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This program is captioned live. Tonight - a mum's heartache. It happens to other people, not you. claims the life An horrific caravan fire of a 17-year-old girl. on a school fun day How the drowning of a young girl could have been avoided. She was an angel, a princess. And the line to nowhere - for a scaled-down metro. the Premier's plan the future of public transport Metro will be in greater metropolitan Sydney. Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Also - on the fate of the Bali bombers. an announcement expected shortly And funnyman Jerry Lewis of Aussie cricket. delivers a brutal assessment "Oh, throw another one, mate." Throw it again!" "Oh, God, I missed that one. Cricket - are you kidding?!

But heading the News at 5:00 - killed in an horrific fire the Sydney teenager in just minutes. that consumed her caravan has been left trembling with grief, Amanda Turner's mother

tried to save their daughter. while telling how her heroic husband last night. Fire ravaged the caravan so quickly inside her own room Amanda Turner was asleep at the back of her parents' house. it woke the family. The fire was so loud what every father would. Her father tried to do

and the outside was an inferno. My husband heard a bang door with this hand and burnt it, He's gone out to try and open the and a big gush of fire came out and that was it.

to his face and hands. Her father suffered burns Firefighters put the blaze out for the Liverpool TAFE student. but it was too late For her family and friends, so impossible to accept. today it all seemed You can't imagine Unbelievable. and the next they're gone. that one day they're there It happens to other people, not you. Police say the caravan was even on fire. Amanda Turner probably had no idea Her body was found here on the bed, as the caravan filled with smoke They say she most likely asphyxiated. a heater they found Detectives are examining

in the middle of the caravan, is still unclear. but the cause of the fire The wiring was alright. She didn't have a heater on. so that could have been it. She was a smoker,

Her family is wondering if her death

because there was no fire alarm We'll never know

or smoke detector in the premises. Amanda Turner's funeral next week. They hope to hold like any normal teenager does. She just wanted to live life has been proposed A series of simple safety measures this summer swimming season. to save children's lives It follows the death of a schoolgirl in the Blue Mountains. at a council pool drowned in a public pool Two years since Armani Dirani her father and cousins heard that could have saved her life the simple measures and hopefully will save others. She was an angel, a princess. Her laughter, her smile. I loved her so much. The coroner today recommended on pool excursions, from non-swimmers. identifying swimmers implement databases And he suggested schools swimming abilities. logging children's school permission slip he ruled a misleading in the deep end of the pool allowing Armani to swim was the catalyst to the tragedy. Her father had signed it, possibly the 8-year-old herself, but someone unknown, stating she could swim 20 metres. had circled the section wrongly to Armani's parents A simple phone call

may have avoided this tragedy. she had a lot to live for, She was a bright girl - she was beautiful. a series of four events unfolded, Lawyers for the family said

could have averted this tragedy. any one of which Her permission slip wasn't checked at the pool,

her swimming ability wasn't assessed, at the pool there were non-swimmers in the water, pool staff were not told trained. and the supervisors were not properly Since her death, the lifeguard rate at its pools Blue Mountains Council has upped from 1 to 100 primary school students. to 1 to every 50 all pool operators follow suit. The Deputy State Coroner recommended Ali Donaldson, Ten News. a new transport plan for Sydney The Premier has thrown up and he wants Canberra to pay for it. an inner suburban metro train line - But critics say the centrepiece - drawn up on the back of a coaster. is an on-the-run policy

Traffic and trains are the priorities will cost $40 billion - but the Premier's list to spend on the entire country. twice what Kevin Rudd's planning to Pyrmont and Rozelle. running from Central through the city It's supposed to be the first stage to the western suburbs. of new rail lines to metro systems It locks us in down the track strategic importance. and that's of tremendous In it's present form a CBD metro existing public transport routes. merely duplicates

who's making it up as he goes along. This is a bloke you don't run government Memo to Nathan Rees - of a lemon squash coaster. by drawing up plans on the back We would expect more of a premier some credibility, who intends to try and claw back and a CBD metro is a nice try to be done and this doesn't do it. but there's a hell of a lot more there will be no more heavy rail. The Government says

will serve Sydney's future. Driverless metro lines

of a CBD metro line Today's announcement all but confirms won't be dropped the north-west metro project in next month's mini budget. the Government wants funded widening the M5 East, include the M4 East extension, upgrading the Pacific Highway to the F3. and the M2 missing link north

The Premier's confirmed to widen the Epping tunnel, work will soon begin a major bottleneck for motorists on the M2.

