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(generated from captions) Let's make a perfect picture. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. (HORNS HONK ENTHUSIASTICALLY) Tonight, party hard - the Manly Sea Eagles celebrate their breathtaking win.

at all? You don't have anything to say Down and out - accused of traumatising women the doctor found in a Sydney homeless shelter. a lot of procedures drunk. He is a doctor who did Levi Keareama took his own life. And doubts over whether 'Idol' star Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. in Sydney's inner west. Also, the gangland-style murder And Angelina Jolie explains after having twins. But heading the news at 5:00, tonight, the Manly Sea Eagles are soaring high after their historic grand final win. still celebrating hard and their diehard fans The NRL premiers of the Melbourne Storm. savouring their annihilation After 12 long years, the premiership trophy was back at Manly.

mobbed by its fans. The NRL's best team This is outrageous. Well done. of grand final defeat... 12 months after the bitter taste Revenge! Revenge! celebrations was almost impossible. Just getting inside to join in the It's absolute mayhem - the players caught in a crush through this sea of fans. just trying to get the trophy that crazy in my whole life I've never experienced anything their way over the revellers. Several players crowd-surfing The impact of this win profound. Wolf! Wolf! (HOWLS) I've never seen anything like it. They're just scattered everywhere. and I'm so proud of them. I'm gobsmacked This is awesome. I haven't stopped crying. Earlier, the Leagues Club erupted record-breaking 40 points. with every one of Manly's they had the best seat in the house for the best party in town.

to losing one - can't explain it. The comparison from winning one Not everyone got in - as the full-house sign went up. the streets packed But no-one was leaving in a hurry. Happy! Very happy and pumped! Players mixing with supporters. and souvenirs. There were photos and autographs That's the bling. will it? That won't come off for a while, Hopefully no-one flogs it. That'll stay there. so I didn't lose it. I've taped my fingers together Wise idea. celebrations went to another level, Eventually, any time soon. with no sign of stopping when I start preseason training. I'll probably be hungover Paul Cochrane, Ten News. is at the Manly Leagues Club. Ten reporter Ali Donaldson this evening. Ali, it looks a little quieter there

Quietened down just a little bit

but not much. They have been

thousands of people pouring through

the club today. They after

primarily one thing - one of these

premieres T-shirts that the lovely

Caterina is modelling for us

tonight. There are hundreds of new

members. They are hoping this

excess will fly 12 tomorrow when

the World Cup squad will be named.

Manley has been overlooked a bit

this year in national and State

squads so they hope selectors will

stand up and take notice. There

were plenty of fans still standing

today after a big night to partying

and it was the players who were

leading by a sample this morning. (HORNS HONK ENTHUSIASTICALLY) their adoring fans... Perched high above (ALL CHEER) from this Eagles nest ..there was no coming down as the champions partied harder and longer than most.

willing to go the distance. But there are always some It was a good game. What did he just say? make him out myself, to be honest. I don't know. I can't What did he just say? In a cruel twist, had to contend with this... those starting to feel the hangover ..the annual Manly Jazz Festival. Just grab another beer.

It is. It's the only way, isn't it? back at Manly Leagues Club, By midmorning, some were only just leaving. You've got some torphies of your own? from Manly Rugby Leagues Club. Got trophies What did you do all night? at 3:00am this morning There was a lot of acrobatics along with the players. taken over and were still partying. Inside, the bingo ladies had with a cup of coffee. I celebrated - would you believe? - everyone's going to need... That's something, no doubt, Go Eagles! ..but not just yet. Go the (inaudible)! Ali Donaldson, Ten News. sadistically abusing female patients A doctor has been accused of at Lismore Hospital. about the obstetrician, Horrific stories have emerged repeatedly botched operations, with claims he was cruel, and drank on the job. of the man he once was. Roman Hasil is a shell and gynaecologist The overseas-trained obstetrician now lives in a homeless shelter. earlier this year, Since being suspended there have been 10 complaints

