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(generated from captions) in Portsmouth. here at the Royal Naval Museum that is normally kept under wraps it's one of the 37 sails set It's fragile, it's precious,

on the 21st October 1805. by Victory as she sailed into battle 3,618 square feet. This sail covers an area of inflicted by the French fleet. of HMS Victory and of the damage It gives you an idea of the scale from historic Portsmouth, goodbye. Until then, Subtitles by BBC Broadcast - 2005. This program is captioned live. a conviction for drink driving. Sydney magistrate Pat O'Shane avoids Um, happy if you speak to my lawyer. of children left home alone Alarming new figures on the number because of working parents. We think it's very concerning. when an exploding oxygen cylinder The terrifying moments

tore through a Qantas jet. And Barack Obama makes history, to contest the job of US president. formally accepting the nomination Together, our dreams can be one. Good evening. Pat O'Shane Controversial Sydney magistrate a good behaviour bond, has escaped with to drink-driving. despite pleading guilty other offenders, In a decision that's angered heavier punishment, the court ruled she didn't deserve and unblemished driving record. because of her good character but walks away - Pat O'Shane guilty of drink-driving, no disqualification, no fine. no conviction, No wonder she was smiling. if you speak with my lawyer. I'm very happy in March this year Ms O'Shane blew 0.05 at a random breath test station. after being stopped three flutes of champagne. She says she had drunk of good behaviour for 12 months. For that she has to be by what has happened. She is embarrassed while having a low-range PCA She regrets profoundly driving this is a one-off occurrence. But he is confident hearing drink-driving cases She expects to be back as early as next week. by Ms O'Shane's achievements. The magistrate was clearly impressed a magistrate of 22 years. First Aboriginal barrister in NSW, She was, he said, with an extraordinary background. a very significant figure Ms O'Shane's lawyer said drink-drivers escape conviction. 78% of first-time low-range and lost his licence for six months. Radio host Steve Price blew 0.08 is an understatement. Got off lightly and her job as a magistrate Pat O'Shane disgraced her job magistrates by doing what she did. and she disgraced all other who sentenced Ms O'Shane The magistrate especially was flown up from Melbourne of preferential treatment. to avoid any suggestion Mark Burrows, Nine News. for the State Government More trouble a new plan overnight after it came up with

of our power system. to sell off just the retail part approval from Parliament It says it can do that without other ideas. but retail electricity workers have from Parliament House, Allison Langdon joins us everyone by surprise. and Ally this has taken

It sure has, Michael. they'd meet next week This morning the unions were saying industrial action they might take to decide what, if any, over the Government's Plan B it's urgent. But obviously they've now decided walked off the job This afternoon, 1,500 workers across the State unmanned. leaving call centres Our members are absolutely furious. killed off in Parliament yesterday Despite the privatisation deal being it would push ahead the Government announced about three billion dollars. and sell just the retail arm worth employees aren't convinced, Despite guarantees of no job losses, making workers forcibly redundant. This Government has a history of They are threatening further action. on what will be discussed next week. I'm not going to speculate to sell-off the retailers The decision

initial plan came about after the Treasurer's was rejected. to off-load the entire industry admitted everyone will now pay more. Not only are employees angry, he's is increased electricity prices. The cost to the taxpayer The Government has been quick an economic vandal to label the Opposition leader for not supporting the sale. the Premier a political excuse. In killing the deal, he's handed There's no money to do anything. into the State's finances. He blew that $20 billion black hole But that doesn't quite stack up. The Government had claimed linked to money raised from the sale. none of its budget promises were what you say on electricity? Isn't this why no one can trust And Ally, by his own admission,

days in politics are numbered? Michael Costa's

This debate was a huge blow to him

and he always said bed if their

power sale was blocked he would

quit. He is on the record at saying

election. he will not be here at the next

at the movies, Home alone's an entertaining idea for children in real life. but it's not always fun numbers of latchkey kids, A new survey has found growing reason is a lack of adequate care. some as young as five, and the main begins high school next year 11-year-old Ben Fraser to an empty house each day and will be coming home after-school care facility. because there isn't a suitable he might get in doing his homework, I have concerns about how behind

the travelling by himself. how applied he has to become, Across Australia. and 21% of 10- to 15-year-olds 3% of children aged 5-9 come home alone. We think it's very concerning an adult whom they can call on. that children are at home without an inadequate number of facilities Being blamed - they have to teenagers. and the lack of appeal kicking a football around the oval A boy who really would rather be just willingly sit in a gym is unlikely to want to

