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(generated from captions) Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully. India's 911 - the 100 dead and 300 wounded Australians among reign terror on tourist hotspots. as bombs and guns they were after foreigners, yeah. So I guess among the survivors. out front of the bathroom. Someone was shot dead and two wounded in a Taliban bombing. And, an Australian soldier killed Our deepest sympathies friends and colleagues. are with this young man's family,

Hi, I'm Brad McEwan, Twenty20 cricket tournament in India the lucrative Champions' league postponed after the terror attacks. I guess our advice would be, a whole pile of cash if your not around to spend it so. The England cricket team its tour of the country. is considering cutting short And Nathan Hauritz set to play in Adelaide

in place of the injured Jason Krezja. to get the phone call yesterday. He probably was a bit surprised I think he'd already been told

man for the next game for NSW. that he was going to be the twelve at the Masters. John Senden cops plenty of lip COMMENTATOR 01: Too Cute. Oh my goodness. COMMENTATOR 02: Look at that! to make the cut. John Daly may struggle You got a good game plan kinda screws it all up for you. then all of a sudden the wind just But first - a Sydney father of two has been confirmed killed

in the Mumbai terror attacks, 100 dead and hundreds more wounded. which have left at least Media reports tonight say is among the casualties. timber merchant Brett Taylor a trade delegation from NSW. The 49-year-old was with

fresh explosions have rocked the city And in the last few hours as police battle to free hostages. We understand as many as 200 Trident/Oberoi hotel remain trapped inside the in coordinated attacks, Earlier today, across the financial district, the insurgents spread out and detonating explosives. opening fire were hit, Several high-profile locations famous hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace. including the city's most More than 12 hours tore through Mumbai after the terrorists gunshots still crack through the air. to control the blaze Fire fighters have battled at the city's famous Taj Mahal Hotel. looking for the gunmen, As commandos stormed in, hiding inside their rooms. their hostages and guests the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. I condemn, in the strongest form, This violent attack who have no regard for human life. is the work of those

but nothing on a scale like this, Mumbai has seen terrorism before tourist and business district. deep in the heart of the city's seems to be continuously growing. The scale of the attack stormed the Taj Mahal It started when armed gunmen with one chilling demand. and luxury Trident Hotels or American passports, They wanted anyone with a British they were after foreigners, yeah. so I guess made a mad dash for safety, Those that could, dozens lay dead or injured. but inside to get the wounded out. Hotel trolleys became stretchers British businessman Rakish Patel in the Taj Mahal restaurant was dining to climb 18 floors. when gunman forced diners and that's it. A lot of smoke and bombs they took other people upstairs - Me and my friend escaped, to get to the roof. I think they were trying in the ensuing blaze, Others were trapped only a handful could be retrieved. On the top floors as protection from the smoke. guests covered their faces a hospital and police station, The group attacked hotels, and a major railway station. a popular restaurant was among the first to be shot dead Mumbai's anti-terror squad chief struggled to gain control. as the military and police were captured on security camera. Some of the terrorists were no older than teenagers. Witnesses say some of the gunmen has claimed responsibility. A group called the Holy Warriors It's not a known group. for terrorist attacks it's not uncommon

by a group with a new name. to be followed with a claim made behind this attack had no form. it would be suprising if the group

in the line of fire. Australians were caught has been confirmed dead, A 49-year-old have been injured. two other Australians Katie Anstee was shot in the leg arrived at a popular cafe. as she and her boyfriend David Coker

just after they arrived Went to the cafe came in with submachine guns and these gunmen and just started firing. you've got to get up" I just said, "come on, "she couldn't get up" and she in no undcertain terms said, and so at that point, as quick as I could. I picked her up and got out of there Australian actress Brooke Satchwell when the gunman struck. was at the Taj Mahal hotel as gunfire rang out. She hid in a janitors closet And then it went very quiet whether to leave or not and we weren't sure started up again but then the gunfire inside for 45 minutes to an hour. and I think all up we were probably Security helped her escape. to my right, There were a couple of dead bodies lying on the ground, um, absolutely blood soaked, ah, chests the front and up the side street. and I ran as quickly as I could out another four hours to get out. It took her boyfriend David Gross pretty badly You know, I've cut my feet up

all over the ground. because there was glass caught in the Taj Mahal hotel attack, Another Australian director Anthony Rose. into the corner of the hotel We moved through a series of rooms into a room. and barricaded ourselves Then a whole series of bomb blasts, some kind of bomb blasts. there must have been 20-25 grenades,

