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that nosy blonde lady. That's all. Look, I just came to warn you about Marcus, wait. Wait! You're scared. I am too. It's confusing. But d... Don't leave. Don't go. ERIC: Donna? What's going on here? Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. the Harbour Bridge pile-up - Tonight - city-wide gridlock in their stride. weary Sydney drivers take Is it very frustrating? It's Sydney traffic. No, we're getting used to it. in a dispute over fees. A Sydney school suspends students Why did they kick him out of school? to pay the school fees. Because I could not afford And the last-minute exodus And the last-minute exodus -

as Hurricane Gustav closes in. millions flee America's Gulf Coast This time we're taking no chances. Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. of shocking child neglect. Also, a Sydney couple accused And bound for Beijing - to take on the world. our Paralympians fly out But heading Ten's 5:00 news - that shut the Harbour Bridge the crash for hours. and sparked gridlock across the city Authorities say

could have been avoided, there was no way the traffic chaos to take it in their stride. and delayed motorists seemed becomes a makeshift emergency zone The nation's busiest roadway

just before the morning rush. taken moments after the accident, These camera phone pictures, with the driver still trapped inside. show a crushed silver SUV 20 metres down the road, shaken, but unhurt, a truckie clambers

of his garbage truck, from the passenger window which is resting on its side. raced onto the bridge. Emergency crews Traffic stopped as they worked with critical injuries to rescue a 63-year-old man trapped by the twisted metal. It took more than 90 minutes. An emergency chopper landed was closed. and every lane of the bridge

for traffic to bank up. It didn't take long already on the bridge's approaches But for the thousands of motorists when the accident happened no way forward and no way back. there was no escape at all - sit and wait. All they could do was stop,

Not much you can do. Been here for an hour. you're stuck, that's it. Once you get onto the approach But from the bridge the chaos spread. the Gore Hill Freeway There were delays on Victoria Road, Anzac Bridge. and the Lane Cove Tunnel and the

It's a 4:30 start and haven't done

But it's part of the job. anything for three hours now.

It's Sydney traffic. We're getting used to it. The Government says when major accidents occur. patience is a virtue It will impact on the whole network, in any road network in the world. and that's unavoidable on the bridge's southern approaches - Today's wreckage placed

to drive safely. a reminder to motorists heading home Daniel Sutton, Ten News. If you witness a breaking story on Ten News: and would like to see your pictures We're interested in both photos and video.

from angry parents A Sydney school is under fire in a dispute over fees. after it sent their children home this morning The students called out of class who face exams in a few weeks. included Year 12 students parents describe as unchristian. It's a punishment

St Maroun's College Independent Catholic school from class and told them to go home. removed around a dozen students

"You have to leave Call him out to the office and say, the school fees." "because your parents haven't paid

On top of depression, in front of his schoolmates? how would that make a kid feel is particularly upset Josephine Nakhoul she wasn't advised in person, left on her mobile phone. but in a message something happens to my boy, for the sake of money? what that would do to me. I don't know The school wrote to parents last week send the children home saying it would

if outstanding fees were not paid. the note until Friday. Some parents say they didn't receive One of the families I spoke to today of their outstanding fees say they had paid the majority just in the last month. But, with an amount still owing, were sent home today their two children when or if they can return. with no idea she does owe more than $3,000. Ms Nakhoul admits But, as a single mother of three, the school has been unsympathetic she claims

at reaching an arrangement. to her attempts on Thursday, If I don't show up with the money my son is no longer welcome, to come to the meeting and do not bother if you do not have the money on me. saying in a statement: The school declined an interview, students in Years 9 and 12. Among those suspended, It's just not right. he's got his school exams. A couple of weeks, they're doing this to a child? It's the end of the year, Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Tomorrow's teachers stop-work meeting by the State Government. has been slammed as pointless from 9:00am to 11:00am Teachers will walk off the job to discuss pay and staffing levels. that the Teachers Federation It's regrettable students' education hostage have chosen to take

in this industrial campaign. a minister for education Maybe if we'd had over the last couple of months, and talk about staff in schools, we would have been able to sit down talk about salaries. The Teachers Federation has refused to authorise minimal supervision for 750,000 students, which could mean the closure of some schools. internal squabbling The State Government's

has reached a new low, the Treasurer with the Premier ordering and pull your head in". to "zip the mouth to quit unless he gets his way. It follows Michael Costa's threat

