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Good morning, welcome to 10's

Morning News, today, the world's

biggest insurer on the brink biggest insurer on the brink of

collapse, what the AIG crisis means

for shares and superfunds. Fears a

chemical found in common plastics

could cause diabetes and heart

disease. And 'Priscilla' becomes queen of the West Wend. Music plays queen of the West Wend.

First today, fears are mounting the

world's biggest insurer is about to

collapse. AIG is on the brink of

bankruptcy, adding to another very

volatile night on Wall Street.

Despite the turmoil, the Federal

Reserve kept interest rates on hold,

sparking a late rally in New York.

Its splendid offices may scrape the

sky over Wall Street but the

world's biggest insurance company

could be heading for rockbotic. The

AIG is struggling to find a

financial life line, while a short

walk away at the New York stock

exchange they are wondering if

anyone is safe when even the

biggest insurer has no insurance.

The American international group

sponsors Manchester United football

club to the tune of $14 million a

year but now it has to find a

sponsor of its own. It needs a cash

injection, the equivalent of $35

million if it is to survive. And

AIG matters because it is a global

colossus. Outside Lehman Brothers, yesterday's titanic casualty,

employees have been venting their

anger by scribbling on a portrait

of company chairman, Richard Fould,

for many, his sin was greed, a word

often associated with Wall Street, fact

fact and fiction. Greed, for lack

of a better word, is good. What do

you think of Richard today? I think

he is is fool. I think it is

Richard Fould to be honest, he

should change his name. In his case,

greed was not good. Correct. So who

is what is neect? On Wall Street

everybody is feeling the pinch,

Business even the sandwich delivery man.

Business is very bad for me Business is very bad for me now,

you know? Like, some time I make $

skifbgt, $70 in one day, today I

make $2. Suddenly cash, something university craved here is university craved here is skrairs.

John Irvine. And AIG executives are

meeting at the US Federal Reserve

to discuss a possibility rescue

package for the company. Joining us

is Alexis Christoforous. What is

the latest on a possible government

bailout? Well, the news is Goodna

targsa for a life line for AIG. We

heard the news, just about an hour

ago, the Federal Reserve has had a

change of heart, it is going to

come to the rescue and is giving

AIG an $85 billion loan, in exchange

exchange it wants an 80 percent

stake in AIG. It is an

unprecedented move mean ting will

fall under the jurisdiction of the

fed, it could be seen as a positive

as it might be seen as a good thing,

usually not on Wall Street but it

could be. Stock index futures, Dow,

NASDAQ and S & & P pointing higher.

With confidence down is it With confidence down is it likely other financial institutions will

join AIG with these big problems?

The fact that AIG is now getting

this life line is huge for Wall

Street, it will breathe a

collective sigh of rewhen the

market opens. With this behind us

we don't know who might be next but

there is word Washington Mutual

might be in trouble and perhaps JP

morgue Chase might want to buy them

out. But another wonderful bit of

news today, new life is being

breathed into bankrupt Lehman

Brothers, we found out Barclays

will be buying up a huge chunk of

Lehman Brothers, buyinging up the

broker business, saving thousands

of jobs. Two great bits of news for

Wall Street to chew on with the

opening bell. Thank you for

inupdate, Alexis Christoforous

joining us from Wall Street. We

will take a look at the impact the

stock market slump will have on

your superfund later mt your superfund later mt morning news. Liberals MPs are rabying

around the new leader Malcolm

Turnbull and warning the government

it now has a real fight on its

hands. But Labor is being very

quick to attack the new opposition

leader, labelling him out of touch

with average Australians. Relieved

Liberals MPs are pinning their

hopes on Malcolm Turnbull to turn

around the party's lacklustre

performance. The Australian people

have a fantastic clear new choice?

