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This program is captioned live. Tonight - devastating blunder - a security guard's narrowly missing a little boy. accidentally shooting a close friend, He was just showing his revolver. It was just an accident. taxpayers to be slugged millions Too noisy to use -

to fix Sydney's too steep, too noisy, Too late, too costly, "Too bad." and all the Minister can say is,

And making borrowers pay - on loans. major banks chalk up bigger profits Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. ordered off the road. Also - a trouble Sydney undertaker close encounter And a British tourist's with a startled shark in Sydney. on the top of my head. I got walloped Didn't really realise what happened.

Heading the news at 5:00 - showing off a pistol, a security guard, narrowly missing an 18-month-old boy. has accidentally shot a close friend, following the dreadful blunder. The victim is undergoing surgery by neighbours. His young son is being cared for 18-month-old Erin Coskun this afternoon, was being looked after by a neighbour after his father was shot.

The bullet piercing his stomach from where he held his son. just centimetres And he could have been shot, yeah. He's lucky to be alive. He's scared this boy. Yeah, he's lucky. We're all friends. it went south. it went sour. It was just an accident, in the front yard The four men were standing pistol to show it to his friends. when the guard took out his Glock

he had removed the loaded cartridge, Ten News understands but didn't know it was racked. of the gun. A bullet was still in the chamber the guard drove away, After he fired it, to call an ambulance. leaving the others

Is he going to be all right? my wife is there. I just heard from the hospital - She said he will be fine. The guard rang his boss

to tell them what happened. and later drove to Auburn police he was actually a qualified plumber Friends of the security guard say handling firearms. and had very little experience

They say whoever gave him one to answer. has some very interesting questions The 36-year-old father of two at Westmead Hospital is still having surgery to remove the bullet. charging the guard with negligence. Police will consider Evan Batten, Ten News. even more Taxpayers will have to fork out before passengers can travel through Chatswood to Epping rail tunnel. the trouble-plagued inside trains using the line Noise levels they could send commuters deaf. are so loud the Epping to Chatswood tunnels Testing inside commuters could be bombarded has revealed through the circular tunnel, by excessive noise reverberating the railway's concrete foundations bouncing off

and penetrating the carriages.

The noise levels are so loud that they could send commuters deaf.

Noise levels are up to 90 decibels - like an electric blender next to your ear.

in February Services are due to start

Epping and Chatswood. with a shuttle between for ways to deaden the sound. Authorities are urgently looking barriers, grinding the rails They're considering acoustic and fitting vibration dampeners.

about ten days ago They were raised with me report as to what caused the issues, and I asked for a comprehensive

and what the solutions are. what they are And then there's the cost overrun. This new line is already a billion dollars over budget -

to make trains run quietly. now more money will have to be spent and half as long. It's also three years late the line is a lemon. The Premier denies

No, not at all. of infrastructure This is a vital piece for some time. that we've been working on Projects of this scale, there are teething problems. inevitably for Mr Rees on the State's finances. And there was more bad news Treasurer Eric Roosendaal announcing of $700 million last year's projected surplus by June had been slashed to just $73 million a $160 million deficit by August. and plunged into

John Hill, Ten News. will become one Two of Australia's big banks approving the merger with the Federal Treasurer of Westpac and St George. from Canberra. Paul Bongiorno joins us now this one comes with conditions. Paul, like all deals,

The treasurer has ensured that The treasurer has ensured that

there is a three-year The treasurer has ensured that

there is a three-year transition

period and in that period the

absent George brand will be

retained, but Mr Wayne Swan says

the bigger bank, which as I understand the bigger bank, which as I

understand will now be Australia's

biggest bank, will benefit

customers because cent George

customers will have access to the

lower funding of Westpac and the

lower interest rates. treasurer says this should mean

lower interest rates. Well jobs and

the customers of both banks been

protected? That is the idea. The

three-year transition period was

see auxin George brunches retained.