The Premier started the day inspecting a drilling test for his pet project, the North West Metro. But it didn't take him long

to take out his growing frustration with Michael Costa. I told him he's got a job to do - "Get on and do the job, "zip the mouth and pull your head in." Threats by the Treasurer to quit if he doesn't get his way on spending cuts in November's mini Budget have clearly worn thin. Nobody's above the Government. The Opposition Leader is enjoying the strained relationship between the two men behind the failed power sell-off plan. The only power Morris Iemma is interested in is hanging on to the premiership. The only thing that motivates Michael Costa at the moment

is that this month he qualifies for superannuation. That's three weeks, when Mr Costa completes two full terms in Parliament and becomes eligible for the full government pension.

Once that hurdle is jumped and the mini Budget in November, is free to leave. Michael Costa, in a sense, up here in State Parliam n Many people up here in State Parliament believe he won't be here next year. The North West Metro is one project safe from the massive cuts to infrastructure spending that are now being considered. This is the first time we are breaking ground for what will be the biggest transport project that this nation has ever seen -

$12 billion in construction. Drilling near Wynyard for new tunnels for the line has gone well, but if they do strike problems at any of the 45 drill sites from the city to Rouse Hill, changes to the route will be made. Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

Two parents have been charged with child neglect after police removed six children from a home in Sydney's west. Police forced their way into the Bidwell home after neighbours reported that four of the kids - all under the age of the six - were locked on the balcony. A 6-week-old and an 18-month-old were also inside, their parents asleep in the bedroom. I think these sort of incidents stagger people when they occur in the community. It happens all too often. One case is simply too many. Again, we're just so grateful that a member of the community cared enough to let us know. The parents will appear in court later this month. is taking place tonight The largest evacuation in US history as millions of people flee the path of killer Hurricane Gustav. Already being referred to as "the storm of the century", it's bearing down on New Orleans, it's bearing down on New Orle from where Ten's US bureau chief, Nicole Strahan, reports. The evacuations across the state have been described as the largest in US history. In New Orleans people really seem to have heeded the warnings to get out of the city as quickly as possible. Particularly in the low-lying areas there are very few people to be seen.

In a city deserted, the National Guard and police patrol the streets.

An indefinite curfew is now in place and those who decided to stay have been warned to remain indoors. The mayor has vowed to get tough on anyone attempting to take advantage. Looters will go directly to jail. Hundreds of thousands of people obeyed the mandatory evacuation order. The Australian Government also issued a warning, but one Victorian, Colleen Thomson, is staying put. Three years ago, the 54-year-old fled as Hurricane Katrina approached. It's a bit of adventure, I suppose. Yeah, I was happy to be here and I intended to be here for another week so I thought I might as well stay. This was one of the areas worst hit by flooding after Hurricane Katrina when the levee you can see behind me broke. to rebuild, Many people have not bothered but those that have hope that this time the levee system holds. Over the past three years more than $2 billion has been spent repairing the levees.

But it's a difficult task, because New Orleans sits in a bowl below sea level, between a lake and the Mississippi River. renovated house only two weeks ago. Kathy Singleton moved back into her During Katrina, the floodwaters almost reached the ceiling. It's home, it's family, and you've just got to have faith.

The US President has cancelled plans to speak at the Republican National Convention. This storm is dangerous. There is a real possibility of flooding, storm surge and high winds. The man who wants to replace him promised a better response this time round.

