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give her whatever she needs... I will do whatever I can, and I will she has left. ..or wants with whatever time that she feels joy. And I will make sure the happiness she needs to feel. And that she feels I give you my word. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, the changing of the guard - deputy premier of New South Wales. Carmel Tebbutt to become the next I became a member of parliament I wanted to make a difference because to the community I live in. undercover police thrown into doubt The sale of drugs by by the High Court. They have to obey the laws. They enforce the laws.

mourn young actor Mark Priestley. And family and friends Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, Also, a fiery speech candidate Sarah Palin. from Republican vice-presidential with Sir Elton John. And Lily Allen hits a sour note in the evening. Now we reach a very special point You going to have another drink? ---- off, Elton. what a comeback! But heading the News at 5:00, to the Iemma Government front bench, Carmel Tebbutt is returning as deputy premier. thrown straight in the deep end

is also back from the wilderness John Della Bosca over the Iguanagate scandal. after being cleared joins us from Macquarie Street. State political reporter Kevin Wilde in like a white knight. Kevin, Carmel Tebbutt is riding Can she save the Government?

At the moment nothing can save the

government because they are behind

the polls and a way things are

going they will be defeated. But

many government members are glad

she is back because of her

intelligence, hard work and

compassion. She had a mixed

performance as community services

minister. One Minister is facing a

major demotion tonight - that their

health minister. The focus this

afternoon it was on the decision

about the new deputy premier. after quitting as a minister, Less than 18 months and will be second in charge. Carmel Tebbutt is back I became a member of parliament a difference because I wanted to make to the community I live in. to people's lives I want to make a difference to have the opportunity to do that and I'm honoured like deputy premier. in a senior position

As the exiting deputy premier, to fill the role, I couldn't think of anyone better so congratulations, Carmel. I think it's wonderful. Good on you. Thanks, John. as education minister Ms Tebbutt stepped down Nathan, to spend more time with her son, and helped the Government but a new school has helped him back into Cabinet. get one of their stars the work and life family balance Every working parent worries about be an issue for me. and, yes, that will always

18 months ago, At the time I made my decision, for a period of time, to step back to the back bench necessarily be forever, I said that it wouldn't I wanted to do. but this was something comeback is John Della Bosca. Someone else making a political education minister will end tomorrow He's happy his suspension as when he returns to the front bench.

have done a thorough job. The police and the DPP that I had done nothing wrong I always said to getting back to work. and I'm now looking forward education minister tomorrow Do you think you'll be or in another portfolio? They're matters for the Premier. to getting back to work I'm looking forward and supporting the Iemma Government, and my ministerial colleagues working with the Premier we deliver on the services to make sure that the people of NSW elected us to do. and the things

But she was only cleared yesterday

but the behaviour of the ex-wife is

again being cold into question. It

is a bizarre episode between the is a bizarre episode between the

opposition Leader and a deputy

opposition Leader. Brendan Nelson opposition Leader. Brendan Nelson

says he was physically threatened

and there was a dispute about his

attempt to help her with the

luggage. She was menacing in her

tone and walking very close to Dr

Nelson so I moved into the aisle

between them. Find out at

Her but it because the time he

The trouble is coming towards her

and a very rapid rate at the moment. proposed tax hike on luxury cars The Rudd Government's has been defeated in the Senate. hole in the Federal Budget, The rejection blows a $500 million now in the pipeline. with similar defeats

It was a close shave, but this $260,000 Audi in the luxury car tax. has escaped an 8% hike The first of the Government's tax bills

in a whiff of expensive exhaust. going down

33 ayes. 34 noes. in the negative. The matter's resolved voted with the Coalition Family First's Steve Fielding to defeat the tax rise. What this luxury car tax does, for tourism and also farmers. it puts up the price of cars for the Opposition, In an embarrassment nearly failed its blocking of the bill

missed the first vote. when the Liberals' Sue Boyce for the inconvenience I've caused. I'm sincerely sorry to the Senate of a reckless raid on the surplus. The Government accused the Opposition $555 million