or a room at school. During recent school holidays, to care for their children. one-third of parents took time off vacation care programs. Just 14% used by inflexible work hours. The situation is being fuelled Around 26% of parents said to adjust start and finish times. their employers were reluctant much more accommodating They need to be

of requests for flexibility, where there's a skills shortage particularly in an environment or else they run the risk of losing good workers. Jodie Noyce, Nine News. We now know exactly what happened but we may never know why an oxygen tank exploded

on board a Qantas plane near Manila last month. Air safety investigators have compiled a detailed account of the terrifying moments when the tank ruptured, tore a hole in the fuselage and shot through the passenger cabin. Weighing 12kg, this steel oxygen tank is identical to the one that exploded on board the Qantas jet and that's been declared the culprit.

The rupture in the fuselage has been caused through this number-four cylinder.

And we now have a clear picture of exactly what happened. Investigators so far concluding.

the Qantas jet was 55 minutes out of Hong Kong, when the bottom of oxygen tank-four lining the cargo wall ruptured, tearing open a gaping hole.

Then like a bullet, the rest of the tank instantly shot up through the floor of passenger cabin into the galley separating business and economy class. It bounced off a doorframe and handle, hitting the ceiling, before falling to the ground. It was then sucked back into the cargo hold and out of the plane. It's happened very quickly. It probably would've been matters of seconds - rather than minutes. Investigators also released these photos showing the full extent of the interior damage. We don't really know why the bottle failed. We can speculate what would have happened if it had gone through the floor and into the vicinity of passengers, and we're obviously very lucky it didn't. Air safety investigators have described the pilot and crew response as textbook.

Qantas has welcomed the preliminary findings and says the damaged jet is now being repaired at a cost of $10 million - set to be back in service within two months. Daniel Street, Nine News. A Defence Force inquiry has cleared Australian troops

of stripping and bashing prisoners

in the aftermath of a raid on a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan last April.

The inquiry officer found that from the statements and photographic evidence

there was no abuse of the detainees. A separate inquiry found there had been no military mistakes in the lead up to the death of Lance-Corporal Jason Marks in a fire-fight with Taliban guerrillas.

Exactly 45 years after Martin Luther King said "I have a dream", Barack Obama lived that dream today, officially becoming the first black man to run for America's White House.

Robert Penfold's in Denver Colorado.

Rob, so much was expected of Obama's acceptance speech today, so the question - did he deliver? Yes Michael, there's one thing for sure when it comes to giving that big speech - Barack Obama never disappoints. So tonight, a piece of American political history has been made during an extravaganza, jam-packed with showbiz and dripping with symbolism. Barack Obama appeared and 75,000 people roared their approval of a man who comfortably admits

to being a most unlikely presidential candidate. With profound gratitude and great humility, I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States. Earlier, the packed stadium was lifted to a patriotic frenzy by big-name entertainers. Stevie Wonder... And Sheryl Crowe... The stage suspiciously resembled the White House. And in contrast to some of his eloquently soaring speeches this was more matter-of-fact. And he say George Bush and his Republicans have destroyed the economy and ruined America's reputation abroad. Tonight I say to the people of America... ..Enough! ( CHEERING ) In America, there's still the unspoken subject. Barack Obama knows it, his Republican opposition knows it and that is many white Americans are still very uncomfortable with the idea of a black President. So they are his target audience tonight. I get it. I realise I'm not the likeliest candidate for this office. I don't fit the typical pedigree. He was speaking 45 years to the day that Martin Luther King Jr delivered his 'I have a dream' speech. Obama tonight urged the poor to dream of a better future and then the former social worker promised he'd deliver. That together, our dreams can be one.

And to complete the picture-perfect setting,

his family appeared, confetti rained down and the music swelled,

victorious and triumphant - suitable theme music perhaps for a reality version of the 'West Wing'. Robert, so next week it's the Republicans' turn for their convention? Yes, and then it will be John McCain's opportunity to tell Americans why he should become president. Despite all the excitement here, there is no clear favourite in the election which is now just nine weeks away. Michael. After a private holiday in Tasmania, Princess Mary has made a show of public support for a charity in Melbourne. She was presented with a plaque and flowers in thanks for her support for the Allanah and Madeline Foundation - which was set up to keep children safe from violence. Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark will attend a dinner tonight, also in the name of charity. In the news ahead - a free bus service begins operating in Parramatta. And the Sydney school that's a mini United Nations. VOICEOVER: Right now Target has 20% off women's and men's clothing, underwear and footwear. Parramatta has taken an important step towards cutting traffic jams around the CBD, introducing a free bus which links up between the main public transport hubs. The local mayor says there's no reason why other city centres can't do the same.

It's the Sydney suburb where you don't need a ticket to ride. It's designed to be frequent, to be free and to be useful. This is the first free bus trip on what will be known around Parramatta as 'the loop'. Every 10 minutes buses head out from the train station around the CBD and back again. Joining up with all the other transport -

the rail interchange, the bus interchange and the ferry. We're on our way to the ferry right now. It cost council $1.5 million to get the buses on the road. They'll be kept running by revenue from parking meters. To come off the Rivercat

and only wait 10 minutes for a bus will be excellent. It is helpful and it's about time we got something for free which is very rare these days in Parramatta. So, you'll be a regular? I think so. And there's another bonus on board Parramatta's free buses - it's women-only behind the wheel. The company which secured the driving contract recently won the right to recruit female-only drivers. They're a lot easier on the vehicle. They don't seem to drive the vehicles as hard. They have a more caring attitude and very good at customer service. Lizzie Pearl, Nine News. An intriguing crime mystery in the UK - the bodies of a millionaire British businessman, his wife and teenage daughter are missing after a fire which destroyed their country mansion in Shropshire. Police have been unable to search inside the ruins because of fears the walls may collapse. At least three horses and the family's dogs died when the stables and barn were also burnt and four vehicles, including a Porsche, were wrecked.

Detectives are investigating claims the businessman, Christopher Foster, had enormous debts and was about to lose the house. More than 60 people have now been killed by Hurricane Gustav Michael Jackson has turned the big 5-0 today,

but don't expect any celebrations - he's spending a quiet day with his family. It hasn't been all smooth moonwalking in the last few years, but he's still the 'King of Pop' - his album 'Thriller' reamins the world's biggest-selling album of all time. And here's a very different sight of Jacko - this is what he probably would have looked like without all that plastic surgery. A small corner of Sydney became a mini United Nations today celebrating the cultural diversity among our school children. The students at Chester Hill High come from dozens of different countries but are united by one thing -

their life in Australia. You should all check your Powerball lottery tickets It began 11 years ago... ..high school students, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, looking for a way to express their Australian-ness. The cynics said it wouldn't be easy - the kids come from 70 different nationalities. (Sing) # We are one We are Australian. # But over the years, that simple first ceremony at Chester Hill High School in Sydney's south-west has become a school spectacular in its own right, using multiculturalism to celebrate a passion for this country. We accept all our differences and take great pride in them, but the unifying thought, dream, song, is how proud we are to be Australian. The finale - a parade of flags, all the countries now under the Australian sun. # We are one We are Australian. # All in all, it's a pretty inspiring example of the faith that these young people have in the future of their country. Peter Harvey, Nine News.

You should all check your Powerball lottery tickets as there's a winner out there who has yet to claim the $10 million prize from last night's jackpot. The ticket was purchased at this newsagency in North Strathfield.

It's the second largest Powerball win to fall in the suburb in the last few months. Coming up shortly - the Sydney fashions that are very off the wall. But next, Stephanie Brantz with sport - and Steph, a crucial night of rugby league.

Sure is Mark. The Tigers must win to keep their season alive. We'll get the latest next from Laurie Daley. Also, Rocky Elsom cleared to play for the Wallabies against the Springboks. MACHINERY WHIRRS It's legendary tough. Round 25 of the NRL kicks off tonight with the grudge match between the Roosters and the Rabbitohs,

and the Tigers' must-win clash against the Sharks. Laurie Daley is at Leichhardt Oval. Laurie, mathematically the Tigers can still make the finals

but they're missing plenty of injured stars

and you're with one of them.

Robbie there was some doubt over

but Hodgson this week but he has

given the all-clear to play. Be it would have been pretty

disappointing thing to miss that

but he got through yesterday's

training session is a big boost but

as tonight. What has been the

success in past defeats of

Cronulla? We enjoy playing against

them. Obviously it has been

publicise that we have teams we do

not like playing again - - against.

The Tigers have had our ups and

downs in the last season but one

shining rider has been the

emergence of the front row. Not

many new at about him at all. He

gets the chance in the starting

side tonight hopefully he can go

well. What has been the poor

process of the guys this week? Is

still have to win your remaining

two games and hope the results fall

in your lap. What has been the

positivity coming out of that? De

positiveness is that we still have

a chance. It is a bit about pride

as well we were embarrassed about a

performance last week and we owe it

to our fans and the club especially

at our home ground to put in a good

performance. Best of luck tonight.

