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(generated from captions) shot in the Mumbai massacre returns. Home safe - the Australian girl stranded since last week - Tearful reunions - from Thailand's paralysing protests. tourists finally make it back trying to get into one little door Yeah, there's probably 5,000 people is absolutely disgusting, That airport

people are going to get sick. the claws over her paw performance. Catty - the Shadow Treasurer gets out And Sting sings for a lot of lute - and his 400-year-old hits. the superstar In Sports Tonight - Hi, I'm Brad McEwan. and a classic catch. a thumping Test win Outside edge and oh what a catch. Brett Lee carved through the Kiwis. Robert Allenby will play on. With heavy heart, the US Masters next year - I hope my mum can last till so I can try and win that for her. of the Holden Racing Team. Mark Skaife no longer the owner who flew into the air And the Crusty Demon before plunging into Sydney Harbour. complete transparency and cooperation America has urged

between India and Pakistan tonight

into the Mumbai Massacre. as investigations continue will travel to India this week Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with New Delhi. in a further demonstration of unity the revelations But what's angered Indians most are and it was ignored. there was a tip-off finally returned home Here, wounded Australian Kate Anstee landing just a few hours ago. is in Mumbai. Emma. Ten's Emma Dallimore

The ruthless attacks he killed more

than 100 and am 70 people including

two Australians. One survivor was

who 24-year-old Seaby woman Kate Anstee

who was shot through the by behind who was shot through the by behind

me at the Lee of old cafe. After

being in intensive care in an

Indian hospital she has returned home. As a homecoming,

than expected, this one was much sooner wouldn't have expected and Kate Anstee certainly her world travels to end half-way around the globe. being stretchered The 24-year-old was transferred to a private ambulance. from her Qantas flight her mother by her side, She left Mumbai yesterday, by gunmen. four days after being shot in the leg (SIREN WAILS) her boyfriend David Coker - Trailing behind, for carrying Kate to safety, being hailed a hero despite being injured himself. was targeted for being Westerners At the cafe where the young couple has been cleared up, evidence of the terrible events to a reopening celebration. giving way we have not lost - we have won. It is to prove to the terrorists We are going to get back to our feet that nothing is going to stop us. and we are going to show them

through the Mumbai streets. But recriminations are ringing (ALL CHANT) Politicians, shame! Shame!

all the gunmen were from Pakistan, The Indian government says and more are expected to go. but the Home Minister has resigned, Locals are angry were ignored. that US warnings of an attack lawyer David Jacobs - Finally escaping the madness, in his hotel room wardrobe. he'd spent 19 hours hiding Tonight he was philosophical. a greater understanding We need the world to have that we each have of what are the concerns and we've got to stop killing each other.

to have her back. Thanks. Very good, very good Love is stronger than terrorism. for Kate Anstee, But all of this is a world away in a Sydney private hospital. tonight recovering The first of hundreds of Australians at Bangkok airport who've been stranded are finally back home. There were emotional reunions touched down in Sydney tonight. when the Thai Airways flight Some of the passengers for a week - have been trying to leave the country during anti-government protests, many were stuck in the airport to be put-up in a hotel. while others were lucky enough We've been there since last Wednesday waiting to get home -

so it's just chaos over there - the last two days at Utapao airport, no organisation whatsoever. people lying around, to get out when we did - We were lucky stuck there, and there's still a lot of people so, good luck to them. including many Australians, Hundreds of people, are still stranded. 300 Aussie tourists are heading home Free at last - for almost a week. after being stuck in Bangkok Good to get home can stop worrying about us. and make sure everybody else The tourists were trapped overran the international airport. when anti-government protesters They've been sent on a 12-hour bus ride to Phuket,

