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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. hit with shards of glass A young mother and her children as a rock smashes a train window. for yesterday's shutdown debacle. The boss of the M5 East apologises We are very sorry about that. and sports a relaxed new look. Michael Costa calls it quits

who's making his owner's life hell. And Bruce, the monster pig into my bedroom and I fell over. Actually pushed me backwards Good evening. have been showered by broken glass A young mother and her two daughters at the window of their moving train. after someone threw a rock It happened at Emu Plains.

with glass in one eye The woman ended up have been a lot worse. but it could, so easily, and daughters Brandie and Zenya, For Trish Rogers home to Lawson from Penrith. it had started out as a regular trip I heard a bang Next minute, you know, which is my youngest one, and then Zenya, all upset, she just walks over to me, and there's a smashed window. and I just looked up thrown what's believed to be a rock, Near Emu Plains station, someone had and showering the family with glass. shattering the window and I was more worried about her - It was just a big shock penetrated through the window?" "My God, what happens if it just and an injured arm, With glass in Mum's eyes the family went to Lithgow Hospital. see and she got hurt. And Mummy got glass in her eye - Did that make you feel sad? No. It made Mummy sad. It's upset the Premier as well. that think this is clever or fun, If there are youngsters out there what can go wrong. they only need to think about like, it's just idiotic. I just reckon they're stupid,

so you throw a rock at a train, Yeah, you're bored,

what is the point of it? of the consequences. They probably didn't think this isn't the first such incident Police say involving a train in the area other would-be attackers and have warned a jail term of up to five years. that the offence carries

is someone being killed. An absolutely significant outcome And it's quite possible. Chris Urquhart, Nine News. is ready to forgive A Catholic priest before he forgets his struggle but it'll be a while who tried to rob him. with a knife-wielding bandit the scene on the Northern Beaches. John Kerrison joins us from much more than stand his ground. John, 72-year-old Father Mello did

Mark, this is one determined priest. God was on his side Father Mello says was carrying a huge carving knife. when he lunged at the intruder who

was enjoying his evening meal Father John Mello when the intruder struck. carving knife and wanted money. He was armed with a 35cm But Father Mello had other ideas. "What are you doing here?" I fixed him, Then I went for that knife.

suffering a large cut to his arm. The Catholic priest fought back, It was a brave act by the priest, follow that type of action. but I wouldn't recommend anyone you have to do. You do what you think out the door. Father Mello pushed the man he was jumping over the back fence. The last he saw of him Strangely enough, I felt - what are you doing? C'mon." "Poor little thing,

the same way if it happened again. The priest says he'd respond exactly But not a hero, no. I tend to be humble, if you say.

to be OK for mass this weekend Father Mello says he's going is welcome to join him. and the man who attacked him to finding the wanted man? And John - are police any closer

to police. Father Mello handed the knife They're carrying our forensic tests to the man responsible. hoping that will lead them Operators of the M5 East to the thousands of drivers have apologised gigantic traffic snarl caught up in yesterday's

caused by a computer glitch. all smooth running from now on - But don't think it's going to be the system won't break down again. the company can't guarantee of Sydney drivers would like to meet. Mark Elliot is a man thousands He's the boss of the M5 East. rarely gives interviews The managing director but today he was offering an apology. We're pretty upset to Sydney motorists with what we've caused and we are very sorry about that. failure for the 3-hour shutdown. He blames a computer software

we were put in a position For safety reasons, to close the tunnel. where we had no option it was a different computer glitch But more concerning, three months ago. to the one that forced the closure Could other closures occur? closures can't occur, Nobody could ever say everything in our power but we are doing

we don't have another closure. to ensure to the new Roads Minister Mr Elliot made a similar pledge at a meeting yesterday. Was it heated? clearly was not happy with us. No, it wasn't, but the Minister The operators have promised on site around the clock. to have computer engineers isn't convinced. But former RTA chief Ken Dobinson the best they can, Maybe they are doing and make sure it's up to date. I'll be still checking the systems it's too old. If it's five years old, and should be replaced. It's out of date two in the past three months. Six shutdowns in six years, but in the end it's the Government The operators are clearly to blame, suffer the punishment. which could well for the Government on this? Do you have a message watch out. Yeah - come next election, Damian Ryan, Nine News. it quits without telling the Premier, Another Labor politician has called to a Greek tragedy. Michael Costa comparing his demise

from State Parliament Allison Langdon joins us now in true Costa style? and Ally, he's gone out Indeed, he has, Mark. No-one was surprised by what he did, he was sacked as treasurer, considering just over two weeks ago he has failed. But the shock was him saying of a goatee beard, it was clear With the early signs guests at his Hunter Valley home Michael Costa wasn't expecting and he wasn't happy. to say about your resignation? Mr Costa, do you have anything he drove to Cessnock police station, Ignoring the question, followed by the Nine News crew, where he called a radio station. They've come out in a taxi with a camera crew. I just find it, um - if you want a reason why politicians leave, this is one that is probably at the top of the list. Although he's not eligible for a pension for another three years,

the 52-year-old is quitting after seven years in politics. With a new baby on the way,

he's looking forward to spending more time with his family. Known as a hothead... You're a joke. A joke! ..he was sacked as treasurer after his plan to privatise electricity failed and that spelt end - his use-by date was up.

