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(generated from captions) Yeah! Yeah! Whoo! She just saved your life! I think you owe that woman a kiss! (LAUGHS) (AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) Oi! Hey! Alright! It's only 12 grand! Come on! for the embarrassment, isn't it? See, it's almost worth 10 grand

I tell you what... Whoo! 10 grand up there, 2 grand down here. Congratulations, Jade. Congratulations, Matthew Phillips. Let's see the money! I know! Talk about the great escape, man! badgemaker, huh? You are one very, very lucky dressmaker working for you up there. 'Cause you got one very, very lucky Great to meet you, Matt. Well done! Good stuff. You too, Jade. Nicely played. next time here in the Deal. See you later, everyone, Make deals, not war! This program is captioned live. Tonight -

for a new metro line the Premier's plan that doesn't include Sydney's west. a school excursion drowning. A coroner's scathing findings over

to the rescue of a sinking yacht. The lunching ladies who came the big bank chiefs were called in And what happened when to meet the Prime Minister. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. new plans for a Metro rail project Premier Nathan Rees has announced transport-starved north-west but residents in Sydney's and south-west will miss out. Instead, the $4 billion proposal to the inner-west would link the city agrees to pay for it. but only if the Federal Government The shiny European-style Metro to the north-west. was supposed to go out But that looked more unlikely today to pay for another idea - as the Premier asked Canberra a CBD Metro. be the future of public transport This will mean that metro will in greater metropolitan Sydney. would start at Central The CBD Metro

and run to Town Hall, Martin Place Wynyard and the new Barangaroo development, west to Pyrmont and out to Rozelle. could be added. Later, a north-west metro Or alternatively, a metro link to Sydney's west. But the city would come first. who live in Sydney's south-west This is an insult to the people and north-west. as he goes along. Mr Rees is, again, making it up happening with the original plan The Government won't say what's for the north-west metro. in next month's mini budget. That will come But on the long haul home today on the bus. the news didn't bring many smiles

and not beyond, And it's going out to Rozelle, Just to Rozelle and no further. Yeah, right. It's a joke they should continue it is about $12 billion - The north-west metro the CBD line about $4 billion. without Federal funding? Can this go ahead in the first instance. Let's put the acid on them could start in 2010. With the money work

In breaking news - Attorney-General a spokesman for Indonesia's has just announced details will be executed. on when the three Bali bombers is in Jakarta. Seven's reporter Adrian Brown the death sentences be carried out? Adrian, when will

Chris, this just happened, this

announcement in the last few

minutes. We are told by a spokesman

for Indonesia's Attorney-General,

that the executions will take that the executions will

in the first week of November. That that the executions will take place

means, Chris, that the bombers could

possibly be executed in a little

over 7 days from now. This

over 7 days from now. This ends the

intense speculation that has been

going on in Jakarta all day long.

Now, the next stage in this process

will be for a 72 hour notification

letter to be sent to the bombers'

families and also their

families and also their lawyers. We

understand that the fire understand that the fire Collingwood

understand that the fire squad has

now been selected and the security

has been boosted on the island where

the bombers are being held in

isolation wings. So just to repeat,

Chris, the bombers will be isolation wings. So just to repeat,

in the first week of November. That Chris, the bombers will be executed

news in the last few minutes. Thank

you Adrian in Jakarta.. you Adrian in Jakarta.

of a young Sydney girl A coroner has ruled the drowning on a school excursion was an avoidable tragedy. have been criticised Teachers and pool staff for ignoring safety procedures is being urged and the Education Department who can't swim. to better identify children

healthy and popular little girl. Armani Dirani was a happy, For nearly two years could have been avoided. her father has known her death Today the coroner agreed. I've got trust in the coroner and his findings.