to Singapore where Qantas will then fly them to Australia. and they can then make their way back I was just so keen to get home. because of the same thing, my kids, My husband's stressed I can never leave the country again. so, yeah, he said And these are the lucky ones. remain stranded in Bangkok, Hundreds more Australians of the political protests. wedged in the wrath there will be some sort of violence. Unfortunately it's looking like The anti-government protesters the Bangkok airport. are still staking out (CHEERING) are storming the streets. And pro-Government protesters remove them through peaceful means, If the government cannot then there will be fighting. the army will come in and do a coup. and there is a chance, possibly, to spiral, With the protests continuing the Thai Government says before the airport reopens it may be up to a month the Federal Government and that's prompted to reconsider any travel to Bangkok. to now warn Australians But there has been some relief. to leave the besieged main airport, Today protesters allowed 37 planes but not with passengers. from Phuket to Singapore on Wednesday Qantas will do another flight the remaining Australians home and Jetstar will bring later in the week. 900 seats out of Thailand. There will be something like And that can't come soon enough. Natasha Exelby, Ten News. a learner driver ran down 12 people. when it showed the very moment the pictures may cause some distress. We warn you,

The accident, in a busy street, claimed the life of a 20-year-old TAFE student

and left several pedestrians seriously injured, including a baby. The L-plater hit the accelerator instead of the brake. Charges were dropped because the 43-year-old suffers post-traumatic stress after witnessing her husband's murder. The Reserve Bank meets for the last time this year and is widely tipped to cut rates by as much as 1%. who's the best economic manager, Politicians are still debating but it was Parliament's leading ladies who really got their claws out. Politics can be a dirty business. Sometimes it's downright catty. For two of Australia's most senior politicians, I know ratio's probably a confusing concept for the Shadow Treasurer. She might get someone to explain it to her. The Opposition's had its claws out for the Government ever since it admitted

the Budget may fall into deficit because of the global slowdown. The central bank's set to do its bit to ward off a recession when it meets for the last time this year. We expect the Reserve Bank to cut rates by at least 75 basis points tomorrow - and if they really want to front-load the stimulus into the Australian economy, they may even go as much as 1%. The RBA's dropped the cash rate by 2% in the past three months. Banks, though, haven't been as generous in passing on in full all those savings to home owners, but the Treasurer's put banks on notice, warning if offical rates drop, he expects home loans to follow suit. And should there be a cut in official interest rates, to pass it on as responsibly and fully as possible. And motorists are reaping benefits too, with predictions it'll be cheaper again by Christmas. Meg Palmer, Ten News. New parents could be hardest hit by the collapse of ABC learning. The childcare union says centres with a high number of newborn babies will be shutdown because they're too expensive to run.

ABC Learning in Miranda has run out of room. But despite 100% occupancy, it's one of the centres receivers are considering to shut down. Most of those at risk have a high number of newborn to 2-year-olds and the union thinks it knows why they're on the hit list.

Nought to two is where you have higher staff costs. We think they've been targeted. up to five years of age for every 15 children but, for babies under two, they require three times as many staff. for the nought to 2-year-old care Those areas where the greatest need may well disappear from our childcare environment that the receiver has considered. because of the cost structures Ten News understands there's already a number of community and business-based groups considering taking over some at-risk ABC centres. These not only include local councils and church-based groups - there's also an aged-care provider considering making the jump into child care. The union has begun petitioning for a further $34 million in Federal Government assistance to keep unviable childcare centres open until at least March. Community groups want the money used to purchase centres earmarked for closure or for the Government to offer low-interest loans so non-profit groups can take control. Propping up addresses the short term but not the long term so we'd like to see that $30 million invested in a different way. ABC's receivers will announce which centres are most likely to be closed on Wednesday. James Boyce, Ten News. All eyes are on Washington tonight With the details, Tom Piotrowski at CommSec.

Group it is difficult to read it

too much into the day's decline. We

sought $3 billion worth of shares

changed hands which is very low.

Over the course of the last seven

sessions the market has improved by

16%. These improvements have been

put to the test this week because

of the important corporate news

that we get locally and overseas.

