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(generated from captions) conservative family. Larry and Kylie

you will have a chat with her. Show chat. She came from a very

it. Yes, we sure are, looking forward to

Good morning. nice lady. There will be a Morning

Today on the show - in Australia stripping off. The men with the hottest bodies the sexiest man in footy He's just been voted Katy Perry was great. She was. Very

his raunchy new calendar photos. and now Matt Ballin's showing us

with a huge hit on her hands. Plus, the US singer/songwriter # I kissed a girl and I liked it don't mind it. # # I hope my boyfriend

With lyrics like that up in a strict religious family. it's hard to believe Katy Perry grew

early life, shortly. We'll hear more about her 240 kilometres in a pumpkin. Also ahead - the man paddling

No, we're not kidding. More on that one shortly.

What? Paddling a pumpkin, rocks in his head. the sexiest couple ever? And are Brad and Ange hottest onscreen couple of all time. We need your help to choose the so just head to our website And the voting lines are now open to cast your vote.

We need your help. have warned First, experts in the United States cold and flu medications over-the-counter to children. pose potential health risks are safe and effective, Drug companies say the medications

and accidental ingestion but acknowledge dosing errors among children. are leading causes of injury joins us now with more. General practitioner Ginni Mansberg Good morning to you.

are over-the-counter drugs? Ginni, how dangerous

We tend to think of them as being

fairly harmless, but is it

necessarily the case. Look,

generally they are and it is why

they are over the counter, they are

completely safe but with all things,

there are a couple of scopes for

problems, one, if you're diagnosis

your kidb instead of taking them to

the doctor, you might miss

something, it is pretty rare but

possible and if you don't get the

dosing, right, something that is

completely harmless and safe as

Paracetamol can become dangerous. Do

we need restrictions on the drugs or

do we need to be better informed. On

the one hand Australia does really

well, it is regulated well,

potential problems tend to be put

behind the counter, you have to ask

a pharmacist for them and it is a

good thing but there are still so

many overdoses with particularly

Paracetamol drugs, I guess we have

the United States of America of got to look at the possibility, like

changing it somewhat. How are the

overdoses happening? Surely it is

not parents think they can give

their kids a smaller dose ofen

adality version? It sounds

dangerous? Is it what is happening?

Unfortunately, some parents are

doing that, it is our responsibility

as doctors to get the right

information out to parents. Parents

don't want to hurt their kids but

what they are thinking is not the

right thing to do. It is dangerous,

you can't give a child adult

medication. Yes, we have child medication. Yes, we have child prep

preparations and if not, they are

not safe to give to kids. What can

parents do to safely administer the

med kaigs? Number one, we have got

fantastic pharmacists in Australia,

they are so well qualified and well

trained, if you're not sure ask your

formicist before you buy anything.

For all child med kaigs on the back

panel of the bottle is really

complicated and precise dosing

regime and you can't go wrong. The

difference is like 1 mill, 2 and a

half mill or 3 mill, sometimes

could be really pr hard to get it half mill or 3 mill, sometimes it

right. Yes, but those dosageerize

not the problem dosages. We all miss

a bit. Yes, that is not a problem

and to be honest the doses they put

on the medication bottles are really

conservative, stick to them and you

won't have a problem. Doctors often

go quite far over but it is when you

go over the dosage. I can never get

it on the 5 mill line. Frnl good

advice, obviously a big problem if the

the drug companyerize talking about

it and acknowledging. To the US now, dominated and the global financial crisis yesterday. the second presidential debate Most commentators think winner over his rival John McCain. Barack Obama emerged the clear knockout blow to McCain's campaign? But was he able to deliver a to Mike Amor in our US bureau. For the latest, it's over Good morning, Mike. the two leaders performed? How do you think

Kylie, I think Obama won. We were

all saying yesterday McCain needed

to win this debate, it was a

must-win event for him because he

slipped behind in the polls. It was

a town-hall style debate, meaning it slipped behind in the polls. It was

was off the cuff, meant to suit

McCain more. We thought he would

fiercely tack Obama but Barack Obama

seemed more considered, and more

presidential. McCain didn't help his

chances when he referred to him,

at " pointed at him and referred to him

at "that one" it wasn't a knockout

blow by Barack Obama but given he

has opened up a sizable lead, McCain

needed something last night and he

didn't get it, it is the point. Is

the financial crisis changing the

way Americans are going to vote?

Yes, absolutely. You will remember

we spoke at the conventions and the

polls were level pegging at that

stage, then along comes the economic

crisis and Barack Obama has opened

up a 6 to 8 point lead. Normally

when the economy goes south, voters

turn against the incumbent parties,

the Republican, John Paul Collins,

he is relying on the -- John he is relying on the -- John I

he is relying on the -- John McCain,

they are looking at the superfunds

is with the crash on Wall Street and it

out. is probably where McCain is losing is probably where McCain is losing

education chief is backing plans Moving on, and a Chicago and transgender teens. for a new school for gay, lesbian be open to all students? Would the campus out. is probably where McCain is losing

Yes, it will but believe it or

Yes, it will but believe it or not

it is not a first here in America.

In fact, a gay schoolopeen in New

York in 2003. It will be open to

other people but it is primarily

aiming at gays. The reason why that

s studies have shown gay student are

three times more likely to skip

school because they are the subject

of bullying, three times more likely

to commit suicide and abuse alcohol

and drugs. Opponents of this school,

they say, it is a misuse of public

fund. What else is

there? fund. What else is going on over

version of 'Kath and Kim' are out. Finally, the reviews of the American Let's have a look at a bit of it.

Getting a divorce! It is over! O

vurx R! I'm going to grab my clutch.

No you are not. Yes, right back.

What do the critics saying? You

know, Larry, they savaged it when

they first saw the sneak previews,

mainly in the ads but they have

turned round in recent weeks, the

Washington Post, one of the most

prestigious newspapers says it is a

promising show of the season.