what we went through. Hopefully, no-one has to endure was among 200 students The 8-year-old at Glenbrook Pool enjoying an end-of-year excursion in December 2006. She was an angel, a princess. everything was beautiful. Her laughter, her smile - but was allowed to play in the pool Armani couldn't swim a note which said she could. because she'd given the school by a series of errors The coroner said Armani was let down had been avoided and if any one of them then she may still be alive. with Cambridge Park primary school. The blame started for not having a lifeguard The pool was also criticised on an inflatable obstacle course. supervising the children to be given coloured wrist bands The coroner called for kids at pools and those who can't. identifying those who can swim to be listed He also wants non-swimmers data base. on an Education Department they could have avoided the tragedy. With wristbands, yes - has been killed in a caravan fire A 17-year-old Sydney girl father's rescue attempts. despite her

was staying the night in the van Amanda Turner in Sydney's south-west, at her family's Sadlier home, when flames broke out. tried to reach her but couldn't - Her father, Greg, suffering burns to his hands. what started the blaze. Fire investigators haven't confirmed Two Newport ladies who went for lunch yesterday now have a story to dine out on. They caught a ferry home only to be diverted to a dramatic sea rescue, lashed by howling winds and 6 metre waves. A sailor's nightmare of wind and waves 5km off Broken Bay. The 12 metre 'Encore' - helpless and sinking. Water Police had just rescued the six on board with the seas running wild and time running out. Wet, cold, desperately seasick but alive. Saved by a mayday call, picked up by the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol. He'd lost his rudder, he'd lost his power and he was sinking. He kept saying "we're in big trouble, we're in big trouble." The Palm Beach ferry was diverted to help. Passengers, like Judith and Valerie, heading home from lunch were suddenly heading out to sea. We went in and out of the troughs and up and turning and tossing

and people started to be ill which was rather horrible. Their photos show the conditions as police moved in to save the yacht's crew. They came ashore at Palm Beach. Back in the arms of a very relieved wife and mother. They'd only bought the boat three weeks ago, it was being sailed home to Brisbane. I got a funny feeling that there was either a fault with the keel. With calmer conditions today police went out again this morning to try and find the yacht and no signal from its. It was soon clear that she was at the bottom of the ocean. Police say heading out in conditions like that is the skipper's call.

Without them risking their lives,

you know, what can we say? you know, what can we say?.

you know, what can we say?. And his

yacht? That's life. Sydney's independent petrol warrior Marie El-Khoury

has dropped the price back below $1 a litre. Hundreds of drivers lined up on Sunnyholt Road, Blacktown, this morning, saving around $50 each on a tank of fuel. Sadly, it was only at one service station and only for a short time. In Vienna, OPEC members are trying to put the brakes on falling world oil prices, voting to cut production. There will be lower demand for oil because of the economic situation in the world. Oil is trading around $US62 a barrel. The financial fallout is worsening with three mortgage funds today slapping a freeze on withdrawals. Investors are effectively locked out of their accounts

and despite assurances from the Federal Treasurer Centrelink can't help them. At the call centres for Australia's mortgage fund managers switchboards are in meltdown. Nervous investors trying to move their cash to Government-guaranteed banks - forcing AXA, Australian Unity and Perpetual to suspend all withdrawals. We, and the other major funds, took this action in order to protect the income and the capital of our investors.

The industry says the exodus of cash began the moment the Government guaranteed bank deposits. To give you some indication where a 20 times increase just the beginning of this week in terms of people redeeming money. It's created doubt in people's minds about what is secure. There's an estimated 250,000 Australians with their savings in mortgage funds. The company say they'll still continue to get their regular earnings but will wait up to six months if they want their capital back. For those in trouble, the Treasurer had this advice. Those people, of course, should investigate whatever opportunities they have through Centrelink. The best he can say to people whose life savings have been frozen is "Oh, just go down to Centrelink". More than that, experts say it's wrong. Centrelink can do little.

It really requires the funds to almost go belly-up to get any special treatment from Centrelink. Centrelink says it can't help investors. Was that bad advice, was that bad advice?

It really requires the funds to go

belly up to get any treat from Centrelink. The Treasurer has tried to stem the flow of savings from smaller funds by fine-tuning the Government guarantee of bank deposits. Accounts over $1 million will now be charged a new fee.