Tomorrow we get retail sales

figures locally and we will see how

the global Big ears grew in the 4th

quarter - - third quarter.The Week

concludes with the important

employment figures. It will be a

hand for this week. Rumours swirled

around the typical capital-raising for transport. And there's been a split in the Federal Coalition,

with the National Party voting against the Liberals. The Nationals crossed the floor in the Senate, siding with the Greens over a contentious carbon sink tax break, which they say would advantage high-polluting companies and disadvantage farmers.

he introduced Madonna and Guy Ritchie, now Sting talks about their divorce. Want to be spoilt for choice when it comes to games for your mobile? Then just: The game's Bond - James Bond - 'Quantum of Solace'. Slam into 'WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2009'. Run for your wildlife in 'Madagascar 2'. Or remix famous tracks on 'DJ Mix Tour'. And load your toys with the games you love. This program is captioned live. A group of Sri Lankan asylum seekers are in detention after being caught in waters off Western Australia. A group of fishermen filmed the boatload of refugees floating offshore near Shark Bay They questioned two of them who'd managed to swim ashore before alerting Customs. We just really wanted to know what they were and at the end they said they were Sri Lankans and they were quite nice young guys, but just scared. The 12 refugees are being held on Christmas Island. There are renewed hopes of solving Daniel Morcombe's disappearance - a million-dollar reward to flush out new information. In addition, police are offering immunity to anyone who might have played a minor role in his abduction. Grief is still etched in the faces of Bruce and Denise Morcombe. since their son Daniel disappeared. Hopefully we can get an answer. we haven't got the right lead. The 13-year-old was abducted while waiting for a bus at Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast. He was going to buy Christmas presents for his family. The Morcombes refuse to let the community forget. Today, yet more proof it hasn't. These people are investors and developers and business leaders in South-East Queensland that have come together to raise $750,000 dollars. The reward has now reached a record $1 million. It's the biggest reward we've ever had posted in Queensland. $250,000 of the $1 million is the Government's contribution. Police have even offered immunity to anyone who comes forward, but only if they played a small role in the crime. The deal has a 6-month deadline. Memories fade of particular instances, so what we're after is that information as quickly as possible. Five years on, there's still a team of police working on Daniel's case.

They've received 20,000 leads, but not one has led them to the truth. More officers are on standby to man the Crime Stoppers hotline. We have detectives rostered as well

to immediately follow up on any lead that warrants and justifies an immediate response. Now, they wait. Jessica Howard, Ten News. Australia is to play a key role in the world's largest study of cancer in children. It aims to pin down environmental and genetic causes of the disease. It's hard to imagine these young girls were once very sick. No, you're not!

Aw, yeah! When just months old, Millie and Emma were diagnosed with leukaemia and life-saving chemotherapy was their only hope. We were diagnosed one night, started chemo the next day, so we really didn't have a great deal of time to even get the facts. To watch your baby go through that, it's heartbreaking.

But a worldwide study examining the environmental and genetic factors that differ between children who get cancer and those who don't hopes to come up with preventative measures. Of course I asked, "What did I do wrong during pregnancy?" Of course, no-one knew the answer. would be of enormous benefit to us as clinicians. Cancer is still a leading cause of death among children and,while today there's an 80% survival rate, researchers believe they can do much better. This is the first study in the world on the causes of childhood cancer that starts with babies who are healthy and we follow them and their families until some of them - a very small number of them - will actually get childhood cancer. More than 1 million babies and their mothers across 15 countries will take part in the study over the next five years.

I'd never like anybody to walk in my shoes, never. Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. A day spa is helping put their best paw forward this Christmas. They're undergoing extreme makeovers for their prospective new owners, in a celebrity-inspired program taking them from wags to riches! It's a home away from home, and a grand one at that. It's not very reminiscent of my place, that's for sure, especially the bathroom. the playgrounds... the individually themed nurseries,

this is one extraordinary boarding kennel. My dog is a connoisseur. He likes only the best.

He's spoilt, spoilt, spoilt so he'd definitely go the doggy spa. The spa offers everything from mud masks to massage,

but it doesn't come cheap. Doggy daycare begins at $50 a day. depending on the size of the guest. Sleepovers starts from $65 per night, But not all of the dogs staying here are just looking for a holiday. Some of them, like Stanley here, are looking for new home. He's currently staying at the RSPCA and after a day of pampering today, it's hoped he's going to find some new owners. CEO Mandy Richards is committed to a permanent partnership with local animal charities to help re-home dogs. We're going to allocate a few cubbies within the facility, Just like their well-heeled friends, the Struggle Street dogs are groomed and pampered. They also have their bios posted on the company website, where it's hoped they'll find new homes for the holidays. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. Pop star Sting is back touring Australia for the second time this year with something completely different. He's traded 4 strings for 26, and swapped his bass guitar for a 16th-century lute. This is megastar Sting as you've never seen him before.