I think politics is a Greek tragedy

in the sense that all of the problems that politicians confront

are basically insolvable. Michael's been, no question about it, an eccentric character, but he's also been a man of very powerful views and persuasive views. But for Nathan Rees, there were bigger issues today - his first day as Premier in Parliament.

Don't give yourself a chance to get nervous. Just get on with it. That's the job. He wasn't about to get an easy run from the Opposition

who introduced a no-confidence motion to bring on an early election. This is a rotten, corrupt, incompetent government that should be put to the people. Ally, when is that no confidence motion likely to be debated?

The Premier can bring it on at any

time but it is likely to take place

on Thursday. I think it is safe to say this

say this is a stunned by the

opposition. To call an early

election, for members of Government

would have to cross the floor. That

is not going to happen. A Sydney couple has appeared in court, charged with child neglect after four of their children were found locked outside on their townhouse balcony. The children are now being cared for by authorities. Their parents have been released on bail. Heads bowed, the couple arrived at court, hiding behind friends and their lawyer.

The Bidwill couple was arrested three weeks ago and charged with neglecting their six children, one just six weeks old. While we'd like to, we can't name the couple because it would identify the children who are protected by law. When police and emergency services arrived at the house, they found four of the children, all under the age of six, locked out on that balcony. The charged couple and two babies were asleep inside.

Police said the townhouse was a mess. There was rubbish on the floor, as well as soiled nappies. The couple is accused of: The man is also charged with possessing cannabis. Their lawyer, Wayne Condon, asked for a long adjournment because of what he described as the enormity of the allegations. In documents tendered by prosecutor Liza Brown,

police say they fear for the children's health if they're exposed to their parents. They were granted bail to face court again next month. The children are now in the care of DoCS. No comment, no comment. Simon Bouda, Nine News. The inquest into the drowning of an 8-year-old Sydney girl on a school excursion was today trying to unravel

who indicated the child was allowed to swim in the deep end of the pool.

For the second day running, Armani Dirani's family was too overcome by grief to endure the hearing. This is the permission note that has become such crucial evidence at the inquest. At the bottom - the signature of Armani's father, Raja Dirani. But, importantly, the circled section is in another pen. In the opinion of police, this was done by a different person. That circled section allowed the 8-year-old

to enter the deep end of the pool with children who could swim and near the floating obstacle course shown in the crime scene photos. Armani was found only metres from the end of the device which, on the day, was crawling with kids and watched by teachers and lifeguards. The principal of Armani's school, Rita Porteous, had responsibility for the excursion. Could teachers have done more?

The lawyer for Armani's family was more direct. Will the school have another swim day? Armani's family simply couldn't face court today but eventually they will have to relive their nightmare. The father, Raja, will have to take the stand on Thursday. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. Now this might sound like we're telling you porkies but a very big pig named Bruce has been virtually holding a woman prisoner in her north coast home. Caroline Hayes says Bruce has even stopped her using the outside loo. He may look cute, but according to 63-year-old Caroline Hayes, he's no Babe. He backed me into my bedroom, actually pushed me backwards into my bedroom, and I fell over. The 80kg pig turned up on Caroline's doorstep 10 days ago with wounds and ticks. An animal lover, she felt compelled to feed him, but her kind gesture came back to bite her. I had some food here and I put it down and I bent down to pick up something and he bit me on my knee. With Bruce becoming increasingly aggressive Caroline says she's been too afraid at times to leave her home.

I was too frightened to open up the door

and I wanted to go to the toilet and I couldn't go for two hours. It wasn't fun or a game any more he was getting dangerous. Council rangers were called and agreed this little piggy had to find a new home. As he gets a bit of age on him and his tusks do grow, he can become a bit possessive and could impact on people. He's being sent to a local piggery

where he may even be given stud duties.

Hog heaven, you could say. Jodie Noyce, Nine News. In the news ahead -

the Federal Government under growing pressure to boost the pension. And why this man is hanging around for a few days.

