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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - and a man critically injured a woman dead after falling from a Sydney balcony. set for more interest rate relief. Thousands of homeowners A couple's outrage served at a Sydney hotel. at a distasteful dessert And exclusive - answers those relationship rumours. golden girl Stephanie Rice as best I can. What I'm just trying to handle

for this. I could never have really prepared with Samantha Armytage. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News and a man is fighting for his life A woman has died Good evening.

in Sydney this afternoon. after the couple fell from a balcony the Waterloo apartment complex. Chris Maher is outside Chris, do we know what happened? to piece together Sam, police are still trying exactly what's happened here McEvoy Street, and they've cordoned off near Elizabeth Street, in Waterloo. They're trying to establish aged in their early 20s, how a man and a woman, a third-floor balcony. both came to fall off There were witnesses Asian interpreters but police have called in to help with questioning. Nearby residents say at around 2 o'clock. ambulance crews were called here

just the way they were lying. It was just a little bit eerie, or a fight or something. I thought there had been a shooting they were positioned - It was just how they were flat to the floor. They were doing CPR on the lady - at the back of her neck - I seen she had some blood and then, a couple of minutes later, on the trolley. we seen them wheel out the man the woman died at the scene. Despite the efforts of paramedics, in a critical condition. The man was taken to hospital

Along with speaking to witnesses, police are also trying security cameras at the apartment. to access vision from the entire apartment complex. Police have taped off Forensic investigators are here

the Botany Bay mobile command. along with At this stage, remains a mystery, Sam. exactly what happened remains a mystery, Sam. exactly what happened Thanks, Chris, Chris Maher reporting. have received more financial relief Thousands of Sydney home owners by another 0.5%. with their mortgage repayments cut before the next Reserve Bank meeting Aussie Home Loans has moved to do the same. and wants other lenders

John Symonds is playing Santa. Just in time for Christmas, all the help they can get Consumers need is a significant drop. and a 0.5% drop

is the latest by lenders Aussie's rate cut

for the Reserve Bank. without waiting will give them more confidence, If lower interest rates that'll do the trick. I'm hopeful that won't announce its next move Aussie's main competitor, Wizard,

on November 4. until the RBA board meets The big banks are also on hold. Economists say financial uncertainty a 50 basis-point cut should result in to the official cash rate, despite inflation soaring to 5%. Those international forces of downward pressure on our economy that are putting a lot out of the inflation problem. will clearly take some of the steam

But those same international forces for the Government - are creating a different problem keeping the budget in surplus. it gave the strongest hint yet Today, next year. we could be heading into the red but our commitment remains - We don't know how hard it will get over the course of the cycle. surplus budgets is unclear How the share market reacts tomorrow in London and New York after Friday's heavy losses major European and Asian countries but agreement overnight from

to work together solving the crisis should help. or we sink together. We swim together, A Sydney hotel says a couple who claims in their ice-cream they found human faeces demanded $1 million hush money. their story stacks up But the parents are insisting were served the distasteful dessert. and are outraged their children

that has everyone talking. This is the dessert Jessica Whyte will never forget. It's a dish of ice-cream. This huge, V-shaped bowl an NRL Grand Final party The Whytes were enjoying three weeks ago at the Coogee Bay Hotel a sickening surprise. when they received I put it in my mouth

in my mouth, and as it hit room temperature that I started heaving. the stench was so bad sells at the hotel for $19. The triple chocolate dish of gelati, chocolate, nuts It's a big serving a whole lot more. and, according to the Whytes, It was so disgusting. I spat it out in a napkin and threw up. and then ran to the toilet of the dessert The Whytes kept a sample and had it tested official laboratory. by the Federal Government's what the family had been fearing - The results confirmed and physical properties the matter had the odour of human excrement. for its own test results The Coogee Bay Hotel is now waiting to extort management. but claims the Whytes tried to the media They threatened to take this $1 million in hush money. if we did not pay them up to to extort money - To be accused of trying as the incident itself. it's almost just as bad and that's why we are here now. They just haven't handled it well