The plan was put to the nation's biggest bankers at a secret meeting overnight. Under the cover of darkness, Westpac's Gail Kelly... I'm just here for a private meeting. ..joins NAB's John Stewart and Commonwealth's Ralph Norris... Hi, Ralph. How are you? Good to see you. It's good to see you. ..and ANZ boss Mike Smith. We'll see what happens. Banking's big four captured by our cameras, summoned to a closed-door meeting with the Prime Minister and Treasurer. Happy with the Government's response so far. Well, I think the Government has been very effective in trying to work to create a stable environment. I think the initial response was excellent. I think it was well needed. This afternoon, the result. An optional insurance policy to guarantee bank deposits and borrowings above $1 million. The Government will take whatever actions are required to make our system stable and secure. 99.5% of savings accounts will not be affected because they're less than $1 million. But there remains no guarantees for those smaller fund managers.

That was a big concern as the Treasurer and Prime Minister met small business representatives in Brisbane. Have you not created a system where we have safe banks, and unsafe banks? Some weren't happy with the answers. I think it was a photo opportunity for the Prime Minister

to get with small business and look very warm and fuzzy. And it wasn't a good day for investors on the share market. After making early gains, the ASX 200 closed down 105 points. That's the lowest close in four years and adds up to a 2.5% loss for the week. And the news isn't much better for our dollar -

It's the end of an era for us at Channel Seven with our old Melbourne studios closing to make way for inner-city apartments. It's where some of the network's best known shows have been made and where some of Australia's biggest stars started their careers. Yeah, it's a sad day for a lot of people. This building opened on November 4, 1956 and it's been the home to so many dramas and variety shows. Seven now uses state of the art digital studios. Still to come - the Australian technology that's cutting America's greenhouse gases. Also, how a lack of police is delaying justice for Sydney crime victims. And thousands pack Martin Place to see pop superstar Pink.

SINGS # So... # what. #

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Legal experts claim offenders are going unpunished because New South Wales doesn't have enough police prosectors. Those who are left are underpaid and overworked to the point where some criminals are let off the hook.

A car crash left Jack Azzam with several broken bones. This driver's been charged but today, the case was adjourned until February - a year after the collision. The police prosecutor didn't have crucial medical reports. I think it's disappointing Former prosecutor Martin Killen says more than 50% of police briefs contain errors. He claims a staff shortage means evidence isn't checked thoroughly before it goes to court. More often than not there'll be briefs of evidence there which are just fundamentally flawed and are doomed to fail from the beginning. Cases are often thrown out, the accused walk free. Prosecutions are failing ultimately, the community is being put at risk. It's an advantage for crooks -

it really is playing into the hands of crooks

The union's demanding an extra 50 workers. At a crisis meeting this morning the union secured a pay rise for 24 officers but prosecutors haven't ruled out industrial action if the staffing shortage isn't fixed. We've got 30 trainee prosecutors that have been, um, thrown in to do matters that normally they wouldn't do. Today the Premier ruled out a proposal by the Director of Public Prosecutions to cut support staff for rape victims. All agencies have been asked to make savings but wherever possible, frontline services won't be affected. Safe - for now. An Australian company has opened a solar power plant in California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger switched it on in a desert, north of Los Angeles. The solar panels will produce enough electricity to power 3,500 homes. Ausra's technology was created in Australia and we were very fortunate that when they built their headquarters they decided on California. The company that started out at Sydney University is now building a second California plant, to power 100,000 homes. One in three Italians is believed to have a ticket for tonight's massive lotto draw. It's jackpotted to an incredible $195 million - the world's fifth largest lottery prize. Although SuperEnalotto is drawn three times a week it hasn't been won since April. A consumer group has gone to court to have the money seized because people are spending their life savings on tickets. City crowds were tickled pink this morning when the pop superstar put on a free concert. It was the biggest music event ever staged here in Martin Place. ALL CHANT: Pink, Pink, Pink!

The world's favourite rock chick played Martin Place for Channel 7's 'Sunrise'. # I guess I just lost my husband. # I don't know where he went, so I'm going to drink my money, # I'm not going to pay his rent. # A couple of thousand fans came to see her - dressed in their best. My mum made it for me. There was Des, the confused bricky. You can't beat it. What's your name? Pink! What's your name? Oh, Des. Alfonso. Hello, Mrs King. Alfonso wagged school for two days. He's in trouble.

Yeah. It's so worth it, Pink's awesome. She sure was. # Na na na na na na na, # we're all going to get in a fight. # Well, so what?