He brings an energy to politics. A

story of a man who worked hard from

the grass roots to make something

of himself. He even has the Greens

sing his praises. He has pizazz, an

interesting character, I think he

will liven up politics. But Labor

has been quick to pertray the

former mortant banker turned

politician out of touch. He may

understand the boardroom tables of

Point Piper but the challenge

Point Piper but the challenge is

whether he ndz the challenges whether he ndz the

sitting around the kitchen table in

Penrith. He is putting forth a huge

smash and grab, smash and grab, $20 billion smash

and grab on the service at a time

of global economic uncertainty. As

the global economic crisis worsens,

Kevin Rudd wanted to cooperate with

me on what? The republic. That

global economic turmoil is set to

be Malcolm Turnbull's first major

battle grund as Labor accuses him battle grund as Labor accuses him

of wrecking the surplus but right

now he is sticking by his pledge to

block tax cuts and raise the

pension, until he appoints a new

shadow treasurer to take up the

reigns. Julie Bishop and Recep

reigns. Julie Bishop and Recep

Erdogan are likely possibility.

Residents of an outer Melbourne

suburb forced to evacuate their suburb forced to evacuate their

homes because of a potentially

deadly gas explosion have had deadly gas explosion have had their

rates eased. But it has done little

to appease anger. A week since

estate residents of brookland greens

estate were told to evacuate their

homes, more than 200 piled into a

council meeting demanding answers.

Frustrations boiling over. People

are here! The mayor was noticeably

absent, now the third time she has

refused to face residents. Other

counselors left taking the blows. I

believe... All yell. You don't know

what is going on. Casey counsel

ilagreed to waifpbrr rates for year

but dodged questions for further

comp scission. A motion to divert

$1.4 million allocated to a local

football club was voted down. Step

up and show the leadership in

relation to this issue. We spert

the reddants ahead of the Melbourne

Football Club. The Victorian

ombudsman inquiry is now under way

to how the housing estate got the

to how the housing estate got the

go ahead, so close to oosealed tip

the culprit. The State Government

should set udside a huge sum of

money. It is a joke. Another public money. It is a joke. Another public

meeting is due to be held

midSeptember. A strange smell

believed to be from a food oven

fored a Qantas jet to make an

emergency landing during a flight

from Perth to Brisbane, our

reporter joins us from Brisbane

airport. Well the dramas continue

for quant ws one of its jets forced

to lands just 45 mininates to a

flight from Perth to brid last

night. Staff on board flight 594

notice adburning lebtricle spell

from the cockpit and notified

pilots. Fire trucks and police were

scrambled at Perth airport and 133

passengers were ordered off the

plane and thought told to take

luggage. They got a

luggage. They got a connecting

flight to Melbourne but we did

speak to a lady who got a flight to

Brisbane this morning. The fear

factor, people concerned and upset

around me, the air hostests on the

plane didn't help too much, they

were a bit panicy, they didn't know what

what to do in a situation like that.

The airline safety's standard have The airline safety's standard have

been in the spotlight since a mid-

air scare in July and this is the

third drama for Qantas in the past

8 days. The plane in question was

checked by engineerings and has

been given the all clear. It will

be now up to the Civil Aviation Authority

Authority to investigate the matter

any further. Thank you from

Brisbane airport. Melbourne's turn

to welcome home our Olympic

athletes. Thousands of cheering fans

fans were able to congratulate the

team in Sydney on Monday if the

first of the parades. They won 46

medals, including 14 gold arriving

home last month. The parade begins

at midday at the corner of Burke

and Russell Streets, ending at fed

raiing square. We will cross live

to Federation Square later in the

news. But still ahead, fresh fears

about a chemical found in common

found in common plastics, thought

found in common plastics, thought to cause diabetes and cardiovascular disease, all the

details after the break.