This isn't about money. being invited to a hotel This is about a family with human faeces. and being served food it can't investigate The Government says with the Food Authority. until a complaint is made the pub's new menu. Locals doubt they'll be trying quite closely - The menu should be looked at by scientists maybe. is introducing new laws The State Government banning artists from photographing children in a sexual context. The proposed changes follow controversy surrounding Bill Henson's use of young girls as subjects. They were photos of nude teenagers that made national headlines. Artist Bill Henson claimed they were pictures of beauty, not pornography, citing the defence "artistic purpose". Today, the State Government got rid of that defence. To see that our children are not the subject of exploitation in any circumstance. The new laws are part of a major crackdown on child sex offences.

We need to balance here the interests of children and the artists. Under a package of amendments, the Government will double the penalty for the possession of child pornography from 5 to 10 years. I think it's important to remember computer capacity has grown significantly

from what it was even a few years ago. Other measures include: What we're talking here about is protecting children. The laws will be pushed through parliament before Christmas.

Police have used a taser gun and capsicum spray on a man armed with a knife in Sydney's west. Officers were called to a St Marys home last night before the drunk man grabbed a constable in a headlock. He was tasered but police say he continued to be aggressive so they used capsicum spray to arrest him. He's facing several charges. Drivers on the F3 north of Sydney were subjected to a crash test this morning so the RTA could learn how to avoid gridlock. Traffic was redirected to check how the new crossovers will work when lanes are blocked. But today's exercise was months in the planning and still took over two hours to set up. It's the time it takes them to get to the incident and then set up, which is critical.

The aim is to prevent chaos

when there are accidents on the busy freeway.

There was a real crash in the city this afternoon with six people injured when two taxis collided.

It happened at the intersection of Park and Castlereagh Streets just after 2:00. Six passengers inside the van were treated at the scene before being taken to hospital suffering whiplash. Police are interviewing witnesses. Stephanie Rice says she laughs when she reads about her rumoured love life in magazines.

The swimming star has been mobbed by fans at a Sydney beach, telling Seven News her newfound fame is taking some getting used to. For Stephanie Rice, now there's no such thing as a normal day at the beach. (SQUEALS) Go, Stephanie Rice! Do you get used to that? No, not really. It's always new.

It's always really exciting when you get people really interested. She's been getting people interested all right... So much fun. I love the photo shoots. ..and will soon be designing for her underwear sponsor. I definitely want to keep doing the stuff and keep staying in the media and fashion. But now knows she pays with her privacy.

I guess I've already lost that. But do you accept that is part of it? Yeah, definitely. Photos of her partying in Thailand, going public. It was actually a bit of a joke, really. I had a good laugh about it, which is probably the only way that you can take it. All the chatter about a host of new boyfriends. Apparently, there's four or five people and half of them I don't even know, so, that's a bit of a joke. For the record - she's single and has been getting advice from other swimmers-turned-celebrities. Signing with Seven has already seen her on 'Better Homes and Gardens'.

You must be the proudest mum in Australia just about? Yeah, I think I am. 'Dancing With the Stars'? 'It Takes Two'? I don't think I'll be doing those ones. There you go sweetie. Thank you. She's our idol. She won three gold medals! She's an inspiration. And she looks pretty hot.

They told me to ask you out. Oh, you don't want to ask me out? No. Stephanie the celebrity says

it's time to go to being Stephanie the swimmer for a while -

going from eager fans to early morning starts - as she tries to make the world championships next year. London? Yeah, definitely that's what I'm shooting for. I'm trying not to think too much about it now but that's the next big focus. Well, an Australian has finally won the Gold Coast Indy 300

with Ryan Briscoe taking the chequered flag. Organisers are hoping the great result and big crowds are enough to keep the race there next year.