Americans are slow to warm to it,

like the Office, they were slow

like the Office, they were slow to warm to that and hahas gone on to

win Emmies. Americans don't have the

same sense of humour as we

Australians so they may take a while

to warm to it, but give it a chance.

We will get a chance to see it here.

Yes, fast tracked. The city of Bathurst has been taken over by thousands of revheads ahead of Sunday's big V8 race.

Huge crowds are expected at today's official unveiling of a 4m statue of the King of the Mountain, Peter Brock. Reporter Alex Cullen is at Mount Panorama. Good morning. I'm here in pit lane at Mount Panorama for the Bathurst 1000, not until Sunday but there is so much going on in the lead-up. Today, lots and lots is on. We have the Peter Brock memorial statue being unveiled at about 9:00 this morning. Afterwards, police will launch Operation Mountaineer. That is going to be a bit of a crackdown on what's going to be happening up on the mountain. We know it gets pretty crazy up there but there are lots of police, lots of sniffer dogs

cracking down this year. Later on today at 4:00, will be up on the mountain. Team Vodafone are, of course, the defending champions here at Bathurst. They won it last year with the team of Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup. They're heading up to the mountain to say a big hello to all the fans, so that should be very, very exciting. We spoke to Dick Johnson yesterday. He's been here for a lot of years now but he just loves it year in, year out. He says every year he comes here it's just as magic as the last. This place has got something about it. the worst possible day on Sunday and you get up Monday morning and say to yourself, "Gee I wish I could do it all again." It's just got that aura about it. Yesterday was all about the fans. Drivers went out and spoke to a heap of fans down at Morse Park for the drivers' breakfast. There was Mark Skaife, there was Steven Richards, there was Garth Tander. These guys, they really, really make themselves known. They get out there, they sign autographs, they have a lot of time for the fans. We spoke to Garth Tander about just that and this is what he had to say. It's incredible, I got into town last Monday and there's been people here since last Friday. So they're coming into town, setting up camp.

And you go to the track on Tuesday and, like, all the campgrounds are nearly full already so just the atmosphere around the event and, you know, all the people that are here, it's just fantastic. This place is going to be a lot noisier a little later on today because, yes, the cars are out on the track. I absolutely can't wait because it's going to be the first practise run before we get into the business end of the weekend for the big one - the great race on Sunday. It's back to you.

Thank you, the fumes! The beer and

the petrol fumes. Sphepl it now, an

annual pilgrimage for so many people. Ahead on the show, the neighbourhood dispute about flying the Australian flag. And we're meeting the sexiest man in rugby league. But after the break,

the US singer/songwriter with a huge hit on her hands. Katy Perry is up next. Good morning, Sydney. A fine day today with a top of 21. It's currently 16 degrees.

We have organised the day for Katy Perry.

As the child of two pastors, she started out as a gospel singer but it wasn't until she turned to pop and released the hit single 'I Kissed a Girl' that Katy Perry became famous.

The song went straight to number one on the Australian ARIA charts and broke a record for staying on top for six consecutive weeks. And now Katy's touring Down Under. She performed on 'Sunrise' earlier,

and she's been kind enough to stick around to chat to us about her amazing career so far. Katy, good morning to you.

Hello! Did you have a great day

yesterday, did you do touristy

things? I went shopping. As every

girl does. As every girl does and I

think generally men will never

understand it. What did you buy.

Went to a really nice store in Surry

Hills, a kind of vintage rock Billy

store, which is really cute. A few

little dresses. Dresses and stuff

I'm excited to wear. We done?

Finished with the fashion chat

Finished with the fashion chat? Finished with the fashion chat? I

did want to pet a kangaroo, which I

might be able to because I will be in Australia for a while. What

in Australia for a while. What about

a koala. I don't want to be a stereo in Australia for a while. What about

typical tourist girl who comes from

the States to Australia and hop in

the nap sack of a kangaroo. The next

song would be I Kissed a Koala and

Liked it. Were you a good Christian

girl growing up in a strict family

or rebellious. I think I was okay. I

didn't eat a whole lot of sugar

serial. I stuck to my parents'

rules, you are born and grow up in a

family and you kind of fear your

parents and you definitely respect

parents and you definitely respect them and this is the way and this is

how it is and do it like this, of

course, it is what you grow up in.

Of course, when you leave the nest

you kind of figure out things on

your own, but generally, I was a

good kid. Maybe. They are both pastors? Right,

pastors? Right, so it is not just

religious, it is really quite

religious. You didn't even listen to

rock music, it wasn't until you were

15 or so you discovered it. How did

that happen? I remember I was

hanging out with my friend, being

girls, trying on clothes and doing

stupid stuff and she was playing DJ

if the day and she put on Killer

Queen and I was taken back and it

was like the heavens opened up and I was like, "

was like, "Queen." I never knew

someone could be so excentric and

colourful and visual with their

lyrics. Slumber parties have a lot

to answer for. You wish you were

invited, I'm sure. To that one! When

you told your parents, you said

everything was okay until you left

the nest. Was it the turned point or

were you rebellious toward the end.

They are very supportive, they got

me the singing lessons, bought my my

first guitar, they are parents, they have their

have their opinions as all parents

do, I love them and respect them,

don't try to change them anymore.

They supported your early music

because you were doing gospel? They

support it now, definitely. I got

the call, I am going to

the call, I am going to PLAYER: On

the Latin VMAs. And my dad wants to

come. Okay. Read you come. Okay. Read

come. Okay. Read they were not

supportive. It is a funny things

called gasp. You can't always

believe what you read in gossip, of

course, you would think, I was

raised in a very religious household

mire parents shun me, and I live in

a basement and eat stale bread every

other day, but it is not. I don't

disrespeck what they believe and

they understand me. If not entirely

agree with your lyric, they agree

with what you are doing. Parents and

kids have always had that thing.

