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(generated from captions) what did he tell you? Yes. From Eric Knowles, he told me it's worth about ?15,000. for him to have a look at and I brought a marble bust in today

when we had the conservatory built, ?15,000? And this was a gift? Yeah, look lovely in the conservatory. a friend gave us it, said it would how do you tell him? The question now comes up, And now it's worth ?15,000. so I know he won't mind. when I get home, but he's lovely, Oh, I'll come to that one he'll enjoy it. Yeah. I'm sure he's lovely, where those came from, there are many more Well, that's another Roadshow story, from Scunthorpe, goodbye. until the next time, living home alone Eight children found in the Blue Mountains. It was a very emotional situation, hugging the police. the young children were

caught with his pants down The State Government minister at a drunken party. his intentions clear Peter Costello finally makes on his future with the Liberal Party. nor will I accept, the leadership. I am not seeking, where students dob in the parents And the Sydney school if they break the road rules. Good evening.

of eight children We begin with the shocking case

in appalling conditions found living alone

in a house in the Blue Mountains. for at least two weeks. They have been there without adults for the parents. Police are now searching on Tuesday. Police were called to the house aged from 3 to 15. Inside, they found the children there was no food in the house. The children were filthy, to be identified raised the alarm. Concerned neighbours who asked not You've got eight children I was concerned. to take care of them. without a mother around It was a very emotional situation. were hugging police. The young children Locals say the children's welfare for some time they have been worried about they did nothing about it sooner. and feel guilty

very responsible. I felt, as a neighbour,

Why? was giving a toss about them. Because nobody else often seen wandering outside The younger children were in nappies and nothing else. and like... that no-one notices? For two weeks, they had no idea what was going on. Neighbours say These kids were living in squalor - with cigarette butts. the front garden is littered

in toys and rubbish. The back yard is covered

portraits of happier times. On the living room wall, A rottweiler was abandoned. Neighbours have called the RSPCA. of relatives under DoCS supervision, The children are now in the care continues. while the hunt for their parents on a number of occasions. We have worked with this family

I think it's disgusting. and loves their children How can anyone that has children just take off and leave them? It's gut wrenching, mate. on your own flesh and blood. You can't just walk out Simon Bouda, Nine News. In breaking news - has recommended the Director of Public Prosecutions cruise ship death of Dianne Brimble. three men be charged over the to be charged with manslaughter Mark Wilhelm is expected

and supplying a prohibited drug. Leo Silvestri and Ryan Kuchel Fellow cruise passengers perverting the course of justice will be charged with or hindering an investigation. on board a P&O cruise ship in 2002 Mrs Brimble died of the drug fantasy. from a fatal dose as Premier last week When he took over the soap opera Nathan Rees promised to end it's now taken a disastrous turn. but not only has the plot continued,

his new Police minister He has had to sack in his Parliament House office. for dancing drunk and near naked

Allison Langdon is at the House. can't take a trick It would seem this government no matter who's in charge. didn't need a scandal Mark, the Premier certainly but that's what he's got. so early in his leadership, at first denied the incident, The minister involved, Matt Brown,

but obviously the truth came out lied to, acted quickly. and Mr Rees, furious that he'd been It was his walk of shame. and contrite Matt Brown, A very embarrassed loyal family and friends supported by more than a dozen he'd do anything to erase. as he spoke of a night I made a mistake I am a human being, consequences of that mistake. and I'm going to cop the

just three days ago, Promoted to Police Minister following revelations today disgraced in just his very brief underpants he danced drunkenly office on budget night, at a party in his parliamentary three months ago. During that celebratory night not befitting a minister. I behaved in a manner in the corridors of Parliament For months, it was whispered about only last night, but the drama unfolded

his new Police Minister when the Premier contacted any truth to the allegations. demanding to know if there was I said - I was very clear to him. you have to tell me the truth, "Matt, and nothing but the truth, "the whole truth at a response to this "I get one go that you had me on - "and if it emerges later "it's tears before bedtime." anything untoward had occurred. But Mr Brown lied, initially denying and he was forced to confess. But there were witnesses

he'd been untruthful to me On the basis and the Government's on the line, and put my credibility on the spot. I demanded his resignation to duck or weave this issue, I'm not wanting this is a pretty tough day for me. as you can imagine strenuously refute claims Mr Brown did however a sex act on fellow MP Noreen Hay, he had pretended to perform in front of her teenage daughter.

they did not happen. They are lies, they are not true, after radio interviews today, Ms Hay was gagged from a prepared statement. allowed only to read improper behaviour by Matt Brown I reject specific allegations about towards myself or my daughter. Mr Brown was never naked, She had originally claimed but later admitted she wasn't with her younger colleague for the entire evening. Suffice to say, by her own admissions,

her view of events are incomplete. Nothing has changed. Same Labor Party, same arrogance, same out of touch and that's why we've gone from soap opera to reality TV. Mr Brown's former wife and his son Isaac joined him today, so too did long time friend Ray Redgrave. That's the toughest thing anyone has to do. Stand up and be counted when you make a mistake. But others in his electorate of Kiama weren't so kind. Crazy, mad, stupid men. Got no sympathy for him, he's a dill. Ally, how is it that the Premier only found out about this three months down the track?

