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(generated from captions) First, to use-by dates and tonight, on the food you buy we expose the supermarket loophole put your family at risk. and why it can Howard Gipps reports. That is really disgusting. I'll never eat deli meat again. That makes me so sick, looking at this makes me feel sick. It was green and slimy and some kind of food poisoning. 11,000 of us get That's close to 4 million a year. and food labelling, That's why we have food standards but it doesn't always protect us, discovered recently. as Judy Newell and her family counter right then and there, I had just bought it from the deli fresh and what I got was old, off. so yeah, I would expect it to be My husband was sick for two days from this type of incident. I know someone could die by buying these products. Lives may well be at risk here Peter Holtmann agrees with Trudy Independent food safety expert in the hands of the regulators. and he believes the cause lies In the Food Standards Code in the labelling requirements there's a loophole require labelling, where wholefoods shaved goods or cut goods but packaged foods, don't actually require the label. food labelling at the deli counter In fact, the rules for can be completely different elsewhere or in a supermarket to the packaged goods you buy and you need to be extremely wary. But as we discovered, highly suspicious of deli foods. many shoppers are already so I know these things. It's very dangerous. I'm a cook, the fresh meat has been there? How do you know how long on evry product that is out there I defintely look at the expiry date doing that? in the market, so why would I stop nothing there. Not good, is it? I can see best before' but there's When is this 'use-by date'? for deli goods. We went shopping today Coles, Harris Farm We visited Woolworths, independent delicatessens. and several small, they were telling their customers We wanted to find out what about the freshness of the goods, and verbally across the counter. both through the labelling So, sorry, how long? Two days. We got a surprise. of all of these products, now when we queried the useful life eat within 48 hours. we got the answer, most often, But within 48 hours of when? of these packages have a use-by date If you look at the labelling, none have a 'purchased on' date. and only the Woolies' ones whatsoever Some of them had no labels and it would be terribly easy sit in your fridge wasting away to let this food when it became dangerous. way beyond the date You put it in the fridge to only last three or four days and it doesn't say it's going put it in the fridge, and it doesn't - you don't even it's already potentially deadly, you put it on your chopping board, if you're compromised. very serious micro-organisms Lysteria and salmonella are commonly found in these products. Now, it's perfectly lawful to give no date indication. for deli food labels What the law does say out the back of the store is that the large package never see - must have a use-by date, that this food comes from - that you that information isn't provided. But at the point of sale, on the shopkeeper's ethics. Therefore, your health depends throw old food stocks away, If he doesn't or won't you're stuck with the consequences. The average consumer has no idea in the delicatessen or out the back how long the food has been stored store it for when they get home. or how long they should A recent national food survey stomach-churning facts. revealed some Now Coles and Woolies assure us if they're not sold within 48 hours, they do dispose of sliced deli meats but Peter Holtman believes about their deli, if families have any doubts change their shopping habits. they should than a cold cut at a deli It is safer to buy a packaged item under safe manufacturing conditions because the product is produced and it contains a use-by date. or call with your details. Either send an email you're especially vulnerable. and if you're looking for love, with the man of their dreams - These women fell in love and, worse, a woman. who turned out to be a con artist has this exclusive report. Martin King I thought I loved this person. Very strong. How attracted were you to him? Very. Was it love? Could have said so, yes. Love? I thought it was. and a way with women. He had a way with words to me got me hooked. Just the things he used to say what to say to win you over. It was like he knew exactly Alyce Massad was won over big time. Danny Boy was the love of her life. Even though they'd never met, "Every night I ask myself such a beautiful person like you. "what I did to deserve my knight in shining armour. "You are my angel from above, "I love you with all my heart what you've always wanted, "and I hope one day God gives you Danny." "love always, your gorgeous boy But what Alyce didn't deserve she was about to receive. were the two big shocks First, she wasn't the only woman with Danny. to fall head over heels in love there could be as many as 10. We understand Danny Boy is not a boy at all. Second, and most importatnly, Danny is a woman called Linda. In fact, I was embarrassed. When I first found out and I felt stupid I didn't want to tell anyone and think, how did I not pick it? and I look back on it now Can I have a talk to you? I'm from Channel Nine. Get (bleep)! Linda, about identity theft? what this person has done? How would you describe anyone could do to anyone. It is the most horrific thing I find it sickening, sickening. How it's affected us girls, fell in love with on the net. This is the person Vanessa too embarrassed to be identified. Here's the reality - no wonder she's a girl, what do you think of that? The fact that you fell in love with Oh, disgusting, disgusting. Yuck, it's disgusting. I think the young lady may... Get (bleep). still doing it to people? Yeah, I do. Why are you ..have something to say to you.

Don't you understand you ruin people's lives by doing it? Danny, what's it like to have your identity stolen? Mate, this whole situation has just really taken me by storm. It's unbelievable - I can't believe someone could actually do things like that. It's just so wrong, very wrong. Baby, meeting you was the best thing I've ever done in my life... The real Danny - Danny Rajab - says, if only he were this romantic. He's 22, single, a former model, and totally sympathetic to all the girls he's supposed to have loved before. I mean, poor girls - I can't see how someone can play with girl's emotions like that. It's just not right, you know? How did she get access to your image? Because of our high school connection - she was at the same high school as me. Probably photos from certain high school functions or even maybe, I guess, photos from my old modelling agency. Alyce moved from Sydney to Melbourne. Her relationship with Danny/Linda got stronger every day. Then he started calling me every day, every hour. On the phone? On the phone, all the time. He started calling you? Yeah. But this is a woman? Yeah. But doesn't she have a woman's voice? No. Sounds like a man. The relationship went for seven months. There were gifts galore. Started sending me flowers, letters, teddy bears. But every time Alyce wanted to meet Danny - and there were many times - there was always an excuse. My family wanted to meet him. What were you saying to your friends and family? Were you saying, "I've met this beautiful man." Talking him up? Yeah, yeah. How do you love someone you've never met? I don't get that. It's how you trust them. Linda, these people are saying you are destroying their lives. Well, she's full of (bleep). Yeah, but you were Danny the other day and now you're Linda. I don't get it. It gets worse, too. There was phone sex. Such as? Why do you do it to these people? Because these people have had to have counselling... Can it get even worse? Yep. So this is a conversation where he or she asks me for the money. It's $2,000? Yes. Alyce gave Linda $2,000 - borrowed at 20%. Yes. Did she pay you back? No. You've got a bad name out there, amongst all these girls as Danny Boy. It's a good thing now that we're airing it Why don't you talk to them? to highlight issues that help young mums. Now Suzie Simpkin has created her own headlines for wanting to take her baby to a school graduation ceremony. here I am, a young mother going to school, you know? I have a lot of sympathy for her position. She's done a great job coming back to school and raising a child. It's a thorny question and it has ignited a prickly row at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. You think she should be allowed to take her baby to graduation? I'd probably want to take it. If it was me I'd want to take it. You'd want to take it up on stage? Yeah. I would, too. At 19, Suzie Simpkin juggles a one-year-old daughter and finishing her Year 12 certificate. She keeps me motivated, makes me want to do it and I'm doing it for her. She's one of the best mums I've ever seen. Her 18 year-old fiance Chris will be there, proudly, at her graduation. Suzie says she asked her teacher if baby Ella could come too. Straightaway she said no. She wasn't open for discussion. It's a bit unfair, Because it's her baby. She should be able to take it. The issue caused more commotion than a lunchtime fire drill. It's part of her family, so her daughter should be there. I don't think she was told flatly, but she was advised that it might not be a good idea. Vice-Principal Pam Oakes says Suzie has got the wrong idea. She was certainly welcome to bring the child with her to sit in the graduation hall with her partner and watch the proceedings. they said from the beginning they were happy for her to come, that there was no problem with it. The school's administrators say their only stipulation was that Ella not come up on stage when Suzie collects her graduation certificate. There's about 100 students all fitted into a fairly small area, and I think a child in that circumstance might become quite disturbed. I've done Year 12 with my daughter on my hip, so why can't she be my daughter on my hip when I go and get my certificate? We've supported Suzie financially to promote her cause. to promote the plight of young mums. That's why I want this to be known around, because I want people to hear my story. The school even paid her train fare to the big smoke when she appeared on a TV morning show. She's been supported? She has been supported and Suzie says she's been supported. Good effort. Still to come on A Current Affair - Australia's money mums - how to protect your cash. on the global financial crisis. The Opposition Leader recorded this a short time ago from his office at Parliament House in Canberra. many Australians have been asking how a booming global economy suddenly found itself in very stormy waters. We all want to know what this means for our country, our families, our jobs. The financial crisis started when banks in America made trillions of dollars of housing loans to people, far too many of whom could not afford to repay them. so long as house prices kept going up, everyone was happy. But when the bubble burst, these sub-prime loans went bad too. But by then, they had contaminated hundreds of banks around the world, many of which went