and sexual assault. relating to medical negligence stitched without pain relief. One patient claims she was being and sent him across the room I kicked him "Stirrup the bitch," and when he got up he said, then he walked up to the bed and slapped me to the crutch

and said, "Who's the boss now?" where Hasil was employed That was at Lismore Hospital in 2002, of patient abuse despite previous claims in New Zealand. stemming from when he worked Even his former wife fears him. he said, In a very calculated, calm way and cut you up into little pieces." "I will kill you six years ago, Patient groups alerted NSW Health at Lismore. but Hasil remained as an obstetrician He did a lot of procedures drunk. to his New Zealand victims. He's previously apologised I'm sorry. I apologise, deeply apologise. But there was no such remorse today. to set the record straight. It's your chance the Government of a cover-up. The Opposition is accusing Earlier in the year we were told was a one-off, an affair with a Bega doctor and here is a similar situation. doctor accused of dodgy practices These revelations of yet another for a health system is another embarrassment already trying to improve Now questions have been raised why this scandal was kept from the public for so long. I want full transparency. I don't want any cover-up here,

I want all the information available. Two independent inquiries will attempt to find why complaints weren't handled properly. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Police think there might be gang links to an overnight murder where a man was repeatedly shot in the head and left to die in a suburban street. Detectives are investigating whether more than one killer was involved. Forensic police worked through the night at the scene of the killing. Officers continued the search for evidence throughout the day, scouring the park. bushland and quiet surrounding streets for clues, but didn't find the murder weapon. Frightened residents heard the gunshots ring out just before 9:00pm. Bang! Bang! That's it. Just all these police and I say to my husband, "What's happened?" Full of the street, police. Bang! Bang! Three times and my wife say, "What this one?" And I say, "Tomorrow public holiday, maybe cracker boys." along the street covered in blood. The male victim was seen staggering He then collapsed in the middle of the road with head wounds. When police arrived they performed CPR but ambulance crews pronounced the man dead at the scene. It's understood the victim didn't live nearby. Why he was in the poorly lit park at night remains a mystery.

Police aren't saying whether they are looking for more than one murderer. Detectives are appealing for any witnesses to the shooting to come forward. But Ten News understands the murder is linked to an investigation already under way. No. No see nothing. No. Me scared. Tim Potter, Ten News. The family of a former 'Australian Idol' star who fell to his death at the weekend refuse to believe he took his own life. Levi Kereama was about to launch a new album and his brothers say he had everything to live for. If 'Idol' star Levi Kereama was depressed, he hid it well.

He was always smiling and had a big heart. And he had big dreams. it's impossible he took his own life. That's why his family says He just fell. It was just an accident, you know? 25-year-old Levi fell to his death from a Brisbane hotel balcony on Saturday night just hours after telling his brother he was happy. and he says, "I'm going to Parklife "and it's a beautiful day, it's 28 degrees." and I said, "Oh, have fun." He was happy, very happy and looking forward to the day. He had every reason to be.

Levi and his brothers, who are known as The Bridge, had just finished recording a new album. Now they're releasing his music without him. (SONG) # See what Your future holds inside # Come with me. # His heart's in it and you can feel it, you know, and I'm sure his fans will enjoy it. The song wasn't due to be released for months but now should be on iTunes within days. That's all he wanted to do, was music. The new publicity shots that he was so proud of will now be a sad reminder of a life cut short.

Everybody will be sharing a sense of loss. That was probably the best thing I have done in my whole life.