Toing-and-froing. Cut it away Toing-and-froing. Cut it away and

get it the lyrics of the song, what

do they think of that proposition?

What do they think? They are not

really completely shocked about it

because it wasn't like I, you know,

it wasn't like a black and white

overnight, it has all-been me. I

wasn't rebellious but I had a big

kind of opinion and loud mouth and

been kind of obnoxious here and

there and gradually over the years I

might have pushed their envelope

enough. I was reading last year, you said it was tough, "

said it was tough, "I would write a

cheque for my rent and write, please

God please." How much have things

changed with the number one hit.

Thankfully I don't have to worry

about the rent cheques. I don't

expect any of this, I don't

expect any of this, I don't expect to be in Sydney, and people singing

along and having number ones all

along and having number ones all over the world, because I have been

in a position where I have had a a

and lost it all, had it and lost it

all so I all so

all so I think it can go as quickly

as it comes, I definitely have a

savings around. You look to Cindy

Lauper and Joan Jet and you say they

still don't care. Do you reckon in

10 years you won't care. I reckon if

you talk to me in

you talk to me in 20 years you won't

care. We got you a koala. We had it

flown in. It is sleeping, don't wake

it up. A baby. At least you can't

eat these, I heard you eat kangaroos

and you are monsters. It is awful.

Iate a kangaroo and I liked it a

lot. Nice to meet you. Katy Perry's album, 'One of the Boys', is out now. And for more information on her tour, just head to our website.

Is it like the luckiest koala in the whole world? Still to come,

the call for healthy food to be subsidised to low-income families. Plus, your votes for the hottest on-screen couple ever. And coming up, he's just been voted the sexiest man in footy. Matt Ballin is here on the couch. You're watching the Morning Show, right across Australia. You single

You single Catee? No.

He is not either, it works out well.

The Morning Show brought to you by Jetstar, the world's best low-cost airline. Now flying to more than 25 holiday destinations at home and overseas. Visit now. At some point in our lives, we've all had a run-in with a neighbour. But how's this for revenge? Take a look. (gentle music plays)

Hello, Laura love, what you doing

there then. I'm burying my gold

fish? Dear, what a shame. Still it's

only a gold fish, I suppose, isn't

it. But why digging such a big hole?

Because it is inside your (beeps)

cat. She is going to grow up and

marry that little miniature Gordon

Ramsay we had on last week. So this morning we want to hear your funny stories about run-ins with neighbours. Email the chatroom and let us know.

Ramsay we had on last week. She is cute.

Coming up later on The Morning Show - the hottest man in league, Matt Ballin's, telling us about stripping off for a charity calendar. But first, it's over to Glenn for some nifty tips on saving time. If you ask me, on the ironing front since the first electric iron appeared 100 or so years ago.

Ahead this morning, the call for health foods to be subsidised In fact, even old-fashioned irons have been around for hundreds of years but no matter which one you look at, it is still a time-consuming chore. A washing machine actually washes the clothes for you but with an iron, you still have to do the hard yards. But my friend James is back on The Morning Show because he has a breakthrough on his hands. Good morning, James. I sure have, Glenn - you're going to love this. You've got your mate Tobi. It's a steaming beauty that removes creases from your garments much faster than ironing.

How much faster? Five times faster. You've got me interested, like many blokes at home - and the girls too - because, let's face it, none of us are really fussed about ironing. Nobody likes ironing. Have a look at this - here's something that the laundromat and dry-cleaners really don't want you to know about. The Tobi steamer removes creases and wrinkles from your garments while they are hanging. It works on all fabrics, it saves you money on dry-cleaning

and it removes odours and sanitises your garments.

do that standing up or sitting down. You don't need an iron or ironing board. Most people don't even wash their curtains because they don't want to iron them but Tobi makes ironing your curtains easy and really fast. No offence, as usual on The Morning Show, James, you're not using too much elbow grease. You didn't insult me, but thanks very much. The Tobi gets the job done really quickly and easily. Here is how it works. Instead of crushing and flattening your clothing fibres with an iron, pumps up the fibres, the Tobi's professional steam power releasing the wrinkles and rejuvenating the fabrics. As the steam penetrates, it helps to break down and removes unpleasant odours,

leaving your clothes refreshed and wrinkle-free. Let me have a go at this.

Can I have a go I'll crumple this up a bit. Crush it up. You can use it on your bed linen right on the bed. Can I have a go some

I don't tell you how much you are

going to hate ironing, this is fantastic. You can do the same quality job in your own home using the Tobi steamer. I'll tell you how much they are. Order your Tobi steamer today for 3 easy payments of $49.95. This is a special introductory TV offer on this amazing machine. When you call or order online, we will give you a Tobi travel steamer absolutely free. Tell me that's fantastic, Glenn. This is fantastic. I could do this for hours! We've sold these travel steamers in the past for nearly $70

but it's yours free when you order the amazing Tobi steamer today. That's over $200 in value. I was about to say, I thought you would save us about $200. It's all yours for 3 easy payments of just $49.95. Call right now and you can save money, especially on your dry-cleaning. Fantastic. I often take clothes to the dry-cleaners and this will save me money, plus petrol driving down there - You can tell everyone how much it normally costs for dry-cleaning. I usually spend $10 or $12 just on a coat. Even if you only spend $7, you can save that using your Tobi steamer. It's that quick and that easy. What about these accessories? You get a lint attachment and also a pet-hair attachment. You get a fabric brush so you can use it on your furniture. You can use it on your curtains, as we said earlier. It comes with a bag. You get all the accessories. More importantly, you get the Tobi travel steamer absolutely free and they are almost $70 in value. It's yours free when you order the Tobi steamer. You get the whole lot for 3 easy payments of $49.95. What he said - it's a special television offer. Call the number on your screen or order online. Thank you for coming on. Back to you, guys. Ahead this morning, the call for health foods to be subsidised for low-income families. But first, Rebecca Maddern joins us with the latest news and weather. Hello, Bec. Good morning, Kylie. Hello, Larry. The families of a Victorian couple killed in a Nepal plane crash say

the Everest trek was to be their ultimate destination. Andrew Frick McLeod and Kate Zamudio were on day one of an 18-day scenic tour when their plane crashed, bursting into flames. 12 German tourists and 4 locals also died. The Australian stock exchange opens in half an hour with investors facing another nervous day as markets react to the global bailout. Central banks combined forces to cut world interest rates

in a bid to stop the turbulence.

