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(generated from captions) Thank you. $10 is it. Doctor, what have you got? So, for another $500, I think I've got $1,000 in here. Alright, show me the money. Yay! You have $1,000!

his deposit and you keep the rest. Well, he can use that for How about that? Look at this! into $24,000. You just turned 500 bucks show up to his lectures, kids! That's why you should He knows what he's talking about!

1,500 bucks and look at the result! So between the two of you you had Let's see the money.

I'd say. You two are quite a good tag team,

pleasure playing with you. Hey, Darryl, it's been a thorough hearing about your next career move. Great to meet you. Look forward to So send us a line. See you, Dr Pat.

Great fun, huh? Ciao now. See you, everyone. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - causes a Qantas plane plunge, a malfunction and not turbulence injuring passengers. off the Australian share market. Panicked investors wipe $50 billion

Move over Lara, inspire a new campaign Hugh and Nicole to bring the world down under. to cheer their Grand Final heroes. And thousands turn out in Manly (CROWD CHEERS) with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News

but first to breaking news Those stories in a moment, Good evening.

and two Australian tourists killed in a plane crash in Nepal. are believed to be among 18 people was landing in fog The Yeti Airlines plane at Lukla Airport near Mount Everest. when its wheels snagged on a fence

The aircraft crashed in flames. haven't been released. The names of those killed Foreign Affairs has set up a hotline about relatives in Nepal. for Australians worried have revealed Air safety investigators off the West Australian coast a Qantas jet's terrifying plunge

was caused not by turbulence, but an aircraft malfunction. sending it into a sudden dive The tail-flap went out of control, that left 20 people in hospital. moments after its violent plunge. QF-72 So powerful, against the ceiling, people were flung

and overhead lockers. smashing roof panels passengers feared it was the end. So terrifying,

Mate, I thought we were dead. even the stewardesses. All of us did,

Everyone's freaking. and hitting the ceiling. There's people flying up as if it fell out of the sky Basically the plane just felt for 10, 12 seconds.

It fell straight down. Absolutely horrendous. basically. The worst experience of my life, a landing at the nearest airport. Some 40 casualties dictated had minutes to prepare. The remote strip at Learmonth The most seriously injured Royal Flying Doctor Service aircraft were flown on five to Perth, some with head and spinal injuries. Reunited with anxious loved ones, recalled the screaming and panic. shaken passengers It was very scarey. We went boom, boom, boom! The poor little kid next to us, we watched him hit the ceiling

for about three seconds and sit there dragged him back into his seat. and then his dad Oh, it's just been awful. Just glad to be here. west of Exmouth. It happened just off the coast The Airbus A-330 suddenly climbed, then pitched foward on its nose for several seconds. and fell like a stone simply took off, Unsecured passengers human missiles. being thrown around? Did you see people Yeah. it was terrible. It was absolutely gruesome, clear air turbulence. The immediate suspect - But investigators say no. They're now focusing on the elevator which controls a plane's pitch. an irregularity What investigators call sending the plane up 100m Qantas's fifth scare in 10 months. Now another investigation's begun. Qantas has never lost a life. of recent safety related incidents, But after a string it's come close. send out a message of reassurance. Today the airline sought to of our pilots and our crews Our safety record and the standard is amongst the highest in the world. These passengers agree. I would fly Qantas any time! nearly as fast as that Airbus, Australia's stock market plunged losing all of the gains made after yesterday's interest rate cut. is at Sydney's Stock Exchange Reporter Chris Reason was today's free-fall? and, Chris, just how bad the crash position Ian, investors here assumed nearly 200 points as the market nosedived within the first 15 minutes. it had slumped further By the end of the day

finishing 5% lower, around $50 billion wiped out. their rate cuts yesterday... Just hours after the banks announced At $450,000, first call...! was obvious. ..the effect on auction room floors All done...done! Well done. all seven properties in one sitting, This agency selling not possible just a month ago. in the room There's been a little bit of life that perhaps we haven't seen before. a recovery in the market I think we'll start to see

starting this weekend. more rate cuts, more price drops. The upside of the downturn -

into a world economic recession, If we are pushed further prices - then we would expect on the property market. prices to decrease for the credit. That as politicians squabbled had not put a stake in the ground If we, the Opposition, for the borrowers of Australia, for small business, for homebuyers,

of that rate cut passed on? do you think we would have got 80%

world which are much bigger There are some events in the than Mr Turnbull's ego. it was world news overnight. Either way,

Australia's central bank NBC NIGHTLY NEWS: stunned the markets today... sent US markets to a 5-year low... the economic epidemic umm, err... Depression is a possibility.... ..sorry, what do you say after that? in London. There were more banks bailed-out customers' accounts. In Iceland, one bank has frozen And our markets plunged again, closing 5% down. In fact, all the gains made after yesterday's rate cut The share market hit a new 3-year low while the dollar briefly hit a 5-year low of 67 US cents. At least that Airbus was able to pull back up. OK, thanks, Chris. And here's how the major stocks ended the day. ANZ, NAB and Westpac all lost 6%. Commonwealth Bank is in a trading halt because of a takeover. BHP lost 5%. Rio Tinto, 7%. The ASX 200 closed down 231 points. And our dollar tonight is buying 69.25 US cents. While the banks argue it's getting harder to raise credit,

the Commonwealth has found enough spare cash to swallow up-and-coming rival, BankWest. The $2 billion takeover has raised concerns about reduced competition in Australia's financial sector. Pete Griffith reckons he could have made a killing on the stock market yesterday. But a bank bungle blew his plans. If they can't organise their administration, how safe are my funds? So today, he marched in, suitcase in hand to withdraw all $1.3 million of his life savings - in cash. The banks agree with Mr Griffith on one thing. They see the current turmoil as a buying opportunity too. They're buying each other. Westpac wants to buy St George

and today, the Commonwealth announced it wants BankWest while, with NAB and ANZ, it also circles Suncorp. Non-bank lenders RAMS and Bluestone have already disappeared, raising concerns that competition's disappearing, too.

I think the banking situation in Australia is a very competitive environment. We would say there is enough market concentration as there is. We cannot afford to lose another bank. Both sides of politics say all this shows the strength of our banking sector as other banks around the world fall like tenpins. That's not the action of a bank that is under dire financial pressure. The most important thing that we have in our favour is a stable banking system. As for Pete Griffith and his suitcase... It's empty, they didn't have the cash. He'll try again tomorrow.

The sliding Australian dollar

and a slick new tourism campaign from director Baz Luhrmann

are boosting hopes of more overseas visitors heading Down Under. The commercials capitalise on his upcoming movie 'Australia' and will be shown in 22 countries. When Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman take the story of 'Australia' to the world their young co-star will also be spearheading our new tourism campaign. He stars in the commercials, which contrast big city stresses with our outback oasis. MAN ON PHONE: You're not the same person I fell in love with. Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves. Sometimes we gotta go walkabout. It is incredibly tough times now. We saw this enormous opportunity to leverage off the movie. There was no way we were going to miss that. The marketing's more refined than in the past. I'll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie. Where the bloody hell are you? It's very important that we get back into the market with a new approach.

It's been a very tough global tourism market. Tourism bosses are hoping our weaker Aussie dollar will lure international visitors back to our shores and keep Australians holidaying at home. The 25% dip is already being felt. We're looking for clothes and jewellery shops looking to spend. Yeah, it's definitely helping us. But hindering Aussies heading overseas.

It has affected our holiday plans. Before the financial crisis Tourism Australia had forecast 3% growth in visitor numbers. Now, it needs some Baz Luhrmann magic. Sydney commuters have been promised cleaner and more efficient trains with the State Government reclaiming management of RailCorp. It means the Transport Minister must also accept responsibility for bad service which the Premier admits won't improve overnight. Visiting Sydney's rail management centre the Premier's message was clear - the Government's back in charge. how did that happen? Nathan Rees has ordered the Transport Minister reclaim direct control of RailCorp, shifting the focus from cost cutting. What this decision is about is putting service as the number one priority. I think commuters will benefit by a firmer hand on the wheel

than has been there before. A frequent passenger, Mr Rees first intends to improve cleanliness, clarity of announcements and lateness.

As I come through the turnstile with my ticket, there's revenue protection officers there checking people's tickets. Now, for people who are already frustrated and late, that's a service issue. Just after the last election, Morris Iemma demanded a commuter charter from RailCorp within three months. It was designed to improve customer service. 19 months later, it's never been delivered. And that's the sort of incompetence that Nathan Rees wants to end. Unions also want commuter representation on the Board to show: The frustrations they've got out there - what their expectations are. For now, senior managers will remain. The fact that they're keeping the board when they're saying they're abolishing the board - or abolishing RailCorp - today's announcement is nothing more than spin. The upper echelons of the organisation are bloated and overcooked and there's some work to be done there. The NRL Premiership party has kicked on in Manly this afternoon with thousands of supporters turning out for a street parade. The team is now at Brookvale Oval meeting fans. Reporter Sean Berry is there. Sean, do the players look like they've had any sleep since Sunday night? Ian, the players are holding up well despite the celebrations. They've been partying all week and today they invited the fans to join them. It was a day for all the fans, but especially the kids. (CROWD CHEERS) The players needed an escort. One of Sydney's most famous beaches turned into a sea of cheering supporters. It was a slow trip through Manly on golf carts, but no-one was in a rush.

The Wolfman had the crowd howling. (CROWD HOWLS) The beaver... CHANT: Beaver! Beaver! ..and the baby beaver. It was quite a reception.

The fans have been cheering since Sunday, but still... Hip, hip - hooray! Hip, hip - hooray! ..three cheers for that record score. Then onto Brookvale Oval and a crowd fit for the Premiers. The Wolfman got tongues wagging when he kissed his team-mates yesterday. He was up to mischief again today. One, two, three - (HOWLS) A fitting farewell to Steve Menzies. That was the greatest day of my career and we couldn't have done it without you guys and we played our hearts out, and that trophy there is for all you guys.

(CHEERS) Some of the players haven't been home since their victory, so maybe tonight they'll get some well-earned rest - Ian. Still to come - Charges recommended over council corruption. Also, a Sydney killer speaks as a court investigates his assassination conviction.

And the fence that's stopping cane toads in their tracks. That's next. ('JUST BE HAPPY' PLAYS) VOICEOVER: From tomorrow at Target, get 20-30% off Excludes sleepwear. We've got the whole family covered. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $10 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $10 million Powerball jackpot. You could spend the rest of your life. We wish we could tell you the Liberals' plans for health, education, environment and community services, but their unknown and inexperienced leader is just offering quick short-term political fixes. Liberals - they're just not ready for government. Don't risk it. The woman at the centre of Wollongong Council's 'sex for development' scandal has been found to be corrupt and could be jailed for more than five years. Beth Morgan, the former town planner, is among 10 people named by the ICAC. She could face 27 criminal charges for providing planning favours to developers she was intimately involved with. Today's release of that report by the ICAC demonstrates that we are a corruption-resistant State and where it does exist, it does get rooted out. The Public Prosecutor will consider 139 charges

against council officers and developers. A new inquiry has started to decide whether former Fairfield councillor Phuong No really did order the assassination of State MP John Newman. No was taken from his super-max jail cell this morning to give evidence. For his friends and supporters,

it's a final bid for freedom and justice. Phuong Ngo is 10 years into a life sentence for a crime he maintains he didn't commit. This is an issue of life and death for him - literally. He either goes out of here a free man or he is incarcerated for the rest of his life. In 2001, the former Fairfield councillor was convicted

of masterminding the assassination of John Newman,

though the shooter has never been found. Ngo has been tried for the crime three times. During the final trial, he chose not to tell his side of the story. Today, he said that was because he was upset by his mother's death. Friends say Ngo was clearly tense in court. He was extremely nervous at the beginning. His voice was shaking. The inquiry was ordered after new mobile phone and gun evidence challenged Ngo's conviction. They will now be reviewed, along with the police investigation. The inquiry doesn't have the power to order Ngo's immediate release from jail. If his conviction is found to be wrong, his case can be sent to the Court of Criminal Appeal to be re-examined. This is a man's life that hangs in the balance

so he's not calm. The economy has replaced terrorism as America's greatest fear four weeks out from the presidential election. Questions about fixing the financial crisis dominated a TV debate this afternoon between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Obama promised budget cuts, while McCain said he'd freeze government spending. That's using a hatchet to cut the federal budget. I want to use a scalpel so that people who need help are getting help. Senator Obama's various tax proposals is like nailing jello to the wall. There's been 5 or 6 of them

and if you wait long enough, there'll probably be another one. Americans vote in 28 days. The presidential election dominated an event to celebrate Hollywood women. Working mums Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman were among those honoured. Guests were asked if women should vote for Sarah Palin. Oh, come on... No, no, no. She's in a skirt, that's about it. I don't care which way you vote but people have got to have a voice. The party celebrated women's achievement in film. Darwin's Lord Mayor is claiming a breakthrough in his battle against thousands of migrating cane toads. A group of volunteers has set up fences around watering holes in the Northern Territory

to stop their advance towards Western Australia. So we can now completely eradicate cane toads out of an area in six or seven days, where in the past, we've needed two weeks.

52,000 toads were killed during this year's muster. They're concerned about the toads destroying local wildlife in the Kimberley region. Time for sport with Ben Damon and a league bad boy, on the wrong side of the law again. Todd Carney's already been sacked by the Raiders but he's still finding trouble. We'll tell you what he's done this time, shortly. Also tonight, India turns up the heat on the Aussies ahead of the first Test.

And Bathurst braces for another assault on the mountain. The Indians have lit the fuse ahead of tomorrow's first cricket Test by refusing Australia's offer of a catches pact. Batsman Virender Sehwag says the Aussies claimed one-bounce catches the last time the sides met in Sydney. Ricky Ponting wanted to keep the focus on spinner Jason Kresja and his possible Test debut. I really think the way that the Indian batsman treated Kresja in that game won't happen again in the Test matches. But India spiced things up,

changing the focus to a proposed fair-catches pact with Ricky Ponting's men. Virender Sehwag claims the Aussies did exactly the opposite in Sydney this year. Yeah, that's fairly insulting, yeah. The sheer fact that they are still thinking about the Sydney Test I think is a good thing for us. Retiring batsman Sourav Ganguly has made it clear

India will target Australia's spin bowling problems. When Australia had Warne, Warnie was their strength. Now, obviously, they're a little bit behind in terms of a quality spinner. Stuart Clarke is expecting some rough treatment from India's batsmen. I think you've got to put your ego out of the way. You don't get a lot of love back from the wicket. You've just got to be patient and bang it in there all day. And while the Aussies are missing Andrew Symonds in India, his road to recovery is right on track. in terms of wanting to see Andrew back playing cricket for Australia. Sacked Raiders halfback Todd Carney is in trouble again after allegedly smashing a shop window at 4:30am last Friday. The 22-year-old was arrested the following night in a Goulburn Hotel. Meanwhile, Anthony Tupou will change his allegiance to Tonga after being overlooked by the Kangaroos for the World Cup. I spoke to Toups this morning, said I'd be naming him in the side and he's pretty keen to play. Jarryd Hayne's been named in the Fijian squad. Big crowds have lined the streets in Bathurst to welcome the V8 teams

ahead of Sunday's big race. their traditional rivalries Holden and Ford drivers put aside to spend some time with the fans. Today was all about the fans. (SHOUTS) Holden! came together to sign autographs. Ford and Holden drivers Thanks, Tander. Even plant some trees. You'd better cover all of the roots. It's all smiles now. a totally different story. On the track's

after the race. Sometimes it can cause a few tears drew thousands of fans. The truck parade For some, a little too loud. is done only in Darwin The truck parade on the V8 circuit. and here in Bathurst It's one way of drumming up and colour the atmosphere, the excitement ahead of the great race on Sunday. (TRUCK BEEPS) Back on the track, Holden's first car to win here Mark Skaife tried out 40 years ago. Little gem. Beautiful car. Beautiful. A Monaro close to his heart. as a young bloke on the car Dad did a lot of work

so there's a lot of family memories. And Holden driver Jack Perkins walked the track today for the Walk to Cure diabetes. He was diagnosed last year. A lot of people think that from doing things in your life, diabetes can stop you but I'm not gonna let it stop me. Returning Socceroo Tim Cahill says to the next stage he's ready to take the Aussies

of World Cup qualifying.

for the Starlight Foundation today The side held a clinic Cahill wants to play 90 minutes. but come game time against Qatar, The foot's working well to get really good game time and I'm starting

on the football pitch. and starting to make an impact The game's in Brisbane on Wednesday.

We never saw we would see George

Gregan play against the waltz, he is

going to play against the waltz in

December. It is going to be strange.

It will be weird. Sara's next with the weather this morning, Sara. and it was back to winter clothing It was crisp, Ian,

7 degrees below normal. with temperatures plunging I'll have those details set to warm up again, next. and tell you when Sydney's with fresh southerly winds Clear skies teamed up to keep Sydney cool last night. ahead of a top of 20. The city dropping to 11 degrees Katoomba fell to 3 degrees. Gosford, Richmond and Liverpool - 5. Winds dropped off this afternoon helping temperatures into the low 20s.

was close to average. A top of 14 in the mountains On the charts - storm clouds over the Tropics

of the season brought the first heavy showers in one hour near Darwin. with more than 40mm of rain falling dry for the moment, A large high is keeping our State to our north. but a trough is building along the Queensland coast tomorrow It's going to bring showers the NSW North Coast and ranges. and isolated showers about cold southerlies tomorrow. Sydney will be rid of those to warm up a bit Temperatures should start as those winds turn to the north. a top of 21 for the city and coast. Mostly sunny tomorrow - Liverpool and Campbelltown. 22 at Richmond, Parramatta, particularly in the west, That'll follow another cool night, with lows averaging 8 degrees. Our nights should start to warm up a bit from Friday with increasing humidity. That could lead to a late shower or storm. Easing to a brief shower on Saturday clearing for a sunny top of 25 on Sunday. Pollen levels high but apart from that, a pleasant spring day on the way, Roscoe. And that's Seven News for this Wednesday. I'm Ian Ross. Next on Today Tonight - that's back out doing it all again. the arrested graffiti gang That's coming up now with Anna. Thanks, Ian. Tonight, the needy and the greedy. of the best donations Charity volunteers taking first pick for a fortune. then selling them online

at their American counterparts. 'Kath & Kim' - your first look Will they make you laugh? Good evening. Last night, the graffiti gangs were at it again, causing damage while authorities looked the other way. Criminals who force $200 million to be spent every year repairing the neighborhoods they destroy. And despite what are supposed to be the strongest anti-graffiti laws in the world, the problem gets worse. Police don't police it. Magistrates don't enforce it.

And, as David Richardson reports, the gangs behind it get more powerful every day. Cops say it is illegal. We say it is legal. We're making it legal, motherf----r. No, they're not. It IS illegal. It is considered vandalism. Get down. Get down. Get on the ground. Get on the ground now. They believe it is a game and we're not going to tolerate it. a victimless crime, Yet these kids call it art, a harmless act of fun. It's not damage. it's decoration. Why are you doing more than one tag? as much as I can. So I can get my name up More tags, the better. and what we're concerned about Absolutely terrifying that think it's cool. is that we have young people sort of. It's like being a superhero, It's f-----g fun when you do it. Oh yeah, it's great (LAUGHS) for want of a better word, These graffiti artists, filled with paint are using fire extinguishers to demolish the sides of buildings - all in the name of art. Today Tonight's Tim Noonan inside the graffiti gangs went undercover

they really are. to show how unlike superheroes outraged the nation - What he uncovered Scott Hilditch even anti-graffiti campaigner and heard it all thought he had seen until he saw our report.

have no respect for their community It's absolutely disgusting that they but also their family. Here we go. train there, mate. We're looking at running at that Flying squads sit in wait, often around graffiti hot spots like train depots, bus stations, are sitting ducks in the dark - where our public transport vehicles or so the graffiti vandals believe.