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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. tells of her horror A Sydney teenager to her alleged stalker. after police gave her name burned into my memory, I have his face in a hurry, like it's scary. like, I'm not going to forget him

The faulty computer system breathing toxic fumes. that could leave M5 users President Bush warns of disaster is adopted. unless his financial rescue package Our entire economy is in danger. of meat to go even higher. And closer to home, the price Good evening. after being stalked by a stranger. A 15-year-girl is enduring anguish it will happen again And she has a real fear in our legal system. because of a dangerous loophole how did this come about? Simon Bouda joins us now and Simon, someone's charged, Mark this happened because when details of the charge against them. police have to provide them with all it's obviously a problem - In this case the girl he was allegedly stalking the man didn't know the name of but now he does and he's out on bail. the family is furious. Not surprisingly, We spoke to the girl today. so we're calling her 'Julie'. We won't identify her, The fifteen-year-old only found out to her alleged stalker in the media. her identity had been revealed I just turned on the radio We weren't contacted about it. that my name was given out. and heard a story in bail documents, Julie's name was included 27-year-old man which were given to the

after he was arrested and charged. without the chance that I can't like walk outside my house watching me. he's going to be standing there on Tuesday afternoon. The incidents happened she was randomly picked. Julie believes all the right things. The teenager did stalker up there She first spotted the alleged in Chandler Street at Rooty Hill.

walking down this path. She ignored him and continued she glanced over When she reached here parked in that street. and saw the same car be in some trouble and dialled 000. That's when she realised she might burned into my memory, I have his face in a hurry, like, it's scary. like I'm not going to forget him the Commissioner for a report Police Minister Tony Kelly has asked about the legal loophole. in place to protect victims The Government has strong laws

protection has fallen down. but in this instance that want the law changed. Victims of crime groups to provide information to accused This loophole arose out of a need later in the court process. in order to prevent delays not just for herself Julie's now worried - but other stalking victims. like you know, If other girls are in my position, to be followed by some guy it was a scary thing

who wanted me in his car, like, it's a scary thing. doing about this ? So Simon - what's the Government

Life it is a matter of changing

police policy it can happen quickly. police policy it can happen quickly.

If it is a matter of changing the

law it has to wait for the next

sitting of Parliament. Order the

police doing to protect the girl

right now? Earlier today the police

have paid a visit to the man who

lives at Grace stains and reminded

him of his bail conditions to not

go anywhere near her. That is

little comfort to the family who is

understandably angry. Anyone with

the teenage daughter would fill the same way, including me.

The father of an 8-year-old girl in the Blue Mountains two years ago who drowned on a school excursion this afternoon left court distraught daughter's death wrapped up. after the inquest into his She was my princess and my angel. She was my baby. he had a "lapse of judgement" A lifeguard admitted in a kiosk, when he chose to serve children rather than stay poolside. late next month. The findings are expected has revealed A secret report into the M5 tunnel faulty, its pollution detection systems are to toxic fumes. potentially exposing drivers about the report But the RTA says it knows nothing

and is mystified about who wrote it. is alleged to be a damning report This is a crucial page of what inside the M5 tunnel. on the pollution detection systems shut down for five hours in June, Compiled after the tunnel was it states: And it concludes: Serious stuff and damaging. Leaked just three days after the closure of the tunnel. yet another computer glitch forced were sent into spin. The Government and the RTA of the report and demanded a copy The hierarchy was not aware it could not be located. but after eight hours of searching It's a mystery report. Opposition only too ready to gloat. A baffled Roads Minister and an

it does exist - I have seen this document, it's an RTA document . they handed it over. And in the Parliament, I have faxed it to the RTA has been and still is and their advice to me it's not a RTA report.

who wrote the report? So the mystery continues - have been the private operators. There are now suggestions it could As for the minister - he was clear about today. well, there was one thing

is working perfectly. The gas monitoring system Damian Ryan, Nine News.

a dramatic appeal for public support US President Bush has made his massive financial rescue plan as he tries to push through the country's Congress.

stalled by political debate The $700 billion d bailout has been

recession if it's not approved. but Mr Bush has warned of a long the rescue plan, Congress is still debating good money after bad, and worried about throwing so the President went to the people. Our entire economy is in danger.