And the world's short -- world's

shortest man and the woman with

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Welcome back. Zimbabwe's new Prime

Minister, Morgan Tsvangiarai has

paid tribute to his supporters who

made the ultimate sacrifice in the

fight against Mugabe. In his first

interview since signing an historic power-sharing deal, Mr Morgan

Tsvangiarai said it is time for the

country to move forward. He is

relaxed, relieved and ready to run

his country. Zimbabwe's new Prime

Minister invited us to his home

today to share his vision for the

future. The Zimbabwe of the past is

gone, he told me, but everyone here

has to share that belief. The

brutal traumatiseisation of the

people, yes, those scars are there,

and I don't think that those scares

will go away. People will not will go away. People will not necessarily forget. But they should

forgive. If we are to move forward.

Have the sacrifices been justified?

Absolutely necessary. All of the

deaths, all of the beatings, all of

the tortures, a means to an end? It

is unfortunate that in any struggle,

some people pay with the ultimate, but it will be a serious betrayal

if what these people have

sacrificed to achieve it, we then

bestray their aspirations. But this

is a population yet to be convinced.

Morgan Tsvangiarai knows he has to deliver tangible signs of change

and soon if the people are to buy

into the new deal. If I can get food

food to every part of the country,

it is the first step. The first

step. And working on that. If we can

can get everything hungry family or

child to have food, at least a meal a

a day, that will be the first sign.

He will need outside help and he

knows it. And rhetoric like this

won't help. I don't see any British


There is no American amongst them.

The President has to behave himself

if the money is going to come

forward, do you think you will see

it? Well, I will talk to him about

it, I think he has to understand

the gravity of some of his comments

that are not helpful too, set a

tone that we are reconciling

ourselves with those that we have

had differences with. As we left, the

the new First Lady emerged, Susan

Tsvangirai, nulooking forward to

seeing the world on state visits

after a decade spent living in fear.

Her husband, meanwhile is off, if

he he is to deliver on his promises,

the work starts here. Now weekly the work starts here. Now to the

weekly report from the US, after the collapse of Lehman the collapse of Lehman Brothers,

Wall Street, stocks were hit hard

but the market has managed a slight

rally before closing over night?

Good morning, all eyes have been on

the stock market here in the US, in

the wake of the collapse odinvestment giant Lehman Brothers,

after yesterday's fall on Wall Street, the worst in 7 years,

stocks continued to slide after the

US Federal Reserve decided to keep

interest rates on hold. But, by the

closing bell, stocks had steadied. The Federal Reserve stood its

ground, the Central Bank rejected

calls for a cut in interest rates

and chose instead to leave rates

unchanged as 2 percent. I think

they have drawn a line in the sand, enough

enough is enough. Not long ago,

hints of a rate increase but in

light of the Lehman Brothers

bankruptcy, the AIG collapse there

were calls for the Central Bank to

change course. Even without the

rate cut, the Dow staged a rally,

gaining 141 points. While Wall

Street was waiting for word on

interest rates, trader were

watching development at AIG. The

giant is fighting for its life and

another collapse would be a blow to the

the markets. It is intertwined

major banks around the world as an insurer of mortgage-backed

securities, a bankruptcy could have

far-reaching consequences. A huge

company, links to virtually every

major player in the world and I

think something wim be done to save

it. If AIG fails, it will be more

damaging than the Lehman Brothers

brops, that company is hammering

out a deal to sell parts of the

company to Barclays of England, the

sale would save more than 9,000

Lehman Brothers jobs. Debate over

the credit crisis and had the

future of the US economy have

become hot topics of the US

preddentional campaign trail with

both saying they have the solution.

Republican John McCain has promised

to reform Wall Street with tougher regulations and called for a

commission to investigate what

caused the current credit crisis.

When any Wall Street operator

abuses the trust of the public,

then they will face the consequences and they will have a

fight on their hands with this

President of the US! Democratic

Barack Obama has accused his Barack Obama has accused his rival

of being out of touch after John

McCain suggested the fundamentals

of the UK economy remain strong. We

know how we got into this mess.