to the Porche drivers of Australia which you have chose to provide as opposed to $555 million of Australia. for the public transport needs

we say that to Australian people. We are a party of low tax, Mr Speaker, They stand for big oil, fast cars,

and they stand for Bacardi Breezers. how hard it will be The vote dramatically shows

to get its legislation for the Government through the hostile Senate. is giving every indication Family First to also block the other tax measures. it will use its power of one not giving up on the luxury car tax. But the Government's the bill. Next week we will reintroduce we will attempt again Next sitting week to become responsible. to get the Liberals Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. has been farewelled 'All Saints' star Mark Priestley by hundreds of mourners at his funeral in Perth. The troubled young actor has been remembered as a remarkable talent. Through tears and prayer, they gathered to remember a life that ended too soon. Mark Priestley was just 32 when he died. His sister choked back tears through the first reading. Peace be with you, Mark. Mark Priestley's body was found on an awning outside a Sydney hotel last week. He'd suffered depression for some time. But today he was remembered as a loved son and brother, a thoughtful and caring friend and a talented actor. (ALL SING 'THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD') His death is also a stark reminder, though, by suicide every day in Australia. It's a staggering statistic that Kaylene Donohue knows too well. When I lost my eldest son, Terry, When I lost my eldest son, Terry, to suicide, it was a pain I never thought I was going to get over.

Sadly, it's a pain she endured twice more - her son Brad and daughter Tracy never recovered from their brother's death, few support services. at a time when there were They also took their own lives. Cindy Mills lost her daughter too.

Like Kaylene, she believes support for those left behind is crucial. I didn't know anybody affected by suicide, so I felt totally alone, even though I was surrounded by so many people. It's something the Salvation Army is determined to change. We can do something

and the fact we can do something - we must. The Salvos have set up Hope For Life, three programs to help prevent suicide

and support bereaved family and friends.

We say suicide prevention is everybody's business. Everyone can play a part and this is the message we want to get across to the community to help reduce the toll of suicide. Those distressed and needing help are encouraged to call the Salvos' HopeLine on:

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Angry ambulance officers have turned to the Industrial Relations Commission in the fight to get their jobs back. They're threatening strike action over the sudden decision to disband the highly specialised rescue unit. The State's highly trained rescue paramedics took a stand today, threatened with disciplinary action from Ambulance Service hierarchy if they respond to emergency calls. If those officers seek to do their job, they will be stood down or suspended or disciplined, and we think that is a recipe for industrial chaos.

What this rushed-through action has done is put everyone's lives in jeopardy. They refused to hand over the keys to their trucks but have effectively been wiped off the board by the State Government in just 36 hours. The crews will be added to the standard ambulance roster. They say their skills will be wasted

sitting in hospital ambulance queues. Every day we're turning up to work and we're getting things pulled from underneath us and morale is at an all-time low. After investing millions of dollars in the ambulance rescue since September 11,

the Health Department will now transfer those responsibilities to the fire brigade. The fire brigade at this stage don't have any vertical rescue capability in the south-west so any poor bugger that drives off one of those major bridges on the Hume Highway, guess where your vertical rescue is coming from - there's only one, well, two - one at Blacktown and there's one at Zetland, in Sydney. Late this afternoon the union called an urgent hearing at the Industrial Relations Commission to force negotiations with the Government. The Health Services Union will now sit down with the State Government, but if the negotiations turn sour, the ambulance service could strike as early as Monday. Tim Potter, Ten News. The young royals put on quite a show during their only official media outing in Sydney. Under the watchful eye of Crown Princess Mary, Prince Christian proved first and foremost he's a very adventurous toddler. Forget royal duties - when you're a toddler it's your duty in life to sneak off whenever possible. Dad soon caught up with Prince Christian to ensure he and his sister, Princess Isabella, could make their first official public display But as all toddlers know, you stick to plan.

So with ball in hand the young prince made another break for it before finally stopping for some official duties. Cheese! That's a big cheese for the cameras - a new word picked up after visiting his Aussie relatives. Their best souvenir from this trip... I think some great pictures of them together with their cousins and aunts and so forth. Christian in particular must be getting to a good age with his cousins. Yeah, they had such a wonderful time together. It was really very special. The little princess then happily stayed to chat, but not her brother. He's getting to that age where he's really going his own way. Christian! Christian! This time he returned in the arms of a security guard, back to Dad and ready to perform that other great duty in life - the toddler tantrum. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Brad Mcewan with a look at sport, Brad McEwan with a look at sport, with his team-mates. Yes, Lee spent a day with the Australian one-day squad in Darwin. And amidst his marriage break-up,

time out with fellow players for a kick in the park appeared to provide a boost for his spirits. We'll hear from Brett shortly on his immediate playing future. And Wendell's way - the Dragons good luck charm prepares to give the red-and-whites their shot at a top-4 finals spot. Also, Ron and Deb, we'll have the match that kept world number one Rafael Nadal on court until after 2:00am. Next, the industrial showdown over emergency rescue services. Plus, trains on the trouble-plagued Epping to Chatswood rail line finally put through their paces. And a high-flying daredevil finds out about the spills that come with those thrills. Boys. MAN: KFC's new Favourites Bowl. Carefully prepared layers of your favourite KFC flavours - Potato & Gravy, corn and breast fillet Popcorn Chicken... Oh! ..all in a delicious meal for one.

KFC's Favourites Bowl. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. # (GRUNTS) (RUMBLING) (ALL SCREAM)

VOICEOVER: With over 40 pieces in each pack, Extra in a bottle is perfect for the car, the home, or the office. Now available in Melon and Strawberry flavours. (PETROL PUMP RUMBLES) (UPBEAT PERCUSSION MUSIC PLAYS) You'll always find great value at McDonald's. Introducing the new Value Picks menu. With eight delicious items for less than $2.50, there's something for everyone to love. (McDONALD'S THEME) This program is captioned live. The State's secretive Crime Commission From a safe inside the State's Crime Commission, former senior investigator Mark Standen pulls bags of illegally imported cocaine. 7kg of the drug was then handed over to an informant as part of an undercover operation code-named Mocha. It was sold to high-level distributors but ended up on the streets of Sydney,

up to 100,000 doses which the commission knew would never be recovered. The operation resulted in more than a 20 arrests. But today, in a unanimous ruling, it was condemned by the High Court, which said the commission did not have the power to authorise it. If you enforce the rules you must obey the rules. The judges ruled the commission should have known the operation would involve a risk of seriously endangering the health Their own obligations tell them to protect public safety. Dumping a couple of kilos of cocaine on the streets does not do that. The ruling follows a legal challenge netted by Operation Mocha. launched by two of the men One, Gilbert Gedeon, is still awaiting trial.

Police with the manner insofar as a

result however it is before the

district court and we cannot

comment at this time. The one other

crime Commission Office for agreed

to talk today that they released a

statement saying it is a

complicated area. The Police

Minister is also reluctant to

comment but said he will kick at

the comments and say something

after he has had an opportunity. A Sydney court has been told model Caroline Byrne landed like a spear at the bottom of the Gap,

which experts say is unusual. Former police rescue sergeant Mark Powderly told the jury Miss Byrne's body landed head-first and was wedged between rocks a long way out from the cliff. It's alleged he threw her off the notorious suicide spot because she knew too many of his business secrets and wanted to break up. It's years late with a massive budget blow-out, but trains are finally running on Sydney's newest rail line. It will still be at least another six months, though, before the public will be able to use the Epping to Chatswood service. Trains are finally being tested on the new line that will help transport up to 12,000 more passengers. The $2.35 billion project is almost double its original cost

for about half the distance. But the retiring Transport Minister says it's worth it. There was a cost increase, almost absolutely down to the increase in price of building material and skills shortages in rail work around the world - that's what fuelled that increase. It's been a troubled project, though, with track gluing problems and the steepness of the underground tunnel ruling out all but the oldest trains from using it. New carriages to be rolled out in two years time will also be capable of tackling the tunnel. Now final checks are under way to make sure nothing else goes wrong. It is a significant step with these trains now running on the track regularly

to ensure everything is as safe and reliable as it possibly can be. Construction is almost reaching the stage of putting the finishing touches. Here at Macquarie University station, the plan is to have it open to passengers - university students - by the end of February. By that stage, it will be almost three years late. Who'll open the new line is anyone's guess. Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

The jester's you predicted it has

gone back to winter. More on the

way tomorrow and there was four mm

in the catchment area. 100

millimetres at Seal rocks and that

is and 90 year record for September. You're

You're the kids from a primary

school. Tonight you were sleeping

in her next at Darling Harbour

because you are very very excited.

Excited! Summer pause for your

teachers. Tomorrow - 16 degrees will feel like winter. Next, talking tough - the Republican candidate for vice-president introduces herself. I love those hockey mums. You know they say

the difference between a hockey mum and a pit bull - lipstick. And Lily Allen hits a sour note with Sir Elton John. Now we reach a very special point in the evening. You going to have another drink? ---- off, Elton. So the Australian Football Committee invented a way to make it more exciting. (CHUCKLES) They called it September. It started off with modest crowds that rapidly grew over the years. And today, well, it's the biggest month in the calendar. As for what happens next... ..history's coming. (CROWD ROARS)

Time to check the traffic now of.

It's all gone strange in the north.

A car broke down on the brick busy

intersection O'Brian's road. This

is where the breakdown was. You can

see all three lanes heading toward

North made a very slow. This is

towards North Parramatta. We will

take a look at the M3 and M2 later. An Australian soldier seriously wounded in a Taliban attack yesterday has been evacuated to Germany. The man is still listed as being in a life-threatening condition and will receive specialist treatment at a US military hospital.

Our prayers and thoughts are with he and his family and he's in the very best of medical hands. That means that he's got the best chance of survival. Nine Australians were wounded in the attack. But only three others are now listed as being in a serious condition in coalition medical facilities in Afghanistan. Sarah Palin, the woman hoping to be become America's first female vice-president has hit back at her critics in the most important speech of her political career. evangelical Christian's tough talk putting to rest doubts Republicans had about John McCain's running mate. Sarah Palin was nicknamed 'Barracuda' in high school for her fierce competitive nature. Now she's competing in the race of her life. I will be honoured to accept your nomination for vice-president of the United States. The little-known Governor of Alaska was a surprise pick by presidential nominee John McCain and her acceptance speech was her first chance to tell millions of potential voters why he did. The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull - lipstick. Pro-gun, anti-abortion and a Christian, the mother of five billed herself has a reformer. But controversy surrounding her private life,

including her 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy, threatened to overshadow the Republican campaign. Although if critics thought the 44-year-old was going to take the attacks lying down. they were wrong. I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this great country. As anti-war protesters threatened to disrupt her moment, the Governor shifted her attention to her Democratic rivals. When the stadium lights go out are hauled back to some studio lot and those styrofoam Greek columns when that happens what exactly is our opponent's plan? Even after tonight, there's much for Americans to learn about Sarah Palin and her policy positions. In the past she's said she doesn't believe global warming is man-made, doesn't think that sex education should be taught in schools but thinks teaching creationism is a good idea. The man who thrust Palin into the national spotlight emerged to join the celebration. we made the right choice Don't you think for the next vice-president of the United States? The convention wraps up tomorrow with Senator McCain accepting his party's nomination for president. In St Paul, Minnesota, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report, and the Australian share market finished the day lower, weighed down by the resource sector. Celebrities and free alcohol can be a dangerous mix,

as singer Lily Allen found out at an awards ceremony in London.

A few too many glasses of champagne earned the 23-year-old a very public dressing-down from co-host Sir Elton John. It's an award ceremony that salutes style and sophistication. And when Lily Allen arrived, she did indeed look the part in Dolce & Gabbana, ready to co-host the night with Sir Elton John and hopeful it might lead to other joint ventures. That would be lovely. Who wouldn't want to collaborate with Elton John? during the ceremony But judging from his face she can forget that. The problem was the free champagne was flowing and the 23-year-old singer was taking advantage. For 'GQ's Most Stylish Man.... Her fellow presenter persevered. Our next award is for the Woman of the Year.

That was me. Finally her 61-year-old co-host had had enough.

Now we reach a very special point in the evening. Are you going to have another drink? ---- off, Elton. You know what? I'm 40 years younger than you. I got my whole life ahead of me. (SCATTERED LAUGHTER AND CHEERING) I can still snort you under the table. Lily Allen then proceeded to put her foot right in it. And for the Comedian of the Year Award please welcome my very soon to be sister-in-law, Jaime Winstone. Unfortunately, actress Jaime Winstone's engagement to Lily's brother was supposed to be a secret. then? Where's the Elizabeth Duke diamond, Shut up, no-one's supposed to know. "Shut up, no-one's supposed to know," she tells Lily. The star, famed for her hit song 'Smile', perhaps grimaced when she woke with a sore head this morning. Nina Nannar, Ten News. A new conservation generation is leading the charge to save the planet. The eco-activists are proving age is no barrier to cleaning up the community. Come the weekend, there's no cartoons or couch surfing for these children. Instead, they're rolling up their sleeves to lead a community clean-up. Twins Freya and Imogen and brother Alastair are the founders of Planet Patrol, a youth eco-group aimed at children, tweens and teens.

Do you need help?

Over the past three years they've been running community working bees to regenerate degraded bushland in suburban Sydney. It's really good, because we get lots of emails from kids who are saying, "Oh, I'm concerned about the environment too." Planet Patrol's motto is "Kids educating kids". Their website teaches peers online and outside. to learn about the environment What do you know? A new planted tree. All we need to do is just put the water in and Bob's your uncle. Also inspiring her young peers Nicole Kuepper. is self-confessed green geek The 23-year-old University of New South Wales student is working on a cheap way to manufacture solar cells using an ink jet printer. If we can think of a clean, green way that we can allow people to have access to a reliable source of electricity that's actually affordable, I think we'll be able to make a real difference to people's lives. A new Landcare children's survey released this week found 96% are worried about climate change. We are so concerned about climate change, we think it's more important

than playing with our friends, watching TV or doing our homework. And they plan to take matters into their own hands. But maybe Australia will wait for me to do something about it. Emily Rice, Ten News. Still to come, we'll check how the snow is holding up now that spring has sprung. Also, the flight simulator that puts you in the pilot's seat of the new Qantas super-jumbo. And this is going to hurt - a high-flying thrill-seeker brought down to earth. Oh! Popcorn Chicken. Mmm. Oh, look, with Potato & Gravy. Mmm! Boys. KFC's new Favourites Bowl - your favourite KFC flavours in carefully prepared layers of Potato & Gravy, juicy corn and crunchy breast fillet Popcorn Chicken... Oh! ..all in a delicious meal for one. KFC's Favourites Bowl. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. # Look around you. There's everything you could imagine for a Father's Day gift. I wouldn't mind traditional gifts like socks and jocks. Just as long as they fill them with something from this tool shop I'll be more than happy. Easy reach weeder, $39.98.

Stanley screwdriver set, $9.97. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! #

Lowest prices are just the beginning. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - young Prince Christian shows he's quite a handful as the Danish royals step out at Sydney's Government House. It was the family's first official public outing on this Australian tour. Hundreds of fans, family and friends farewell Mark Priestley, the young actor who died suddenly in Sydney last week. He was remembered as a much-loved son and brother, a thoughtful and caring friend and a talented actor. And she's back -

Carmel Tebbutt returns from the back bench

to take up one of the most important jobs in the State. She is our next deputy premier, following the sudden resignation of John Watkins, who is leaving politics. Qantas pilots are being put through midair disasters and shocking weather around the world

to prepare them for the airline's newest jet. But the Airbus training is all being done without leaving Sydney, thanks to what's been dubbed the ultimate video game. From the outside, it's little more than a moving module on hydraulics. But inside the Airbus simulator, the A380 is being flown through snow storms at Heathrow and rain storms in Hong Kong. Half the runway in view. Land green. The simulator familiarises flight crews with the world's largest and most advanced passenger aircraft. Qantas has 20 A380s on order. The first flies into Australia later this month and goes into service in October. Captain Andrew Foxton says it's a great aircraft to fly but takes a little time to get used to. You had no comprehension we were taking off close to 400 tonnes, and manouevring the aeroplane going into and out of airports is quite easy. The simulator is a mock-up of the A380's cockpit. It's flown by what's known as the side-stick and there are six flight control computers. Pilots learn to handle every conceivable emergency, like explosive decompression, engine failure and aborted take-offs. Crews can be trained and also have an understanding, a concept and also an approach to that particular event if they should ever face it. This is the ultimate video ga with extraordinary realism. This is the ultimate video game, You feel the thrust of the engines and all the movement of the aircraft on take-off and landing. It's a virtual reality world, called up from a satellite-fed database. Here's London under a blanket of snow and Los Angeles on a clear day. John Hill, Ten News.

We had some lovely warm days to

start spring up. Didn't have any

impact on the snow? It's the best

impact on the snow? It's the best

spring skiing in four or five years

at least. A bit of rain didn't do

the damage we expected and a

dusting of snow overnight and now

it is six out of 10. There will be

bluer skies for the next few days

as Sydney is plastered by East

South leases and the snow will be

as good spot to be.

Sydney tomorrow will feel like winter

winter with 16 degrees and showers

and roaring south-easterly winds. The extreme sport of BASE-jumping isn't for the faint-hearted. Flying down a mountainside in a specially designed suit may be exhilarating but it's also very dangerous, as Norwegian daredevil Hans Langer discovered.

Jumping off a cliff in the name of sport - BASE-jumping - the ultimate in thrill-seeking pursuits. These astonishing pictures show jumper Hans Langer using an aerodynamic suit to fly right through a mountain pass in the west of Norway... ..diving towards the ground for as long as possible before opening his parachute. The plan was to open it when safely over the fjord, but it doesn't quite work out like that. (SHOUTS) These images, recorded by a camera mounted on his own helmet, show Langer's desperate fight to stay clear of the rocks... ..a fight he ultimately loses. (GROANS) It cost him a broken leg but he says he doesn't regret it, even the fact that mountain rescuers had to bring out a helicopter to take him to hospital. For people like Hans Langer, the sensation of flying for just a few seconds is worth all the risk. Damon Green, Ten News.

Sport now with Brad, and will Wayne Bennett get a little bit misty-eyed tomorrow night? That was the question posed today before his last regular-season game with the Broncos. His response at a rare pre-game media conference shortly. Also, the Dragons' good luck charm talks about the Rooster he fears most in tomorrow's top-4 decider. And just what Brett Lee needed - a kick in the park with team-mates provides a welcome respite from his marriage break-up. Crackers the Clown looks good. Hey, kids? Crackers the Clown! It sure is! Oh, my God. (KIDS SCREAM) (GRUNTS) And did you say an eight-year-old did this? Maybe you should get into shape. Can I help you? Crackers! Part of your community for over 80 years. You have a good day. You'll notice a delicious change at McCafe right from the very first taste of our stronger, smoother coffee made from Rainforest Alliance certified beans. So come into McCafe and try the delicious Rainforest Alliance blend yourself. This program is captioned live. The NRL judiciary chairman has just announced

Warriors fullback Wade McKinnon will not be granted leave to appeal his 3-match suspension for spitting. Meanwhile, Dragons winger Wendell Sailor fears embattled Rooster Willie Mason will burst back to form in tomorrow night's blockbuster at the SFS.