He warned of the consequences the bailout package. if Congress doesn't pass Ultimately, a long and painful recession. our country could experience we must not let this happen. Fellow citizens, Behind Congress doors, are working on a revised rescue plan. Republicans and Democrats

special government overseers, Key points include will be repaid. and guarantees that the money by tomorrow, The updated plan could be ready

emergency summit at the White House. when President Bush has called an In an unprecedented act, he's also invited the two men who want his job, Barack Obama and John McCain. The Republican Party's McCain has seen an opportunity in this crisis, and many believe he's pulled a political stunt. Tomorrow morning, I'll suspend my campaign and return to Washington. It was Barack Obama who suggested a bipartisan approach, McCain then raced off with the idea and came up with a pause in the politicking. It would include cancellation of Saturday's first campaign debate, but Obama rejects that idea, outright. It's my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person, who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess.

Close to the epicentre of all these events,

PM Rudd is getting a rather unique insight of this financial crisis, And to make things a little clearer, he's receiving high-powered guests at the Government's New York residence. One of them was Robert Thomson, the Australian editor of the 'Wall Street Journal'. Banks have to start trusting banks again. Today, Mr Rudd also consulted with climate change experts, while Foreign Minister Stephen Smith witnessed

the actor Michael Douglas, now a nuclear testing rival, being asked how his 'Wall Street' Gordon Gekko character would deal with all this. REPORTER: Greed is not good - is what happened in America?

I'm not saying that. My name is not Gordon. That was a character I played 20 years ago. Robert Penfold, Nine News, New York.

To local figures now: You may want to brace yourself for your next trip to the butcher. There's a nasty chain reaction hitting food prices. The sky-rocketing cost of grain has in turn raised the price of meat and chicken.

We've already seen some meat prices rise. It's exorbitant, it's basically doubled, hasn't it? $50 just doesn't go very far. Now the meat industry says the price will climb even more dramatically this year.

We can't deny that prices are going to go up. Chicken's already 11% dearer than last year. Red meat is set to jump by as much over the next twelve months. The main reason - grain used to feed the cattle has doubled in price

in just eighteen months. The rising costs of some cuts doesn't have to mean a meat-free dinner plate. The meat industry says it has noticed a trend towards cheaper products like mince and sausages. There's rissoles, the basic meals but, you know, they can go along to the basic steaks. Consumers groups are encouraging people to shop around

because the price of meat can vary between butchers and supermarkets. So the advice is - get used to it. It's something, unfortunately, I think, we're going to have to live with.

John Kerrison, Nine News. The racing industry is holding its breath tonight with fears of another horse flu outbreak. There are concerns about a horse at the Eastern Creek quarantine facility - the same centre found responsible for the devastating spread of the disease last year. Just two days from the Spring Carnival. At trackwork this morning, jockeys and trainers were oblivious to the impending bombshell. A horse held at Eastern Creek - an overseas horse,

has had a mixed test yesterday for equine influenza. It's one of 74 tested at the quarantine facility.

The horse returned one positive result for EI

and one negative. All the horses are now being re-tested.

The industry nervously awaiting results

which could come as early as tonight. Yeah, I'm not sure. Somewhere between sick and worried. Let's just hope it's a false alarm. It's just over a year since horse flu shattered the industry. The industry on the last outbreak lost $1 billion. It was catastrophic. It couldn't have gone any worse than what we did. Some would find it hard to recover from another outbreak.

It was devastating in both an economic and social sense. Whatever the result of further testing here at the quarantine station, there is still some comfort for the racing industry. The majority of the State's thoroughbreds are vaccinated giving some degree of protection against a major outbreak. Experts say it's unlikely the influenza could spread from Eastern Creek. But more vaccinations are ready. If there were to be an immediate outbreak, which, certainly, is not what we are foreseeing, that the stockpile is there. Chris Urquhart, Nine News. In the news ahead - growing evidence that caesareans - are not just for convenience. And for safety's sake - your very own airbag.

WOMAN 1: Gee, Labor are doing good things in education. WOMAN 2: I know. My daughter's class size has been reduced to just 21! And Labor are funding quality teaching so our kids are taught by the best. That's gotta be good for learning. Yeah, and Labor are investing in early childhood education and building new state-of-the-art schools in high-demand areas. They're also refurbishing and putting new IT equipment into every school.