America, we are going to care for these people in their time of need and we are going to display it in every possible way. And that may mean finding $30 billion to rebuild the city again. The prediction is that the hurricane will hit this area around lunchtime tomorrow - that is in the early hours of the morning in Australia. It will hit to the west of New Orleans

with winds up to 185km/h and bring with it very heavy rainfall. Also of concern in the inland areas of the state is the possibility of tornados forming. Nicole Strahan in New Orleans. Brad McEwan with a look at sport, and it's our Paralympians' turn now in China.

Yes, our team headed off to Beijing this morning with high hopes of winning our 1,000th medal in Paralympic competition. The team needs to win 94 medals in China to reach the milestone. Bye-bye. Michael Milton doesn't expect to bring a bagful of medals home from Beijing. Just getting to China has been an achievement in itself.

Bye-bye, Daddy. We love you. Milton made his name as a champion Paralympic skier. Becoming a Paralympic cyclist was tougher than anyone could have expected. The last 12 months - going through cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, all those things -

it's been really tough. But it's been really rewarding,

and now, to feel healthy again, to be fit, to ride my bike fast, it's a wonderful feeling. Fellow cyclist Jayme Paris needed trainer wheels until she was 11. It's unbelievable that I'm finally here. Now a world record breaker, she was born with cerebral palsy. We were told she wouldn't walk, we were told she wouldn't talk. There's not enough room in our hearts to express how proud we are of her, how excited we are. Beijing will be 66-year-old Libby Kosmala's 10th Paralympics, and she's got a special link to the guest of honour at the team's airport farewell - the Prime Minister's wife, Therese Rein. introduced me to wheelchair sport. With 170 athletes it's Australia's largest away team since Paralympic competition started in Rome in 1960. Team management are looking at a top-10 finish. Our athletes are planning to do a whole lot better. When I crossed the line in Athens after the flat tyre my brother said it was a touch of marketing genius. He said this time around, "Kurt, if you don't crawl across the finish line "with the wheelchair on your back, "then you're just letting me down." (LAUGHTER) Leanne West, Ten News. And there's likely to be plenty of drama at the NRL judiciary this week. Newcastle's Matt Hilder and the Warriors' Wade MacKinnon will front the judiciary on spitting charges with their sides' finals hopes on the line. And the A-League has its own spitting controversy, with Perth's Dino Djulbic sent off against Sydney. And we'll have more on those NRL cases when we cross live to Brookvale Oval for Steve Menzies's final home game. Plus, good and bad news for the Swans in week one of the AFL finals series. Relief at last for people struggling to pay the mortgage - details after the break. Plus, the suspected hit-and-run killer of a Sydney boy off the hook. And a Sydney family's plan for home improvements goes off the rails. We were on the back deck and it collapsed through the house.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face. As part of weathering the change, the ACT Government

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is actively working Every little bit helps so let's work together to ensure a sustainable future for Canberra.

This program is captioned live. A court has heard how a father dobbed in his son over a fatal hit-run accident. The victim, Bryce Rolls, was just eight years old

when he was killed crossing the road. Five years on and still no charges have been laid. Excused from court, Peter Graham remains the main suspect of Bryce Rolls. in the 2003 hit-and-run death The 8-year-old was walking to his aunt's house in Kogarah

when he was struck and left for dead. The driver never stopped. I miss him and I want him back, but I can't get him back. Come on. Thank you. Police have long suspected 35-year-old Peter Graham is responsible. Today the Coroner heard that, at the time, the suspect's father agreed, telling investigators:

