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(generated from captions) First, few of us would argue in desperate need of more funding. Australia's state schools are But last year, went to campuses $800,000 of your money how they spend the money No-one knows are being taught. or what their children behind a veil of secrecy. This is a school system operating the State and Federal governments It's time that to lift that veil of secrecy. used their power as funding agents wants an inquiry Parliamentarian Dr John Kaye operated by the Exclusive Brethren, into this Queensland private school dotted round the country. and all the other Brethren schools We need to look very carefully at the way they spend their money being delivered in their schools, the type of education that is prepares those children and the way in which that education for the future. with people in the outside world, Brethren people can't eat in the outside world, they can't socialise with people can't come to their church services. people in the outside world Michael Bachelard Journalist 'Inside the Exclusive Brethren' who has just published also has grave reservations impact on their children. about how their beliefs on education because the Brethren fear You can't go to university and you experience that lifestyle, that if you go to university that they will lose control of you, what they're all about. and control is really six schools, one in each State. The Exclusive Brethren operate has 19 different campuses - In NSW alone this school, Meadowbank, as small country towns. some as distant has five offshoots. The Victorian school Glenvale with a seventh on the way. In Queensland, Agnew has six, and Tasmanian operations South and West Australian are much smaller. who, on average, Nationally they have 2,100 students funding of $9,000 a year. each attract Federal and State is handing over The State and Federal Government to those schools, a massive amount of money to know where that money is going, we have a right as a taxpayer how it is being spent in an appropriate way. and whether it is being spent John Kaye questions whether bang for their buck, the taxpayer is getting are getting a decent education. and whether those children on computers. He cites Brethren restrictions into the classroom Now they have allowed computers they are mainly for writing, but reportedly rather than the Internet. Excel programs to real computers Are they being given access or are these dummed-down computers, filtered so heavily with the Internet kind of that it's almost meaningless? a proper education? Are these kids really being given There are no contact sports, in what they can wear, in what excursions they can go on, they're restricted all of their books, the directors have to look through is circumscribed - their access to novels come so all of these restrictions of control. as part of the Brethren's idea oh-so-private school system The irony of their excellent grades in State exams, is that many Brethren children score to go on to university, yet are not allowed with all its evil influences. according to these analysts, And women, are more restricted than men. women are second-class citizens, In the Exclusive Brethren, onto a career and a profession. they're not expected to go the number of non-Brethren children Finally Dr Kaye wants revealed Australia's Brethren schools. attending He doubts there are many, if any. for taxpayer funding, Yet if they are eligible to non-believers. they also have to be available we simply can't know. That's a number continuously Although they make claims to non-Exclusive Brethren children, that their schools are open non-Exclusive Brethren child we have no evidence of any an Exclusive Brethren school. ever attending our teachers are excellent teachers. I see it as a top education - all who have taught at other schools. A lot of them are senior teachers agreed to speak Late today, the Brethren principals - through one of their school is not a church member. Avart Fogel, who by the way, We are educating the students here members of society to be responsible and active and giving them a firm foundation working world wherever they end up. for them to become part of the counselling because students Mr Fogel told us there is no career and family businesses. will return to families and told us they filtered out He showed us their school computers including Google. much of the Internet, distracting to students. I find that Google is far too word and that gets 2,000 sites Because you google in a certain where to start looking. and you wouldn't know Children are the future, appropriately in children, and if we're not investing we're not investing in our future. sent to A Current Affair, And in a statement the Exclusive Brethren says non-Brethren members. its schools do not exclude exactly how many are enrolled. But the Church could not tell us outside two petrol stations today There were amazing scenes operators dramatically slashed after two independently owned their prices in a mini-fuel war. to buy petrol at below $1 a litre. Some drivers queued for hours at the actions of oil companies. It was all part of a protest Joe Dimasi. is incoming petrol commissioner I spoke with him late today. Then key for joining us. Of the price of oil has dropped 