What we need now is leadership that gets

gets us out. I'll provide it, John gets us out. I'll provide it, John

McCain won't. And that is the

choice if Americans in this

election. From one crisis to

another, and the US President has

returned to his home state of Texas

to see for himself the damage

caused by deadly Hurrican Ike over

the weekend. Residents from some of the worst-hit areas have been

allowed to briefly return to check

their properties but for others, their properties but for others, a

long wait for essentials like food long wait for essentials like food

and water. 20,000 people remain in

shelters, prompting George W Bush

to call to donate to the Red Cross.

I know with proper help from the federal and State Government, there

will be a better tomorrow. Bulldozers

Bulldozers have moved into some

areas to begin clearing debris and

more concern about a chemical found

in every day plastic products. A

new American study new American study suggestatise could be the problem of major

health problems. For the first time,

a plastic product has been linked

to health problems in humans. The

bottom line is the findings make me

very wary. A new study, scientists

measured Bisphenol A or BPA in 1400

Americans. Those with the highest

levels were more than twice likely

to have heart disease or diabetes. The researchers stressed more The researchers stressed more study

is needed and not hard evidence it causes disease. The plastic

industry agrees. Our view is the

very low levels do not pose a risk

to human health. Product are to human health. Product are so

common it is estimated 90 percent

of it have it within our oun bodies,

whether it is safe is being debated

by the US government. At a meeting Tuesday,

Tuesday, Food and Drug

Administration scientists defended

their conclusion BPA is safe. The

majority of risk for Bisphenol A is

adequate and the continued use of Bisphenol A in the manufactured

food industry is safe. But two

weeks ago, other government

researchers concluded the product

spirs some risk. We are having

another baby so we through out the

old bottle. Some stores have

already removed BPA from thor

products and several states are

considering a ban. And there will

be more news from the United States

including any developments on the

fete of inspierpbs giant AIG in the

5 o'clock news hours. Thank you.

Two stars of the Guiness Book of

World Records have met for the

first time. He Ping Ping is the

world's shortest man at just 74 cm

and kpwoz knees belong to 6 foot 4 Russian

Russian Svetlana Pankrtova whose

132 centimetre legs are the longest

on the planet, almost twice Ping

Hing's heightch He is not afraid of

anything, not afraid. The pair was

in London to launch next year's

Book of World Records. Next ahow

American's financial crisis is

affecting superfund here, we will

find out how you can safeguard your future.

'Priscilla' becomes queen of

London's West End.

Checking the headlines, the US

Federal Reserve is preparing an

11th-hour rescue package for AIG.

It has been pushed to the brink of

bankruptcy, adding to another

volatile night on wall veet. Fresh

concerns about a chemical found in

every day products like baby

bottles. A new US study suggests it

could be the cause of problems like

diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

And residents of an outer Melbourne

suburb told to evacuate for over a

year because of a gas leak have had

their rates waved but it has done

little to ease anger as the council

voted down $1.4 million in

assistance. Checking finance news,

the share market has picked up

slightly after yesterday's slump,

opening in the black, the All Ords

rr up 33 points in morning trade, the Aussie dollar

Superannuation funds are among the

casualties of the share market melt

down and it is believed some

Australians ready to retire now

will have to keep working for two

or three more years. And for more

on this big story we are joined by

Jeff Bresnahan from Super Ratings,

good morning, thanks for your time.

So we, I guess, we heard there a

major effect on superfund, what

kind of stats are we talking about,

30 percent, 40 percent in

superfunds? The average fund

invested, stkpwifb percent is money

in international Australian markets,

when market go backwards, it feeds

straight through to the superfunds.

A negative 11 percent return for

the average Australian on the super

so it is getting serious for those who are approaching retirement or

just move under to retirement. How

much are they set to lose then?