John Hill, Ten News. has come up with a plan The Petrol Commissioner for cheaper fuel.

after round two The idea was announced of Blacktown's 'battle of the bowser', where a service station was swamped for less than a dollar a litre. They say lightning doesn't strike twice, but dirt-cheap fuel seems to be the exception. I just filled my car for $81 and the light was on, so. How much cheaper is that than normal? Unleaded was at 99.9 cents a litre at BP Blacktown this morning. It was 94.9 on Tuesday. I missed it last time by five minutes. REPORTER: You weren't gonna miss it this time?

The repeat performance was a strong message from this family-run servo to the retail giants - they won't be bullied out of business at any cost. By the time we are finished about $40,000. It's gonna keep going.

They're not gonna squeeze me out of the market that easy. More local businesses joined the fight. Today a sausage sizzle for motorists stuck in the queue. It's about time everyone has taken a stand against the big conglomerates. Within the next year,

Coles will open another Shell service station just up the road, but with all this local support now behind them, the El-Khourys will be hoping they can survive the conglomerate's assault. The newest Petrol Commissioner believes there could be a solution - import more foreign fuel to give independents and consumers access to cheaper petrol.

And if we are able to see greater choice for independents then that's the key, I think, for their own wellbeing and for the consumers' wellbeing to get lower prices. The bad news for motorists is the OPEC oil barons are meeting to discuss supply cuts - and that would push up the price of petrol again. James Boyce, Ten News. The Treasurer is about to unveil major changes to the Government's bank deposit guarantee fund. The changes come as thousands of Australians have had billions of dollars of their investments frozen. From Wall street to the bowling green, global financial insecurity has Australia's retirees fearing for their nest eggs. Quite worried. I'm really worried because if it goes, that's it. The Government tried to shore up confidence

by guaranteeing bank deposits, but funds not protected were deserted

as spooked investors fled to the safety of the banks. To stop the haemorrhaging, Perpetual, AXA, Challenger Howard and Australia Unity froze around 150,000 That's $8 billion locked away, in some cases for up to six months. redemptions for the moment We were forced to suspend to protect the income and capital of our investors. Investors will still receive income payments, but can't withdraw their cash. If that's a problem, the Treasurer has this advice. Do fully investigate

your eligibility for interim support through Centrelink. For the Treasurer to tell them to go off and see Centrelink is an outrageous slur. The Government insists the bank deposit guarantee has restored confidence and allowed for further falls in interest rates, it's been a disaster for the non-bank investments. It's entirely the consequence of the Government creating an unlimited guarantee. But the political games aren't helping self-funded retirees.

To assist our income after the crisis hit I thought I'd be a little proactive and I've got 20 hours a week in a part-time job. Whatever it takes to stay afloat. Meg Palmer, Ten News. two NRL players head to court in a bid to play in the World Cup. Yes, Deb. Wests Tigers Taniela Tuaki and Paramatt's Fuifui Moimoi are both hoping to line up for Tonga. We'll have the outcome shortly, in sport. the crowd's just wild about Harry and Harry Kewell's pretty happy in Turkey, too. these joyous scenes. Ahead - the goal that produced And - bath time, as they recreate Aussie golfer Jan Stephenson's famous calendar pose from the '80s. And the equal favourite for the $3 million Cox Plate, Also ahead in sport - the V8s and Champcars fire up for practice at the Gold Goast Indy. Next - a Sydney security guard to face court over an accidental shooting. Plus - the decision to restrict junk foods ads on children's TV.

And high petrol prices leave Australian muscle cars running out of puff. I mean, you won't get much thirstier in a car than something like this. This program is captioned live. in a car than something like this. This program is captioned live. (GRITTY ROCK MUSIC) BOY: Dad!

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Nurses at Prince of Wales Hospital will consider strike action if security concerns aren't addressed by Tuesday. The Nurses Association claims a doctor shortage is putting nurses at risk with some abused by patients angry over waiting times in the emergency department. So we would ask that those vacancies be filled ASAP. We're advised there are people that can relieve in those positions. Hospital management has also been accused of ignoring requests for security guards.