Police say Graham was agitated and nervous when questioned. He admitted to them he may have run something over,

but blamed another car. Bryce's family were once again told today that the case against Peter Graham is simply not strong enough to lay charges. Five years on, one of the crime scene officers is asking questions about how the case was handled. If anybody has got any compassion and any sense of worth for themselves and knowing how much we have been through, they really need to come forward. The main suspect will tell his side of the story later this week. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. A woman has watched in disbelief as a large crane split her home in two. Jacqueline Leech was having a spa installed when the crane tipped over and sliced through the house. You can't blame the owners of this house for having Mondayitis. It was meant to be an exciting day - the start of spring and the arrival of Mrs Leech's new spa. It didn't arrive the way she'd planned. We were on the back deck and we saw the spa hanging above the deck and it was about 5m away from where it had to come down. It kept coming, and fast, and then split the Miranda home in two. We were just standing there. It was like as if it was in slow motion. Fortunately, no-one was injured, but Tiger the family dog needed to be rescued from the wreckage, while the crane operator suffered just a bruised ego. There was significant damage to the roof of the house where the crane has toppled over. We're not exactly sure why that's occurred. That will be investigated by WorkCover and the crane company, which refused to be interviewed. Luckily for the Leeches, the home is insured. But those plans for a long summer in the hot tub are on hold indefinitely. Josh Murphy, Ten News. St George has announced by up to 1%. it's cutting its fixed interest rates It comes a day before the Reserve Bank is expected to cut official rates for the first time in seven years. for borrowers tomorrow, It should be a beautiful spring day school children capturing the seasonal mood for the Prime Minister. On behalf of the children of Australia, Happy Wattle Day! Thank you. That's wonderful. wattle the Reserve Bank do? The big question - certain. A 0.25%, or 25 basis point cut, Brendan Nelson wants more. The environment is such that there could well be a rate cut and it could be in the order of 50 basis points. So as prime minister would he be telling the independent Reserve what to do? REPORTER: Does that mean you will tell the Reserve Bank what you expect in terms of rates movements? No. He admitted that his policy in Opposition is too irresponsible to be put in place in government, Mr Speaker. How can the leader of the Opposition stand credibly in Parliament today? But both sides agree if the Reserve does cut rates the banks have no excuse but to follow. The Treasurer seizing on non-bank lender Wizard's pre-emptive 0.25% cut.

Of course Wizard has thrown down the gauntlet to all of its competitors. A Reuters survey of 20 economists found 18 expect a 0.25% cut. The 740,000 borrowers who have only known rises since they took out their loans in the past seven years will be hoping they're right. The Opposition hammered the Government for rising prices outstripping wages. The Prime Minister blamed the 10 interest rate rises under treasurer Costello. A Costello $400-a-month interest rate hit. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

The hip spring has burst over

The hip spring has burst over

Sydney in spectacular fashion. Tim

Bailey will take credit. Have they

look at it, Ronnie. It is smiling

in your face. Sydney, we dig the

Spring Thing. The blue-sky, the

harbour sparkling. We got up to 21

degrees today. Is it going to hang

around? Spring by its definition is

a bit of the summer and winter put

together. Tomorrow you'll get the

summer - around 20 degrees by today.

Around Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

we will have winter at 16 degrees

and showers. A good-looking day

though ahead. More details ahead. Next, Qantas faces two separate safety audits after a series of mishaps. And he's more than a handful - a proud mum celebrates the birth of a very big boy. BLUES MUSIC PLAYS # Marshmallow

This program is captioned live. Led

us check the traffic. A lot of

people may have turned around and

gone home with the traffic chaos

this morning. I used seeing the

results tonight? The murder lace -

the M2, the M4, the M7 -. There has

been a bad afternoon on pennant

Hills Road. You can see all

emergency services are here.

Everyone is being filtered into one

main and the mass on Pennant Hills

Road goes back for, does and, does.

Another bad afternoon for motorists

on Sydney's roads with his bad smash

smash at West Pennant heels. Fire has destroyed a landmark pub in Perth. The blaze started on the second floor of the Guildford Hotel just after midnight and quickly spread through the heritage building. It took more than 40 firefighters almost an hour to bring it under control. No-one was injured, and despite millions of dollars damage the owner has vowed to rebuild the 122-year-old hotel. Qantas is under renewed pressure to lift its game on safety. The aviation watchdog will conduct two separate audits of the airline following a string of mishaps. The midair emergency near Manila rocked travellers' confidence in the Flying Kangaroo.