Those that approaching retirement,

quite probably argue they will

receive 10 percent last financial

year, they went backwards, 11, it

is a significant sum. What would

you advice them to do? Keep working

for another two or three years

until the volatility eases? The

reality is they may have to do that. If

If they, for example, anticipate

retiring on $410,000, they might

only have $300,000 in the Kitty, it

does mean you have got to keep

working or change your retirement

projections and comfortability in the

the retirement phase. With the big

developments in the US with AIG, it

seems people who are planning for

retirement are not the only people

affected, the income protection and

death cover attached to two million

have funds are underwritten by AIG,

what do these developments mean for

those people, many Australians are

affected? Yes, a lot of

superannuation fund have group and

death and total and permanent dis

aibltlt and death, it has a lot of

repercussions for a lot of

Australians because the superfunds

have got to ensure that people

continue to be insured in the event

of the demise of AIG but let's

cross our fingers and hope they can

come up with a last-minute rescue

because it means serious

repercussions for us. Surely, from

an over all point of view, it is

not good, because the financial

crisis just seems to be getting

worse and it is going to affect us

here. The news out of the US

continues to be very poor and

impacts on international and Australian markets and Australian markets and feeds

straight through to the superfund,

it is not good for any Australians

because we are all in compulsery

superannuation. What is the outlook

for the next couple of months and

years? There is no way to tell,

there is a temptation for people to

switch into a cash mode, the

problem is, when markets bounce and they

they will, you will miss the upside,

the worst of it hopefully is over,

we are waiting on the news from we are waiting on the news from the

US, let's wait and see. Let's wait

and see. Thank you for joining us.

Pleasure. Now for a look at the national weather details for the

rest of the day. Cloudy for rest of the day. Cloudy for

Brisbane, showers clearing from the

Sydney, fine for Canberra and

Melbourne, 15 the top for Hobart,

reaching 21 in Adelaide, storms for

Perth and cine conditions for the

Top Tendch am 'Priscilla', the most

successful home grown musical from

Australia has hit the big time with

rehearsals under way in the West

End, they have called in an expat

to take up the lead role. There is

a new queen in England, in fact a

bus load, 'Priscilla' and her

darlings of drag have rolled into

London. # Finally it has happened

to me Once the musical remake the to me Once the musical remake of

the movie drew more than a million

theergoers, the stage was set for a

West End version. It is fanic.

Castings turned out plenty of

talent, including famous expat,

Jason Donovan. Probably not too

many Australians around with my

profile, working in musical theatre

in London, so you know, that aside,

I still had to audition. The former

neighbourers rr actor snareed the

role of Tick. It is good, being. Theatre

Theatre Sydney stalwart Tony

Sheldon will be the only original Sheldon will be the only original

member to suit up. To be brought

over rather than the slog of, I'm

here, to be presented like a jewel

in this wonderful setting, who

could ask for anything more. # I

will were sive. Yuriy Prilukov the

were sive, whether it kojers

London's West End or not, plans for productions

productions are under way for

Toronto, Germany and Sweden. The

sky is the limit, or the world is

the limit, we can go anywhere after

this. Without losing any of the

Aussie content. If we can cope with

Billy Elliot, they can cope with Billy Elliot, they can cope with

this. Donovan's career demand,

including a new upcoming album

means this is the closest he can

get to going home. Australia is not

going anywhere and I get a dose of

it every night here at the Palace

in the West End. It opens in March.

Some people may best remember Ralph

Fiennes for his mile-high encounter

with an Australian air hostest but with an Australian air hostest but

the actor has 20 years of work to

his credit, next we take a look at

the roles that made him a star. It's springtime, and a man's thoughts turn to...hardware. Yates Multi Purpose Potting Mix: 10-kilo Omo or Omomatic with bonus 750ml Domestos:

Welcome back, you are with 10's

morning news, to our feature story,

Ralph Fiennes constantly finds

himself cast as the villain, a

murder, wizard and even a Nazi, he

says it is the bad guy whose have

the most personality. In his latest

roll, Ralph Fiennes does what he

seems to do best. Never do anything

that serves no purp. Play the bad guy.

guy. If you do not give him up at

once, I will see to it that every

home and every cheque book in home and every cheque book in this

country is closed to him. Playing

opposite Ki ura Knightly in the

duchess rr, he is a cruel

aristocrat whose wife does not

deliver him a son, has an affair

and is ostracised. I have fulfiled

my obligations but you have not. A

simple case of male chauvinism in

Breeches and Wigs. What kind of man

are you? Not so simple if you are

Ralph Fiennes who thinks it is his

job to discover why the badies

behave so badly mech I felt all is

a human being here, trappedane code

of behaviour, -- trapped in a code of

of behaviour, a way of having to

behave, which makes him insensitive

to the point of cruelty in some

places but in his head he is not.

