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(generated from captions) welcome to Ten's Late News. Good Evening, I'm Deborah Knight, a financial panic. America could slip into Tonight, dire warning - the President's plea for cash. America on the brink, Our entire economy is in danger. The horse flu scare in a panic. that had the racing industry Also, killer typhoon - a 100,000 people to evacuate. devastating winds force Plus - human airbags. BANG! for an ageing society. The ultimate protection in Sports Tonight - Hi, I'm Brad McEwan, for Geelong's David Wojinski - heartbreak Final to make way for Paul Chapman. He's been dropped for the AFL Grand

to come and play in a grand final, going to live that dream and we've got 22 blokes who are on the weekend. name an unchanged team, The in-form Hawks to wish their team good luck. as thousands turn out anyway We have a pretty quiet build up because we know we want to get out there on the weekend

and do the job out there. regards to the Cameron Smith issue night. immediately after the match tomorrow refuse to concede The Melbourne Storm Cameron Smith's NRL season is over. who defeated Kelly Slater. And the young Aussies surfer

there are extraordinary claims But first. are losing their homes each day, that 10,000 Americans because of the US mortgage crisis the world financial meltdown. that's sparked In a few hours, US political leaders will thrash out in history, the biggest economic bail out from the White House. following a dire warning of a serious financial crisis. We are in the midst to save the economy more personal. President Bush was making his pitch

This afternoon he will host and both presidential candidates congressional leaders at the White House plan stuck in Congress. for a summit to work on the bail-out is in danger. warning the entire economy top economic experts warn The government's by Congress, that without immediate action a financial panic America could slip into and ultimately, a long and painful recession. our country could experience Before the White House summit, will meet early this morning Democrats and Republicans to draft a bipartisan bill. They say they are confident they will be able to hammer out the specifics that have so far stalled progress. lost their homes. 10,000 people again today 10,000 will lose them tomorrow. If we are drafting a plan here for American homeowners that does not provide relief then this is a plan will get the support it needs. that I don't think and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Fed chief Ben Bernanke have had a rough time in Congress from both parties

a massive $700 billion bail-out plan who question whether and struggling homeowners. is really a fair deal for taxpayers However much we may like Secretary Paulson or you, Mr Chairman, $700 billion in your hands no sane person would put on trust alone. would phase in the bail-out, One Democratic version of the bill would not be released all at once. meaning the money that will not be enough But administration officials argue to get the job done. In finance news, the market seems to be treading water to the US Bailout plan. as it waits for an outcome

joins us from Commsec. Tom Piotrowski Tom, there's a lot hinging on this rescue package...

and it's actually been referred to There is, Deb, or, interestingly, TARP for short. as the troubled asset relief plan, overnight Following President Bush's speech that this might be approved there was an improved sense sooner rather than later and it was that sense to its best levels of the day, that helped push the market it was only up by one point. even though At the end of the session we gained yesterday we surrendered the ground and that was mainly because of

with the miners and the financials. the weakness we saw that missed out on the selling. There were two financials Suncorp Metway was up by 4.5% by almost 40%. and Babcock & Brown was up speculation that pushed them higher. In each case it was takeover Several hours ago, was going to get off to a handy start it looked like Wall Street biggest companies, General Electric, we have had one of the world's issue a profit downgrade off things. and that has taken the gloss

Tom Piotrowski at CommSec. Thanks, Tom. So at the closing bell, for the Government tonight, A multi-billion dollar windfall securing a rare win in the Senate. for Labor, It's capped off a difficult week the PM's trip to the Big Apple. still defending Their air tickets booked, raced for their commonwealth cars. federal politicians who likes to fly. As opposed to Kevin 747 was the name of the game. It was a week where name calling The leader of the Opposition of Australian politics. is the Gordon Gecko The inference was clear. is good. Greed, for lack of a better word, The real Gordon Gecko to our foreign minister in New York. just happened to be sitting next a character I played 20 years ago. My name is not Gordon - it's Malcolm Turnbull the Prime Minister's New York trip. tried to focus attention on That the Rudd Government

out of its depth and out of town. be condemned for being out of touch, Labor had its own one-liner. for economic policy - The Liberals have a 3-point plan and wrecking the surplus. spreading fear, spending money The surplus looked healthier the condensate excise exemption, after the senate ended which will add more than $2 billion in revenue. for the integrity of the budget. That's a a very important result imposes one tax And while the Government on low to middle income earners it's trying to lift another by the Medicare levy surcharge. slugged a new bill Labor has had to introduce was voted down. after the previous one the Opposition The Government's urging to make good its offer of bipartisanship. It's like someone calling for peace and turning around and throwing a grenade Mr Speaker. Murray McCloskey Ten News. Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has admitted to smoking marijuana. He was asked the question tonight on national television. most people - many people - have. And yes, I have smoked pot, It was a mistake to do so. It was a mistake to do so. Mr Turnbull says it's a serious issue, from using drugs. and he strongly discourages people Fears of another devastating horse flu outbreak at the start of the Spring Racing Carnival have been averted.