# I'm still a rock star, I got my rock moves, I don't need you. #

Pink's a down-to-earth rock star signing hundreds of autographs. These little girls are so adorable. even hugging little Sophia. She's 9 months and she loves Pink. One girl asked me if I'd come to her birthday party. Are you going? I can't - I'm leaving today. But she'll be back in June for two Sydney concerts. Too early for all that. # da da da da da da. #

Rugby league legend Andrew Johns has crossed the finish line on his marathon charity walk. Joey and his team trekked, swam and canoed from Newcastle to Sydney, to raise awareness and money for mental illness. (ALL CHANT) Hip, hip - hooray! Hip, hip - hooray! (APPLAUSE) The retired Newcastle Knight won't have much time to rest after the 6-day event. There is a fundraising dinner tonight and he celebrates his first wedding anniversary tomorrow. The Sydney Harbour Bridge takes centrestage this Sunday morning when thousands of families are expected to join the Seven Bridges Walk. The charity event takes in key bridges on a 25km course around the Harbour. For more details, check the link on our Seven News website and I'll see you there. And I'll see you there too. Sure will, Chris. I'm looking forward to it. But the Kangaroos are otherwise engaged. They've got a big match with New Zealand on Sunday. Up next - Australian coach Ricky Stuart reveals his Kiwi danger man. It's a big stage and that's where the best players step up to the plate. And a shattering experience for ice hockey fans in America.

Your garden hose can chew through 20 litres of water per minute. So think twice, even if it's your turn to water. Try to keep it to once a week, and if it rains, don't water at all. Thinking gardeners:

Kangaroos coach Ricky Stuart has slammed players trying to switch countries so they can play in the World Cup. Stuart took aim at Fuifui Moimoi and Taniela Tuaki whose fight to play for Tonga was adjourned by the Supreme Court until Monday. They're looking cool and calm ahead of Sunday's opener against New Zealand but the Kangaroos coach has the word 'undefeated' on his mind. We are the best team in the world and we've got that favourite tag to live up to and it's an extra bit of pressure but at this level, it's just something you've got to put up with. NRL stars Fuifui Moimoi and Taniela Tuiaki went to the Supreme Court today to fight rules which prevent them switching allegiances from New Zealand to Tonga. You can't be swapping from country to country, yearly, you know. If they don't get picked for Tonga what do they want to do - go and play for Samoa?

So let's create this rule and get it black or white - "This is who I'm playing for and this is my country". That's double standards, according to Tonga, because Australia stole Brent Kite and Willie Mason after they had played for the island nation in the 2000 World Cup but Ricky Stuart is more concerned about his team and controlling Benji Marshall's speed off the Kiwi ruck.

He's a special talent and it's a big stage and that's where the best players step up to the plate. The Indigenous Dreamtime team put on their game face today. They'll use the same dance to match the Maori's haka in the curtain-raiser to the Australia-New Zealand match. Jockey Glenn Boss has won his battle to ride boom Newcastle filly Samantha Miss in tomorrow's $3 millon Cox Plate. Boss rang trainer Kris Lees on Wednesday night to tell him he had reached the target weight of 47.5kg. The only question now is can Samantha Miss become just the second filly to win the race? I don't really know how good she is yet, either. We'll answer a lot of questions tomorrow with her but it's certainly a big ask for her but I'm confident she'll handle it. Australian driver Will Power has dominated both practice sessions for the Indy 300 at Surfers Paradise. Power flashed around the Gold Coast street circuit in a time of one minute 34.80 seconds, nearly two seconds quicker than his nearest rival. I spent plenty of time here as a kid so it really is a home race for me. Meanwhile, V8 driver Mark Skaife has played down rumours he'll announce his retirement next week but says a decision will be made before the end of next year. Test batsman Phil Jaques will be out of action for at least three months after undergoing back surgery in Sydney. He hopes to return for Australia's tour to South Africa next year. Meanwhile, two of our players needed an armed escort when they visited the Taj Mahal ahead of next week's third Test. You see it walking up towards it. It sort of looks like a bit of a photograph - it's a little bit surreal, like a fairytale. But it's fantastic, a great sight. The Third Test starts in Delhi on Wednesday. Socceroo Harry Kewell continues his good form for Galatasaray - scoring the only goal in their UEFA Cup win over Greek side Olympiakos.