He is not an emotional sadesh at

all. There is a reason he is so

good at being bad, he has had

plenty of practice. His big

breakthrough in the US was as a

Nazi in Schindlers's list rr. He

was a cheat as Charles Van Doren in

Robert Redford's Quiz Show. General

halic. And well before that, he was

a murderer in Prime Suspect, the

brist series that made a US star of

Helen miren. No, no! Lately, with

the help of a lot of latex, he has

been the personification of evil been the personification of evil in

the most recent Harry Potter movies. the most recent Harry Potter movies.

You're a fool, Harry Potter and you

will lose. You have done a certain

number of dark roles, begining with

the Schindler role, obviously, are

you drawn to them because of the

complexitys that you find in

characters that we would consider

to be bad people? Yes, is the

answer to, the quick answer.

Elalerate? Well, I think everyone

has a world inside them, has a world inside them, even

people who do the worst things have

all kind oflyers. To Ralph Fiennes

they are more interesting, they are more interesting, Laslo

Almasy who falls in love Almasy who falls in love with

cristen Scot Thomas in the English

patient rr helps define the point.

Driving across the desert and

cristen, she starts to talk and he

says, "I once drove a long way to a

town called Fire and we didn't talk

all day and it was a good day".

Basicically shut up. I have been

nervous of comedy, it wasn't

something I thought I had any kind

of facil for. I ais pose you got a

gun up Yet the prince of darkness

can do funny, even if it is dark

comedy, like his London gangster in

the recent movie, In Bruges. Why don't you both put your guns down

and go home. Don't be stupid, this

is the shoot-out. I need more gold

bullets. He has even done bullets. He has even done animation

voices, that is him as Quart

egrmaine in wall squs Gromit. To be

fair, the light touch needed to

carry off John Steed in the

Avengers may have alluded him. The

film was panned and flopped. Did

you think you looked silly. I have

to say I enjoyed making that film

and I thought there would be a

market for a remake of the Avengers

but it didn't work, when I was

making it, I didn't think that, I

enjoyed it and disappointed, but

figure that a box office disaster

is a badge of honour, you have is a badge of honour, you have got

to have one somewhere. He is back

in London, returning to the theatre

as he says he has to do from time

to time. All I know is I don't want

to be away from the theatre too

long. Why? Because being enfront of

an audience is an acting experience that

that film can never ever give you.

His Edefix Rex is not light but it

is his films that pays the bills

and gives him international stardom.

Even if he is not comfortable. The

big male stars, don't go through

the list, your name figures on that

list, do you fig yor of yourself,

in the big league? No, I don't. For

me, they are like a handful of the me, they are like a handful of the

really big, big stars that canope

an movie. I don't think I'm in that

league. I mean, things change and

league. I mean, things change and

for a minute one, the light can

come on to you and couple of films

like the Avengers and the light

drifts away. Stay with us, ahead in sport,

sport, Paul Chapman ruled out of

the preliminary final against the

Western Bulldogs and Tim Sullivan

sprints into Australian Paralympic history. 150 years ago, life was pretty dull. So the Australian Football Committee invented a way to make it more exciting. (CHUCKLES) They called it September. It started off with modest crowds that rapidly grew over the years. And today, well, it's the biggest month in the calendar. As for what happens next... ..history's coming. (CROWD ROARS) Does your toothpaste protect you against bacteria that causes plaque and cavities? Harmful bacteria starts returning the minute you stop brushing. That's why you need Colgate Total. Only Colgate Total is proven to provide 12-hour antibacterial protection which:

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Time now for the very latest from

ski fields and joined this morning

by Fiona from Thr uedbow? On a day

like today you wouldn't think the

last few were windy, rainy, cloudy last few were windy, rainy, cloudy

and snowy but with weather like

that, there is snow. Across all Australian resorts there has been

plenty of it with 20 centimetres.