Hey, that's great. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

Three weeks ago, the State Government vowed that the maternity ward at Katoomba Hospital would never shut down again but today that promise was broken. It was closed at 6 o'clock this morning

because there was no anaesthetist to cover a 36-hour shift. In July, the unit was shut for six weeks - forcing patients to drive to Nepean Hospital. It reopened on September 1 with an announcement that it was there to stay, it would never close again. The ward is scheduled to reopen tomorrow night. There've been plenty of old wives' tales as to why caesarian births are on the increase - that women don't want the strain or they fear pain. But a new study has made a myth of those claims. It's all about the baby. New mothers, and those of the older generation, seem divided over what drives a woman to choose a Caesarean over a natural delivery.

I think they're having it out of fear. My doctor knows best. This is what I'm going to do. In my case, the first baby was breech so I didn't have a choice. Too posh to push! But that's not the case - according to a new study involving 78 women:

I think there's a certain proportion of women who've grown up with stories from their mum and sisters about terrible things that have happened during birth. which makes that woman terrified about things that might go wrong. Dr Dudley says the bigger the baby, the higher the risk, when choosing a natural delivery. Medical intervention can also have its fair share of complications. She says a woman's choice either way should be respected,

so long as they are properly informed and think carefully about their decision.

Fortunately when you are pregnant, you have nine months to take things on board. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News.

The man who last night blocked a tax cut for more than 300,000 Australians was unrepentant today. The Federal Government reintroduced the bill to relax the Medicare levy surcharge today but Senator Steve Fielding says he will not change his mind.

Steve Fielding calls himself a Family First senator. That no longer impresses Greens' leader Bob Brown. Family First is families last. Hundreds of thousands of families are out of pocket. Last night, Senator Fielding joined the Coalition in the Upper House to vote down a bill that would have freed around 330,000 middle-income Australians from paying the Medicare levy surcharge.

The saving for affected taxpayers would have been between $500 and $1500 a year, depending on income.

Tax relief to working families struggling with household budgets. But Senator Fielding says the measure would reduce the number of people

taking out private health insurance and premiums would go up. Family First can't support the bill until the issue of low-income earners being hit with higher premiums is addressed. The Government, still hoping to negotiate a deal with Senator Fielding reserved its anger for the Coalition as Health Minister Nicola Roxon re-introduced the bill. Why on earth would the Liberal Party continue to support slugging people on working salaries with a tax that was meant to apply only to high-income earners. When the surcharge was introduced, it was supposed to apply to big earners without private health insurance. Eleven years later, the income levels at which it cuts in - $50,000 for individuals and $100,000 for couple -s are no longer regarded as high. But the coalition claims the Government's plan to lift the threshhold to $75,000 for singles, $150,000 for couples is not about cutting taxes. This is about an ideological attack on the private health system. Laurie Oakes for Nine News. The deadly shooting at a tech school in Finland - has prompted calls for tighter gun laws. 10 people were shot dead - as 22-year-old Matti Saari opened fire in a classroom before killing himself. I am very critical of these hand guns and during the next few months, we will make a decision about that.

Mourners have placed candles and flowers outside the school. Many are angry over the lack of action, despite police questioning Saari just days before the shooting. Illusionist David Blaine is finally back on his feet after spending the last three days hanging upside down in New York. About an hour from completing the dangerous stunt, he said he was getting used to the different view. With the support of everybody and just the way everything has been, it's actually been really easy - I feel like I can do this forever. He had one more illusion for fans after performing his so-called dive of death - he was whisked into the air and disappeared into the night sky. Now here's something that may be useful after a few drinks. has created the human airbag - A company in Japan the wearer is about to take a tumble. which inflates when sensors detect

Two bags fill up with gas - and backside. protecting the back of the head and people with disabilities. It's designed for the elderly But it'll come at a cost - with a price tag of almost $1,700. Ken with sport next - a big bonus for the Sharks? and Cameron Smith's suspension causing concern. But they have a key player who may replace Smith. Also, the irony of a former Shark And the Aussie World Championship celebrations. who delayed Kelly Slater's BLUES MUSIC PLAYS MACHINERY WHIRRS It's legendary tough.

today ahead of the weekend finals Both the Storm and Warriors hit town against Manly and the Sharks. and the Sharks' Ricky Stuart Storm coach Craig Bellamy

over Cameron Smith's suspension. are sniping at one another Football Stadium, Danny Weidler. With all the latest from the Sydney

The Sharks arrived here about an

hour ago for a short walk around

the stadium and kicking practice.