broke. Our own banks were much less affected than most. Thanks to good regulation, our lending practices have been far more prudent. But nobody is immune. Money has become more expensive and harder to obtain for banks and for their customers. With the benefit of hindsight, governments should have acted a lot earlier. Regrettably, Mr Rudd's Government missed the warning signs at the beginning of the year and talked up inflation, and consequently interest rates, at precisely the wrong time. Nonetheless, we have offered to work in a bipartisan way with the Government in responding to this crisis. I am disappointed that Mr Rudd has rejected our offer. But that does not lessen our resolve to support what is in Australia's best interests and build on the Coalition's record, to protect our economic security. We have advocated increased guarantees for bank deposits, additional payments to pensioners and further investment in the mortgage market. We were pleased to see Mr Rudd take this action. When it comes to economic management, in government or opposition, the Coalition's values are the same. Taxpayers' money is your money. It must be managed responsibly and in the national interest. We recognise that our economy is slowing and we've given support to the Government's $10 billion stimulus package. But just as Australian families are careful in the way that they manage their budgets, so the Australian Government must take great care not to squander the savings from a decade of responsible financial management. That's why we have asked Mr Rudd to share with the Australian people the economic advice he has received which convinced him that the $10 billion package was not larger than was needed and will not reduce the ability of the Reserve Bank to keep cutting interest rates. That's why we are concerned to ensure that safeguards are put in place so that government guarantees offered to banks do not result in taxpayers picking up the tab for bank losses. We will continue to make constructive proposals to protect and strengthen the economy to help all of us through this crisis. And above all, we believe that the energy, enterprise and the optimism of 21 million Australians will ensure that while we are in the midst of this storm, and will get wet, will not sink. Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull. And it's heartening to see It's the teen sensation that's developed a cult following around the world. Now the much anticipated third movie in the 'High School Musical' series is about to hit the big screens. Richard Wilkins spoke with its young stars in Hollywood. I can say they can expect the same amount of fun that we've had on the first and second movie. We recognised the opportunity with this one. This is what we've always wanted 'High School Musical' to be. but soon captured the imagination of tweens and teens worldwide, spawning a phenomenon that catapulted Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron into the realm of super-stardom. and 'High School Musical' has really opened a lot of amazing opportunities - but at the same time, I'm still the same 19-year-old girl who's just doing what I love. What sort of pressure are you feeling? You're the man front and centre here, there's a lot of expectations on this movie? I don't know. It's 'High School Musical' man, you don't take it too seriously. boyfriend and girlfriend Troy and Gabriella. But the two remain coy about their off-screen relationship. Yeah well, in the first one they meet, you know. In the second one they get a kiss and in the third one you really get to see them fall for each other. It's really sweet you know. Falling in love with someone on the screen that you've worked with previously and have a close relationship with, must be fantastic. Yeah, it's fantastic. How would you describe your relationship with Zac? Private! (Laughs) have created positive role models in a world obsessed with celebrity train wrecks. Who do you seek advice from when planning the next phase of your career? Well, I look to the people who I love. My mom my parents. My good friend Ashley is always there for me, just the people I know who are on my side. It's good to have that core group of people. Um, and I feel like they're amazing. I heard, you would like to sit down with someone like a Leonardo DiCaprio or a Johnny Depp and get a sense of how they managed their careers in the early days? Yeah, I look at those guys and I see dedication and hard work and smart choices. I'm treading carefully at the moment. I'm just curious what was running through their heads at this age. So what happens after 'High School Musical 3, The Senior Year'? Well, we graduate in this film. 'High School Musical, the College Years?' College, there's obviously different subject material and I love being part of 'High School Musical' but you have to grow up at some point. opens around the country on December 4. After the break - money advice from the savvy stock market mothers. WOMAN: Canberra has really been growing under Labor. MAN: And there are new buses and more services. And with 122 extra police on the beat, our neighbourhoods are safer too. Yeah. And they've also reduced stamp duty for first home buyers. 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but their unknown and inexperienced leader is just offering quick short-term political fixes.