After six hours, from the fire above them smoke and embers into dramatic action. finally forced them I just smashed the remaining windows at first and we tied some curtains together 30 feet down to the street below. and made a rope to get down about In Sydney, his mother relieved. when they travel, You always worry about your children in a situation like this. but you don't expect them to be Also caught up, fashion designer Chloe Papazahariakis, in Mumbai for her wedding and dining just metres from the terror attacks. More than 300 Australians are believed to be in Mumbai. Latest reports say the Taj Mahal hotel, the military has secured but next door at the Trident, the gunfire continues. And tonight, the Prime Minister has offered Indian authorities all possible assistance. I directed the Government,

through the Prime Minister's department, to advise the government of India through the High Commission here that we would provide any form of assistance - AFP, non AFP - that may be required. in this terrible time. Assistance to our Indian friends The response to that I'm uncertain of at this stage. My overwhelming concern across the board and early. Our friends in India have an enormous challenge on their hands. Any unfolding of an operation of this nature is massively complex. The purpose of the decision and direction taken though the National Security Commission of Cabinet was to make sure that, should external assistance be required, that our friends in Delhi would know that we would be prepared to provide anything that would be of practical use now. Thank you. Australians are being formally warned to put off travelling to Mumbai, while a crisis centre has swung into action to cope with calls from relatives concerned about Australians already there. The Foreign Affairs hotline is 1800 002 214. Another Australian digger has been killed in Afghanistan while fighting the Taliban. Two others were injured. The soldier died when an improvised explosive device detonated, taking the number of Australians lost in Afghanistan to seven. Australia's lost another soldier during combat in Afghanistan. Today our nation mourns the loss of a fine soldier. He was killed fighting the Taliban after an explosive device detonated in the Oruzgan province.

Members of the Special Operations Taskforce in Afghanistan were conducting offensive operation against Taliban insurgents. This is the seventh Aussie soldier to be killed in Afghanistan, he was a commando from Sydney's 4th Battalion. His family have asked for his identity to be kept private. I ask all Australians to remember the families of these soldiers,

and to hold them in their thoughts and prayers, in what is a very difficult time. The latest death is another tragic reminder of the dangers faced by our troops. Two others were wounded in the blast but have since returned to operational duties. They are engaged in important work. They perform their role with distinction and dedication, bravery and with professionalism. And in another incident, more death, as a suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of foreign troops. The Kabul chief of Police describes watching the explosion just metres from the US embassy. The blast killed 4 Afghans and wounded 18 others. Meg Palmer, Ten News. Thailand remains at flashpoint, with Australians among thousands of tourists stranded by the violent political crisis. Anti-government protesters have now seized a second airport in Bangkok. You could mistake it for a rock concert, complete with adoring fans, but this is mass dissent, Thailand-style. thousands of people are now a permanent fixture at Bangkok's main airport after surging through police lines earlier this week.

Caught in the middle - thousands of foreign travellers. I don't want to know - all I know is it's bad form. And bad form as well for Thailand's fragile economy, so dependent on a $16 billion-a-year tourism industry. I don't want to come back to Bangkok at all. I do not...I love Thailand, hated this trip - hate it. I hope that it's finished shortly, because I haven't seen my family for over six months, and I really want to go back to Germany. In a national address Thailand's Prime Minister renounced demands for fresh elections. That sparked more dissent, with PAD supporters storming and occupying a second major airport in Bangkok - effectively sealing off the city from the outside world. The travel plans of thousands of people now in limbo. We do not intend to make you unhappy. Tomorrow is a real big holiday in the States, and many people will miss it because of some cockamamie little protest that you've got going. So far one person has died in clashes between pro and anti-government mobs. Tim Collits, Ten News. Two people have been killed when a train and truck collided at a level crossing in north Queensland.

Our reporter Brett Mason is there tonight. Good evening, Sandra. Yes, it's hard to believe that anyone survived this most horrific of crashes here in Far North Queensland.