It's the one Sunday of the year when beachgoers become race fans. It's the last day of it. You've got to wait a whole year for it to come around again. It was 27 degrees by mid-morning. I'm a stupid Pom. I like to get burnt - my feet are burnt too. Shoulder-to-shoulder the crowd packed Hairpin Hill, trying to cool down with cold cans. The apartment parties that started five days ago went up another notch. It's the best thing in the world, mate. It's the best fun you can have with your pants on or off. Despite a Government ban on lewd balcony antics, many girls still left their inhibitions at home. (DRUNKEN CHEERING) A lot of people in those corporate boxes and Government suites look down and frown at some of the drunken antics around the circuit and on the verandahs but they've had a pretty boozy time themselves. I can tell you they've consumed 98,000 cans of beer and 5,00o bottles of wine.

and 5,000 bottles of wine. For many first-time racegoers the noise was painful. And when you're not ready for a low F1-11 at subsonic speed the burst of sound is startling. (ROAR OF F1-11) Everyone was looking skyward when it returned, its fiery tail over the beach burning an hour's worth of fuel in 15 seconds. (ROAR OF F1-11) The only relief for eardrums - a minute's silence for team owner, the late Paul Newman.

Olympic triathlon champ Emma Snowsill got them started. Drivers, start your engines! The jinx continued for Queensland's Will Power - failing to finish for the third year in a row.

Ryan Briscoe becoming the first Australian to win on the Gold Coast. And we'll have all the race highlights later in sport. Coming up next - The puppy who saved kittens from a burning home.

And walkers take over Sydney's bridges for a good cause. That's next.

Sydney's drinking water will be better protected with new solar technology on trial at Warragamba Dam. Four floating devices, powered by the sun will move around, stirring up the water. They cost $500,000

and have been installed near the dam wall.

And they will be circulating in the water in the dam for the purpose of,

so the algae bloom don't have an opportunity to form. Last year, a huge toxic layer of blue green algae spread for kilometres over the surface of the dam which is the city's main water supply. Hero firefighters have rescued kittens from a burning home with the help of a family puppy. Leo the dog had to be revived after he was found standing guard over the newborn cats while flames raged around him. Flames quickly tore through the weatherboard house. The family of five was lucky to escape. Firefighters were conducting a search

because we had a report of one person unaccounted for initially. They came across a dog named Leo who was guarding four kittens in the second bedroom. But bravery had taken its toll. The courageous canine was unconscious and not breathing. Firefighters used heart massage and an oxygen mask to bring the Jack Russell-cross back to life. After a bit of TLC from his new mates, Leo was quick to check on the kittens. Yeah, good result and, look, no-one was hurt

and Leo was, um, you know - he's a nice little dog and he'll live to see another day. The fire crews have offered to adopt Leo as their station mascot.

His 11-year-old owner was taken to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. This afternoon, the pair was reunited. What do you think of Leo? I think he's a good dog. Pretty brave? Yeah. While there was a happy ending for Leo and his feline friends, firefighters say the whole incident could have been so much worse. They found no evidence of smoke detectors in the house and the family didn't have a fire evacuation plan. Smoke alarms there may have saved a lot more of the house, may have helped Leo out a bit. Leo should make a full recovery. Police are treating the fire as suspicious. Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson's nephew is still missing a day after her mother and brother were shot dead in Chicago. The singer has flown home to be with her family while the suspect's relatives insist he's innocent. Crosses remembering Jennifer Hudson's 57-year-old mother Darnell and brother Jason now stand outside the family home where they were shot dead.

Police are questioning the estranged husband of Hudson's sister. William Balfour is still on parole for attempted murder. From what we know right now, it appears to be some type of domestic situation. The FBI has been called in to help look for Hudson's 7-year-old nephew Julian King, who may have witnessed the murders. I can't understand why somebody would want to kill her mother and her brother like that. I mean, her mother was one of the nicest people I met. While Balfour has not yet been charged, his mother believes he's innocent.