Liberals - they're just not ready for government. Don't risk it. but soon graduated to the roller-coaster world of the stock market. Now these money-making mothers are an elite club that's riding out the current economic storm. Belinda Russell discovered their secrets to success. are known as the 'share market mums'. Frances is a lawyer, finance is her hobby. Oh - rescue deals prompts shares surge! Hurrah! The way she writes that book is so powerful. ..became a money club. Ever since, the group has met once a month, each putting $100 into their investment fund. This was them five years ago - then, they were up... We've made 10% which is pretty good compared to the professional fund managers. they're down. The market has taken a big hit. It's a nervous time for investors. With global finance in crisis, So why don't we go through and assess what we've got so far, OK? What's happened to David Jones? Ladies, so let's talk money. How hard has the money club been hit by this global crisis? From the high times, maybe we've come off about 30%, 20%-30% off our very highs and I think that's expected. Their strategy is to ride it out, just like they did in 2003 with the dot-com crash and in 2001 after 9/11. The key thing is we haven't made any losses, we haven't lost money 'cause our strategy is to hold onto our shares because we believe that the market will go back up. We don't really have any alternative except to lose a lot of money. So now that we're in, we're staying in Despite the current climate, they say this really is the best time to start your own club and start buying shares. Get together with a group of friends, learn about investing, pool some money together and you know, look for some bargains. A lot of the stock market is are responding to mass fear and one of the good things about a club is that we do have support and we do have a voice of reason and we do have each other to talk about what is actually happening in the market and get some reality on things. If you do want to get started, here are the club rules: to go off and do things on your own and not just in the club environment. It is so much fun, it is really so much fun. No plans then to hang up your calculators just yet? (ALL) No, definitely not. Right from the start, these mums have been committed to their club. As the years go by and as their children grow, they're hoping their investment fund will do the same. We kind of imagine that we are all going to be grandmothers meeting at investment club. Investing is all about long term, it's not about short-term losses and gains and we're in it for the long term. To the Money Club! Cheers! ACT Labor are really improving our schools. They've reduced class sizes, upgraded facilities and are building new state-of-the-art schools as well as putting the latest IT into classrooms, like Smart Boards. ACT Labor are also investing over $200 million into quality teaching, so that our kids are taught by the very best teachers.

For our children's education, ACT Labor are: He's joining the Army. They're definitely joining the Army. Come and join Guy Sebastian and the Australian Army Band and support Legacy. We wish we could tell you the Liberals' plans for health, education, environment and community services, but their unknown and inexperienced leader is just offering quick short-term political fixes. Liberals - they're just Don't risk it. using the financial crisis to trap you. Can we talk to someone about these systems and how they operate? Excuse me. Obviously, it was just a total scam. Can no-one answer our questions? Chris Allen with that special investigation tomorrow night. That's our program. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.