There's been a mixed reaction to the decision to restrict junk food advertising on children's TV. Some health experts have welcomed the voluntary industry code of practice, others believe the changes don't go far enough. MAN: Look out, kids. The Dark Knight has descended on Hungry Jack's. ..but he'll soon be shot down by the food industry's new marketing code. It's proposing a ban on junk food ads featuring superheroes, along with other unhealthy promotions during children's programming. Companies will sign up to this initiative and when they do they will put on the public record how they plan to comply with the code. Health experts say it's a step in the right direction but needs to go a lot further.

Unfortunately, children watch a lot of other programs and that's when they're being bombarded with these junk food ads. Food companies have long been criticised for creating pester power and starting the obesity cycle. That's shortening the life spans of our kids, now the fattest in the world. The urgency of our obesity crisis is being played out in our children's hospitals, and staff given training workshops to help deal with the influx of patients. The Sydney Children's Hospital is the latest to introduce new obesity guidelines for its trainee doctors. Here it's become the norm to see kids suffering conditions normally associated with middle age. and problems with liver disease that I would never have seen in my training except in 40- and 50-year-old patients. Even the book on drug dosages has had to be rewritten, with experts fearful what the final chapter will hold. Amber Muir, Ten News. A security guard will face court next month, accused of shooting his close friend in the stomach. The guard was allegedly showing off his pistol

at a house in Lidcombe when it unexpectedly discharged, hitting his mate and narrowly missing his 18-month-old boy. The 36-year-old father is still in intensive care after undergoing surgery yesterday. The security guard is also being treated for an injured hand, sustained in the gunfire. He's facing multiple charges, including firing a gun in a public place. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email or MMS them to: We're interested in both photos and video. Fyffes Tim Bailey the number of

people who have come up to me today

and said 10 baddie has finally got

it right. You have little faith.

Thursday and Friday when the

temperature plummeted to 14 degrees

and the cats and dogs fell from the

sky you had little faith but I

always had the eye on your sacred

weekend. It is going to be a good

one with glorious conditions across Sydney

Sydney Harbour. Tomorrow at your

place, 24 to 29 degrees. Fine and

sunny. The Sunday - 27 to 32. The

weekend - beautiful. I will see you

again in a round about 10 minutes. Next - the amputee crying foul about Dreamworld's water slide rules. And Arnold Schwarzenegger explains what he really admires about California's solar energy plant. Ausra's technology was created in Australia, (DISTANT TRAFFIC NOISES) (BOOM!) (ROCK MUSIC) (BIRDS SQUAWK) The invigorating power of Listerine starts in your mouth and keeps on going. It's the blast that lasts. A Paralympian has been left angry and embarrassed and his family holiday ruined after being confronted with a bizarre rule at a fun park. The man has been banned on the grounds of safety. Amputee Steve Simmons is a medal-winning Paralympian and last year he took on the Kokoda Trail. He says he's as able-bodied as the next man, but that wasn't enough for WhiteWater World at Dreamworld. We went on one ride and then was approached by the staff there that I was no longer allowed to go on the slides. He was furious. He'd gone to the park with his young family

and was about to jump on one of the slides with his 5-year-old daughter. He was told he would have to hop to the top of the stairs on one leg at the bottom. and leave his prosthetic Workers at the park claimed and it wasn't allowed on the slide. it was classed as a metal object I was unable to be a dad. Disappointed, in that I wasn't there for the rides, to take my daughter on a waterslide. I was there because I wanted he's never had before. It's an experience I've never been discriminated, I couldn't do anything I've never been told to live life normally. and I've always been encouraged

but that's never slowed him down. Steve lost his leg when he was six, and a bronze medal-winning swimmer. He's a champion waterskier into danger, I wouldn't be putting myself in danger of getting hurt. I wouldn't have put my daughter the park's operators say In a statement issued today the safety guidelines they are just following set out by the rides' manufacturers.

could be hazardous They also said the prosthetic limb to other people in the park, is paramount. and the safety of their guests

were given a full refund Mr Simmons and his family for their ill-fated day. Simon Hooper, Ten News. On the Gold Coast, To finance the Australian share market today. and $30 billion was wiped off in almost four years. It closed at its lowest point The All Ordinaries lost 107 points, leading the decline. the banking and resources sectors a $100 million class action on news that ANZ shares dipped 46 cents

has been reopened over the Opes Prime collapse.

