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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. A Sydney father killed by an illegal street racer. when his car is hit the Government's giveaway The winners from ready to shop 'til they drop. haven't even got it yet. Spending it already - who is about the sit the HSC. The Sydney supermum going to university. I love it so much that I intend on when you walk by the sea. And the strange things you see Good evening. has been killed on Sydney's streets Another innocent driver someone wanted a cheap thrill. because it seems in a head-on crash at Warwick Farm. The father of four died in a street race with a motorbike. The other car was involved to an illegal street race - The tragic end killed instantly 50-year-old Toufic el Zahab

driven by a P-plater lost control, when a yellow Honda road, crashing into Toufic's van. crossed onto the wrong side of the street-racing a motorbike. The car had been aged 8 to 23. The Wiley Park man had four children trying to make sense of the grief. The family are in shock and

from his job as an upholsterer. Toufic was driving home they'll never see him again. His family say they can't believe This is totally devastating for us. in hospital after emergency surgery. The 24-year-old P-plater remains is home. His 17-year-old female passenger She suffered only minor injuries. from police. The tragedy prompted this warning Don't endanger innocent lives, on this occasion. because that's what has happened it might be yours. Next time, it might be my family, put a stop to this drag-racing. We would be grateful if police to come forward. But they also want other drivers with traffic last night. The Hume Highway was busy accident. It happened at 7:47pm. I'm sure other people saw the Please come forward and help us.

It as you can see, the highway is

still really busy at this time of

night. Police say there must be

people who know more about this

mystery motorbike, at this stage

all they know it is that the bike

was black and red. praying the worst was over, Investors, this week had a rush of blood to the head a share market recovery. as Wall Street led But today it drained away - the US is now in recession. shadowed by claims that today, a slump. Two days of huge gains - were only trickling in. The buy orders to find which are the bargains. The question is, may not be tomorrow's bargains. Yesterday's bargains Stockbroker Jamie Spiteri says are treading carefully. his cashed-up clients appetite for risk, Where clients have still some more conservative opportunities. we're looking for Earlier on Wall Street,

hit the opening bell. a beaming Delta Goodrem

Trade was brisk after news $250 billion into American banks, the US Government will pump including nine of the largest. are not what we ever wanted to do, Today's actions are what we must do but today's actions in our financial system. to restore confidence ran out of puff as gloom set in, But the Wall Street rally from a Federal Reserve official all underlined by a comment was now in recession. claiming the US oldest active stockbroker. Walter Sheldon is Australia's 50 years of highs and lows. He is 83 and has seen are still a good investment - Shares, he says. he advises. just don't borrow to buy them, of the stock market It's not the end of our top companies. surely it is not the end Christmas giveaway On top of the Federal Government's is predicting a new survey by Westpac a 0.5% interest rate cut next month in December. followed by another 0.5% cut Now to the figures: to make ends meet, After years of struggling

almost ordered to go out and spend. pensioners are suddenly being joins us from the city, Damian Ryan is counting on pensioners and Damian, the Government flowing through the economy? to start getting that money That's right, Mark. closing for the day, The shops are now they'll get a real work out but the Government is hoping in the lead up to Christmas. over the next few months with a few shoppers today, We caught up a few more dollars in their pockets aware that they'll soon have and they seem ready to spend. Over a cup of coffee, were planning a pre-emptive strike. pensioners Betty and Michelle just synchronising dates. We're just sitting now, the Federal Government's handout, They're yet to receive the money has already been spent. but in their minds at least,

What are we looking at? of pieces of jewellery. I've got my eye on a couple Maybe a couple of outfits for the old man. and I might even get something what the Government wants - It's precisely

to kick-start a spluttering economy. a Christmas splurge What have you got? for my grandchildren. 'Sleeping Beauty' But after such lean times, have learned to be frugal. many people, it seems, Stopping in the bank for Christmas. Put it in the bank. towards my home loan. Probably put it Pay off my home sooner. Interest rates are coming down. stimulus package The timing of the Government's most successful retailers comes as one the country's is going backwards. declared his business everyone's going bad. And if we're going bad, Gerry Harvey says won't rescue the economy. the Government's intervention that - but it will be minute. It will help - I don't discount on what happens globally. Recovery, he says, will hinge is good, but we run the risk Our economy is good, our country with the rest of the world. of falling over the cliff a man we know is a very good judge - And Mark, some astute words from Gerry Harvey has also said for the Government's plan he's willing to act as a barometer

every week for the next month. and release his business figures in Canberra The spirit of cooperation over the economic package is starting to fray. A member of the Federal Coalition's leadership team is under fire

for alleging that lump sum payments will be wasted. Ministers say the National's Barnaby Joyce has insulted pensioners and low-income families. In an address to the nation to be broadcast tonight, Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull repeats his pledge of support for the $10.4 billion package aimed at heading off a recession. We were pleased to see Mr Rudd take this action. But not everyone in the Coalition has got the bipartisan message. Take Shadow Housing Minister Scott Morrison. He's questioning the need for the $1.5 billion boost to the first home-buyers scheme. Our housing market is actually quite strong.