An overseas horse at Sydney's Eastern Creek Quarantine Station last night came back positive for equine influenza, but fresh tests tonight cleared it and 74 other horses at the facility. An epidemic last year crippled Australian racing, shutting down major carnivals and costing the industry over $1 billion. A former kickboxing champion has been arrested, accused of plotting to put millions of dollars of the drug "ice" on the streets. He's one of two men police believe tried to import more than 200 kilograms of chemicals, as part of a global drug syndicate. In the ring they called him the 'Aussie Sniper'. The Sydney boxer was a force to be reckoned with. ANNOUNCER: Adam Watt is, yes he is, the new Commonwealth cruiserweight champion! Trained at one time by legendary fighter Jeff Fenech, 40-year-old Adam Watt is now facing serious drug charges. He's accused of planning to import 210 kilograms of ephedrine,

the chemical used to make the deadly drug ice.

According to Federal Police, the drugs would have been sold by criminals

on Sydney's northern beaches for more than $50 million. Watt was arrested by the AFP in Manly this morning

after an international investigation spanning more than two years. At a nearby home they picked up his alleged partner in crime,

43-year-old Radoslov Spadina. It's alleged the pair attended meetings around the world,

planning to import the drug from the Congo, the operation run by a crime syndicate in the Netherlands.

Their lawyers foreshadowed bail applications next week during a short appearance in court today.

According to court documents, the syndicate imported three test or decoy packages containing tins of coconut milk, but the real shipment never went ahead because of civil unrest in the Congo. The pair face up to 25 years jail if convicted.

Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A ferocious typhoon is hammering southern China. The winds are so powerful, they're blowing people off the streets, some unable to stay on their feet,

others struggling to balance on their bikes. Authorities evacuated more than 100,000 people from the densely populated area before the storm struck. Three people have lost their lives, two are missing. turning the stink of rubbish into electricity.. And, protecting your fall-back position - people airbags. has been sold at a Melbourne auction, for $17,500. The amateur images were shot in 1959 in San Diego, on location of the classic comedy 'Some like it Hot'. and her co-star Tony Curtis The 8mm film captures the actress horsing around between takes. invited on set by Monroe. It was shot by a young naval officer almost 50 years later his daughter found the footage among family heirlooms in a basement. Auctioneers had been expecting the film to sell for twice as much, but it will remain in Australia. More angry scenes from residents of a Melbourne housing estate stricken by methane gas. It's leaking from a neighbouring former landfill, and locals are demanding answers. Yet another fiery meeting among the residents

They are desperate for answers as

to who allowed their estate to be

built next to a landfill. The

information session started calmly

but soon became rowdy as frustrated

residents vented their anger at residents vented their anger at

their local council and the State

government. I also wonder why the

mayor should not resign from her mayor should not resign from her

position. There are still no

answers as to who is responsible, answers as to who is responsible,

when the dangerous gas will subside

and who will compensate residents for their plummeting property

values. However, you have an

immediate problem. You have been

advised to leave, you have seen

land values, property values

stripped away from you. And you do

not have a solution at hand. A

inquiry by the State ombudsman has

failed to satisfy residence, failed to satisfy residence, the

cancer - the council now demanding

an independent inquiry just who is

responsible for this mess and he is going to clean it up. It's a place more commonly associated with nuclear power, but now it's leading a rubbish to energy revolution. Landfill at one site in Sydney is being transformed into enough electricity, to power 16,000 homes. It may not smell like it, but this pile of garbage is a green energy source. 500,000 tonnes of rubbish pours into landfill at the Lucas Heights Waste Centre each year, giving off potent methane gas as it breaks down. But instead of polluting, the gas is generating power. We're not just stopping the methane going into the atmosphere - it's not dead and buried - we're actually using it to create renewable energy.

Methane gas is sucked into wells drilled 30 metres down the landfill. It's then shipped through 5km of piping

to the Lucas Heights power station. Here the gas is filtered and fed into power generators, where it's converted to electricity... ..and fed back into the grid. The power in the local suburbs would be supplied from this power station and not those that are hundreds of kilometres away. The technology helps reduce the amount of dangerous methane stored underground. This month dozens of families fled their outer Melbourne homes

after explosive methane gas levels were detected from a nearby dump.

Lucas Heights isn't alone in this technology. waste-to-energy projects Two national companies have installed in landfills across Australia. And in the UK, almost 1 million homes run on renewable rubbish, proving one man's garbage is another man's gas. Emily Rice, Ten News. Authorities in the UK are pushing for a ban on ADHD medication for children under the age of five. Latest figures show almost 10% of Britain's child ADHD cases are treated with drugs like Ritalin. Officials have issued new guidelines, after seeing the number of children on medication for years at a time. Parent training alongside is really an important thing to provide and only if there isn't an improvement should there be a suggestion a drug treatment is required. Medical authorities say ritalin should be restricted to the most extreme cases, and should never be given to children under 5. Sir Paul McCartney has paid a visit to Bethlehem ahead of his first ever concert in Israel. The event has drawn criticism from some Palestinians, while others were keen to catch a glimpse of the star. For a moment, Sir Paul McCartney was just another tourist at the Church of the Nativity, the place where Christ was born. Then, on what was supposed to be a hush-hush visit to the Palestinian territories, Sir Paul's decision to play a single concert tomorrow night in the Israeli heartland city of Tel Aviv has come under fire from Palestinian activists. One told me that the singer is making himself an accomplice in Israel's occupation of the West Bank.

If he chooses to stand against the oppressed

and with the oppressor, that's a moral choice that he's making, but we condemn that. There are some Palestinians, though, Sir Paul, who have criticised your visit. You must be aware that some actually asked you not to come. Yes, that's right. but I don't listen to them. I get criticised everywhere I go, I think it's best to come and find out for yourself. It's 40 years since John Lennon infamously declared that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Today in Bethlehem, there was no such arrogance from this ex-Beatle, only a professed desire to hear the views of all sides and a determination to play his music his way. Julian Manyon, Ten News. When it comes to pensioners the older they are, the harder they fall. So a Japanese company has come up with a human airbag to cushion the blow of unexpected tumbles. In one tenth of a second,

15 litres of compressed gas inflates bags on the neck and hips to ensure a soft landing, Putting an end to an age old problem. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan, and the teams for the AFL Grand final have been announced.. Yes Deb, and its heartbreaking news for Geelong's David Wojinski, dropped to make way for Paul Chapman. Up next - the Hawks and Cat prepare for the Grand Final decider. The Warriors arrive for their battle with the Sea Eagles.

And when combining sport and religion is thirsty work. New Fructis instant melt-in mask melts into the hair in one second flat. It helps to nourish your hair and repair damage to make hair shine. New Fructis Instant Melt-In Masks. Good Evening and Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. for Saturday's AFL grand final, The teams are in and it's heartbreak for Cat David Wojinski - he's been dropped to make way for Paul Chapman. Ian Cohen is in Melbourne - Ian, 23 into 22 just doesn't go. Yes Brad, history's full of those that have missed out on the last Saturday in September,

and David Wojinski's name has been added to that list - he was recalled for the preliminary final, has played 14 games this season, and was a member of last year's premiership team. But, as it stands, he's out of Geelong's side for Saturday. We find out last training session every week, so it will be the same thing, we'll have team meeting at the MCG, so we'll find out then. Now here is the line up for Geelong, and that backline with plenty of All Australian honours amongst them. The Cats will have four first-time grand finalists - Harry Taylor, Tom Lonergan, Mark Blake and Travis Varcoe. Blake was the hard-luck story of last year's premiership - controversially dropped for the grand final in place of Steven King. He is gone, while Wojinski, the retired Nathan Ablett and Shannon Byrnes - who is an emergency - are the only changes from last year's premiership team. The crowd was out with 5,000 people hoping for a back-to-back weekend. Tom Hawkins made a last-ditch bid to play - winning over the crowd. But the Cats have refused to turn to history to motivate the team for Saturday. They say the club's past epic grand final battles are irrelevant.

I'm not that good at maths but '89 is a long long time ago, I dont think there's any real similarities.