The average price of petrol around Sydney is $1.49 a litre,

but apart from Blacktown

in Chester Hill. we've seen it as low as $1.37 202 people were murdered Six years after on the holiday isle of Bali, is about to give an indication the Indonesian Government on when the bombers will be executed. is Ten reporter Nick Way. Joining us on the phone from Bali from the Indonesian authorities? Nick, what's the word

It is certainly a great It is certainly a great secret at the moment. The Indonesian Attorney

General we were expecting to hear

from him two hours ago but it

appears the traditional Friday prayers are delaying the

announcement. It could be expected

in the next hour. There were

rumours this morning that Amrozi,

already Mukhlas and Imam Samudra had

already been executed but these

have been quashed by the Attorney

General's Office. Now there is a

word that they have cooked it is

happening on Sunday, some say it

will happen tomorrow. One thing it

is short there are a lot of people

hanging on this announcement. The

bomber Mac have threatened

reprisals if they are executed,

what are you picking up in Bali

today? There are mixed feelings.

Security is high at the moment. We

have seen men with machine-guns

walking around. There are major

Asian beach games on, the Brits are

a lot of security there. More than

a quarter of a million Australian

citizens will come here. That is

more than before the atrocity. We

are picking up real fears of

retribution, that the deaths will

certainly propel teenagers into

martyrdom. We have spoken to

Indonesian and Australians, at some

of the in donations are true of its - - suffering from terrible wounds

and that they are saying they want

these Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam

Samudra to be out of their lives.

Most Australian people say they

will keep coming here. I won that

if that is because there have been

the world. numerous terrorist attacks around

relatively well, China has weathered the credit crisis from the West but now a slump in demand

is beginning to hit home. property prices are sliding, Unemployment is rising,

even toy factories are closing. steel production is falling,

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! someone cancelled Christmas It's no laughing matter - all that glisters is no longer sold. as China discovers that are China's toy makers, Santa's real helpers as yet another business goes bust, locked out of work thousands so far in a slide with product safety scares, that started that has finished them. but it's the credit crunch he has tried 10 other factories This worker tells me but can't find a job anywhere. he says, "I've heard of the credit crunch," we have to close?" "But why should that mean Just down the road Christmas tree factory the world's largest lies derelict. dozens of factories like this All around here you will find of empty order books, have collapsed under the weight that in the global economy an empty and rusting reminder knows no boundaries. the global downturn Yet it's all relative. with $2 trillion of reserves, Huge exports have left China out of trouble, enough to spend their way say the country's top economists, but not to save the world, of government help Despite the promise many now face only hard times ahead. in China's boom towns John Ray, Ten News.

is helping light up California Australian technology electricity. with environmentally friendly America's first new solar plant in almost 20 years, with the help of some star power. Harnessing the power of the sun, water in pipes thanks to rows of mirrors, and some Aussie know-how. north of Los Angeles Ausra's solar-thermal plant and it has some powerful backing. is the first of its type in America Arnold Schwarzenegger California Governor the final line of mirrors switching on to create clean, abundant energy. was created in Australia, Ausra's technology and we were very fortunate that when they looked around where they build their headquarters

they decided on California. we can replace coal, nuclear, Effectively, generation systems. all kinds of fossil fuel the sun's rays It works by concentrating on giant, slowly rotating mirrors, the water-filled pipes above. reflecting the heat onto to boil the water, The reflected energy is hot enough to turn a turbine creating high-pressure steam that goes directly into the grid. and produce electricity The company began in Australia jumped on board but when US investors it moved to California. And even in tough economic times, Ausra has attracted more than $70 million in new investment in the past month. We intend to survive and we intend to succeed. This plant is capable of producing enough electricity for 3,500 homes but the next plant will be significantly larger, producing enough electricity to power 120,000 households. But to compete with fossil fuel power plants it must be able to store energy for use at night and on days of low sunshine. Within two years, we expect to market a full, low-cost storage system to do that. Ausra is also in negotiations to build a full-scale plant in Australia. In Bakersfield, California, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Now over to Vic Lorusso in the ING Direct traffic helicopter.

the world. Well now is not the time

to head to the three. The traffic

heading from lot - - North

Parramatta it is barely moving. It

goes all the way back to goes all the way back to North

Parramatta 4 and 32 Pennant Hills Road. Andrew Johns wraps up his marathon charity walk. We'll catch up with him after the break. Also - high petrol prices leave Australian muscle cars running out of puff. I mean, you won't get much thirstier in a car than something like this.

And baseball lover Jerry Lewis on one of our favourite sports. Oh, cricket - that's a fag game! What you - nuts?

APIA's whole reason for being is to insure people who are over 50 and who are not working full-time. And now if you call APIA for an insurance quote, you could win a new Renault Koleos. How's that for an extra?

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Tonight's major stories - long queues at Blacktown as a rebel service station once again slashes the price of fuel. Motorists were topping up their tanks today for less than $1 per litre. The independent servo is sending a message to the retail giants that it won't be bullied out of business.

The Premier releases a revised version of the promised metro rail system. It's a scaled-down plan, running from the CBD, through Central, Pyrmont and Rozelle. Nathan Rees hopes the Federal Government will pick up the $4 billion cost. A family grieves the loss of a teenage girl in a tragic fire. 17-year-old Amanda Turner died when her caravan, at the back of her family's home, went up in flames.

Her father suffered serious burns trying to save her. The cost of petrol is biting hard. Local tourism is being hammered as a classic family passtime is left in the past. The Sunday drive is on its last legs. High petrol prices are causing pain for all of us, Very family orientated, we are. We take the kids out and we used to do a lot more, quite a few years ago, and just now,

with petrol prices the way they are and what they are doing, it slows us up a bit.

V8 Fords like these from the XW-XY Association are spending more time locked up in garages than on the open road. Normally with these cars you'd like to take them on longer distances And now you just have to consider how far you are going to go and how much it's going to cost you. in a car than something like this. I mean, you won't get much thirstier per 10 litres of petrol, Some of the guzzlers get under 30km

to enable premium unleaded and re-working the engine

has also worked against them.

up to $300 in fuel. Return trips can cost he had found the answer. Andy Witchard thought as much as the other guys I don't suffer for the last 10 years. So I run 100% gas

when we do a long run.

33.9 cents. When I first put it on 10 years ago, Now it's up to 71.9.

around the nation There's almost 400 classic car clubs several have disbanded. but as fuel prices soar, Others have cancelled many meetings. It may not help these car enthusiasts to win the battle of the bowser. but there are a few tips you can use Apart from shopping around not when your tank is empty. you should refuel at low prices, Avoid hard acceleration. Lighten your car's load - if you don't use them. take off roof racks and bull bars

Check tyre pressure of the recommended range. and keep it at the top

where possible. Switch off the airconditioning increase fuel consumption. blocked air filters Frank Coletta, Ten News.

Road. Friday afternoon and a

perfect weekend ahead, what more

could we ask for? I can muck up a

Tuesday Wednesday and almost get

away with it with the rubbish I

dished up in the week but when it

comes to a Friday, Saturday and

Sunday I do not muck around with

folks tomorrow 27 degrees to 31 on

Sunday. Let us have a good look at

today's temperatures around NSW.

Saturday. A fine and Sunday weekend on

He's 82, and back in Australia for perhaps the last time.

with him, And while time has caught up is still as funny as ever. comedian Jerry Lewis After 77 years on stage and screen, the king of comedy. Jerry Lewis is still Jerry Lewis style) (Laughs in classic And a tough interview. You talk too fast. His hearing's going, his wit is still razor sharp, but at 82,

Plumber has backed her inexperienced Australian netball coach Norma Mother, more socks! although, a little oddball.

Go ahead, Paul. team to upset New Zealand on Sunday. So we did.

since you were last here, Well, Jerry, its eight years

Sharelle McMahon are both out of the (TAKE LVOS) Catherine Cox and and that trip ended in hospital. I was sick 7 years. A good shot of meningitis - just in time to visit us again. He recovered in January - in the world, They're the best audience and the people are the best people. I love coming to Australia. while he's here. He'd like to see some sport His game is baseball. Maybe cricket will be his thing? No, cricket. Critics?! that's a fag game! Oh, cricket - Let it come, mate! Throw it again. Oh, God, I missed that one! Cricket, are you kidding?

Forget the cricket then. while I'm here if they're playing. I wanna see a football game Are they playing? But there won't be much time anyway - No, they're not.

within a week along the East Coast. Jerry's scheduled in five shows in comedy, Despite all Jerry's achievements his charity work. his lasting legacy will be have raised more than $200 billion Association. for the Muscular Dystrophy

and we're not finished. I'm very proud of it - But the interview soon was. Thanks, Paul. Thanks, Jerry.