(SINGS) # Superstition is the way. # Leisa Roles, Ten News. And anyone needing help in times of crisis can ring Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36. to its lowest level in two years, The Australian dollar has plunged has hit a 3-year low. while the stock market As the world credit crunch bites harder, tomorrow the Reserve Bank is expected to slash interest rates. Storm clouds over the national capital - a powerful metaphor for the world credit crisis buffeting our financial markets. The holiday in some States didn't stop the share market plunging another 150 points. It's now down 10% over the past fortnight. Many experts agree with the ANZ's Saul Eslake - the economy needs a boost, and the Reserve Bank will offer one tomorrow. They'll need to cut the cash rate about 0.5%. Investors are fleeing the Australian dollar in anticipation. It plunged 2.5 cents to its lowest level in more than two years. But the ability of our banks to pass on the interest rate cut is being severely hit by developments overseas. Germany's second-biggest mortgage lender needed an $83 billion bailout overnight. The German Government reluctantly drawn in after a private rescue collapsed. Fortis Bank in Belgium is in similar strife. It means the cost of money, or the rate at which banks borrow from each other, has skyrocketed as confidence is shaken. Treasury figures show the wholesale cost of funds to our banks has risen a massive 0.75% in the past four weeks. That's not something they can ignore in deciding how to price the loans to their customers. What is important at this time of global financial uncertainty is the long-term financial stability of the nation. Clearly the Reserve will want to see all interest rates fall. Pressure will be on the banks to pass on at least half the cut on offer The Treasurer is in no mood to allow them to hide behind the crisis a moment longer than is necessary. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Sport with Brad McEwan. Brad, Australia has a new world champion. Deb, Troy Bayliss secured the Superbikes world crown

for the third time in France overnight. Bayliss finished third in the first race, before blitzing the field in the second race.

And here's a 'Hull' of a surprise - newcomers Hull City leap into third place on the English Premier League table. Plus, more from Manly, with the partying Sea Eagles hopeful of a strong Test showing for the World Cup. Next, a school principal defends allowing a nude photographer to scout the playground for talent, Plus, Jetstar under fire for the way it handled lengthy delays.

She's spending her 15th birthday hanging around an airport.

And suspects to face court after a police drug dragnet. WOMAN 1: What's Labor been doing to improve the health system? WOMAN 2: They've delivered 172 extra hospital beds with more doctors and nurses... Is that right? Yeah. ..increased elective surgery to nearly 10,000 every year and upgraded the ambulance fleet. Wow! I did read Labor has funded a new intensive care unit and a neurosurgery suite for our hospitals. Yep, and they're also building a new women's and children's hospital for Canberra. That's great! VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: Household surfaces can be covered with harmful germs. If you're cleaning with an overused sponge, Pine O Cleen All in 1 Wipes kill 99.9% of household germs. So now cleaning plus disinfecting equals All in 1, with Pine O Cleen All in 1 Wipes. VOICEOVER: When you vote in the ACT election on Saturday, No ticks, no crosses.

WOMAN: I like how Labor are protecting our environment with all those extra nature reserves. MAN: Yeah, and are behind solar energy options and environmental rebates. They're also securing our water supply.

That's important. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: This program is captioned live. A principal has been questioned over photographer Bill Henson's visit to her school to scout for child models. Sue Knight will stay in the job as the Education Department investigates whether she broke the rules. Under investigation by the Education Department and under instruction to say little on her first day at her new school, I am acting on advice from the department. Sue Knight refusing to be drawn on claims she allowed controversial photographer Bill Henson to scout for child models while she was principal at St Kilda Park Primary School 15 months ago.

That's something the investigation will pursue and uncover and it's just inappropriate for me to comment on that at this stage.

Henson's art has drwan widespread criticism -

how he found his subjects is now also causing division. That's terrible. That's shocking. Does it bother you to know that? Of course it does.

She's an absolutely fantastic principal and the press is just beating it up. Support as well from parents at St Kilda Park. Sue Knight was a fantastic principal. That's all I want to say. Sue is a professional - she would have been following the guidelines. But the government concerned enough to investigate her actions. I would be concerned that people were coming into the school to view my children without my permission. Despite the ongoing controversy, the Department of Education won't give any indication on how long their investigation will take and Sue Knight will remain the acting principal at Coburg West Primary until it's finished. If she's found to have breached protocol, she could face sanctions ranging from a written warning to dismissal. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. Jetstar is under fire for the way it handled a major computer meltdown at airports around the country. 12 flights were cancelled and 1,500 passengers delayed up to 24 hours. Many claim they were left in the dark during their ordeal. Jetstar passengers in a holding pattern - they were expecting to take flights yesterday afternoon, but a major computer glitch put an end to their plans. They're not really saying what the problem is. They're just saying they've had some complications. That complication - a power surge in a Telstra exchange which took down the airline's computer check-in system across the country. Staff had to check people manually, forcing the cancellation of 12 flights. But angry passengers say they were given no notice and few options on other flights. They've previously called us before and cancelled our flight two weeks ago for the 7:15 one and put us on a later one, so that's twice we've been cancelled now. My partner works in Brisbane so he has to leave at 5:00 in the morning, and we've got the trouble of trying to get someone to look after the kids for us. It's just so disappointing the way they've treated us - like garbage. The airline says a long weekend in NSW and school holidays added to their difficulties. I think in any circumstance like this, that has come out of nowhere, it's difficult for everybody. The impact of the cancellations was being felt even today. So full were Jetstar's flights today it was forced to transfer inconvenienced passengers to other carriers - Qantas and Virgin Blue. Stranded passengers were put up in hotels. But for a frustrated Fran Moore and daughter Imogen, a 24-hour delay meant a missed day of work, school and birthday plans. She's criticised the airline's procedures. Whoever clawed their way to the front first

got the best service. There was no structure, there was no plan,

Appalling. While technicians have repaired the fault, the airline says it's reviewing the incident. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Dozens of people are facing drugs charges after a police blitz on the Parklife music festival at Moore Park on the weekend. Officers flooded the event, using drug dogs to home in on revellers who'd gone to lengths to hide their drugs. Three men were arrested and charged while 22 others were give court attendance notices. 47 people were kicked out of the festival and several unclaimed drug stashes were found.

Doesn't another dismal effort by a

storm over Sydney. It didn't turn

up just like yesterday. Welcome to

all magic Manly Monday. I have

Beever fever. Peter Menzies Monday. Beever fever. Peter Menzies Monday.

Look at that. Don't you love the

Monday away from the Office. It did

the right thing with the October

average. Out west was to above

average. Possibly a storm overnight

and a shower and there will Clear

in the morning and then it will be

up to 19 degrees tomorrow. Next, a vital new clue

to the disappearance of Aussie backpacker Britt Lapthorne. And the Governor-General brings rain to the parched Murray-Darling. Does your toothpaste protect you against bacteria that causes plaque and cavities? Harmful bacteria starts returning the minute you stop brushing. That's why you need Colgate Total.

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Let's check the traffic now. I'm

supposing it's the usual nightmare

at the end of a long weekend. The

freak into Sydney is seen Peter

lives. This is where it is slowing

down a severe wind gusts and

bumper-to-bumper traffic. The

traffic is moving again but there's

a heavy traffic coming from not

North and we have reports it is

stopped on the Central Coast.

Double demerit until midnight tonight.

A possible new lead is being followed in the hunt for a missing Australian backpacker. An anonymous tip-off suggests a woman tried to post an Australian passport on the day Britt Lapthorne disappeared. Dale Lapthorne flew to Dubrovnik looking for answers into his daughter's disappearance, an anonymous caller revealing information about a passport and the hostel Britt Lapthorne had been staying at.

A woman identified as the hostel owner's mother trying to post an Australian passport. The son of the hostel's owners has already been questioned by Croatian police. He's created a stir, reportedly suggesting Britt was promiscuous, a claim denied by the Melbourne woman's family. The 21-year-old was last seen leaving a nightclub almost three weeks ago. he think it's suspicious all her friends have left. Those people must know something. The young backpacker's boyfriend is also in Dubrovnik helping in the search. We were talking about marriage and that sort of thing. Back in Australia, Britt's mother is manning the phones, her daughter's postcards deeply treasured. "Having an absolute ball. "I just can't believe time is going so quickly." Elke Lapthorne feels abandoned by Canberra. It's ripping out my soul, you know? A frantic mum conceding the best-case scenario is her daughter's been abducted. If that is the case, I don't know how our lives will continue. Please, just let our daughter go, please.

Allan Raskall, Ten News. The stock market fell to its lowest close since 2005 today.

New Governor-General Quentin Bryce is being hailed as a drought breaker after her tour of the Murray-Darling was curtailed by torrential rain. Ms Bryce was forced to cancel a visit to drought-stricken farms when roads were made impassable by three inches of rain. Instead, she toured buildings damaged by the storm which swept through Bourke, in the far west of New South Wales, just hours after she arrived. The rains have saved the region's wheat crop and locals are now hailing the Governor-General as a lucky charm. The race for the White House is turning nasty, with vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin accused of a low-blow attack on Barack Obama. But the Obama camp has quickly hit back. On the campaign trail, Barack Obama was forced to address

what he calls a new tactic of McCain smears

meant to distract voters from the real issues. His campaign has announced that they plan to, and I quote,

"Turn the page on the discussion about our economy" and spend the final weeks of this campaign launching swift boat-style attacks on me. The Democrats say Sarah Palin's claim that Obama supports terrorism is a gross distortion. It centres on Obama's links to '60s radical Bill Ayers, a founder of the violent Weather Underground. Our opponent is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country. The 'New York Times' reports Ayers, now a professor, was an early Obama supporter.

Obama is blaming John McCain. That's what you do when you're out of touch,

out of ideas and running out of time. While McCain prepares for the final presidential debate, Palin's debating performance is being picked up by comedians. We don't know if this climate change whosie-whatsit is man-made or if it's just a natural part of the end of days. And entering the campaign, the 'Boss', Bruce Springsteen, supporting Obama in Ohio. John Hill, Ten News. Climate change puts supplies of seafood at risk -

the worst-affected species after the break. Also, fears problem gamblers are being lured into debt and despair. And Angelina Jolie shows off her stunning figure after giving birth to twins. Nothing for breakfast but loose change? Head to Hungry Jack's for a delicious Cheesy Omelette Wrap, with fresh eggs and golden melting cheese - just $2.25. Just $2.25? That's real breakfast value. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. This program is captioned live. Tonight's top stories - police investigate possible gang links to the murder of a man at Tempe, in the inner west. Residents heard gunshots and saw the victim walking covered in blood before his body was found in the middle of a street. A doctor has been accused of sadistically abusing female patients at Lismore Hospital. Roman Hasil has been found living in a homeless centre in Surry Hills. He faces 10 official complaints relating to medical negligence and sexual assault. And the Manly Sea Eagles party hard following their stunning win over the Melbourne Storm. A parade is being planned through their local streets to celebrate the achievement. Bookies are smiling after seeing massive increases in betting on both the NRL and AFL grand finals.

But there are fears some punters are incurring serious losses when they can least afford to. The NRL premiership was not the only prize on offer this weekend - bookies smacking their hands with glee at record turnovers. $7 million exchanged hands as punters tried to predict the outcome. 40-0 - couldn't find anyone in the land who nailed that one. Picking the winning team proved a little easier, most backing Manly even if they were from Melbourne. There were some massive wagers on Manly. Punters thought Manly got out at $1.70 to $1.85, and that was the time to strike and play it in the end and they cashed up big time. Just spare change compared to the AFL Grand Final - it attracted $10 million, up 18% on last year. Quite often surprised by the volumes and size of the bets -

we get bets $50,000, $100,000, even $200,000 - even $250,000 going head to head. The surge in interest in gambling has caught many by surprise, coming in the midst of financial turmoil. Betting agencies say that's partly due to the strength of the finalists, but it also shows a growing preference for betting to make a buck, something even the newspapers are capitalising on. Betting on interest rates is proving to be the popular new category for bookies, with more than $100,000 riding on tomorrow's announcement by the Reserve Bank. They're paying $3.50 for a 0.25% drop or $1.22 for 0.5%, and $13 if interest rates remain unchanged. That's got crisis groups worried. People have this false hope

that that last $50 - even though they know that's all there is until next pay day - will double itself, and it very rarely does. Amber Muir, Ten News. Prawns and fish might become luxury items because of climate change. A comprehensive new study shows how changing water temperatures will take a toll on seafood stocks. Back when Paul Hogan was promoting Australia, climate change wasn't an everyday topic. I'll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie. But, like the ads, Australian seafood stocks could disappear in coming decades, according to a new CSIRO study on global warming. What the report shows us is that climate change has the potential to impact on Australian fishing industries and on our aquaculture industries. Changes in temperature, ocean currents and more extreme weather events, the report warns, are likely to affect fish supplies nationwide. Warming southern seas by 2 degrees will hit rock lobster and Tasmanian salmon supplies. In northern Australia, changing rainfall patterns will impact prawn and barramundi stocks. The fishery industry is worth $2 billion to the Australian economy each year and, as it suffers, so too do the seaside communities which rely on it. The concern for consumers - less stock means higher seafood prices.

We've got tigers going out the door at $24.99 - large tiger prawns.

While the fish report deals with future climate impacts, Europe is feeling the change now. Its largest glacier, in Iceland, is melting at a rate of 1m a year. The glacier ice will melt, the water that runs off will go to the sea, the sea level will rise, and will rise to about 7m. Which scientists believe will have a catastrophic impact on low-lying areas. Emily Rice, Ten News.

Dawn was frightened under away but

it was windy out there. The

weatherman at a turning his own head into will wind sock. We

getting buffeted by westerly winds

of 40 km/h. Another front could

come through tonight with storms

and showers but tomorrow it 19-21

degrees. Some rain through today as

the storms sell came from Western suburbs are particularly Campbeltown. Angelina Jolie has made a stylish return to the red carpet just three months after the birth of her twins. of the actress, Photographers couldn't get enough who was eager to get back to work. It was nothing short of pandemonium at the New York Film Festival as Brad and Angelina made their first red-carpet appearance since the birth of Vivienne and Knox in July. And in true Hollywood style, the new mummy was yummy - baby weight all gone.

You know, genetics. Certain people are different in their shape. But I'm breastfeeding and I think that's how your body naturally responds to the way it used to be. But she did have some new ink - two new tattoos showing the map coordinates where the twins were born - something she's done for each of her children. The babies are good, getting big and healthy and developing their personalities. The red carpet walk was for her new movie, 'Changeling', based on the true story was kidnapped in Los Angeles in 1928. of a young mother whose son Why are you doing this, Mrs Collins? You have stopped looking for my son! Why should we be looking for someone we've already found? As a mom it just made me hold on to my kids that much tighter at the end of every night and love them and be so grateful that I know where they are and that they're healthy. Some critics are suggesting Angelina will score another Oscar nomination for the film, but director Clint Eastwood has even higher accolades in mind for his leading lady. If I run for office, she'll be my VP. 'Changeling' opens here in January. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport now with Brad, and the new NRL premiers demand greater representation in the Australian team. Deb, the World Cup squad is announced tomorrow, and Manly prop Brent Kite says several Sea Eagles should be rewarded with selection. The Churchill Medallist was the only Manly player to feature in the Anzac Test against the Kiwis. And chaos in Kansas City, as the NASCARs explode into action. WOMAN: Canberra has really been growing under Labor. MAN: And there are new buses and more services. And with 122 extra police on the beat, our neighbourhoods are safer too.

Yeah. And they've also reduced stamp duty for first home buyers. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: And at Fernwood, I get the benefit of really knowledgeable staff... What's better - 'Bold' or 'Days'? 'Bold'. With no ridiculous fads, like some whole lemon detox thingummywhoop. And I know I'm getting some humdinger results. Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum! (GIRL SQUEALS) (BARKS) I'm gonna getcha! I smell... Poo! Huggies Baby Wipes, with their unique texture and unbeatable thickness, gently get more off with each wipe to get you back in the game faster. Fee! Fi! Fo! F... (GIGGLES) (SIGHS) (WHIMPERS) (GIGGLES) VOICEOVER: The Liberals - Brendan Smyth dumped as leader. Bill Stefaniak, dumped as leader. Richard Mulcahy, defected, saying, it doesn't matter who leads the Liberals - they're unfit to govern. They don't trust each other. Why should you? This program is captioned live. Celebrations are continuing on the Northern Beaches after Manly ended a 12-year premiership drought by thrashing Melbourne in the Grand Final. After largely being snubbed by rep selectors this year, they now want recognition. These are the guys who rewrote the record books. After turning heads last night, they were just as mesmerising today. Now grand final glory should translate into Test jerseys. That's what usually happens and we've had guys on the fringe of the Australian team so it would be great to see a handful of Manly guys in there. I think there'll be a few more this year. They've obviously proved a point and hopefully there's a lot in there.

Kite was the only Eagle to make the Test side last May. The Kangaroos World Cup squad is named tomorrow and few could argue Manly's claims - 40-point winners in a grand final. COMMENTATOR: He puts on a moment of magic and it goes to Bell! Brilliant attack and brick-wall defence buried Melbourne's back-to-back dream in the most emphatic manner. Hasn't really sunk in yet, but I've got a ring on my finger. Yeah! I'm a pretty happy man. Although we've been chanting "40-0" all night it still hasn't helped it to sink in. It was only 8-0 at half-time, but after the second of three tries to Michael Robertson the Eagles were on their way. Robertson! Robertson has scored!

The second stanza reaped six tries, and none more popular than this. Steve Menzies has scored! A fitting farewell for Menzies, and he was just as popular today too. MAN: Go, Beaver! Only one Beaver! But he might play for Manly one more time, in next year's World Club Challenge against Leeds. I'll be under contract with Bradford so I'll have a chat to the coach and them over there and see if it fits in and see how I'm feeling. Melbourne weren't feeling too flash - it's the heaviest grand final defeat in history, just the way Manly likes it. I think there'll be a little bit of partying to go yet. I'd say we'll be sticking together

and having a few beers for the next couple of days. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Troy Bayliss will retire as the world Superbike world champion. The 39-year-old last night captured his third world crown in France, wrapping up a memorable 24 hours for 2-wheeled Australians. It was a Sunday to savour for Aussies on bikes, from the Island with Casey Stoner all the way to France, where again the flag was flying high. In his farewell season in the sport, Troy Bayliss didn't win, but he didn't have to. A third placing was good enough to secure his third world crown. COMMENTATOR: Haga takes the victory, but here at Magny-Cours in France, this man is crowned world champion! With the championship wrapped up,

Bayliss then blitzed the field in race two, the victory his 50th in the sport. Victory is his. What a way to finish his career in France.

Countryman Andrew Pitt claimed the win in the Supersport class his second world championship. To four wheels, in horrific conditions last night. Debuting brand-new, identical Ferrari machines, most were trashed. Lebanon has hit China on the main straight and it's taken both cars out. France took the win. Australia's John Martin finished fourth. But no-one does stacks like the Yanks. On the high-speed Talladega Superspeedway,

it was demolition derby NASCAR-style. This wreck claimed nine cars. The big one took out 12. Tim Hodges, Ten News. The Newcastle Jets have blown a golden opportunity to win just their second match of the A-League season. A 90th-minute penalty to Wellington saw the match finish in a 2-2 draw. Shane Smeltz gave the Phoenix the lead from the penalty spot before Tarek Elrich spectacularly equalised for the home side. COMMENTATOR: He goes for goal! Newcastle then went ahead through Kaz Patafta and were on course for victory before Matt Thompson brought down Leilei Gao, allowing Smeltz to secure a point with his second penalty of the game. Newly promoted Hull City has moved into third spot on the Premier League ladder, with a 1-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur. It gives bottom-placed Spurs their worst start to a season in 96 years.

It came after just nine minutes and, like the strike, rocketed Hull into third spot. COMMENTATOR: Here's Giovanni. What a goal! What a fantastic goal from Giovanni! He did it at the Emirates last weekend - he's done it again! The 1-0 loss sending White Hart Lane into cardiac arrest - Spurs now rock-bottom, since 1912. their worst start to a season A growing injury list didn't stand in the way of Chelsea, a highly fancied Aston Villa their latest triumph. Joe Cole opening the home side's account before Friedel's fumbling allowed Nicolas Anelka to seal the 2-0 win and maintain the Blues' spot on top.

Newcastle's miserable start to the season looked set to continue, going two goals down to Everton within 30 minutes. But the Magpies salvaged a much-needed point, thanks to goals either side of the break. There are numbers in the middle for Newcastle! In Manchester, Fernando Torres starred in Liverpool's remarkable come-from-behind win over City. The Spaniard took it upon himself to ignite the fightback - his fifth goal of the league campaign squaring the match

before Dirk Kuyt stole the show deep into extra time - his net-bursting stab assuring Liverpool remains level with Chelsea. Jeremy Arnold, Ten News. Australian golfer Robert Allenby has just fallen short of claiming his first PGA tour event in seven years. Competing at the PGA championship event in New York, Allenby held a 2-shot lead going into the back nine. But tour rookie Dustin Johnson put the pressure on, with Allenby needing this putt to force a play-off. Took the putter home last night and slept with it, handcuffed it to the bed and handcuffed me to the other side of it, but just fell shy. It's Johnson's first win on the PGA tour. Ahead in Sports Tonight, Ryan O'Keefe moves a step closer to leaving the Swans, and we'll cross back out to Manly.

They're making the most of it.

Let's check the traffic chopper.

It's no surprise the traffic is

miserable. But with getting out of

the Southern Highlands. It bumper-

to-bumper. The run from more bank

looks quiet. Once they're out of the Southern Highlands and to the Southern Highlands and to Campbeltown then it's a brilliant

run all way Una. But now from the

Central Coast on the referee is. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's forecast is next. Nestled high among the alps lies Molenberg... (BICYCLE BELL RINGS) ..a place steeped in tradition. (GIRLS CLAP) (BOTH GREET IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) While the locals take it in their stride... (SIGHS) ..many visitors are not so lucky. You see, the Molenbergians bake their famous bread with just the right amount of grain to give them the energy they need to enjoy their day. (CALLS) Camera!

He time for the weather details.

There is a lot to be said for a

stiff south-westerly because your

hair is looking the best it has in

majors. William windsock reporting

from ahead lie and new. Go to Manly

magic Monday. I'm not Beever fever

but done in and came to work on a

long weekend. The head land will

wake up tomorrow a bit closer to

New Zealand. The westerly it is a 45 45 kilometres are now.

Thunderstorms moved through the

West this afternoon. There was not

a lot of rain and some broom crash

opera for. They could be more

coming this way but they would have

to be strong to beat the to be strong to beat the westerly.

Most of it will end out over the

pond to my left. At your place

tomorrow and 19-21 degrees. Will

get rid of showers and overcast

conditions for a fine and blue and sunny

It ban extends from the NT across

into NSW generating showers and

storms. It is easing. A cold front is

is causing widespread showers and

thunderstorms. Alpine snow over

Tasmania and southern Victoria. A

showers storms across the North.

Storms clearing off the showers storms across the North. Storms clearing off the south-east coast

coast line. Awash old are old days

today with winds and showers and

thunderstorms. And there was some

of snow on the star in outcomes.

Daylight: weekend with a Premiership Cup in your cupboard.

Some very sad faces in Melbourne.

Manly a magic Monday. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Our top nine sang for you and they each need your votes to stay in the competition. In case you missed them here are those performances again and the numbers you need to vote. (SINGS) # Mamma mia, here I go again # My my, how can I resist you? # (SINGS) # Gimme, gimme, gimme a man after midnight # Won't somebody help? # (SINGS) # The winner takes it all # # The loser has to fall... # (SINGS) # Money, money, money # # Always sunny in a rich man's world... # (SINGS) # For you and me # For liberty, Fernando... # (SINGS) # Waterloo, couldn't escape if I wanted to... # (SINGS) # Dancing queen # Feel the beat from the tambourine... #