Out of no means did my son do this, this heinous crime, to this family - it's unbelievable, it's unbearable. All I want is my son to come home.

My son did not do this. Hudson was not in Chicago when the murders happened but has now rushed home, heartbroken. ANNOUNCER: Jennifer Hudson (SQUEALING AND APPLAUSE) It was at her mother's house where the family celebrated her Academy Award for 'Dreamgirls'. Home, it puts you back in place, in perspective, in reality. It was her mother who encouraged Hudson to audition for 'American Idol'. Such a tragedy, but at least her mother got to see her reach heights

that were just phenomenal. Barack Obama has left his sick grandmother's bedside in Hawaii to return to the US Presidential campaign. The Democrat candidate says rival John McCain is doing whatever he can to make up ground in the polls. He said that I was - get this - like George W. Bush. (CROWD BOOS) You can't make this stuff up.

Time is running out for the Republicans with 10 days to go before the vote. Thousands of people have put on their walking shoes to stroll across seven Sydney bridges this morning. on the Harbour Bridge. The walk began was among the early starters Seven's Chris Bath

on the 25km course. for Diabetes Australia, The annual event raises money and the Heart Foundation. the Cancer Council, Beyond Blue And pink was the colour of choice last night. for a stroll through the city for the Pink Star Walk Thousands dressed up National Breast Cancer Foundation. which raises money for the in the Royal Botanic Gardens, The annual event starts and finishes in Darling Harbour. goes past the Opera House for the best costumes. Prizes were handed out Time for sport with Alex Cullen. finally wins the Indy 300? Alex, an Australian But maybe not the one we thought. Coming up - Will Power crashes out again on the Gold Coast. as Ryan Briscoe burns it up step up against the Kiwis tonight. And Jonathan Thurston ready to

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Despite the smiles, come to terms with his uncle's death the Test half is struggling to

he wants to play. but told coach Ricky Stuart It's a tough time for everyone. this morning. Sticky had a talk with JT

he thinks he'll be fine to play. At this stage, closer to the game Stuart will check again Scott Prince on standby. with Gold Coast halfback It wouldn't affect the team at all if we had to make a change there.

England had to change things mid-match after Papua New Guinea took a shock lead in the tournament opener in Townsville overnight. COMMENTATOR: The World Cup's alight. The Kumuls led 16-12 before England came good thanks to a hat-trick from winger Lee Smith. Here they go again. Plenty of feeling before the New Zealand Maori side and the Indigenous Dreamtime team's match at the Sydney Football Stadium this afternoon and the game lived up to the pre-match hype.

They get over for the first try -

the front-rower Sam McKendry. The Maori side led early before some typical Preston Campbell magic helped the Dreamtime team hit the front. But they still needed a late try to sneak home.

And a half-time score from the game taking place in Canberra this evening. It's France leading Scotland, 18-6. It's taken 17 years,

but an Australian driver has finally won the Indy 300 on the Gold Coast. Will Power started from pole but crashed out while leading for the second year in a row, leaving Ryan Briscoe to break Australia's duck. Australia's top guns signalled go in the sky as the drivers flicked the switch on the main show. Drivers, start your engines! COMMENTATOR: Alright boys, it's time to go racing! Aussie Will Power made use of pole position, racing out to an early 3-second lead. But that advantage was lost when Mario Moraes spun out. On the re-start, Aussie Ryan Briscoe's machine purred beautifully into second place.

Out in front, Power was looking awesome before this... Power's into the wall. The left front's damaged - game over! The third year in a row Power has gone from favourite to flop. Very bad mistake by me! Briscoe took the lead and held off a fierce challenge from Kiwi Scott Dixon - the first time an Aussie has won at Surfers Paradise.