That repudiated what his leader said yesterday. The housing market is softening. Much more controversial,

National Party Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce's attacks on the lump sum payments that 4 million pensioners and 2 million families will receive in December.

I'm worried about when big chunks of money turn up in one fell swoop just before Christmas,

because a couple of weeks later, you see a lot of Australia's $10 billion

scattered around the floor with 'Made in China' on the back. Senator Joyce has also suggested the money would end up in poker machines and plasma TVs. If you pay people lump sums it can end up against the wall. You couldn't think of a more offensive thing to say to Australia's pensioners. And the bloke who used to pull the economic levers... Of course I wish I was there running it. not exactly oozing bipartisanship over the Rudd plan either. If the economy were heading into a recession, this would not save it. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. And later,

Today plumbers to Kevin Rudd blamed

corporate greed for the financial crisis.

more in our series on surviving the financial crisis. We look at jobs - keeping yours if you've got one, finding one, if you don't. There is very concerning news tonight that the number of vulnerable children dying in NSW has never been higher. Official figures released by the Department of Community Services show that for 2007: A special commission is currently investigating child welfare. It's too late to back out now - ready or not, almost 60,000 students across the State begin the HSC tomorrow. For most - it's the biggest ordeal of their teenage years. For others - it's a test they've waited years to take. Janene Hucker is not your average HSC student. The 51-year-old mother of two runs a household while working two part-time jobs, and studying history for the HSC. I've got to go to the library tonight to get some study done. Janene left school as a 16-year-old, but has always been determined to go back. I've always felt incomplete,

that there was unfinished business. there that I had to go back and do. Janene Hucker is just one of a record 67,931 students sitting HSC exams around the State this year.

Anthony Tuong is another. Two years ago, his career as a professional tennis player was cut short in a nasty car accident. Now he's eying off a future as a physiotherapist. I've gone pretty hard this whole year. I've had to do both Year 11 and 12 in the one year. There are some key trends in this year's HSC. One in three students is studying a vocational education and training course, almost half are taking a science course, and nearly a third are enrolled in a history course. 516 sets of twins and 11 sets of triplets will sit the HSC in 2008. Bossley High School has its fair share of them, with three sets of twins and one set of triplets in year 12. It's easier - it sort of takes the stress off of you because you've got someone there that you can count on and you know they're going to support you through your HSC. Students will find out their results on 17 December. Lauren Harte, Nine News. The fairytale is over for Madonna and Guy Ritchie

who are divorcing after eight years of marriage. 'The Sun' newspaper is reporting

the pair will announce their divorce very soon.

Just last month, Madonna appeared very icy towards her movie director husband at the London premiere of his latest film. She's said to be taking advice from Sir Paul McCartney's former divorce lawyer. There are claims the pair has had a series of angry shouting matches in recent weeks. In the news ahead -

television's Marcia Brady tells the story of her descent into sex and drugs. And the latest Internet hit - the 'Wedding Splashers'. Totally busted! Franklins has price busted 670g to 930g Uncle Tobys Plus varieties: Look for this and other Price Busters only at: WOMAN: I like how Labor are protecting our environment with all those extra nature reserves. MAN: Yeah, and are behind solar energy options and environmental rebates. They're also securing our water supply. That's important. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: Price busted! Franklins has price busted 18-pack Purex white toilet rolls: Look for this and other Price Busters

only at: In these very uncertain times, having a job has never been more important. In our continuing series on surviving the financial crisis, Joanna Townsend has some tips on how to keep your job, or, if you're out of work, how to find one. 45-year-old IT manager Dipika Dahwan was made redundant in June. I have been very busy, looking for a job really is a full-time job. Thanks to the oncoming economic downturn, 300,000 extra people will join Dipika in her search for a job. But what protects her, are her skills. And when we took Dipika

to meet employment expert Natasha Ollsen-Seto, the message was upbeat. At the moment we are in a very volatile market. There's some lack of confidence in some organisations but you'll find that good people always get good jobs. Even good people, though, can do things to boost their chances of success. If you're looking for work or a career change, remember to keep talking - keep the lines of potential job communication open, consider upskilling or retraining, and keep your career options as wide as possible. People should not panic and shouldn't be worried about being unemployed. You can improve your prospects even further if you know what industries to focus on. Even in tough financial times, lawyers, policy planners, healthcare managers and mining scientists will stay in demand.