It is spring skiing at its best,

plenty of nice wind-blown drifts,

light and dry while soft on the

lower trails. It is about the

powder with skiers loving it. At

Perisher had Blue the temps dipped

over nite so the cover is nice. At

Wellson Snow fields you can access

100 percent of the mountain.

Crossing to Victoria, at Falls

Creek, they are saying it is fantastic with low temperatures and

light wind, Shadow Ridge the pick.

At Hotham, Twilight Zone the At Hotham, Twilight Zone the best.

The trails the great with Shaky

Knees the best. With the great

conditions now is to time to take

the holiday and take to the hills

especially with a good dose of

spring snow in the forecast. Thank you, Fiona.

Firstly to breaking news now and

the girlfriend of NRL star Greg

Bird has failed to get an AVO

against him dropped. Katie M

iglligan because allegedly glassed in

in the face by him last month. The

scars were still visible this

morning in 41 of a snaep court. He morning in 41 of a snaep court. He

remains suspended from the Cronulla

Sharks. Broncos's stars Karmichael Sharks. Broncos's stars Karmichael

Hunt, Sam Thaiday, and Darius Boyd

have been named in a team to take

on Melbourne in a semifinal. The

three have been interviewed by

police over an alleged sexual assault

assault in a nightclub toilet. At

bronchbrong's training it was

business as usual for Karmichael

Hunt, Sam Thaiday, and Darius Boyd.

Am I disappointed? I'm here to took

about the footy, guys, it is

obviously a big story but they have,

you know, at this stage, they are you know, at this stage, they are

innocent so I'm not going to buy

into talking too much about the

whole issue. Broncos's management

says it won't discuss the case

until police complete their investigation. It could take

another two weeks. Come along another two weeks. Come along to the Broncos's match this weekend,

the full team will be playing,

please, don't start making

judgments about what happened until

we, until the police finish their

investigation. Brisbane's opponent,

Melbourne with worries of their own,

how to get over Sunday' stunning

loss to the Warriors. If we don't

learn our lessen from that game, we

shouldn't go to Brisbane. The

Roosters arrived in Auckland ahead

of Friday's show down with New

Zealand. Their coach not surprised

by the Warrior's success. The true

believers, the semis finals and the

sort of football they play they can

beat anyone. In breaking AFL news, beat anyone. In breaking AFL news,

Geelong has just ruled out Paul

Chapman from Friday's night

preliminary final against the

Bulldogs. The 26-year-old unable

recover in time from a hamstring

strain. Not much has gone wrong for

the defending premiers edging

closer to a title defence but for

Paul Chapman, a niggling hamstring

let him down against in the

qualifying and now it is set to

keep him out of action until grand

fine day. The club today ruling him

out of the Friday night clash out of the Friday night clash

against the Bulldogs. His place

likely to be taken by James Kelly. Injuries

Injuries had hurting all four

finalists. Adam Cooney was a big

name missing yesterday, he is

nursing a knee-related flew. He is

home with a virus and a bit of knee soarness,

soarness, but he will be playing on

Friday night, 100porousgon. For a change Luke Ball hit the training

track yesterday, he is desperate to

play in Saturday night pfg

blockbuster against the Hawks but after

after six weeks he seems highly

unlikely. The medical team and the

match committee will make a call.