50%, the dollar is down 27% but we have not seen a drop in the price of fuel. It is not the price of fuel that sets the petrol price in Australia. We import petrol in Australia. The promise of Singapore refined petrol since the peak in July would have dropped 38 per litre - that is a big drop however the exchange rate has taken away 24 of that. As the exchange rate goes down, the price at which we by Singapore refined petrol goes up. Where is a 14? Exactly. When I looked at this last week there was a gap and that is why I asked if the oil companies to explain that gap. My dad was around 2.5 to 3. We are getting ripped off? The bottom line is as of last week there was a divergence that needed to be explained and that is why I asked the oil companies to explain the difference what did they say? They said you cannot look at these on a day-to-day basis. There is a lot of volatility and you have to take a long-term view. Or so are you going to do? We want to see that two or 3 absolutely. My response to the oil companies is I accept things jump around on a day- to-day basis but if the difference continues over a period of time then it needs to be explained and that is what I have asked them to do. I would not be satisfied with the explanations that don't get to the bottom of it. People call you a toothless tiger. What can you do to scare the companies to pass on the prices that we deserve to pay? These quite a lot we can do. The federal government is giving us the power to monitor the oil company to which we're doing so I'm going through their books and getting their information on their books, on their prices, courts - - costs and profits. Will be shining a torch and bringing greater transparency it sounds more of the same and he had heard the same from other people for support what concrete things can you do? I'll be looking to make sure there are as few berries as possible so people can bring petrol into Australia and compete. Wylde insure the greatest competition at the wholesale That is the key to getting a competitive market in Australia and getting the lowest possible price in Australia. There was a time with enough groceries to feed the family for a week. But these days, the big retailers are telling us what to buy, how much, and even what we should eat for dinner. But is it a trap to make us spend more at the checkout? in most families' battle to balance the budget. What to eat? How much to buy? Customers are looking for suggestions all the time. But it's not a well-loved cookbook or nanna's tried-and-true recipes Now the stores themselves are setting the agenda - what to cook, how much it'll cost, setting menus for those of us too strapped to decide for ourselves. People are quite information hungry, so I don't feel like we're preaching to them. and she reckons the newspaper campaign is a winner. Take this for example - a basic recipe for Asian stir-fry. According to the checklist, it'll cost you a little over $8.00 to feed a family of four, using just five basic ingredients. But does it work in practice? your bargain meal has cost around 75% more than was advertised. That's because they have dragged you in the door with calculations that have only counted a few cents worth of some ingredients splashed in your stir fry. So all up that's cost me $13.85. But you will have some ingredients left - just make sure that the oyster sauce doesn't spend the next six months in the pantry. I think that by having something in a newspaper, or even online, that you can have a look at, you can have an idea. Yeah, it helps out. But is it any good? The kitchen is where it counts, and young mum Bridy Fulvio knows what's good for her kids. Apparently the supermarkets think that you can four people there, and it's $9 worth of food, see how you go. OK, we'll see how we go. which means the oyster sauce is a no-no, while the meal itself comes up a bit short. There it is, Nick. That's what it is? Now, all the food that you've made today, do you reckon that would feed your family, two adults, two kids? Absolutely not. A little bit short, yeah. Feed a family, it says, with six basic ingredients for under $17. But once again, you'll have a few ingredients left over. We asked one of Australia's leading chefs, Luke Mangan of Glass restaurant in Sydney, to hoe down on the tacos. It is really simple, it would probably take about five or six minutes once you've got all your ingredients ready, and it's tasty, healthy, clean and it's cheap. So one of these, bit of sour cream... Easy to make, easy on the wallet, and in terms of food on the run - it's far better than the local drive-through. Well, I would rather kids eat something like this than go into McDonald's or something like that. Do you take any notice when supermarkets tell you, perhaps, what you should eat for dinner? If it's a recipe idea I would, and if I'm running short on time because of a young one, so yeah, I would, if it's up in a prominent place. Different recipes are advertised in different cities depending on supply, but everything is on special, usually just for two days. As a marketing exercise, it might just be here to stay. People shop with catalogues the whole time. You wander around the store here today, you'll see a lot of people with a catalogue and looking for specials, and in that