Wendell Sailor's seen enough of Willie Mason to know when the big man is stirring, and he's not expecting any love from his sometimes holiday buddy. One thing I know about Willie is when you bag someone of his calibre there's only one way to respond, and that's having a big game. Last weekend Mason made just 76m in attack and missed six tackles. I just don't think Willie's playing as bad as everyone thinks he is and I certainly don't think he's overrated, because there's not too many overrated players who win Clive Churchills, who win Origin matches and who win man of the matches in Test matches. So, look, I'm fearful of Willie. But the Roosters should fear 'Big Dell'. He's won 12 from 12 at all levels since returning to league. And we're all hopeful, as we said last week, he can keep going on the merry winning way.

Sailor's last game at tomorrow's venue was with the Waratahs in 2006. It ended with a positive drugs test. I've got some good memories from playing at Aussie Stadium I was there but I think the last time against the Brumbies. it wasn't real good after the game I certainly went on my little holiday after that. In a crucial Friday night of football the Dragons need to beat the Roosters and hope Newcastle beat Brisbane to get themselves a home final. And that would mean Wayne Bennett finishes a loser in his final game as Broncos coach at Suncorp Stadium. While others may get misty-eyed, he's not telling if there'll be tears. Well, why don't you wait till tomorrow night? I can't pre-empt it. Last night, Warriors fullback Wade McKinnon was suspended for three matches for spitting at a touch judge. Newcastle's Matt Hilder was exonerated of his spitting charge. And there's a good chance

he could meet accuser Anthony Quinn on the field very soon. Hopefully, you know, we can come up against him in the semis or something and we'll get him back that way. Adam Hawse, Ten News. in a do-or-die elimination final The Swans take on North Melbourne at ANZ Stadium on Saturday night. Neil Cordy is at the SCG watching the Swans train. Neil, a couple of big names back for Sydney.

Certainly are. Adam goods is back

after a week and Ryan kif is back

after having the flu. Adam had a

groin complaint but the good news

is after a week's rest he kicked

eight goals. This one's will be

looking for more of the same on

Saturday night. Only 16,000 tickets

sold until last night. If there was

may I be running around in my car and

and Blacktown giving out tickets

out the window because if you

talking about bringing a second to a talking about bringing a second to

a mean you're introducing new

people and the first article would

bury you give away 20,000 tickets.

Who cares? If they're talking about

a second saying that's what I would

be doing but I am coaching and be doing but I am coaching and

don't have time to be throwing

around tickets. The Kangaroos will

arrive in Sydney tomorrow for their

first ever runner on the A N has

said Stadium at tomorrow after man. said Stadium at tomorrow after man.

It's the first time they will have

played there and all four. It could

be a real advantage for the swans. Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek has cashed in on his connections inside Dutch football to organise a friendly against the Netherlands before next week's World Cup qualifier against Uzbekistan. The Socceroos have set up camp in the Dutch town of Mierlo, the same town they stayed at before their tilt at the 2006 World Cup. There's a lot of familiar faces around here, familiar surroundings. It's a very good setting for a football camp.

There's nothing to do other than play football. The match kicks off at 4:30 on Sunday morning. Australian fast bowler Brett Lee says he's absolutely ready to return to cricket despite last month's split from wife Liz Kemp. The 31-year-old catching up with team-mates in a flying visit to Darwin. in a flying visit to Darwin A kick in the park with team-mates a welcome tonic for the fast bowler's spirits after the breakdown of his marriage. Lee had been granted permission to sit out the current one-day series.

I thought it would be a wise move to get out of Sydney and just come up here and spend some time in Darwin and see how the lads are going and, as I said, get back into the feel of things again. Direct questions about the split were off limits today, but Lee was more than happy to confirm he will be able to focus on the upcoming tour of India. Absolutely, I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait. For the quick, India represents unfinished business. The last tour we had there I was twelfth man for the four Test matches over there, so I've been looking forward to getting over there and taking the brand-new red ball again. So that's something that's been burning inside me for a long period of time now. It's uncertain whether team-mate Andrew Symonds will be joining him, after being sent home for disciplinary reasons from Darwin. I have been in contact with Andrew, but it's obviously a personal matter between him and Cricket Australia. But the thing that I can say as a team-mate, I would love him to see him back.

The Aussie touring squad will be named next week. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. Serena Williams has prevailed over sister Venus in an epic US Open quarterfinal. But the match will be remembered for the great Venus choke - any of her 10 set points.

In the men's, both Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal progressed to the semis. It was the 17th time the sisters have met on the WTA Tour, and despite having a number of chances to send the match into a deciding set, Venus buckled, losing 7-6, 7-6. COMMENTATOR: And it's long! The match lasted well over two hours, meaning Rafael Nadal's 4-set win over Mardy Fish went well into the early hours of the morning.

Later in Sports Tonight, the incredible story of Paralympian John Maclean, who'll make sporting history in Beijing by becoming the first Aussie to compete at five Games in five different sports.

Will check the traffic helicopter.

Some problems in Greystones

tonight? A smash on the Cumberland

highway near the Great Western

highway. The traffic goes all way

back to Maryland's road. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's weather forecast is next. Sharpen up your chances of winning with the Instant Scratchies Father's Day bonus. Buy a $5 Scratchie and get a free $2 Scratchie. Or buy a $10 Scratchie... Dad! ..and get two free $2 Scratchies. You could win a fortune. (Laughs) Wow, doesn't that look good? Mmm! Taste nice? (UPBEAT PERCUSSION MUSIC PLAYS) At 30 cents, Soft Serve Cones are back to 1993 prices on the Value Picks menu at McDonald's. Come in and try one today. (McDONALD'S THEME)

Into I have to say hello to a

friend - Melanie is an said George

Hospital and is a living years old.

I think she has Tim Bailey confused

with Homer Simpson. You will need a

green and a sense of humour about

tomorrow. You will want your money tomorrow. You will want your money

back. They say it's bring banner

will feel like winter when we are

ripped by rain and a mooring East south-easterly

south-easterly is and the sea rises

and puts on show. It will be 16 to

18 degrees. A possible shower

across Saturday and father stay. 19

degrees and hopefully clearing

shower on Sunday. The rain for the

past 24 hours at Seal rocks they had

had 100 mm it's a 90 years record.

Plenty of it falling north of

Newcastle. One mm to former

lawmakers in the catchment.

A cloud over southern Queensland

and off the New South Wales

generate widespread heavy rain and

thunder. A low wall form of the

east coast, causing strong winds

and heavy rain moving him to race

in New South Wales. Here is

predicted precipitation. Widespread

rain for northern and eastern New rain for northern and eastern New South Wales and south-east

Queensland. 20 mm to 50 mm in north Queensland. 20 mm to 50 mm in north of

Queensland. 20 mm to 50 mm in north

of Sydney. Tomorrow we have a wet

one on the way. Will be lashed by

onshore winds. The low wall sneak

down the coast and pump up the sea.

The swell could go to even five

metres. Let's hope it news 2 new metres. Let's hope it news 2 new Zealand quickly. from schools around the State The best performers from schools around the Sta are hitting the stage tonight, competing in the annual Rock Eisteddfod Challenge. Students from 10 schools spent the day rehearsing ahead of the open division grand final. Bomaderry High is performing a traditional Slavic fairytale about a a water nymph who falls in love with a handsome prince. More than 30,000 students across the country have entered this year. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Our third group of semifinalists have sung for you at home and now it's time for you to decide. So here are those performances and the numbers you'll need to vote. (SINGS) # Take me back to the sweet times, the hot nights # Everything is gonna be alright in the summertime... #

(SINGS) # I can't get no satisfaction... # (SINGS) # Running, running... # (SINGS) # Been mistreated # When will I be loved? # (SINGS) # "Come," said the boy, "Let's go down to the sand # "Let's do what we wanna do"... # (SINGS) # The way you love me is frightening