It says a corporate present -

present should be maintained at

some George comes some Scarborough, where the dragon of

hasn't hurt the big banks The economic slowdown Thanks, Paul. Paul Bongiorno in Canberra.

quite as much as they're claiming. increases on their loans profits Two have revealed are hurting. at a time when mortgage holders ANZ boss Mike Smith "financial Armageddon". had labelled the credit crisis of the company's net profit - Bad enough to today swallow up 21%

the bank's worst result in a decade. a very reasonable result in a very difficult year. was $3.1 billion ahead. Our fourth largest bank Much of the profit came from home and business loans. And like the NAB, which reported earlier this week, in the last six months its margins increased. That's despite justifying increases in the variable mortgage rates independent of the Reserve Bank

of the skyrocketing cost of credit. As the cost of credit falls, the banks says mortgage rates will follow.

We wish to pass on as much as we possibly can. Results from Westpac and the Commonwealth are expected to prove Aussie banks are holding up better than banks in the US, where an ugly reporting season is in full swing. The credit crisis really has impacted on the US earnings results a lot worse than Australia. lost $34 billion last quarter US bank Wachovia and Boeing's earnings plunged by 38%. Yahoo also made less money and has slashed 1,500 jobs. A 500-point drop in the Dow overnight weighed on markets right across the globe. There's a growing concern that, "Oh my god, they solved the problem". We thought we were worried about what's happening now. Our market fell sharply - again below the 4,000 barrier. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. Let's check the closing figures and the Australian share market was 4% down.

St George made some of the day's biggest losses. ANZ's profit announcement pushed the banks' stocks down. The world's largest miner shed $2.55. Rio Tinto copped its biggest loss since 1987,

as it dismissed claims it was warming to a takeover deal with BHP. The best price for petrol was $1.36 at that Blacktown BP

which was selling fuel for less than a dollar earlier this week. Millionaires may be allowed to opt out of the bank deposit guarantee scheme, avoiding a hefty fee on their savings. The plan is being finetuned, a process that sparked angry scenes in Federal Parliament. Australia's banks are lending and their interest rates are coming down. Their regulator has no doubt the Rudd Government's unlimited deposits guarantee

has played a major part. The Government's deposit and term funding guarantee, which APRA fully supports, has calmed what was a growing disquiet on the part of some depositors. Having achieved its primary purpose, the Treasurer is now finetuning, opening the way to give millionaires

the choice not to pay to have their deposits guaranteed.

Who would pay, whether it was compulsory or opt in?

All of those things, all of those things

have been on the agenda. The Opposition sees it as repairing the damage.

His bungled mismanagement of the deposit guarantee policy of the Government amidst the most serious financial crisis. Malcolm Turnbull now claims the scheme was a disaster from the start. It was inevitably going to create severe dislocation and distortions

in the market. He had a very different view two weeks ago. The Opposition welcomes the decisions taken by the PM today to provide a guarantee for all deposits. The PM accuses Mr Turnbull of political point-scoring ahead of financial stability. Every mum and dad in the gallery would like to know this today, that their deposits are guaranteed.

at the Government's tactics during the debate - thuggery, he called it, later withdrawing. Kevin Rudd will escape the parliamentary catcalling to attend a crisis summit of the G20 nations in Washington next month. Outgoing president George Bush has called it as the worst may not be over. The PM says a global crisis Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Ahead in sport with Brad McEwan - plenty for our Test cricket selectors to ponder. Yes, options are emerging should they wield the axe, but one in-form fast-bowling candidate isn't getting carried away - we'll hear from him shortly. Plus, the wicket celebration that riled the opposition - a Victorian bowler pretending to machine gun his rivals.

(TAKE WIPE) Also - rugby league's World Cup brings together three Aussie brothers under the Scottish flag for an emotional family reunion after their dad's battle with cancer. Plus - the Sydney Roosters' reaction to a 26-match ban for one of their juniors. An undertaker banned from driving for following a woman in his hearse - that's next. Also tonight - not just an elderly affliction. The alarming rise of arthritis in young people.