Ricky Stuart held a median

conference and says Paul Gallen is

fit and well played. He says the

drama of Cameron Smith will not

rolled his friendship with Craig rolled his friendship with Craig

Bellamy. The problem we have is

that we are but similar and we have

been through at Korea's as footy

players and coaches. I do not think

eight grapple tackle. In the way of

our friendship. The store also same

feat Cameron Smith situation will

bring them closer together.

bring them closer together. This I

think I got a fair hearing tonight,

I'm very disappointed with the

the utmost outcome. I still feel I played with

the utmost integrity. Players are

stunt headed by David peachy. Are

sick and evoking it on your

catchiness it is something that has

to be looked at and should have

been looked at 26 weeks ago. The

Storm needs to name a new

It's just flipping a coin heads or tails correctly. and hopefully choosing

too much different. Other than that there's nothing My game won't change. I'm sure there are other blokes of doing it as well. that are more than capable And in Auckland - low-key send-off the Warriors got a surprisingly on Satuday night. as they flew out to face the Eagles

that and it The Storm had a session

at Cochlear Oval tonight. They are

also trying to find out what is

happening with camels this --

Cameron Smith but expect them to

blow up big-time after the game.

has held up Central Coast surfer Adrian Buchan a ninth world title, Kelly Slater's surge towards

of the Quicksilver Pro in France. narrowly beating him in the final

by toppling a legend. The 26 year old humbled surfing with Kelly. It was a privilege not just surfing. He's making history in sport, Slater It was Buchan's first tour victory, finishes ninth or better at the next will take the world crown if he event in Spain. in his first Test, The bat used by Sir Donald Bradman will remain in Australia. outbid plenty of overseas rivals, An anonymous South Australian buyer at auction than in the middle. on a bat which saw more action Sold for...$125,000! that's about $145,000. With commission, after his first Test, Bradman was dropped a meagre 18 for the match. in which this bat made him that's over $8,000 per run.

blow up big-time after the game.

The footy Show tonight has Ricky

Stuart on and Steve prize.

all the weather details. After the break - Jaynie Seal with Creek is from Colleen Donkin. Tonight's viewer photo of Wyong

good things in education. WOMAN 1: Gee, Labor are doing WOMAN 2: I know. has been reduced to just 21! My daughter's class size quality teaching And Labor are funding by the best. so our kids are taught That's gotta be good for learning. in early childhood education Yeah, and Labor are investing state-of-the-art schools and building new in high-demand areas. They're also refurbishing into every school. and putting new IT equipment Hey, that's great. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

reduced class sizes to 21 WOMAN 1: Labor has already in the important early years. reducing average class sizes to 21 WOMAN 2: Yeah, and now they're for every single year of school!

That's great!

Now to our weather details - the news is all good! and Jaynie,

on the way, Mark - A brilliant weekend of weather people, especially in the west. maybe a little too hot for some

across our dams - And even further west this last week was not so good. dropped slightly, The total catchment's Warragamba - less than 5mm. picture-perfect blue skies. The sun was out today, 22 for inland suburbs.

due to the seabreeze Only 19 for the city - arriving at a very early 9:00am. rest of the State under the high. An abundance of blue sky across the over the north-east. Like yesterday, a few showers where Perth and surrounding suburbs The main action is over in WA their best result in two months. have received over 30mm of rain -

eastwards and mainly affect Tasmania. That front will move slowly weather with north-westerly winds. And ahead of that comes the warm Adelaide included - 29. Becoming windy for Melbourne. Late rain to Hobart. for skiers and boarders. Windy conditions on Saturday

coastal suburbs a few degrees cooler. and the seabreeze keeping the North-westerly winds

a couple of small waves tomorrow. Surfers - Waist-high by the weekend. A cool night under clear skies. Followed by sunshine ranging from 24-27. and spring-like temperatures

and warm weather. if you like blue skies Staying beautiful for the weekend,

Mid 20s for the city. High 20s in the west. sending in weather pictures - And thanks to everyone

keep snapping and head to: And Mark, for footy fans - Friday and Saturday night. great weather both

I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. for this Thursday. That's Nine News by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions