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(generated from captions) Old Boney's hooter - but because they've been on in the region of ?1,000. are probably worth somewhere Really? Really. Oh. to the office in future. Well, I won't take them here now Well, it's quietening down a bit the most amazingly busy day. but it really has been people came through the doors Someone worked out that 2,000 for our experts to consider. they brought more than 15,000 items and between them with the crossed eyes. They're the ones in Ipswich, goodbye. But for now, from the Corn Exchange BBC Broadcast 2005 Subtitles by Ed Hales E-mail us at This program is captioned live. Relief at last for home buyers

finally eases mortgage pain. as the Reserve Bank more industrial action Teachers threaten for two hours this morning. after shutting many schools and an inconvenience to families. Obviously it comes at a cost of spin-doctoring The Government accused to improve the news on our hospitals. better than ever. NSW hospitals are performing dodges New Orleans And Hurricane Gustav

the city's levees a shake. but still gives Good evening. was very welcome just the same - It wasn't exactly a surprise but it relief at last for home buyers an interest rate cut of 0.25%, mortgage payments. who are struggling to keep up with

of the Reserve Bank's announcement And within minutes to pass on the reduction. all four major banks agreed in Dundas Valley... At the Davis household What do you want? of Rosemary and Todd Fox. ..and at Kings Langley at the home and get dressed soon. You have to go up they were praying In street after street was about to cut interest rates. the Reserve Bank in another bank account, Just to be able to put a bit away keep it there for holidays that you want to do that's special and for things for the kids furniture. happy days! At 2:30 this afternoon...

at last some relief. After 12 consecutive rate rises, it's a saving of $17 a month. For every $100,000 Great! Hoping there is more to come

as tight as we possibly can. because I think we have pulled in And it seems the banks are listening. of the Reserve Bank's announcement Within five minutes all four major banks - and the Commonwealth - Westpac, ANZ, NAB in full. agreed to to pass on the reduction but within the next week. Not immediately, right thing to do at the moment, We've decided that it's the to our customers. to pass on that cut even further - by 0.3% - St George dropped its rate

with the big four. bringing into line And we actually look forward to further rate cuts into the future. being able to pass on in almost seven years - So, the first cut and the forecast - We are likely to see

before the end of the year at least one more interest rate cut pass that on as well and hopefully the banks will

some of the tightness and that should help to unwind

at the moment. that households are feeling Mark Burrows, Nine News. the Reserve Bank decision The PM has welcomed it is not a day for celebration. but says Kevin Rudd told Parliament took a long time to go up that interest rates to come back down. and they'll take a long time was rushed into Parliament The Reserve Bank statement seconds of hitting the wires. and handed to Wayne Swan within to the Prime Minister, The Treasurer quickly showed it not to crack a smile who must have found it hard but managed to stay serious. this will be the first time For 740,000 first-time buyers,

an interest rate cut. they have ever experienced the champagne bottles. Mr Swan was clearly ready to uncork celebrated by all in this house. It's good news that should be to party yet. But Mr Rudd said it was too early is welcome This interest rate decision

but it is not a day for celebration. ahead. There will be more tough times on being a party pooper. And Brendan Nelson was intent Is the Government interest rate cut with their job? having Australians pay for this that the leader of the Opposition I find it remarkable in interest rates. seems not to welcome this cut this might mean for his leadership. He's just worried about what did welcome the decision. Eventually Dr Nelson an interest rate cut It is good news that we're getting economy, rising unemployment but we're getting it with a slowing

and still high inflation. Labor MPs cheered the Reserve Bank move. when the Prime Minister announced faces a long battle But Mr Rudd cautioned that Australia and high inflation at home against interest rates and economic turbulence abroad. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. It could be a slow drive home across Sydney's west tonight for thousands on the M4, after a semitrailer jackknifed just after 4:00 this afternoon. smashing into a car for almost an hour Three west-bound lanes were closed for several kilometres. and traffic quickly banked up to hospital with back injuries. A woman in her 50s was taken for parents There may be more hurdles ahead with this morning's teachers' strike. who struggled to cope walking off the job They've voted to keep with the government. in their pay dispute Allison Langdon joins us pretty fired-up on this one. and Ally, the teachers are Mark, a big part of the problem is in just 6.5 years they've had six education ministers they're not being listened to. and they feel from the Government today, They didn't get any reassurance the strike described as pointless,

to students and their families. causing needless distress

with children at 9:00. Normally schools are bustling But not this morning. At Matraville Public, as this mother found out. there was no supervision until 11:00, Sent him to school today and, hello, got the phone call to come and pick him up - I didn't even know it was on. For two hours, teachers stopped work, voting to reject the Government's pay-rise cap of 2.5% and changes to the staff transfer system. I think it's important for parents to see we're united and we're very, very concerned. They also agreed to escalate strike action if need be. There's likely to be more industrial action in Term 4. The acting education minister says teachers still have four months left

on their current contract and negotiations over a new pay deal will begin in just over three weeks. I'm not going to engage in the megaphone theatrics of the federation

which is well known for carrying out these sorts of stunts. We're being insulted now but we're strong, we'll keep fighting. And with that, teachers and students returned to school. For working parents, this morning was a struggle. Obviously it comes at a cost and an inconvenience to families. But, overwhelmingly, they support the teachers. If you have to start work a couple of hours late, it's worth it to help the teachers. Ally, you mentioned there's more strike action to come. Mark, the teachers say they don't want to go down this path but they feel it's the only way of getting their message through to the Government. The State Government says our hospitals are performing better than ever

but it's a claim straight from the spin doctors. Figures released today are extremely positive, but anyone digging deeper will see a very different picture. The State's health minister made a whirlwind visit to Royal North Shore Hospital - boosting morale and attempting to lift patients' spirits. Meanwhile, the waiting media throng was given this selected snapshot on hospital performance. The report card is in.

NSW hospitals are performing better than ever. According to the minister the State's performance on elective surgery is meeting all national benchmarks, and emergency waiting times have improved across all areas. But it was left to journalists after the conference to access the full report on the website.

I'm not sure what the media has been given - the full report can be made available. The detail was less flattering - it showed which hospitals performed worse - when it came to emergency care.

This is a government scared of accountability. Meanwhile, the minister says hospital works programs will be affected by the blocked power sell-off. And she predicts delays to multi-million dollar projects. We can only build what we can afford to build. Gabriella Rogers for Nine News. New Orleans has come dangerously close to another disaster as Hurricane Gustav struck America's Gulf Coast. Peter Stefanovic is there. And Peter, the storm hit well away from New Orleans but the city's levees were well and truly tested.

Many anxious hours for this city, Mark. It was a frightening sight as the surging gulf waters began to break over the top of the flood walls but this time, they held.

Once again the water threatened to reclaim New Orleans,

surging over the top of 3-metre flood walls

and gushing through gaps. An army engineer had to be rescued after falling in. There's a person! There's a person stranded. Other military engineers kept watch as the water began to wash through streets. The danger zone also attracted sightseers. If there happens to be a breach in the wall, that's why we're here. It's the same area where a runaway barge smashed open the levee three years ago, setting off the Katrina disaster. This one of the major levees on the New Orleans canal. This is the one that broke in 2005 and caused major flooding. We're in the middle of the storm right now, and it seems to be holding up OK. I think it's going to be fine. The wind is decreasing. Outside of New Orleans, emergency teams had to shore up a levy which was threatening to give way. Hurricane Gustav churned ashore, 110km to the south-west, near a place called Morgan City. The wind speed peaked at 180km/h and the ocean surge there was 3m high. Across Louisiana, the storm has knocked out power for at least 800,000 people and it could take two weeks to repair all the lines. People who are being housed at emergency shelters now have to wait

as the damage teams go to work. In New Orleans, the turnout by the National Guard and police successfully kept things calm and the people who stayed have their own storm experience after some anxious hours. We did fear the worst and it is a big relief.

This time the defences held, just, but there will be other storms, the idea that this place is the Big Easy further undermined by a narrow escape. So Peter, a narrow escape. What's become of Gustav ?

It's been downgraded to a tropical storm as it moves up into Texas but winds are still around 90km/h and it's going to dump a load of rain in those parts. But even though the storm is moving on,

authorities say they'll need another full day to check out the damage and they've asked for patience from the two million people who had to evacuate the coastal region, Mark. The home in Miranda which was cut in two yesterday when a crane fell on it won't need to be demolished. Builders sealed off the property today and began removing furniture and valuables. They are confident the three-bedroom house can be saved with only the roof and several walls needing to be replaced. Another heavy-duty crane was brought in last night to remove the first one which toppled over as it was delivering a spa bath. In the news ahead - John McCain's deputy announces her teenaged daughter is pregnant. And the death of veteran Aussie actor Michael Pate. (DOG BARKS) GIRL: Come on, Broccoli! Come on! (MICROWAVE BEEPS) BOY: Oh, good boy, Broccoli! Here, Broccoli! (MICROWAVE BEEPS) Mummy, Mummy, the dog's got the washing! (SIGHS) (DOG BARKS) (ALL SHOUT)

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A state of emergency has been declared in Bangkok after protests between pro- and anti-government demonstrators left one person dead and 44 others injured in the Thai capital. The military has moved in and all public gatherings have been banned. Meanwhile, Australians stranded in Phuket for the last four days have finally arrived home - their Jetstar flight touching down in Sydney this morning. What did I tell the boss? Oh, stuck in paradise!

In the race for the White House the Republican Party is coming to terms with personal revelations by its vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. She's admitted that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. A big deal for a conservative politician who's supposed to appeal to right-wing voters. Bristol Palin was seen at Saturday's Republican rally spending most of the time looking after her 5-month-old brother. But when Internet sites started incorrectly speculating - the 17-year-old was really the baby's mother, the shock announcement was made.

The Palins had become the target

of many vicious and cruel attacks on the web so we felt it was important to come out today and set the record straight. The family announced the teenager was five months pregnant and would have the baby in her final year of school and then marry the father, Levi. Sarah Palin says she is proud of her daughter's decision,

though not surprisingly, it's a subject that's got everyone talking. She's keeping the child, We think that's great. That's not a good thing, that's not a good role model. Everyone is human. No family is perfect. Barack Obama wouldn't weigh-in to the controversy, saying families are off limits. I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know, my mother had me when she was 18. John McCain knew of the pregnancy before asking Sarah Palin to join his ticket. He doesn't think it should disqualify her. But many are asking if the Alaskan Governor was properly vetted. It hasn't been a good start for McCain - the Republican convention delayed due to Hurricane Gustav and now this. He hopes to get his campaign back on track when he addresses delegates later this week. Robert Penfold, Nine News. After just 11 months in office Japan's Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has announced his resignation. The 72-year-old says he's frustrated with a divided parliament

and hopes his decision will break the political deadlock. Fukuda became highly unpopular over his country's weakening economy and a controversial health care scheme. In England, police have found a third body in the burnt-out mansion of millionaire Christopher Foster. It's believed to be that of his 15-year-old daughter, Kirstie. The removal of this third body has begun but is likely to take some time due to its position. The body of Foster's wife was found with a gunshot wound to her head but the body of a man found next to her is yet to be identified. Police suspect Foster shot his wife and child, set their home on fire, then killed himself because of massive debts. Veteran Australian actor Michael Pate has died from pneumonia

aged 88. Pate was a performer, writer and director for more than 60 years. He was best known here playing the hard-nosed Sergeant Vic Maddern in the '70s TV hit 'Matlock Police'. Car 6 to VKC Matlock. I and my colleagues in 'Matlock Police' were privileged to work with him.

He was my mentor, he was a lot of people's mentor. Michael Pate spent 20 years in the United States, playing roles in dozens of films and hit TV shows. Coming up shortly - Sydney girls racing in stilettos for a new world record. But Ken with sport is next - and what's this about egos hampering the Roosters run to the finals? That is what's being said. Plus - Beaver Menzies's big night. And Rafael Nadal gets a scare as he chases his third major title for the year. BLUES MUSIC PLAYS MACHINERY WHIRRS Ford Ranger 4x4 Crew Cab from $36,990. It's legendary tough.

New skipper Braith Anasta has admitted the Roosters are just making up the numbers in the top four at the moment but he's hopeful they can come good against the Dragons on Friday. Meanwhile, his team-mate David Shillington says some players have become big-headed. Brad Fittler's decision to dump Craig Fitzgibbon as skipper and toss Braith Anasta into the leadership role last week even took his star five-eighth by surprise. It had been mentioned at some stage he'd like me to lead the team but it surprised me I've got it now at this stage of the season. That's how desperate coach Brad Fittler was - it was the hardest decision of his short coaching career. He was concerned game plans were not being followed. And that wasn't the only problem.

Maybe a little bit of ego got in the way. Maybe we weren't doing all the little hard things that need to be done to win a football game. And Anasta knows the Roosters are false contenders at this point - they have only won three of their last eight games and conceded 25 points per game in that period. Are you guys just making up the numbers in the top four?