And a British tourist nurses his wounds after a close encounter in a shark tank.

This program is captioned live. The Sydney undertaker who chased a woman in his hearse in the middle of the night has been ordered off the road. Although the victim was terrified for her life, the court found he was suffering from depression and needed help. During the day, he's a funeral parlour boss.

But just after midnight four years ago, Adam Lee became one woman's living nightmare - terrorising her in his black funeral car across two Sydney suburbs. I described it on the record as a scene from a horror movie - it's not every day that people are followed by a funeral hearse. She thought she was going to die. He only stopped when she flagged down two police officers. But today, police agreed when his defence lawyer told court If you have mental illness involved, fuelled by depression, then it's just like the movie, but in this case we're hoping the good side will prevail. Mr Lee, I have conceded, normally does the right thing by his community. Police argued against jailing Mr Lee,

saying it would have been more serious if he knew his victim, but this was a totally random attack, no-one was injured and four years on, even the victim just wants to put it behind her.

Mr Lee was put on an 18-month good behaviour bond and ordered into treatment. With a bit of help, as I say, he'd be a model citizen. He'll return to work at Caring Funerals - for at least two years but won't be driving the hearse after having his licence disqualified. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Embattled Federal Labor MP Belinda Neal New research has found more Australian children are developing arthritis. Experts also believe many adult sufferers may have gone undiagnosed in their youth because arthritis is wrongly viewed as an old persons' disease. Sydney's cold snap has been unpleasant for most of us, but for Annie Grindrod it's been painful. The 15-year-old has juvenile arthritis. and for seven years, it's affected almost every joint in her body. I'm constantly in pain. It goes up and down, you know,

sometimes its worse than others but it's always there. Annie's arthritis has made everything excruciating. Climbing the stairs is sometimes impossible and she can only write in her classroom books for five minutes at a time. Arthritis has forced Annie to miss one-third of each school year.

It's really annoying because one day I can be totally happy and the next I'm not at school and I'm in bed with really sore knees. And then there's the pills. 15 of them have to be taken daily. It's hearbreaking to see the pain and the suffering that she has to have. I can see how it affects her self esteem, how it affects her socially, academically, it affects every aspect of her life.

The latest research has revealed 4,600 Australian children have juvenile arthritis. And it's believed even more are going undiagnosed because parents put it down to growing pains. At least 22,000 adult arthritis sufferers are believed to have been putting up with the disease undetected

since they were kids. I think people need to be aware that young children in particular, with problems with limping, stiffness and pain, they should get seen and have the appropriate testing done. At least three new arthritis drug trials are under way. Doctors hope they'll lessen arthritic pains. They could be available within three years. James Boyce, Ten News. A few alcoholic drinks a day could be the key to happiness. A new Australian study has found people who have up to three drinks a day are far happier than those who never drink. It also found the wellbeing of the key binge-drinking age group -

18 to 25 - remains high, regardless of how many drinks they have, but smoking has been linked to poor wellbeing. You'd think being bitten by a shark in an underwater tank would be enough to put you off for a lifetime, but not British tourist Steve Cloke. His close encounter at Manly's Oceanworld has only fuelled his appetite for more. Steve Cloke thought his Australian holiday adventure wouldn't be complete without a swim with sharks. It came with an unexpected surprise. It was brilliant. I was in there for about five minutes when the lights went out and I got walloped on the head. By none other than a spooked shark. The 3-metre grey nurse grazed the top of his head with its razor sharp teeth. His wife, Fiona, watched on in horror, as her husband was left bleeding into the tank.

But he walked away with just a few battle scars. It was a love bite. She got a fright too. Grey nurses are typically non-threatening, one of the more docile species of sharks. Staff at the aquarium say the accident was a one-off. Generally, at dusk is the sharks' prime hunting time and so obviously, when the lights go out that's, as far as they're concerned, dusk. The close encounter hasn't killed Steve's love of sharks. He's gearing up to do the dive all over again, to tell his mates back home. and says he's now got a great story

Those temperatures again today at the Metropolitan bureau reaching the Metropolitan bureau reaching

for the record books? I am doing a

rather poor job of putting some rather poor job of putting some

days to get a weather Wise, aren't

I? We have the shivers! The last 48

hours in Sydney had been the

coldest in October in 35 years. If

you thought you were going pure

electric blanket or double duvet or

whatever you did last night to keep

warm, you were right! 8 degrees and it was our

it was our coldest October 1925

years. The records are tumbling.

Strong winds at the airport today but

but good news - Finally a little

bit, dribbling out of my mouth of bit, dribbling out of my mouth of

the 48 hours - 21-25 degrees

tomorrow, fine and sunny. I haven't

used that phrase from a long time.

Believe it or not the weekend will

push beyond 30 degrees.

push beyond 30 degrees. That has us scratching our heads. in the race for the White House. Up next - Barack Obama busts a move Michelle may be a better dancer than me but I am convinced I am a better dancer than John McCain. the world's oldest person reveals her secrets to a long life.


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This program is captioned live.

Government bungling has been blamed for the death of an Australian airman serving with the Royal Air Force in Iraq. Paul Pardoel 35-year-old father of two and nine British servicemen died when their Hercules was shot down in 2005. An inquest has found Britain's Ministry of Defence made a series of mistakes over safety and intelligence. The men could have survived the attack if the aircraft's fuel tanks had been fitted with fire-suppressant foam.

The families of four soldiers who took their lives after bullying within the military have finally won compensation. But they say the fight is not yet over with reforms needed to protect others. After a 4-year battle, today's win puts some family pain to rest. But the anger is still raw.

"Go and tell him, please go and make a complaint." He did it but they didn't do anything about it. Her son, Gunner John Satatas, took his own life after bullying and racial taunts. But sadly, he wasn't the only one let down by the Australian military. Private John Hayward committed suicide after being AWOL for more than two months. Private Jeremy Williams ended his life after intimidation at the hands of servicemen and trainees.

And Lance Corporal Nicholas Shiels couldn't cope after accidentally shooting dead a fellow soldier. The families are entitled to feel that the deaths of their sons was partly caused by shortcomings within the defence force system. He says today's undisclosed payout doesn't open the door for other potential claims. But the families say

the bullying culture in the military hasn't changed. It's not about the money. It's about trying to get a system in place for other children going into the army. That is a fitting legacy to our sons because their deaths won't be in vain. Ellesa Throwden, Ten News.

US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's self-styled hockey mum image has been called into question, amid revelations her campaign wardrobe has cost a small fortune. has spent more than $220,000 on the Alaskan governor's outfits in the past two months. Although it doesn't breach election rules, the clothing bill has raised eyebrows. I would be the first to tell you

that, public relations-wise, it's a mess. The campaign says all the clothes will be donated to charity after the election. Barack Obama has been showing off his dancing skills on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The presidential candidate busted some moves after his wife Michelle claimed she was a better dancer. Michelle may be a better dancer than me but I'm convinced I'm a better dancer than John McCain.

The Senator flies to Hawaii tomorrow for two days to visit his sick grandmother. An African woman who claims she's 134 years old is hoping to make it into the record books. 'Kookoo' Molookoo from Limpopo claims she was born in 1874 - the same year as Winston Churchill.

She is, by any measure, a quite remarkable lady, but if Moolookoo's calculations add up, she's a lot more besides. She thinks she is 134 years old. If she's right, the chances are you're looking at the oldest human being ever to have lived. She welcome us to the bushlands of Limpopo

with a song, then introduced us to her family - a daughter aged 90, some of her 29 grandchildren, 59 great-grandchildren and their children, too. Her secret, she told me, is her diet, and it's not what the doctor would have ordered. TRANSLATION: I eat spinach. I eat meat.

I eat sweets. I drink Coca-Cola. In this part of South Africa, old ladies are given the name 'Kookoo'. It's a term of respect and endearment.

According to her official birth certificate, Kookoo Moolookoo came into the world on July 4, 1874.

That's back before records began here

so it's a date based on educated guesswork. Her eyesight may have faded over the years but she can still crack a joke and hand out advice. "Young people should trust God and respect their parents," she told me. "If they do that they'll live a long and happy life."

We left her enjoying some marshmallows and her favourite drink. A treat - and she's earned it. Martin Geissler, Ten News. Still to come - a ferry master fined over a fatal harbour crash. Also - billionaire Richard Branson sets sail on his latest world record attempt. And shocking Pink - the rock star opens up about her latest success. I think that's why it's number one - because it's the most annoying song ever made!

This program is captioned live.

Top stories this news hour - Australian banks have been holding up better than expected against the global economic slowdown. While ANZ's profits were down for the first time in a decade, the bank still made millions. Much of the profit came from increased loan margins, suggesting its rate rises weren't justified. The Treasurer has meantime signed off on the merger between Westpac and St George. Testing has revealed noise levels reach up to 90 decibels in the tunnels. Authorities are now urgently looking for ways to deaden the sound before the services begin in February. And a man is in serious condition after being accidentally shot in the stomach by a security guard who was showing off his gun.

The bullet narrowly missed a toddler being held at the time. The guard panicked and fled the scene but later handed himself in to police. Six sailors have been pulled to safety in a dramatic rescue operation off Sydney's northern beaches. Their yacht came to grief in large seas at Palm Beach this afternoon, and began sinking. until a police rescue team arrived. Pleasure sailors are being warned not to venture out in such dangerous conditions. The man at the helm of a rivercat which crashed into a runabout

The man at the helm of a RiverCat on Sydney Harbour last year, killing a fisherman, has been fined $1,100. Ezra Hilkiah was convicted of the lesser charge of negligent navigation after a jury acquitted him of culpable navigation occasioning death. 72-year-old fisherman Peter Karatasas lost a leg and suffered a heart attack in the collision.

He died in hospital eight days later. A court today ruled the ferry master should have slowed his vessel as he entered one of the busiest parts of the Harbour. Billionaire Richard Branson has his sights set on a high seas record. He's set sail from New York, hoping to be the fastest ever to cross the Atlantic. Richard Branson is chasing

what he's described as the greatest sailing record of all - to cross the Atlantic

in less than 6 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes and 39 seconds.

He'll attempt to do it on a 30-metre, single-hull yacht, created by the best nautical minds with the latest in lightweight materials and technology, everything needed to make 'Virgin Money' super fast. Before leaving New York

the adventurer admitted it might not be all smooth sailing, with predictions of nasty weather ahead. out there. It's gonna be pretty unpleasant We obviously all know that. There's going to be - freezing cold waves are going to be coming right across the boat. on board - The 58-year-old has plenty of help a crew of Olympic and America's Cup sailors and his son and daughter. Yeah, exciting. Let's hope we make the record now so I can be the first woman to actually get it, it would be brilliant. Sir Richard's no stranger to such pursuits. He broke the Atlantic crossing speedboat record in 1986 and has also soared into the skies on several ballooning adventures, so the chance to reach the coast of England in less than 6 days was just too much to resist. We're hoping to make it a quick journey. When we get to the UK, if we get there under 6.5 days, we'll certainly celebrate. If they don't finish the 4,380km journey in record time,

Sir Richard says they'll celebrate anyway. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

He is hoping to break some record

but we are already doing it here in

Sydney. The weather is pretty grim!

I could harbour on about the wet

stuff, the cult stuff, at the fact

that we have had our that we have had our coldest 48

hour period in October the 35 hour period in October the 35 years

but I am here to spreading good,

positive message. 21-dented by

degrees tomorrow, Saturday will be

25-29 degrees and Sunday will be

29-30 - think positively, but a

hands on the television!

Ed g'day coming to your place to -

trusty - trust me! She's one of the world's biggest rock stars and in news sure to leave her fans tickled pink, she's coming back for another tour. Today, Ten's entertainment reporter Angela Bishop went one-on-one with Pink, quizzing her on success, her marriage break-up - and Sarah Palin. She's shocking, she's sincere, and she can sing.

And if Pink's going to show up to something like the ARIAs, you're going to know she's there. SONG # I want you tonight. # I kept asking for things and they kept saying yes so I was like a kid on Christmas. Can I have a slide? Can I have a car? Can I have a lawn mower? And she's coming back for more, touring here next May. At this point I'm not sure how we're going to get insurance.

Her latest single, 'So What', is a huge hit. I think that's why it's number one, because it's the no. 1 most annoying song ever made. Although it's all about her split from husband Carey Hart earlier this year, he's in the video. SONG # You were not there. #

# You never were. # He's like, "What's the song about?" Basically, telling you to F off.

He's like, "Right, course you are, what time?" SONG # Na na na na naa # She saves her real venom for someone else. I imagine as a woman, you're really keen female vice president of the US... for Sarah Palin to become the first female vice-president of the US... You're really funny, you're really funny. Do you think it's a shame that the first woman who wants to run for such a high office

in the US... a gun-toting, life-long member of the NRA that wants to shoot wolves out of her helicopter? Absolutely, I think it's a shame. She'll be back in the States in time for the election - and for the release of her album 'Funhouse' this Saturday. Midnight before it comes out we go to the record store with a bottle of champagne with my friends and we buy three albums. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport, now, with Brad McEwan

You'd go and see her, wouldn't you? Sport, now, with Brad McEwan and a schoolboy footballer gets a long suspension? Yes - for a kicking player in the head. That shortly, plus - our Test cricket selectors consider their options. And was it over the top?

Victoria's machine-gun celebration leaves Queensland unimpressed. And three World Cup brothers provide a special family reunion as their dad fights cancer.

The key to a successful relationship? Trust, security, room to grow. (LAUGHS) And patience. We know what it takes to build relationships, and that's a difference we'd like to share with you.

(DISTANT TRAFFIC NOISES) (BOOM!) (ROCK MUSIC) (BIRDS SQUAWK) The invigorating power of Listerine starts in your mouth and keeps on going. It's the blast that lasts.

South Australian speedster Shaun Tait could be just what the Australian Test team needs right now. But the right-arm slinger says he's not getting carried away with yesterday's outstanding performance against NSW. COMMENTATOR: Tait charging in. Oh, well bowled! A blistering 5/27 for the Redbacks

in yesterday's one-day victory over the Blues has Shaun Tait's name back in contention for national selection. It came out as good as it ever has, yeah. Not the best leave I've ever seen! Grant Lambert felt a little sheepish after his effort was noted by national selectors. but Tait's performance His direction was super and really did build up enormous pressure so when Taity's in that sort of mood and bowling really well he's obviously going to throw his name back up on the national table. I'm just going to concentrate on what's happening here with the Redbacks at the start and if I get called up, brilliant. In spite of the result in Mohali, the Australians arrived for the third Test in Delhi in good spirits and looking forward to a short break. There's no naughty boy nets at this stage - well, I hope not because I've planned to go away for a couple of days so at this stage three days off, which will be great. West Australian Shaun Marsh has been called into the squad to replace back-up opener Phil Jaques, Marsh's form in the Indian Premier League and Australian one-day side standing him in good stead. It's a dream come true to be on a Test tour. I've worked pretty hard for It's something that

over the last 12 months. The 25-year-old is the son of former Test opener Geoff Marsh. Neil Cordy, Ten News. And did the Victorian's go too far in a post-wicket celebration in Brisbane today? As the Vics headed for a 9-wicket victory over Queensland,

bowler Shane Harwood pretended to mow down his team-mates machine gun-style after claiming Ashley Noffke's wicket. Victorian bastman David Hussey later publicly apologised for Harwood's actions. A similar celebration in State of Origin by NSW a few years back also left a sour note for the Queenslanders.