After winding up the enormously successful 30-year-reunion world tour with the Police, Sting is back in Australia with something absolutely fabulous. Joined by Bosnian lutenist Edin Karamazov, the pair is performing the greatest hits of 16th-century songwriter John Dowland. This is a kind of antidote to that - this is very quiet, sensitive music. There's no drums. There's no arguments - he just does what I tell him. The tour kicked off at the Sydney Opera House last night, with Sting dedicating the show to designer Joern Utzon, who died yesterday. You know, I've been coming to Sydney for about 30 years, and I've looked at this building with a kind of non-specific vague longing, never imagining for a minute I'd ever perform here. Do you get nervous when you do a show like this? It's much easier to play to a big stadium. I know it's the Sydney Opera House, but it's still quite intimate, so people are very close, they're listening very carefully - one mistake is very jarring.

The 57-year-old father of six doesn't believe in taking a break - last week he was in Paris, singing in an opera It went pretty well, actually. It got pretty good reviews and I had the time of my life. But he's also had to deal with the marital woes of some very dear friends. You and your wife introduced Madonna and Guy Ritchie and you're godfather to Rocco. Are you upset with what's happened? Yep, it's very upsetting. But what can you do? People fall in love That's life. Sting and Edin play Brisbane tonight

before travelling to Melbourne and Perth. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. Brad, big news tonight for a couple of Australian sportsmen. We have the latest on V8 champion Mark Skaife and his future with HRT. Plus major news involving Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Chris Munce. Also tonight - new season, new team for Wayne Bennett. I just had a look at myself in the mirror once - which I normally don't do - "That's OK, let's get going." and thought,

We meet the new AFL kids on the block. And Ronaldo sees red in the Manchester derby. This program is captioned live. Good evening and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. Australia has romped to a series clean sweep against New Zealand after an entertaining day's cricket in Adelaide. There was a 5-wicket haul and a fighting knock from the Kiwi keeper. But the day will be best remembered for a catch - it was, as Richie would say, a classic catch. With the first ball of the day things were looking up for the Kiwis. Brett Lee quickly brought them back down to earth. COMMENTATOR: And he's got him. Oh, he's got him, second ball. Aaron Redmond out and skipper Ricky Ponting called for his pacemen to go in for the kill. Brett Lee followed orders, with the wicket of Jesse Ryder. In the air - yes! Binga's bowling continued to baffle the Black Caps - Taylor his next victim, out for just one run. Oh, he's crunched it. ..his innings came to an end when Ricky Ponting stretched out Outside edge and - oh! What a catch! What a catch! Ricky Ponting - he was flying to his right. The pair putting to rest any suggestions of a rift. And although Haddin was unable to emulate his skipper's reflexes,

Johnson's dismissal of Daniel Flynn had Australia eyeing off day 4 victory. That's very close indeed, and gone. the most out of the Adelaide pitch. Nathan Hauritz's spin began to get Johnson was happy to make the most out of New Zealand's out-of-sorts batting line-up. Bowls him! Straight through the defences of Peter Fulton. Daniel Vettori was given a tough initiation to the second innings, but the skipper looked intent to put up a fight, until Hauritz ended his stay 32 balls in. not stemming McCullum's batting style... Michael Clarke watches it go over the rope. ..his half-century a rare highlight for the Black Caps, as Brett Lee secured his own milestone - a 5-wicket haul. Off the pad and then the bat

and, yes, he's given him! taking the final wicket His pace partner Mitch Johnson

to hand Australia a convincing Test win. Adam Thompson for Sports Tonight. The Aussies winning the second Test by an innings and 62 runs. Brett Lee with a timely confidence boost ahead of the upcoming series against South Africa. I really feel now, over the last couple of weeks, that the strength's come back and you know, the results show that