Commuters were travelling on the Queensland Rail Tilt train from Townsville to Cannes, when around 2:30 this afternoon as three huge bangs. they heard what they described Now, one patient we spoke to a short time ago told us that the semi-trailer the Tilt train hit

on this level crossing, on board the train, There were 81 passengers 10 of those were injured.

They've been taken as walking wounded to Ingham Hospital, which is about half an hour away from where we are this evening. There were, unfortunately, two casualties who died at the scene. Police won't reveal who they were, but we understand they were Queensland Rail employees. The passengers on the train have been taken to Cannes this evening, where they will be offered counselling. We spoke to some - for one couple it was their first time on board the Tilt train and they actually decided that enough was enough, and they've been taken by ambulance back to Townsville. The Transport Minister will travel from Brisbane here to the crash site at first light tomorrow, as the long investigation into how this accident happened begins around 8:00am tomorrow. Back to you in Sydney. Former cricket great and Breast Cancer campaigner Glenn McGrath has been named NSW Australian of the Year. the role his now late wife Janeplayed in this honour. It doesn't make it any easier, but it makes me feel proud. Jane was only in Australia for 12 years, but the effect she had on people was amazing. Glenn, along with his wife founded the breast cancer charity, the McGrath Foundation, which funds breast cancer nurses in rural and regional Australia. He'll now become a finalist in next year's Australian of the Year Awards. After the break - the less than excellent opening of a centre of excellence. This morning's events had been entirely planned There's been another tragic development after a toddler drowned on the central coast of New South Wales. The boy's twin brother has died in hospital three days after they fell into the family pool. Matthew and Ethan's parents have thanked the public for their support. The matter is now before the coroner. Kevin Rudd's been caught up in an embarrassing bungle. His opening of the Asia Pacific Civil-Military Centre of Excellence The Prime Minister joined diplomats and senior military officers for the opening of a new conflict and disaster think tank. (ALARM BEEPS) But a sprinkler, set off by the heat from a stage light, rudely interrupted the event and sent the PM and other guests heading for the exit. I just like to assure you, each and every one of you, that this morning's events have been entirely planned. (LAUGHTER) The Opposition believes while Kevin Rudd is cool and calm on the outside, it's a different story when it comes to the economy. The Government is panicking. It hasn't even delivered its $10.4 billion stimulus package and already it's putting up the white flag. The accusations continued inside Parliament, with claims Mr Rudd had abandoned fiscal discipline by flagging a Budget deficit. The honourable member asked a question about the credentials of being an economic conservative. It's a badge I wear with pride. Shouldn't the Reserve Bank be given time by cutting interest rates before the Government drives the Budget into a deep Labor deficit? The RBA board meets next week, and Australians with mortgages could be in for an early Christmas present with another big rate cut expected.

But even that may not be enough to re-energise the slowing economy. going into a temporary deficit, And if that means we will do that, of the economy, to invest in the future to protect jobs and to protect households. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. gave the energy sector a boost today, A rise in the price of oil but what does it mean for motorists? For the details, Steven Daghlian at Commsec. Thanks, Steven. Scientists in the UK have created a robot that can make natural facial expressions and interact with humans. The breakthrough could pave the way for a care robot prototype, that could assist the elderly or disabled. Humans have mastered the art of making humans act like robots, but now scientists in the English city of Bristol are making robots act like humans. Jules is an androgynous head with a flexible rubber skin that likes to pull faces.

I am and also been able to read expressions

expressions from humans. By

converting Vidya images into

commands the robot can provide 10

are lifelike emotions. He can

interact with humans and understand

hand gestures. We are interested

and robots that get close to human

beings and work co-operatively with

the them. Our aim is to build a

Keperra robot who can help someone

who is in a firm or disabled. Or

someone who is recovering from an

injury. Unlike their film cousins

programmed it to destroy life on

earth these are robots are designed to make it better. Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. Brad, The Indian terror attacks have had a major impact on cricket, here and around the world. Next week's inaugural Twenty20 Champions League tournament has been postponed, and the England cricket team is considering abandoning its tour of India. Also tonight - the young pup battling through Bulldogs' pre-season training. Chad Reed swaps two wheels for four. And is this young man the future of Australian cycling? The $2 Jackpot Lottery has jackpotted to over: FUNKY MUSIC, CHATTERING Mm-hm! WOMAN: Cin cin! Dinner looks good.