WOMAN 1: Gee, Labor are doing good things in education. WOMAN 2: I know. My daughter's class size has been reduced to just 21! And Labor are funding quality teaching so our kids are taught by the best. That's gotta be good for learning. Yeah, and Labor are investing in early childhood education and building new state-of-the-art schools

in high-demand areas. They're also refurbishing and putting new IT equipment into every school. Hey, that's great. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

WOMAN 1: Labor has already reduced class sizes to 21 in the important early years. WOMAN 2: Yeah, and now they're reducing average class sizes to 21 for every single year of school! That's great!

The turbulent ride continued on our stock market today. Investors lost almost half of yesterday's gains after Wall Street plunged

with fears that President Bush's massive financial rescue plan

may not pass the US Congress. The Opposition continued to pressure the Government today over its refusal to support a bill to raise the single aged pension.

It tried to have the bill debated in the House of Representatives but the Government said it was unconstitutional. The Opposition's bill to increase the single rate pension by $30 a week was passed by the Senate last night, with the support of the Greens and Independents. The ayes have it. But it can't become law unless it's also passed by the House of Representatives and Malcolm Turnbull knew that Speaker Harry Jenkins was poised to prevent it even being debated there

on the ground that it breached the constitution. The great lawyer over here has finally realised that what they've proposed is unconstitutional. So with Kevin Rudd having just arrived in New York to attend the UN, the Liberal leader challenged acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard to take over the bill and introduce it herself. All the work has been done. The bill is there. You can pick it up. This can be passed.

But Ms Gillard said only a year ago the Howard Cabinet - with Mr Turnbull a senior minister - had rejected a proposal for a pension increase. There's always a stench about hypocrisy and it's in this room right now. The only thing that stands between the single aged pensioners and $30 a week is the cold indifference of this government.

Ministers said there would be properly thought out action on the pension level after the review that's currently under way. And they argued that the Opposition's bill leaves 2 million married, disabled and carer pensioners out in the cold. It is flawed policy and it is cynical politics at its worst. Late this afternoon, the Speaker produced advice from the House of Representatives Clerk confirming the Government is right - it would be unconstitutional for the Opposition to introduce the bill there. But politically, Mr Turnbull has already made his point. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. Australian food safety officials are checking imported Chinese lollies, in case there's a connection to China's poison milk scandal. White Rabbit Creamy Candies may contain toxic melamine - the same sweets have been recalled in Singapore and they're also being assessed by New Zealand authorities. In China, the situation has become much worse. Four babies have died, with 53,000 children now ill after drinking poisoned infant formula. and it turns out that 22 dairies across China have been adding the melamine to disguise poor quality products. Pakistan's Government may have had warning of the terrorist attack on the Marriott Hotel, but failed to pass on the information.

The President and Prime Minister made a last-minute cancellation for dinner there

on the night of the attack, but officials won't explain why they suddenly chose another venue. A staff bungle also contributed to many deaths. Employees told guests

that the unfolding incident was nothing serious, before the huge bomb detonated and killed 53 people. The endurance performer David Blaine has begun his latest stunt,

hoping to hang upside down for 60 hours without food or sleep. He realised it was going to be a struggle as soon as he started. Yeah, I thought it was gonna be pretty bad, but it's probably worse than I anticipated. Blaine will have to raise his head regularly to help circulation, with doctors saying he's risking a brain haemorrhage or blindness. Coming up shortly - a new show for Sydney's real stars of the dance floor. But Ken with sport next - and the Storm isn't the only team grapple-tackling. We have plenty of examples of the tackle that went unpunished.

Also, new angles of the Cameron Smith grapple that the league asked for.

BLUES MUSIC PLAYS MACHINERY WHIRRS It's legendary tough. WOMAN 1: Gee, Labor are doing good things in education. WOMAN 2: I know. My daughter's class size has been reduced to just 21! And Labor are funding quality teaching so our kids are taught by the best. That's gotta be good for learning. Yeah, and Labor are investing in early childhood education and building new state-of-the-art schools in high-demand areas. They're also refurbishing and putting new IT equipment into every school. Hey, that's great. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

WOMAN 1: Labor has already reduced class sizes to 21 in the important early years. WOMAN 2: Yeah, and now they're reducing average class sizes to 21 for every single year of school!

That's great!

Cameron Smith's woes deepened today with the Warriors' Steve Price condemning the Melbourne captain over his tackling style. It couldn't have come at a worse time with Smith due to front the judiciary tomorrow. The Storm has hit back labelling Price a whinger.