as far as pace and wickets and stuff,

so I'm ecstatic to get nine wickets in a Test match. Realistically, that New Zealand team probably are not the strongest team that we've ever come up against, and they're probably the first to admit that. They're in a transitional phase, probably much the same as what we are. I don't want to judge the side just yet. I think they've got the chance of being the best team that I've played with, but we need to improve and improve drastically. Michael Klinger has inspired South Australia to outright victory over Queensland - his third century of the season. the former Victorian notching It's the Redbacks' first Sheffield Shield win in 12 months, and prevents the Bulls from jumping to the top of the table.

V8 Supercar great Mark Skaife has agreed to relinquish ownership of the Holden Racing Team under a deal which will clear him of what is understood to be a multi-million dollar debt. International motor racing magnate Tom Walkinshaw will assume full ownership of HRT. A joint statement released tonight by the duo said, "While the details of the agreement will remain confidential, "no debt or other outstanding financial commitments will remain in relation to Skaife's team involvement." It had been reported Skaife was facing financial ruin just days out from the final V8 race of his career. Jockey Chris Munce has been stood down from riding trackwork and in barrier trials with immediate effect after he was handed a 30-month disqualification by the Hong Kong jockey club. Munce was released from prison in October after serving 20 months in jail for a betting scandal. He fears his riding career could be over after he was found guilty of 36 offences under the Hong Kong Jockey Club's rules of racing. The Melbourne Cup-winning jockey will argue his case to continue riding in Australia at a Racing NSW hearing later in the week. Golfer Robert Allenby has again been overcome with emotion as he spoke about his gravely ill mother. Allenby broke down on stage at a charity function tonight, as he recalled trying to close out the Australian Masters yesterday. It's been a big 48 hours for Robert Allenby. Tonight he was at a fundraising dinner for his charity, Challenge, which supports children with cancer. When the subject of his own cancer-stricken mother, Sylvia,

was raised, his emotions again got the better of him. (SILENCE) Sorry. The fundraising event started earlier today, Among those on course with Allenby, his older brother Martin and father Don. It's a pretty awesome thing. It's one of the proudest things that I can say that I do. Yesterday, in the final round of the Australian Masters, he choked back tears as his dream of clinching the Gold Jacket slipped away. COMMENTATOR: He wanted so much to win this for his mother. When I hit that shot on 15 into the bunker, I kind of knew that... I just knew that my legs were getting weak.

Tomorrow the 37-year-old flies to Coolum to prepare for this weekend's PGA Championship. The following week he'll contest the Australian Open,

all with Mum's blessing. I purely will only be going for her

and again, I'll be trying to win for her. I know I can win one of the next two events and it'd be pretty special if I did. And his mother's plight has inspired the world number 29 to aim even higher next year. I hope my mum can last till the US Masters next year, so I can try and win that for her. Nathan Templeton for Sports Tonight. The AFL's number one draft pick Jack Watts was given a crash course in the Demons' history this afternoon, when he was officially welcomed The 17-year-old was handed one of the Melbourne football club's most famous numbers by a club legend. Teenage propsect Jack Watts's heart is already beating true for the red and the blue - feted in the famous MCG Long Room and handed the illustrious number four by a club legend. I'm sure you'll add honour to this. It's a tough task, but I'm sure you'll have a really good go at doing it, and we hope that you do. Thank you very much. Thanks a lot, Ron. It's the same number club hero Norm Smith wore to four flags as a player,

before capturing another six I'm sitting next to Jimmy Stynes and Ron Barassi. Just privileged and really honoured to have this opportunity. putting some pressure on. I think they are But, having spoken to him - than I have - and they spoke to him a lot earlier who can do that. I think he's the sort of guy At Adelaide, brother Shaun started life as a Crow. former Kangaroo Corey McKernan's He's come a long way of him and his older brother. since this picture was taken up on the wall at home. and so forth like that - two premierships and a Brownlow - I guess. but I just wanna make my own name, Buddy Franklin, his link with Hawk goal-kicker in WA. who comes from the same country town all over the news, me talking about him, and wonder who I am. Port Adelaide recruit Hamish Hartlett doesn't have to look too far for a role model, with Kane Cornes already mentoring him before his name was called. as well, when I was struggling a little bit throughout the season and I have spoken to him a few times between then and now. And at the Eagles, a few feathers were clipped in the name of charity, I must admit, there were some very ordinary-looking mos going around, but as we know, it's a good cause, too much. so I don't think the guys mind Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight.