Over $4 million. You ought to buy yourself a lottery ticket. Good evening and welcome back to Toyota Sports Tonight. The inaugural Twenty20 Champions League Tournament could be cancelled following India's terrorist attacks. Organisers have already postponed the event and may struggle to reschedule it in the busy international cricket calendar. but tomorrow's Test against New Zealand became a distant thought as the news of India's deadly terrorist attacks filtered through the camp. That's been the whole talk around the breakfast room and at the start of training was about this incident, so it goes to show the level of concern we're showing towards it.

Matthew Hayden, Mike Hussey and Shane Watson were all booked to represent their Indian Premier League teams in next week's Champions Twenty20 tournament, along with State teams Western Australia and Victoria. They could miss out on some big paypackets should the postponed competition be cancelled. Look, there's a lot of money at stake - There was US$6 million, prize money to win. so a player is guaranteed of a minimum of US$40,000 for the seven days, and anywhere up to US$200,000 if he won the tournament. What good is having a whole pile of cash if you're not around to spend it? England's cricketers have also postponed the rest of their 1-day series against India. They will remain in the country for a further 24 hours,

before deciding whether they will play in the two Test matches, one of which is scheduled for Mumbai on December 19. Shane Warne was in Singapore en-route to Mumbai, and just moments from boarding his flight

with former Victorian wicketkeeper Darren Berry. Warnie and I landed in Singapore, and when we turned our phones on obviously, family and friends had all said, "Do not go, do not go". They'll return to Australia as talk continues of alternatives dates and venues for the Twenty20 tournament There's been murmurs of Bangalore and different opportunities, but we'll just have to go with it and as always, work with Cricket Australia. On the home front, Jason Krejza's ankle injury keeps him in doubt for tomorrow's Test against New Zealand. Nathan Hauritz is poised to take his place, despite claiming just 6 wickets this summer. Even if his first-class stats don't look that flash, his actual form and the way he's been bowling around Australia has impressed our selectors who've been to see him. A decision on Krejza will be made in the morning. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. It was wild and woolly on day one of the Australian Masters. A host of golfers struggled in the blustery conditions, Among them US drawcard John Daly. The marquee group early on day one contained John Daly, Craig Parry and this guy - Mikko Ilonen. COMMENTATOR: He'll feel almost anorexic in between Daly and Paz. None of the trio set the world on fire, although Daly did manage this eagle during his 4-over round of 76. Eagle for Daly - gets him back to 1 over for the round. You've got a good game plan and all of a sudden the wind screws it up for you, The strong northerly played havoc with the rest of the field too. Although, last year's runner up shooting 2 under. It is brutal, it really is. It's just tough, even the downhill wind-holes are really hard, just because it is so difficult to get the ball to stop.

Stuart Appleby missed a couple of crucial putts late in his round of 74, but there no such worries for Victorian Anthony Brown. And look at that! (CHEERING) He'd finish 3 under - two shots behind Scott Hend - approaches like this helping him to an impressive 67. As always, the day provided some typical masterstrokes and then there was shots like this, which showed just how tough the Huntingdale course can be. Look at that! Oh, my goodness. John Senden spent almost 10 minutes plotting his way out of the bunker, eventually escaping the 11th with a bogie. Robert Allenby spent plenty of his round in the trees, the tournament favourite becoming increasingly frustrated

as the day wore on. ALLENBY: Ah, ya bugger! Allenby was 1 over after 14 when the threat of lightning halted play. Luke Schneider for Sports Tonight.

Play re-started after a delay of more than two hours. Allenby finished plus 1, with South Africa's Tim Clark making a late move to tie with Hend on 5 under. Daly will need to improve on his opening round 76 if he's to survive past tomorrow. Australia's best young footballers are counting down the hours until Saturday's AFL draft. But for one young Western Bulldogs father-son selection, the wait is over, and the hard work has already begun. The Western Bulldogs are expecting big things from Ayce Cordy. But for now, the 2m beanpole is just trying to push his teenage body through its first week in the brutal world of an AFL preseason. Everything's niggling me at the moment - I'm sore from head to tail at the moment. Jumping the ice bar side of this running session, I should be right to go by the time we get over to America. The Dogs leave for a training camp in Phoenix on Monday. to mark his mark next season Another young gun looking is West Australian Chris Yarran. The 17-year-old Swan Districts forward is expected to be drafted in the top 10 - and he lacks nothing in confidence. beautiful pick-up. COMMENTATOR: Clever player - Do you marvel at some of the things you do on the field? Sometimes, I don't know, because it happens too quickly. Sometimes I don't realise how the hell did I do it,

I don't know. And the AFL's controversial expansion plans into the Gold Coast and West Sydney have received support from an unlikely backer - the former commissioner of America's national football league. Creating rivalries is a very important reason to expand, and some of our expansion teams were chosen to create additional rivalries.