And actor Nick Nolte was treated for smoke inhalation and cuts when his Malibu mansion went up in flames. Checking today's weather outlook around the country - A chilly morning turning fine in Canberra. And still in the US - one of Paris Hilton's wishes has come true.

Yes, the White House has been painted pink but only briefly, and it was only pink light with first lady Laura Bush flicking the switch for a Breast Cancer awareness campaign.

I'll be back with more news soon.

All for a good cause. Easier than

painting. Much easier. Coming up later,

should low-income families receive more benefits to help pay for healthy food? But straight after the break, the blokes getting their gear off for a good cause. The hottest man in league, Matt Ballin, is up next.

As professional footballers, their job is to keep fit. But now 45 of the hottest AFL and NRL players are using their bodies for a good cause.

You didn't have to do it like that,

the HOTTEST! The lads have posed naked for a calendar to raise money for charity. And Manly Sea Eagles player Matt Ballin has been voted the sexiest of the lot.

He joins us now. Good morning to you.

What is wrong with the vos? What is

going on? A big couple of days. I

bet it has, you won the NRL Grand

Final now the sexiest player, a

great week? Yes, one to remember for

a life time. Is it true your wife

put you up for this calendar if so,

is she just the most understanding

wife in the whole world. She has to

be to be a footballer's wife but it

was a good cause. You got it going

on there, at that. Was it difficult?

Easy. How dd you find it? I didn't

feel comfortable doing it at first

but Petro Virgils, the photographer

made me feel comfortable and the

staff. It was a learning experience

and I enjoy td. My wife nominated

and I enjoy td. My wife nominated me to be in Humphry B Bear, the guy in

that suit. All the guys who bared,

you got the titleal of the sexiest,

you cool with that. Yes, very. What

do you reckon your mates would think

back at the Kingaroy Red Ants.

Getting plenty of messages but it is

for good cause. The girls are going,

orkh, Ah! But your favourite album

is Love Song Dedications and your

favourite singer is Michael Jackson,

does it steel away the heat. Yes.

Kylie stop looking at the pictures,

just can't watch the telly. Do you

know what month you are yet. Don't

think it has been done yet but I'm

on the front, all-good, and they

haven't worked out the month. haven't worked out the month. When you haven't worked out the month. When

you are the front, I know from my

calendar days, it means you done get

a staple anywhere. It is a bonus.

Always good. We say it is for a good

cause, how much money are you hoping Always good. We say it is for a good

to raise for the McGrath Foundation.

Is it something close to your heart.

Hoping to raise as much money as we

can for the Jane McGrath Foundation

for breast cancer nurses. My mum's

mother died from breast cancer so it

is something special to me. It is

for a good cause and hopefully we

can raise as mucha we can. You can

order it from www.

order it from www.Gods-offootball

calm. Did you here that? Gods of

football, Larry. Yes... Was

football, Larry. Yes... Was there a

gods of gameshows? No, there wasn't.

Thanks for coming in, we know we

have caught you in the middle of have caught you in the middle of one

of the most amazing weeks of your

life, thanks for putting your shirt

on. Look after your body, lots of

partying yet. Yes. We don't want

anything happening to it. Only

low-carb beer. Bure blonds. We want

you in shape. Kylie you happy for

him to leave? No I'm going to

release him back to his wife, where

all good footballers need to dpo. Still to come, the latest opinion poll for the US election. We're checking out the presidential pizzas soon. But first - it's ba-ack! Here's Glenn with all your questions answered. We're about to show you something that not only makes cleaning around the house easy, but also enjoyable. Believe it or not. All those hard-to-reach places around the house are no longer going to be a problem, plus you'll help to improve the health of your family as you get rid of dust and other allergens. And perfect time to be doing a bit of spring cleaning around the house, Leigh. You said it.

Absolutely right. We've got the famous, the original Go Duster from Global Shop Direct with us on the program today, but before we actually get started - look, a lot of our viewers already have the Go Duster and they've seen it before. We are going to blow you away with a fabulous deal today. You can get an amazing Go Duster absolutely free. So stay tuned. Leigh, it does work like magic, doesn't it? Largely because there's a lot of science that's gone into the development of the Go Duster. That's right. There certainly has. And we're receiving hundreds of letters and emails from happy customers.

They're calling it their magic wand.

Isn't that lovely? So give us a quick demo. Start your engines because I'm always astounded at how it works. The motorised head of the Go Duster spins at 250 revs per minute. Creating a static charge on these. If you had a microscope, you'd see these tens of thousands of dusting fingers actually doing the job for you. The beauty of the Go Duster is that it conforms to just about any shape or size too. You're cleaning vases and things there. You can get in. You can get in to tight spots. You can clean around delicate items and you don't necessarily have to move anything either. Oh, not at all. It's compact, portable, motorised and completely cordless. of the static charge, the fast rotation and all these little soft fibre fingers that actually attract the dust, right? That's right. Go Duster attracts dust just like a magnet. All you have to do is press the start button and wave it where you want the dust gone. Here's one for you. What about blinds? Ahh, easy. Thanks to the rotating fingers, the Go Duster gets into all the nooks and crannies including blinds. Did you know it's also safe to use on your electronics, delicate screens, DVD players and gaming consoles as you are demonstrating. Instead of having to remove books from the shelves, Go Duster zips in and out. You are going to save so much time. Just giving The Morning Show a bit of a dust up here, Leigh. Oh, good. It's powerful, but gentle enough to use on your precious glassware and delicate items, flat-screen tellys and things. Definitely. Where you and a duster can't go, Go Duster can. You know yourself, there's those places where dust gets trapped in your home

and you leave it for another time because it's just too hard. Go Duster will do the job better, faster and far more effectively. Got it. We're getting great feedback from customers, those with allergies and asthmas because they're saying it really does trap the dust. That's terrific, isn't it? If you haven't heard about this, there's a warning on the handle. You've got to love this. Warning on the handle that says, "Warning - Go Duster might actually cause you to enjoy dusting." I think it's too late for you. Too late. I love it. Go Duster comes with interchangeable heads