St George Illawarra fans today New hope for long-suffering first day on the job. with Wayne Bennett's The 6-time premiership-winning coach will shake off their soft reputation. is promising the new-look Dragons already a comfortable fit. The emperor's new clothes in the mirror once - I just had a look at myself

which I normally don't do - overachieving coach - Underachieving club, every 3.5 years Bennett averaging a premiership in his 21 seasons with Brisbane. much more humble. His initial goal for the Dragons - St George haven't been tough. There's a perception that

they'll be tough next year. Well, I'll guarantee His new players already in awe. Obviously, having him around - you want to push a bit harder. A little bit of nerves for everyone, I think first day. One of his old ones telling them what to expect. He finds out what makes you play the best, whether it's niggling you, like he does with me, or whether it's stroking your ego a little bit - and obviously a player like me doesn't need his ego stroked - but the guys are gonna get so much from him, not just from being a footballer, and he makes you a better person. but by being a person A lot of people don't understand to build and create teams, what it takes and I know what I've got to do here. but I do here in Bennett's new community. There's also enormous expectations will mark 30 years His first season with the club

the premiership. since the Dragons last won doesn't guarantee us a premiership. Wayne coming here We've gotta do the work. I can live with that, If we don't win premierships, with myself if I don't do my best. but I'm certainly not able to live It's going to a tough start - games against Melbourne, the Roosters and Cronulla

in the opening month of the season. He just told me he wants to lose my big arse. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy insists taking charge of NSW in next year's State of Origin series won't interfere with his club duties. Storm players were back at training today for the first time since their grand final loss to Manly. Bellamy admits he struggled with both roles this year, but says he'll be better prepared next season. At the end of the day, I had to weigh up Melbourne too much, whether it was going to affect after the Origin series so there was some concerns about that. and I had to think pretty deeply is in Melbourne in June. Next year's Origin opener to their exhilarating best today, The Crusty Demons were back

to play the LA Lakers. Now is certainly not a good time to the NBA season - They've had an incredible start by the name of Kobe Bryant. largely due to a certain chap to another win - The LA Lakers cruising Toronto their 14th of the season, after just 15 games. an impressive record COMMENTATOR: Kobe on the slam! and a season-high 7 assists Kobe Bryant with 23 points in such a dominant position to put the Lakers he sat out the final quarter and watched his team-mates muscle their way to a 112-99 win. Andrew does it anyway. In Philadelphia, Chicago trailed by 10 points at the first break, but were all over the 76ers from there. Look at Miller - "I've got an easy lift." "No, not today - player, hater!" The Bulls outscored the home side by 20 points in the third term. They took the game 103-92. And Devin Harris led the New Jersey Nets since 1993. to their first win at Phoenix Harris with a step back - and yes! Harris with a career-high 47 points. The Nets downed the Suns 117-109 - Victoria Murphy for Sports Tonight. have taken out The Pittsburgh Steelers on the New England Patriots. a decade of frustration In treacherous conditions, from an early New England touchdown the Steelers recovered to crush the Patriots, 33-10. in New England in more than 11 years. The victory is Pittsburgh's first Elsewhere, Bernard Berrian reeled in in NFL history only the 11th 99-yard touchdown Chicago, 34-14. to help the Minnesota Vikings beat

will go 99 yards for a touchdown. COMMENTATOR: And the former Bear Wow! top spot in the NFC North Standings. The victory sealed the Vikings And there's more NFL on TEN HD tomorrow afternoon when the Houston Texans take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Coverage starts at 12:30pm. Former All-Blacks flanker Daniel Braid at the Queensland Reds. today started his new life Braid is still carrying the ankle injury which limited him to just a handful of games in New Zealand's provincial competition. Within a fortnight, he expects to be back in full training,