AFL boss Andrew Demetriou said today the Gold Coast club remains on track to enter the league in 2011. Nathan Templeton for Sports Tonight. The Sydney Spirit are relying on a financial rescue package put together by owners of rival clubs to continue playing in the NBL this season. Though confident,

Basketball Australia admitted if an agreement can't be made before this weekend's clash with the Dragons, the consequences will be immediate. If the game Saturday night doesn't go ahead, then Sydney Spirit collapses as a team, they won't continue in the league, most of the players will be out of work. On the court, the New Zealand Breakers have maintained the spot on top of the ladder with victory over the Perth Wildcats. Final score 108-94. The foundations of the Minnesota Timberwolves Stadium got a work-out when Shaquille O'Neal took a tumble. to produce some vintage Shaq attack in the Suns' 8-point win. COMMENTATOR: Matt Barnes to Shaq - spinning around, and the big cactus throws it down. And the Boston Celtics have now won 6 in a row, after beating Golden State, 119-111. Football Federation Australia hasn't been deterred by the world economic crisis and will expand to 12 teams by the start of the 2010-2011 season. Speaking after the governing body's annual general meeting, chairman Frank Lowy also said a drop-off in A-League crowds was to be expected. For three years we went up and up and up and up. I mean, you expect a plateau and a bit of a downturn. in the expanded competition to avoid clashes with rival codes. Nicolas Anelka gave the Blues a 1-nil lead on the hour, before Bordeaux hit back. This is Juan, reward for Bordeaux. Liverpool has moved through to the knockout phase, a Steven Gerrard header leading the Reds to a 1-nil win over Marsaille. Barcelona has also progressed with a 5-2 away win

over Sporting Lisbon. The home side did provide the goal of the night though, with this free kick. Chad Reed is a champion on two wheels, but today he proved he's up to the challenge on four. The superX hero, testing his talents in a high-powered rally car. When you're one of Australia's richest sportsman you can do just about anything you want. behind the wheel of a Rally Car... Today, Chad Reed decided to get any kind of rally car, ..but it wasn't of Australian Champion Neal Bates. it was the Toyota Corolla he's a professional racer, You can tell

bikes, cars, whatever, it doesn't matter whether it's but he was very very relaxed. a rally car or anything like this. It's my first time ever in it's a little muddy and slick, It's not the best conditions,

to have Batesy sitting next to me. but it was funny Reed says

from two to four wheels, it was easy to adapt even in the slick conditions. in the wet, He's had plenty of practice Supercross series in Townsville last week's round of the Australian was a mud pit. where you should be pointing You have a mind for it, you know you should be going. and which direction possibility for the 26-year-old A career on four wheels is a genuine once his dirt-bike days are over. He wants to race V8's. person that wants to sit at home I don't feel like I'm the kinda and chill on the couch and take up surfing, I love the thrill of speed. His focus for now is winning the final race And it won't be long before Chad's doing this kind of thing a bit more often. his own rally car He recently just bought back in Florida. for his 70-acre property for Sports Tonight. Jonathan Williams who's going places. Cameron Meyer is a man race at the Beijing Olympics, After finishing fourth in the points the 20-year-old's teaming up now team director, Matt White. with former Tour de France rider, is just unbelievable, The experience Matt has had

my Pro-Tour career and for me to start who's had so much success under an Australian director is just really good. And the feeling is mutual - the 3-time world junior champion Matt pushed hard to sign for Team Garmin. Physically, he's got what it takes, and mentally he's shown that.