COMMENTATOR: Harry Kewell for Galatasaray. A crucial goal in Switzerland in the last round and the lead against Olympiakos tonight. It's only Kewell's second match back from injury. And finally tonight, two ice hockey fans were treated for cuts at a game between Toronto and Boston when two players crashed through the glass screens.

Play was held up for several minutes while ambulance crews treated the injured. Toronto won the game 4-2.

That was also the score in the game

That was also the score in the game 4 of the baseball series. It's one

all between the Tampa bay and the

fillies. We will keep an eye out for

the Aussie playing for that team.

Sara's next with the weather and it feels like that cold snap is on the way out, Sara?

Winds turned to the north-east this afternoon heralding a return to warmer spring weather just in time for the weekend. This time yesterday it was about 13 degrees. Right now it's 17 much more pleasant. Just a few degrees off our top of 20. We got off to a cold start with lows down to 4 or 5 in the west. Temperatures recovered late this afternoon reaching 19 at Terrey Hills and Wollongong 24 at Penrith 18 in the mountains. A trough is generating some high cloud across NSW with isolated showers through Victoria. Storms across southern WA are associated with a cold front that'll move into central Australia tomorrow. Hot northerlies ahead of it will bring a warm day across the south-east with very high to extreme fire danger in the NSW Riverina and south-west slopes. Apart from Perth, it's going to be a warm to hot day around the country tomorrow. Adelaide - a late change Sydney's waters will be smooth to slight, Tonight should be the last of the cold spring nights then fine and mostly sunny tomorrow. Northerly winds pushing tops into the mid to high 20s. 23 to 24 degrees for the city and coast. Rising to 26 in the west.

Penrith, 27. Katoomba, 23. Sunday's looking even better - just a bit of high cloud about. 27 in the east. 30 in the west. As for next week, we're looking at sunny tops in the high 20s, low 30s - a far cry from the cold snap we've just had. That'll see pollen levels Enjoy the sunshine! approaching high.

but I'll be back later with updates. And that's Seven News to now Thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath. Goodnight. Hello, I'm Matt White. Tonight -

and a political protest. naked pensioners to become a modern-day Lady Godiva? What's driven this woman by living in a cave. And the Aussie making millions The Government is offering cash getting into the property market, but if you're thinking about for some real goodies. keep an eye out a boat, a swimming pool, How about a new car, free groceries or petrol? They're just some of the things are giving away developers and home loan companies to attract new home buyers. and the hidden costs. Bryan Seymour has the best hand-outs

our dream home. It means that we can now afford on the surface. It does seem like a good deal So what can you get? is offering homebuyers In Queensland, Stockland properties to put into the mortgage up to $17,600 cash back are offering while other lenders and developers as money or coupons to spend. between $5,000 and $10,000 cash In New South Wales, with $5,000 wish-cards Australand aims to entice

on food and petrol. to spend at Woolworths a $10,000 fishing boat. Landcom is giving away at Harvey Norman and Caltex, There's $5,000 vouchers to spend for Telstra phone bills and Foxtel. $1,500 credits good to win a $70,000 Mercedes-Benz. There was even a 1 in 10 chance for landscaping Then there's up to $20,000 for your new home. or to pay for design and fittings In Victoria, the new first homebuyers grants Metricon Homes is upping the new Federal and State bonuses. with an extra $16,000 on top of Oh, yeah - we always wanted to not really jumping onboard, but I guess we were just we've just been a bit reluctant, but now, we've decided to... Opportunity too good to give up. Sean Akkermans and Mirela Shiels First homebuyers will soon build their dream home, from the Federal Government, courtesy of $21,000 from the Victorian Government another $5,000 and $16,000 from the builder. the government grant to $42,000. Metricon have effectively doubled According Metricon's marketing general manager Darren Mehl, it's a once in a lifetime offer. It's giving people a reason to purchase from first homebuyers to that offer and we're seeing a lot of interest to get into the market. because it is a great opportunity In WA, $4,000 cashback Dale Alcock Homes is offering