At this stage, you'd say we are. But with the potential we have and the belief we have in the team, we think we can go a lot further than top four. Manly are the real deal and they underlined that point

by hammering the Gold Coast 28-10 in what was a Steve Menzies tribute night.

The only thing missing was a Beaver try. I was sniffing for a try for the most of the second half Even the ground announcer was saying to give the ball to me! Not everyone was wrapped up in Beaver mania. Steve Menzies? There's been enough said about the bloke, hasn't it? I've had it for two weeks now. The only downside for the Eagles - Steve Matai will miss one week because of this tackle. Danny Weidler, Nine News. It's finals time in the AFL and once again the Swans hope to play a big part. They meet North Melbourne in a sudden-death game at ANZ on Saturday and they'll be boosted by the return of two key players. The Swans have been a permanent fixture in the finals since 2003 and they're well aware of the intensity September brings. It's going to be pretty competitive and it's going to be pretty hot out there and it's something you have to take on board come finals and really look forward to. Ryan O'Keefe returns from the flu, while dual Brownlow medallist Adam Goodes is also back,

despite an ongoing groin problem. He'll be able to play 100% in a full-forward, forward-pocket role. If he had to play in the midfield he'd probably struggle. Cricket - and Shane Watson is confident fellow Queensland all-rounder Andrew Symonds still has plenty to offer the Australian team despite fears he may turn his back on international cricket. I personally think it would be a waste because he's an amazingly talented player and I love watching him play. Watson has been passed fit to play against Bangladesh tomorrow. Rafael Nadal continues to make his way through the US Open draw. But unlike his great rival, Roger Federer,

it hasn't been the smoothest of journeys. 15-40. The Spaniard was pushed to 4 sets by big-hitting American, Sam Querry, eventually booking his place in the quarterfinals Wins also for Serena and Venus Williams who will now play each other. Yeah, that sucks...but, um. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. Beijing Olympic bronze medallist Jessicah Schipper has split with long-time coach Ken Wood. Schipper denied the decision is the result of 78-year-old Wood coaching and selling a training programme to a Chinese rival gold medallist.

At the end of the day he's the coach and that's what he does. He makes sessions and it's not my spot to tell him that he can't sell sessions. Wood was also restrained - I've take her as far as she can go, I'll just leave it at that.

Wood says Australian swimmers earn too much money and shouldn't be called heroes. To finance news - and after today's interest rate cut, our dollar touched lows not seen since this time last year. It's not an Olympic event, not yet anyway, but the competition was very tough

in the Stiletto Sprint at Circular Quay this morning. 265 women with heels at least 7.5cm high toe-to-toe in an 80-metre dash. First across the line was 18-year-old Belinda McGlone who won $5,000, a pair of designer shoes and this gold stiletto trophy. In the process there was a new world record for the biggest high-heeled dash ever and it all raised money for breast cancer research. Jaynie joins us after the break with all the weather details. Coming up on WIN News... Thousands of New South Wales

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Now here's Jaynie and another glorious Spring day. Mark, a sneak peak of Spring weather for the last two days but things are about to change. Today was basically a repeat performance of Monday with clear sunny skies, 21 the top in the city, but our coldest September morning in four years.

Most of the inland suburbs were more than 5 degrees colder than average, Holsworthy 8 below, scoring only 1 degree. Watch out for storms in north-east NSW. NSW under the high, remained rain-free for most of the day. Very light splashes for the south coast of NSW. Rain tomorrow, as the high moves further out into the Tasman. South-east winds will push showers onto the east coast.

Staying fine in WA with northerly winds. Perth, 24 and sunny. Clearing skies will bring fine weather to the south-east, but a cold and frosty start. Hobart, only 1 degree. For Sydney tomorrow - cloud is moving over us tonight, along with showers which should hang around for most of the day tomorrow.

Unfortunately for surfers, not much going on for you -

but an east coast low is set to develop Friday which should increase the swell. For tomorrow, a good chance of 5mm-10mm of widespread rain. Winds and showers increasing during the day. Little change for Thursday. That developing east coast low on Friday

and depending on its position, we may receive some heavy falls towards the weekend, Mark. That's the news for this Tuesday.

I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. win news. Tonight ... The Reserve Bank cuts rates by a quarter of a per cent, A decision to fine some restaurants for alfresco dining reversed, And, New South Wales teachers walk off the job, over staffing changes. Good evening, The first interest rates cut in more than six years has been welcomed by local mortgage holders, The Reserve Bank has lowered the official cash rate by...