We have been asking the question

all day. At the time, Morris Iemma one he

one he called his ministers about

proper behaviour but Nathan Rees

said he took that as a general

warning. He knew about the party in

the office but that is at all he

knew about until last night. Now to Federal Politics - and the leadership turmoil in the Liberal Party. After months of speculation Peter Costello has declared he will not accept the top job even if it's offered to him. We're joined by our Political Editor Laurie Oakes and Laurie, does this mean it's now smooth sailing for Brendan Nelson? Mark, even though Mr Costello has made that very definite declaration,

it has done nothing to secure Brendan Nelson's position. The announcement is likely to open the way for a challenge by Malcolm Turnbull.

Peter Costello returned to Melbourne this morning from an economics conference in the US. Having at last closed the door

on any prospect that he might take over as Liberal leader from the hapless Brendan Nelson. I am not seeking, nor will I accept, the leadership.

Not even if there is an attempt to draft him. I can't be any more straight up and down with you than that. In an interview to be shown on '60 Minutes' on Sunday night, and in a newspaper preview of his autobiography, the former treasurer says he is sticking to the decision he announced when the Coalition lost office last November. I said, the day after the election, I will not run, nor will I accept the leadership. That is my position.

Dr Nelson reacted to the news with a broad smile and, with one potential threat to his leadership out of the way, was full of bravado. I will be continuing to lead the Liberal Party and I can assure you that I will take us through to the next election. That was also the public stance of his senior colleagues. Brendan will be now assisted by the fact that Peter has put an end to that speculation. I welcome his decision. It is now time for the rest of us to get on and shape a really strong Opposition. But the way is now clear for another potential challenger, Shadow Treasurer Malcolm Turnbull, to make his move. While there was a chance Mr Costello might want the job, Mr Turnbull held back. Some Liberal MPs believe there is a chance Mr Turnbull could launch his challenge

within the next two weeks, perhaps as early as Tuesday. With Dr Nelson's opinion poll ratings at appalling levels, pressure for a change is growing.

Mr Costello, meanwhile, can get on with marketing his book. and looking for a career outside politics. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. And you can see Ray Martin's full interview with Peter Costello on 60 Minutes this Sunday. There's been a surprise fall in the level of unemployment raising

questions about further interest rate cuts.

With more than 14,000 jobs created in August the jobless rate fell to 4.1% nationally - its lowest level since March. But NSW was the only State to record job losses. Unemployment rose to 4.9% here with more than 16,000 people now without work. there are more details tonight

about that terrible crash in Dural which killed 16-year-old Stephanie Evans. School friends have been receiving grief counselling while the learner driver is still in hospital and has not yet been interviewed by police. More flowers were placed at the scene of the terrible crash that claimed the life of 16-year-old school girl Stephanie Evans. Friends quietly paid their respects. She was always really friendly, really nice. I didn't know anyone that wouldn't like her.

Stephanie was killed on Tuesday night when the car driven by her friend and learner-driver Melanie Howe crashed on Coppabella Road. Melanie and her 14-year-old sister survived. Police say there was no adult in the car and speed was a likely cause. All three girls went to Pacific Hills Christian School where students are struggling with their grief. We are doing the best we can to really be there for them.

Stephanie was a very committed young lady. She was conscientious, she made friends easily. Police say they have no evidence to back up reports the young driver was boasting that night about driving at 200km/h. The father of the learner-driver Melanie Howe, told Nine News his daughter is a responsible young adult. He says she remains in hospital suffering deep depression

over the death of her friend. John Kerrison, Nine News. A street racer has pleaded guilty to manslaughter

over the crash which killed an elderly couple in St Mary's last year. 39-year-old Robert Borkowski has admitted he was racing at least two other cars

when he smashed into a station wagon killing Judy and Alan Howle. A date for his sentencing will be set next week. Another driver, Adam McDonald, also pleaded guilty to manslaughter earlier this year.

He will be sentenced in November. The so called Big Bang machine has passed its first test - successfully moving beams of particles called protons around the entire length of a 27-km circuit. The project leader counted down to the moment when a small flash indicated the beam had completed its first run.

