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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. a Greek church charged Two men linked to with hundreds of sex offences who thought they were cursed. against women that nobody would believe me. At the time I thought and stepfather Police charge the mother

in a house in the Blue Mountains. of eight children found for the family of Dianne Brimble. A light at the end of the tunnel but we are not there yet. We are getting close in a major revamp of the SCG. And three new grandstands once-in-a-lifetime opportunity This is a to try and improve the facilities.

Good evening. over a bizarre sex assault case Two men have been arrested the Greek Orthodox Church with links to of evil spirits and curses. and involving claims this afternoon. One man has faced court of more than 200 offences Between them, they're accused involving two women. been following the strange story. Reporter John Kerrison has John what are the details?

He saying he if if she likened to

that the two men

Were interviewed at length by

police this morning. The 61-year-

old was taken to a loss for the

suffering chest pains. The 31-year-

old was denied bail this afternoon

in court. in Dulwich Hill and Enfield Police began their raids this morning. to search the place. We've got a warrant from the Greek Orthodox community The target, two men women in bizarre prayer rituals. accused of sexually assaulting these female victims These persons have told under the spell of the evil eye. that they had been cursed and were leaders allegedly claimed One of the self-styled spiritual he could speak to angels. Bastards! they were taken to hotel rooms The victims say all to ward off evil spirits. blindfolded and assaulted - come to myself and my family. I did believe that harm would $1,000 for each session, The women allegedly paid up to were being removed. convinced that evil spirits committed on these women These sexual assaults have been they've suffered only because of the terror under this curse. by believing that they were nobody would believe me. At the time I thought quite difficult to believe I myself found it fallen victim to these people. that I had actually be out there Police say other alleged victims may to come forward. and are appealing for them

If the 61-year-old is still in

hospital. We understand police are

tonight. hoping to formally charge and later

the mother and stepfather Police have arrested and charged abandoned at Katoomba yesterday. of the eight children who were found now in the care of DoCS The children are while authorities try to untangle the family has been facing. some of the problems

mother and stepfather The hunt for the children's came to an end just before lunch, to Katoomba police station. the couple arrested and taken They face a range of charges, two children under seven to danger, including abandoning and exposing for the other children. plus neglect and failing to care The Department of Community Services house on Tuesday. called police to the Blue Mountains aged between 3 and 15, They found the children, living in atrocious conditions. Nine News has been told DoCS on a number of occasions locals and school staff had notified with the family, but it's claimed that there were problems that the dog wasn't being fed it took a report to the RSPCA before action was taken. children suffers cerebral palsy. It's understood one of the youngest splitting their time The eldest had been siblings and going to school. between caring for their younger were obviously not in place The services identifying these issues that should have been children much earlier than this. and providing support for those of National Child Protection Week. The case comes in the middle a staggering 35,000 children Statistics show every year. suffer from child abuse and neglect absolutely unacceptable This is just is necessary to stop it now. and we need to do whatever

enough and courageous enough We've all just got to be brave step in and offer that support. to say, "The kids come first" and

Simon Bouda, Nine News. of a house in St Johns Park Police have scaled the fence smashing through the back door. in Sydney's south-west, Police! Search warrant!

a hydroponic set-up Inside, they uncovered worth at least 140,000. and more than 70 cannabis plants Police arrested a 29-year-old man out the front door. as he tried to escape

with drug cultivation. He has been charged there's still a long way to go Dianne Brimble's family admits about her death on a cruise ship in the fight to find the truth six years ago. against three men, With charges to be laid

their long battle for justice. family members have spoken about to Dianne Brimble's life, The men who were central to express their feelings coming together that after six painful years, three men will stand trial ship the 'Pacific Sky'. over her death on the P&O cruise

is, "How would you feel?" The question the family would say in the middle of this. We are still very much

but we're not there yet. We're getting closer of manslaughter Mark Wilhelm faces a charge with the date rape drug fantasy. and of supplying her investigation. prosecuted for hindering the Letterio Silvestri will be So will Ryan Kuchel. was found in their cabin Mrs Brimble's body

on the first night of the cruise. months of sordid headlines Her son Sebastian has had to endure

about how his mother died. and speculation

to get up every day for six years No person in the world would want to their own children and have to answer may or may not have died. how their mother When Mrs Brimble died, with David Mitchell. she was in a long-term relationship actually still stand here and say, It astounds me that I can whether it be P&O or anyone else, "I would not hop on a cruise, "until I feel safe for me or my family to board." P&O says it has completely changed the way it does business. No more party or schoolies cruises and among security measures - 500 cameras aboard one ship alone.