sense, it's not too much different from that. It's just that it's got an idea within it. Ideas that some shoppers say they'll ignore on principal. It's just marketing really, telling you what to eat and what not to eat. Just use their imagination - there's so much out there. And if you have a story on supermarket prices, we want to know about it. Send us an email or just give us a call. We all know we're not supposed to go on gimmicky diets, but there's one celebrity super diet that's catching on in Australia. The lemon detox program strips off weight fast, but at what cost? So does Angelina Jolie. with the lemon detox diet. I lost 9kg in 15 days. You lose about a kilo a day. Tania Zaetta, Rachel Hunter - there's just so many celebrities that do the lemon detox. Ruler Assad is responsible for bringing the product to Australia. It's basically a natural cleansing program. It works with your body's own cleansing process. I cannot sing its praises loud enough. but since doing the lemon detox diet, she's loving her slim new reflection. Early 2000, and I think I had crept up to 115 kilos. What do you weigh today? I weigh 90kg. The first time Aniko did the 2-week detox she lost 9kg. She loved it so much she's back on the diet again, and has already shed 3kg in three days. My glowing skin proves it, the weight loss proves it. What makes her weight loss even more astonishing, is that the 49-year-old is a type 2 diabetic. Prior to detox, my morning glucose level, my morning fasting level, was as high as 11 or 12 - today it's down to 5.1. But it's definitely not. Alright, I'll have a try. Yeah, it is. It's very refreshing. It just tastes like a citrus drink, really. It does. A sweetened one with a bit of bite. It would want to be nice, given you have to drink two litres of the stuff every day. We do recommend a minimum of 5 days and anywhere up to 10 or 14 days. but when you mix it with maple syrup and cayenne pepper, dietitians aren't convinced there's any health benefit - in fact, there are some concerns this detox could harm you. 9kg in 15 days sends off alarm bells. Dietitian Dr Julie Gilbert. The problem with the detox, this particular detox diet, is the fact it's very low in kilojoules or energy. It's got virtually nil in protein, it's very restrictive in terms of the amount of fat in it and also that it has very little vitamins and minerals in it. Even Julie admits you'll lose weight on the detox, but it's what else you lose that has her really worried. You're also going to lose lean body mass, which means, in the long term, it's going to slow metabolism down which means weight loss is harder in future. The average weight loss experienced on the program is 3-7kg. It actually keeps you satisfied so you're not really that hungry. Sally Banyai first did the detox in June last year. By day 3, 4, 5, you start feeling really energetic. I think people start to feel good not because they are doing the diet, but because they are taking out foods that were causing problems in the first place. But not even a dietician's professional opinion will change Sally or Aniko's mind. It makes you realise all your bad habits. I look at myself and know this is the best health I have had for a very long time. Would you recommend it to other people? Absolutely. Without question. and come out smiling. Little Keeley was born with a life-threatening condition which forced her parents to make what must have been an incredibly difficult decision - to remove half her brain. Yes. and to fight when you have no fight left in you. Because you've seen her do that? Yes. All the time, continually, everyday. Every day is a challenge for her. (Children sing) #Love the hokey pokey# Apart from the wheelchair, Keeley looks like any other 5-year-old enjoying her first year at school. But she's not like other kids. Keeley has only half a brain. You can see in this shot, here is the right hemisphere of her brain and this is the cavity that's filled with fluid. That's freaky. It is, it's very strange. It doesn't seem real until you see the shot. Keeley's parents, Amanda and Daniel, had to make the heartbreaking choice to let doctors remove the left side of their tiny daughter's brain three years ago. How do you decide to take out half your child's brain? I guess you are just so desperate. It really wasn't a decision. It was the likelihood of losing her or take the risk, so we took the risk. Like the one here, recorded by her mum and dad to show doctors. It was extremely dangerous actually, because a lot of the seizures she was having, she was stopping breathing. one side of Keeley's brain was growing bigger than the other. It's quite enlarged and abnormal. So that's where the seizures came from. Everyone feared that she would die with these seizures. Neurosurgeon Dr Marianne Vonau says there was no alternative. and they were all ineffective, so surgery, in that case, is the only option. The operation took 17 hours and Amanda admits there were times when they wondered if they had done the right thing. When we saw her come out with her head wrapped up and all these lines and drips and tubes coming out of her I thought, "What have we done to her?" The next few days in intensive care it was pretty risky and touch and go, she lost her entire blood volume six times over. For her