes and could save you hundreds.

That's what we love on The Morning Show, saving money. Faye, thanks for coming in. Thank you. I look forward to that holiday. Yeah. I think Tahiti is nice this time of year. Sounds good. Guys, back to you. Thanks, Glenn. Coming up - the man attempting to set a world record

for sitting in a bath of -20 degree icy water.

Got two word for you mate,

shrink-Age. But after the break,

Australia's swimming champions strip off for Speedo.

You're watching the Morning Show.

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