But those most at risk include project managers, factory workers, the import-export industry and legal secretaries. More difficult to find roles in unskilled areas, but we are seeing the reverse in skilled areas. So hopefully, Dipika won't be searching the jobs pages for too long. Joanna Townsend, Nine News. Tomorrow in Surviving the Crisis - Your Budget, how to save more and spend less. Former Aussie Rules great Wayne Carey and his girlfriend Kate Neilsen fronted up at a US court today. Carey received confirmation that he won't go to jail over last year's violent night with Neilsen, and the police who came to her rescue. I accept your plea. I find you guilty. I withhold adjudications. Extremely regretful and apologetic to all concerned. Carey is now on two years' probation and he's been ordered to serve 50 hours community service here in Australia as well as completing an alcohol abuse program.

The actor who played big sister Marcia in 'the Brady Bunch' TV series has written about her descent into drug abuse and ruin. Her confessions continued on tabloid TV. At one stage, Maureen McCormick traded sex for drugs with a cocaine dealer. Yes, yeah, that was one of my lowest points in my life. I was actually freebasing when I was doing that and all I cared about was sex or the drugs.

McCormick's book is titled 'Here's The Story'. Now 52, she HAS rebuilt her life but she is estranged from her former child co-stars who are currently appearing in America's 'Trivial Pursuit' game show. An awful wedding moment has become one of the world's most-watched videos on the Internet. The rings, please. Oh God, no! Oh my God, oh my God. The perfect poolside location proved anything but, although no one can doubt the bride's sincerity in taking the plunge. Thanks to the wind and tide, nature has done a great job of carving the cliffs of Bondi, but there's nothing wrong with adding a temporary human touch. It's that time of year when Sculpture by the Sea rises above the waves. Now into its 12th year - the world's biggest outdoor showcase of the sculptors' art. 500,000 visitors last year and at least as many expected between tomorrow and the first Sunday in November. Some came early and, unlike the last man swallowed by a whale, didn't want to leave. C'mon, we've got to go. No, no, no! OK, no chocolates! That did it. From a rock wrapped in red... a bubble in the bay - there's something for most tastes. Here, people coming... ..and going. What it looks like when human beings are together in a group.

Nearby, a massive keyhole. A vessel, the artist calls it. It references all the vessels that pass this way and always have passed this way by sea and by air. Of course my friend here can't talk, with that thing stuck over his face it's not surprising. If he could, he'd tell you that this is what happens

if you come to the beach and don't slip, slop and slap. There are some massive works and some amazingly delicate - these metal wings seem to fly, just waiting for the wind to lift them up and away. Peter Harvey, Nine News.

It was cold and wet, Ken with sport next - and the Socceroos ready to rev up a sell out crowd for tonight's World Cup qualifier? Plus Weekend Hussler's barrier draw for the Caulfield Cup. Departing Sea Eagles - simply the worst. And touring with the Australian cricket team, blonde on blonde. WOMAN: You know, Labor are improving health by adding more doctors, nurses and beds for our hospitals. And increasing elective surgery. WOMAN 2: I know! They're also building a great new women's and children's hospital for Canberra. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: WOMAN 1: Labor has already reduced class sizes to 21 in the important early years. WOMAN 2: Yeah, and now they're reducing average class sizes to 21 for every single year of school! That's great!

The Socceroos have had a leisurely stroll through the streets of Brisbane, ahead of tonight's World Cup qualifier against Qatar. Team captain Lucas Neill has called on a sell-out crowd to be an extra man for the side. We start fast, hopefully even get off to the same start we got off to in Melbourne. Get a couple of early goals and make it a comfortable night, but we know it's not going to be that easy. The Socceroos have beaten Qatar 3-0 and 3-1 earlier this year. Greg Bird's manager has told Cronulla officials he doesn't know where his star player is, but all the betting is that Bird is on his way to New York

to be with his girlfriend. Gavin Orr was summoned to the Sharks' headquarters to answer questions over Bird's latest drunken behaviour. Meanwhile, there are more World Cup dramas for the Australian team. After parading with his brother in the green and gold a week ago, Nine News has learnt Brett Stewart is the latest Australian player in serious doubt. Stewart has a shoulder complaint. And Justin Hodges's replacement still hasn't been settled on - Matt Cooper's groin injury means he's out of the running. England flew into Brisbane today - their enforcer Adrian Morley warned he won't be changing his style of play. I'm not going to play any different. Always physical. England coach Tony Smith is looking for controlled aggression. He'll get in there and mix it up. We'll need him sometimes. We'll need to stand up for ourselves on these shores. The Irish boys also hit town today. They say their presence in the tournament isn't a joke. My expectation is a semifinal - it's the same for the whole team. The premiers, Manly, had plenty of laughs at this video, # Simply the best # put together by departing players Mark Bryant, Luke Williamson, Steve Menzies and Steve Bell - it's their tribute to themselves. # My heart is on fire # Bryant brilliant as Tina Turner and Williamson doing his best Jimmy Barnes. # Come to me, come to me # The video also allowed the players to reflect on their first games in the Eagles' colours. Menzies was sledged by the Broncos. Julian O'Neill called me a (beep). I told him he was one - he had no comeback. Danny Weidler, Nine News. We have a mouth-watering showdown on Saturday in the $2.5 million Caulfield Cup.

Favourite Littorio has drawn barrier 10. Right next to him in 11 - second favourite Weekend Hussler. In gate 13 - last year's winner Master O'Reilly.

Barrier 10 was on Littorio's trainer's wish list, but as far the gelding being the Cup favourite and the pressure that goes with it, Nigel Blackiston is not about to lose any sleep. The favourite doesn't worry me, because I don't punt, that's up to other people to make him favourite. The horse himself is very well. Just two weeks ago, Littorio burst the Weekend Hussler's bubble in the Turnbull Stakes. The Hussler now has a opportunity for redemption, right beside Littorio in Barrier 11. I'm still confident in the horse. It will be up to Brad to put him in the right spot and let him go to sleep and let him work home. The seven-time Group One winner wouldn't want to relax too much. The Australia cricket team has arrived in Mohali ahead of the second Test beginning on Friday, with pace bowler Stuart Clark nursing an elbow injury. It was security and camera overload at the team hotel - Michael Clarke was with fiancee Lara Bingle while Shane Watson's partner Lee Furlong,is also on tour. At the SCG, After the break - Jaynie Seal with all the weather details. Tonight's viewer photo is from Andrew Stanfield of Cronulla. I'll have full details in WIN News at 6:30.Coming up on WIN A truck driver killed in a horrific crash at Yass, Fire badly damages a Scullin family's home. And the Wallaroos go down to the Black Ferns at Viking Park. Join me for all the details VOICEOVER: The Liberals are divided and desperate, and have wasted the last four years fighting each other and dumping leaders. They've lost sight of the very people they're meant to represent - the people of Canberra. They can't even govern themselves, let alone the ACT. And the Liberals even had the hide to ask for a bigger pay rise

during all their bitter backstabbing. Imagine what these characters will do if they ever get into office! Canberra deserves better. Now, here's Jaynie with the weather. Mark, a little on the chilly side. Our coldest October day in two years for most suburbs. mainly due to the cloud which eventually broke up in the afternoon. A small temperature change for the day 15-19 for the city. most suburbs had our best rain in six weeks - 22mm for Penrith. and another nice top up for the dams. It cleared today - with the main focus in north-east NSW and Queensland where storms are severe. Tomorrow - isolated storms mainly nort of Moree. Clearing south of Port Macquarie. But the high is the main weather feature meaning fine for the rest of the State. And that whole south-east corner of the country including the capitals.

More gusty storms in Darwin. And just a few showers for Brisbane. For Sydney - no rain. Partly cloudy skies. Southerly winds helping to keep temperatures down. And 1 foot waves tomorrow at most beaches not one of your best days. Now - with that bit of moisture in the air, fog is expected in the west. Hitting 24 degrees. And 21 for coastal suburbs. Then spring makes a come back again. Friday 23. And high 20s for the weekend. Some brilliant weather photos have been coming our way. We still want more so send them to: So a couple of warmer days coming up. But Mark, early next week it could all change. That's Nine News for this Wednesday.

They great bunch of kids and not

too many signs of back-to-school

blues. We have added these pictures

to well website. This is the new is a fortnight. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. promises,And, the plan to fix one Canberra's Tonight ...

Allegations underage sex workers are being hired in the Capital, Treasury outlines the true cost of A-C-T election promises,And, the plan to fix one Canberra's most notorious accident zones.

Good evening, An A-C-T sex worker claims underage girls are working in some brothels, workers are being paid with drugs and providing sex on credit.