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or visit the website Leigh, thank you for coming in. Thank you. The original, the best, the one and only Go Duster. We'll give it a bit of a touch up on The Morning Show. Guys, back to you. We've already seen the Obama burger,

You know, it was scary because I

looked away from the camera where my

notes are, I'm looking at you, you

are very pretty but I don't know what to say next... but now an American pizza parlour is getting in on the act with a choice of presidential pizzas. They're offering the Obama pizza, with ham and pineapple - a tribute to his Hawaiian roots. And one with Senator McCain's favourite toppings - pepperoni and onions. And just like the election,

And just a little bit of mousse too. And just a little bit of mousse too.Ern they are keeping tally of which pizzas are sold. At the end of the promotion, the store will donate the pizza proceeds to the winning candidate's campaign.

That is a good way to do it.

Fabulous. Next hour - why one man's paddling a pumpkin 240 kilometres downstream.

Right now, I kind of wish it was me... But straight ahead - the genius homewares you need to know about. We're keeping you ahead of the trends, right after this.

I can do it without looking away,

here on the Morning Show!

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The Morning Show brought to you by Hilton - put a little back of what life takes out with over 500 hotels in 80 countries to choose from. Visit now. We all love to shop. But with so much to choose from, sometimes homeware stores can be more than a little daunting.

We are Mott talking socks and undies. So Wendy Moore from 'Home Beautiful' magazine has done all the leg work for you. She's got a list of the best products for 2008. Morning, Wendy.

Alright, what won product of the year?

The product of the year was the

The product of the year was the Ikea Ange Chair which also won the

seating category, it is $

seating category, it is $180 and you

can put it in any room. It looks

fantastic. Really comfortable.

fantastic. Really comfortable. As soon as you said Ikea, it is a good price point, price point, as

price point, as they say. Who won

the designer of the year. Julie

Paterson, her company, Cloth,

Paterson, her company, Cloth, she has been designing fabric, a great

has been designing fabric, a great

Australian designer and been doing

sustainable long before anyone

talked about it. She is a good

designer. It is all about having

fungdal furniture these days, what

won that. It was the Clementine

won that. It was the Clementine credenda, which is big, beautiful and way to and way

and way too big for me to carry into

the studio. The crudensa, is it

back? Yes, we are putting the TVs on

the wall, you can leave it nice and

clean. It would stay nice and clean

for a short What have you found in the way of home accessories? for a short time.

We love this enchanted tree by

We love this enchanted tree by

cocoon couture, it can take a lot of

weight, kids can hang their jackets

and bags on it. It is Not going to

topple over. Shoo no, I tested with

my handbag, which is a good test.

Larry! What about the latest of

appliances. It is one of your better

shots. We have got the Fisher and

Paykel fridge draw, you can put it

anywhere in the kitchen, it

anywhere in the kitchen, it works nicely. You

nicely. You can put it on the other

side of your island bench and make

it a fridge draw for drinks. A great

idea. We have seen them in

dishwashers but not a

dishwashers but not a fridge. It is

almost like a credenza with beer. I

love a bit of mood lighting and this

is seriously fabulous. This is from

Hub Furniture,

Hub Furniture, the post Christi

collection, it is designed

collection, it is design sway a bit,

the pattern goes all along the wall

behind, it. You would

behind, it. You would robin Williams

to bounce out and say, "

behind, it. You would robin Williams to bounce out and say, "Nanno,

nanoo." What happened in the table

top category? I love the bird jugs,

Terence Conran designed it for Royal Dalton, it is $

Dalton, it is $20. What does one do

with a bird jug. You put birds in

it! What do you think? A beautiful

gravy goat to use on your table. It

is They fit inside each other for

easy storage under the bed. Two

birds for the price of birds for the price of one? I can't

remember the saying. What about the

renovation category? Walls and

floors, yes Porters Paints won this,

the dragonfly wappaper is beautiful.

I love that it comes with little

sheets of dragon flies, 3 D to stick

them on the wall. We thought it was

clever, the kids can colour it in

and stick it on the wall, you can make it your make it your own. It is so

innovative, we loved it. It is

incredibly innovative. Being

Aussies, we love a good outdoor

area. What won? We went for these

Venetian, plastic, resin shutters,

they are good for outdoor and ins. I

really liked it and also you can

take them off easily and clean them.

Hose them down. They won't need repainting I thought they were

cleverch. Are they expensiveive?

They are cheaper than the wooden

version it makes it a really good

product. It would be good in in the

bathroom, who won that category too.

? We gave it to Urk Brothers for

? We gave it to Urk Brothers for their wooden tiles. They look so

realistic, we were really

realistic, we were really impressed by the quality of the withey looked.

It was probably your magazine I was

reading them in. Fantastic stuff.

reading them in. Fantastic stuff. It has been really good awards this

year, so impressive, particularly

how well the Australians have gone.

You won't have to buy another thing

for your house for another 12

months, until the next desbrine

awards role around. Thank you, they

are fabulous price points. You will

have to call mum and dad and tell

them the thing is coming back, the

crudens Oz. It And if you'd like to check out any of these products,

take a look at the 'Home Beautiful' November edition. It's on sale Monday. A little later on this morning, how would you like a life-size LEGO model of yourself? Yes please! We're checking out an extravagant Christmas wish list shortly. But first, it's guessing games with Glenn Wheeler. We love having fun here on The Morning Show, and today it's game on. Kate's here to see if -

I'd like to play a little 'guess my age' game. I'm ready to go, Kate. Excellent.

I'm going to show you faces and I just want you to sing out how old you think these women are. I'm going to tell you if you're right or wrong. Haven't played this game since I was at the pub last Friday night. Go on, we're ready to go. Let's have a crack. This is Lori. How old do you think she may be? Already, I'd say 32.

Well, almost. In fact, she's 40. 40? She's not 40. Come on. You're pulling my leg.

I certainly am not. No tricks here. Next we have Karen. I want you to think how old she is. Karen, let's have a look at this. I'll take the beer goggles off and have a serious look here, I'd say 37. She's actually 47. 47! Come on, you are pulling my leg. Surely not! Trust me, I am certainly not pulling that leg. Finally we've got Winnie.

Have a good look, what do you think? Winnie, obviously you've kept the best to last. I'd say Winnie is probably about 18 or 19. Winnie is not even close to 18. She is 51. I have had too much to drink, it's obvious, isn't it? She looks incredible. That is amazing! What's the secret?

Glenn, all these women are dedicated Principal Secret Reclaim Users. Reclaim, what's Reclaim? Reclaim is a total skincare system that helps fight the signs of ageing. How would you like to hear what these ladies have to say about Reclaim? I'd actually like to meet Winnie. Let's have a listen. Using Reclaim has made my skin feel so smooth and so soft

and young-looking. I'm not ashamed to tell people I'm 40.

I started using Reclaim at 45 years old. I'm 47 now. I feel like I've reclaimed youthful looking skin. Friends mainly want to know what I'm using because they want their skin to look as nice as mine does. I've really noticed the change in the texture of the skin. It's been a really eye-opening experience,

that you don't have to spend a lot of money and you can keep it simple. Amazing-looking ladies. What's the magic ingredient? The secret to Reclaim is Argireline. And that's a protein

that's designed to help soften the visible appearance of forehead wrinkles, laugh lines and squint lines. In a recent study,

over 70% of participants reported a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by laughing, frowning or squinting after using Reclaim. Amazing. So I guess the only thing left to ask is where do we get it? All you have to do is call today and we'll deliver your Reclaim 6-piece age-breaker kit straight to your door. Let me show you what the kit contains. There's the total facial cleanser, the Eye-mazing serum

the Reclaim day cream, and the night cream. Plus there's two powerful age-breaker products, the line-breaker serum and the enzyme mask and peel. This is valued up to $180

but today, all these products can be yours for just $59.95 plus $12.95 postage and handling.

Great. And I believe there's also a special bonus for Morning Show viewers? Absolutely. If Morning Show viewers call right now

they'll also receive four amazing gifts, this three-pack of Reclaim sampler products plus this gorgeous silver dress watch. Nice.

These gifts are valued at over $70, but if you order today, you can have these gifts absolutely free. Well done. 10 items for under $60 and as usual of course it all comes with a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee. It certainly does. Simply return them, even if the jars are empty, no questions asked. I love that no-empty-jar guarantee, terrific. And you never have to worry about running out either because each new season you're conveniently sent a new supply of Reclaim for just $59.95 per month, right? That's absolutely right, and delivered to your door. So you don't ever have to worry about going to the shops or running out. Of course, there's no obligation with this and you can cancel this convenient service at any time. Well done. What a great deal. If you'd like to take advantage of this Principal Secrets Reclaim risk-free offer and receive some fabulous free gifts including the gorgeous ladies silver dress watch, then simply call now. Kate, thanks for the fun and games this morning. My pleasure.

Just by the way, you haven't got Winnie's phone number, have you?

I'll try and find it for you, Glenn. Please if you could just sort of text it through to me. Guys, all yours. Still to come, we're showing you how to steal Beyonce's celebrity style for a lot less than you'd think. But after the break, the new device to stop drinkers sending emails

If you have tendency to send e-mails

after a couple of beers and regret

it, a device you will be intershed

in checking out next orn the Morning Show Join MBF Hospital and Extras and you can claim straightaway on acupuncture, physio, general dental and many other extras. So if you want extras cover that helps you tick things off your 'to do' list call MBF on 132 623

or visit an MBF Centre.

Here's one way to end a dispute. A married Cambodian couple who'd finally had enough of each other

have gone their separate ways. But check out how they've split their assets. The wife is staying with this half of the house you can see onscreen while the hubby carried his half to the other side of the village to make a fresh start. Neighbours say the couple saw it as the most cost-effective way of avoiding each other. Apparently divorce lawyers are pretty expensive in Cambodia.

I reckon cutting a house in

I reckon cutting a house in half would be b would be kind of a bit

expensive. Well, it is just thatch.

You do it with a blunt knife. It is

all fine until he gets divorced

again. And end up with the quarter

of the house. Then you get cramped,

nowhere to put the nowhere to put the plasma in the hut. On the way this hour - how to copy Jordin Sparks's gorgeous summer look

for less than $200.

Plus tips on how to wear tie-dye.

Also ahead - Paris for President?

We'll find out why Miss Hilton is turning to politics. And it's getting hot in here. Your pick of Hollywood's steamiest couples. Head to to vote for your favourite.

We'll reveal the winner very shortly. Making news this morning and a Melbourne academic wants low-income families

to be given more Government benefits to help them buy healthy food. Dr Cate Burns says the price of healthy, fresh food is rising faster than junk food. Let's see what our Thursday Jury makes of this. It's over to Kate Cox from the 'Sun Herald' and host of the 2GB afternoon show, Chris Smith. Good morning to you both. Chris, should low-income families get more money

to help them buy healthy food?