If there was any doubt that Cameron Smith had a case to answer these are the shots that made it impossible not to charge him. The NRL viewed this vision before hitting him with with a grade one charge and now the Warriors' Steve Price has weighed into the tackle storm. Two weeks ago we played against Melbourne and I had a pretty bad neck for most of the week. If he is talking about a little bit of forearm in the face, I think that is part of the game. A little bit of a niggle and a bit of emotion is good for the game. Despite Jeremy Smith copping a 1-week suspension for his chicken wing tackle, Crocker insists the Storm are not playing outside the rules. Every team has wrestling coaches

and there is no one that goes out there intentionally to choke someone, or rap over the head. When Smith fronts tomorrow night he was going to argue

that it was not a grapple tackle because he did not twist Sam Thaiday's neck, he did not cut of his oxygen supply and the tackle did not take place on the ground. And the Storm say they are not alone in performing wrestling moves. It happens in every other game every other week, so it is a bit old now. And here is hard proof of that,

these incidents and others have not attracted anywhere near the hysteria than anything the Storm gets up to.

If Smith is rubbed out, Matt Geyer is shaping up as the team's hooker. The captaincy will be given to Cooper Cronk. The Sharks today named Blake Green has five-eighth to replace the injured Brett Seymour. And the Warriors rushed Wade McKinnon into their side after a 3-week ban for spitting.

Danny Weidler, Nine News.

To rugby - and James O'Connor from the Western Force is on the verge of becoming one of the youngest Wallabies in history, after being named in the squad for the tour of Hong Kong and Europe. 18-year-old O'Connor is one of four newcomers in the 34-man squad. The others are Quade Cooper, David Pocock and Sekope Kepu. It doesn't look like O'Connor has even started shaving yet

and little wonder he was in shock today. The sudden rise to the Test squad came right out of the blue for the baby-faced rookie. I just can't wait to start. I think we start training on Monday. I'm ready to go. Family connections meant

O'Connor was also eligible for New Zealand and South Africa but he had no hesitation choosing Wallaby gold. If I get the chance to wear the Australian jersey, it would be an honour,

especially knowing that I'll be one of the youngest guys ever. That'll be overwhelming. Last night the ladies turned it on at the Brownlow Medal presentation. Stepping on a dress was a big no-no and everyone was out to make a statement. For the early part of the evening the fashions dominated the show. Well, I think it's all about the season, the colour, it's all about the colour. Big diamonds and stretch Chevys also added to the night and once inside it all turned to the players and their battles throughout the season. The hopefuls smiled away and after more then 500 players received their votes, the Western Bulldogs' Adam Cooney was the surprise Brownlow winner. I haven't really had anything prepared

because I wasn't really expecting this.

Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. The Australian cricket team's arrival in India

has slipped under the radar.

There were no frantic airport scenes while security at the hotel looked like overkill.

The much anticipated 4-test series begins on October 9 in Bangalore.

Things are about to heat up at Star City tonight

with the official opening of the ballroom spectacular 'Burn the Floor'. The latest production, 'Floorplay', is created by Aussie dance legends Jason Gilkison and Peta Roby and has already been a huge success overseas. The show runs until the middle of October. After the break - Jaynie Seal with all the weather details. Tonight's viewer photo showing Penrith Lakes, was taken by Gerry Aarts.

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Yes. MAN: We hear you.

It felt more like winter today - what's going on, Jaynie ?

Mark, a major drop in temperatures. Yesterday 30, today we were hovering around 15. In fact, it was much warmer overnight with temperatures around 22. It was when the winds turned more southerly about 7:30 that we cooled right down. Showers have been light and mainly in the morning. Nothing more than a couple of millimetres and headed for the north-east. Tamworth recently picked up 1mm or 2mm

but yesterday 43mm, which is their heaviest September rain on record. Record rain in the south of the State, including Perisher, with their wettest day in seven years.

For Gundagai - their best rain in six months. It's all from this massive cloudband associated with the trough and front

moving towards Queensland. And southerly winds behind the change responsible for our much cooler day. The high will dominate our weather tomorrow, meaning a cold start with widespread frost in the west,

followed by a sunny day and generally light winds - just the odd shower over the far norht-east corner.

A possible morning storm in Brisbane. Stormy weather for Darwin. The next front could bring Perth evening showers. Warming up for southern capitals. Back to Sydney - and we may just get a little bit of drizzle. Apart from that, cloudy but fine. Surfers, light winds, a small southerly swell and waist-high waves. Southerly winds will help to keep the temperatures down again. 20 for most of the west.

And 18 in the city. But a burst of warmer weather is not far away. By Friday - up to 25, and staying that way all weekend.

Don't forget to send your photos into:

And happy snapping. So Mark, looking forward to that warmer weather Friday and the weekend. That's the news for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.