Sydney Roosters Toyota Cup player Ulise Fahina has been banned for an entire season for kicking a player in the head. Fahina finally appeared before the NRL judicary last night wearing his Blacktown Patrician Brothers uniform. The Year 11 student claiming he was unaware of his actions until given his marching orders. He has shown sincere remorse, sincere regret and at this stage we see rugby league as something that will give him good structure in his life so we will continue to support him through the next 12-month period. The 18-year-old has been banned for 26 matches. To World Cup news and three brothers are about to achieve their goal of playing in the same team for the first time. And for the Henderson boys, it's not just about winning games.

Andrew, Ian and Kevin Henderson play on opposite sides of the world so when they get together, they make it count. Get off! And when they join forces for Scotland, they'll be helping out their dad, Martin. He's recovering after a 2-year fight with leukaemia. Just the fact that, you know, we're all together, even without the footy, is going to make him happy and the footy being there

is just going to be that little bit of a bonus for him. We will be doing it for Scotland and also for our old man, yeah. The boys were raised on the Central Coast, but qualify for the Bravehearts through their Scottish father. It will be the first time they've played in the same team together. This has given me a great lift. Definitely given me something to think about and get away from the thoughts of the last couple of years

that I've had, you know? Martin's prepared by watching old videos of the boys as juniors, even calling some of the action. Ian takes off - busts through the middle... hand try! The Hendersons are the first trio of siblings to play at international level since Australia's Walters brothers in 1992. And they are genuine Scots. I've actually seen Ian wear the kilt at the school formal and he wore it in the traditional Scottish manner - without any underwear - and he let everybody know it, if you know what I mean.

Scotland will be wearing shorts on Sunday. Adam Hawse, Ten News. After stints at three NRL teams over four years, halfback Joey Williams is without a club next season. It's pushed him into boxing, and according to one of the sport's greats,

it may be a blessing in disguise. After helping Joey Williams hit the pads

during some cross training for rugby league, boxing trainer Johnny Lewis had a message for the former NRL half. and strutted his stuff. Williams made a name for himself playing for the Rabbitohs, but after an unsuccessful 2008 at Penrith and the Bulldogs, Joey has changed his career path.

I didn't have the best of years - that's no secret - and maybe you could say I was a little forced into doing this. He's no stranger to the ring, learning a lesson or two from father Wilfred, who played first grade rugby league before a successful amateur boxing career. In the boxing ring if he works harder than you - your opponent works harder or you don't work hard enough - it's lights out, simple. While Joey be trying to focus just on his first fight,

his trainer, Johnny Lewis, has got big plans for him.

The one real thing I've always wanted was to train an Indigenous world champion. it's something that I've never forgotten, and who knows? Who knows where Joey might take us?

We could finish at Madison Square Gardens. Although Williams hopes to win titles like Anthony Mundine,

there are some things he will leave to 'The Man'. I'll leave the cliche books and the rhymes to Choc - I'm not as quick-witted as that. Adam Thompson, Ten News.

Ahead in Sports Tonight - the winner of rugby's John Eales medal. At least our gardens are loving this miserable weather. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's forecast for finer weather is next. (GRITTY ROCK MUSIC) BOY: Dad! VOICEOVER: For a flavour kick with real attitude, try KFC Hot Rods Variety Meal. Six fiery Hot Rods with Hot & Spicy dipping gravy plus everyone's favourite chicken and sides. KFC:

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call WorkCover on 13 10 50.

This program is captioned live.