Now CASA has found maintenance shortcomings. The airline's currently operating below its own benchmarks but as I say, does that mean it's unsafe? No, it doesn't. The review was prompted by the July 5 explosion of an oxygen cylinder in a hold. While it found that incident and several since were not a result of maintenance failures, it did find Qantas's own data it did find Qantas's own da showed adverse trends and that its engineering services need to be more accountable. The review did find several aspects within the organisation that we believe require action. CASA has ordered an intense audit of Qantas's maintenance systems, processes and procedures and company structure and another physical health check of one aircraft each from its fleet of 737s, 747s and 767s. Unions are angry the review didn't assess offshore maintenance standards. we've seen more work sent offshore. Over a period of time It coincides with yet another midair scare. A London flight diverted to Frankfurt after an engine was shut down. Mark Blair's partner, Amanda Boterer, was on board when passengers heard a loud bang. "I'm stuck in Frankfurt. There's been an emergency landing. "The fire brigade are on the tarmac." the reports recommendations. Qantas says it will work to implement the report's recommendations. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report, and the Australian share market started the week in negative territory. in Sydney tonight is $1.49 a litre, The average price of petrol but we've seen it for $1.43 at Hurstville South, Smithfield, Strathfield, Liverpool and in the Ryde area. Australian tourists stranded in Thailand by political protests should be home tomorrow morning. Jetstar is sending an empty plane to Phuket to pick up 263 passengers who missed their flight when anti-government demonstrators shut down the airport on Friday. Flights only resumed last night. The Australians are among thousands of international tourists now trying to get home from the resort island. A British murder mystery has deepened, with police formally identifying a body found in a burnt-out mansion. Officers confirmed one of the two bodies pulled from the ashes is the millionaire owner's wife, Jill Foster. She'd been shot in the head. The body of the man found next to her hasn't been identified but might be her missing husband, Christopher Foster. Police have recovered a rifle owned by the businessman, and autopsies on the family's four dogs and three horses confirmed they were also shot. The couple's 15-year-old daughter still hasn't been found. The millionaire's company had gone broke

and he was heavily in debt.

A mother in South America is celebrating the birth of a very big bundle of joy. The baby girl weighed in at 6 kilos - that's 13 pounds, 2 ounces in the old scale, about the average size of a 4-month-old. She measured 57cm and, not surprisingly, was delivered by caesarean. She's been named Angelly. Her 25-year-old mother, Consuela, is recovering in hospital. Doctors say mother and baby are doing well. Next, former crew members of HMAS 'Sydney' criticise the doomed ship's management. Also, a truck driver's fatal error just before a disastrous crash. And some like it hot - unique footage of Marilyn Monroe found gathering dust in Australia. to bring great value to more homes and units across Australia. So even more people are being switched on to Optus Fusion. Including: All for just: For customers on the Optus network. (KNOCK AT DOOR) (GIGGLES) Whoo! (GIGGLES) (CHUCKLES) (GIGGLES MISCHIEVOUSLY) (COOS) Wha...? (SIGHS) (GIGGLES) (SQUEALS) WOMAN: Once your toddler's found their feet,

change times can be a real problem. That's why there's Huggies Nappy-Pants. They go on like pants while your toddler's standing up,

all with the absorbency you expect from Huggies. So for kids on the go, try: SONG: # Love, love. # This program is captioned live. Tonight's headlines - millions flee in a last-minute exodus from America's Gulf Coast. Hurricane Gustav is expected to strike within the next 24 hours, with more force than Katrina, which destroyed parts of New Orleans. Winds of more than 200km/h are forecast, along with a powerful storm surge. Students from a Sydney school suspended following a dispute over fees - independent Catholic school St Maroun's College has removed around a dozen from class, including HSC students facing crucial exams in coming weeks. And Sydney motorists overwhelmingly take this morning's gridlock in their stride. Traffic across the city came to a standstill after a pile-up on the Harbour Bridge. One motorist is critically ill One motorist is critically injured in hospital. Delays in many cases approached two hours.