Have a wonderful life, stays where it belongs. and I hope your cricket

Paul Cochrane, Ten News. in his league career, Andrew Johns passed many milestones but none quite like this. a tiring six-day walk The 34-year-old finished from Newcastle to Sydney today, and mental illness. raising funds for depression along the way by 50 supporters, The bi-polar sufferer was joined surfer Matt Hoy including the Prime Minister, and rugby league player Brett Finch. to now put his feet up. Seriously - Johns can't wait the Rugby League World Cup He'll watch

tomorrow. and celebrate his wedding anniversary on the eve of the tournament. and a World Cup court battle Sport, now, with Brad

by two NRL stars to play turns Yes, a late bid into a legal battle. their player of the year Also - the Wallabies name

at the John Eales Medal night. for his Turkish club in the UEFA Cup. And Kewell on cue Price busted! Franklins has price busted six-pack Sorbent varieties. toilet roll price busters, Look for this and other only at Franklins.

So busted! Franklins has price busted 1.25-litre Pepsi or Schweppes soft drink varieties. That's: Look for this and other only at Franklins. can get turned around fast. Thanks to Zyrtec, allergy days The sneezing... Whoosh! (SNEEZES IN REVERSE) ..itchy eyes,

your nose running like a tap. Allergy symptoms go - like a Zyrtec.

This program is captioned live. from the Surpeme Court Still no decision and Taniela Tuaki's bid on Fuifui Moimoi to play for Tonga in the World Cup, they should be ineligible, but Kangaroos coach Ricky Stuart says

despite Australia snatching Anthony Tupou from Tonga's World Cup squad. The Tongan pair today took their fight to play to the New South Wales Supreme Court. After playing for New Zealand, they were ineligible for selection for the minnows.

Australian coach Ricky Stuart supports the decision. We're getting a lot of Polynesian boys play our game and in 10 years time you're going to have even more, so let's create this rule and make it black and white. This is who I'm playing for and this is my country. The demons of the NRL's grapple tackle controversy have made their way into the rugby league World Cup. Reports that the Melbourne Storms' presence within the New Zealand forward pack may see the wrestling technique rear its ugly head on Sunday.

That prospect is not phasing Stuart. I just want to make sure that we actually get into a wrestle. I don't want to have a physical game of touch, where you can bump and hit and get on the deck and expect to get up and play the ball quickly. We need confrontation at the ruck and that's what a Test match is all about. Rabbitohs hooker Issac Luke is a notable omission from the Kiwis' line-up to take on Australia. Queensland-born Nathan Fien

will pull on the black and white number 9. Adam Thompson, Ten News. Dumped Swans forward Nick Davis is moving closer to a career in the NFL with dramatic improvement in his punting skills. Davis will nominate for the upcoming draft, but under the guidance of former US College punter Adam Coles the 28-year-old is achieving remarkable results, consistently producing punts with a hang time of over 5 seconds. There's been a good success rate. Obviously, Darren Bennett earlier. Sav and Benny Graham going over there and doing well has opened up an opportunity for us. Davis is keen to do another six weeks of intensive training before possibly travelling to the US for a trial. Sydney FC coach John Kosmina will hand debuts to defenders Beau Busch and Antony Golec against Melbourne. in tomorrow's A-League blockbuster Golec has signed a 2-year deal and comes in alongside the former Newcastle defender, with both Ian Fyfe and Tony Popovic unavailable. The biggest game I would have played in

would have been probably, crowd-wise maybe Manly against Sydney at Cromer Park, which is about 3,000 people, so it's definitely the biggest by a mile. The newcomers are breathing a sigh of relief they don't have to mark Archie Thompson, the Socceroos striker is suspended. In front of a massive home crowd in Istanbul, Harry Kewell has scored the winning goal for Galatasaray in their 1-0 nl victory over Greek side Olympiakos in the UEFA Cup. It was Kewell's second match back from a groin injury which ruled him out of Australia's 4-0 win over Qatar in their World Cup qualifying match in Brisbane.

Wallabies flanker George Smith has become the first player to win two John Eales medals. Smith out-polled Wycliff Palu by 21 votes with Matt Giteau third. Queensland winger Peter Hynes was named Rookie of the Year. The Wallabies fly out on Monday for their European spring tour, including a Test against NZ in Hong Kong. And swimmer Matthew Cowdrey was named

Australian Paralympian of the Year last night. Cowdrey won five gold medals with as many world records at the Beijing Paralympics. Another blow for Australian cricket with Test opening batsman Phil Jaques out for the summer following back surgery. SA are in a strong position against NSW.