..three, two... one, zero. Nothing... yes! Within a month the world's biggest scientific machine will be running beams in opposite directions at close to the speed of light setting up a head-on crash to create a mini Big Bang. They hope it'll reveal secrets

from the moment that time and the universe began. In the news ahead - the school where children dob in their parents.

The hunt for a thug who beat a kangaroo unconscious. And Pamela Anderson reveals plenty including the truth on those Michael Jackson rumours.

A horrific video of animal cruelty has appeared on the Internet and the RSPCA is appealing for help to track down those responsible. These are still images from a video which we have witheld because it is too distressing. It shows a young man kickboxing a kangaroo which could have been already injured. The animal is then knocked unconscious. Somebody who could go out and commit a heartless act like that and find it funny... I think there is something seriously wrong with them. The clip was posted in WA but the RSPCA says it could have been videoed anywhere in Australia.

A novel road safety program is being rolled out in the Manly area where students dob in parents who break the rules.

The children patrol the drop-off zones outside school to keep their mums and dads honest.

At Balgowlah Heights Public, there is a new breed of parking cop. How long has that blue Subaru been there? Year-five students armed with clip boards and stopwatches, monitoring parents dropping off and picking up their children.

OK, that guy is leaving. While that Dad dodged the stay safe rangers, others failed. You have nearly got five there, overstaying their two minutes. Mum Kathryn Henderson came up with the curb side crackdown. No names. We would love it, but no names. While the offending parents may escape the embarrassment of being publicly named and shamed, their misdemeanours are still tallied and splashed across the school's weekly newsletter. At Balgowlah, a new batch of stay safe rangers have been signed up and other schools in the area will join after the local council promised funding. This is a good idea.

It's come of nothing, it's come out of a school, and it's working and it's very practical. Road safety campaigners now want the program rolled out across the State, even though two years ago, the then roads minister Eric Roozendaal knocked it back,

I call upon the new Roads Minister. to look at it, look at it with a view to funding it across the State because it works. But some Balgowlah parents might beg to differ. So anything that keeps the traffic moving is good? But you are bout to get me into trouble. That's because you've been here too long. Absolutely! Damian Ryan, Nine News. Hurricane Ike has bid a brutal goodbye to Cuba causing severe flooding as it moves off into the Gulf of Mexico.

Many had to be rescued as the water engulfed their homes in the country's second direct hit from a hurricane in two weeks.

Haiti has suffered an even worse hit by four major storms the death toll there is close to 700. Meanwhile Ike is advancing on Texas where a million people have been been urged to evacuate ahead of the Hurricane's impact on the weekend.

The popular social networking website Facebook has had a facelift but it's not winning many fans. This was the old version. The new Facebook launched across the globe today uses tabs to give priority for new photos and messages. Thousands of members have already created online groups protesting against the new design. Some find it hard to navigate - others are even threatening to stop using the site. Facebook says the changes make the website

livelier and better organised for its 100 million members. Pamela Anderson was playing games on today's Ellen de Generes show, forced to guess the pictures of her former husbands and lovers. Ellen snuck in a picture of Michael Jackson, allegedly Pamela's latest special friend. I don't get it, does it start with an 'M'? OK.

Not true. While she denied any relationship, she revealed that Jackson wants her to appear in a music video. She also revealed more of herself doing a little turn in her bikini - something of a tradition now, nearly every time she appears on a live program. Coming up shortly, The Broncos and the Roosters play tag-team at training. Both coaches had bit to say, some of it with a bit of edge. While Freddy was on red alert when he though a spy was in their midst.

I'm out. Not necessarily, Steven.

I can still see options on the board. What I suggest... VOICEOVER: It takes a special kind of person to work at St George - one who always gives you the best service possible. St George - good with people, good with money.

VOICEOVER: The ACT election on October 18 is your chance to help shape Canberra's future. So if you've recently turned 18, moved to the ACT or changed your address, make sure you're enrolled to vote. If you're an Australian citizen, over 18, and not enrolled at your current address, from any post office, electoral office or the election's ACT website. Enrolment and voting are compulsory.

Rival coaches Brad Fittler and Wayne Bennett have had a crack at each other on the eve of the Roosters-Broncos clash tomorrow night. Fittler has questioned Brisbane's ability to perform in finals football, saying their record is not the best. The NRL's most laid-back coach was anything but that

when he spotted a spy at his training session today. Fittler confronted the mystery man, fearing he was passing on secrets to Wayne Bennett

but he was relieved when he found out the man in question was a Telstra worker. The Roosters coach showed he wasn't intimidated by the fact this is Bennett's 17th finals series. It is Fittler's first as a coach and he says the Broncos have problems at this time of the year.