to wake up on day three or four and sort of look at us and give us a smile was nothing short of a miracle and I think it was at that point I realised perhaps we had done the right thing and she started to get better from then. She has right paralysis down the right side of her body. She has a bit of a visual loss and she has some issues with eating and things like that. and with the dedication of her parents, she's winning - even spending two days a week at school. She's really going from strength to strength. You must be proud of her? Of course. I'm so proud of her. I want to scream from the highest mountain how wonderful she is. She was the right person for this to happen to, because she's so strong. it must have come from you guys? No, no. Her mum. four hours north of Brisbane, into a more Keeley-friendly place. They are saving to buy a spa pool so Amanda doesn't have to take Keeley to the city for therapy as often. Despite what she's been through, she really does love her life. She could be miserable and unhappy but she loves life and gets on with it every day, She's a happy little fighter. And for details on a special trust fund set up to help Keeley, go to our ninemsn website. After the break - Bec and Lleyton's new baby boom. VOICEOVER: When you hear the word 'diesel', you don't normally think of performance or technology, but that's exactly what Holden thought of with the new Holden Epica Diesel. This is a mid-sized car that has six airbags, Electronic Stability Control, plus all the cool bits, like auto headlights and MP3 integration. It's big enough to fit three adults in the back, small enough to fit where others can't, and it's over 20% more fuel efficient than a Toyota Camry automatic. The new Holden Epica Diesel. From $27,990. Go better. SONG: # Me and you, just singing on the train # Me and you, listening to the rain # Me and you, we are the same # Me and you have all the fame we need VOICEOVER: New Nescafe Greenblend brings roasted coffee beans and green beans together to deliver 70% more antioxidants than green tea. It's amazing what two can do. in a blaze of media attention. And next year is promising to be another eventful one - with the birth of their second child set to coincide with Lleyton's big comeback. I spoke with the happy couple recently. they have a happy marriage and a 2-year-old daughter - and come January, they'll have another child and, fingers crossed, an Australian Open title. Will there be a clash with the birth and the comeback? Yeah, we don't know. That's one question mark right at the moment. Whatever happens, happens. We're looking forward to it. How will you juggle family and the tour? Mia has been such a great child to travel with. But there will be an added complication. Does that make you nervous or excited? It is definitely going to be a little bit more difficult with two, but in the early stages, flying and all that is not such a big deal because they just feed and sleep. It's when they get to the walking stage is when we will maybe have to cut back a bit, I don't know. Lleyton is yet to get back on the practice court following hip surgery nearly two months ago, but mentally he's already there. Bring it on, I can't wait. I am as hungry as ever. I really can't wait until next year starts for me. to their work with children's charities. During one hospital visit, Bec was moved to tears. It gives you a real reality check when you go there. and they're so brave. They're raising money for the kids on their website eSwap, selling dozens of items donated by their famous friends. We are getting up to over 80 items to choose from. So what are some of the stand-out pieces? Where do we start? Lleyton asked Roger Federer for a shirt for the auction, then had to swallow his pride and collect it after losing to him at Wimbledon in a gruelling 3-hour match. It was a tough situation because normally I wouldn't really want to see my opponent in the locker room after they have beaten me. It was a strange situation but it was really nice of him. Mixed emotions for you - did you feel like saying, "I don't want your shirt?" Kind of, kind of, yeah, but Roger is a nice guy as well. I have something for your auction. It's a signed rugby league Centenary Test jersey. I wouldn't mind one of those myself. The two have had a whirlwind 3-year marriage and despite plenty of front-page claims they're on the rocks, they couldn't be happier. Best thing that has ever happened to me, that's for sure. Exactly the same as the day we got married. I know it all sounds a bit soft and that, but she really is the perfect partner for me for life. Next year will just be icing on the cake. Hopefully I can win a grand slam next year and have two little ones to hold the trophy as well. Ah, what a picture! That'd be nice. And you can support Bec and Lleyton's Cure Our Kids charity auction at: When we return, where to find cheap homes and jobs galore. (THUD!) (MAN SPEAKS ON TWO-WAY RADIO) New look Toyota Yaris. All of Toyota's big ideas in one small car. ('WHAT A FEELING' THEME) not to mention a big, country welcome? Well, you might want to move to this town. You can buy a home here. The prices are unbelievable. $85,000. Fabulous. It is good to leave here. I'm Leila McKinnon. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.