Remember, after our game, there is

another one. Wallaby Flanker Rocky Elsom has won his appeal against a dangerous play charge and will line up against the Springboks tomorrow night.

Tatafu Polota-Nau and Phil Waugh have been named in the pack,

relegating Stephen Moore and George Smith to the bench. Timana Tahu starts at inside-centre. Relief for Elsom, as the Wallabies notched up their first victory

48 hours before running onto Ellis Park. And all the boys are really pumped and I would've been very disappointed to have had to miss it. Tahu's anticipated appearence at inside centre now a reality, coach Robbie Deans confident his big game experience in rugby league will serve Tahu well. He's very experienced oblong ball player, if you like, so he's excited. The inclusion of Waugh and Polota-Nau unexpected. What we believe we'll get out of Polota-Nau and Waugh is a real injection of enthusiasm and freshness. Paul Roos hasn't lost faith in the stuggling Swans, but admits they'll need to show plenty of improvement against Brisbane tomorrow night, if they're to be a serious players in the finals. Our best team on our best form can do some damage, so we've really got to get our best team on the field and hopefully get it in some good form. Adam Goodes is being rested, while Ryan O'Keefe is in doubt due to illness. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News.

Edited cent for all football tonight. In finance, there are massive losses from two of Australia's biggest corporate casualties. Shopping centre giant Centro lost more than $2 billion. Allco which tried to takeover Qantas lost $1.7 billion. Childcare giant ABC Learning delayed reporting a massive loss, with suggestions it is close to collapse. The all ords gained 72. The dollar is lower at 86.3 US. One of the highlights of Australia's fashion calendar has been launched with a glittering party in the city. American actress Eva Mendes was there for 30 days of fashion and beauty

along with local celebrities and fashion identities. But they weren't the only ones who knew how to make an entrance. Inside, models abseiled down the walls, showcasing the wares of our leading designers. After the break - Mike Bailey joins us with all the weekend weather details. A Jindabyne man Coming up on WIN N A Jindabyne man faces court charged with murdering his mother. ACT Hospitals push potential patients back onto Territory GP's And Raiders arrive in VOICEOVER: It's Franklins' Big Bonus August! So join our Loyalty Club today. Earn loyalty points on all your purchases, plus big bonus points. And save big on

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in our latest catalogue. So join today and save even more during: At Franklins! Now here's Mike, with the weather and some rain is on the way ? Yes, Michael.

It's coming from the west and promising some good falls over the inland Sydney can expect showers from late tomorrow. Today brought enough sun to keep temperatures close to average. The city was just 1 down for the range of 9 to 18 degrees and there was a little rain in some suburbs. Bankstown scored 3mm. A trough in the north-east brought more about parts of the north coast. But, widespread cloud over the western half of the continent is carrying hopes for those heavier falls. The trough and cooler change has brought rain through parts of WA and SA. Those showers and thunderstorms are heading further east. Areas around the SA-NSW border should score the heaviest falls tomorrow. Drops of 10mm to 20mm are likely to be widespread over the weekend with parts of northern NSW possibly scoring 30mm. Late showers are forecast for Canberra and Melbourne. Rain will ease in Adelaide and Alice Springs. Mainly fine in Brisbane, but early showers in Cairns. Sydney should have early fogs in the west, then a fine Saturday. But, cloud will increase in the afternoon - and showers should follow tomorrow night. On coastal waters, expect north-north-east winds freshening to 15 or 20 knots in the afternoon. They'll be stronger on Sunday ahead of a late westerly change. Temperatures will be mild if the cloud holds off long enough. The city's tipped to go from 8 to 20 degrees.

Showers are forecast for Sunday - but they should clear with the westerly in the evening. That will take us back to fine to begin the working week, Michael. And that's Nine News for this Friday. We'll leave you with vision of an impressive joint flyover of Sydney Harbour today, by Australian and American warplanes as part of a training exercise. I'm Michael Usher, thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Force hit the streets Tonight ... A Jindabyne man faces court, charged with murdering his mother. A-C-T Hospitals pushed to the

limit And three hundred new recruits for the New South Wales Police Force hit the streets Good evening, A fifty-three year old man from Jindabyne has appeared in Queanbeyan Local Court after