Mark Burrows, Nine News. Only a week in the job and Premier Nathan Rees has sacked another one of his team. Noreen Hay has been dumped from her position as a parliamentary secretary. Mr Rees says it has nothing to do with the scandal surrounding disgraced ex-minister Matt Brown. Today as the Premier was touring Sydney hospital he admitted

the job's going to get tougher, conceding Labor will struggle at tomorrow's council elections.

The people of NSW will make us take our medicine and I suspect the first dose will be tomorrow at the local government elections. The polls open at 8:00am and voting is compulsory. NSW school students have come out on top in the country's first national tests. Our students in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 came in well-above the average in spelling, writing, reading, grammar and numeracy. It's a testament to our teachers, it's a testament to our principals doing so very well and it's a testament to our kids. The education union says more needs to be done to help struggling students. The figures are staggering - nearly 23,000 Australians are affected by traumatic brain injury and many of those injuries are the result of violence. They're the findings of a new report which also lists football as the most dangerous sport. James Nutt was assaulted after a football grand final five years ago. The 24-year-old can no longer walk and damage to his brain has caused speech problems and depression. It's pretty much changed my life, being in hospital for so long. James is on a disability pension and for 2.5 years he's had to live in a nursing home. A new report reveals assaults cause one in seven cases of brain injury in Australia. Falls and motor vehicle accidents top the list. The peak groups are young males, and then there's another peak group among older people.

The report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare also reveals the most dangerous sports. Football heads the list, with nearly 900 people suffering brain injuries in one year alone. That's followed by:

People should use the appropriate protective equipment and for a number of sports and recreational activities that would include helmets. There has been no downward trend in the number of injuries in nearly a decade. The study's main author says that's the most disappointing part of the report. James wants to warn others of the consequences. He says excessive drinking is also to blame. I did that and I wish I never did now. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. The Sydney Cricket Ground Trust has revealed plans to demolish and replace three grandstands at a cost of $124 million. It would add another 2,700 seats, but the Trust says the revamp shouldn't bring any increase in ticket prices. They're some of the most sought-after seats in the ground and the SCG Trust says they're about to get a lot better. Facilities that were built some 70 years ago just need to be updated. The M.A. Noble, Bradman and Dally Messenger stands are to be demolished and replaced. The Trust says the removal of pillars will improve sight lines

and the seats will be more comfortable. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try and improve the facilities. And the $124 million opportunity won't increase ticket costs. Ticket prices are set by the Sydney Swans and/or by international cricket,

not by the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust,

Capacity is to go up by 2,725 seats

and the area of play for AFL games will be extended by three metres. It's a good thing because you're playing on a larger surface, which is similar to the other AFL venues we play around the country.

Part two of a redevelopment plan, the final stage will be replacing the O'Reilly Stand. The only parts of the SCG that will remain untouched are its most recognisable features - the Ladies and Members Pavilions. The thing that I like about the SCG, is it's a great combination of the old and the new. One potential worry for cricket fans - there's no guarantee the Don's name will remain. It is far too early to speculate on what will happen to the name of the stand. Jodie Noyce, Nine News. In the news ahead - thousands stranded as a fire in the Channel Tunnel causes travel chaos. Rapper Kanye West in big trouble after attacking a photographer. for bargains like 20% off kids' and babies' clothing,

Those controversial billboards which promise longer-lasting sex, She's the runaway star of the US election campaign. Today, the Republican vice-presidential contender Sarah Palin faced her first televised interview, giving her views on foreign policy on the same day America was paying tribute to the victims of September 11. The presidential candidates put aside politics to walk together today, to pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 victims of the September 11 attacks. There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about you. Despite the appearance of Barack Obama and John McCain here at New York's Ground Zero, all the talk in the political arena today was still on Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who gave a much-awaited television interview. Have you ever met a foreign head of state? I have not. That, it's believed, is her weak point - foreign policy. She knew they'd try to test her and she was ready. For example, she'd been in contact with the President of Georgia.