will be the biggest obstacle. then Brisbane's climate Getting used to the heat - at the start of December you know, this already, in Auckland. and it's already like midsummer and I'll get pretty fit, I think. But hey, it'll trim me down replacing retired Red David Croft. Braid has big shoes to fill, after being beaten by the Gunners. The Blues have the blues Arsenal is back in the Premier League's top four

to beat Chelsea. after coming from behind The home side went ahead twice in three minutes before Robin van Persie scored

Arsenal's stuttering campaign. to reignite He's done it again! COMMENTATOR: Van Persie! Arsenal's only other conquest Manchester United had been in recent weeks. Wayne Rooney gave them a 1-0 win over cross city rivals Manchester City, despite being down to 10 men after Cristiano Ronaldo saw red for a second bookable offence. to their exhilarating best today, The Crusty Demons were back putting on a show in the Harbour City. And when I say in the harbour, I mean in the harbour. They say Cam Sinclair is the craziest of Aussie Crusty Demons. Today he had to prove it, attempting to become the first Australian to pull off a double backflip. All the precautions were in place, of this attempt but the success or the failure came solely down to one man.

until the very final moments Sinclair not leaving the bike and it very nearly landed on him. and got slightly winded I just hit the water but I was sorta all good. and I was like, "Oh!", Sinclair was helped from the ocean unhurt.

of completing the full double, It appeared Cam came up short but he claimed it. It feels good to be the first one with the Crusty tour coming up. but still got a bit of work to go We wish him well. Rob Canning for Sports Tonight. Here you are, mate - plumbing. a motor mower. On your way. You can talk - you're driving It's your last chance to get your ad in. Call now! GENERAL CHATTER VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings at McDonald's.

Tanya's 22 and thought that treating melanoma

meant simply removing a mole. But skin cancer can kill. Outdoors, protect yourself with a hat, clothing, shade, sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid ending up in here. Oh, come on, mate! Flap your wings around or something. Have a bit of fun with it! Well, that's unprofessional! This program is captioned live. in Melbourne. The World Cup has started

but soccer, or football - Not rugby, not rugby league, depends what you want to call it. This is the sixth homeless World Cup, through the streets, and after a friendly parade on the field the action heated up a little as Australia took on Austria. I can tell you this, were standing up - still are. the hairs on the back of my neck from the people of Melbourne What a fantastic response and all of Australia. getting mixed up with Australians - Austrians always complain about they may not have kangaroos, under their belts, but they do have a victory 2-0 the final score. Play of the Day. What a fantastic competition

competition. Apparently this

Brazilian player who was playing

for the homeless World Cup was seen

by a poacher and she now plays for

the Brazilian women's team. Weather-wise - cloud over NSW and eastern Victoria, with a trough and cold front is generating a few showers. Low cloud behind the front in westerly winds is causing showers and the odd storm in Tasmania. Cloud spreading across northern WA and into the Northern Territory with a trough is triggering scattered storms. light showers Cold westerly winds will cause and the south-east of South Australia over southern Victoria

and heavy showers over western Tasmania. A trough will cause widespread showers and storms for northern Queensland, the Top End and northern WA. A second trough will trigger thundery showers over inland WA. So tomorrow - a possible shower is forecast in both Cairns and Hobart. A mostly sunny day in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. A late shower in Melbourne and Perth. Late thunder in Darwin. Sunny in Alice Springs. The Queensland weather bureau is warning locals to prepare for the worst storm season for more than 50 years. A shocking summer of pelting hail and powerful downpours is predicted, as well as the chance of a cyclone of Brisbane. If people think cyclones don't come this far south, then they're wrong. I'm sorry, history's proved that. 26 people died Home owners are being urged to cut down dangerous trees, clean gutters and check for flooding risks. And a flood alert was issued tonight And that's the latest from Ten News for this Monday, December 1. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00am. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.