Time for the weather details. The

day from the weekend and it is

still freezing cold and raining -

you have this worried. you have this worried. I am sick of

talking about it. I have said

throughout the bulletin that it was

our coldest 48 hour period in 35

years in Sydney. The good news is

that it is warming up. 21-25

degrees to Maurer. I'm sick of

talking about the weather so now

I'm going to talk to their champion.

Kurt Fearnley, congratulations. One

of our Paralympics stars. You won

the marathon in the last metre. the marathon in the last metre. Big

games. I was second in their five,

tears, third in the 1500 and had to

wait until the last day, the last

metre of a 42, to race to wind the

gold medal. What about the people

since you have come back? The

interest in the Paralympics has

intensified. Has taken it to another

another level. The coverage on the television ticket television ticket into the lounge

rooms and even walking around

Sydney here - from 500 metres I had

people coming to congratulate me.

You haven't done well - you just

mentioned another television

network! You had a couple of silver

medals and a bronze medal but then

after the Olympic high, over to

Chicago and wind another match them. Chicago and wind another match them.

No rest for the rat bags. Chicago

was a tough old day, nice and warm,

but I got home two minutes ahead.

Off to New York for the New York

marathon which he is attempting marathon which he is attempting to

wind for the third time. What you have

have when you television is a good

old fashioned show-off. I try my

best. Tonight is the night of

nights - the Paralympic awards. nights - the Paralympic awards. It

is the night of nights for

Paralympic sports. Everyone is coming

coming inland some major stars up

for some big awards. Including

myself! Are you a chance? Better

chance of winning high jump at the

next Olympics. Those guys are major

stars and I am there to make them

look good. You're a star mate. look good. You're a star mate.

Sorry about the weather. It has

been a bit wet under the wheels.

Tomorrow will be fine and sunny and

it can't get any worse. They will

get a whole lot better. The little

weatherman is telling you it will

be over 30 degrees by Sunday.

Can that a southerly wind go away

please! Cloud skirts been used at

first Coast. Showers from Sydney to

the Hunter. A large area of high

pressure over the East will keep

most of Queensland, New South Wales, most of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Victoria and Tasmania dried. The

business of the brolly, predicted

precipitation, drips and drops

across rooftops and crops - showers

clear from coastal New South Wales

- hooray! Showers spreading

throughout south-west throughout south-west Western Australia.

Tomorrow - fine and sunny. No, I

mean it! Saturday, 25 to 29 degrees

and Sunday, over 30 degrees with and Sunday, over 30 degrees with

increasing cloud. Spring returns,

and I mean it!

A sunny morning for Sydney tomorrow.

Mostly sunny on Saturday, a late

hour on Sunday, possible shower on Monday.

Thank you very much Kurt Fearnley

for being a star on the television. He released his first album nearly 50 years ago when he was Little Stevie Wonder, and now he can barely fit all his hits into one show,

but he's giving it his best shot on what could be his last tour here. This is something you just never get to see - the legendary Stevie Wonder jamming with his band at rehearsal. SONG # Keep on running. # The 58-year-old, who has 26 Grammys and a legion of devoted fans, is back in Australia for the first time in more than a decade.

SONG # I just called to say "I love you" #

The performances really started from something that was the worst day of my life. I lost my mother on 31st May, 2006,

and I'd said I wasn't going to do any performances for a while, and wallow in my pain, but I had a dream of my mother and in the dream she said to me,

"You need to go and do what you do "because there's nothing that can separate us." SONG: # Everyone's feeling pretty. It's hotter than July. # Do you have a stand-out song that's always particularly special to you? We have fun doing 'Superstition', you know, we have lots of fun doing everything.

With so many hits,

the show goes for more than two hours.

His band also featuring daughter Ayeesha - the inspiration for 'Isn't She Lovely?'. You better come along because I don't know when I'm gonna come back again. Stevie plays Sydney tonight and Brisbane on Saturday. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

That brings you up to date on the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.