Shocking images have emerged of the moment a fiery crash killed three people inside a Melbourne tunnel. Security cameras captured the impact and subsequent fireball in the Burnley Tunnel in June last year. Three different angles show a truck forced to pull to the left lane after a tyre blow-out. The driver of another truck, David Kalwig, is accused of driving his rig at twice the speed of other traffic before the fatal collision. He faces three charges of culpable driving. His committal hearing is set down for four days. There's damning new evidence against the captain of HMAS 'Sydney'

at a new inquiry at a resumed inquiry into its sinking in 1941. Former crew, now in their 80s, have told how they were glad to get off the ship because of the way it was commanded. The mystery surrounding the sinking of HMAS 'Sydney' is no closer to being solved. Today former sailors transferred from the ill-fated ship gave evidence that the previous captain, John Collins, had a habit of calling the crew to action stations at dawn and dusk as a precaution. But when Captain Joseph Burnett took command six weeks before 'Sydney' was lost, cook Frank Sheldon-Collins said he watched an unidentified vessel without preparing the ship for action. He told a shipmate: "If this bastard carries on like this, we're dead ducks." Because there was no action stations. Commissioner Terrence Cole said the ship's log showed Captain Burnett called action stations at dawn each day. Mr Sheldon-Collins, now aged 88, said he didn't recall that. I was only with him a short while, praise the Lord.

I was quite glad to get off. over the ship's inflatable rafts, There was controversy over the ship's inflatable ra known as Carley floats. Mr Sheldon-Collins claimed these pictures tendered to the inquiry showing the floats were not taken aboard 'Sydney'. However, a float and the remains of a man were washed up on Christmas Island after 'Sydney' sank. The commission has also recently taken evidence in Germany from survivors from the raider 'Kormoran'. It will be made public once it's been translated. John Hill, Ten News.

We have had a spectacular day. Tim

Bailey, you're Mohsin-making the

most of a stunning day! It is magic

about you - look at Sydney Harbour.

The first day of spring was

fantastic. Tomorrow will not be a

bad looking day, fantastic. Tomorrow will not be a

bad looking day, plenty of blue sky or and 20 degrees.

Anybody who has worked at No 10

knows her meanest son. Have a good

when her knee. Extremely rare amateur film of Marilyn Monroe has been found in Australia and will now go to auction. The few minutes of footage, shot nearly 50 years ago, is expected to fetch a small fortune. Never-before-seen footage of screen goddess Marilyn Monroe 'Some Like It Hot'. on the set of the classic comedy She influenced fashion, she influenced comedy, she influenced film and allegedly politics. And here is a piece of footage that's never been seen before. The 2.5 minutes of amateur vision also features co-star Tony Curtis and director Billy Wilder in 1959. on location in San Diego featured in the final release which also starred comedic giant Jack Lemon. Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Not very likely. Staying at the hotel? Not at all. This has a documentary value, but it also has an emotional value. As you say, Marilyn Monroe is iconic and will be for many generations. The rare 8mm movie, which is still in its original Kodak box,

was shot by a young naval officer whom Monroe had invited on set - his daughter in Australia finding the package amongst family heirlooms nearly 50 years later. Earlier this year amateur vision of Monroe on the set of 'The Misfits' sold for US$60,000. But with the American Film Institute listing 'Some Like It Hot' this footage could go for more. this footage could go for far more. The footage will go under the hammer at the end of the month. Andrew Leahy, Ten News.

Sport now with Brad, and it's going to be quite a night for Manly tonight? Yes, it's Steve Menzies's farewell home game and it'll be a special night for league fans in general. We'll cross live to Brookvale Oval. Also, spitting images that have marred both the NRL and A-League competitions, but a new angle may save one of them.