They have only won 3 from the last 11 - not all that rosy up there. Fittler has played it smart in recent weeks - his mentor Phil Gould has helped with the team and they have recaptured their winning form and attitude. But Bennett has questioned the value

of introducing Gould at this point in the season. It is information overload. It becomes an issue then. At this time of the year I'm always kind of backing it off. not building it up. But Fittler wasn't fussed about Bennett's view on Gould. I don't really care, actually. Gould hasn't taken part in the preparation for tomorrow night's game and it is worth noting that he was only called in by Fittler at the request of Craig Fitzgibbon. The Broncos are concerned that Anthony Minichiello has made a successful return. And Bennett is hoping - his fullback Karmichael Hunt will respond. Anthony will bring the best out of him tomorrow night because he knows what a quality player Anthony is. He'll want to be showing him how good he is. Danny Weidler, Nine News. A disciplined effort in front of a hostile crowd helped the Socceroos take another step towards qualifying for the next World Cup in South Africa. Scott Chipperfield's goal gave Australia a vital 1-0 away win against Uzbekistan. The visitors called on plenty of heart against a proud football nation plus a partisan crowd

but Brett Emerton had home fans gasping. All soon silenced as Scott Chipperfield put Australia ahead. COMMENTATOR: Chipperfield - a goal for Australia! And the perfect start for the Socceroos.

Mark Bresciano blew a one-on-one chance to double that lead but escaped a penalty when he brought down his opponent. The 1-goal win, a giant step toward South Africa in 2010.

Four more wins guarantees us the world cup, but each game as it comes, and as you said - to beat Holland in Holland and then to come here and pick up a win as well,

just shows how far we've come in the last couple of years.

At the Paralympics, Australia's Katrina Porter claimed our only gold overnight, breaking the world record in the 100m backstroke. And Katrina Porter of Australia wins the gold medal. In the tandem sprint, Australian duo Ben Demery and pilot Shaun Hopkins

survived scrutiny after this crash with South Africa, only to be beaten for gold by Great Britain. Andrew McKinlay, Nine News. Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov is a major hit on YouTube

after turning up drunk for a major competition. Ivan had trouble getting his track pants off and then tying his shoe laces up, before launching himself at the bar, fuelled up on Vodka.

But it was a flame-out, Ivan jumped early barely getting off the ground, now he's for the high jump - facing a 1-year suspension. Ivan's excuse - a fight with his girlfriend and missing out on the Olympics.

To finance and ANZ has cut its fixed-rate home loans again. The bank says it is now reviewing credit card rates as well.

The stockmarket again fell heavily. Jaynie joins us after the break with all the weather details

tonight's viewer photo is from Robin Hicks of North Narrabeen. Coming up on WIN News... A man facing charges over a double murder in Downer overnight, Queanbeyan's mayoral candidates' pitch to the people. And a statue of Mal Meninga to be erected at Canberra stadium.

With turbo diesel power, alloys, air and all the comforts... ..too easy. New Mazda BT-50 Dual Cab.

Now here's Jaynie, with the weather. Mark, the spring weather is kicking in, no rain the last few days but help from last Friday/Saturday gave our catchments a boost of 0.7%. Heaviest was the Blue Mountains with 75mm. After yet another chilly start, it was our inland suburbs that felt the heat, temperatures in the low 20's.

The coastal suburbs?

You didn't quite get there with the early arrival of the sea breeze. We'll see what happens tomorrow. For the State, it was Broken Hill with the highest rain

5mm - their heaviest in two months. And there is more to come along with storms which will head towards the western slopes of the ranges

and eventually to the coast. Freshening northerly winds ahead of another front bringing southerly winds to the south-west later in the day.

A new front should bring some overnight rain to Perth.

Possible morning storms in Melbourne.

Sydney, some early cloud, fog in the west, and the wild surf easing. North-westerly winds turning north-east and freshening on the coast. If they turn too early we may not reach the forecast top of 23. Looking promising for the inland suburbs, 24/25 degrees. Very warm on Saturday possible storms especially in the far west.

Then Sunday rain more storms and a cooler 21. A reminder to grab your camera tomorrow, take a picture of your suburb and log onto: And for footy fans, the first finals of the NRL tomorrow night. Mark, we'll be clear of rain, temperatures around 15 for kick off.

That's the news for this Thursday - we'll leave you with pictures from our visit this morning to Westmead Public School where we think we've discovered a much better way to measure TV ratings. First of all, who actually watches the news on TV? Wow look at that! There were plenty of budding reporters with probing questions on how we put the news together. Great work Westmead Public. You can see more pictures on our website.

I'm Mark Ferguson, godnight.

Tonight ... A man in custody over a double murder in Downer overnight. The A-C-T's first prison officially opened, And Canberrans receive an impromtu spring shower in Civic.

Good evening, Police are still questioning a man over a double-murder in Downer overnight.

Emergency crews were called to a house fire, before discovering the bodies of a man and woman inside.