No, but there

No, but there is an xpgz, and I

think it pertains to

think it pertains to punsers and it

could be covered with a up in the

pension. A review in 12 month, is

cruel. So that is the first point,

but I worry when an amdemic, they

are on the government tick and their whole life is welfare,

whole life is welfare, they rely on

government grants to do their

research. I worry when they start

lecturing us on the welfare and

economy, and lump sums, I was

worried about that a lump sum. We

found with the baby bonus, it never

works, they get the lump sum and

some use it for the plasma, use it

on the holidays, the pokies. I don't

know how you do this, given

know how you do this, given what we

are about to face economically, it

is not the way to go. The pizza

joints are doing $ joints are doing $5 joints are doing $

joints are doing $5.

joints are doing $5.95 meals? Yes,

they conducted a comprehensive study

and found the price of

and found the price of junk food was

falling whereas the price of core

food stables like bred, milk and

healthy -- bread, milk was rising.

But I believe if you are prepared to

do a tiny bit of extra work, you can

find cheaper healthy foodaus. You

just have to

just have to cook. If

just have to cook. If buy in bulk, it just have to cook. If buy in bulk,

it is cheaper to make it and your

version will be healthier. But you

have got to have self control. But you go

you go to McDonald's, and credit

where credit is due, they have

healthy choices, the salad, the

rolls, you don't need the triple Big

Mac. How many are buying them? Not

many. You got to have self control,

many. You got to have self control, you need to take personal

responsibility and we don't seem to

do that. Finally, a Google employee has come up with new technology to stop people sending emails they shouldn't when they've had too much to drink. Emailers have to answer a series of maths questions before the email gets sent. Kate, have you ever sent an email you later regretted?

God! Yes I have. And mobile phone

text messages as well. It is called

drunk and dial. Drink dialing. But

I'm not sure, maths, I'm a

journalist, maths is not my strong

point. I'm not sure if I could

answer the questions when I'm

sobing, if it would help me in my

situation, when I'm sober. Be

careful when you sit down at the

computer if you're angry or had

something to drink, count to 10,

really. It is so easy when you're writing did you

writing about someone to type their name in the "

name in the "to" box. So those nasty

e-mails: you can Google the answers

quickly. It would be fun to beat the

booze police. But Kate is right

about anger, it is the greatest

source of stupidity when it comes to

inboxes than booze. If you get

inboxes than booze. If you get Hep

d, up,

d, up, a conspiracy and you realise,

the next day, there was no

conspiracy, they are unfounded. You

sound like you're talking from

personal experience. Yes, stupid

head here has done it twice, I

remember once in an office I knew I had done

had done it and the person yt sent

it to was not

it to was not at their work station

and I went over and deleted it. See,

I think that is illegal. Yes, but it

is better than. Illegal but great

thinking. Thank you, see you next

week. That is your James Bond coming out. Later this hour, how to copy Rihanna's rock chick style for less than 200 bucks. And we've found the Christmas gift for the person who has everything. But first, are you considering retirement any time soon? Glenn has the details. Do you find yourself thinking about things that you'd rather be doing than working? Could it be that you're considering retiring in the not too distant future, maybe? It is a daunting thing for some, and certainly it's not something that we ever get taught about. But like everything in life, knowledge is the key and that's why Robyn Johnson from the Commonwealth Bank joins us today on The Morning Show.

Good morning, Robyn. Hi, Glenn. It's not really that much of a stretch, is it, to learn that 60% of baby boomers, like myself, intend to live life to the full and we're also expecting a better lifestyle in our retirement than our parents had? That's right. I think every generation aspires to a better lifestyle than their parents. The question is - is it possible? Well, apparently, you've unearthed some very interesting facts about just that, haven't you? That's right. We employed Galaxy Research

to conduct a financial savvy poll for us in June and that survey was focused on learning what baby boomers want from their financial future and in particular, what women want. Let's just hook into that for a tick. Tell us what some more of the relevant findings from your poll. The survey found that over half of Australian women are not financially savvy. While they're doing OK they need help planning for the lifestyle they want in retirement

and over a third of those women really don't know how they're going to manage in retirement. It's a bit of a worry, I suppose. How many women thinking of retiring have actually thought how seriously how much money they will need in that time? That's the problem, Glenn. There's only about 40% of those women that have thought about how much they need to plan for retirement

and there's not that many that have actually set that plan to do it compared to significantly more men. We need to get the girls into their running shoes. It seems that the ladies have fallen behind a little when it comes to thinking of their financial future? Well, they have, but it's not all bad news, Glenn. When asked about their investment strategy for savings, over 40% of women are setting aside money for their future.

It's just that they're not sure how to invest those savings. I suppose that's the important thing, and it sounds like they need to speak to a financial planner then to do the right thing then, doesn't it?


If they heard about an investment opportunity, many women said they would seek financial advice

just to help evaluate the risks involved. And that ties in nicely with our next point, because you guys at the Commonwealth Bank are holding some fabulous free seminars around the country, so tell us a bit about that. That's right. During October, we will be holding a series of free financial planning seminars to help give people the facts they need to know about retirement. These planning seminars specifically focus on the needs of baby boomers

like myself? Yes. Some of those seminars have also been designed to cater for the women that we've talked about today. It's interesting because even in times of economic uncertainly - and we've seen plenty of that - it is, I dare say, still prudent to continue to invest for your retirement and to take advantage of any tax benefits that could come your way. Now is as good a time as any to be talking to a financial planner to review your current needs. In a nutshell, it might help you to afford the lifestyle that you do want in retirement and more importantly, to be able to retire when you want to do rather than when you're forced to? Correct.

Our survey indicated that over half the people are more determined than ever now in the current climate to save for what they need. Just to talk us through the benefits of talking to a financial planner. A Commonwealth Bank financial planner will review your individual situation with you - show you what strategies you need to consider to plan for your retirement and help ensure a secure future. Can anybody attend these free seminars? Yes. All the information is on our website - We are giving away a free copy of our 'Retire Ready' book during their appointments, which also explains further tips on what you need to know about retiring. I think I'm ready already to retire. I'll read the book, anyway. To learn more about these free seminars or to book an appointment to see a Commonwealth Bank financial planner, call - or jump on the website - or just pop into your local Commonwealth Bank branch. Simple as that. Robyn, thanks for coming onto The Morning Show today. Thanks, Glenn. We all like to think about retirement -

can't come quickly enough for me. I don't know about you. Guys, back to you.

Thank you. We are talking about

sexiest movie couples this morning. Head

Head to the web site and vote.

Amanda from New South Wales, John

Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in

Greasee. When they are the sixy

Greasee. When they are the sixy ones at the end or Sandy at the

beginning? Good point. The sexy one.

beginning? Good point. The sexy one. Amanda, could you send it in? Sue in

Woodonga says Demi Moore and Patrick

Swayze modelling clay in the movie

Ghost. Head to the web site and tell

us. I took up clay modelling after

that. We showed you this earlier,

they are divorced and

they are divorced and split some

house in half. David, "

house in half. David, "I would hate

to think what they did to their

dog." Woops! True! Still to come - the American man paddling down stream in a pumpkin. We'll find out why in just a moment. But after the break, we've found a glamorous Beyonce Knowles look. All cheap as chips from your local chain store? We're proving it can be done, after this.


Break your smoking habit once and for all.

When you see a celebrity wearing an outfit you love, do you think, "I could never afford that." Or do you immediately decide I want that same look, but on my budget. That's where we come in.

Send us a photo of your favourite identity, looking fantastic, and our stylist, Kai, will re-create the exact same look for you.

Or close enough to it with the money

we have. This week we received photos of three very different looks from viewers. So we sent Kai off to work his magic with a $200 Westfield gift card for each one. And he joins us now to talk us through his creations.

we have. My little magic wand? You

had to pick up on that one. Good morning, Kai. Tell us about celebrity look number one?

The first look is from Jordin

Sparks, from her video

Sparks, from her video clip 'One Step At A Time'. She is wearing a

beautiful tie-died dress walking the

streets of New York. It is one of

the hottest look trends in summer. It

It is coming in in a big way, spring

2009 is going to be massive for it.

This is my variation. The

Got the dress from David jonz Jones.

Can anyone wear the tie-died look

some Depending on the tones. I'm

thinking it is young. Depending on the tone. You

the tone. You saw the green tone

with the white for Jordin, doesn't

necessarily suit everyone but this

necessarily suit everyone but this is fresh and summary, think about

the proportions of the dress, Jordin

is wearing a fabulous shift dress

but this is strapless. The tie dies

will be for everyone. Anyone can look great. Let's see celebrity look number two. It's a beautiful flowy dress but it's quite a daring look, isn't it?

It is bootlicious! A great little PR

It is bootlicious! A great little PR shot of Beyonce looking wonderful,

how else can you go wrong. From the

House of Decron her own fashion

line. This is my variation. We don't

all have our own label, so can you help me out?

You know what, it is for a lady

going to a wedding down in Victoria,

you have got that much money left

over, I'm sure you can

over, I'm sure you can buy them a

David Jones gift card, when whatever

you have left over. One thing I like

about the dress is the

about the dress is the sweethop

heart neck line. You couldn't do

chin ups? You could try,

chin ups? You could try just tape

yourself in. If you wanted to get

more use not a wedding, what could

you do am access

you do am accesserize, Beyonce is

wearing open-toed shoes. Proportion, Beyonce's

Beyonce's is quite short but the

length on this is long. Think

lady-like proportions, accesserize

with Pashminas or your husband's arm

around you. I like that. Is that an

accessory? It is a handbag. I don't

know, I'm single! This

know, I'm single! This is From val

in Victoria, this is Rihanna in the

streets of LA working it back

without an umbrella. On a students'

budget, you can re-create this.

The shoes were a bargain price at $ The shoes were a bargain price at

$40. Boots are in a massive way this time.

time. Even in summer? The boots

cheaper because we are coming into

summer, isn't the traditional time

you tuck them away. It is, but it is

the bohoe look. Ankle boots are

coming in in a big way, they are so

fashionable it hurts. You don't have

to wear ugboots, I see a lot of

girls wear ugboots. I love the flipy

girls wear ugboots. I love the flipy skirt but it is short. A look for an

under 25? Yes, you can wear it like

that under 25. Summer you're allowed

to wear it

to wear it anywhere. The girls in LA

and Sydney wear it without

stockingsx but if you're concerned

about the length, add ankle-length

about the length, add ankle-length stockings. You wouldn't want to wear

it in a southerly buster. No, you

it in a southerly buster. No, you

wouldn't. We have seen Kai's version of wouldn't. We have seen Kai's version

of each outfit, this is the fun bit,

let's compare it. This is the Jordin

Sparks tie-die look that apparently

all of us can wear. It looks good.

Have a look at number 2 then, this

is the little Beyonce thing, may

is the little Beyonce thing, may need a bit of taping, depend on how

you dance. It is the

you dance. It is the sweetheart neck

line, straplesss are not fitted but

sweets hearts are baded and boneed

and the girls have a place to live.

Finally! Look No.

Finally! Look No.3, the funky LA

look. You had something about an

umbrella and working it back. I

didn't know what you meant.

Rihanna's song. I get it now. Did

you get it, Larry. Don't worry,

Kylie, the tie die is for young

people. Love it, I think the

favourite is the tie die. I will buy

it. Could you sign it up for Kylie.

I'll add it to my account. Off

shoulder, taped in, working it back.

Have the girls got somewhere to live

in that one. I'll make sure. My

girls need more than a sma