And off again - this time Casey Stoner's championship hopes have gone down with him. COMMENTATOR: And it's all over. McDonald's Happy Meals now include healthier choices - fresh milk and tasty pasta filled with cheese and veggies. Now you and your little alien can see eye to eye. (MCDONALD'S THEME) I had this knack for growing strawberries, This program is captioned live. It's been a dramatic day in terms of the NRL judiciary, with two spitting charges laid. Adam Hawse joins us from Brookvale Oval.

Adam, tonight's other big story involves celebrating a legend.

It is by by beaver might year. It

is his final game, a regular game

that is. The Grandstand will be

named after him, alongside fellow

many great Bob Fulton. Steve Menzies has carved a reputation as one of league's gentlemen in a career that dates back so far it includes in-goal touch judges. Fans have seen plenty of tries. Now they're wondering if they'll see tears. We'll see how we go when I walk around the field after the game.

But I'm normally pretty controlled and don't show too many emotions, especially crying. The Warriors say they will fight to make sure don't go up in smoke. theirs and Wade McKinnon's seasons The fullback's been charged over a spitting incident during yesterday's clash with Penrith. OK, I just want to hear the report. Benny, after the try was scored I was going back behind the posts and Wade McKinnon spat at me. Replays show only that the fiery fullback does indeed spit during the confrontation. I don't think he's denied spitting, but he's got a double mouthguard in and players spit all the time. But he certainly hasn't done anything intentional towards the sideline umpire. Now it's up to the judiciary to see where it was aimed. Touch judge Brett Suttor returned to Sydney today but refused to comment. Remarkably, Newcastle hooker Matt Hilder has also been referred straight to the judiciary on the same offence. His alleged 79th-minute spit led to a post-game scuffle with Melbourne's Anthony Quinn. Penrith, meantime, returned home after having their finals hopes ended by the Warriors. For captain Petero Civoniceva it's the first time the former Bronco's missed the finals in his 11-season career. We had plenty of chances, plenty of opportunities to cement our spot there, but consistency is the key to being successful in the comp and it just wasn't there for us this year.

In light of all the spitting allegations it is worth mentioning

that Steve Menzies has never been

sent off or suspended. Also tonight

is a vital game for manager win and

win by more than 10 points. If they

can do that they will leapfrog

Melbourne into first place and the favourite favourite for the minor Premiership. favourite for the minor Premie favourite for the minor Premiership.

The future looks bright for the

seagulls. Sea Eagles. of the A-League spitting incident new camera angle could help Perth Glory's Dino Djulbic. The Glory defender was sent off in the 20th minute of yesterday's match against Sydney FC at the Sydney Football Stadium after allegedly spitting at referee Peter Green. If found guilty of the charge, Djubic faces a ban of up to 18 months. The Bosnian-born left back is sure to argue he was facing away from the referee at the time of the incident. The Wallabies have arrived home from their 2-match tour of South Africa

with a couple of records - a first win there in eight years and their worst-ever Test loss. The team touched down in Sydney this afternoon. Timana Tahu's run-on debut for the Wallabies is one he'd rather forget. I was a bit embarrassed about it, so I think now, Robbie said, "You need to get over it very quick "because in two weeks time we've got another big game in Brisbane." That will be against the All Blacks on September 13. Good news for the Swans ahead of Saturday night's elimination final against North Melbourne at ANZ Stadium with Barry Hall and Jude Bolton cleared over weekend incidents. They're now free to line up against the Kangaroos,