First off, we're going to continue good relations with Saakashvili there. I was able to speak with him the other day. The newcomer had done her homework. How about the Iranians? I believe under the leadership of Ahmadinejad, nuclear weapons in the hands of his government

are extremely dangerous to everyone on this globe.

Up in Alaska, the old-boy politicians found out the hard way that she not only talks tough, she IS tough. I believe America has to exercise all options in order to stop the terrorists. We have got to have all options out there on the table.

Peter Stefanovic, Nine News, New York.

A fire inside the English Channel tunnel has caused a back-up of hundreds of trucks and created massive disruption for European travellers. The fire started in the Channel's freight tunnel, when a semi burst into flames. The truckies and train crew were evacuated via the central service tunnel, but six people have received hospital treatment for smoke inhalation. The passenger trains use a separate tunnel, but the whole operation has been shut down and services may not resume until tomorrow morning. Rising surf has begun to eat away at parts of the American gulf coast, Under the grey hoodie, this is the rapper Kanye West, going on the attack against a member of the paparazzi at Los Angeles airport. His bodyguard, in the red jacket, tried to destroy their victim's camera.

Then, the bodyguard went for a video cameraman

who was recording the clash.

West and the bodyguard were both taken away for questioning by police, but prosecutors then released them, saying they are still deciding what charges the men should face. Coming up shortly -

Kylie's massive pay day with a private performance in Dubai. But next, Ken joins us from the Sydney Football Stadium. It's all set for the NRL finals. Mark the Roosters take on the Broncos and we'll speak live to Brad Fittler after the break. Also, the Wallabies chase redemption against the All Blacks tomorrow night. MACHINERY WHIRRS It's legendary tough. You can't beat finals time and it all begins here at the Sydney Football Stadium tonight, with the Roosters taking on the Broncos. They finished fourth and fifth on the ladder, the Broncos slight favourites with the bookies. Nine's league reporter Danny Weidler joins us now and with him is Roosters coach Brad Fittler.

First of all Freddy, plans for

joining us and so close to kick-off.

Are there any late changes? Know

there are no late changes. We saw

yesterday running upstairs looking

for spies and the ground, is this

coaching staff getting duet finals

time to make it makes you crazy

this job. Night, it was a bit of

fun. I don't think so, we have been

really confident and well have done

this week. Brisbane Broncos get all

the wraps, how much have you talked

about their forwards? They have

played a good role in their team.

Wendy Brisbane Broncos play well,

it is their forwards that win them

the match. Who was going to step up

clear tonight? Hopefully they all

do but I think third our forwards

need to really do the job. Thanks

for joining a so close to kick-off.

That's all the latest confirmation,

there will be a crowd of around

20,000 or 30,000 people. And tonight's just the start of a huge weekend of finals football. there's a blockbuster at Brookvale tomorrow night when Manly hosts St George Illawarra. An upset is on the cards

but a lot will depend on who plays five eighth for the Dragons - Ben Rogers or Jamie Soward. Rogers, the mid-season recruit from Souths or the point-scoring machine Soward, that is question which has been doing the rounds. It was even put to Manly's five-eighth Jamie Lyon at Eagles' training. Soward is a bit quicker. Both left foot, both good passing game They can be hot or cold so I reckon they're pretty similar. Dragons' coach, Nathan Brown, wasn't giving anything away. At least Sowie is fit again. He brings different things to the team than Ben Rogers does. Rogers needed treatment after this accident last week but Nine News understands he will keep his position in the team.

His service to centres Mark Gasnier and Matt Cooper gives him the edge. The man charged with marking Gasnier is Eagles hit man Steve Matai - he says he won't rush out of the defensive line to belt Gasnier. He's got great footwork and a great fend so if we rush up on him he's definitely gonna put one on me and I'll look stupid so I think it's just getting up in his face

and cutting his thinking time down. And the Raiders landed in Sydney this afternoon, their star player all season long has been Terry Campese. The Raiders number six, earning high praise from Sharks and Australian coach Ricky Stuart. Along with my player Issac de Gois I think those two boys are the most improved football players in the competition. Kiwi-turned-Aussie Robbie Deans can help the Wallabies reclaim their first Tri-Nations title in seven years tomorrow night against the All Blacks in Brisbane. On the eve of the decider, a big boost for Australia with flanker Rocky Elsom cleared to play. It would take more than a virus to keep Rocky Elsom out of a Tri-Nations decider. In a reshuffled backline - Stirling Mortlock moves to inside-centre and if Matt Giteau gets injured, may also fill in as five-eighth. Fitting then, that today the skipper presented jerseys to Australia's schoolboy team. Back when I was their age I'd only played ten, so I played a season of Colts in ten, so it's been a while.

but hopefully it's like riding a bike. A sell-out crowd plus perfect weather forecast tomorrow. Even the Wallabies arch rivals acknowledge it should be the game of the year. Rugby in general couldn't get a better occasion. It's sudden death for the Sydney Swans tonight against the Western Bulldogs at the MCG. Looking relaxed, they kicked around in Melbourne today, confidence high after last week's win over the Kangaroos. A crowd of around 50,000 is expected. The winner to play Geelong next weekend for a place in the Grand Final. Andrew McKinlay, Nine News. Spinner Bryce McGain is poised to become Australia's oldest test debutante in almost a quarter of a century on next month's tour of India. Ricky Ponting returns from a wrist injury fellow spinner Jason Krejza, McGain and Victorian paceman Peter Siddle are the surprise selections, while Shane Watson replaces fellow all-rounder Andrew Symonds. Aged 36, McGain was the stand-out leg-spinner in state cricket last season. He's now likely to be our oldest test rookie since 38-year-old Bob Holland in 1984. My age and that aside, I hope to do this not just for one Test but hopefully for a few years to come.

Three more gold to Australia's swimmers at the Paralympics last night, Matt Cowdrey, Peter Leek and Rick Pendleton winning their respective categories of the 200m individual medley. And today, two more gold medals - this time on the track. Evan O'Hanlon sprinting to victory in the 100m. Then five minutes later, Lisa Macintosh repeated the effort she last won Paralympic gold at the Sydney games. To finance and after a volatile week, the stockmarket bounced back today. The All Ords gained 85 points. Banks and resources led the way. The dollar is back above 80 US cents. Kylie Minogue was listed as our second highest showbiz earner earlier this week and she could be well on the way to taking the number one spot. She's about to be paid $4.5 million to sing at a party in Dubai. Kylie will be the headline act at the $35 million opening of Atlantis Hotel on the island of Palm Jumeirah. It's expected to be the most expensive party ever staged. After the break, Mike Bailey with the weekend weather details. tonight's viewer photo shows a gathering storm over Botany Bay. Coming up on WIN News... A man charged with murdering two people fronts court, A Chisholm street blocked off as the bomb squad investigates a garage fire, And the Raiders wrap up preparations ahead of tomorrow's semi final. Details next.

Yes, Mark, we're heading into Sydney's warmest day since April. And today provided a preview. It was rather cold early, with the city minimum 2-below average. But, temperatures reached 23 degrees 3-above average and up to 26 in the west. Freshening northerlies will push figures even higher tomorrow but winds will become very gusty. A severe weather warning is current for the south-east and a severe thunderstorm warning for the north-east. Storms have developed over western Queensland thanks to a trough gathering tropical moisture. It's also building over inland NSW and there've been storms as far south as Tasmania. Showers and thunderstorms will be widespread tomorrow with heavy falls likely about parts of the inland. A front will also bring showers further west. A shower or two in Perth, late showers for Alice Springs and Adelaide. Possible afternoon showers in Canberra. Fine at first in Sydney, but the chance of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm. Winds will freshen. there is a strong wind warning for coastal waters south of Cape Byron. Winds will reach 25-30 knots offshore from Sydney, seas rising. Winds will ease later on Sunday. Expect a milder night and temperatures tomorrow will preview summer.

Tipped to reach 28-29. Windy with showers and possible thunderstorms on Sunday and temperatures a bit lower.

Why not take a picture of your suburb and email it for us to use in Nine News. and we might get some good pictures from this weekend's weather. And that's Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hhave a great weekend. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia showers. Twenty-three degrees. Tonight ... A Queanbeyan man charged with a double murder in Downer appears in court. An ADFA Cadet sentenced to six months jail, after killing his friend in a car crash.

And, the stage set as the curtains open on Floriade 2008. Good evening, A Quenbeayan man charged with murdering two people in a Downer home on Wednesday night, before setting it on fire appeared in court today. Scott Alexander McDougall is