And this is the Hawthorn line-up, ready for its first grand final appearance since 1991. A superstar forward line with the centurion Buddy Franklin on the biggest stage, some question marks over the fitness of a few. The Hawks have resisted the temptation to change its winning ruck combination, at the expense of Simon Taylor. sticking with Brent Renouf,

It is a harsh and hostile

environment and it is going to hurt

some guys but as coaches we have to make that decision. There's a lot of love in the air for Shane Crawford who just missed the club's glory years - he's waited 17 years for this chance.

I cannot wait for the game to start.

It is an amazing turn out. Luke Hodge trained strongly - untroubled by the rib injury he's carried since last week.

There is no way you will kick look

out of this game. He will train

today and put his best foot forward

for the weekend. So Brad, that is the teams as they stand at the moment, and of course the clubs have the big parade as well, and we'll have it all for you tomorrow night on Sports Tonight. Well, a slip of the tongue by a Melbourne official may suggest there is. Victoria Murphy joins us now - Victoria, it sounds like the Storm have something up their sleeves? Brad, according to the NRL judiciary, Smith's season is over. He's to serve a 2-match suspension for a grapple tackle on Sam Thaiday last weekend. But the Storm touched down in Sydney today, and intentional or not, they hinted at a possible appeal. With due respect, we are going to make a decision, sorry a statement, with regards to the Cameron Smith situation immediately after the match tomorrow. Coach Craig Bellamy steered well clear of the cameras today but he did have plenty to say in his newspaper column. He took a swipe at Cronulla for using the same grapple tackle techniques that Smith was rubbed out for. He was also angry at Sharks coach Ricky Stuart who called for Smith to be suspended earlier in the week. I think the problem we've got we always have been, right throughout our careers as footy players and coaches - so I don't think a grapple tackle's going to stand in the way of our friendship. Matt Geyer likely to play at Hooker with Cooper Cronk to captain the Storm. Smith's suspension a talking point at the Men of League's golf day today, though sympathy was hard to find. It was just cause, mate, he brought it on himself so you gotta cop the slack, I suppose. I probably thought he deserved it. It's something we want to eradicate out of the game. The law is you can't grab above the head, you can't grab the head, and that's what he's done so it's unfortunate for him but they're the rules. Now for the latest on the weekend's other preliminary final between New Zealand and Manly, we'll cross to Adam Thompson. Thanks, Tori. The Warriors have touched down in Sydney in preparation for the match against the Sea Eagles.

And there was no shortage of support for Ivan Cleary's men. Go Warriors! Hell, yeah! Go Ruben! Wiki definitely a fan's favourite and a man the Sea Eagles will be out to avoid. I don't think I like seeing the sight of Rubes running like that he had a good one against Sia on the weekend,

I think Sia knows how it feels. Another player Manly won't be targeting is in-form winger Manu Vatuvei. giant Kiwi's a liability in defence The Sea Eagles brushing claims the and have no intentions of sending unnecessary possession his way. That's probably the smartest thing I've heard all year, actually. A lot of teams try to target him but he's one of our strike weapons and he has the whole time I've been playing with him. Manly's own cult winger John Williams will be marking Manu, but he has his own secret weapon - facial hair. He sports a beard much like many of his opposition and is hoping it works in his favour. I don't think I can get called offside this weekend. I'll just join their backline and fit right in. The superstitious Wolfman saving his howling, though, for Saturday. It's against firm beliefs, not during the day, mate. Wolves only come out at night. Animal's aside. Manly have plenty of reasons to be confident this weekend. Since 2004, they've won six from their last eight against the Warriors, including a 52-6 drubbing at Brookvale Oval in Round 3. Brad. Thanks Adam. Away from the finals some positive rugby league news today with the Prime Minister's 13 paying a flying visit to Cairns en route to Papua New Guinea. Mal Meninga's men had their first training run together ahead of Sunday's clash with the Kumuls. The locals didn't miss the opportunity to get up close to their heroes. I think that's what it's all about, getting back to the grass roots and it's an opportunity for the kids to come meet us.

But this is nothing compared to what they can expect in Port Moresby. They're fanatical, it's like superstar status, it's like, you know, a great singer or movie star coming to town. The team heads to PNG tomorrow. Adelaide United is negotiating with Football Federation Australia to change A-League fixtures after reaching the semifinals of the Asian Champions League. The Reds face a midweek trip to Uzbekistan to face Bunyodkor FC in the last four. A week ago, Robbie Cornthwaite returned home devastated after scoring an own goal in the first leg against Kashima. Last night, he redeemed himself in the best possible way. COMMENTATOR: Robbie Cornthwaite! Unfinished business! He's done it! I had a bit of time to actually think about it and I thought, "I better not miss this or Viddie is going to kill me",

so luckily enough the keeper made a bit of an error and it went in the back of the net. It shows a lot of courage that he was committed to go forward. United survived another 20 nerve-racking minutes, thanks to a string of outstanding saves from Eugene Galekovic. When our backs are against the wall, we thrive on that situation. And certainly no-one thought to the stage we're in now, so there's a firm belief among the players that they can achieve things.

The only downside - defender Sasa Ognenovski's yellow card, of the first leg of the semifinal at Hindmarsh Stadium on Wednesday week. To help ease the load of travelling to Uzbekistan two weeks later, the Football Federation is considering altering United's A-League draw. The Red's upcoming clash against Queensland Roar could be moved to Adelaide or pushed back to mid-November. Big look at postponing those games, or some games, if we can. I think, ideally, in the real world, you need bigger squads. Vidmar already touching base with Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek, about the best way to tackle Bunyodkor FC. They've obviously got Rivaldo, who's a renowned goal scorer, and also a Chilean striker, Villaneuva, who scored a hat-trick last night in their 5-1 win at home, so they'll be pretty handy. are expected to be rested Several top players when the Reds host Newcastle on Saturday night. Nicki Barnet for Sports Tonight. with only a modest record An Aussie surfer has stalled Kelly Slater's hopes of a ninth world title. Adrian Buchan enjoying the best day of his career in France as he secured his first tour win. In three years on the tour,

Adrian Buchan had never been past the quarterfinals. Today he dethroned the king. I can't believe it, It was a privilege to surf against Kelly. He's making history in sport, not just surfing. It spoilt what would have been a pretty good party - the autograph queue and the sun-soaked crowd swelling as Slater chased This was Adrian who? against Kelly you-know-who. They remembered Adrian Buchan's name by day's end. Slater needed just a 7.51 on his final wave to grab victory and the world title. He didn't get it, sealing a breakthrough win for the 26-year-old they call Ace from the NSW Central Coast.

So happy, and I just want to thank everyone that has helped me out. I've got a heap of friends here this week and, yeah, just really, really stoked. It moves Buchan to ninth on the rankings. Slater will wrap up the world title if he finishes ninth or better in Spain next week. Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight. While the world learns more about Lance Armstrong's comeback to cycling, one man is wondering where it leaves him. One of the sports best riders, Alberto Contador, could suffer as a result of Armstrong's return. Alberto Contador last week won the Vuelta d'Espana, in doing so becoming only the fifth rider in history to win all three grand tours - in France, Italy and Spain. Next year, Lance Armstrong will join his team. I will race in 2009 with Astana, reuniting myself with Johan Bruyneel.

While we looked at other teams and we talked with other teams, as a friend and as a long-time partner, and as somebody that really trusts Johan on every little decision of the program, I could not ever imagine racing against him, or racing without him. And it's that link that has Contador looking for answers. TRANSLATION: We have to see the intentions, I am going to calmly talk to the team and, depending on how it goes, we will see what we do. And while Bruyneel helped guide Armstrong to seven Tour de France wins, this campaign won't be like any of the previous years. This will not look like any other Tour de France preparation. The fact that were starting looking to events in South Africa, looking to train in camps in South America. This won't resemble any of the other seven victories which is slightly scary. The rest of Armstrong's schedule is yet to be decided. My first race will be in Australia, at the Tour Down Under. The only three races that I can tell you I'm doing for sure are the Tour Down Under, the Tour de France and the l'Hebdo 100. I never did the Tour of Italy, I would love to do it. This is the 100-year anniversary you guys and the tifosi in Italy. which makes it significant for David Tunnicliffe for Sports Tonight. Imagine training at high intensity in this heat - and going the whole day without food or anything to drink. That's what two Sydney sportsmen are enduring this month. They're among around half a million Australian Muslims observing Ramadan. As the sun sets over the Harbour City dinner is being served in the Khawaja home. They're one of thousands of Muslim families in Sydney observing the Ramadan fast. It's been a long day - nothing to eat and nothing to drink from sun-up to sundown. I remember back in school it used to be really tough too when everyone used to go out at lunchtime and eat, but, I guess, over the years you just sort of develop strength against that. Usman plays cricket for NSW, and this year Ramadan has fallen during preseason training. I actually forgot for a day that he was there and we did some pretty exhaustive fielding sessions, and by the end of it he was cooked. With temperatures already hitting summer levels, it hasn't been easy. Five years ago it was smack bang in the middle of cricket season so that was pretty tough too. There's been various studies in recent years into the toll of the Ramadan fast on an athlete's body. Now, what they all agree on is a significant decline in speed, agility and endurance. But, perhaps even more crucially, it's thought a month of fasting could have a long-term impact on performance. We monitor him pretty closely and he knows within himself how hard he can push himself. It's the month of generosity too. How you managing? Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. Throughout his 13-year career in the NRL, Hazem El Masri has used Ramadan for charity work. Earlier this month he played a game for the Bulldogs...