The sky's the limit really. most important in his development, The next couple of years are the a big role in that. and I want to play from rider to director Matt's transition has been a steep learning curve, Tour de France. especially driving at this year's

I love it - it's a unique driving experience when you've got 10 bikes on the roof of the car, and you're ducking and weaving between riders

we do in Europe - on the treacherous mountain roads it's fun. three Australians to Team Garmin. Matt has already signed He moved quickly to secure Cameron, in the Western Australian. due to the huge interest a big fan. Tour de France runner-up Cadel Evan, In my mind, of the biggest talents Cameron Meyer is possibly one in the last few years to come into the sport from Australia. on our team, actually, I would have liked to have had him to do big things in this sport. because he really has the potential by all the attention, And while Cameron's flattered January's Tour Down Under. his focus is on in March. and the track World Championships His ultimate dream very much alive. would be awesome, in years to come, To just ride in the Tour de France so I'd love to see myself winning it in the actual race one day. and, hopefully, I can ride Nicki Barnett for Sports Tonight. African athletes The first of the world champion have arrived in Melbourne, for Sunday's Great Australian Run.

2006 Commonwealth Games marathon champion Samson Ramadhani, half-marathon specialist Patrick Makau, and world champion Catherine Ndaraba were getting familiar with the Albert Park track and local opposition. of the best runners, I think the home of one Anita Johnson, place to be, to land in. I feel like it's a good all the way from Africa. That's why I came on Network 10 You can watch the race here on Sunday morning. with the coverage starting at 8:30 We enjoyed the Spring Carnival, up tomorrow night in Sydney. the pool in the Miracle Mile. A Melbourne family is hoping to scoop in the drivers seat. with a young lady out Bacchus Marsh way, It's a family affair especially for the Tubbs. Dad Alan trains, daughter Amy drives, their star pacer, Melpark Major and this big bloke, presents the family with the chance to claim the greatest prize in tomorrow night's Miracle Mile. It's so exciting. I mean it's terrifying, at the same time, but it's really exciting. These are the races that we all think, "Oneday, wouldn't it be so cool if you were in it". You watch it every year, with the good horses, and now we're in it, and that's just fantastic. But to win at Sydney's Harold Park will test this likeable trio - they'll take on multiple- Aussie champion, Blacks A Fake, and Kiwi star, Changeover. of their own, Still, after 16 race wins they dare to dream. with a great shot. I still think he's in there Every race he's been in, he's looked like he might win it, at some stage, and quite often he does, so great horses do great things. has been meteoric. Amy's rise through the driving ranks her biggest victory, If she's able to claim just the third female in history the 24-year-old will become to win the Group One classic. enormous things for me. It would mean of achievement would be massive, I mean, the personal sense and to be able to do it for Dad would be huge -

that would be pretty cool. The race is tomorrow night at 9:40pm.

Tim Hodges for Sports Tonight.

a fairly ordinary night New Jersey was having against the LA Lakers - the Western Conference champs. behind on the scoreboard against

there was a place he'd rather be, Nets Guards Devin Harris decided you can't blame him. and quite frankly,

the cheerleaders, the Lakers girls. COMMENTATOR: Harris ends up with

he wanted to come back on the floor. He wasn't sure whether in the house So for grabbing the best seat to check out the view, our Play of the Day. Devin Harris gets The news on the national weather now.

over the eastern inland of Australia And cloud is firing up in warm and humid northerly winds and severe thunderstorms. triggering showers ahead of an upper trough Cloud forming over South Australia is causing light rain. the trough is bringing showers. Cloud over south-west WA under and humid northerly winds A deep trough will draw warm over the east

and storms and trigger widespread heavy rain of the eastern states. over almost all Some storms are likely to be severe. showers to South Australia Cool southerly winds will bring

as a high clears WA. traditional working week So for the last day of the the bureau predicts a possible thunderstorm in Cairns, showers in Brisbane and Melbourne, thunderstorms in Sydney and Canberra. A drizzly day is forecast in Hobart, showers should ease in Adelaide. increasing sunshine in Perth, There'll be

late thunder in Darwin and Alice Springs. Before we go - an update on the Mumbai terror attacks. Sydney father of two, Brett Taylor, has been confirmed killed, and a second Australian is feared dead, with the attacks so far claiming 101 lives. Hundreds more have been wounded after bomb and gun attacks on tourist hot spots. In the last few hours, fresh explosions have rocked the city as police battle to free hostages. It's believed as many as 200 remain trapped inside the Trident Oberoi hotel in the city's south. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00am. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News team, goodnight.