So a bit to go through. Hawks is

not fairing better, Chance Bateman

left training yesterday after

rolling an ankle. He rolled the

ankle, had it restrapped, no point

in reaggravating it. He will be

reassessed. He will be nursed

through to Saturday night but is

expected to play, Trent Croad

another touch and go after failing

to front at training. Teams are announced

announced to mean. Tim Sullivan has

written himself into Australian

Paralympic history winning his 10th

gold medal, on his third birthday he

he was part of the men's 4 by 100

metre relay team that charged home

for a stunning victory. Wonderful

performance by Sullivan to break

the record and give the team the

gold! Gold also for Australia in

the men's wheelchair basketball,

the Rollers defeating Canada 72 to

60. Adam Gilchrist has told the

Indian media the Australians will

trust the security experts for the

upcoming test tour. A number of

deadly bomb attacks has threatened

the tour but Australia have

committed after a security review.

That is what cricket Australia do,

they speak to the department of

foreign affairs and trade and we

get advice from them. As players,

you just trust the experts in the

area. Australia pulled out of the

tour of Pakistan because of

security fears and also withdraw

from the Champions Trophy for the

same reason. Andrew Symonds has

spoke frn the first time since his

axing from the national team. He

won't tour India but wants his

place back in the side. From here,

I have got to make a go of it,

behave properly and perform as a

person, not only a cricketer. He

was expelled from the Australian

squad for missing a team meeting in Darwin earlier this month.

Thousands of fans are lining the

streets of Melbourne to welcome

home Australia's Olympic heroes but

there are claims the city is being

snubbed by high-profile athletes.

Ben, it is said to be a big crowd

gathering but there are famous

faces who won't be appearing? Yes,

good morning, all the talk down

here among the fans is about

Stephanie Rice, Australia's golden

girl has chosen not to take part in

Melbourne's parade, it is believed

she is on holidays in highland but

heshifts will appear in Brisbane

later in the week. Her former

partner Eamon Sullivan is also not

here and another famous swimmer and

home-town hero Grant Hackett is

listed by officials as marching but no-one has seen him. Disappointment

for the local fans. Who are the

fans looking forward to seeing

then? Well, there is still

certainly plenty of champions from

the Beijing campaign. Another

locling favourite is Steve Hooker

who won gold in the pole vault, he

is going oob here. Emma snow sl,

the champion triathlete won gold,

and members of the Opals, the

silver medal- basketball team.

Interstate, the parade moves to

Adelaide tomorrow and Brisbane on

Friday. Of course, all the

highlights of today's fantastic

parade in the five o'clock

bulletins. Thank you, Ben Lewis

joining us from Melbourne's welcome home

home parade, stay with us, the

weather news when

(CRICKETS CHIRP) (QUIRKY MUSIC) (MAN SINGS IN FRENCH) There's an easier way to give your cat the ultimate dining experience - Fancy Feast. With over 40 nutritious, mouth-watering meals on the menu she deserves nothing less. Final check of the morning

headlines, the US Federal Reserve

is preparing an 11th-hour rescue

package for the world's largest

insurer. AIG has been pushed to the

point of bankruptcy, adding to

another volatile night on Wall

Street. Fresh concerns about an

every day plastic product found in

products like baby boughtmals. A

new major US study has found it

could be the cause of health

problems like cardiovascular

disease and diabetes. And Melbourne

resident having to evacuate their

homes have had their rates eased

but it has eased their concerns

little as the council voted down

$1.4 million in assistance. Over

cast conditions for brist, Sydney

and sunny conditions, rather in

Sydney and Canberra. Melbourne, a

late shower or two, a warm day on

the way for Hobart, the chance of rain

rain for Adelaide, Perth, wind and rain

rain and sunny for Darwin. Looking

ahead to Friday's forecast and

sunny in Sydney and bridz, tops in

the mid to high 20s, reaching 22 in

Canberra, the chance of rain in

Melbourne and Hobart. Wet

conditions for Perth and 33 for

Darwin. An online shopping invasion

is set to shake up Aussie retailers

as a US department store giant

moves in selling in Australian dollars.

The Aussie market is probably one

of the markets left in the world

that hasn't actually been tapped

into correctly by Internet shopping in the