COMMENTATOR: He'll go himself and score! ..80 minutes of rugby league with no water. It's like cheating yourself. You know yourself and your intentions,

that you're not doing the right thing, so you're only playing games with yourself, and God knows. Two men making small sacrifices in the holiest month on the Muslim calendar. Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight. Fancy a flutter on the footy? Well Glenn Munsie from TAB Sportsbet has all the up-to-date prices that matter... Glenn. Thank you, Brad. Let have an early look here at the TAB Sportsbet's odds for the Grand Final on Saturday. Geelong are the clear favourite. They had been this price since Sunday afternoon when money was first posted and currently running at 3-1 in their favour. The line market there that's a start given to Hawthorn on Saturday. In margin betting, the Cats to win this by under 39.5. Let's have a look at some of the other betting options available on the Grand Final. We won't go through them all but we'll have a look at some of them. do you think will be scored How many points in the Grand Final on Saturday? Looking down there, plenty of equal favourites but let's hope there are a lot of points in it, especially if you're a Cats fan,

and let's hope if you are a Hawthorn fan, they get more points than Geelong. The Norm Smith Medal winner, this is given to the player with the best on-ground performance on Saturday.

A customer today had $20,000 on Buddy Franklin to win that. Gary Ablett still the favourite there. In the first goalscorer market, is the favourite there. Buddy Franklin That is the first goalscorer of the match. Plenty of other goalscorer markets available. Let's have a look at Buddy Franklin. How many goals do you think he will kick on Saturday?

Let's have a look at Jarred Roughead, how many goals do you think he will score?

Steve Johnson for the Cats, we have a market on his goalscoring ability. And Cameron Mooney as well for Geelong. Check out all the betting options available at TAB Sportsbet for the AFL Grand Final on Saturday. Or why don't you go down to your local TAB? Thanks to Garnier, you and three friends could be part of one of the biggest music festivals this summer.

Purchase any Garnier product one of five trips, including VIP tickets to see Grammy Award-winning performers John Mellencamp and Sheryl Crow. Prize includes airfares, accommodation and spending money. full name and postcode to this number We're told Geelong is the greatest team of all. They're sure revved up, and dressed up, down at the cattery, obviously hoping the Cats will be cooking with gas in the Grand Final. We're also told they're a happy team at Hawthorn, and it would seem they're confident too. Hawthorn have got the ball,

Sam Mitchell passes it to Lance Franklin, Lance Franklin picks it up - he goes, he kicks, and he scores a goal! And Hawthorn have won the Premiership! (CROWD CHEERS) All up, around 15,000 footy fans turned out to watch the Hawks and Cats train today. For being passionate supporters our Play of the Day. we've decided they can all share

He was great! Who do you tip? I was thinking

thinking Geelong, just. I am going

to go the draw. If it comes of... The weather - windy with showers in Cairns. Increasing sunshine in Brisbane. Sunny in Sydney. Mostly sunny in Canberra, Adelaide and Darwin. Windy in Melbourne. Rain developing in Hobart. Brad and I have already done this stunt, though not in record time.

We've left that to American daredevil David Blaine, after 60 hours hanging upside down.

Blaine started his latest bizarre performance on Tuesday, dangling in New York's Central Park. When it was time to come down he was carefully turned upright while still in his harness. Finally up the right way, he said he thought his head was about to explode. Blaine actually spent an extra 15 minutes in the air, with the end of his stunt delayed because it coincided with the American President's address to the nation. And that is the latest from the Ten Newsroom for this Thursday. The Early News is our next bulletin tomorrow morning at 6:00. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. Goodnight. This program is captioned live.