who have complained to the AFL umpires about the Swans' defensive tactics. The AFL barely had time to show off the premiership cup before the games began. Last time we played the Swans, you know, I thought our key forwards were tunnelled. I thought their arms were taken. We've spoken to the umpires' department this morning and they acknowledge they probably missed some stuff. The subject of tunnelling - where defenders edge their opponents under the ball - has not been heard of since early this year when the Saints' complained about the Swans to the AFL umpires' department. Paul Roos is seeking reassurance from umpires boss Rowan Sawers. Having spoken to Rowan I'm happy the way the umpires will umpire the game on Saturday night and have no problem with the way my defenders play their footy. Paul Roos thinks could provide his players with extra motivation. If our players read that they'll be very keen to get out there on Saturday night and very keen to prepare. It can make a bit of a difference. The Match Review Committee have given Barry Hall and Jude Bolton the all clear to play, after deciding neither player had a case to answer after clashes in Saturday night's win over Brisbane. The Lions' triple premiership coach Leigh Matthews resigned from the job this morning. I asked myself one last time and I thought, "I'm asking myself too often, and it's time." Ten commentator Michael Voss is the early favourite for the job. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Third seed Novak Djokovic has survived a near 4-hour epic to move through to the round of 16 at the US Open. The Serb beat Marin Cilic in four sets, while Roger Federer and Andy Roddick moved through in three. In the women's, second seed Jelena Jankovic survived a scare, while Olympic champ Elena Dementieva breezed into the quarters. With local time approaching 1:00am, last year's runner-up Djokovic finally served the match out - 7-0 - in a 4th-set breaker.

COMMENTATOR: That'll do it for the number-three seed. Boy, he's got to be happy to get through this one. He'll meet Tommy Robredo in the fourth round. To the English Premier League now, and a stunning return to Manchester City for prodigal son Shaun Wright-Phillips. Two days after being traded back to the Blues, Two days after being traded back to the Blues, he scored twice in their 3-0 win over Sunderland. His former club Chelsea drew 1-1 with Tottenham Hotspur. Liverpool and Aston Villa played out a scoreless draw. Chelsea struck first against Spurs through Brazilian international Belletti. COMMENTATOR: Juliano Belletti the closest Chelsea player to it! But a Darren Bent equaliser just before the break for the first time this season. had them sharing the points of defending his MotoGP world title Casey Stoner's hopes

appear to be over. The Aussie was leading the San Marino Grand Prix

when he slid out of the race after just six laps.

COMMENTATOR: The Australian has gone down at Mizano. It's all over - no points. The race was won by Valentino Rossi ahead of Yamaha team-mate Jorge Lorenzo. Rossi now leads Stoner in the championship standings by 75 points with just five races remaining. Later in Sports Tonight, the latest from our cricketers up in Darwin, and, of course, all the action from the Manly-Gold Coast game at Brookie.

Checking the traffic. This is over the

the accident the we reported

earlier at West Pan at hills. We

are zooming in on Pan at Hills Road.

It is a considerable weight for

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The plant or the weather details.

Tim Bailey, it is all about spring.

I quite often tell you, Ronnie, but

I have the best job in the world.

There is no doubt about my office -

it is the best in the world. Spring

has sprung and look at that it is absolutely magnificent.

You could feel this season change You could feel this season change

today. 21 degrees, the clearest of

blue skies, the harder sparkled. We

had won it - three mm of rain fall

yesterday. Tomorrow a similar day yesterday. Tomorrow a similar day with blue-sky and cloud increasing

in the afternoon. Earlier I said we

will take some summer and winter -

throw together and we will have

springtime. That winter will come. Occasional showers springtime. That winter will come. Occasional showers on Wednesday. The sea temperature

The sea temperature was 16 degrees

and I had a did today. Tomorrow a

high wall clear showers from sudden

Victoria, South Australia and most

of Tasmania. A high will keep Victoria, South Australia and most of Tasmania. A high will keep the

rest of the self-drive including

New South Wales.

Kallie and dry eye over most of New

South Wales. Isolated thunderstorms over South South Wales. Isolated thunderstorms over South this Queensland and

even-Northern Tasmania. David

Keoghan who was bashed and clergy

in August, the Irish community at

the Mercantile Hotel, have put

their hearts around then and hold a

fundraiser. It is at 7 o'clock fundraiser. It is at 7 o'clock

tomorrow - get involved at the one

if you can. It is absolutely

stunning here. You wouldn't live

anywhere else, would you? Cine in

springtime we will take it. Seat right. That brings you up to date on the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll have updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight.

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