The Redbacks were 6/281 a short time ago. Equal favourite Princess Cope has completed her final work ahead of tomorrow's $3 million Cox Plate at Moonee Valley. The 5-year-old New Zealand mare

only arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday but her stable remains confident she can win the weight-for-age classic.

Saturday. Her natural make-up is

relaxation so I do not think it

will worry her. Princess Cope shares favouritism with the Newcastle-trained Samantha Miss, who is looking to become the first 3-year-old filly to win the race in 32 years. Cox Plate eve, Mark Skaife has revealed he'll make an announcement regarding his future V8 Supercar season. Skaife was a disappointing 18th fastest in today's first practice at Surfers Paradise

will worry her. I will probably

make an announcement before the end of the year. Australian netball coach Norma Plummer has backed her inexperienced team to upset New Zealand on Sunday. Catherine Cox and Sharelle McMahon are both out of the Test because of injury, meaning much of the responsibility rests with the Diamonds' youngsters. for some of these young ones What better opportunity to now stand up and deliver? The entire Diamonds squad has just 162 international caps, the exact same number as Kiwi goalshooter Irene van Dyk. And Australia versus New Zealand can be seen live here on Ten and on Ten HD from 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. Australia's leading female golfers have launched their annual calendar. One of the most striking shots features West Australian golfer Danielle Montgomery as she recreates Australian Jan Stephenson's famous pose from the '80s. supporting this years calendar charity, the make a wish foundation. The calendar is designed to raise the profile of women's golf,

of the year. The Friday freefall is taking its toll in pin until. On

Pinon tools of road the back lot

extends as far back as Callington. extends as far back as Callington.

The traffic is a beleaguered moving,

it remains a very heavy. There are

no accidents or breakdowns on the

M3. Just very Hebe of Friday afternoon traffic. Stay with us -

Tim Bailey is promising sunshine all the way this weekend. His full forecast is next. New Garnier Fructis Silky Waves, our first range for wavy hair, with reinforced active fruit concentrate to redefine waves all day.



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afternoon traffic. IK time for the

weather details now. You have

turned on some good at whether. The

weather is going to be OK. But can

you believe, folks I have been you believe, folks I have been left

in charge of your weekend. I take

the responsibility very seriously.

After letting you down in the week,

what about that Wednesday and

Thursday, not some of my best work.

24 to 28 degrees, fine and sunny it

will be glorious. Sunday, cloudy

but up around 27 to 31 degrees. So

a different looking springtime, that

that was when to earlier in the

week. Some up by Sunday. Nice

weekend coming to you because you

deserve it. At the moment:

Cloud is spreading over the South

East with a week trough, that is

not bringing rain to the drive

north-east. Tomorrow's weather map:

a trough will connect with a front

that is spreading caller and a

Sharif change across W and later at

SA. We are predicting precipitation,

a chance of a shower and the

southern region of our state.

Showers and Tasmania and in the

southern part of W. Tomorrow, 24 to

29. Warm up to 30 plus degrees for

most spots on Sunday, a fine and

Sunday at Monday, Tuesday Wednesday.

Today is a Friday afternoon and you are launching into a weekend.

As a possible thunder storm on

Friday. That's it from me. Have a

wonderful weekend. Sorry about

Wednesday, Thursday but enjoy it Saturday. The end of an era today for one of 'Neighbours's longest running characters. The patriarch of Ramsay Street, Harold Bishop, is moving on after two decades on our screens. Actor Ian Smith is turning his attention

to a new role - retirement, and the first order of business - a road trip with his wife. Then we're going to get in the car, drive to the end of our street, toss a coin and say, "Which way shall we turn? Right or left?" And that's as much planning as we're going to make and then we're just going to get lost. Harold will still make the odd appearance on our TVs in a number of guest appearances next year. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson.

Saturday. We have just got news

that three of the barley bombers will

will be executed in mid-November. Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. D'OHH! ( SCREAMS ) DYAN CANNON, TROY MCCLURE AND THE MUPPETS IN THE 1977 FILM: O PRINCESS FAIR, WILST THOU GRANT ME THINE DAINTY HOOF IN MARRIAGE? O SIR LIES-A-LOT, I WILL! MMM. ( SEXY GROWL )