The hometown hero has won! Briscoe celebrated with donuts and a dance for the fans. It'll be one big party in Surfers tonight! It's Ryan's day. And it was celebration time for Ford's Jamie Whincup in the V8s - winning three-out-of-three on his weekend on the Gold Coast. Woohoo! Jamie Whincup is on a roll!

Star striker John Aloisi has scored his first goal for Sydney FC as they went to the top of the A-League with a 2-0 win over Melbourne last night. The visitors started brightly and it was no surprise when Mark Bridge put them ahead in the 20th minute. Aloisi came off the subs bench on the hour mark and six minutes later, had the goal he desperately wanted.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, Vargas has made the mistake.

Petta squares it, Aloisi, has that crossed the line? The referee rules it has and John Aloisi finally gets his first goal for Sydney FC. The fans want to see me do well and score and so does everyone in Sydney

and I'm just glad that I scored tonight.

It's Sydney's first ever win over the Victory in Melbourne. Controversial swimmer Nick D'Arcy broke the Australian record in the 200 metres butterfly at the World Cup short course meet in Sydney last night. In his first competitive swim since being kicked off the Beijing Olympic team, D'Arcy finished in a dead-heat with Chris Wright in a time of 1min 53.37sec. Just was happy to hang on. A win, personal best, Australian record for the both of us - what more could you want? And former Montenegro swimmer Matt Jaukovic broke the 50m butterfly world record in his first meet as an Australian. Connections of Maldivian are still celebrating the 6-year-old's stunning Cox Plate win. But trainer Mark Kavanagh says the horse definitely won't run in the Melbourne Cup. Maldivian was lapping up the attention this morning

and his trainer couldn't have been happier. You don't win a Cox Plate every day. I reckon it's probably my greatest day in racing, yeah. Yesterday's win caps off a roller-coaster 12 months for Maldivian who was controversially scratched before last year's Caulfield Cup. Yeah, he's got a little thing on his neck, but he doesn't care about that and nor do I.

And neither did any of the connections who celebrated the win last night. The Cox Plate is probably a race I personally put in front of the Melbourne Cup. It's the best of the best and it's the race of champions and we're in history now. But Kavanagh says there's no chance the gelding will race in the Melbourne Cup. We showed that he is a 2,000m specialist and that's what we'll really target from here on in. And next week, Kavanagh will target the Victoria Derby after Whobegotyou's outstanding win yesterday.

He was a bit impressive yesterday and he's pulled up really well, nice and bright, so yeah, he goes to the Derby. Injured bowler Stuart Clark appears to be winning his battle to be fit for Wednesday's third Test against India in Delhi. Clark managed eight overs in the nets in his first training session since a sore elbow kept him out of last week's defeat in Mohali. Fellow paceman Mitchell Johnson says despite the record loss, the team remains positive.

You know, two Tests in and 1-0 down, but there's still two to go and hopefully we can work on that. If Clark is passed fit to play, Peter Siddle will drop out of the side. And Sam,

Aussie pitcher Grant Balfour played for Tampa Bay in game three of the World Series today.

This earth Sadly, the Rays lost and are now 2-1 down against Philadelphia.

two more games to go so there is

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played table ? ? T - ball .

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The weather turned it on for Sydney this weekend with plenty of sun and warm temperatures. The city reached a top of 24 today before the sea breeze and some high cloud moved in. Its currently 22 degrees.

Around the country tomorrow - fine in Brisbane, the chance of a shower or two for Canberra, Melbourne and Perth. Partly cloudy for Adelaide, sunny in Alice Springs and fine in Darwin. On Sydney's waters - The good news is if you thought today was warm, tomorrow is set to be even hotter. And looking ahead - a bit of a mixed week with some scattered showers hanging around. There should be a break from the grey skies on Wednesday. The temperatures will get cooler heading into the weekend. And that's Seven News to now, but I'll be back later with updates. I'm Samantha Armytage. Thanks for your company. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia